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of the
Nisei World
800 East Phw {LI
mm mm» \g'
Sagamiya & Co.
Repairing Servicing
. Radio
0 Washing Machines
. Electrical Appmncn
Mlun MM! 408 6th Ave. S.
T " Fl
2541 Beacon Ave. Phone EAst 3016
Shoichi and Tomi Suyama, props.
0 Free city-wide drlivery. . Flowers for all occasions
Y ler Way Auto Service
. Compleu Brake Ser'lcr \
0 Complete Amomouve Service
. autumn Ad‘nnmcm
um mnu'wm ‘ mon 3mm
CA. ”01 17th Ind Yule: Wu
Inllnrrl ml":wntllzirflrlltlmmltln»
“-mmv “u. \ guWW’AWW‘M~
OPEN Alleys
MONDAY—Noon 10 5:30 and 10 to l a.m.
'l‘l'ESl)AY—Noon to 7 and H to l a.m.
WEDNESDAY-"Noon to 7 and 11 to l a-m.
TansnM—Noon to 7 and 11 lo 1 am.
FRIDAY—Noon to 7:30 and 9:30 to 2 a.m.
SATI'RDAY—Noun—~~—--————to 2 a-m.
“UNDAY—-Noun———-—————to l 3.11:.
{ Jan. 15, 16, 17 63
Main Bowl -
306 MAIN ST. MA. 9399, SE. 9234
@ll2 Nurthmmt 3mm:
; , t
’ ' ””4 . .
a“ u é”
U 5 i“ ----v:-.5.-.m:=:;3‘«' $3. <5"; ;.. :3
1!! fl, ’3”, » ::-' 211-???» 145-22? :13, ‘
"iiiutifl‘iéfl, a M"
2;”!!in ”$4 ’1
('11:? biggest hutel «pasted by
.llpanese on the Pacific Coast)
621 .lu-kson St, El.‘ 2004
} mule, mm;
. C
E Wt ‘navr travel new service.
‘1 i
‘2 K 5 and G. SHIBAYAMA
sn'rru g wnsumurou
D.C. JACL Discloses 10-l’oint Program
For Second Session of 83rd Congress
r- avors Issei
Judge Hits World War 1 Classification
SAN FRANCISCO. Calif, Jan. 6
IJACL)—In a sweeping decision ai
fecting hundreds‘o‘f Issei petitioners
for naturalization. Judge Louis E
Goodman of the US. District court
here last Week ruled in favor of Is
sei petitioners who had been classi—
fied 5-F by the Selective Service
during World War I.
In a 10-page decision in the case
of petitioner Kazuichi Tsuji repre
sented by Nisei attorneys Victor A—
be of San Francisco. Wayne Kane—
moto of San Jose and Mas Yonemu—
ra of Oakland. Judge Goodman held
that Section 315‘ Immigration and
Nationality Act of 1952‘ did not ap
ply to non-declarant aliens classi
iied 5-F during World War I. The
Nisei attorneys expressed their gra
tification at Judge Goodman's de
“Obviously it was not the inten—
tion of Congress to deprive (natu-i
ralization privileges of) those who‘
were 5—F in World War 1." Judge!
Goodman stated. and that under}
the 1917 law. non-declarant aliens
which would include the lssei were
not subject to service or duty.
He further stated that it is the
responsibility of all applicants to
pl‘o\'(. their eligibility 101' citizenship
and "the burden of prooi‘ is not on
ihc government"
“I am convinced that me petition
er (Tsuji) has sustiined this burden‘
of proof." Judge Goodman declared.‘
adding, “the claims of the natura
lization examiner that the record
showing that an petitioner was
classified as 5-F is presumptive e
vidence that he ‘applicd‘ for such
‘classification are not sustainable
‘either in fact or in law."
Judge Goodman‘s decision conti-lf
nues‘ “The registration card of the
petitioner shows on the face thathe 1
was a non—declarant alien of Japa- ]
nese ancestry. This alone was suf
ficient it accepted by the draft ‘
board to warrant the classifying of
the petitioner as 5-F- The testimo
ny of the petitioner is that he has
no recollection of filing any term or
document with respect to exemp
tion from military duty in 1918 and
that he recalls signing one docu
ment. namely his registration cer
tificate, It is my conclusion that
assuming the applicability of Sec
tion 315 of the 1952 act that. there
is no evidence presumptive or oth
erwise to show that the petitioner
‘applied‘ for exemption from mili—
i tary service."
Frank F_ Chuman‘ JACL legail
counsel. upon being informed of
Judge Goodman's decision~ said.!
“This is a profoundly important de
cision The petition oi Lhc Immi
‘gration and Naturalization Service
regarding applications of Japanese
male aliens who had applivd for ci—
tizenship and who were denied some
by reason of the classifications num—
Classified Ad
WANTED: School girl as mother's‘
helper to live in comfortable home
in Mt. Baker district on bus line.‘
LA. 2054. |
‘U I I
5-roorp apartment for rent. I-‘ur
nlshed or unfurnished. 500 28th
‘Ave. S. ('A. 0257' Weekdays hefnre‘
i 3 p.m.
‘2% Wm W ' ' a
K.) ‘ 650 Jacksnn I Serttle Wash. ‘NF ”46“:
The Only All-English Nisei Newspaper In The Pat-inc Northwesc
bers several thousmds Ihruuaiwul
the United States. Thxs classif‘wa
tion also recently affemt‘d perma
nent resident Japam-sv nlu‘ns Mu
were denied re—entry into inc Uni
ted States. This same law as in
terpreted by the I & NS affect Ja—
panese aliens who werc applying ro
gistry as permanent residents who
had entered the United Slates ille
gally before 1924 sincc xhosc who
who have obtained their rcgistry for
permanent residence are eligible for
United States CltlZCnElllg) but could
be refused their citizenship under
their classification as .3-1“ during
IWorld War I."
The National .IM‘I. position lids!
been clear from the beginning on
this issue. that. Section 315 did not
apply to non-det-iarant aliens but
only to those aliens who haul filed,
petitions for naturalization I\ttor-‘
ney Chuman added and that. to ap-‘
ply p 1952 law to a situation whirh}
existed in 1917 was imposing a pv
nalty which did not mm“ at the time
of the original act but bring im
posed under the 1952 law.
The JACL was l'l‘pl‘l’hCiiilKi 111 111 v
Tsuji case as "omit-11$ ('umv”
ithmugh legal connsvl Edward J
‘lEnnih who flvw 111 Imm Nt‘\\’ Ym'k
to attend the hearing to pn‘svnl the
JACL brief.
Judge Goodman concluded hisi
10-page decision with the stated
mem that the petitioner “did not
disbar himself from citizenship un
der Section 313 of the 1952 act even
if ‘lie did make an application’
since he had no liability to serve in
the military lorces under the 1917
amt The petition for naturaliza
tion is granted upon presentation
and signing 01 nppl‘opl‘iate findings.
The petitioner will be admitted u
pon taking the oath required by
Ina Lane Restaurant
517 Third Ave. MA. 2484
. NEW llfll'RS: Open until him a m (Monday In Mlurdm»
3 m 10:31 p.m. on Sundays
0 Reservations for l'rlvnu‘ l‘arlira Arvemm.
Insurance U nderwriters-
W.-- * WM
()ccidentai Life
Aetna Casualty & Surety Cu
National Indemnity Co.
Fireman’s Fund Indemnity ('u
Rocky Mountain Fire Inn (.'..
E t
' mflt‘f: SE. 7‘74 M“ lull, Lsll
‘ 615-629 Jovph Vanro Building. wank. \r‘hSUh-‘llrll
PHONE. Sham 5694
6-10 Spiritual Life Mission moet~
ingx- in Japanese Bapiist church
10-» Internatioml Sportsmen's
banquet in Hong Kong.
15_16 and 17—-Northwest Nisei
Invita'ionai Classic in Main Bowl i
lii-“Annual Belinmi tum ‘l‘ime
and locale tn be Jimoum-mi lutpr‘
Businessmen Tom,
To Adjust W ays
Business in 1954 mm bu :l.\ good
or better than in 195.? if business—
men meet the Challenge of chang
ing conditions by adjusting ihoir
attitudes and actions
This is the opinion i-xprvssod by
Dr_ Nathanael H‘ Engio. director oi
the University of Washington‘s Bu
reau of Business Research. in the
Januarv "Outlook for Business“ is—
sue of Pacific Northwesi Indusirv,
the buroau's monthly mngazim-_
“This year's challi-ugv in busim‘ss
is the resumption of mmpotitionW
ho (im'iai‘cs'
Dr. Englo suggests four mljor‘
factors in mveting compvtiiion:
i 1» revival of the an of salesman
ship, (2) improved and expanded
advertising program. 13> adjust
ment of price policivs to consumer
‘i'eactions‘ and «4) long-range busi—
| nnss research.
It Pays to Advertisp
In thr North's“ m:-
.VlthESI!-\\" .l,\Nl'.v\R\' h. 1954
Statehood fur Hawaii, Claims Program
And Natumhzaimn Top Objectives
WASHINGTON. I) (1‘ Jack 6~JACLI~ Stalehmxl for Hawaii, a—
nendmvnts 'u vxpmhie :hv t \mmmnn ('lmms program, And gdequmc‘
upmupnaimns m I'uulnim‘ the nammhzmmn u; [ssm applu'nnts will
(tn JACL's lcu‘xxlnfnm uluemmw for (Mr mining mnm‘vssmuul year.
[warding (.0 Mikv MJSAOkd‘ \Vnsimmmn reprrsmnutiw m mo Japa
nese Amencan Citizens L(2ag\w_
As the second sessmn of the 83rd;
Congress couve-nm_ Masaolm rvvs-al— 1
ed that tho JACL would lnw at
Len-pom! lvg'xslatiw pron-mu ml!
push m 1954, m addition [n us us—
ual hmcziun to nijm m any dis-i
criminatury or pl'ijdit‘izll logxslufi
Lion and to endorsv and support any
beneficial nwnmn-v \hat may be 111—}
troducod ,
JACL‘s 1954 legislalm‘ program mi
as follows: . ;
l S'I‘A'I‘I‘LIIUOI) I'UR ll.\\\.\ll
Ovei‘whelmmgiy aplil'lnt‘d by Lin-i
House in ”19 first. semimy ll has :1'
better-than—usunl diam-c mr Sour;
ate passage this yemfi Senatorßus-g
sell B_ Longs. l 1)" Lu) has announfi
ced that he will vote to report ilw‘
Statehood Bill out 01' L'm' [nu-rung
and Insular All‘m's (‘Unllllllit‘i‘vl
His votv is expefcted Lu reverse Llw
eight Lo seven wu' than pigvmilmlvda
ii in commimm‘ last year In addi—
Lion_ Semitur William F. Knnwlandi
«RV. Calif ’. lii.i.|oi‘il,v lozidvi'. Imm“
declared that ho Wlll (mill for l‘m‘
early (‘Ollnldl‘l'uLth .ind micununu
JACI. is pm"u-uiuily inlm'vsn-(l ill
this legislation not ()lll) bm'nuw
Hawaii him Pill‘llt‘d 11. x Hum 11) mum'-
liood blll also bl‘filllrl- ll mil uwun
greater rn-cuguilinii for ilh‘ msnmpu—
litan population. I‘SLYPCHH), persons
lnf Japnnesv ancvsn'y. mum‘ ul
(hum arv JACI. mmpnriqu
‘l. EVACUA'I’ION (‘lu‘l’lf‘ \
JACI. will px'rwnt yr Iml ‘u (-1.:
lfy and expvunr un- ”lump...”
:laims program as won as upprn
)riate sponsors (:111l Do “)Ide Hum
neasurl- will prmulv that it“ Ulilllll'
mls‘ rwaldloss ()l' L'nv :mmunl mA
mlved. nmy elem lo lmw llu-n
:laims conmrumisml and .wlllutl m
“ant to the Cnurt ()1 Chums lm' (It‘-
;ermluatlon_ ln mlmlrmr KLLlll‘
posmmrked bvl'un- Llu: L11‘1l(llllll‘ lml
received ufmr that~ date wxll hvmn»
sidl‘red L 0 be llmely filed
JACL ls ul' Lln- (-nnvu-twu llm
unless tlns vxpvclnlne; :mmndmen
is pissrd. the claims program mu:
take several Llecudvs bcl‘m'v l! Is ll
nuli‘. (‘Ulnpll‘lv'll
V:\(‘l‘-A'l‘ll)N (‘l.\l.\ls
Special appropriations will 1)
needed to pay all claims mmpm
mlsud and sftlled m‘ adjudicate
since 1110 begmmuu or [hr currel
fiscal ymu" Jump 30, 1953_ Prior l
llSC'dl year 1954‘ Cungress amnull
appropriated hull a million dullu
to pay awards 0! less than $25!)
During the} lam lwn years. when 21
most $25,000.00!) was zm‘ardrd
compmmlst‘d vlalms, Grimm-max A;
pmprmtlons had Lu bv unmoved 1
Congress to supplenu-m me rvgul
appropriutlum l‘ur llu‘ puymmn
chums. This _\'(‘€ll" A“ uwal'du w
have to be paid tlmmuh spm'iul a
‘ pmprmtmua
y. ..1,.
‘ 4 AI’I'RUI’IH.\'I'IUV~' 'I'() l‘ \(
IIJ'I'A'I'IC 'l’lll‘l V,\'l'l I(.\l‘ll.\'l‘l(
In 1953‘ me lliliUi‘iilZilHUH
thousands ()1 qualified 15501 “-11.5 (I
iayed because th Immigration 21
Naturalization Servicv lacked I
administrative funds. necessary
provide tho faciiim-s. tho examuu
and the interpreters m vxpvcliiio
1y servii-e Lhi‘ [)i‘l);Lriii'. JA
hopes to sc-cure rhv nvedmi 11d
titmai appropriatiims I‘HI'HHH'KPC]
this purpose in order Um! .i”
iei'estod Iswi m-n,‘ mm.» r I:.mu
1 “QW‘WM . wmfis-umta
‘ “QM” ~ ”mm9h”.*W%Mvv‘mw—W"-‘-v -__ ,_
I‘We Par-111': 0i: Dvhwr'; 11.: 131.4? Md 1‘: (MW .1 Jr a.w u: 'm
mh AM (New) {in 1.4"} 'l'). m humw ‘1) :mmrmxu H?- mum x ' “um, 01
' Mr.'Gc-orge KLW'JLHN mH!mm a; Kaw LNL‘I): ‘ ‘ Hum :I:. ~. “yum-n
--3 Lamb no 801“. ‘ 11w Jugmmw mummnm M: k 2,: Hum)” «‘ll or 01m-
E and in diwm m:.- tgat'l pmb‘ullm With \‘LJU ("all EM {3.359 :v- W? “91:8.
U. S. Postage
Sec. 34.66‘ P. L A 7 R
Solute. Washmxmn
Permit NO. 5184
Uni “El/(‘11:; “I 19:34
This Smmlv-umn‘mmi bl“ t‘\l(‘llds
‘tlw pm‘md im' m‘mg vla‘nus agamst,
‘ tho ()fficv uf Ahrn Prnporty .nr {hp
lret‘ux‘n of wm-nmc wsu‘d property"
‘Muny 155 m ‘n‘l Nxm-l szrnnded in
[Japan during Ihr \mr \wre unablv
10 {HP their (1“; th bm‘un‘ thv sm-
Hmm'y (‘t‘ildlillC‘S Fins lenixlalmn
{seeks tn qw- me Hm! opportunity
‘ li VOTING IN .l\l'.\N!-ISE I‘l-
| 'lhm JACL-Mumrsed bill would
ln‘smrv UmLm Sun‘s citizenshipm
.jsevm'nl lhuusmul lem in Japan
iwhu lost lhmr mézvuship becausn
llhey mm! m ”11‘ postwar unmncse
ivlvctmnh undt‘r Anwru:an occupa-
I Hon auxllun'ilws_
. 7. nmqu guawksn.
i Dumu Hw xxx; sum-ml hundred
,‘Pm'uvmn .Jupum-w \wrv :u'bumr’lly
L.lmn4zln lu Ilw L’mwd sums and
. mtvmm Alwr UM: “an; Peru rn—
ltlmml In .u'z'vpl mvlr rumrn l'ul'po—
,ilim-ul 21ml vl‘nllnlllh' wagons Now
,‘xuijm :u ch“ nrlmmn m Japan.
,‘ this: hu’l would mlow the Attorney
, ‘ (‘n-umrul to suspend .md czmcvl thou
sldvpm'umon mocuvdluns and in) ad
1‘ just Llu‘ls' status m that 01' porn-n
--3UP!” x'osuh'ms wuhmn chmuing
-§Ll]¢'ll' lmmlwrs to Japan‘s .vll'vauly
Emken (mum of 18.") annually.
. 8. .\l¢v\(&(sl.l:\\' LABOR PRU“!—
n 3 Bl'l‘l-UN.
.2 ’lhis Immmarv \muld wwnl the
h pxmvnl, Slzllntum um against. the
_lu:w of .«njv Alumylnm labur on any
I l‘mim‘ul n-(‘mnmnun prnjevt.. [’huugh
u' Im.» pmhdnmm 11,3 been overlook
,riml 1n rvwm mu‘g H should be [‘P—
._ pnalml as u "r-n'z.ulm' M" u x‘zutlst
5; 3mm".
_. - - .‘...M .
u‘ n In”. mum's " ‘
|_ “(W . LIA-ISIA-
< Mandated b, (wvrg' Nmmual JA—
11,‘ CL vunvr-lmnu tallll‘P H'w Ind 0! the
11, war. JACL .ull mom’ruw in vi'im‘ts
”film st't‘m'v \hu passnmg 01‘ Civil fight};
i‘ lumslan' :1 m “r. l mh‘ 11x0 gunm‘ul
;wulmrtu prunin' u,;-.- u-r upportunh
E- 1.1 m“ :qui m «-1w.:.,:1w nu'ml and H'-
JIL‘JUHH (Ual'HHulHilHLH .md bigotry"
be? HIV YEN I)! l’Jx’l’l‘ (‘LAIMS
0—; Tim sessmu JACL will (:mmmw
ed Ln ummew 'hv .uhwmslmzuhmvnpun»
M; 501111 in“ m ”Annuals :11! gum debt.
mgx-lanns amunm Llw Uit'u'v ul‘ Allen
11y Pmpmmy JACL \ma awn-55ml m
\l’sll)!‘€'Vt'lll.lng pussmm ul‘ ”‘25 lvmslel
no Minn whu-h would h w mvaluluwd
dl-lthP (‘lumxn‘ nl' upm- MUN!) Ismwzmd
m Nl3o] I'ol 'iu- amm'n n 1 um deposits
I]) 111 m m.uh- m Ih.- prmsm Yukuha
b\' may Huxmmnw. M 11313! and Yuaudu
lur hunks wmm m-rr mnsulvrud Nun)
ul Ins! yuu‘ 1n Ilw Sl‘lhllt‘.
Nlll 1n :uldmuu to 121 mm spm'mu num
1p- burn; th Wmhmgluu n-pruwnm
-11w (im'lur'ml m t JAGI. wuuld mu
l‘l- mmv m. vulmw- m umm‘unu, to
ON 1h!) (Hun-uh'ruiu n u: anvil dl‘iCHnH
nulm'y huh :xs hlu- Di'l‘ LLA year :0
01 «.jmnisn 11!] um m-pmu chums and In
de. snppnrvm: mwh bmw‘u'i:\l um-s as
and vm- Rvm',,(-«- 11.1 w: AM. zmcr ‘n ‘nad
the been :um-m‘ve! :2‘ JACL'S msxsruvnce
‘ L 0 to mvlixul' x‘mmxcx «=ll Hw \unw b'sis
.M‘SA us Eilt‘npeans
DUS- "01w 01 JACL‘: must lmytmunt
\CL‘yuL unpubluzzwi n.+;>.:»n..nnlnms in
(idi- ; sthxwgtsm t'nv'mw s In by H) serve
Hm": as the wul'vming' ui‘ ‘hv mteresm of
In~ ' pvwn M,3 rpm-mu .HK'US‘TI; m the
zralv Um a»! Sun's." ‘d'wmku \uld.
«Mam-vmwmm M

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