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(My: male mafia SStatzsman.
Published Every Friday Evening}
WV? Money Market;
New YorkGohl Qu0tati0n5......V...............192.
San Fransisco Logd 'l‘entler latex“ . . . . .. . . . . . . .52%
Oaiioox Foa MCULELL\N.—Dcmoerats
generally are becoming firm in the belief
that-Oregon will go for McClellan and Pen
dleton. A friend of ours, who has grind op
portunities for knowing came up three
weeks ago and told us that they would de
crease the republican majority one-halfiu
November. Last night he made an unex
pected entree into our sanctuui,—haVing
just arrived from below,—with the emphat
ic declaration that the democracy would car
ry the State in spite of -—.—-excusing the
profanity on the ground that he had always
been taught that the place named was rep
resented by lime and hypocrites, and that a
more graeclcss set of hypocrites than the
Republican rulers of Oregon never reigned
anywhere. They have held the reins with
. an iron hand, and by attempts to ostracise
all who Woulal not swallow, as a whole, the
colored policies of the Administration, they
have disgumd the war Democrats until they
are now leaving them as fast as they three
years ago flocked to their stat dard. Dem
ocratic Clubs—not secret in idnight con
elaves. such as have been organized by the
republicans, but. upon: public gatherings, in
' which honest, pure n n dt-d men meet and
proclaim their \'iewe,—havc been_formed in
nearly every town in the State, and public,
weekiy meetings are held. The same spirit
of enthusiasm, says our informant, that. is
pervadng California is rapidly spreading
over Oregon, and \vill'seat victory upon the
Democratic standard in November. Hur
rah for McClellan and l’endleton l
CALIFORNIA ——Our California Democrat
ic eXClinngos all speak of large numbers of
men, in their respective localities, leaving
the Union organiZation and flocking to the
McClellan standard. A gentleman who
came up by the last boat tells us that he re
cently attended Demacratic meetings in Ha
. rysviile, Stockton, Sacramento and San
Francisco, and never since the days of 1840
has he’srenso much genuine enthusiasm
manifested as at those meetings. The meet,-
ing at SanFranciseo was the largest ever
held in that city, and it was almost_impossi
hie to hear the {speakers on account of the
loud and continued cheering of the adienee.
“ The hearts of the people,” he says. are in
the cause, and he is confident that McClel
lan will get the electoral vote of California.
in San Franeieeo, the question is no longer
Will he carry the city? but liy what ma
j rity? and the estimates have already
grown from hundreds to thousands. The
i‘iitiiience' of such men as McLean, Coleman
and liaight is being felt and prominent men
in every county. town and precinct in the
State aretbllawing in their footsteps, carry
ing h-n‘utlreds with them.
Strontium—A shooting-match came off
on Main street on Saturday lust between
Bantty'and Uu'id Allerson. both of the
Boiee Baal”. The first shot—fired by Beat
ty-—-tnuk effect. in Alderson's arm, near the
elbow, badly ell-tutoringr the bone, and inflict
ing a very dangt rons Wound. The other
shots—some five or six in all—“flew nrunnd
ltmse”'and one of thrm took effect in the
side of an ax which stood attached ton wag
on in the street. The cause that led to the
shooting, in legal langulge. we are “not sup
pUScd to know -.ttiytltin;.r about." Beatty
gave himself up to the authorities, and up
on extnination helore list] Horton was held
to hail in the sn n of 33L:0U, to appear be
f. re tlxe i istrit't (‘. urtand atmtruny charge
that tnay'belu'huuht against him. H's/mot»
jug/era; in opposition toall laws, human and
Di'i'ine, Wlll persist in making our city a du
cling: ground, we would mildly suggest to
them that. we, in conmmn with our neigln
burs, don‘t want to get shot, and would he
much nhligtd to them il'they ivoull hereaf
ter 'choose their ground' at some point more
remote from our portion of the town.
’TlflltßS’l‘.—lt appcras that the Boundary
line sep. rattlin.r Oregon from Washington, as
r ctntlyrun by Mr. Majors, among other
thiins intt-tltrts uih the H'l 40l intetuts
s mewhut. 'l'hc 'intclligen tand appreciative
farmers residing in School District No. 7. on
Cottomvnod (’reuk, in this Valley. and who
have heretofore paid theirteaches out of the
school funds for this valley, are ju.~t. now
greatly exercised concerning the anornolous
position in which said school is left by the
Boundary Linc,_placing_lr itin Oregon.
Mr. T. J. Swezea informs us that he thinks
it too luteto have a district laid off and a
a school organized in time to entitle
them to receive their proportion of the Orc
gon‘ school fund; and consequently they will
have towait until next year. The parents
of children residing in the district, have
chosen Mr. Doston,late of the Willamette
valley, to-conduct the school. The, pay
him out of their own pockets. There are
éome34 pupils in daily attendance.
THE MAll.s.—The lower country malls
are now carried from Dulles to \Vulluln by
fihe boats of the Oregon Steam Nuvigutiun
Company; thence to this city by Thomas &
_ Goth Paanlorioxs.-—-We converscd with
gentlemen on “'edniasday, visiting our sanctum,
who have returned within the past week from
Kootenai country. They think that another
season will serve to develop new gold fields that
will pay well next year in that country. Gold
has been discovered on some of the branches of
the Kootenni river, aild it ls believed by many
that the country adjacent to what is known as
the Kootnnai Village will afl‘ord payingdiggings.
Our informants give the opinion that the
Pcnd’Oreille section will yet be a fumousmining
camp. Itis stated that Antoinne Plant, owner
of the Spokane river Ferry for several years
past, and long a resident in the country, last
year made $6 per day on the Pend'Oreille river,
sixty-five miles above its mouth. The country
is rugged and difficult. of approach, yet Mr.
Plante thinks a good trail could be made to
:each the diggigns. The:cacheoof minersatwork
on the river were recently found, and from all
the “signs ofthe times," it is natural to infer
that aomelhing big will be “struck" in thatrcgion
he 'ore long. It is further represented that Fin
lay Creek, (Kootenai,) cannot be worktd
in the Spring on account of frost. Here the
mountains approach abruptly upon the creek.
There are no bars on the creek and work can
only he done while the water is low, about one
month and a half in the fall.
Bax. Ilombu‘s OVERLAND Sues Lisa—The
termini of lloliday’s Overland Stage Line are
Boise City, Idaho Territory, and Atehison, Kan
sas. The stages run tri-weekly, carrying the
United States mails, passengers and express
matter. Leaving Boise City, they pass success
ively to Salt Lake, Utah, Denver City Colorado,
Kearney, Nebraska, to Atehison Kansas. At
Fort Hall they connect with Holiday's stages
going to Bannaek and Virginia cities, Montana
Territory, on the Eastern slope of the Rocky
Mountains. Fare from Boise City to Atchison.
$200; express freight from Boise to Atehison,
$1,50 per pohnd; amount of baggage allowed
pissenge s 15 lbs; schedule time from Boise City
to Atch son, 16 days.
POSTAGE—“'6 are requested by the post
mister to state that hereafter the rate of
pmtugc on letters to the British west in»
dies, Cuba. Aspinwall, l’unaum' and British
Columbia will be ten cents, which must he
prepaid by stamps. All litters dropped in
the post office not fully covered by stamps
will be sent to the dead letter olfice.
U. 8. Sanitary Commission.
Mn FRANCHCO, brpt. 17, “64.
E E. Kl—ZLl.Y——Dear .\,ir:—l have now the plea-<-
ure to acknowledge the receipt nl'three hundred dul
lurs in legal tendqsand seventy-six dullurs in gold.
from the citizen! of Walla Walla and vicinity, for the
benefit ofthe. UV 8 Sanitary Commission. Renewing
the thanks Igave in my last letter. I remain
Yours cordiallv.
llusnr W. Buttows, Pres't.
The Loyal Leagues of California are fast dis
solving under a vigorous application of McClel
nnism. The leagners are beginning to see the
hopelessness of Lincoln's re-elcctioli and hun
dreds of them will endeavor to. smooth over
their past course and make the amende honorable
by voting for McClellan.
THE BIGGEST AND Tit] Best—We were pre
sented a sweet~potntoe yesterday, raised on
Mr. Geo. Thomas’ ranch a few miles from this
place, which surpassed anything in that line
both in size antiqunlity, that we have yet seen
in the valley. We were told that the produc
tion weighed 2} pounds, but upon re-weighing
it balanced exactly three pounds. It was a
beautiful specimen, nnd in quality it could not
be beat.
Horatio Seymor has been re=nominnted hy
the Democrats as their candidate for the Gov
ernorship of New York. He will undoubtedly
carry the State by an overwhelming majority.
Some of the New York papers are claiming
that the Democrats will carry that State in the
November election by more than 50,000 major
Briana—The Idaho Statesman, spanking of
the Loyal-Lincoln-Leaguc gatherings in that
section, says “The fires of Liberty are begin
ning to burn brightly in Idaho l” We suSpect
that’s a new dodge to cover up some contem
plated election fraud. Your “Larmaie” loyal
i~ts will hear watching, slightly, as they don't
seem to have the slightest conception of the
meaning of the word “Liberty." Better put
your fires out, or you may burn liberty Up.
Ur RIVER SrsAuzns:—ln order to accommo
date the increasing trade anl trnvel,‘ the steam
ers of the 0 SAN. Company will m'lkc four trips
n week from Celilo to Wanllulu. Under' the new
schedule, a boat. will leave Celilo, Tilesday,
“'ednesdny, Friday and Saturday of each week;
ramming, leave Wallulu on Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday of each week. This in
crease in the number of trips is rendered neces
sary by the very large amount of freight now be
ing sent formlrd. The people of the interi 1'
look forward to n hard winter, and hence thiy
are urrying up abundant supplies.
IT SHALL BE LAwrur..—Proprietors of Dance
Houses, llurdy Gurdy Saldons, Fandango hous
es, and the patrons of Thupis generally, will no
tice, by reference to City Ordinance No. 26, pub
lished in another column of to-dny’s issue, that
they will hereafter be allowed to "keep” said
houses, provided it license be first obtained
therefor, by paying to the City Treasurer the
sum of $250 per quarter.
FATAL Accnunw.—Mr. Wm. MuCamly, I young
man much esteemed in his neighbnrhood, was
thrown from 3 horse while riding a race at Tume'n
much, in Grand Ronda valley . on Saturda) last. tnd
received injuries from the effect of which he’ died on
the full-Ming day.
Tun: race between “humus! "Bed Quilt" und
“Sheedy” on Saturday lust Was won by tho former
horse—J‘ Bed Quilt” coming out second best.
Tau 'rm.— Potter’s Theatriul Troupe is expected
here m-day. The lower flair of the Masonic Hall
is being put in readiness for the performance to-mor
row evening.
II ’ller Y‘s Mmsfnrm. an excellent troupe nf E‘ hio
- yerlunnun. ti}: he Lore today or tu monow.
Mr. B. P. Hutchins has started a. new general
merchandise establishment at Woilula.
Court Rules. '
For the First Judicial District of Washi'nyton .Ter
ritory—Adaptedin 1862.
notes or Eateries: '
Rule 1. All motions to be in writing add filed
with the Clerk. ,
Rule 2. No other argument will be permitted
than the opening of Plaintiff, the reply of the
Defendent and the closing of the Plaintiff.
Rule 3. A pleadingor motion ofsome kind must be
hled by the coming in ofthe Court on the morn
ing of second day of the term, unless for good
cause shown.
Rule 4. A failure to file some pleading as re
quired in Rule 3 will entitle the proper party to
a default in the case.
Rule 5. When motion, demurrer or otherplcad
ing shallbe overruled, stricken out or ordered
to be amended, the party required shall plead
by the coming in of the Court on the next Judi
cial day of the term, and upon failure may bede
faulted. -
Rule 6. Motions asking a dismissal ofthe com
plaint or the pleadings shall contain all the
grounds of objection, and no second motion will
be considered which embraces objections which
snould have been embraced in the first.
Rule 7. _After the second day of the term an
hour, if necessary, shall be set apart in calling
the docket in regular order for default—first on
the hearing of motions.
Rule 8. Cases shall he considered in the fol
lowing o-~dcr. to wit: ls: United States Criminal
C.ses. 2d, United States Civil lius n:ss. '3d,
Territorial Criminal Business. 4th, Territorial
Civil Business; and the above classes of cases
shall he disposed ofin the following order: Ist,
jury cases: 2d, Court cases; 3|, motions to strike
outand deinurrers.
Rule 9. When a case stands at issue and is
reached in order, it should be tried continued,
or dismissed for want of prosecution.
Rule 10. No arguments will be permitted on
motions for continuance except such as shall
show the insufiicicnce ofthe affidavit.
Rule 11. Noargnmcnt will beheard on anyon
tcrittg of the Court or on the asking or refusing
ot'a bill ostn eptions.
Rule 12. No motion by counsel asking the dis
missal ofa suit for (nll es app ai‘iiig upon the
Lee of tie papers shall be considered a volun
tary appearance.
It’s! 13. A special appearance shall be con
fined to motions to dismiss the complaint for
want of proper service, or for defect ot verifica
io i, and a plea to the jurl.d.ction of the Court,
and .lie appeirance for the purposes above nich
tioned will be considered as s, cc a 1 and though
it be not stated in the iuotiou, orthe entering of
the plea.
It’ule 14. Ordered by the Court—that in civil
c ises on motionsand deiiiurrcrs not exceeding
fifteen m.nutes in the opening and five minutes
in the closing arguments will be given to Plain—
tfl‘s counsel, and not exceed fifteen minutes to
Opposing counsel, unless ll‘Ulll the importance of
the question-'iiirolred the Court should desire
further argument. E.- P. ULH’IIANT,
4 Judge.
Land Decision.
Rmisrsa's OFFICE, Vancouver. W. T.,
September 27th, 1864. }
H. PARKER, Esq., Att'y for Amos 0. Short,
Walla Walla, W. T.-—-b’.r:—Enclosed herewith
please find the decision of this office, this day
rendered in the case of Amos C. Short, 1‘: Andre
itcsptcifully &c., Jossrn M. Fnlrcnsn,
Amos Short, Before the Register and Re
vs ceircr of the Land Otfice
Andre Schmdcr. Vancouver W. T. .
Contest in relation to the 8.1). i of the S. E. 1»
of section No- 22,—the N. f and D". W. i of the
N. E. fof section No. 27, in township No. 7
North ofltange Die, 35, East of the Wiilamette
The above described tract of [and was entered
at this otlice on the Bth day of July 1863, by
Manrnd Bolilc, under the “Homestead Act.”
On the lst day ofJuly 1864, Amos C. Short,
caused a notice to Maurad Bonle, to appear in
the “Washington b‘tatesman,”—a newspaper
publ.shed in Walla Walla County \V. T.,—said
notice being to the efl‘ect that he (Short) would
on the 20th day ot‘July 1564, apply to enter the
above described tract ut‘lnnd, under the “Home
stead Act,” and that he would at the same time,
siibinit proof of his, (llohie’s) abandonment
thereof. .
0n the 11th of July, 1364, llohle, through his
Attorney, b'. B. Fargo, wrote to this otfice, de
nying that he had abandoned the land, and ask
ing tor time to defend his right thcrctoi‘ '
On the same day, (July lltn)Andrcb‘chrnder,
by his Attorncy, Utis L.l>r da‘es, wrote, claim
ing that lie was an actual settler, and occupant
of the land, and that he claimed the right of
pre-cinption thereto; where upon it was ordered
by this otlice that depositions be taken in the
usual manner, and the depositions so taken are
now before us.
Subsequent to his letter of July 11th 1864, in
which he denied that Bohlc had abondoued his
claim, Bolilc's attorney Fargo forwarded to this
oflice ltohle‘s duplicate homestead receipt,upon
the back of which was endorsed Bohle‘s aban
donment of the land therein described,the aban
donment being dated biptember éili 186;! and
attested b\' b‘. B. l" irm‘i, ..nn inciestinioiiyshows
con la iiely t at b 1 Les-1 erly..ha doudtho
land.. \\ c ..ni'e tutuiore, only to determine as
between Short and Schradcr.
1f the abandonment abov'e mentioned, had
b;cn torwarded to this othee at the time of its
execution, to wit Sept. 4th; 1863, it would (in
theabscence of instructions; to the contra-ry,)
have been regarded as a good and Valid aban
donment, lut, in s not]: as its éxis.ence w..s un-
Known to lots aim-e, until enter the iiiccpt.ou of
this contest, we conceive that it has no legal
force, and must regard the land as being in the
possession of Bonlc,' uniil h s abandonment
thereof was pro\'eii,-to Wit, July 20th 1864.
Accepting this View of the case as correct, we
findfimnthctestniony sibaiittcd ous t.iatschr.i
-der was not then, (July 20!!) 1504) nor had he
been for at least two months prior thereto, per—
sonnlly resident in this Territory; so that he
could" not have made the "settlement in person”
required ly the act ofb‘cpl. 4ih1611, and if, on
the other hand, we a ~cept the abandonment, and
g.ve it force and eiicct from Sept. 4th 1863,
b‘chrader must be concluded, as he has failed to
giie noiise ofhis claim, within the time pre
scribed by law—three months. Indeed the tes
timony shows that, although the land has been
in the possession of Schradcr, since Sept., 1863.
yet he had taken no step; to secure his ‘Clflilll,
until moved thereto by bliort's notice to Uohle.
After'a careful and mature consideration of
the facts in the case, as shonrn by the deposi
tions and papers on file. we find, that Schrader
After settlinguponi and mukingvuluahle improv
ments on the hind, has forfeited his right there
to, by reason of his failure to comply with the
requirements of the law.
We find, on the other hand, that Short has
complied with the law, nnd is legally ehtitled to
the land, and we so decide. ‘
Given under our hands, at the Land Office at
Vancouver, W. T. this 27th day of September, ‘
A. D. 1864. ’
Joann M. FLETCHER,Regieter. ‘
SAXUIL W. Bnows, Receiver. i
w ‘
Notice 1
IS HEREBY (ilVl-l.\ THAT THE Unriernignedl
has been uppmuled Adlllilni~tratur of the estate l
..l Juhn Earn-31h. decenncd. late of Walla Walla 1
cunmy, W. 'l‘. All venous owing__v-aid estate will ‘
rieuucumke immediate payment, and all peruona‘
mving claims nyuinnt will estate umpt present them,
propurly authenticated, m the undersigned, at hiu;
N‘Sitlelfl‘e. on 'l‘michct, in mid cuumy. within IWGIVQ
munthn of be i'nrevcr barred.
S. L. (lILBIIEATH. Administrator.
Walla Walla Colin!) , Sept. 30, ii 64 42w;
‘I‘IOIISO and Lot for Sale.
HHUrE .\l\lb LUT SITUATHHN A 0001)
A neighlmrlmml. and runwnionl m the business
’uulllln M II“! vity will he I-vl I very chenp for «Mb.
l‘he house id wentherbonrded and painted, uwl the
lot is nicely louwdiu. For pulncularn, il‘nuive at.
a» PM 060-
. /—~A \ .
' @tLMA/ v
/Q P a?
~t‘ ‘*‘
IQ“ :.. ‘6? l
.II . . 4
A {I =J:_a\ .
7‘ ‘ 33:30, $255.; .d. wilt: I
It)‘, “I. : ‘JWW ~ . t
a . '3»: . it ~'
liUAl' ““ $35,115:“. \\ ‘
l'w #1“: .:‘-,¢«‘n\ "..
\l‘ 3:3_ (fiA\\‘i.‘~=§\_ A
a .\ 7‘. »‘l‘ ‘
‘ -
2 a .
. \ - V
a /f
1% l W”
@ «rt—v
I ‘
At Bnhlwin & Whitman‘s old Stand.
Main Street, Walla. Walla, W. 'l‘.
uttentlun of the puhlh: tn our nvw nn-I exten
blve stock, consisting of u complete Ilsa-unmet“ of
Kerosene Oil, Lamps Lamp Chlmteys,
And in fad, cvur) lhil-g nm-cttuinil.g to u first Class
Drug Sturc.
WSll‘lct personal nth-mint: IIHIII In pntling np
prewriptiuns M u“ huuls DI" the day und night.
Sq-l. 2:] 1861. - 4213'.
coxnltu'rttn m‘
The Sisters of Charity,
“’alla \anlu- \V. T.,
uu lhlli‘slln)‘, the 1‘! of m-ptembcr, lSn4.
, firms for [fawn/us :
For Board and l‘uniun per qr of“ weeks.. . S6O 00
Fol llmhlinz per quantum. ........... ..... . .. 4 00
It‘nlrlt‘ronch. " " ... sm)
It‘ur ll u<ic 1111 Pinno per quarter, ... .. . . . . ... 21': (11l
Entrance Fun. 5 00
PHI-. 14 WI'IIIIUL’ In Inku tlinncl‘ u! the Academy
VI 11l be charged pur quarto-13.... ...... ... .. 30 00
Terms for [my .Ac/lolare :
Fur Tuition per q". ut' ll \vuckd" .... .. . . .812 00
Primary Dcpnrlllwlll. ..... ......... ..... . .. IU 00}
—— I
General Regulations! 1
From the «Luv ul‘cnlmncu In tln- Vanni =n. in July ‘
next, nnuhscncc \VH'I hu .tlluwwl t-rmcpt in tz-m- of
sun inns ilhvo». .\'n Lu. iI will In: :.(lllll‘[t‘(l I'ur n
ahnl'lrt' [luriml than :I qnurtcr. :llltl nn \II‘IIII ~iinn will
he lll‘ltll' Im‘ time hut. nu qnnrh-r nut c unplclcti.
l’upil~ will he rn-I't-ivctl at any tinw (luring the your.
nml rhmgml l‘rtnn the (litu nl' :nltnl-Sinn into the
Inmitntlnn. Vi>it< are t'unlinc*tu 'l'hurstlu‘m nun-I
mm only lm made by parents will unan'tliJM, or per
sonsunthmlxl-ll h) thun. A'l lain-I" nre snhjw-L to
tht‘ impel-lion nl llw annrinrcw. Fur sake t-l' lllll‘
t‘nrmit) and nrtlcr ull Ihv pnpilx will amt-nil the rc~
lminm CKl'rri>(-.~ or [he u-ztuhlhlnncnt.
[“Ut' clothing. Imokea. nr nlher \vnnis nl' simlenlfi no
ndvahvcs will he m “In ll_\' the Ill<liltl|ion. Tn Int-ct
such expwnscs. a mlliricnl‘, sum must. he «11-pmitl-d
with the Treasurer l'I'(--p:l}lm-ut WI“ invalinhly be
denmndcd at thn oommvm-wnt‘nt ut'vuch qnatler.
liuch [nun] will 'l'nl'nieh thrl-c pulls SIK‘UIVK, threo.‘
pllltnv-ul‘flr. six ll)\\l‘l>‘. and one tn hi 0 culinltll-um ‘
Wullu Wulla. July 21', ISM.
New Feed and Livery Stable. 3
0111103170 {he Rmidcnt'r ’if Dr. A. J. TilibOllO. 1
htlllllu i< nnw upon t'-rtho acct-Inn] ulntiun ut lhv ‘
puh ic. Nu nit-mm have INI'II snnrul tn nmkr thi~
.‘tullle IIIL‘ lll'sl in town; and helm: on the main
th in»: ghmrtu and the ounlnr of all the mechanic
.~hnp<, it :llf mla Mtptariur intltlcements to nny other
utuhlu in town.
Buggies and Saddle Horses for Hire.
‘IIUIISIi-‘S TAKEN 'm nlxcu.
Sept. 16, 1864. ‘ 40M
. 1: Main Street, l
. . . . , ‘
‘Vulla ‘anla. W . T, ‘
. , lmvinujmt been lmill and tnrni>hrd wilh on 1
HM l.\' new funnilnrr. l 9: n w propnre-l fur the acmnn
lnmluti In at the. puhl c in a :41) lo: superiurt I any oth
er hausc in the upper cmunry. The roomy. uris' hlruo.
well lighted, wurumd unvl \‘unlilurml. llzli'lllst Alipl-ri- ‘
or nec-mmdutinm lnr families and 2‘: lzldimY private
dining-room; aim, unites of mums for panies. ‘
The Culinary Department ‘ i
la nndorthe manngélnem 0! experienced Cal-ks, and l
the table will nlwayn be supplied with the best the. ‘
umrncl can alford. ' k
The Bar
I: under the Spervn~im of Mr. Nun Snuxx. and will
ulwnwho found sucked wnth he bent‘wmes. Li
quors mid ('ig-urs. M. lIAuTNI/l X J: LO,
N Bi—Tlu- Huuse ir‘ kept. open all night.
Sept, 9, 1564. 39b Pruprielors.
J. l‘oscnthul, Assn ye 1'
mt ALI. Kism- or
Returns made on (u‘uld nnd Silver Deposits Within
Six llrmrs.
Bunkers, ol‘ l‘..nl:ind. nuke Burn at my Assay.
A General Assurnmnt of Fine
Silver and Plated Ware, ‘
CUI‘LEnY FLVL‘Y (mum, &c., ‘
Always kvm rm Ilund, ‘
l'AlHlv U‘mn ATTENTION l
' Paid to the l
. ¢~ 4” l
A Q g; Repnlrlna of Flue Wdtches,
. 7_‘ I‘7l lam: h, Flinn-h uml Ann-civuu ‘
'l} '2', .\\§’ (.‘loeks. Mnbicnl Rnxu-n and lnx-tru- 1
A ""' ' lllt'llirl. ‘
All son: of Jett'elry Made to order and
' Repaired. ‘
mAll Work \Varrnnled tn (Giro, geniatadion.‘a
M \le TREE I‘. \\'A'.lu\ WALLA.
Sept-30.1804. Lily
Ranchc for Sale.
:‘nr mule an a lmrgnin. ii In l-I-d lur suon. Said
It. urllc iu situated 3% mill-H (Mal 01 till: Ci!) of Winl4
\\ ullc. mlininingl “Hill" li'l‘Hfill'H plum; cuntnim
160 Acres of Good Land for tlu‘ Him; purpusu;
us well |LI ' ..‘mc-I lar I II uuw HIIII in :I lu-nlUn I'm.-
tum. Ir hn.~ «m n .-. [louse containing 5 room»
8. Barn and Granary zn.\..z. mm ml «Le.- ..ec
car'al’) uuL-ulll-dlng‘. l‘hu lvmd is euclnmd with
gum 133 mm and is Well watered; I will lnku mine
~tm-k in part lll}‘lllt'l|l. if ri-quned. Title perfect. as
l Lave anlerwj the land. For term-- and particulurn
inquircutlhis office, or of [he sulm-rihtr on the
‘ premises. _ _ WM. 11. BABCUCK.
Walla Walla, Sept. 30. 1864. 42w4
‘ $20.00 Reward.
TRAYI‘ZD l’rhm thu camp (If !he undersigned on
S the new road leading to Grand Konde Valley,
on the Unmtigla rivrr. one Strawherry-rouu mare,
‘ with white fave. three white Iggy—hind legs while
‘to the gnmhrel jvinu; fanv years old; about. 13%
hands high; no hnmds. The above reward will be
paid for the return of mid mare to the camp of the
undern'mnedur tn Hl-rnmn Hangman. three miles
west of Walla. Walla; and u liberal reward will be
given fnrau) inlommtwn tlml mll lend to her re‘
cuvery. . . THOMAS TllOliAl-I.
Sept 23.1831. nu
Carpenterlng _ .
PICARD& ABEL. no ”um: um Carpentering bus.
inc“ as n-uml. and are prepared In Ikao cun
uucts for building homes, to fumish drum and plan!
and do awnhiug in the line 0! Carponteting.
Won: .11., Muy 27, 1866. at!
Main Street, “'alla Walla,
a Wubmn‘m nu) RETAIL DEALER 1x a
31- OVE s,
Tin, Iron.’ Copper, Brass and Japnnere-ware.
A ing in the uhmc hrunclnesuueudcd to, on short
uuuco and in u wurkmunhke manner.
X He‘aléo keeps on hand 2.
H A. R I) w A :3. E ,
(,‘onnirting of
Mmers’ and Carpenters’ Tools,
Bluekulllitll’u Iron. Steel and Tools, -
Farmink Implementfi, : , t .
House Furnishing of all kinds in the line,
B'lguy and Curlinge Sprin s, '
Axlei and Bolts of all king-t ailtl sizes,
Lug Clluills,Hon~e and Mule Shoes,
Horseshoe Nails.
Wooden Bowl-«.Meul Seives,
and luu other ides tun numerous to mention.
WON-t Nllt'l] untl tbll-nw-ciiizens. from the " Old
Granite Mute." and trout all other Stutes and Tt'l‘l'l
torie<. [invite you till Income and examine my ft lk.
unll I will al—.\lll'e )111l that I can p1e.1.~0 you all in thr
quality ut‘ the gnodu nnl more e-‘peeiully in the
lowhew: of my prices for my multoin.
“ Quick Sales and Small Pnfitn.”
j't.‘24. 18m. 2st WM. l‘HllJilPS.
l t
Whole—ale und retuil Donlcn- in
Dry Goods, Clothing; Groceries,
Hardware, Cutlery, and Queennwure.
A good unorttnent ot Winen and Liquor» ulwayl on
01. hand ; also,
“- l’lénse cull mud examine (ull'r.~ti>t-k. relm-mher
ing ulwuys tlmt it in no trouble to us to show good:
Wall'c Walls. Nnv.29. 186]. ltf
you. You haw trmd ewry lenledy but lhe um
tle.~till(-(|, by its intrinsic merit, to supersede nil Fllll'
ilnr prt-p mlliuns. it is not surprising _\ml nhn-uld In
'reltlt-tunt to try something rl‘e utter the muny expt-r
intents .mn have made «If tgatshy compounds lolthl.
on the ptthlle as n kl'rti‘iil t'lll‘l‘: hut
Pulxnonzu'y Syrup
Is really the VI.I:Y ”ES 1‘ INIINIY en l' t-nmpnnrdcrl
fur the cure nt‘tlnughs. (‘ohl~. Sure 'l‘hrunt. Arthnm
Whonplln: Cough. llrl'llt'iliii‘ nntl Cnnxnml tion.
Thmlrmnds of pvt-ph- in California and Oregon hurt
been allrendg benctittL-d hy the bllrlllitillg eutatiw
powers of
Pulmonary Syrup,
And with one net-ord give it their unqualified apprt -
nation. We now address nurnelvcs tn ull who lll'l' t'n
:lt'qlltllllieli with llllifiile grvutest l’anueeu nt‘tlw m 2 .
fur the healing nt‘nll tilst‘alhes ol the throatuud lu. gs,
ensuring you thut.
Puhuonau-y Syrup
line cured thuumntls and wlll vine Yult if you try it,
This invuluuhle mediviuo is indul‘.~ed by the lhllnwinu
gentlenmn. well knnwn in Sun I’rJIIL-L'c'u u~' rl'npoctil
lnle uitlfnnsz HS. WOULEY, grocer. 338 Stocktun
street: H. l'. llUßll \llD. lnert'h-ult, S.» same street,
near Clay: Capt. lHVlll VAN PEI/F: JAMI‘B
(‘lll'l‘lfiut'i‘nwn & lite-)n's. l'riuters, CLIy street.
and hundreds of othersin all parts of ('ulitfirn‘m lmd
Itl‘HlthlTON k 00.. Solo Agents. 410 md 415‘
Front street, Sun Franciscn. nlld for male l-y ull Drug
gi>tm Al)l.‘l-—), 1864 l‘Jmt}
Dissolution of Co italllzcrship.
71“”? c \pnrtnershtp lcret fore existing between
James Cunlnn and J. l:ev..n‘tugh. iu the lllmrkv
...uttiliug liuainessfls this that dissolved by mutual
ctmwnt. All debts due the firm and L“ dohtu llguhlhl
it will be unlimited and paid hy June-i (‘onlun, wht
nill continue the business at the old utnnd. .
.l. REVANAL Gll.
Walh Wall l W. T., Sept. 21, NM. 4H4
' Excelsior Mill.
ll: }:.\‘(:l;l..~10‘n FLUURING MILL, lIAVIXG
under-guilt: u-I-ulra, and received it new and im
ilantfiti Smutiiug M «chine. inm'm running and turn
ing mit izxttt'! Superfix e' lt‘lnnr; also SELF h’lthU
Flt-ur. .whit-h \l ill (it'llli’lllc lingurnhly with the stand—
.nd brunt]: of l'uli’t-I‘nm nml Org-gout.
Graham Flour and Corn Meal, of u superim
quail-3 |~ “.... lllllllFin.
l-‘or rule, at. “Inhale and Retail. at the Store of
J. U. 15A AUS.
Walla: Walla. Sept. 16, N 34. lott
Feed 2 FEED 9 Feed !
Home, Unyuse Pun), Mule, or any other nui
“Aid that wants the hest of Feed tn the Feed Yard of
Thom P: Page and P. P. Street,
At the Nor/ll and of Alain all-u}, near the Black
emf/h Shop of I‘. Jl. Lynch 4‘ 00.,
Wheré can nlwnya he found the may bent of
Good Timothy Hay. Oats and Barley.
fur the act-mnnmdatiun hi all who um) give u.~ 3 mil.
[r llt-r.-e< and Mute.- kept by the day or week, on
the lllual rennin-ble ternm Aim,
(limp. fur elm/z.
‘l‘himklul for past putmmge. we solicit u continu
unto, m“ the s;une——promislng lit-cunt'nmlntinns ullu‘
silll>i-.lolil'ilitl"l‘\'(‘l'.\'l)()(‘y, or any Utln l' lnnu."
'l‘llllS l'. PAGE I’. l'.b‘l‘llEl.T,
Walla Walla, Sept 9,1864. 3Jw4
‘Vullu ‘Vulln and Idaho City.
Main Street,
Opposite the Bunk l- x. h .y-Lt‘ :xntl (‘i‘ty Hotel.
I H l‘} UNlll‘JlSitl NED. "A VIRG 'l th HAY
r lUl'llll'll Ht'tlllllllllt'l‘rlll'l. under the’nante and
mm ut' ('llA It} & MIX. in \anla “'1 In. W. 'l‘,.
und ldnho Ciiy. l. T., will: a Full und eumplme n.-
surtnwnt of Drugs, C'lelnit'fli". l’nilltn‘. ()du Vrlr
nished, Brushes, l‘t-l'i‘u'nery. and eveuthinu in.tl-c:r
lineal limitless, wnuld lespcetiully bulleit the pat
ronage of the public.
l’rcm-l‘ip’tions mildlllliy and accurately prepared.
JAMES \‘. ttllAlt}.
Sept 2.1864 1] - ALFRED A. MIX.
Fanning Mills.
THE undersigned “’IrUId must. lu<pcc- Tlvl'y cull the
um-ntiun ofthe l'armcrn of thii cnmnnlniiy to
the liu-t lh It he husnnhmul and wi'l i'ul'ni‘h in urv'er
a superior article ul PARKING MILLS. inn-usually
none (aver pill 1p (in this mnmt. nrul in ordlnr In lning
them within the rem-h m’ I‘Vel) f-rmcr. «Ill'er-n lhmn
at the law Hum-e «(150. payable in mun] \\ HEAT,
at. the lunrkehpricv. (le'iu-n-Il at he l-‘rnmier Mills.
.1. W. MUUULUHJGII. Maker and Proprictur'.
mlilnllnfiu-tnry at. A 11. llpvvmhln’ Funniier Mill-A.
”4 miles Hnmh-mml ul Walla Walla. (july lsm3‘ ‘
Nance to Seltlel‘fi- ;
AVING “El-. 5 mm: ‘1 no Q‘UUNTY SUI! 1
I VHYUR o! \Vul'a Wullu rn'unt'y. lam nnw ‘
pirpurcd tn uttr-nd tn persons requiring lhvir l-luims
surveyed. as wall I“ to survcpinu In general. I will
in all curs give certificated, [ms and copy nf flul-l
nule~ o! the survey ot'ezwh ll III“, as qulil'ml by luw.
E'Pcrsons wishing to trauma! their business
with the land other at Yam-unwer ihlough me cnn
have it. promptly attended to—lhcre being nnuulhur.
ized‘“ land agent" at this plaée. posters to the con
trury notwithstanding.
Deeds, Mmfgagea, Powers of Atiorney. em. made
out. Wriiinq done generally, at very mmlemte rales.
Ufllw in Cain’s Warehouse, north ofth'e l’fl'ldQe.
‘ A Q. A. WHTE.
july 8. 1864. 15!] Cbnnty Surveyor, .W. (30.,
Cigar and Notion St‘ore
‘ EING DE H Ui 01‘ lowing the cnuntr‘v, nu
B urn-(ml. uf'nlling llehlth. I offer In," i‘igar.
rr...l,nnd leml More for sale. The grand} WI" he
in 1d at, tin-l. The ntnndv—hflweeu Brown Ben‘s &
C-r .u and Inilmd» Bro'u- in one of 'uhe liar-f. in the
city.- "'1” in‘ilumg 3 good pug'ing‘lsn-Ilneap.
A P 1 ~00». to Jon-R BKAITR.
Two Doors above Brown Bro’s & Co's Store,
t-oiviug t‘resu supplies of
DRUGS, -t— a
5“ s‘ I: v ' r I 41%;;
CHEMICAL s, , fiéyfig
ff ‘\ is gig-a: "1‘
Patent Medicines «u ’ x 'l. -' W 2 f
5 1; '. ‘ :
TRUSSES, fi’ 2,: 3‘
. "l r ”a?“
Perlumery. soa ps , _ ’7:
Brushes, Combs, &c., &c.
Alum. .
For Medicinal Purposes.
uPrel-criptionn caret'ullyfillod. [06.3. 1863.
.1. mu quiet, plemuut inrt ut‘ the town. we will
LOU int-i or in Full 'leuu I f Schnul t u
The First Monday of September. 1864.
In thi- school we shall alltll nt ail-id unler and Mar
nay/z mutt]! «Haul/ill“. We main: nu 1m tlllrts of
in; id nilvuliuciLt-iit or ul muir Mtpuu tiuinl r-lmw.
A free use will he made nt' lmlll \‘t ml uud lltslrllv
mental innsic mi u pleasant ai.d prulilnl lu exert-ire
for the pupils. Having had much ex. el'lt'llt'u in
twitching. u c hope to meet. : ll :‘eusuuuhlc txlhectutiuus
zt' pun-uh in caring for tile [lll-\hlcul, mental and
moral vulture of their t'lIlltI|(‘Il.
Te rm 3: .
l’rinmr)‘ Sllthl‘S, (“ending and Spelling) per
mek,B 75
All u111e‘fl...............i................... 100
It‘ paid fur u quarter, of 1! weeks, in mhum-e— ‘
Priumry Sohuhu's,” .. . ................ ....8 r‘ 00
A110thcr5,................................ 1000
In v. l‘ (4.: u magnum.
Walla Wn‘la. Aug. 29. 181:4. 37tt4.
TERRITORY 0i" WASHING l’t).\l. _ l“
Uuus'rY ma (‘muxm “
I" the District Court ot'tht- h'ccuud Judicial Di>trict.
T I DANIEL l-‘. lllltlllt‘tllll) AND (‘lllM‘lC l’.
lIKA L‘Ftlllll I'q/‘uulbllta: You ult‘ lil'l‘éll)‘ no
t.m-d thut Inn-u 11. Burlt and Julia Ann Bush huvd
filt'tlu utmipluintuguiiht yum in Hilltl (hunt. Which
will L-nmc on in be hour-l ut the first term ol’ the
t‘«.urt. whirh u-lmll commence more than two months
alter the 9th day M August, A. l). 151:4. uud unless
you :Iplmurutsuitl turtuantl ulmwt'r said cnmp’nint
the same will ht: taken us t'nlllt'>>('ll and the prayer
thvrrol' um'itcd. 'l‘heoltjr ct nnd prut'vr of Bull] I mit
pluiut in tn FCI aside fl, l'uteut issued by tho l.itl:tl Dc
parl ment ofthe United States to the Ilt‘fl‘lld'lllifl fora
m-rtuiu amt-t nt'l.iud, hlllllllctl zit. tln- Umwr Cam'ndes,
It: Mmunmin county. \l'. 'l‘.laud thinned h» the Ile
t'cuthtuts us :i «lunatinn rightmmi that Httltl tract of
land tmy lw doomed to lu- the propert) ol‘ l‘liiiitifl'fl,
and that tin-v III.I\'ll:|\'l'j.tdg|1l0lltuglllllhl. defendants
l'ul‘ CIL-li I f till-t llt'llllll.
Complaint tilt-d Mulch. 19,15t‘~4.
LA WHENL‘E a I‘d-Thu, l’luiutifl‘n COIH‘FQI.
Aug.l9, 1864. ’ 36102
Challenge Saloon!
Main Etreet, Walla w alla, w. I‘.
HAVING l'Uut ll ASFI' 'l‘lllS l’tll‘ULAll PS
tll.l..~hu cut lit in 111-ll dz Sit-nu. haw iiupl'ovrd
AIHI refitted it it Flll‘l rillr ptylo- making it in nll its
depiutmeutu a First Class Salami. And not it has
alwaun I-H-II the. in u ht‘ Wllll't‘ ' L\l'|_\Lt tly guys.”
they iu'oml that iti-xhul he in future in l-lut'e whore
even lit-(Iv will IIP mmlti (‘I mt: l'lt‘ll't'. 'I 11. ) krvop nu],
The Best Quality at “ ines and quuotl,
Among which la n Inge r~tmk 0t
Superior Old N abob Sezarac,
Vintage 1704::
Full files OrI.IIIIIO Spnitimz lnpetrl. and also all the
prominent Culir’urnin. Eastern and Eur-‘an papers
and pet iulieulr~ can nlwnys be scan at the Challenge.
Sept. ‘2, [Ht-'4. 38tt'
E II"E E s E
- Fo’r Sale this Fall
. , ,
At the Columbam V alley bursary,
fl’nrlners prepare ‘our gtouml for Full Plnniin .
’ I mum mm. 3
Ami. 12. 1961. . 31W4 I'rupl‘it'tur.
Wallh ‘Vtillu' and Lewdstoh'
.. 5% <,, ......
(J ($059; 0915' P3X!’t:l€>.\‘_ ‘
Leaves Walla. Walla. and Lewiston Every
Other Day, -
Connecting with the Stages for Wt‘tllnln‘ and 'Boise.
Passengers leuvil-tz Lewiv-tun in the unuuingieach
the HIPIHHOI at Wnlluln for Portland same day.
Passengers’ Pare,..........;...........815.00.
ltxtra Btgsznge or Freight 12 cents itgr lh. _
Stage omen at. KUIILHA UH” A: GUICII A HD'S.
I-i Well-. 1 ,Yl'nlln,
and at IIILL BEACIIY’S in Lewirton.
Sept 2. I‘til. 27)”
13110 ACS ! 113068 S RACES-f
or the wana \t'ana County Jockey‘Clnlh
[(truanized August 24 A. I). 1‘64.)
T Knee Calm-e, three Inllen “‘th or the ('in of
. Vinllt \anl'l. ‘l'..'l‘.. will unmme t'l' nu
Thursday, the 20th day oertoher. 1864;
. AA.” “ILL-t).\l'|.\Ur.t-nuu nuns. ‘
it Which mne Hu- t' lluwjm: rim-«u will he Inn for——
Free ('o': All Horses:
lsZt DAY—.Sinu'e (lush 0: one unit; Puma. . .5150.00
25d DAY—Mile heatr: he'd tvm in lhr'eu; I'urpb' "tn-(LOO
311 DA Y.—Mi|e heals: lien-t 1 thlEe in rm; I’ulfle, 300 00
41h luY—(‘itizenu‘ Pane. . . .
'l‘Nt tlt'l‘ vent. I-jlyitnmfe In all the atlmwl [Pug—4 n.
[Entrance Fee to the ltack,.... . .Flfty Cents;
[Murder If the 0111/).
G w. E. THOMAS, Prea‘t.
S. n. Putan, Secretauy.
Sept. 2, m 4. sews
Betti“! at A. Englnnflei.
THE underpinned hm- been run) ttllllllintcd nnd
qualitlmLhy the I'r‘ubntt‘ C-mrt of Walla Walla
Cnllllly. \Vnshiuuton Terrltm'} , am Adminifltrntnr up
unthe estulen-t'A. l-Jntzlanibu. late of fluid county
null Tarrim'ry, ,(leeeawd: (ht-refine. nlitl‘re is hereby
given t. u all l)(‘r"|llt~ kn'mt' Inn them’vae-A intleltteql to"
mid e<tnte that they tnnnt culnc forward and make
immetlinte payment to me. at my residence in “'nllil.
Wr-I'a. Ind those having claim» must pre-ent them.-
with prnper vultchPru, wttlnn «me. ya." from this dntd
ur he t‘nrever hatred. WM. B. KELLY, Adm‘t‘.
Sept. 9. 1861. 3951
l‘uUVrY mr Punter. I“
In the “I‘llrll't Cmnt i-ftlw Sect-nil .Ilttliv‘nJ District.
VFUTII E [’Et tl’lll'l'S 'I‘HANSP‘ 'EZTATIUN l'()M
--PANY: \'uu tire hereby notified that Felix J.
limit: In" filed n cnmplulnt tau-“inn Hill in Mild
('mirt. which will route to be heurul it! the first term
tnt'lhe (,‘mut whirh shall comment-e, llltH‘O than two
thumbs nth-r the. 9th d -y nt' Ancibt. A . I). 1864, and
; unle'Hsu .mu appear nt mid teiin nucl. nnnwer said
(mmle-tlltf the ~nme will he lulu-n M cnnf‘cspetl nnd
the prayer them-t granted. The obit-(t und pr») or of
mid cnmpl lint in toreeove' the an ... nt’nne thonmnd
and eiuhly'rm"d-‘illl’tinaethu- wi:h Illk‘lehl thenc
on t'n-In the. first (hay OI by, A. D. ISfiS. II the rite
of ten per n-entu )‘t-Hl‘. IMI-Illee due on account for
Inml-er I) the l'luiulifi'mlr" and delivered to the Do
fendanta. ‘ . . It‘ncmx J. luoxs, Plaintiff.
‘ Cnmnlnintfllcd hove-mutt, 2t, 1333.
Aug. 19. 1364. 36n12
- ._ Burn, Notice.
(‘1 \ME INTO Tm. ms'rum; OF Tm: RUP-
J nt'hher . livinu thH-e mill II We-t uf “'ulln “'nlln,
m «tulle Na ee Cullhll’, u 81. \CK HORSE. Brandt d
7! B. on the. lo't hip. The OWHH‘ t-nn hxue tle
hone by proving ropeny and tuning clmrm-s.
Walla “'nlln, Sept. 16. 18M. 41th
EROSENE. and lard Oil. at
HE finestmortmont o’fEi um}?

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