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Announces His Intention of Going to
New York and Getting After Life
Insurance Robberies in Systematic
BOSTON, Mas?., Sept. 28.—"1 am
going to handle John A. MCall, of the
New York Life Insurance company,
without gloves in an open letter I shall
sAnd him tomorrow," said Thomas
Lawson today.
"I state Mr. McColl swore falsely
if he said before the legislative com
mittee that his company never invest
ed funds belonging to th° the policy
bolders, in stooks of airy kind- I will
also say $15,000,000 has beeu stolen
from the policy holders of the insur
ance companies of this country.
"Shortl> lam going to New York
to ci range to start a fight agai Est in
snrance robberies. I shall form a com
mittee m each state, and frrm these
general groups we will form central
committees, and go atfer the tricks
"To facilitate matters I thai! lease
the Madison Square Garden, ana make
tbe expense a personal matter. Then
we will take steps to pull every one of
the star witnesses out of their burrows
and make them tell what they know
about the mysterious deals."
Chelan County Fair to be Heldiat Wenatchee
Sept. 27. 28. 29. 30. 1905
"The Colombia & Okanogan Steamboat
company will make an excursion rate
if a fare and ore third for the round
trip from all stations to Wenatchee
aud return. Tickets on sale going,
commencing Sept. 25th and good re
turning not later than Sept. 30th, 1905.
Rent your boose by a 3mall cl ssified
ad in tha Deify World.
Cameras and supplies. Developing
and printing done for amateurs. Da
vid Keith, Wenatchee Aye.
The stone foundation for R. F.
Holm's new bouse is completed and
the frame for the baildiug will soon
be raised.
SEPTEMRER 29-30, 1905
J.A . Prarie, of the Northwestern
Frnit Agency, of Cashmere., came
down on yesterday's train to attend
the fair.
Robert M. Graves, son of Rev. J.
E. Graves, of this city, leaves t liis
even n- for Portland wheie he will
attend dental college.
W. R. Prowell to Wm. J. Milnerone
ot in Fairview additiou t j Wenatchee,
• Special premium for the Chelan
county lair—One barrel of' Peach Blos
som" flour lor the best loaf of bread
made from "Peaoh Blossom" flour.
| tilled.
M. M. Streeter to Alex Atkinson,
I % interest in lot on Orondo Aye., |600.
United States of America to H. L.
Graves, 160 acres near Leavenworth,
homestead grant.
H. L. Graves, to the Lamb-Davis
Lumber company, 160 aores near
Leavenworth, $1.00 Dora E. Ellis to
D. A. Beal, two lots on Mission street
Wenatchee, $450.
Chas. Harris, of the Entiat valley
s in town traciusr a shipment of fruit
that for some cause has been lost aul
if he does not And it there he will
carry the search to Seattle.
Garton & Little meat market Bow
ers new brick bldg.
On account of the'BenHur" per
formance, Spokane, October 2nd, to 7th
round trip rates from Wenatchee to
Spokane, October 4th and 7th will be
$7.00 Tickets good day following sale.
Go to Keith's Pook Store for sta
tionery and school supplies.
Money to loan on farm and city
property. J. A. Gellatiy.
Dr. Cameron, Dentist. Ellis-Forde
Parrish, Millinery, Mission St.
Speoial nremiam for the Chelan
county fair—One barrel of "Peach
Blossom" flour for the best loaf of
bread made fiom "Peach Blossom"
The McDaniftl orchestra, of- Cash
mere, came down yesterday to furnish
music for some of the amusements
at the fair.
The funeral of Mrs. Chase was held
at 10 o'clock this morning from the
Stevens residence Rev. Utter offici
The season of perishable fruits in
Wenatchee is nearly over and only
small shipments of late varieties of
peaches audpears are going to market.
Apples are crming in large quantities
and in a few weeks will be arout the
only fruit shinped from here. As-a
result of the scarcity of fruito. prices
aree ralin;? considerably higher.
New York Fhvsicians will take Auction
on How to Prevent Marriages Be
tween People who are not in
Normal Health.
NEW YORK, Sept. 28.—The home
opaths ol New York, like their breth
ern in Nebraska, Colorado , Miohigan
and other states, have taken up the
question of restricting n»arriages be
tween persons who are not normal in
The home paths hope to improve
the human race by gradually elimi
nating the weak or unhealthy. The
race, they claim, would soon become
hardy and tnberculosis and other dis
eases whioh now run <rom generation
to generation would disappear.
For more thas a year the New York
State Homeopathic association has
investigated the subject. At the last
aunual meetiug a cmmittee with Dr.
Holden, of Yonkers, at its head, was
appointed to take up the matter.
After a thorough inquiry this oom j
mittee is preparing to report its re-:
suits and conclusions.
The state society will convene on
Tuesday at Syracuse and there will
be a discussion oa the restriction of
Dr. B. G. Carleton, a prominent'
homeopatbist of this city said tonight:
"Old school physioians, with all
other sensible men contend that un
healthy persons should not marry. Tbe
problem is how to prevent it.
"Personally I do not favor attempt
ing to restrict marriage by farther
legislation. Indeed, legislation of
itself would probably be absolutely
"The first thing to do obviously is
to educate the public to a full appreci
ation of the natural consequences of
mariage between those who are un
healthy. Young and old should be
taught on subjects about which they
now get only the vaguest information.
Things now glossed over should be
made plain so thac all may understand
their res]>onsibilities. ',
Roy Mathus. a rancher of Chelan
is in the city to loost for his part of
lhe county during fair week.
Every Day
Hundreds of At-
Best Racing
Largest Purses
Largest Crowds
CHICAGO, Sept. 28.—District At
orney Morrsion appeared tefore the
federal conrt aud asked that tbe pleas
in abatement for the packers be dis
missed. He declared their sole pui
pose is to delay the trial and accused
tbe defendants of resorting to tbe ordi
nary methods employed by common
criminals when they addressed the
Mr. Will Mineke, who has been
quite ill for the past week is recover
Old A«e and Matrimony.
When he was considered quite an old
j man James, Lord Balcarres, went to
j stay with old Lady Keith. There were
a number of young ladies In the house
and, before he arrived. Lady Keith
said to them: "Sow, there is this old
gentleman comiug to stay, aud I par
ticularly wish that you should all en
deavor to make yourselves as pleasant
to him as you can." They all agreed
to do so, but a Miss Dalryuiple said:
"You may all do what you like, but
I'll bet you anything that you please
that I'll make the old gentleman like
me best of us all." And so she did.
She made him perfectly devoted to her
all the time he was there, yet when
he asked her to marry him she laughed
in his face. Lord Balcarres was ex
tremely crestfallen, but when be went
away he made a will settling every
thing he could upon Miss Dalrymple.
Somehow she heard of thi.;, and said:
"Then, after all, he must really care
for me, and I will marry him." And
she did. He was fifty-eight then, but j
they bad ten children.
In Mad Chase
Millions rush in a mad chase after
■ health, from one extreme of faddism
jto another, when, if they would only
eac good food, and keep their bowels
regular with Dr. King's New Life
| Pills, their troubles would all pass
; away. Prompt relief and quick cure
I for liver and stomcah trouble. 250 at
jU. G. Pogue Drug Co. guaranteed.
Furious Fighting
"For seven years," writes George
I Hoffman, of Harper, Wash., "I ha'
! a bitter battle with chronic stomach
and liver trouble, but at last I won,
and cured my diseases, by the use of
Electric Bitter?. I unhesitatingly rec
ommend them to all, aud don't intend
in the future to be without them in
the house. They are certainly a
wonderful medicine, to lave oired
sucli a bad case as mine." Sold, under j
guarantee to do the same for you, by j
U. G. Pogue Drug Co., at 50 c a bot
tle. Try them today.
N. I. Neubauer
Free! Free! Free!
During Chelan County Fair
With every $5 purchase and over
of children's wear we will give free
one child's admission ticket to
the Chelan County Fair.
With every $10 purchase and over
in any department except grocer
ies, we will give free one full ad
mission ticket to the fair.
To our out of town patrons free round trip tickets at
the Wenatchee Department Store. After purchasing
goods from us present your return ticket to the sales
man and he will refund you the money you have paid
forit, on the following terms: With any purchase of
$15 and over made in any or all departments except
groceries, we will give you free the price of your
round trip tickkt from Orondo, Quincy, Trinidad, Chi
waukum, Cashmere and Leavenworth.
With every purchase of $20 or over on above terms
free transportation will be given from Entiat. Ephra
ta, Cascade Tunnel, Adrain.
With every $30 purchase or over on same terms,
free transportation will be given from Madison, Wil
son Creek, Skykomish, Odessa.
With every $40 purchase or over on same terms
free transportation will be given from Chelan Falls.
Purchases made by parties from towns not named
will be credited and free transportation allowed on
same terms and in proportionate amounts,
By payment of the freight charge of $3.50 and the
purchase of $25 worth of goods in any department
including groceries, you are entitled to the free gift
of a splendid 42 piece set of
Beautifully Decorated China
that sells regularly at $12.50. This set of dishes is
well packed and crated ready for shipment.
N. I. Neubauer
We Have
a customer who wants to rent a 5 or 10 acre
tract of improved land near town.
We have for sale a 15 acre tract, 5 acres of bear
ing orchard, 5 acres of young orchard and 5
acres of vacant land, near town, $4,000
Insurance of All Kinds. I \M 1» J f-l | a f\
Bonds, Real Estate V. WLLLd (X Km*\J •
Working .Men's
| OF fc THE' r
Farmer; Miner 7 lumberman
Strong, well-made shoes, because they
are made from the befl leather obtain
able, and tough
scles. f
*J If you^want'shoes'rhat wear, that
It, that give satisfaction, insifl on gettrng'
Sole'Agsnts for
SHOE MFGrCo.> fe*
Get up-t"-date job printing at the
Daily World office. New press, new
type, high grade work.
Said one Kentucky Colonel to
" It's a long time between hats.''
" No wonder," replied the other,
" we were wise when we selected
"They'll never wear out"
Rates quolcd upon application. Don't sacrifice
your goods, get oar rates and learn our method.
Laugh at yourself aud the world
laughs w th ; o ~
This would be a thankless world if
we got whtt we deserve.

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