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\po\a by JOHNSON & JOHNSON*?
V ami CUAS. I,VLB DHU? CO. 0
VOL. XIII.?-NO. 278
i tciii.i for Virginia: Increasing
oloudlues*; southeasterly wind*.
A Pleased Customer
Has a quick memory.
A Bad Job
Of work on a toofl
will be found out sooner
or later.
We Try to Sender
Hones. M.rvlce.
Boanoke Roofing and Metal Cornice Co.,
OFFICE?207 South JefTorson St.
'Phono 187. Manager.
th ony I say, friends
and countrymen,
"lend me your ears,"
not to pronounce an
eulogy over tlie
dead, as did Antho?
ny, but simply to
tell you that we are
making Wonderful
Reductions in the
prices of
"Which we propose
making a special
run on this week.
Manufacturing Jeweler and
Graduate Optician,
.*. No. 6 Salem Avenue .'.
Impossible to devoto
proper attention to
eyes on Saturdays.
Store closes at 7 p. in., except Saturdays
and pay days uutll September 1.
Johnson & Johnson,
Cor. JefTeron St. and First Ave.,
Physicians' PreHcrlptlona
Carefully Compounded.
Restaurant and Ice Cream B&rlor
in the City.
Don't misB our regular moalB.
Breakfast?the best you ever ate, 25c.
Dinner?perfoctly immense, 35c.
Supper?can't be surpassed, 25c.
Everything the best the market affords.
Board by the week, 84.
For SI
Wo will sell you a dozen Fine
Decorated China Ice Cream Sau?
cers, worth 82; and
For 35 Cents
A beautiful Japanese Teapot,
worth 31.
We also have a large Stock of
Japanese and Bamboo Novelties,
in Tables, Chairs, Screens, etc., at
greatly reduced prices.
The E. H. Stewart Furniture Co.
For with it you can buy a glass
of Ice Cold Soda Water at the
fountain of tho
Where can bo found a Fresh and
Complete stock of Drugs and
Modicinos, Toilet Articles, and
Cigars and Tobacco.
On physicians' prescriptions
wo give exceptionally low prices
tt and careful attention.
Very rospectfully,
Graduate of
Hannover Conservatory, Germany,
Fall Term begins September 3,189i. For fall
information address
Care HobMe Music Company.
617 lm 157J9alein Avenue, Hoanoke, Va.
Neither Branch Attempts to
Transact any Business.
The Armor Plate Frauds Occupies tbo At?
tention of the Hoom for a Short Time.
The Senate Not Ahle to Katie a
Quorum ? Important Presidential
Nominations Could Kot he Acted
Washington, Aug. 23?The one item
of interest in the proceedings of the
House to day was tho animated colloquy
between Cummlngs (Dom., N. Y.) and
W. A Stone (Hop., Pa.) Jovorthe roport
of tho committee on n-val affairs upon
the investigation into the alleged armor
plate frauds.
The report was accompanied by a
joint resolution, which was agreed to,
directing the Secretary of tho Navy to
have plateB now on certain ships re?
moved and subjected to ballistic tests to
determine their quality. TheBO are tho
plates in which defects were shown in
the investigation to have existed, and
the teats were suggested to determine
whether or not thoy are up to contract
Stone asserted that the Carnegie Com?
pany while just as anxious for the in?
vestigation and tests as the House com?
mittee had not boen accorded fair play
in the investigation. Cummings undo
a short responso, declaring that the
Carnegie Company's Interests had been
more carefully attended to in the In?
vestigation than those of the Navy De?
partment, which had also, he said, been
on trial.
One or two private bills were passed
and at 1:10 o'clock tho House adjourned
until to monow.
No Quorum In the Senate.
In most respects the session of the
Senato to day was a close counterpart to
that of yesterday. No business what?
ever was attempted?even the reading
of Wednesday's journal and tho pre?
sentation of a message from the Presi?
dent having boen prevented on account
of a quorum.
A report of tho Bergoant-at-arms as
to the execution of tho order of yester?
day directing him to "request" tho at?
tendance of absent Senators was p u
sented and read, and then a more im?
perative order was given to that oflloial
directing him to "compel" the attend?
ance of absontecs, and Colonel Bright
immediately set about that dillioult if
not impossible task. As there was no
prospect of his succaeding in it to day
tho Senate, after an hour's weary wait?
ing, adjourned until to morrow.
Assistant Secretary Pruden reached
tho Capitol shortly after 1 o'clock with
some Presidental nominations said tobe
important, but owinp to the lack of a
quorum they could not bo laid before
the Senate, and were taken back to the
White House.
Fatal Wreck on the Chicago and North?
western Kallroad in Wisconsin.
Foiit Atkinson, Wis ,Aug. 23.?Three
men were killed in a wreck on tho Chi?
cago and Northwestern road near this
place at 12:45 o'clook this morning.
Tbreo others wore badly hurt.
The train was a freight, and was run?
ning at tho rate of twenty mllos an hour
at the time of tho accident. Tho men
killed wore in one ond of a box car par?
tially rilled with hardwood lumber, and
they wore burled under tbo debris.
Tho names of the killed are:
ThoH. Ingalls, 40 years, lived at 427
West Madison str.ot, Chicago.
Chas Klein, aged 30, whoso wlfo lives
somewhere in Chicago.
Stephen Ontke, 40 years, Austin,
The injured are:
S. W. Waltorman, 892 Wosfc Polk
street, Chicago, badly injured about
tho head, will recover.
Geo. Plant, bruited, not severely.
James Q. Eggloston, Chicago, long
gash in side.
Tho accident was caused by the axle
of tho lumber car breaking. Tho doad
and injured were brought to this city.
It Is Feared That He Cannot Live Muok
Baltimore,Aug.23.?Ex-State Treas?
urer Stevenson Archer, who, after serv?
ing a five-year term in the^penitontlary
for embezzling State funds, was par?
doned by tifcvernor^ Brown, and whose
physical condition necessitated bis re?
moval to the city hospital for several
days after his release, returned to tho'
hospital to day from his home, near
Belalro, in a much worse condition, and
is now believed to be dangerously 111.
It is likely he will have to undergo &
serious surgical operation. His trouble
is a bladder and kidney affection, from
which he has but very slight chances of
recovery. He is now advanced in years
and broken in spirit, and the affection
from which ho is Buffering will probably
end his life.
Bnrled Beneath tho Car.
Haobkstown, Md., August 23.?A
Norfolk and Western freight train in
backing a oar at Shephardstown, West
Virginia, about noon to day, oollided
with a oow throwing one car down an
embankment. Conductor B. D. Bendor,
of Hagerstown, and Brakeman J. C.
Klblen, of Shenandoah, wero buried
under the car. Klblen was injured in?
ternally, and Bender escaped with
bruises and cuts on account of the
ground boing soft.
Cargo of Foreign Wool.
Boston, Aug- 23 ?Tho British bark
Grace Heering, from Kesarco to Boston,
is lying oft Capo Cod with a large c*rge
of wool waiting for tho tariff bill to be?
come a law. Sho was sighted several
days ago. Undor tho now law the cargo
oancomo in free. It is ostimated that
the consignees will mako over SOO.OOO
by delaying tho vessel.
Great Uncertainty in Regard to
the President's Action.
Washington, Aug. 23.?All interest
at the Capitol to-day centered In the
tariff bill. Both Houses are meeting in
a porfunotory manner and adjourning
without any serious attempt at legisla?
The Bresidnnt's return naturally gave
rise to no little .peculation as to bis ac?
tion regarding tho matter. When it
was known that Speaker Crisp had seen
Mr. Cleveland to day tho former's com
mlttne room becomo at onco tho inecca
tu which Republicans and Democrats
alike turned their footsteps in order to
learn tho President's intention. All of
the number wore disappointed so far as
any positive Information was concerned,
for all the Speaker would say was that
the Bresldent would probably allow tho
bill to become a law without his signa?
He said the President bad not told
him wbac ho should do, but from his
general conversation regarding tbo bill
tho speaker made the foregoing deduc?
The President, it is said, has not hesi?
tated to express to somo of his callers
his objections to the bill. These objec?
tions aro as strong to-day as they worn
when his famous letter to Cbairman
Wilson was read in the House moro
than a month ago None of the gentle?
men who called asked him if be pro?
posed vetoing the bill. They are so en?
tirely convinced that he will not pursue
so drastic a course that they felt such
an inquiry would be an ineult.
The constitutional limit cf ten days
in which the bill may become operative
without the President's signature will
be reached at midnight next Monday.
Should a veto be withheld an adjourn?
ment of Congress will lollowon the next
Some of tho Democratic leaders who
saw tho President this morning havo
urged him strongly to feign tbo bill.
Thoy have roprosontod that any other
course would discredit the measuro
and tho party, and that it would bo
a serious handicap to them when on tho
stump during tho October campaign.
The President is reported to havo heard
theso gentlemen pationtly, and to have
shown by his responses that he was not
Influenced by their arguments.
In somo casos they returned to the
Capitol feeling that after all thoro was
a possibility that tho President's signa?
ture would be affixed to tho moasnro,
"but," as one of tho members expressed
it. 'there is only a possibility."
Equal uncertainty also Jexlsts whether
President Cleveland will send a mesaago
to Congress concerning tho bill. He has
been urged not tr> do so, but to with?
hold anything he may choose to Bay
upon the subject until :he raassein biago
of Cungress next December, wbon it
can be incorporated in his annual
Secretary Carlisle spent all tbo after?
noon at tho Executive Mansion discuss?
ing with the President tho new tariIT
bill It was stated yesterday that thej-Sec
rotary would make public a statement
as to tho alleged defects that occur in
tbo tariff bill, but tbU afternoon, it is
said, hu will defer an 1 tpres ion of his
opinion on thia matter.
Governor Matthews Bon own the Money
on His Own responsibility.
Chicago, August 22?A special from
Indianapolis, Ind., says: Three Indian?
apolis banks, tho Merchant's National,
Fletcher's and the Indiana National,
advanced 340,003 to Governor Matthews
yesterday ?0 pay oil the State militia
for services during tho riots at Ham?
mond in tbo mining region. There
was no regular fund in tho Stato treas?
ury from which the amount could be
legally drawn, and State Auditor Hen?
derson, on tho advice of Attorney Gene?
ral Smith, declined to issue warrants
without a special appropriation by tho
legislature to cover tho amount.
It is understood that Governor Mat?
thews mortgaged his fine stock farm in
Vermillion county to ?he banks in order
to secure tho loan. Ho will appeal to
tho next legislature to reimburse him.
While tho governor has little to fear
that ho will lose anything in the end by
his self sacriQco trie re ia a bare possi?
bility his disinterestedness will cost
him tho amount of tbo loan. If tho
farm and Populist element show up as
strong in the fall elections as they claim
they will have tho controlling voto in
tbo legislature, and then will result a
serious fight over the question of allow?
ing the governor's bill.
His KjeslKht L>.stroked.
Jki-'Bksoxvim.k, Ind., Aug. 23.?
Eyman Parks, 3d year old son of Dr.
Floyd Thomas, director of tho Indiana
prison, lost his eyoBight yesterday
through tbo explosion of the pnuematic
tire of his bicycle. Parks was en'route
to Corydon, when in somo mannor the
air tube of his wheel exploded. After
having adjusted a new one, Parks com?
menced to inflate tho tube and this, too,
exploded. Fragments of the tire struck
Parks in both eyes, from the effects of
which he has become totally blind.
Hoth Sides Stlll'Kirm.
New Bedford, August 23.?The
fourth day of the great woollen and
I cotton mill strike opened with a now
I element in tho battle?the State board
of arbitration. Both sides remain as
firm as ever, apparently, neither in?
clined to yield one iota. The State
board of trade arbitration committee
has failed to sccomplish muoh and now
tho only visible hopes for a new settle?
ment lies in the meeting under Mayor
Brownell's call to-night.
Britannia Defeats the Satanlta.
Weymouth, August 23.?In a raco
under tho auspices of the Royal Dorset
Yacht Club to-day tho Brittanla de?
feated tho Satanita"by ljtf minutes. Tho
oourso was from Cowoa to Weymouth.
The Yachtaman says it haa it on good
authority that tho next challongor for
the American cup will be tho Earl of
The Magicians Are Rapidly
Nearing Last Place.
They Were Good Fluking for tlio Crow*
Yesterday ? Clearly Outclassed ? Fltz
uaorris lilt Hard and Foorly Supported,
lturus veil a Ragged Came nt Short.
Richmond, Aug. 23.?When tho fourth
Inning had closed at \V09t End Park
to day pretty noarly everybody in tho
multitude know that the Mushrooms
were not strictly In tho game and that
the heavy hitters who wore sombre
clothes had made up thoir minds to add
another victory to their phenomenal
record during the past two or three
The score was sixteen to eight when
McGettigan closed the game with
nice long fly to Gettlnger, the great
center fielder, and the 2,000 enthusiasts,
who really worship nothing higher than
a pretty two bagger or a nicely stolen
base, wero perfectly satisfied. They ex?
pected the home team to win. Indeed
they .never thought for a moment that
the nine representatives from the center
of real estate gravitation could beat the
Crows playing ball.
Roanoke was outclassed. True Tate's
disciples put up by no means as genuine
an article as they are capable of doing,
and at times they played in a listless
sort of a way as though there was really
no necessity for special exertion Tboy
thought tbev could do up their adver?
saries and there wts no reason why
their best efforts might not bo reserved
for the Cockade City yotingsters.
Keonan for the Crows did very effec?
tive work in tho box. Tho visitors
found him for only twelve hits with
total Of sixteen bases.
Fittmorris received very poor support.
Burns, at short, did about as ragged as
one would caro to soe outsldo of a kin?
dergarten. Lie succeeded in making
five ugly errors. Iiis throwing was
awkward and ho fumbled tho ball
noarly evory timo it wont his way.
Following is tho scoro.
n. 11. ro. a.e. h. n.r.o.A.K.
Kiiln, ss . :i 1 0 1 rj! Daniel, rt. 2 9 1 0 l
Hi'lUps,:!!) 1 0 2 8 l'M'U'u, c... 1 0 6 0 t)
M'Qann, rf 3 3ao riioyd. :)i> l l t c a
Tuto, lb... :t 9 19 1 1 Cr'ck't, lh. 1 S 19 0 h
(i'ttig'r. ct a :i 9 9 Hi Violet, If. 19 110
Clove, It .. 1 1 tl o oiMag'nV, ct 0 1 r> 0 0
Ilillfi, at>... 18 0 8
oilman, ai> o l a s l
Potter, c 13?
Kceuan, p. a 3 1
Hums, ti I u a ?
K't/.ai's, p. 0 0 0
Total.10 1(127 10 5 Total.... 8 19 37 18 '.?
bcotik by innings.
Roanoke. 1-1 11 0 0010?8
Richmond. 2 115 15 1 0 0- 1?
Earned run??Richmond, 7; Roanoke, 8. Two
base hits?Tv.te, (9); i;cttinj;er, (9)j Oilman,
Crockett, (2); McGtnnls, Ellis. Home run?Kos?
ter, stolen buses?Richmond, 10: Roanoke, 2.
Double plays?K?ster und T?te; Ellis, Burns and
Crockett. Kirst base on balls?OiT Kcenau, 5;
off Kltzmorris, 7. Kirst base on errors? Rich?
mond; 7; Koanokc, 4, lilt by pitched hall?l$y
Kitzinorrle, 1. Struck out?Uy Kecuan, 4; \>v
Kltzmorris, 2. Wild pitch?Eitzmorris, 1. l'assed
balls -McGettigan, 2. Time of game?Occ hour
mid fifty-live minutes. Umpire?Mr. McLaughlin,
Foreman Weakened lu the Fifth.
NottFOLK,;Aug. 23.?Tho Petersburgs
wore defeated here to-day in an eight
inning game, called on account of dark?
ness, by the scoro of 0 to 0. For tho
visitors Foroman pitched a splendid
game up to the fifth inning, but he was
handicappad by indifferent catching on
the part of Trost. In tho fifth Foreman
was touched ud at a pietty lively gait
and as a result seemed to be unable to
put tho ball over the plate. Ho was re?
lieved by Smith, who finished the gamo
in good style Kissinger was in his old
timo form, striking out oloven motv
h. 11. k.
Norfolk. 0 10 0 5 0 0 0-0 7 7
I'otcreburn. 4 3 0 0 0 0 0 0?? ti 2
batteries: Kissinger and Hodge; Foreman,
Smith and Trost and Kcofer.
Lyucbburg Won Easily.
Nkwi'okt News, August 23.?After
tho third inning Lynchburg had every?
thing thoir own way with tho local
team. Score:
R. II. B.
Newport-Hampton.. 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1? 1 5
Lyuchhurg. 0 0 0 4 0 1 2 1.x?11 10 4
butteries: Mace and Laud; McEenna and
Wehster. _
Where They Flay To-day.
Roanoke at Richmond.
Lynchburg at Newport News.
Petersburg at Norfolk.
McIIooveter roturnod homo yester?
day. He Injured bis right kneo In tho
game at Lynchburg Wednesday and will
not bo ablo to play for several days.
Staudlng of the Clubs.
! ,
.Won Lost Per Ct
Peterehnrp. 00 86 .tM6
Norfolk. 5ii 3s .6'.?i
Richmond. 57 | 41 .583
Newport Hampton. 10 , 61 .42?
Roanoke. S? i 58 .409
LynchbnrR. 38 ! 61 .351
National League; Oames^Yesterday.
At Waihlngton?Washington, 14 runs,
13 hits, 1 error. Chicago, 3 runs, 3 bits,
3 eirurs. Batteries: Stocksdalo. and
McGulre; Terry and Schrlver.
At Brooklyn?Brooklyn, 2 runs, (3
hits, 5 errors. Cincinnati, 13 runs, 18 bits,
0 orror. Batteries: Stein and Klnslow;
Dwyor and Murphy.
At New York?Now York, 8 runs,
13 hits, 2 errors. Louisville, 4 runs, 0
hits, 5 errors. Batteries: Rusio and
Fart-ell; Hemming and Grim.
At Boston?Boston, 13 runs, 15 hits, 4
errors. Cleveland, 10 runs, 14 hits, G
errors. Batteries: Stivotts and Ryan;
Young and Zimmer.
At Philadelphia?Phlladelphla.9 runs,
15 hits, 1 error. Pittsburg, 4 runs, 9
hits, 3 errors. Batteries: Harper and
Clements; Menofeo and Mack.
At Baltimoro?Baltimore, t5 runs, 7
hits, 4 errors. St. Louis, 10 runs, 10 hits,
2 errors. Battorios: Gloason and Rob?
inson; Hawley and Miller.
Traveling men throughout this part
of Virginia will find tho Hotel Carrol),
at Lynchburg, a thoroughly comfortable
placo to spend Sunday. Location cen?
tral; table unoxcolled; prices modorato.
1894. PI
On Board tho Bennington When
the Warrant Was Served.
Sax Francisco, Aug. 33.?United
States Marshal Baldwin, accompanied
by (our deputies, Lieutenant Stoney and
Salvadorean Consul Calderon, left this
morning on a tug for the cruiser Ben?
nington which has been lying off tho
heads and beyond civil jurisdiction for
many days awaiting orders from Wash
inaton to enter this port.
Tho marshal carried warrants Issued
by United States District Judgo Mor?
row yesterday , for tho arrest of the
Salvadorlan fugitives. When tho Ben?
nington was reached by Marshal Bald?
win and his deputies boarded hor and
the cruiser steamed out of tho three
mile limit and then the warrants woro
served with little formality. It was
stated that the Bennington would pro
coed to Mare Island, whero tbo pris?
oners would bo transferred to the Gov?
ernment Tug McDowell and brought to
the city. _
Sensational Suicide of Col. J. M. Win
stead at Klohmond.
RICHMOND, Aug. 33.?Col. J. M. Win
stead, president of the Piedmont and
the Beople'a Banks, of Greensboro, N.
C, committed suicide here this morn?
ing by jumping from one of the bal?
conies of the new city hall tower.
The plungo was one of nlnety-Qvo
feet and the body was impaled on an
iron railing. The cause of the act 1b
not known here. When Mr. Winatoad
got the key to the tower be showed no
sign of norvDusness or excitement. He
was about 65 years of age and married.
Before jumping he threw his cano and
shoes down
Colonel Winstead'a nephow arrived
here from Danville to night and stated
that there was no reason why his uncle
should have committed suicide.
It Has Not Ilecn Declared a Contraband
of War.
london, Aug. 23.?The Contral News
has advices from Shanghai to tbo offeot
that tho Japanoso government has de?
clared rico to bo not Included among
articles contraband of war.
Tho attempt of the Chinoso govern?
ment to float a loan of 1,000,000 taols to
be guaranteed by Chineso merchants,
has proved a flat failure
Tho American counsel at Shanghai
has ordered the Japanese living in that
city to ducari tho Chineso costumo, and
i advises a majority of them to roturn to
j their native country.
Mr. Oteri, tho Japanese minister at
Sooul, is reported to have been killed.
The stories in circulation as to the man?
ner of his deatu are contllcting.
Distressing Accldont In the Aralte River
Near Itatou Kouiro.
baton Rough. La., Aug. 23. ? News
reached tho city thlB morning of a dis?
tressing accident noar Baton Rougo,
which resulted in tho doath of thtoo
?estlmablo young laiios. Tho unfortu?
nates wero Miss Mary Loo Road, Mlsa
Belle Chambers and Mlas Klonore Gar?
Tho youup ladies woro bathing in the
Amlto river, when ono of their number
got beyond her dopth. Sho screamed
and tho other two went to her assist?
ance. All throe woro drowned.
Work of a Dyuaiutto Cartridge.
Akrox, Ohio, Aug. 23.?A dynamite
cartridge, which had been secreted in
a shoaf of wheat on tho farm of Goorgo
Hitner, near this city, was fed to tho
separator and exploded, wrecking tho
machine and Hotting tiro to the barn
John Hitner and Jacob and Charles
Lacey attempted to roscuo tho horgos
.n tho barn They failed and Charles
lest his life in tho attempt. Hitner
was fatally Injured. Four horses, ono
mule and several cattle were burnod to
death and Hitner's entire whoat and oat
orop and many farm implements werode
H. N.,Fr:?iikllii'unil Miss Tommlo Itucklon
United ut (irahaiu.
Mr. IL N. Franklin, formerly of
Roanoko, was married at Graham, Va.,
Wednosday evening, in tho?Motbodist
Church, to Miss Tommio Bucklon, of
St. Louis, Mo Tho church was hand?
somely decorated with ferns and cut
flowers and prosontod a beautiful scone
when tho parties stood up boforo Uov.
Mr. HawB, pastor of the Presbyterian
Church of Bluellold, who porformod tho
Mr. Harris, of Elkhorn, W. Va., actod
as best man and Miss Mattio Franklin,
a sinter of tho groom, was the. maid of
honor. Tho ushers woro R S. Ogloby,
of Lynchburg; M. C. Franklin, of Roa?
noko; Sam'l Stafford, Elkhorn, W. Va.;
Brally J. Fisher, Richmond; Baul
Fletcher, Elkhorn; Mr. Thomos, Elk?
horn; C. V. Forguson, Mayberry, W.
Va.; Leo Harmon, Elkhorn.
After tho coromony tho bride and
groom recolved tho congratulations of
many friends, and loft on tho 0:30 train
for Elkhorn, whero Mr. Franklin is in
business with tho Houston Coal and
Coke Company.
IMonIc at Mason's Creek.
The Sunday-school of tho First
Baptist Chuich hold their annual picnic
at Mason's creek, rear Salem,yoatorday.
The day was pleasantly passed by tho
ohildron In roaming over tho woods
and in playing various games. A gamo
of ball was played in tho afternoon by
tho young men. An ample lunch was
sproad about l o'clo?it. Tho gay pic?
nickers returned homo about i"> o'clock
p. m. _
Itlobiuond Want! the Norfolk and Western
The city council of Richmond ha* ap?
pointed a committoo with Joseph Wal
lostein as chairman, to try and induco
tho Norfolk and Western railroai to
extend their lines to that city.
Populists And Prohibitionists
Could Not Get Together.
Tito I'latiorui Adopted Ily One Party
Wan Not Satisfactory to The Other*
And They Will Go It Alone?O. O.
Kncker Nominated For Congress Iff
The Prohibitionists or The Sixth Dis?
trict Populist Candidate Will no
Nominated To-day.
Lynchhurg, August 23.?The State
convention of the Prohibitionists and
the Populist parties met here to-day.
The question of a pcssible union of the
two pariies for the coming campaign
was settled in the negative.
The platform proposed by the Pro?
hibltionists was rejected by the Popu?
lists, and a counter proposition from
the Populists was rejected by the Pro?
hibitionists. Tho subject was discussed
in conference commltteo composed of
ten members from each convention.
The Prohibitionists resolved to nomU
nate candidates for Congress in all the
districts. It is understood that the
Populists will do likewise, though no
formal resolution to that effect was
Tho chairman of the Populist conven?
tion was Major Mann Page; of the Pro?
hibition convention Major D. Humph?
ries, of Portsmouth. Separato plat?
forms were adopted.
Rev. Sam Small, Prohibitionist, ad-<
dressed a biir meeting in the afternoon
and Senator Peffer, Populist, talked to
another big one at night.
The Tenth district delegation of Pop?
ulists to-night nominated Capt Edmund
R. Cocke for Congress. The Sixth dis?
trict will nominato to-morrow.
The Sixta district Prohibitionists
to night nominated O. C. Rucker, of
J. Masking Hobson was re-elected
chairman of the Populist State central
Dr. Sampson Pope Refuses to Kun for
Governor of South Carolina,
columbia, S. C , Aug. S3 ?Dr. Samp?
son Pope, a reform candidate for gov?
ernor, who was nominated at tho -e?
cont reform convention, has withdrawn
from the contest. He says that the
groat majority pf tho voters appear to
be under tho lash of "the ring" and It)
will be impossible for him to go* out a>
ticket in a majority of tho counties. He
sayB 40,000 reformers and 33,000 con?
servatives are virtually disfranchised
and 14 000 ringsters dictate who shall
hold the ofllces.
Ho advises the 42,000 reformers to
refuso to voto for govornor in the
primary and thus put the seal of con?
demnation on ring methods. Dr. Po; o
would havo received a largo vote had he
continued In tho race. There is some
talk to-day of getting out a candidate
against John Gary Evans, the alleged
ring nominee, but as Dr. Pope's with?
drawal was only announced tbis after?
noon, nothing definite has been done.
The election will tako placo next
Tuesday, and it would be hard for the
disaffocted element to unite upon auy
one man in that time.
Congressional Nominations.
Jacksonville, Aug. 23.?At Palatake
to-night the Democratic convention of
tho Second Florida district renominated
Hon. Charles M. Cooper to succeed him?
self in Congress.
At ?cala, Fla., to day tho Populist
convention of tho Second district nomi?
nated lion. Mont Atkinson for Congress.
? WINSTON, N. C. Aug. 23.-The Re?
publicans of tho Eighth Congressional
district mot at Wilkoboro to-day and
nominated R. Linnoy, of Alexandria
county, for Congress. It only ret[uire.d
ono ballot to nominate. The Populists
in convention at tho same placo in?
dorsed Linney for Congress.
Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 23 ?The
primartts in tho Third distr:ct to-day
indicate that (Jen. George P. Harrison
will be the successor of Colonel Oates,
In tho Ninth district Mr. Underwood
soems to be certain of succeeding Mr.
Swansuu Keuoiiilitiited by Acclamation.
Danville, Aug. 23.?A special to the
Register from Stuart says: The Demo?
cratic convention of tho Fifth Congres?
sional district today renominated
Hon. Claudo A. Swanson by acclama?
tion. Tho platform endorses tho f (Torts
of Clovo'.and and tho House of Repre?
sentatives to carry out tho Chicago
platform, declares for free coinage of
silver r.nd free sugar, endorses tho in?
come tax and sees in this and further
reform in tho pension department the
Government's way to bo able to abolish
the whiskey and tobacco tax
_ _._J_I
Strictly First-class Throughout
Sole ZDestler?,
157 Salem Avenue.

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