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SEATTLE, July 24.— J. D. Farrel.
for the past two and one-hall years
president of the Great Northern
Steamship Company, and assistant to
f resident J. J.Hill,of the Great North
era Railroad, has resigned, and his re
signatiou has been looepted.
The news of Mr. Parrel's retirement
does not come as a surprise, as rumors
of his intended resignation have been
common sinoe early in the year.
Mi. Farrel came to the Great
Northern as head of its steamship ser
vice more than two years ago. He
began his career as a railroad man in
1877. He was at that time a laborer
on the Chicago and North Western.
In 187.> he went to the Chicago Mil
waukee and St. Paul. Latei he was
with the Southern Minnesota division
of the si me road.
Mr. Furrel was a freight and pass
enger conductor on the Canadian Pa
cific line. Later he held a similiar
position on tiie Great Northern he
ween M'not N. D and Helena, Mon
In was made division superin
tendent of the Chicago Great Western.
Mr. Farrel returned to the Great
Northern in 181)2 as division superin
tendent From 18S)3 to 1595 he was
superintendent of construction for the
same mad at Spokane and later gen
eral superintendent for the western
divis o i of the oa 1
For three years he wis out of the
railroud business. In 1898 he was
made president of the Coast
Steamship Company, which position
he held until his appointment as pres
ident of the Great Northern Steam
ship company. His successor has not
been officially announce i.
Admiral Togo's Home.
The home of the Japanese Admiral
Togo In Tokyo is characterized by an
unpretentious appearance. The exterior
of the dwelling contains nothing which
could Indicate to an outsider that It Is
the home of one of the ablest naval
commanders In history. The only thing
to attract attention to It Is the fre
quent stopping of groups of admirers
in front of the house to shout "BanzalT"
In honor of the hero. The house Is a
small one in the native style, but it Is
surrounded, like the typical Japanese
home, with a beautiful garden. Over
one of the gateposts Is an electric
lamp, and under it Is a card bearing
the admiral's name.
Badly Mixed.
"Name the o»vi ies," sail the
Fciiool teacher to h small boy, accord
ing to the Chicago luh-r-Ocean.
The tiny was very round, his eyes
were round anl his k'gs were round,
and one of them dr*-w up as by a pul
ley as he screwed his head on his neck
and tw sted hi* round month to say
"T-t-t-the head cavity, the thorax ca
vity, and Ihe hoiax cavity. The head
cavity's wliat our brains in
to think with and the thorax cavity's
■what we keep our lungs in to breathe
with .and the borax cavity's w hat we
keep the vowels in, co sis'i v of A. E,
I, O and U and someimes W aud Y."
Don't miss the I ig shoe sale at the
."Big .-tore."
Cheated Death.
Xi Inn ttouiirP ends fatal!'*,
• or ir« choosing the light medicine, E.
H Wolt. c f Bear <-'iove, lowa, cheat
ed death He save: "I wo years ago
I hud kirliinv troah'e, which caused me
great pai i. sulfernik! and anxiety, bur.
I took Ett-otrio Hitters which effected
* e'linulere cure. I M*ve also found
them nf eat b»«a i r m Kenet't.l debil
ity a.ill iiervn tmi , itr d keep them
0f»-»r*u*«' on hii ;-i ich, ai I find
they ii-ve iiom|i . ' U. G. Pogne
• row KUnr:t' - ih in at 50e.
WASHINGTON.D. C. July 24.—1n-
quiry today among naval officials re
lative to placing the blame for the
Bennington horror showed a consen
sus of opinion that the investigaton of
the accident should be most rigid,
and that a great scandal may develop
with disastous results to men who
stand high in the navy department.
Grave oharges are being made that it
was criminal negligence on the part
of some one high up in naval anthori
ty whioh sent the Bennington to sea
when it had been reported that its
boilers were unsafe and that the boat
should therefore be undergoing re
Sensational developments regarding
the oarelessness of several naval offi
cials are expeoted to ensue in the invep
tigations of the court of inquiry whioh
Hear Admiral Goodrioh will appoint
to determine the cause of the explosion
and determine the responsibility for
the management of the engine room
of the gunboat. One of the most im
portant things to be cleared up is the
fixing of the blame for the failure to
repair the boiler of the vessel when it
wa» reported in a dangerous condit
ion. An engineering officer on duty
at the navy yard today said:
"Official reports from the Benning
ton received months ago and on rile in
the bureau of steam engineering, show
that doubts have existed for a 'ong
time as to the fitness of the gunboat's
boilers. Commander Luoien Young's
predecessor on the Bennington was
Cossuth Niles. A few weeks before
he was relieved in November last, he
report°d to the navy department that
the Bennington's boilers were In bad
sbape and that should the damage
grow worse, there wouid be urgent
necessity for going to the navy yard
for repairs. A trial was ordered and
the inspector visited the vessel and re
ported that it was in need of exten
sive repairs. The gunboat was then
slated to go to Honolulu; but the in
spector's report caused it to go to the
navy yard and small repairs were
made and th»n the vessel was allowed
to start for Honolulu. So far as
known no repairs were made on the
boilers during the trip to Honolulu
and return."
Show Him the Paper.
A short time ago some men were
engaged in putting up 'telegraph poles
on some land belonging to an old farm
er who disliked seeing his wheat
trampled down, according to the vera
cious Register of Great Bend, Kan.
The men produoed a paper by which
they said they had leave to put the
poles where they pleased. The old
farmer went back and turned a large
bnll in the field. The savage beast
made after t h e men, and the old far
mer, seeing them rnnning from the
field, shouted at the top of his voice:
"Show him the paper! Show him
the paper!"
"She thinks about her troubles so
much that she makes herself sick.'
"True. And she talks about them
so much, that she make* everybody
else Biok.
Nettleton's $0.00 & $7.00 shoes for
$3.75 at the Ellis-For le Co.
Frightful Suffering Relieved.
Suffering frightfully from the viru
lent poisons of undigested food, 0. G.
Grayson, of Lula, Miss , took Dr.
King's New Life Pills "with the re
eult," he writes, "that I was cured."
All stomach and bowel disorders give
way to their tonic and laxative prop
erties. 25c at U. G. Pogue Drug Co.
KlLLthe cough
and CURE the LUNCS
witk Dr. King's
Now Discovery
___ /Consumption Price
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Free Trial.
Surest and Quickest Cure for all
Wenatchee, Wash., July 22, 1905
To Whom It May Concern:
Dear Sir--Our plumbing department
is the best equipped place of the kind
in Chelan County. Our Mr. Paul Mat
ske in charge is an expert plumber; he
has been in our employ over a year and
his work stands and gives satisfaction.
The quality of our work is the best, the
price no higher than you have been
paying for poor work. When you have
a job of plumbing let us serve you.
Yours for good work,
Wells & Morris
About Bonds
Did You Ever Stop to Think
That every time you spend a dollar not only that dollar but
also the interest on it is gone for all time. Open a savings ac
count with a dollar and not only have it for a rainy day but also
the interest. Full information as to our Savings Department
given on application in person or by letter.
Columbia Valley Bank
The Old Strong Bank
Established 1892 Wenatchee, Wash.
Crockett nnd the Mnlen.
When Davy Crockett sat in the na
tional legislature as a representative of
the state of Texas he had many clashes
with men of more education, but less
wit, than himself. It is told of him
that one day while standing in front
of his hotel on Pennsylvania avenue a
swarm of mules trotted by under the
custody of an overseer from one of the
stock farms in Virginia. A congress
man from Boston, who was standing
near by, attracted Crockett's attention
to the unusual sight, saying:
"Hello there, Crockett. Here's a lot
of your constituents on parade. Where
are they going?"
The celebrated hunter looked at the
animals with a quizzical glance, and
then, turniug to the other, said quietly,
but with great emphasis, •'They are go
ing to Massachusetts to teach school."
—Harper's Weekly.
Tli.- Kitchen In Chirm.
"In China everything seems to us to
go by contrary, and the front part of
the house is devoted to the kitchen,"
says a missionary. "Upon entering the
bouse at the front door one is intro
duced into the culinary department,
and so Important an adjunct to a
household is the kitchen that the popu
lation of towns and cities throughout
the empire is reckoned by the number
of kitchens within the walls. Brick
chimneys in China are a thing unheard
of, and the smoke from the fire is al
lowed to roll lazily along the celling
out Into the court or through an aper
ture made in the roof. The kitchen fire
Is usually built in a mud stove, for
any other kind of a stove is unheard
of among the poor classes."—Chicago
The Rajah's Gncit.
It is the custom in Sarawak that the
rajah's house shall be open to his sub
jects at any time. That same Kay an
chief from Baram who visited me. Di
an by name, presented himself one
night at Astana when the rajah had a
dinner party. His appearaace, clad
simply In a chawat (waistcoat), with
five followers In equally full dress,
among a dozen people conventionally
attired was a piquant reminder that 1
was "east of Suez." Dian pulled a pipe
—I was going to say from hi<* pocket
lit up and bore his part gallantly in the
social amenities of the evening.—Lou-
don Express.
An Exception.
A Now York banker tells the Btory of
two Irishmen who discussed the "na
tionality of the American states." Said
Pat, "Faith an' be jabbers If this grate
counthry ain't overrun wld th' Irish,
an' yit out of all th' states In tV Union
not wan has an Irish name." "Sure
an' yer wrong," replied Mike. "What's
the matter wid ORegon?"
"My ancestors," said the man whose
name happened to be Endleott, "came
over In the Mayflower."
"And mine," observed the man whose
name was Adams, "were the original
occupants of the garden of Eden."—
Chicago Tribune.
First Transatlantic Yacht Race.
The three schooners, Henrietta,
Vesta ,*uid Fleetwing, were the con
testants in the first across the ocean
yacht race, in 1806, for a stake of
$90,000. Those three yachts made the
race in the depth of winter, starting
from New York harbor on Dec. 11,
186t>, and finishing off the Needles a
fortnight later, the Henrietta crossing
the line on Christmas eve, the Vesta
and Fleetwing finishing in the early
morning hours of the great holiday.
And for almost the entire length of
that 3.000 mile passage they were ac
companied by strong westerly winds,
heavy seas and alternate squalls of
rain, hail and snow. Neither the pas
sengers nor crew were In dry clothes
from beginning to end of the race,
and they suffered every hardship, bar
ring shipwreck, that could come to
any one making the passage in the
winter months.
China* National Tree.
The tung-sbu, or wood oil, tree ts
worthily named the national tree of
China. It is stately in appearance,
with smooth green hark and wide
spreading branches, affording a fine
shade. It belongs to the euphorbiacae.
or spurge, family, of which the castor
oil plant is a member. It bears a fruit
resembhug a shell bark hickory nut.
but as large as a small orange. Each
nut contains three triangular seeds sim
ilar to small Brazil nuts. The oil is
pressed from these seeds, and the ref
use is used as a fertilizer. The oil is
used principally for polishing wood
work and dressing leather. Condd
anle quantities are exported. The wood
of the tung-shu Is used for making mu
sical instruments, tine boxes and the
framework of small houses. It is free
from the ravages of insects.
An Odd Wreadinß Match.
The extraordinary custom of wres
tling for a bottle prevails at Haliaton.
In Leicestershire, England, where the
villagers have to brace themselves for
action on Easter Monday in order to
retain possession of a plot of ground
left to them in the good old days. The
bottle is a large wooden one, bound
round with iron rims, and contains
ale. It is thrown on the ground that
the men of the neighboring village of
Melbourne may try to wrest It from
the inhabitants of Haliaton. When the
battle is over, the victors drink the
contents. The same bottle has done
duty for nearly half a century. As a
preliminary to the great struggle, two
meat pies and two dozen penny loaves
are scrambled for.
Craaa larnorniire.
An east side kindergartner wag about
to Rive her class a lesson, with "The
Kitten" as the subject. She began by
sayiDg: "Our lesson this morning will
be all about the kitten. Now. can any
little boy or girl tell me which grows
on the kitten, fur or feathery?"
A dead silence followed for a min
ute, when one little boy said in a loud
voleo: "G-o-o-d gracious! Hain't you
never seen a kitten?"— Life.
Classified ads 2 cants a Una each In
sertion, minimum charge 5 cents.
Wanted—Reliable man and woman
on guaranteed salary, $10 to $60 per
month. Addresa E. J. Bergman, Gen
eva! Delivery.
WANTED—Cook for ranch—Man
preferred, will pay good wages. Add«
ress Phillip Miller.
WANTED—Oorrespondents in every
town in North Central Washington,
including the counties of Douglass, O
kanogan, and Chelan. Adaress World
Publishing Co. Wenatchee Wash.
Wanted—A man to travel with
horse and buggy to sell safes to far
mers. Liberal contract will be made
with right party —Address Z. World
A young man to ace as reporter for
the World, apply at office.
Salesmen wanted for shoe and drug
trades to sell Dry-sole, a liberally ad
vertised waterproofing preservative for
shoes. Attractive proposition for
energetio men. Dry-Sole Co., 99
Warren St. N. Y.
WANTED—Young men to learn
telegraphy and iai road business and
be able to take poeitions paying $00 to
$100 per mouth. Ca'l or address Nat
ional Telegraph Institute, 30 P. I.
building Seattle, Wash.
WANTED—Boys to act as agents
to get subscribrs, deliver papers aud
collect sbsoriptions in Chelan, Chelan
' alls, Brewster, Entiit, Pateros, Met
how, Twisp, Couconully, Alma, Oio
ville, Malaga, Rock Island, Quinoy,
Ephrata, Adrian, Stratford, Wilson
Cre*k. Smart boys can make money.
Address World Publishing To. Wenat
chee, Wash.
Enoyolopedia, Britanica Werner
Edition, 28 volumes, good as new, a
chance for a professional man. Cost
$53.00, will sell for $20 cash or $1.00
down and $2 00 a month for 13
months. Address X. World Office.
10 acres }<£ mlie from city limits,
"00 apple and peach tiees. Only
$1,800. iberal terms. The best buy
in the valley.
3 4 Acre in Peachy Addition, ("lose
in. Fine locnion. Water right. Ouly
$300. Easy terms.
3 Aores in tw i yearold trees. Ad
joins city limits very desirabe. Get
our price It will inteiest you.
10 Aces, 'v,' mile from Lewis-Clnrka
School House. 400 tiets. Barn. Water
right $3,200, half cash.
Good 5-ioom house near Christian
Church. 2 lots Lawn City water.
Sirtewalk. $950.00 Bousqnet & Holm.
Brick Store building on Wenatchee
Aye. Good location. Fixtures for
sale. For particulars apply Bouequet
& Holm.
Will exchvisre for farm or ranch
property in Chelan uounty, Wenat
che- valley nreferred. Slots 30x!40
each on the corner of 24th aye. and B.
He en St , Seattle. The property is
located in Madison Park addition, a
fine residence district north of Madi
son St. and adjoining Capitol Hill on
the east. There is on the property a
7 room house all modem including
gas and electric fixtims. The prop
erty is valued at #2.700. Address A.
B , Woild office.
LOST—Monday night, on North
WenahcheH Avenue, a lady's blaok
cloth coat lined with silk. Finder
please return to Daily World office.
Last Hope Vanished.
When leading physicians said that
W M Smith irt of Pekin, la., had in
curable consumption, his last hope
vanished ; hot Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consunipt ion. Coughs and
Colds, kept him out of the grave He
says: " Phis-great specifio completely
cured me and saved my life. Since
then I have used it tor over 10 years,
and consider it a murcelous throat and
lujg cure.", Stn-rlv scientific cure
for Ootilths, Sor« Ttiro us and Colds;
sure preventive of Pueamonja Gua
ranteed. .m>c bd fI.QO bottle* at U.G.
Pogne Drug Co Trial bottle free.

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