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of the
{fissi W 345!“
“\ _--- .—_‘
PHONE SE. 1950 ‘
('fl [(IK’S
Ice Creamery
625 Jackson St. Phone MU. 4319 i
Sagamiya & Co.
Ropnll’lng Servicing
Q Radio
Q Washing Muhlnes
. Flu-viral Appmm-ea
NIAln ZIMI 401! 6th Ave. 8.
£ook AT ME VAM!’
(comm/smm! FRIG IDAI RE
-'l' ' A
h“ . _ ._:.:_ «'.’
4,3 st _ ’1“
Ox - :-:—‘-- _:- j l a 6 5' ff ' I
~;:,: 3.4-;- x; ~-.i.“ —*~~~' ' '
\ll *§%\\ away??? l . at u: 00 sue
,1 \w fill Aggie Automatic Reset Detrostmg.
\Qq _i_‘ , ' . Full-width Super-Freezer Chest!
N g n
\ '- .'rr w 3 3 \"1 Handy Shelves on the door!
/ _.~:~:-' U“ . 4 .g. _ ‘
r " , _ elm" ‘1 ‘a "D -' ‘
’y “F will 3;: _ ”'9' '°°"" ""’"'°" -
; it 3 £l2O !\ M .1 «V -
a 111$ng 1!: vp 52:; 9f'
Look at all the features:
. New Styling—inside and out
. Motor-Miser mechanism with
S—Yoar Protection Plan
- Exclusive Ouiclwbo Ice Trays
0 Lifotime Porcelain lnterior
- Rust-resistant Shelves
0 Frasier holds 38 lbs, of food
0 All-steel cabinet
o Built and backed by General
“we Nurthmwt Giht‘w
Japanese War Bride of G 1 to be Given
Psychiatric Test, Judge Orders
CHICAGO. Ili.‘ Jan. 9—The International News Service has re
ported that a Japanese war bride who strangled her baby and at
tempted to commit suicide was ordered placed under psychiatric ob
servation at a criminal court hearing in Chicago Dec. 29,
Judge Matthew D. Hartigan ordered Mrs. Etsuko Britten. 24. re
tuined to court Tuesday. Jon is. at which time William Haynes, court
ysychiatrist. will report on his three-week observations.
If the 80—ooaznd woman who speaks little English is declared sane.
she will stand trial for murder_ However. if she is round insane.
she will undergo mental treatment.
Lawyers for the defendant. Thomas Masuda. a former Seattleite'
and Stephen Love, disclosed they would try to arrange to send her to
Japan for treatment if she is pronounced mentally ill
The husband. William. an Ail Force sergeant. was in Korea at the
time of the killing. but is nr-w in Chicago on emergenCy leave,
Classified Advertisements
‘~i immum chargv 7 __ M "ruin
"er word insertimv _ , , _ 7 z') m-nts
The Only All-English Nisei NeWSpnper in The l‘acmr Northwesl
PHONE, Miner. m
6-10~Spirltual Life Mhsmn moot—
ingu in Japanese Bnptist church
10—- International Sportsmen's
banquet in Hong Kong
15_ 16 and l7—Northwest Nisei
Invitational Classic in Main Bowl
lii—Annual Bellmm tolo Time
and locate to be announw-(I later.
Lotus Vikings' hopes ”t repeating
their 1952-53 “A” ehmnpmnship feat.
took a nose dive lust Friday in the
Buddhist church gym when they
were harshly downed by Methodist.
34 to 27. The. setback was the se—
cond forthe Vikings
The Methodist attack was spear
headed by Yosh Nnkagawa. 'l‘ed Na»
kanishi and Tom ’l‘unigawu Tommy
Miyata flipped in 9 points to lead
the Lotus live.
In a girls' league contest the some
night. Lotus Dharmas slaughtered
Presbyterian. 45 to 8' when Fusako
Tsue. Janet Okamoto and Marian
Nambi went on a mild rampage
to score 15. 14 end 10 respectively.
Congregational thumped Baptist
31-15. The winners' top scorer was
Hideo Kata with 11, Kunio Hom—
ma tossed in]? points and Eddie Hi—
rota, 6, for the losers
Earlier in the week-« Monday. to
be exact—the Lotus Free Lam-ers
jolted Presbyteriantßu. 37-10. and
the Allons overpowered Wistei‘ius.
48-28. In the Allen-Wisteria eon
test. Dorothy and Tomo Iwasaki
racked up 26 points between them
for the victors to offset Jean Yama—
uchi‘s suprex’iie 19-pomt mm to:
the banquished Richard Yoshidn.
Franklin Hyodo and Jerry Ami were
the best marksmen for the Free
Lancers in their victory.
Er L ._d l
‘ i
4 I
. Rainier Valley—(Eloise In \
2 bedroom. newly remodeled
roomy houso Has large living di-‘
ning rooms Large kitchen and
breakfast nook Full bum-mom.
with rvcroallon room .iiid I*xtru bl-(l‘
room. Cabinet automatic oil fur
nace. Detached garage 60 x 120 101 l
Will 5011 on GI terms $7.500. This
house IS flow to a plii‘rl’ivld vxcvl—
-1(‘llI for children 1
. South Beacon—Now Modern‘
House, Just ('oiiipleted
l ‘1 bedrooms‘ combination llVlllLZ
land (lininv. le‘ht'll ll'llih'. (-:irport,
\Vall turn‘u't', rxti‘a lam:- 10l OwnA
or “'1“ Mill on (-onti'irt who!) (Itiwll
l and S6O pvr month linmtvliaw posv
‘ m-ssmn $9,400 Adjoining lot SBSO
i . Hem-on llill
" (flow in bllS rind 'll()|);)lll'.! Jilltl
iswlmnlv ()ltlt-i' hollH‘ but in o-xrrl
lt‘iit i'niiditiuir 4 bodi'ornnx up Pix—
tra large living and (lining rooms
EHardwood floors. {till busnmvni air
:20 oil hnat rlctuvhml Lzaraur' A.,k~
iinu 3212.000}
lan M‘ Mat-«uni;
"szll‘ll Sakuru “08. FR. 1315
659 Jackson St. EL. 2303
Battle L "uh.
JACL and NVC to Honor
Sgt, Mrs. Miyamura Here
Civic Unity tn NOl9
Tenth Year Jan. 12
Civic Unity Cmmnim-I- 01' Scuttle
will mark its tenth nnniversm-y a!
8 p.m_ Tuvsday, Jan. 12. in tho Wu
men's Contury Club. 807 E. Roy S".
M was annuoncvd today by pn‘si
don! John H Hvitzman
Classified Ad
WANTED: Srhmil girl as mutlu‘r's
ht‘lpt‘r to live in (-umfnrtahlo houn
in Mt. Baker district (In lms lim-
FA. '1054.
5-romn apartment fur rvnt» Fur-i
nishod or unt‘urnisln-d. mm '.’Rth
Ave_ S, (‘A 07257 Wrrkdnm lwl'url‘
1: p.m‘
WAN’I‘EI): Expert su-m-n for
‘drapcry workroom. (‘mnt‘nrlahln
working (-(mditinns Ml mmwni
rum-s Mandi-rill! opportunity“ Ap
ply Mm "('fll‘h. Hurun'w‘ 31‘." Aurora
Aw. SF 7.130.
III'IIJ' WANTED: l’nrl tinu‘ Light
housekl-u-ping- l'rivutr mum and
bath. radio. Compensation. Mt.
Baker district RA 0285.
CI'I ' L R t t
.4! ' l
517 Third Ave. MA. Z 484
. NFW Ill" H 5. Illnvn unlil I M: .s In «Monday In Su'uniuu
.l u. “:23! p m, 1m Sundays.
QLI NVlll’t'fi , IIINNLK
Q lio-mwvulhuls for I'l'lvzutv lulrlles AH‘Ppll‘d
‘//"0‘ ”Kl"//W'/I"//IMM«/IJ//J// nMan/r //v'//» /I¥//"//’//u
OPEN Alleys
MONDAY—~Nunn to 51:0 and In In I .I m
’l'l'l'K‘ll‘Y- -Nmm Ln 7 and H lb 1 ALIIL
Wl‘LDNl‘l.%l).\l'~-»Nonn In 7 ”ml II In I u-m
'l'ill‘kSD.\\——Nnun l 0 7 Mn! H m l .l m.
I-Hllß.\\' \mm In 7:32“ and Euzftl' u. '5 mm
\‘l‘! lu'l)\\ - \uml» ~ »—~ _,_ ~10 3 .Lm
m ‘.n\\ »-.\mn~---- —-'- ~1" ' J '"
9 NW NW (7mm:
‘ Jan. 15. m. 17 A“
I n . ) ’l
Mam Low
2'31; :3! w ST. MA. 9399 SE. 922.1
r ruuan mm Pnonuc'rs GENERAL memo
: 35 ‘ a"; :‘. 4 9.... A‘g‘fl‘j'f" V
.‘ ' [VJ/'l':
. , ’ N ' ' , ' g o
. - ' ‘ «#3:? +1 .- s a!»
\ng 050 Jackson Cwnfth \"\ »=:-. “,2 '.~ 10:)
N \'l‘l'lil)\\. .‘.\.\El \lt" 9' 1934
Sl'flillq' JJEMHJ‘N Ai'ii‘i'ir.\:i.~ \\'ll‘. .-
:‘l'. nunul Mwml ll H-llliil‘ ‘,\.lllll‘l'.
l'iHlii‘ l'n'H‘ IIZ‘ llll' !"’\‘.\“!lvll‘illi'l It? i
hf. 1w UIHH‘II hmn's .Imnni (‘lin
Jun ‘.’li 'l‘h: Jamil-S Immium \H
lhl‘ ll‘t‘l‘pllUll In iulluw .ii (up New
The Gallup. N M. levl wn~ hr—
rn. u rhau'u‘r llu‘llllx‘l‘ nl illl' Albll-‘
qui'rqmu N. M. ('llilpll'l' n 1 HH‘ J-l-‘
punt-so Allll‘l'lt'ull Ullllt‘llh Longing
and ms mlv, 'l‘vrry, Will lx- unru
dui'i‘il and dill: linimrul at Al bim
quvt and dlllll‘l‘ givrn l)_\ ”w lui'al
JACL unit :11 6,30 inn” Friday.
Jun 22. in 1111' spurious Scuttle
Clininlwi' oi Cunnin-rri' illltllltll’llllll,
’l‘lurd Aw. and Uuunllmu Sr
‘llic Minimums [)H‘Si‘lll'l' \t'ill
highlight ilii- S(‘l|l\l(‘ JACL ('lmp-
Li-r's original plslllh to honor up
proxmiutely 3:30 nuwly naturalized
citizens and in llthllll UH' 1954ciiup
ti-i' ollircrg
Besides Sui. Ml)'zl|illll'.l :uid hlh‘
wm-_ other disnnguished guvsls will
include (my Arthur B. bulimic.
Mayor Allan l'umcroy. lurmcr May
or William F. Devin. Senator Hen—
‘ry Mr Jackson. Senator Warn-n (‘l‘
MdgllllSUll, Jami-s Pr Boydidlrectur‘
(llSLl‘H‘l Immigration and Naturali—
zation Servicv), Kiel‘or LimyiulSU of
local l-NSi. and tin- Rey Emi-ry
Min Yuinugucln. general t‘llull’-
mun ml the (‘Vl‘lll open to vwryune
in the Jupunesv Americun mnnnu»
nlly has HIP l'nllowmu assistants:
U. S. Postage
Sec. 34.66. I'. 1.. a, R.
Seattle. Waahmnon
Permit. N». 5164
.uluu» Sn! Ihrmln M 1). mnum,Cun
and ins mm ‘l‘vrry. when H]!‘\'
hr "’l'vn ()ulshunhng Young Men"
nlwr 01(‘umnn-ru‘ on Saturday"
ll hr 111 1119 Cn'u- AndnmnmL and
Wuslnnutun Huh-L
Dr Koll)‘ annuda‘ prumtun; Dr.
Shunt Kn/n .n'rungt-lnvnls. Shul
chl b‘lnunuy \IH‘UI‘HUUHS. Kn} Ya—
mnum-ln. rvsm'vullmn; Dr S. Fuku
du. Issm nnnunum; .md Mlyo Nu—
knlsu. guest nun-(mulls.
The (Inner. \\‘|n(-h “'1” Drum ill 9
p.m. “ill hllh- Hnnurd “Chip" 8&-
‘kuru‘s “rpm-v un-luwm. "The
iCnnluu-nmls" lurmxlnnaz tln- mu
l‘lm 19.34 mbmm Illl‘lnbi'l‘h’ who
lwill be lnsmlk‘d (lurmu lhv banquet.
un- (‘wm'gv Kuslnwum. president;
Jmues Mutsuuku. l'n'sl \‘m- prvsl
dvnl; Iln‘mn Almu_ mcund \lct‘ pre
sident; Milsum NO3l, lssm \wv pre
sideul; Mrs. Mary Fujitu. recurdmg
socroiury; Murn- Yummnom, corres
punde sl‘vl’t‘Lule; Amy Hutsukuno,
Ll'vasurm'_ Ur. Kvlly \‘nnudn. board
(114chan ’l‘hv advm‘rs are leei-w
Wllliam Mnnlm ’l‘t-d Snkahm'xy
hunk Hanurx‘ Mm Yunmguchl,
’l‘uk Hon; Isa-u “If s. Fukuduy
Holturu Hikidn
' Rvsrnuwns 1m Ihr banquet
must be. mmiv on m' before Monday.
Jan 18. and wall be taken by Mm
01' Km Yanmgucm. MA. 8814; Dr,
S Fukudu. MA 3840; or Dr. Shin]!
Kuzu, MI. 1410. Banquet tickets
nrr priced al. $3 per plutv. and the
Sgt. Mlyumuru will [)0 gnvn a hu
nomry mmnlu-rslm) Ln NVC and hls
wllv. ’l‘m'l'y. will be mud? an honor
zn‘v‘membu-r ()l the WAC.
’l‘lw NVC—WAC—(mId Slur Pam'nts
Assucmliun '.ll'lnn‘ Will bt‘ ill. 6 pm.
Sunday! Jull ‘34. In China Lame
Restaurant. 317 ’l'hird Ave Vice
commander "lml‘l’v" Klynhuru will
hv mustvr nl' (-vu-nmnles
Duo In limit-fl spun" only those
having rI-svrumum \\'l“ he wel
('(mu'tl. 'l‘irkt'ls urn ml .xulv at $3.50
per norm“, and Hum may be oblaln
(‘d l’rum .lm- Nukulsu. John Ogishl
mu. ln-l'u h-hllnra Shim Kashlno
0r lrnm Min! l’mvmsae, Jun‘s Bur
bt'r nl' ()ruun l-‘unnLurv 'l‘irket
:wulv t-mly Su'uwlzu, Jam 16‘
Al'n-r lhr humuwfl llwn- will bra
rmn-pllnn :n! Hm NVC clublmusv
:wnh Ilu- uuxmun in (-hurgt'
| On Sundan' Jun 13-! 8'1! Mlyu
lnlll'u will [)IJH‘ wrt‘nllls. .n link?—
l‘vlew Conwm'rv um! :13 Ilw vr‘lvrnns
lhmunwnlmmme—(Yiu' lmildluuy
I . N'AMI'I SQl'Al)
‘ ’l‘lmu- St-nllln lem wvrv m the
szmw squul ns Sm Mnnmurn wlwn
> hr- svrvml \nlh (Yompemv D. 442 ml
Rr‘vmwnml (‘.mnhnl Tmm. Imm
Hul‘ulmn 'l'hr“. .m- Huh-h Hashi
-1!ll(‘hlv 'l‘t-ll Inmmxln :uul [.lnvd l-lu
. “Fl-11l HI'ST
. NlM'l Vv'll-runu ('nmmnnw mvm—
lwrs 'vlll mn'v Inn-mutinnal
Sporlsnwnv (‘luh 11. :1 ’lwvr bnst'
‘F‘l'ltln': Mnl‘t'h I”, .l‘ Sll‘k‘s Hl‘l‘W
nrv vm A'rpnrt le
Nlnri Vn-H'rnn. (‘nmmll'c‘n ml~ Sn-
In'llr 'x'ls'hv- m .u'knn'slf‘tlvv dona-
Hlmr xmw-xu-«l from ”w fulluwim:
Mr and MM Kill'ln o}“;ka 81!
_ l Weller. 512'» Mr Albrre Bonus. 35

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