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Nothing appeals so strongly to a mother's
affection as her duughter just budding into
womanhood. Following is an instance: "Our
daughter, lilancho, now 15 years or ago, had
been terribly anllclcd with nervousness, und
littd lost the entire- uso of her right urin. Sho
was lu such a condition that wo had to keep
ner from school and abandon her music les?
sons. ?In Tact, wo feared 8t. Vitus dance, und
arc iKMltlvo hut for an invaluablo remedy she
would hnvo bad that terrible affliction. We
bad employed physicians, but she received no
benefit from them. The first of last August sho
welched hut 75 pounds, and although she has
taken only three bottles of Ncrvlno sho now
wciglw loo pounds; her nervousness and symp?
toms of St. Vitus dunco aro entirely gone, sho
attends school regularly, and studies with com?
fort aud case. She lias recovered complete use
of her arm, her appctlto is splendid, and no
money could procure for our daughter the health
Dr. Miles' Nervine has brought her.
When my brother recommended tho remedy
I had no faith In patent medicines, and would
not listen to him, but as a last resort ho sent us
a bottle, wo begun giving it toBlancho, and the
effect was almost inmiedlato,"?Mrs. It. It.
Bullock, Brighton. N. Y.
Dr. Miles' Bestorutive Nervino Is sold hy all
druggists on a positive guarantee, or sent direct
by tho Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, Dad., on
receipt of price, 81 per bottle, six bottles for 86,
express prepaid. It Is positively free from
Opiates or dangerous drugs.
Sold by all Druggists.
Specialist. Catarrh and diseases of
eye, oar and throat. (Masses flttod.
OFFICE?Exchange building.
8 7 tf
No. 17 Salem avenuo, upstairs, over
Engloby & Bros.' storo. 4 17 tf
Room* 1 and 8 Commercial Bank Bldg
17 ly
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Office: over Lyle's Drug Store,
7 ?4 lyr_Uoanoke. Va.
W. O. 3A.tlDi-.tVAY. ABOHCB L. I'AYHB.
Commonwealth.'* Attorney
Rooms Nos. 4 and 6 Kirk RuUling,
Roanoko. Vs ti
Terry Building, Roanoko. Va in 20 ly
Office: 616 Sixth floor, Terry Building
9 20 ly_
Attorney at law,
Uoanoke, Va.
Opposite Ferguson's Bank. 7 21 tf
easoB of Women. Scientific treat?
ment and cures guaranteed. Elegant
apartments for lad in? beforo and during
conflnomont. Address The Resident
Physician, 71, 73 Baxtor Court, Nash
vllle. Tenn._in 11 d<fr w 3m
WRIGHT & H?GE, Attorneys-ai
law, Roanoko, Va., Room 6,
Moomaw Building, Jefferson street.
Courts?Roanoke city and county, and
Craig and Bootourt counties. Special
attention given to collection of claims.
_mar 4 ly
Roanoke, Va.
tf Room 3. Kirk Building. 6 14
8. GOOD.
Roanoko, Va.
Room No. 14, New Kirk Bailing, opt
gggltg Kenny's tea utora. oati-tf
Room 801-2-4 Terry Building.
? 4tf
National Exchange Bank's Building,
Room 12._1 5 tf
SGriffin, Wm. A. Glasgow, Jb.,
? Bediord City, Va. Roanoke, Va.
Attorneyi-at-law, rooms 611, 61S and
614, Terry building, Roanoke, Va. Prao
tiOB In courts of Roanoke city ana
?onnty and adjoining aountiei.
SCOTT A STAPLES, attorneyg
at-law, Roanoke, Va Office: Terry
Bullding. _BU tf
Attornoy-ac-law and. Commissioner
in Ohancery,
Lock box 110, Roanoke, Va. Room 10,
Second Floor, Kirk Law Building. Dtitf
Examination and advice as to patentability o
nventlon. Send for "Inventor's Guide," or
How to Obtain a Patent."
j;Attorney M-hnv. Washington,?.V
Office?Rcoms 4 and 5, over Commer?
cial National Bank 4 IS tf
With (ill your labor ami your anxious care
To clean the ground from too luxuriant weed,
You shall not altogether quite succeed.
But haply lcavo ?01110 standm? hero and tho re.
You hardly know lb It a tend rilled taro
Or hydra headed grounsel whose fell speed
To urow and blossom and to turn to seed
Might whiten any decent head of hair.
But some tine day as down the path you go
You shall behold a yellow cornflower bright
Or in betweon a dull potato row
A radiant sunflower turning to the light.
Or lonely poppy, flaming on waste Innd?
The weed not al all, hut lot aooio few still
Ot.OSBOM tl.tl N.
Ropos of Ilellocabaltte Indeed!
Imperial whim Imperially rehearsed
By one in wanton revelry well versed.
Unheard of luxury whose only creed. .
Of such Oiesnrian freaks I'm not In need.
For since u week, when cherry blossoms hurst,
Followed by creamy pear bloom almost first.
But never quito, with applets to succeed.
Even as I work sweet blossoms all the day
Lightly descend upon me from the treos.
Flying about in merry Jocund play.
Wafted by every lightBomo gust and broozo,
Like fragrant 8now they downward 6oftly
rain ?
Roman, thy petal fenstH tempt nil in vain.
? Kate Frclligrath Kroeker in Academy.
"Goodby, dear."
"A safe journey and a pleasant one."
Tho train began to move. Miss Kitty
Belwhlstlo distributed n farowoll scries of
nods and smiles.
She feltquite fond of the Cholmondcloys,
now that sho was leaving them. They
wcro sorry to loso their guest undoubtedly.
Thuir brother sorrowed also, but not as
ono without hope. Business of a pressing
nature was likely to tuko him up to Lon?
don In tho course of a week or so.
Kitty, experienced hand that she was,
hnd not spent three weeks at Northwlch
Grange for nothing. Tho understanding
between herself and tho heir of the North
wich acres was pretty definite, that young
goiitlcmau flattered himself. They wore
almost, If not exactly, engaged.
Kitty had mado the usual stipulation.
If, within the space of 12 months from
date, sho met somebody else sho liked bet?
ter than tioar Chtibhlngton, all that had
passed between them was thenceforth to
bo regarded as an Idlo dream. If, on tho
other hand, sho did not, then
Kitty pulled up tho window and sank
back Into hor comfortable corner scat, Tho
first class compartment contained no
other passenger than tho charming young
lndy in the sealskin coat and crimson
feathered toque who consulted her com?
plexion in the strip of looking glass before
sho fell to overhauling her bags and pack?
The journey was tedious and would bo
certain to be a cold ono upon this keen,
frosty January day.
But Kitty, who always was distinguish?
ed by admirable forethought in matters
where her own well being was concerned,
had got all her little comforts nrouml her.
"Eau do colognef Yes, tho housemaid
put it in. How stupid of Parker to catch
bronchitis! Of course I was obliged to leave
her behind. If I had insisted on her trav?
eling, she would havo been sure to Incur
u fn*-h chill und die on me out of spite.
"If anything in the shape of an adven?
ture could possibly present itself In tho
course of tho Inn ml rum seven hours' rail
way journey between Norwich and Liver?
pool, I should ho inclined to welcome it,
unless It came iu tho form of a railway
smash. Ugh! The bare idea makes ono
"Lot mo just poop at the luncheon bos?
ket. Tonguo and turkey sandwiches, hurd
boiled eggs und unchovy ditto, a bottlo of
cbablis with the cork drawn and a tiny
flask of hcuodictlno, half a pluo and a bag'
of maocaroons. Perhaps Chubby super?
intended the arrangements. Poor Chub?
And Kitty smiled a heartless little smile
nt tho remembrance of Chubby's pink tlng
otl nose and tearful eyes. Then sho opened
u brand new ruilway novel, "Tho Fang of
tho Adelet-," und immersed hersulf in the
most thrilling ohnptor of that electrical
work: ?
"Forkod and lurid flashes of lightning
slioonlly played over tho midnight azure.
A low peal of thunder rumbled overhead
as Paulina gained tho ohurohyurd. She
reached tho lonely resting place of tho man
whom her heart had worshipped, tho man
whom her relentless hand hud guldud to
his doom.
"Did ho but} know It, Cbarrlngtou Chim
was bitterly avenged.
"As sobs thickened In his murderess'
strangling throat and sho sunk forward
amid site muttod and tangled grasses?
what happened!'
"A hand touched hor on the shoulder.
A voioo said boarsoly"
"Kimpton, Klmptonl Chuugc 'ere for
Corhury anil Welsing."
The train .lowed aud stopped, with a
jerk. Kitty shut the book and let down
tho window.
Something darkened live oaieiage door.
A dark faced, mustached, far coated stran?
ger got lu hurriedly. Be trampled on Miss
BolwhlsUu's tows and apologised floridly.
HU tone offended her ears; Utu purfumo
whloh cothalt?! from his garments offended
I a still aiuru sensitive perception.
lie trampled 011 Kitty's toes again mm Ito
i received into his arms a heavy bundle, the
helpless figuro of another man, and do
I posltod it in a farther corner of tho com?
partment, with evident dlfllculty.
Another mustached, scented and fur
coated stranger followed und sat himself
down in the gout immediately opposlto
Miss Belwhlstlo.
Kitty, In a state of freezing IndliToronco
to the admiring manifestations of hor vis
a-vis, resumed her perusal of "The Fang
of tho Addor."
! The two mustached and fur coated in?
dividuals interchanged a sentence or two
in an undertone and then sottled down to
their respective nowspapers. The Invalid
lay back helplessly in his corner, swaying
from side to side with the motion of tho
Ho was small of stature and slight of
limb. Ho wore a gray flapped traveling
cap, tied under the chin, and a long gray
ulster. From underneath tho edgo of the
ulstor peeped a pair of tiny little feet In
patent leather boots.
As much of his profile as was visible to
Kitty's observation was porfectly regular
and of a waxen delicacy. Tho ungloved
right hand, which rested stiffly on his
knoe, was small and dazzllngly white.
"Oh," exolnlmcd Miss Belwhlstlo In?
voluntarily as tho express rounded a curve
and the Invalid lurched violently to the
The mustached and scented strangers
looked over their newspapers. Kitty had
half risen from her seat.
"Anything wrong, miss:'" inquired No.
1 in accents of oily vulgarity.
Tho train steadied; the Invalid left off
wobbling. Kitty stink among her rug*
anil parcels.
"I?I beg your pardon. I?I was afraid
tho?your friend was going to faint," sho
breathed. To cover her confusion sho
stooped for bet- Ixjok, which lay sprawling
on the lioor.
"The young lady thought Mr. Walker
might be feeling ill. Slgnor Dcnzo," re?
marked No. 2. "Toll htm to answer his
solf if he's got any manners in him."
The signor nodded ami looked at tho In?
valid. Immediately Mr. Walker spoke In
n queer, highly pitched voice wlilch seem?
ed to come from under the seat which ho
"I thank you, miss, for your kind in?
quiries and beg to say 1 am quito well."
Kitty began to regret the exclamation
of alarm into which she had been betrayed.
She began to wonder how long it would
be before tho next stoppage would afford
her an opportunity of exchanging to an?
other carriage. This horrible pair were
evidently bent upon improving the occa?
Hosenbaum offered her a comic paper.
Declined with thanks.
The slgnor produced n silver flask of
cognac, which might have contained about
a quart, and audaciously invited tho young
lady to test the quality of its contents.
Declined with thanks.
Upon which both tho slgnor and Mr.
Rosenbaum applied themselves to the liq?
uor with great good will. They produced
hugo packages of sandwiches and ate with
gusto and without offering tho invalid a
slut re of their supplies.
Kitty burned with indignation and was
conscious of a yearning in the direction of
her well filled luncheon basket, but dread
of provoking tho civilities of her compan?
ions staid her. She would change tit tho
next station they stopped at, and then
Thank goodness?an old town rising out
of the snowy landscape! Tho empty noise
and bustle of a station succeeding. She
collected her luggage hastily, sho peered
anxiously out of tho window, searching
for a porter.
"By your leave, miss," said the odious
voice of Hosenbaum. Ho opened tho door
and jumped out upon the platform. The
signer followed. They vanished, arm In
urm, Into tho refreshment room.
'"Porter," cried Miss Uelwhistle, but no
functionary responded to her call. Sho
leaned out of the window. Sho waved her
muff. Site called to the porter again, with?
out success.
There was a dull crash, a sickening
thud, behind her. She turned. Tho In?
valid Mr. Walker bad tumbled out of his
scat and lay prostrate on the lloor. Before
the affrighted girl could utter a scream for
help the express moved on. Where, where
were those callous companions of tho sick
man? Doubtless Kusenbaum and the sig?
ner had been left.
She raised t he head of the insensible man.
He was lighter titan she hail expected and
Strangely, strangely stiller. She opened
bis collar with a shaking hand.
She got out tho bottle of chablisauden?
deavored to pour a little down bis throat. |
Useless. The rigid lips were not to be
forced apart. Site removed the traveling
cup and wot bis forehead and temples
with can dccologno. Ho showed no signs
of reviving. She wiped his face with her
handkerchief and?oh, horror!
The faint color vanished from his
cheeks, his lips turned white. Tho sick
man had been painted!
She looked at him more closely. The
strange light blue eyes that maintained
their horrible, unwinking stare, the deadly
color of the face and the Icy coldness of
its contact struck a chill to bur. She felt
at bis heart. Not a beatl Mr. Walker
was dead?dead!
Hud his murderers?they must bo bis
murderers?painted the dead fnoe with the
hues of life, d?*>elved her eyes with rouge
mid powder as they had deceived her ears
with a vcntril?X}?inl trick? Had they not
made good their escape, leaving their help?
less dupe alone?alone with their victim?
And at last the express slackened speed,
jolted, stopped. They were at Ely. She
might sen-am now, and she did.
"What's here? Gcutlemau ill, miss? (
What do you say?"
Thus the guard.
"There has been murder here," she
said, looking cut upon the throng of faces
that surrounded the carriage door. "Tele?
graph to tlu< last stopping place. I can
describe the guilty wretches who have
done this awful deed. Ah, there they arc 1"
Horn they were indeed, tho guilty
wretches. Dared they brazen it out? Did
they mean to deny all knowledge of the !
dead man?
"This Is a serious charge, you know,
gentlemen. I must trouble you to come
along with mo."
"With pleasure, Mr. Pollzeman," said
the signer, with horrible lightness. "But
we look at thiscorpo morto hero first, with
your kind obligcmcnt. Why will pretty
young ladies shriek ut everything? My
good Rosenbaum, you have bettor tho Eng
llsb language. PlcASO explain."
Hosen baum drew a large poster from
the bulging pocket of his fur oout. He
fruvuly banded it to the station master,
t kor? tlfcU lnserlpkion:
At tlui T>iupUj of Varieties, Err.
Mtrr Kossabauui aud tMgnor Denao,
Vhe Marvelous t'oujuvsrs and Vr ntriloguists, in
TU ir UuparalUlcd F.nturtuinuicut,
In which the ANIMATED DUMMY will nW
take part.
"This bore jointed wooden flguro with
tho wax fu<v and hands," went on Hosen
bauiu, "Is the dummy. He usually trav?
els In tlu: guard's van, but the guard
couldn't guurantce bis reaching Ely In
condition to appear before the public, hav?
ing u fox terrier pup in charge as was giv?
en to worrying. So wc took him in the
carriage with us. At tho last station wc
?topped at, nu; and the signer gets out for
a drink, and tho train having started soon
er than we bargained for wo whipped intt,
n socond class compartment. Sorry tlu
young lady has been frightened. Ain't
you, slgnor?"
"Estreuiamcntol" said Slgnor Dcnzo.?
Tin- Useful Donkey.
In Syria I saw a donkey put to an ex?
traordinary use One evening, just before
the dinner hour In our tent, the Arab
cook rushed hurriedly out of the door of
the kitchen tent with a glass carafe in bis
hand He went up to tho row of don?
keys, horses and packages tethered close
by. Seizing the tall of the smallest of
tho donkeys, he hastily thrust It into the
carafe, gave it two or three vigorous turns
inside the bottle nnd then as quickly re?
moved tho unconcerned tail. Thus ho
had cleansed the water bottlo for our din?
ner. It is in Syria also that tho strange
fashion exists of shaving tho donkeys'
oonts in different ways, much as a lady of
fashion shaves her French poodle. A
choice breed of donkeys, known as "Hug
dad mules," is much cherished in the
'neighborhood of Damascus. Their long,
hairy coot, usually of pure white or pale
gray, admits i f fantastic clipping.?Cin?
cinnati Enquirer.
Mew fork Stack Market.
Nkw Yokk, Aug. 23.?Speculation at
tbo Stock Exchango broadened to-day
and the tendency was In tho direction
of Improvement. Tho Industrials woro
less prominent In tbodoalings, although
with tho exception of Chicago Gas thoy
maintained their recent galnB. This
was not considered unfavorable, how
over, for the.reason that tho Vander
bilt stock forged to tho front and for
the first time in months woro tho real
leadors of tbo markot. Tho activity
developed in theso issues impartod a
firmer tonn to tbu dealings aud lod to
hoavy purchases for both accounts.
Burlington and Quincy really started
to-day's rise, the stock having opened
% per cent, higher, at 7???. This
frightened tbo shorts and their pur
chases resulted In a further rise to 78.
This unexpected move in tho Grangers
forced a short interest in tho Vander
bilt group in covering and in a jiffy
Lako Shore was bounded up 4% to 139,
Now York Central 1% to 102%; Big
Four 2 to -11 Hx Canada Southern 1% to
53% and Michigan Central 1% to 9U%.
There was also a better demand for tho
Nickel Plato issues and tho common
movod up 1% to 16%, second prjforrod
IK to 30 and the first prcforred 6 to OS.
In tho last named only 200 shares
changed bands. Thoro was no new
reasons assigned for the buoyancy in
the railway liat and operators are still
basing their trades on tho idoa that tho
Gorman tariff bill will become a law, in
which event' they look for a much
better condition of affairs in financial
and commercial circles.
The fact that a largo short interest
exists, which is attested by the pre?
miums demanded for the aotivo issuos,
1* of material assistance to tho manipu?
lators. In the Industrials Sugar, Dis?
tillers, General Electric, Load and
Leather were all in request, but Chi?
cago Gas showed signs of extensive
liquidations. The market closed strong
with an advanoing tendency. In the
inactive stocks Manhattan rose 1% to
121; Consolidated Gas 2% to 12.7, and
Delaware and Hudson 2K to 136%.
The active-list gained % to 2% per
cent, for tbo day. Business was active.
Railway and miscellaneous bonds were
active and strong. Sales of listed
stocks aggregated 213,000 shares; un?
listed 28,000.
Money on call easy at 1 per cent., last
loan at ono and closed offered at 1 per
cent. Primo mercantile paper. [email protected]%
per cent. Bar silver, 64"^. Sterling
exchange easier, witb actual business
in bankers' bills at, 4S5%@486 for sixty
days and 480%@ 487 for domand; posted
rates, 486%(i&487%. Commercial bills,
484%@485M. Government bonds firm.
State bonds steady. Railroad bonds
strong. Silver at the board was 06 bid
aed 06% asked. Norfolk and Western
closed at 84J*.
Produce aud Uerchandloe.
New Yonii, August 23.?Flour offered
freely, dull, weak; winter wheat,
low grades, [email protected]; fair to
fancy, 2.40(?2.90; patents, [email protected];
Minnesota clear, [email protected]>5; patents,
3 [email protected]; low extras, [email protected] 50; South?
ern, flour dull, weak; common to fair
extra, [email protected]; good to choico extra,
[email protected] 50. Wheat fairly active, easier;
No. 2 store and elevator. 58; afloat,
58^@58?tt; options advanced %@%, fell
[email protected]%, and closed steady at % under
yesterday, with trading fair; No. 2 red
August, 58; September, 58%; Decem?
ber, 61%; May, 66%.
Corn dull, firm; No. 2, 01; elevator;
[email protected] K afloat; options advanced }[email protected]
X cent; fell %@%, close! weak at
[email protected]% under yesterday, dull trade;
August, 61; Soptember, 59%; Decem?
ber, 57%; May, 56%; May, 55%. Oats
firmer, less active; options dull steady;
August, 33%; Soptember, 31%; October,
35K; spot No. 2, 33%@33%; No. 2,
white, 37%; mixed Western, [email protected];
white, do, [email protected] Hay weak, quiet;
shipping, 50; good to choice, [email protected]
Wool steady, moderate demand; denies
tic fleece, [email protected]; pulled, 15(ir)34. Beef
dull, steady.
Peanuts steady, quiet. Coffee options
opened dull, closed steady, 5 ($10 points
up; September, 14.20; December, 12.05
@12.70; March, 12.25(Yi 12.30; Nay, 12.15
@12.20; spot Rio dull, steady; No. 7 1G
Sugar, raw firmer.quiet, fair; refining, 3;
rofined activo, K up; off A, [email protected] 9 10;
standard A, 4 11-16(34%; cut loaf,[email protected]
57 16; crushed, 5%@5 7-10; granulated,
4 [email protected] Freights to.Liverpool market
dull, depressed; cotton, Mil ponce;
grain, % ponce.
"I know an old soldier who had
chronic dlarrbtoa of long standing to
have been permanently cured by taking
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrb ea Remedy," says Edward
Sbumplk, a prominent druggist of Min?
neapolis, Minn. "I havo sold tho rem?
edy In this city for over seven years
and consider it suporior to any other
medicine now on tho market for bowel
complaints." 25 and 50 cont bottles of
this remedy for sale by tho Chas. Lylo
Drug Company, druggists.
Two Live* Havril.
Mia. Phoebe Thomas, of Junction
City, 111., was told by her doctors sho
had consumption and that there was no
hope for her, but two bottles of Dr.
King's Now Discovery completely cured
her, and she says it saved her life. Mr.
Thomas Egger?, 139 Florida street, San
Francisco, suffered from a dreadful
cold, approaching consumption; tried
without result everything else, then
bought ono bottle of Dr. King's Now
Discovery and In two weeks was cured.
He Is naturally thankful. It is such
results, of which these are samples,
that provo tho wonderful efficacy of this
medicine in coughs and colds. Froe
trial bottles at Christian & Barboo's
drugstore Regular size 50 cents and SI.
Kknnitii Bazkmouk had tho good
fortune to receive a small bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy when throe membors
of his family were sick with dysentery.
This ono small bottle cured thorn all
and ho had some loft, which ho gave to
Goo W. Bakor, a prominent merchant
of the placo, Lowiston, N. C, and It
cured him of tho samo complaint.
When troublod with dysontary, dlar
rhcea, colic or cholera morbus, glvo this
remedy a trial and you will bo more
than pleased with tho result. The
praise that naturally follows its intro?
duction and ubo has made it very popu?
lar. 25 and 50 cent bottles for salo by
Tho Chas. Lylo Drug Company, drug?
O d papers for t o nsxt waek'at 10
asnti per bundre.1.
Roanoke, Va. Opens Sept. 12, 1894.
Elegant Buildings, with all modern improvements.
Campus of ten acres.
Grand Mountain Scenery.
Health unsurpassed.
Full Course, leading to Degrees of B. A. and M. A.
Full Board of European and Americin Teachers.
Ono hundred and eighty-four pupils from seventeen States.
One of tho most attractive and beautiful Coilego homes in the South.
For Catalogues address
7 81 eod tf President.
New and Elegant Building, costing 9150,000. 23 Officers and Teachers
from most famous institutions of Europo and America. Capacity 300.
SESSION OPENS SEPT. 13, 1894. Write for catalogue to
SAH'L. 1>. .JON KS, President, Itrlstol, Vu.-Toiin.
Fur Young ladles. For Hoarding Pupils. The Largest and Most Extensively
Kqulpped In Virginia. Eclectic Courses in Ancient and Modern Languages, I.it
erature, ScleuoeH, Munlo, Art and Elocution 80 Ofllcers and Teachers; S male Pro?
fessors. Situated In the Valley of Virginia, on the Norfolk and Western Railroad, near
Roanoke. Mountain Scenery. Mineral Waters. Salubrious climate at all seasons.
54d session opciiB September Pi, 1801.
C. II. Ham well. A.M. (U'v'd) Bng.Lan.and Lit.
Win. U.Pleasant*, (U. of Va.) Latin, Greek.
A. T. L. Knsian, LL. I). (Uer'y), Ger., Fr.
Chai>. L. Uocke, A. M. (Columb'n Univ.) Math.
W. O. Whltcacarver, (U. of Va.) Nat.Sel.Math.
Miss N. It. Bowman, Moral Science, Math.
Miss L. V. Turner, English, Calcstlienlcs.
Miss t>. L. Cocke, French.
Miss R. B. Hurt, Latin.
Miss M. B. Baync, English Composition
MIbs Oenevlevo Rudd, Preparatory School.
Ml-" M. I,. Cocke, Librarian and Registrar.
R. T. Styll, Ues. Physician and Physiology.
E. F. Hath (Germany). Director Piano. Organ.
F. A. Ballaseyu* (Ger'v), Plauo, Cho., Har.
Miss M. M.Plessann, Piano.
MIbs Sallie K. Knight, Voice Cnlture.
Miss Flora Goldsmith, Violin. Viola. Piano.
Miss Thalia Bay ward, Vocal Music. Piano.
Miss Julia Newton, Drawi?g. Palmin;;.
Miss Lclia O. Hume, Elocution and Phys Cul.
Mr*. Charles L. t'ocko. Head of Deoartment.
Miss Anulo Cole. Superintendent c f Infirmary.
Miss Virginia Colo, Matron.
Miss Belle Lester, Dining Room.
For Illustrated Catalogue address CHAS. L, OOCKB, 8upt.. Holllus, V?,
Catalogues may also lie fonnd at Thompson Jfc Meadows' bookstote.
A Thorough Wide-Awake Home-Like School for Boys.
Prepares for College or Business.
" Yeeu *vi;>< >i>r your l>oys an education that takes in the imp. rial sanction* of conscience, and
that strikts \ts roots down into the moral nature/' ? f>r. Johnson.
Thorough Classical, English, Scientific and Commercial Courses of Instruction arranged
largely In accordance with the roport of the Committee of Ten which is composed of Presi?
dent Eliott, of Harvard, and eminent educators from Yale, .lohn Hopkins and other leading
institution*. In the commercial conrse all notes, receipt? and luvolres are made as In actual
business. Faculty from Unlverg'ty of Virginia, Richmond College, Princeton and St. John's
College. Thoroughly equipped, steam heated building. Foot ball, base ball and tennis
grounds. If boys start with ns, a thorough grounding In subjects pursued guarauteed:
Boarders limited. Send for catalogue to
7 2!?lmeod S. SPEIDEN HANDY. B A., Principal.
Bedford City, Virginia.
Handsome new buildings, heated by steam, lighted with
electricity. Furniture, pianos, etc., comparatively new and of
excellent quality. Location unsurpassed for healthfulnes*.
Beautiful shady grounds. A full corps of experienced
teachers. Prof. H. H. Haas, LL. D., Musical Director.
Terms reasonable. For catalogue and particulars apply to
JAMES R. GUY. Principal.
56th Ycnr. State Military, Scientific and Tech
nlciil School. Thorough Comae? In general and
applied Chemistry und In Engineering. Confers
degree of graduate In Academic Course; also de?
gree of u. ?. and O. E. In Technical Courses. All
exiteiiHei', Including clothing and incidentals,
proTtded at rite of $30.fi0 per month, as an aver?
age for the four years, excltislTc of outfit. New
cadets report September 1.
Provides a thorough Normal
und Academic Training.
Historical Surroundings.'
Healthy Climate.
Forty miles from Hlclimond on
the Chesapeake and Uhlo lt. it.
TCDMC Expenses for students willing to
I Cnillo teach two yonrs in the ptihllr schools
PLICA D of Virginia (hoard, Mel, lights nnd
bnCAl. washing), $10 per month. Other stu
ueutp, from (19 to $14 per month. Medical tee,
}S. Tuition fee. charged against student not
willing to laku a pledge to teach, $17.r.o per half
session. Send for Catalogue.
7 21 to 101 W Presluent.
In I'osinco, IVO Will semi
A Sample Emelope, of otllier
W1UTE, I I. 1 Sil or MHt'XKTTE
Yon havo seen it advertised for many
years, but have you over tried itY? If
not,?you do not know what au Ideal
Complexion Powder Is.
besides being an acknowtod^orl boruitlt!
lias many refreshing uses. 11 preventsctisf.
' iiikT.Min t.iirn.v. i i . ; iii,li\*sensper*i?lrntion.
1 oto.t Infnctltlsn mostdclicntonnddosli iblc
' protection o> the 1 i ??? during hot wouUior. a
. ] It I? Mom tJverywhere. (a
v For sample address /
I Id. A. POZZONI CO. St. Louis, MovU
Healthfully situated among trio mountains; nitre
tilr un1 water, Prepares Hoys and Young Men
for College or Unsinees Lite A selected corps ot
teachers. Thorough mental training. Physical
healthf utnoss. Moral and religions influence.
Kuli eiiiiipmcnt. Moderate charges. Session be?
gins >cpt, is, IStVl, and continues for nine calen?
dar months, liefer to KCV. Wm. F. llamncr.
Rev. It. W. ItOND, ? rlii.,
7 21 2Ut<&W4t Front Koyul, V?.
Female Institute
Airs. Uou'l J. E. II. STUART, Principal.
The uc \l session, of Nine Months, Cpens Sept
18, 1MM. Full corps of Teachers, every advantage
and terms reasonable. Apply (or Catalogue 1?
the Principal. Tiieoow
Virginia Agricultural and ite
chanical College.
Twenty two instructors, thoroughly equipped
shops, laboratories and Infirmary. Farm ot 338
acres; steam heating and electric lights in dor ma
tor.--. Degree courses In agriculture, hortlcuV
ture, civil, mechanical and electrical engineer?
ing; applied chemistry und general science.
Shortor courses in practical agriculture and prac?
tical mechanics.
Total cost lor session of nine mouths. Includ?
ing tuition and o'l.er fees, clothing, board, wash?
ing, text hooks, medical attendance, etc., about
$181?. Cost to State students, $ 180. Next session
begins September 91, ISM.
For catalogue apply to J. M. M'HRYDB,
Ph. O., l.L. IV, President. 7 14 lm eo
Roanoke College,
Course for Degrees, with electlvcs. Library'
17.UH) volumes?building enlarged. Working
Laboratory, Hest moral, social aud religious in?
fluences, lleallhliil mottntalu loeatiou. Kx
pentes very moderate. Commercial and Prepar?
atory Courses. Catalogue, with views, free. Ad
Presldeut, Salem. Vo.,
Or a a First N itlonsJ Rank 7 13 eo lu
>c?t Session beginn 15th Sept. Tuition free to
virginiaiis in Academical Department._Bt*t facul?
ties, for Instruction In Letters,Science, iJiglneerlnji
Law, Medicine. Write for catalogue to
WM. M. THORNTON, LL.D., CHalrnia?

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