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A Four-story Story
[Copyright, 1906, by Homer Spra?ue.]
"Pa Perkins, have you gone and got
a sunstroke or hit your foot a whack
with the hoe?"
"N-no. I've got an idea!"
"Shoo! Now, Pa Perkins, don't you
f> to fooifn' with them squashes and
tryin' to make citrons or pumpkins out
of them. When people want squashes
they don't want anything else."
"Squashes be hanged!" be indignant
ly shonted. "I tell you I've got an idea
that will make us rich as Jo.in Jacob
Astor within two years! It's goiu' to
r.pset the hull world!"
"La me! !S;t down on the steps and
tell me about it while 1 finish this pie
and it into the oven. If you've got
an idea it's something new, and 1 hope
It won't strike in and make you sick.
Nov.-. then, what is it."
'"You've seen :i beehive, of Course?*
"I wasn't born blind."
"You know that a swami of bees
Swarms every year."
"Of coarse."
"But why do they swarm."
"Why does a ball go annual pawin'
the earth and beUerin'? He djes it be
cause it's his nature. It's the nature of
bees lo swarm every spring, and what
lire you gain' to do about it?"
"That's it— that's, the idea—that's just
What I warned you to say:" exclaimed
Pa Perkins as he rolled off the door
steps in his excitement.
"Well, I've said it, aud now what
of it?"
"A swarm of bees swarms because
the swarm gets so large that there
ain't room for all iv the hive. If thero
was room tbere'd be no swarm in.
Can't you understand that':"
"Y-e-s, you may be right."
"For two weeks before the swarmin"
fakes place they are all upsot and
loafin' around. The same is the ease
for two weeks afterward. There's a
workin' month lost. S'pose that could
he savedV Wouldn't they produce a
heap more money. Wouidu't the own
er of the hives be saved a heap of
bother and trouble?"
•'lt looks that way, pa. but"—
' Now don't go lo throwin' any cold
water until you hear it all. .S'posin' I
had a four story beehive. That would
give two swarms twice the room they
have now. Havin' twice the room,
they wouldn't swarm only once in two
years instead of every year Do yoa
see the p'inl
•i seem to, but lemine see how that
pie is coniin" ou. Now go ahead ag in.
Why not make an eight story hive, and
Then they wouldn't swarm hut once in
four years?"
"It would have to be as big as a
house for that." answered the man
with an idea. - I'll start with a lour
story and see how mat works."
"What! Are you goin' into bees?"
"1 am. Banner. I'll set to work this
very day on a four story hive aud be
fore sundown tomorrer I'll have two
swarms of bees into it. By thunder,
but I've hit it!"
"Now, pa!"
"I ain't 8 wear in'; I'm jest a leetle ex
cited. How on earth Christopher Co
lumbus, George Washington and Napo
leon Bonaparte passed over the Idea I
can't understand. It's the biggest thing
mortal man ever thunk oi;t. and I'll
see about haviu' it patented next week.
Meanwhile don't you lisp a word. On
your life, don't mention it to a single
person. If they ask what the four sto
ry beehive is, tell 'em it's a henhouse."
The wife promised, and the husband
went to the barn and began his work
at once. It was two days before he had
the hive in phieo. Each swarm had
two full floors to Itself, and when they
got too large the lirst COOld move up
into the second and the third into the
fourth. Each swarm had its own front
and back doors, and if they didn't get
along in a neighborly way it was not
the builder's fault. A fanner six miles
away had swarms to sell, and when
the big hive was ready Mr. Perkins
got a horse and wagon and went after
inmates. The farmer wanted to talk
SDOBt bees, their habits, their little idi
oms, aud t » give his customer some
pointers, but Mr. Perkins was on his
guard. Not a word did he say to
give his secret away. He brought the
bees home at night and arranged the
hives so that they must leave them in
the morning for the larger affair, and
when he went to bed he rubbed his
hands and said lo his wife:
"Hanner, I can't comprehend how I
ever got that idea, but it's goto. 1 to
bring us in har'ls and har'ls of money.
When you are rollin' in diauioodsyou'll
know who to be thankful to."
The sun came up hot and red next
morning, and as soon as it burned up
the mist the bees were beard from.
Each swarm was willing to occupy tbe
Qev hive, but each wanted it all fir
Itself. It didn't take long lo start a
scrap and three minutes after it start
ed it took in all the bisects. After a
beautiful old row they suddenly made
up their minds that "the man higher
up" was responsible for the whole
thing and they went after him. In
cidentally they jabbed Aunt Hanner
about a dozen times. Incidentally also
they went for the neighbors on either
sjde and then coatiuu,e<i on into town
rind the number of victims finally tal
lied up about lfiO. There was mourn
ing and lamentation galore and when
the mob finally reached the Perkins*
bouse to wreak its vengeance they
found the hens trying to take posses
sion of the big hive and Pa Perkins
so swathed in bandages that they eouid
not even see an eyelash as he feebly
"Them bees ought to have gone In
there aud behaved themselves, but they
wouldn't do it and here I've lost as
good as tbree days and them squashes
won't amount to shucks."
Lost UN Dpi-oj-.
A western man was describing 8 han
enct that he had once attended in New
"1 found this banquet interesting."
he said, "and I was one ol" the last to
leave. In the cloakroom, as I was put
ting on my bat and coat. I couldn't
help noticing the woebegone look on
the attendant's face. The poor fellow
appeared worried and sad. and every
little while he sighed aud muttered to
" "You seem disconsolate, friend.' I
" "I tun disconsolate, sir.' said the at
" 'What is the trouble, sir." said I.
"Haven't the guests tipped yon well to
"The attendant answered in an ex
cited voice:
" "It's not only. sir. that they haven't
tipped me. but they've taken the quar
ter that I put in the tray for a decoy.'"
Huh IsTeHtloai Arc Mmlc.
The great majority of practical In
ventions are made by a group ol" men
of whom the public never hears. These
men are members of one of the mosi
complicated and highly organized of
the modern professions. Every great
manufacturing concern maintains, un
der one head or another, an '"inven
tions department," employing men who
are paid various salaries simply to de
velop inventions. They are supplied
with every mechanical appliance to fa
cilitate their work. The hills are paid
by tbe company, and every invention
they make is assigned to the company
"In consideration of salary and one dol
lar." And it is these unknown men.
grappling with the everyday, practical
problems of great manufactories, who
make most of the inventions of im
mediate commercial value. — World's
The Making; of a "Corot."
There are two kinds of inferior Co
rots—the "Corot de commerce," which
the dealers almost compelled the mas
ter to sell them, whereas he thought
them hardly worthy of a frame, minor
works such as a painter has about him
and generally paints over, and the pic
tures of imitators which "le Pere Co
rot" was too good natured to condemn.
When the anxious owner brought him
a beautiful landscape for authori
zation the old man was very reluctant
to deny the work. "It is certainly not
v Corot," he would say, "but it is so
nearly one! It wants so little! Only
that!" And he very often put "that" in
on the spot aud made a Corot of it.—
London Chronicle.
ShaSea »f BlhcU Cloth.
A man who took his dress coat to
his tailor and asked him to make a
dinner coat to match learned some
thing new.
"I have the same kind of cloth," said
the tailor, ••hut it is not the piece from
which yonr suit was made. No one
will not he the difference, although I
might as well tell you that no two
pieces of black cloth, especially wool
ens, a; xaetly alike in color. There's
no use hunting around town to find a
better uiatch than this one."Chicago
Inter Ocean.
A Little \'->*<• ii tin iodeil.
Bnfns Choate once tried to get a
Boston witness to jiive his idea of ab
sentmindedm ss. "WeJJ," said the wit
ness, w ho was a typical New England
Yaiik- c, •[ should say thai a man who
thought he'd left his watch lo hum and
took it out'n hi; pocket t > see if he'd
time lo go hum and get it was a leetle
abseie minded."
About 411 For Him.
Landlady Mr. Starhoarder is no lon
ger on- of the guests at my table.
Friend Why did he leave? Landlady
At my request. 1 asked him to say
grace the other day. and he said. "O
Lord, we need thy help to make us
thankful for what we are about to re
ceive!" Cleveland Leader.
True to Life,.
"Gracious, Elsie!" exclaimed the lit
tle girl's mother. "Why are you shout
ing in that horrible fashion? Why
can't you be quiet like Willie?"
"He's got to he quiet, the way we're
playing." replied Elsie. "He's papa
coming home late ami I'm you."- Phil
adelphia Press.
Plenty of Servant*.
"Does your wife have a great deal of
trouble getting servants?"
'"Well, that depends upon what you
mean by 'trouble.' She always has
three servants —one at the house, one
going and one coming."—Puck.
WE have just opened fifty pieces of A. B.C. -4
Zephyr ginghams in all the best wash colors A \J^
Delhi Zephyr ginghams in all the latest
colorings 12 1-2 c
Fancy Mohair waistings
Galatea cloth in blue tan and black
stripes 10c
Covert stuitings 12 1-2 C
Mercerised silk gingham in blue and
white and black and white check
suitable for shirt waist suits and
San Bernardiiuo, Cal., Feb. 1 —Job
O'Dooneil baa made a strike in the
Grapevine distiict which resultea iv
depopulating Barstow, the entire com
niunity joiniug in tbe rash. The le
gion has been located for miles.
O'Dounell claims mv! ot Barstow
under an old mining eatiou. .The
Santa Fe company bu: C its round
house.Jdepot and l'reig yards on
lands within the claim, a i has begun
suit to (juiet title.
Saturday O'Donnell uncovered rock
that is literally honey combed with
' JSmiples assayei show |552 a' ton.
; lut n> ws imickly spread,|precipitat
! ing a grand rush. The 'strike probably
j strengthens the claim agaiust the
! Santa Fe.
The editor, of the(Farm Journal
asks: Why have a mortguge on the
farm, poor,; crops, rheumatism, sour
bread, grip, leak in" the[roof, hole in
the pocket, in the cjoset, or
any pain or trTuble, when you can get
the Farm Journal tor the halauce of!
1H0<;, and all of lt>o7. 1908, 1908 and j
in 10, nearly live years aud the Ad
vance tor one year or the World for j
months, both papers at the price of
ours alone? This you can do if you are j
not too late. See our r'isplay ad for (
Caclutta. Feb. I. The Prince and, ~_Henry Smith.
Princess of Wales rode tor the first i
. a laborer on Ocean Shore construction
time in their lives on elepiiants in the
Scinde. The Mal.aia.iah ot Scinde J work, spilled some coal cil on his
had a herd of state elephants in the , clothing while til line the tank on a
station when the loyal train arrived, j steam shove! near Lag ana reiterday.
The Prince and Princess mounted 'He wenr too close ro tbe furnace a few
each an elephant aud rode the J minutes latter and immediately took
Maharajah's palace. Tt.e elephants : fire, flames enveloping his I ody. With
were covered with jewel i great presence of mind Sn ithr an foi
uesß and the howdahs were well coveT !» nearby pond of water into which he
ed with plates ot gold in which jewels I jumped and put out the flames. He
were lavishiy set The Princess said j was severely burned.
she had never before enjoyed a ride so
The Farm Journal is cheap, but not
too cheap to be good. It is full ! of the best and Briefest speeches' that
gniger and gumption, anrt has us many jhe eve! heard in the Upper House of
other good things in it that you can Congrejs was one of four words de
nse as any paper at any price. It will j iivered by Senator Proctor, of Ver
be sent for 1 Uo*>. and all of 1907, jmont. This speech, it appears, was a
IDOS, 1909, and 1910, five years in a J retort to a saroatio fling by a colleague
combination subscription, to subscril - from Massachusetts. He had said:
ers to the Advance who pay one year I "No man in Vermont allowed to vote
iv advance or the World who pay 6 ; until he has made two thousand dollars
months, at tbe price of oar paper alone, trading with Massachusetts people."
See our display ad for farther partioul- Where upon Proctor arose deliberate
ajg. ly and observed: "And we all vote."
Department Store
Our new stock of shoes
tor men, women and
children. A large II ie to
select from. Careful, courteous clerks to
Prices right.
serve you.
A Soathren Senator that one
Chameleon silk for shirt waist suits
Flowered silk Organdie 35c
New wash Taffeta for shirt waists
Batiste in all the newest shades for
shirt waist suits 15c
Flowered Dimity 18c
Figured Organdies
And solicit your trade. We
guarantee everything bought
of us to be exact'y as repre
sented. We know we can
please you and want you to
see our goods. Come.
They all Voted
p. p.
At the St. Louis World's Fair
was awarded to our
Peach Blossom Flour.
In competition with the world's
best flour we win.
Wenatchee Milling Co.
We handle the work of
many of the leading bus
iness men and they say
we do the work well, let
us do yours

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