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Wi,. ?
VQUm^QM series.) VQ ' ,-Series. NO 35._WILLIAMSBURG. VA AN:
jg-^ration is thc KeY t0 Success._ Without it Williamsburg will Neither Grow Nor P
Bis? Days For
The committee appointed to con?
sider reorganization in the Athletic
Association here and to sugges**.
methods for reform" in our athletic
svstem. met a faw days ago anri
partially adopted its plan which was
discussed before the Athletic Asso
on Thursday night by Prof
Keeble, chairman of the committee
The pian is in embryo form now bu'
will be worked out later by the com
mittee and presented to the Athletie
Association for approval or ci
The r.ew system provides for the
following regulation of athletics ar
William and Mary: The At:
Association shall sti'l exist though
its powers and duties will be some?
what changed hythe introduction o'
a governing body called the At:
Council. This council shall consis*
of six members, two professors,
elected by the students, two students.
one elected by the students,
other appointed by the faculty.
two other student members, one the
president ot the Athletic Associa?
tion and thc otker the er of
the athletic team then carrying on
its activities. One member of
council shall be the treasurer of the
association into whose hands al!
money received from games, etc.
must te paid. The managers of the
various teams will be di-- pon
sible to this council and rn:
mit their respective schedules either
in detail or in whole to it for n
cation. The ccunc'.
eral supervision of athletics. Tts
powers will be erurr.erated and in
corporated in the cc
Athletic Assoc*
amended considerably. The solr
idea and purpose of the committee is
to work out a svstem of athletics lt
iam and Marv which will rd
cr rd it cr. thr ? | tatum, and it la
hors with a desire to do nothing rad?
ical but simply to cleave to idea?
conceived by athletic authorities at
other colleres and as applied to
their system of athletics. At the r.rx*
meeting of the Athlrtic Assor'atior
the committee will have a full re?
port to make.
Intercollegiate Association.
Dr. J. S. Wilson represented Wil?
liam and Mary at the meeting of the
representatives of the Virginia In?
tercollegiate Association, Friday, in
Richmond. The following is a brief
account of the meeting published in
next day's Times-Dispatch:
"Representatives of the Vin
Intercollegiate Association met last
night at the Richmond Hotel. The
constitution of the league was modi?
fied and improved, conditions for
clean athletics were taken up and
"Those present from their respect?
ive institutions were C. P. Miles,
Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Dr.
Hall Canter and P. W. Buhrman. of
Randolph-Macon; J. S. Wilson,
William and Mary; Dr. W. L. Fous
hee and Professor W. P. Dickey, of
Richmond College; J. H. C. Win?
ston, of Hampden-Sidney.
"This meeting was of interest here
lince Richmond College has consid?
ered a withdrawal from the associa
ion unless steps were taken in the
lirection of a revision of several of
te mks of tbe league." J
The basketball team returned Sun
dav afternoon in good shape after
hard fight with the strong Vir
^ team. The following is the
account of the game published in
the Times-Dispatch:
Charlottesville. Va.. January 16?
Virginia's basketball team opered
the season auspiciously tonight by
defeating the strong William and
Mary College quint 25 to 19.
From the tap of the gong in the
second half the plav was fast and
furious. The Williamsburg players
showed a complete reversal of form,
and after ten minutes of play had
come within four points of tieing the
The visitors were at a disadvan?
tage, in that they had not played
under intercollegiate rules, which al?
low dribbling. Altogether, the
amsburg quint showed clever
team work, in which their signals
played an important part. Line up:
Virginia. Position. W. & M.
May R. F Di
Cocttrar. I- P Hughes
Savant Center Hal!
R. G Garth
Ashby. L. G Schlossberg
Goals?Ce Cochran
Mav Garth
Hughes. Hall. Schlossberg. Free
Hal. Referee. Dr. Rogers,
minute ha. -
Under the heading of "Wants
I," the fol ap
D Sunday's Times-Dispatch
gard to Richmond College ?
from the Eastern Collegiate
"Richmond College Ar ?
sociation will hold a special meeting
next Wednesday in the college chap?
el to determine whether it shall v.
draw from the Eastern Collegiate
Association of the smaller colleges of
:he State.
At a mee* was
proposed that a withdrawal be con
iidered and any definite action be
rostponed until a later date. The
le favor
* the students and was
hrought ver. ely to pass.
*e reasons were given
: appears that the local ins*
ion expects to be out of the cl
^_es in the league
rth the coming growth and rebuild
~?. by which the J
rams will be placed in the rank ot
ie larger colleges of the State.
decision can hardly come
ny too soon, as the schedules are
ompleted for the remainder of the
eason and the football rates wi!!
oon be taken under consideration
*>r next fall.
A withdrawal would also mean
ie loss of the interesting champion
lip contests that have drawn a
Dod following in this city, and
hich have been noted for their
ean playing and good spirit."
The article states that no definite
asons have been given for the
ove, but that Richmond College
rpects to be placed in the rank of
e larger institutions. Richmond
is ot course a perfect right so far
I we know, to withdraw from the
ague, but we do not see where any
'finite reasons for doing so can be
ven. A backward look into its
story in athletics certainly does
>t seem to warrant any such a
lange. In fact during the past
w years, judging by the scores in
e games with the smaller colleges,
would seem that Richmond has
id all that it could do to maintain
position among these srnilier col- j
jes. We cannot see whv R?cn- j
*>nd expects to be out of the class
the smaller colleges, but it may j
that there are some reasons which -
I fail to see, and it mav be
chmond will be rated in the rank '
larger institutions, out. in wisn
; her all luck should such a change *
effected, we ted constrained
r. "You've got a mighty long way
mm. ' '
(Continued on page 6.)
Things You and
Have bei
[We would appreciate it if you
rall phore 24 and give us any
personal or social news you mav
know. Or write it out and we
send for it. In this way you
help make The Gazette more
Mr. H. G. Spencer was
mond Tuesday.
The James City board of super
visors will meet here next Monday.
Professor H. E. Bennett retu:
from a short visit to Norf I
day evening.
Commowealth's Attorney N L.
Henley spent the latter part of
week in Baltimore
Judge Smith, of Yorktown, was
doing some surveying over in Bru?
ton district this week.
Young Messrs. Anderson and
Jensen, of Ncrpe spent last Satur?
day in Williamsb
Mr. Henry Graves, ic . - op?
erator a* foot, will soon be
transferred to Nc i
The York countv board of super
visors at a meeting last Thursday re?
fused to pass a "no fence" law.
Ch- eer. of the C
Kht committee, has pi.
a carload of terra cotta drain pipe
:or the citv.
Dr. J. S.
norning for Chark > at
end the Poe memorial exe:
he l
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Longshore.
tho have made manv warm
stet a two years' residence bc
itt Monday for New York.
The skating rink. * B.
loll as manager, opened for
eas on Wednesday night. La.
?e admitted free this year.
le rn tc
of tba
his a
??n he came to N
reat know!**4.** of tha or:
is Ut* to a bel termeil t of tb*-ir <v i
quiet way, aud then included au i:
he Italian child laborers. He ga;
ie heads of thia terrible system of
na of the padrone* in New "t
rn cl
All this was brought t;>
I the hodearrier r
Ithel Roosevelt Mou?
HE strenuous life is not for Lemon,
a small bull pup. whose ha
til recently, was the White House,
mon noticed a door ajar the
truing while roaming the White
use. looking for excitement, and bas
rhuugh his name might not indicate
l<oaw ls a puppy of class and
ut for all that be's a doc and
i sight of his vagabond brothers
oping in the streets, dodging auto
?biles and snapping at horses' boola
casted the Lemon with hoing the
tl dog in the land and he beat
>-mon ts the property of Miss Ethel
osevelt. debutante elect, who report
ber looa to tbe po_c*a laaUy&ies b
Your Neighbors
an Doing.
> of cor* each
Bruton Par
gas : e so
an be u
Messrs. C
Bar. -
? **rday for I * > at
rance A
Th- .he Gar
Those w.
ted to
W. F I., has be
Rev V
n be.
. :
i. H Stone. Dr
f a o
re- w
rod. a
tis Loss of Lemon
?neral loofconl waa s?
*ery in th-- :
>n held for id?-:
eeles of canine frou: a mangy mas
a I--* bi**-. _ W**\ kat tom answered
i dog oaey have
lion of a smsl.
Hca. and bis ma*- ce shoot*
I sic em %**%****
Agata, be might hare dreaded tbe
*>?* when be would reach the proper
e to be harnessed to one of Master
carte, or be ma* ched in a
h the hoeeehold cat. or weer
empty cnn attached tall
?we*?er. la moe's motive for running
ay ia pnrely speculative, for
t given iu _*e police report, and bi?
sdees faa au ri bole ne annes for
i mab act."*
Ar.tifoxie fer III teeters.
>e- c
reat (
s W. Jarrett Caad.
Jar- |
?--perta swore that he tl
;ane. I U :>een here o**
few : . I five g
Where to Worship Sifty.
Re\ >rd.
.A.M. o
;es every Sand-; A.M. _r
d 5 P. M.
Rev. E. K. O
Servicesevery Sunda v 11:15 A G<
. aed 8 P. M urta Le?g?
7 P. M. Sard
M. Wednesday night's nraye
-eticf at 8 P af
rsE?prT*m to
Wf evening a
sr of tbe V\
-rx** eras h
I at the Model school.
A ne: ess ol tha
j. -
rs of tha
- reports were ac
rn pro
on of officers
for t: - [Thc tol?
: cr
* 'arv. Miss
tteraa s
2 to
. tets
- *
Mr. G.
-r added
? ?
In Ma . an entertain r
? I.
t was cleared.
t Committee, fin
lat trash mead aior^
*e **'. r* would be used ..
r-:*d a half doses
ins * e pnroose at a I
ai d they have been in
nee February 190t.
i g commtttee r %
a a ram ber of trees and shrts
*-.V U c 1
rs worth of flower
and plants. The lawKi
eir work are plainly evident.
coin-mi if cn dampen*;
is have conferred -with
is bete appe-nted oa F*
rorge bitwtjss Narnu aed T**mtm
'-t* Anaistsed s
will be ready fer
- - ? * . -
t throu*
e oidinaace tc t biddi* g
- -riUMsui QB gm\%\

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