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As Mrs. Longworth She Will Visit
the Crowned Heads of the
European Countries
WASHINGTON, Dec. IS).—lt saems
reasonably sure that Miss Alice Roose
velt will, after all, decide to be marri
ed in the larga east room of the White
House. She has fully determined to
have man? of htr personal friends
witness tiie crowning event of her
young lite and this, in itself, wonld
be sullicient to lay aside all plans for
a ceremony in the smaller Blue room.
Another thing which lias been learn
ed from an authorative source is the
act that Miss Ethel Roosevelt, the
charming stepsister of Miss Alice,
may serve as maid of honor.
When preparations ware being made
lor fie coronation of Kit g Eoward,
Miss Koosevelt was anixous to go,
but she gave up her trip. Now, as
Mrs. Longw orth, she is going to
"do" Europe.
In every country she visits she will
be presented at court by the American
ambassadors of that particular
country. She will teach England
some time in June, just at the begin
nning of the social seasian iv London.
It isprssit le the president's daught
er will be entertained at dinner by
King Edward himself The Beids
will give a series of entertainments
and many notable American presidents
of London will Jvie with each other in
playing host.
In France Mr. Long worth and his
b.iie wilt make and extensive visit
to the Countess de Cham bran, Mr.
Long worth s sister.
President Lonbet will receive Mts.
Longworth in much the same way he
would the most distinguished foreign
Christmas Cantata at M. E. Church
The Oiu istmas exercises of the M. E.
Sjndav school will be held Monday
evening Dec. 25 at the M. E. Church,
commencing at 7:80 p.m. Along
with the usual festivities in the way
of treats for the children will be
tableaus and music followed by a
beautiful cantata entitled. "The
Christmas Snowball," in which Mrs.
Santa Claus and the Pixies will ap
pear as the principals All are invit
ed to be persent.
FOR $50,000 MORE
SEATTLE, Dec. 20.—Secret service
officials believe that ex-Cashier Adams
of the assay office still has $50,000
worth of property hid somewhere
They have siezed property amounting
to $120,000. but they are not satisfi
ed that this is the end of it by any
means. They are conducting ajjthe
most exhaustive search. It is their
belief that Adams is still holding his
valuables under other names. His
stealings, they assert will run to
Rake Insurance Companies
WASHINGTON, Dec. 20.- The
house today continued debating under
tiie guise of referring the message ot
the president to committees topics of
interest, local or national. The sub
ject of the federal contiol of insurance
was the nuiu feature, and nearly all
the speakers began their remarks
with reference to it. The managers
of the big insurance companies came
in for criticism: the goverenineut was
critisised for its lack of control in
matters where it has jurisdiction, and
the states were repiinianded for lax
methods of control, in matters where
it has jurisdiction, and the states
were reprimanded foi lax methods of
control. The day was passed w'th
ont legislation, and ended with an
amusing debate on the question of
appointing a janitor at $00 a month
to the reception room on the minority
side of the chamber. The house
refused to consider a resolution to ask
the secretary of the to ask the secre
tary of the interior the results of ex
preimeuts in ascertaining the mineral
value cf black sand.
GETS $10,000
New Jersey Man Receives a Big Re
ward for Staying Sober for
a Long Time
SOMRVILLE. N. J.. Dec. 19,—Be
cause he rode on the water wagon
for ten years, Frank T. Rice, of War
ren township, near lure, has jast been
awarded $10,000 by the orphan's court
ot Springfield. Mass*
When Rice s mother died at Spring
field a decade ago. she stipulated in I
her will tl.at Rice should receive!
$'5,000 of her money if he lived a sober
and industrious life for ten years.
She orde ed her executors to invest
the $3,000 for Rice's benefit. The
fund was invested so profitably that
it netted Rice about $10,0000.
He appear- d this week before the
orphan's court accompanied by his
counsel, who handed up the affidavits
of fifty residents of Someiset county
to the effect that they had known Rice
for ten years and in sixthst time he
had ied a soher and industrious life.
Armed Guards Patrol Shanghai
SHANGHAI, Dec. 20.— Armed
guards and patrols are maintained
here to cope with a possible renewal
of the disturtarces. The stares are
filled with rowdies. The shops are
open but looting is generally feared.
The United Sates cruiser Baltimore
will land a force today and the
cruiser Diadem is sending 500 men
ashore. Other warships are expect
ed ami it is reported that German
troops are coming here'fromKaiochau.
The Obinese. papers say that the
Dowdies propose to take advantage of
the mixed court dispute and to attack
and loot the foreign settlement.
The German gunboat Tiger has
arrived here.
Galvesto i, Tex, Dea 20. — Mat
Potter, aped 78, charged with cattle
theft, was ronvicted today at Vie
toiia, and (lie jury assessed hispoiiish
mentjat 1000 years in the penitentiary.
As he is already somewhat decrepit
the prisoner does not stand a very good
chance of living out hi* sentence,
'i'lie jury wished to gi\e Porter the
heaviest sentence as he had hen: re
sponsible for numerous thefts in that
community. Heretofore it has been
almost impossible to secure evidence
to convict him.
LAWSON MAKES $3,000,000
BOSTON, Dec. iiO.—lt is believed
that Lawson made about $3,000,000 in
the last three days. It is understood
be received previous information that
the Chicago hanks were shaking, en
abling him to 'get from under and
catch what others dropped, fie is
preparing another hear campaign.
Unclaimed Letters
List of unclaimed letters remaining
in the postuffice at Wenatchee, Wash.,
for the week ending Dec. 111, 1905:
Peter August Anderson, J. W.
Barbran, Jack Cornelius. Dan Conuers,
A. M. Davis, Sinun Poly, Robert
(XT. Generd, Chas. ftf. Hall, Bert Rice,
Alva W. Schilling, Miss Annie Shreve,
A. T. Scott.
Parties calling for the foregoing let
ters will please say advertised.
E. D. Soheble, P. M.
President Harper Failing
CHICAGO, Deo. 19.—The condition
of President Harper, of the University
of Chicago, was said by his physicians
t day to be unchanged. He has not
left liis bed for two days, but he rest
ed comfortably last night.
It is said that he is gradually grow
ing weaker.
PARIS, Dec. 21. -The Tangier cor
respondent of the Echo de Paris says
rhat the pretender to the M oorish
throne, Bo Hamara, is preparing to
attack the sultan's troops with his
numerous army near the Algerian
Before Christmas
Men's Suits worth 110
Men's Suits worth 12.">0
Men's Suits worth 13.50
Men's Suits werth 15.00
Men's Suits worth 20.00..
Boy's Overcoats worth ¥3.50
Men's Overcoats worth $7.50
Men's Overcoats worth 12.00
Men's Overcoats worth 14.."*(>
Men's Overcoats worth 10.50
Men's dress shirts worth 7">c
Men's suspenders worth :>~>c
Men's working shirsts worth 65c
Men's cotton socks worth : c
Grand final cleanup on all our Toys for Friday
and Saturday, at prices that must close them out
Don't miss this chance, as we are determined
not to carry any ever.
From €ur Correspondents
Interesting Items From Other Towns
Malaga. Dec. 20.—Miss Etliel Gulick
was visiting friends in tlie city Tues
Thomas Derilield is making a short
visit in the eastern part of the state.
Grant Perry is expecting his sister
from Walla Walla Christmas.
A. L. Smart has the material on the
ground for his new house. He ex
pects it »o be ready for occunancy by
the middle of January.
Fred Meyer, who left here about a
month ago, can find no place quite so
nice as the "sun-kissed laud of the
big red apple.'' He writes that he is
coming back.
NEW YORK, Dec-D. —A cable from
Berlin announces that May Yohe, an
«otress, formerly Lady Francis Hope
has brought suit in the Berlin couartfr
for divorce against Major Putnam
Bradlee Strong, son of the late Mayoi
Strong of this city.
The actress has rrinained in Berlin
three days attending the details of the
$uir. She left today for Monte Carlo,
where it was announced she would
await the result of the divorce pro
The promised end of the Yohe-Strong
scandal, which completely blighted
the brilliant prospects of the young
man, does not t erne bb a complete sur
prise. He and Yolie have quarried
many times since he suffered social
ostracism, loss of his position in the
army and the frienship of prominent
men. To marry her a'.ter their open
association while she was still rhe
wife of Lord Fiancis Hope, eausea
him to be narred from New York
No True Prophet For Them
WELLINGTON, KaN., D<c. 31.—
George Huffman, representing himself
tobe the 'true prophet of Christ,''
was tarred and feathered at f'erth a
small town near'here, last night, by a
mob. After terrible punishment was
applied the man was left to fimj a
tefnge, which he did after walking ali
night, when he reached Kenfiow.
Giant county, Okla.. twenty mi lei
south of here. He was without
For the last three months Hoffman
had hetn living with a family named
Talking ton, and had induced tlip elder
ly head of the house into the be'it-f
that the world is coining to an end in
rive yeais. He is said to have finally
mduoed Talkington to give up nil his
earthly possession" to *:isa so that he
could regenerate thn world.
NEW YORK. Deo. 21.—Men forgot
that they were convicts tnd remember
ed only that they we:-e men on B'ack
well's Island eatlv this morning when
the male prisoners, marshaled by their
keepers into v fir c tighiting anrt life
saving eoip*, bore from the flaming
floors of the women's wards 5X4 fran
tic women and from the hospital beds
.-)<) more.
Although only ]»rt of the coiivictf
were used in rescuing the women
nose wlio remained locked in their
cells made frantic ap)tealn o he allow
ed to help. As the screams of the
women penetrated to their oells some
jf the conviots fall upon their kiiees,
■.adies' tailor suits worth oo $12 oo
Ladies' tailor suits worth 16.5 a
Ladies' tailor suits worth -1.00
ladies' tailor suits worth -10.00
Ladies' cravenette coats wcrth $12.0 a $9.60
Ladies' coats worth 11.00
Ladies' coats worth 15.5 a
Ladies' coats worth 18.00
Ladies' coets worth 22.5 a
Men's Neckwear, a full assortment
just received in Tecks, Four-in
hand, Windsors and Bows in all the
latest colorings at
25, c 35, c 50, c 75c
Men's extra heavy wool sweaters
worth $2.50 and $3.00, as long
as they last at
besting the bars with their fists and
imploring the guards to let them out
to tight the tire. When refused, they
begged that at least riie guards go to
the rescue promising that they would
be their own jailors. The tire lasted
over two hours and consumed all of
the womens' prison, the hospital an I
half of the workhouse.
A spinster is an unmmied woman
who tries to believe that she is a man
A Dollar
Invested in
Real Estate
Grows while
You Sleep.
A Dollar
Invested in
Morning Side
Will Earn
Bigger Interest
Than it will
Invested in
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Buy Now
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