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F reca.t for Virginia: Fair, except
showers In eaitern portion; nouth
?nnterly winds.
METAL ceilings.
Boanoke Roofing and Metal Cornice Co,
OFFICE?207 South Jefferson St.
'Phone 1ST. Manauor.
th my I say, friends
and countrymen,
"lend me your ears,"
not to pronounce an
eulogy over the
dead, as did Antho?
ny, but simply to
tell you that we are
making Wonderful
Reductions in the
prices of
"Which we propose
making a special
run on this week.
Manufacturing Jeweler and
Graduate Optician,
.'. No. 6 Salem Avenue .'.
Impossible to devote
proper attention to
eyes on Saturdays.
Store cloaca at 7 p. m>, except Saturdaya
and pay days until September 1.
Jolmson & Johnson,
Cor. Jofferon St. and First Ave.,
Physicians1 Prescriptions
Carefully Compounded.
Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor
in the City.
Don't miss our regular meals.
Breakfast?the best you ever ate, 25c.
Dinner?perfectly immense, 35c.
Supper?can't bo surpassed, 25c.
Everything the best the market affords.
Board by the week, S4.
For SI
Wo will sell you a dozen Fine
Docoratod China Ice Cream Sau
coro, worth 82; and
For 35 Cents
A beautiful Japanese Teapot,
worth 81 ?
We also havo a large Stock of
.Tapaneso and Bamboo Novelties,
in Tables, Chairs, Screens, etc., at
greatly reduced prices.
The e. h. Stewart Furniture Co.
C"u.t Tlxie OuLt.
For with it you can buy a glass
of Ice Cold Soda Water at the
fountain of the
Where can be found a Fresh and
Complete stock of DrugB and
Medicines, Toilet Articles, and
Cigars and Tobacco.
On physicians' prescriptions
we givo exceptionally low prices
and careful attention.
Very respectfully,
edw. l. rochussen,
Graduate of
Hannover Conservatory, Germany,
Pall Term begins September 8,1S1?1. For tall
Information odareas
Care Hobble Mualc Company,
8171m lSTpalem Avenue, Roanokc.jVa.
JnLJLii x
Dispute Over a Debt Results
in Death.
After Committing the Crime the Mur?
derer Threw Away Hie Pistol, Folded
Bis Arms and Waited for a Policeman.
Threats Were Freely Made to Lynch
Him?The Wounded Man Removed to
the Hospital, Where He Died.
Atlanta, Aug. 24.?Alexander Carr
emptied a five-chambered pistol into II.
O. King on South Broad street here this
afternoon, then tossed the pistol away,
folded his arms and waited for a police?
King is a well known hero, and was
connected with prominent families.
Carr had been in his employ at Pyrites
mine, which King operated near Vil'a
Rica, this State. Carr says that King
owed bim money, and tho shooting
grew out of this indebtedness.
At 3 o'clock the two men came from
the Inman building, walked across
Broad street, and stood talking for a few
minutes. Several persons who were
passing noticed that they were quarrel?
J. B. Jacques, foreman of PoBtoll's
printing house, In front of which the
two men were standing, says that Carr
suddenly drew a pistol and shot King in
the head. King staggered a few paces
and fell into the street Carr followed
up, Btood over him and fired four more
bullots into hin bead. Then ho tossed
the pistol at King and walked off a
dozen yards.
A great crowd collected beforo the
smoke had cleared away, and many who
knew the dying man proposed to lynch
Carr, who stood pale and nervous, with
folded arms. A policeman came up and
drove the crowd back.
King was sont to the Grady ho pital,
where ho died at 0 o'clock. Bo never
spoke after being shot
Carr mado a statement to night In
which ho said ho bad quarrelled with
King early in tho day about tho money
due him. Carr claimed that they met
acci i en tally this afternoon, and after
some words King drew a pistol and was
about to shoot him. Parties who were
passing at tho time state that King did
not havo a pistol.
W. L>. Bay, the Champion Knnner of the
World, KndH His Existence.
New YORK, Aug. 24.?Willie D. Day,
tho champion runner of,tho world, com?
mitted suicide by hanging himself from
a tree near tho club house of tho New
Jersoy Athletic Club, at Bergen Point,
today. Day was arrested on Tuesday
upon a complaint mado by the Manhat?
tan Laundry Company, of Jersey City,
for whom ho had acted as a collector,
which alleged that he had collected
S112 for which he had failed to account.
His relatives are of tho opinion that
ho must havo brooded over tho accusa?
tion, and becoming discouraged, had
derided to end his life. Day was tho
youngest son of of his parent?, who are
well to do, and very well known about
Bergen Point.
Day hold the five mile championship,
and also the throe mile championship
of the world for running.
Candle Causes a Fire and Loss of Life.
Cbeede, Colo.T Aug. 24. ? Four
minors In tho Amethyst mlno this morn?
ing were literally bruised, burned and
boiled to death They were Tom Ever
son and Hugh Fay, of Colorado, Archie
McDowell, of Hadfiold, N. S., and
Charles Prcotor, of Polawattomle, Kan.,
the lattor throe being Binglo men.
The shaft house caught fire from a
candle at 5 o'clock this morning and so
great was tho heat that tho fire candle
holding the stick was meltod and the
huge iron cago heated to a red hoat, fell
to the bottom of tho shaft carrying
with it tho four mon abovo named, who
were on the ladders. It will tako a day
or two to recover the bodies.
Tho loss on the mills and machinery
will be about 820,000. The damage to
tho mine proper cannot yot bo deter?
The Amethyst was owned by Senator
Wolcott, D. H. MofTatt and other
Donvor mon.
a Pacing Record Lowered.
Pouohkkki'SIE, N. Y., Aug. 24. ? In
tho presence of nearly 3,000 people at
the Hudson River Driving Park this
afternoon, tho Champion pacer, Masoat,
added another star performance to his
already extendod list of notablo achieve?
ments. In tho freo for all pacing race
ho wont the first heat In 2.05%, which
lowers the track record of 2.07 made
hero by Johnston three years ago, and
is tho fastest heat paced this season.
A Railroad Ordered Sold.
Jacksonville, Aug. 24?A decree
was rendered by Judge Call, of the cir?
cuit court, In chambers this morning,
ordering tho aalo of all the real and
personal property of tho Jacksonville,
Tampa and Key West railroad. The
order was made upon the application of
R. H. Liggatt, attorney for tho com?
plainant in the case of Archibald
Rodgers vs. the Jacksonville, Tampa
and Key West railroad.
Another Ocean Record.
Quarantine, Statkn Island, Aug.
24.?Tho American liner Now York ar?
rived this evening after a phenomonal
passage, beating all previous records,
having mado the passage from South?
ampton to New York in 6 days, 8 hours
and 38 minutes.
California Oemoerats Nominate Officers.
San FRANCISCO, Aug. 24.?The Demo?
cratic State convention nominated James
H. Budd, of Stookton, for governor and
W. G. Peters, ot Santa Cruz, for lieu?
tenant governor.
ke, VA., Saturday
Bradstreet's Report is Very En?
couraging This Week.
New York, Aug. 24.?Bradstreet's to?
morrow will say: Serious industrial dis?
turbances in New England, drought In
central and far Western States, curtail?
ing nearly all staplo crops?and a disno^
itlon in all lines to continue to buy for
nearby wants only, fail to greatly in?
fluence goneral trade throughout the
country, the trend of which is toward
further improvement. Northwestern
States east of tho Missouri and the At?
lantic and gulf coast Southern States re?
port relatively greater gains in volume
of traffic, and in the Bpread of that bet?
ter fooling and confidence in a larger
volume of business in the fall on which
improvement in business depends.
Prominent among evidences of ex?
pansion in goneral trade Is this week's
bank clearings totals, 3320,000,000, a
gain over last week of about 4 per cent.,
and over the like total one yoar ago
when clearings got down to about low
water mark, the increase is 20 per cent.
But compared with the total in tho like
week two years ago this week's aggro
gate clearings show a decroaseof 18 per
It is also worth nothing as a sign of
the business movement thatevory city's
clearings total for the week Is larger
than a year ago except one. Uains in
clearings at whiskey markets, Louis?
ville, Cincinnati, Paris and Lexington,
have naturally been expanded extra?
ordinarily. The greatest apparent in?
crease in volume of business during
the week is at St. Louis, Baltimore,
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and San
Francisco. At larger eastern cities
there is evidence of an increase that
will bring a largely augmented demand
in nearly all staples lines.
Trade at Southern cities betrays no
change within a week in volume of
transactions or demand, business on tho
whole being relatively bettor than in
some other portions of tho country.
There is a bettor request for lumber at
Charleston, for hardwaro and machinory
at AuguBta, rosin at Savannah and
whiskey at Nashvillo. Prospective
early movemont of cotton is expected ' ?
stimulate trado in all staple linoB.
Jobbers at Birmingham, Ala , report a
hoavlor August trade bo tar than a year
ago, and tho crop outlook in Louisiana
ia expected to holp business generally.
Coast region crops are said to hive
been damaged by excessive rains. At?
tempts of Now Bedford and Fall River
cotton noods manufacturers to redt co
wagea have caused strikes and lockouts
affecting nearly 30,000 employes. Print
cloths have advanced % cent as a result,
and the prospect seems to bo for a
month's suspension of operations, with
heavy loss to employers and employed.
Desperate. Fight With a Moontliluer Konr
Washington, Aug. 21.?A special to
tho Post from Bluefleld, W. Va., says:
A desperate Qght occurred bore this
afternoon between Vinson Shrador, a
moonshiner, and a posse of officers.
As a result, Chief of Police R. H.
Baldwin and Deputy Ddarshal Brown
are lying at the point of death and
Shrador will probably be lynched be?
fore morning Shrador is a Tazewell
county outlaw and yesterday wounded
a constable who tried to arrest him at
After that ho took to the woods
about twenty miles from Bluefleld.
Chief of Police Baldwin learned of his
whereabouts to-day and started out to
capture him. He was accompanied by
Deputy Marshal Allen Brown and Win.
G. Baldwin, tho notod detective, who is
a brother of the Bluefleld chief.
Tho posso found Shrader's hiding
place shortly before dark. They ex?
pected to tako him by surprise, but as
they stealthily approachod ho opened
Are with a Winchester. Tho olllcors
then opened on the moonshiner and a
fusilade followed.
Tho chief was shot through tho stom?
ach and Deputy Brown through tho
groin. Detective Baldwin escaped in?
jury, and succeeded in arresting Shrador.
Tho woundod man and the prisoner were
brought to Bluo?eld.
There is intense excitement hero, and
an immonso crowd has gathered.
Threats of lynching Shrador in caso
either officer dies are freoly made.
Frank Moan, it Farmer, Will Ran for That
Office in South Carolina.
Charleston, Aug. 24.?A special to
the News and Courier from Newberry
says: Because Dr. Sampson Pope has
withdrawn from the race for governor
is no reason why Newberry is not to
furnish a man for that position. Mr.
Frank Moon, a sturdy farmer of this
county, and a man who has nevor sought
nor held office, made public this after?
noon th&t he had made up his mind to
onter the race tor governor.
He had not decided until ho saw that
Dr. Pope had withdrawn. Tho? gh he
does not propose to enter the primary
he is going to make his fight at the
general election in November. He, too,
i was at ono time a roformer, but pro?
poses to make this fight as a protest
against "ring rule" and bossism. Ho is
in dead earnest and will issue his mani?
festo early next weok and will stay into
tho finish if he only gets one vote.
The Tint* Were Successful.
Sandy Hook, Aug. 24.?Five 15-inch
projectiles, four containing five hundred
pounds of nitro irelatlno and one con?
taining two hundred pounds, were fired
this afternoon. Tho explosions wero
perfect, three oxploding when striking
tho wator, causing a thunder-like noiso
and omitting sheets of flamo. No lire
was visible from those oxploding undor
tho wator, but tho usual rising up of the
wator caused by ths force of tho ox
plosion was porooptiblo.
Richmond Crows Bat Him All
Over the Field.
Roanoke Pot Up a Good Fielding Game
and Also Hit the Ball Hard?Their
Opponents Outbatted Them, However,
and Also Bunched Their Hits?Oreat
Stick Work of Violet and Kain.
Richmond, Aug. 24.?Again did the
Crowa demonstrate) their ability to win
games by clean stick work. Although
Roanoke prosented Boyd and Sheeban
as their battory, tho scoro balanced uo
"3 to 7 in favor of tho homo team at
the end of tho contest.
Thero woro but sevon errors made
altogether, four by the visitors and
three by tho home team. It was simply
an instance, of superior batting ana
bunching of hits that gavo the local men
tho victory.
Only about 1,000 people were present,
and they wero about the most quiet
1.000 rooters who have over been at the
West End Park. The reason was be?
cause after the fourth inning tho
vIbI ^rs wore out of tho game.
The Mushrooms had theso double
plays to their credit, beside making
several othor worthy efforts. Morgan,
an ex member of the Ctowb, appeared
In left field for the v'sltors. He did
Bomo good stick work and scored twlco,
but made two errors on ground balls.
Following is tho score:
Daniel, rf 1 2 2
Morcan, If a a 1
Hoy,., p. a 1 0
Cr'ck't, lb. o 1 13
Violet, 3b. 1 4 1
Kille, ab... 1 1
Shcehan,c 0 a
Mag'n's, ct l) 1
i n
0 0
Burns, H9, o 0 3 7 U
n. u. po.
Kiiin, 88... 3 4 3
I'h'lllps, cf 1 0 5
M'Uaun, rf a 3 1
T?te, lb... 2
ltou88ev,3b 0
Clove, .f .. 1
Ullmuu, ab 3
Foster, c.. 1
Bailey, p... 1
3 11
3 1
0 0
9 0
0 1
1 1
0 0
5 1
0 0
2 0
14 27 l'.l I Total.13 Hi ?26 13 8
"?Sheehau out?lilt by batted ball.
Hoinoke. 2 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 3-7
Richmond. 2012 110 3 3 !: -13
Kin nod rune?Richmond, 0; Roanoke, 9, 'I wo
base MU?Tale (3), Kain, McCtnn and (Jilnian.
Home runs?Kalu. Stolen bases?Morgan (2),Kain,
Bovd,Cleve (2),Hllmii-i (9),Phllttp8, Foster, Violet
ami Klliu. Double plays?Burns, Elps and
Crockett; (2), Kills and Crockett. Base on balls
OS Bailey. 2; off Boyd, 2. Hit by pitched ball
Morgan. Struck out ?By Bailey, 2; by Boyd, 9;
Passed halls?Foster, Uheehan. Time of gamo ?
ouo hour 30 minutes. Umpire?McLaughlin.
Petersburg Also on the Toboggan.
Norfolk, Aug. 24.?Fry, for tho
locals, pitched a winning gamo to-day,
and was faultlessly supported in the
flold. Still, tbero woro threo homo runs
mado by tho visitors, which brought In
every scoro they made. Horner, too,
was strong in tho tox, but was unfor?
tunate to lot the Clams bunch their hits
in tho second and eighth innings. Score:
lt. ii. B.
Norfolk. 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 O-10 10 1
l'etcreburg. 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 - 5 7 0
Batteries?Fry and Hodge; Horner and Kecfer.
Malarkey's Great Pitching.
NkwroitT News, Aug. 24.?Tho locals
to day defeated tho Lynchburgs in one
of the prettiost games of tho season.
Malarkoy waB positively invinclblo,
allowing tho visitors but one hit, thus
breaking tho league record of tho
season. Anderson was also effective,
but the homo men managed to touch
him up at tho proper time to tho tuno
of seven hits Score:
H. II. B.
Newport-Hampton.. 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1? 3 7 3
Lynchburg. 0000100 0 0? 1 1 3
Batteries?Malarkey and Land; Andereon and
Standlug of the Clubs.
Per Ct
.6' i
Tho baseball gamo, played by tolo
graph In tho storeroom formerly occu?
pied by Duggan ?fe Sauter, on Jefforson
Btroot, has bocomo vory popular with
the cranks, and the attendance is in?
creasing oach day. Every play made by
the Roanoko and Richmond teams is
displayed on a bullotin board, and it is
almost as intorosting as watching tho
real gamo. Seats aro provided for all
who attend, and tbero will, no doubt,
be a largo crowd present this afternoon.
McCoy and Novins will probably bo tho
opposing pitchers.
Thompson, third baseman of tho
Hagorstown club, yesterday received a
tolegram from the Atlantic City toam to
go there on the first train. Tho Roanoke
club also wanted to engage him for the
romainder of tho soason Ho refusod
both offers and will stay with the Ha?
gorstown club.?Baltimoro Sun.
Where They Play To-day.
Roanoke at Richmond.
Lynchburg at Nowport Nows.
Petersburg at Norfolk.
National League Games Yesterday.
At Brooklyn?Brooklyn, 15 runs, 10
hits, 1 orror. Cincinnati, 0 runs, 13 hits,
12 errors. Batteries: Kennedy and Kins
low; Fisher and Merritt.
At Now York?Now York, 20 runs,
20 hits, 4 errors. Louiavillo, 4 runs, 10
hits, 8 errors. Batteries: Oerman and
Wilson; Knoll, Grim and Zahner.
At Philadelphia?Philadelphia, 14
runs, 15 hits, Oerror. Pittsburg, 7 runs,
14 hits, 5 errors. Batteries: Caraey and
Buckley; Ehret and Snyder.
At Boston (first game)?Boston, 8
runs, 13 hits, 5 errors. Clovoland, 10
runs, 17 bits, 0 error. Batteries:
Staley, Nichols, Tenny and (ianzol;
Sullivan, Cuppy and /immer.
Second gamo?Boston, 14 runs, 11 hits,
2 errors. Clovoland, 4 runs, 0 hits, G or
rors. Battorles: Hodson and Tonny;
Cuppy, Potty and Zimmer.
At Baltimore?Baltimore, 5 runs, 13
hits, 0 orror. St. Louis, 2 runs, Shits,
:i errors. Batteries: McMahon and Rob?
inson; Broitonstlen and Miller.
At Washington?Washington, 5 runs,
7 hlta, 3 errors. Chicago, lOruna, l obits,
2 errors. Batteries: Morcor and Mc
Gulre; Orltllth and Schrlver.
'), 1894.
Congress is Now Ready to go I
Washington, Aug. 24.?Tho session
of the Senate to-day lasted until 1:25 p.
m., and then an adjournment till Mon?
day next took plaoe. The general pub?
lic was excluded from the chamber dur?
ing all but four minutes of tho session?
tho remainder of tho time being spent
behind closed doors.
There was no test as to whether or
not a quorum of Senators was actually
presont, and, in fact, mattors were so
arranged in advance, by mutual agree?
ment, that tho question did not arise.
The matters discussed in secret session
were not exclusively of an exeoutlvo
character. On tho contrary eight or ten
bills (three of thorn being bridge bills)
wero taken from tho calondar and
passed, and the ooncurront resolution,
for the final adjournment of Congress on
Tuesday next a-. 2 p. m., was laid before
the Senate, and was passed without a
vote in the negative.
The Senato then, at 1:25, adjourned
until Monday.
In the House.
The House passed a joint resolution
to-day providing for adjournment of
tho present session of Congress at 2
o'clock in the afternoon of Tueseay,
August 28. Another effort was made,
also unsuccessful, to consider the Hill
bill for tho exclusion and deportation
of alien anarchists. An amendment
had been agreed upon by tho advo ?
cates of tho measure and those mem?
bers who had previously antagonized
it, defining an anarchist to be a person
who advocates tho destruction hy
forco of all governments or tho Gov?
ernment of tho United States. This
satisfied tho objections heretofore made,
but Mr. English (Dem., N. J.) entered
an objection, and tho bill again went
over?this time probably finally for
this session.
Two or three unimportant measures
wero paBsrd, and, after a sosuon of an
hour, the House adjourned until Mon?
day next. _
State Board of Arbitration Satisfied With
Their Visit to New ltedford.
New Bedford, Mass., Aug. 24.?Tho
Stato board of arbitration loft tho city
this morning but did* not stato its desti?
nation. Tho members feel quito woll
satisfied with tho results of their visit
to New Bedford. With tho mill men
firm, conservative and reticent, littlo
was to be learned from thorn, while tho
help, viewing things only from thoir
standpoint, are apt to bo slow about ac?
cepting arguments from the board.
The meeting of last night happonod
to como at just tho opportune timo, and
when both sides expressed a doslro to
hear tho board's decision, tho board felt
that it was a great step accomplished in
broaklng tho '.c?. Tho board regrot tho
failuro of tho manufacturers to attend,
but found somo consolation in Mr. Cra
pos' presonco. Thoy expect to bo ablo
to accomplish something in tho way of
a settlement at a not very distant dato.
Many of tho oporatives of this city
regard the action of tho Fall River
manufacturers In deciding upon tho
lookout as a move in sympathy with tho
mill men of this city. Thoy think it
was taken becauao of tho pledgo of
thoir oporatives to assist tho Now Bed?
ford strikers. Thoy profess toboploasod
with thoir course and regard it in a
sonse as a victory. Thoy think it is
likely to roact upon tho manufacturers
J thomselves, as they believe that a lively
advance in prices and a sharp demand
for goods is sure to follow thoir course.
Tho Bonnott mills paid off somo of
their help this morning. This is tho
last money thoy will recolve In some
timo. If tho strike wero to bo settled
to-morrow tho help would recolvo no
money till Soptomber 7. Tho time for
the pinch will now begin to develop.
At a meeting of the manufacturers
Thursday aftornoon, it is said only soven
or eight mill men wero in attendance.
SUNCOOK, N. H., Aug. 24.?Tho strike
at tho mills hero has spread somowhat,
and, it is expectod, will further extond.
A labor agitator from Fall River arrived
hero yesterday, and it is said that he
was the cause of noarly ono hundred
spinnors of the China mill coming out
at 1 o'clock.
Tho spinnors in tho Webster al?o
Btruck, as did about ono half of those in
tho Pembroke A largo numbor of
others did not go into the strike. Thoro
has beon no disturbance as yet
Fatal Explosion of Gas.
Pottsvii.i.k, Pa., Aug. 24 ?Shortly
after noon to day an explosion of gas
took placo in the working shop of tho
Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron
Company's colliory at Gilberton, by
which ono man was killed, one fatally
injured and nine others moro or loss
seriously burned. The man killed was
Frank McCormlck, flro boss of tho mlno.
He leavos a wifo and ilvo children. Tho
ono fatally injured was Lewis Ball, a
Polish driver boy.
Cut In Two By the Cars.
Norfolk, Aug. 24.?To day a horrible
accident occurred on tho Atlantic and
Danville Railroad near Courtland, which
resulted In tho doath of a young man
named Samuel Warron, who Is employed
as brakoman on tho road. It sooms
that ho was applying tho brakes and
fell between the cars and was cut in
two. Tho remains were removed im?
mediately to his homo In Greenville
county. _
A Wife Murderer Hanged,
Hki.kna, Ark., Aug. 24.?Phillip
Pettus, a negro, was hanged in tho
prosenco of about a dozen spectators In
the jail yard hero at noon to day. Ho
died bravely and mado no remark on the
scaffold. His nock was broken by the
drop. Pottus shot and killed his wifo
in a cotton Held one year ago, because
she refused to livo with him.
TRAVELING mon throughout this part
of Virginia will find tho Hotel Carroll,
at Lynchburg, a thoroughly comfortablo
plac ) to spond Sunday. Location cen?
tral; table unexcelled; prices moderate.
Investigating the Action of th9
Recorder of Deeds.
One of President Cleveland's Reeent Ap-?
polntees Has Violated the CItU Sei vie*}
Law His Case Laid Before tfee Presl
dont for Action?Treasury Balances.
Conference on the Tariff BUI.
Washington, Aug. 24.?The case of
of tho colored recorder of the District
of Columbia, C. H. J. Taylor, who baa
been charged before the civil service
commission with sending circulars to
colored employes of the Govern mint
soliciting contributions for campaign
purposes, was laid before President
Cleveland this afternoon by Civil Ser?
vice Commissioner Proctor, who has had
chargo of tho matter. The report made
in the case by the commission is a short
ono, but the testimony taken makes a
very bulky document.
Itesido Taylor twenty-five witnesses
v/er examined. Some of these witnesses
were at first afraid to testify, fearing;
they would lose their positions if they
did so. The commission oould not
guarantee to the men that they would
not be discharged from their Govern?
ment positions If they made statements
reflecting upon Taylor, because it had no
power to do so, but thoy were informed
that tho commission would exert its In?
fluence to prevent tho dismissal of any
employo who appeared before it as a
Mr. Prcotor declined to say what the
findings of tho commission were, but It
was ovident that somothlng serious had
been found in the charges or the matter
would, not havo been laid b3foro the
President for action.
Treasury Balances.
The Treasury net balance gained
S3,500,000 to day, standing at tho close
of business at 8125.243,000. The gold
ressrvo partock of tho general favor?
able condition, and increased nearly
$200,000, footing up now S54.553.000.
Tarm Bill Conference.
Secretary Carlisle, and Attorney Gen
oral Olnoy were closeted until 6 o'olook
at tho Department of Justlco studying
over tho hard knot in tho tariff bill,
with a view to Secretary Carlisle's Issu?
ing a circular lotter of Instructions to
collectors of customs explaining its
doubtful sohedulos, and the hidden
moaning of wrongly punctuated para?
Secretary Carlisle is especially anx?
ious to tin! some law of construction by
which be can admit goods which, under
tho pro3ent laws, aro dutiable now in
bond, but which becomo fr. e under the
now tar j it law into tho United States.,
freo of dutv without subjecting the
owners to tho expense of exporting
them and then reimporting them.
Tho Uovernmont would gain nothing
by deciding that tho duties had to be
paid' under tho McKinley bill, as the
goods so placed on tho free list, could bo
exported and relmported and the owners
would havo to pay the expenses. This
point was discussed with Attorney Gen
oral Olnoy at length this afternoon and
their decision In the matter will prob?
ably bo first announced in the circular
letter to collectors of oustoms which
Secretary Carlisle will soon issue.
Virginia Postmaster Appointed.
Washington, Aug. 24.?Tho Presi?
dent to day sent to the Senate tho nom?
ination of j. Monroo Leo to bo post?
master at Thomasvillo, Va.
Two Munlorer.s Lynched by a Crowd of
Indignant People
Montgomery, Aug. 24.?To-night at"
Mitchell's station, thirty miles south of
here, a band of masked men took Rlley
Walker and Richard Jordan off tho Cen?
tral train bound for Montgomory: from
Deputy ShorilT Kertland and lynohed
them by hanging them to a tree and
afterward perforating their bodies with
Tho prisoners had been tried at Union
Springs for murder, were con victed, and
Walker was sont up to tho penitentiary
for life and Jordan for twelvo years.
Last February tho agent at Suspension,
on the Mobile and Girard railroad, was
shot dead in his store adjoining the
station. Two weeks later Mr. Hall was
shot at the same place, but was not
killed. The crimes wero traced to a
gang of murdorers and robbers, of which
Walker was the loader and Jordan a
Detective William Wallace, of Colum?
bus, Ga., wont down to arrest Walker.
Tho dotectivo and others surrounded
Walkor's house when tho latter shot
Wallace doad through a door, and es?
caped, llo was afterwards caught in
Florida. Jordan was caught in Bulllok
Strictly First-class Throughout
Bole IDeatlers, j
1B1 Salem Ayjflue.

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