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VOLUME I.—NO. 185.
Public Opinion Forces Mayor Little
field. Much Against His Own Wishes,
to Issue a Tardy Order for Closing
Saloons on Sunday.
City Marshal Peter Wheeler yester
day notified the saloon keepers of We
natchee to keep their places closes on
Sunday, under '"penalty of arrest and
prosecution. Wheeler was intei viewed
today by a World representative but re
fused to state whether he was actiug
upou his own initiative or under orders
from the mayor. Mayor Littleneld
refused to be interviewed on the sub
ject, but it is generally helived that
he issued the order to Wheelor. What
the pressure is that has been brought
to bear to cause the mayor to issue an
order so absolutely contrary to his per
sonal wishes, is still a mystery. His
stand against law enforcement a few
weeks ago has won l.im much unpo
pularity and caused a wave of indig
nation to sweep over the city agaiDst
such anarchis.b principals as Mr.
Littler!ild favors. It is probable that
realizing that his stand had met with
disfavor and that the saloon element
in Wenatchee is not the dominating
element, the mayor is attempting to
gee into public favor by issaiag this
tardy order. * ' - ,„
A represantative meeting of the
citizens of Chiwaukeni, Merritt and
Nation Creek school disriTts, met in
the office of the county superintendent
o f schools office in the court nouse,
Tite questim which was Drought up
between them and Prof, i.i-re was
that of the proper division of their
different school districts. It was decid
ed that taking in the whole mileage
from biidge to King county line
on the west of Merritt and Nation
Creek will have half of the district
included in this territory and Cuivvau
kum district the other half. The per
sons representing the different dis
tricts were: Chiwaukum. Uncle Dick
Giblin. C. A. Harris; Nation Creek:
Nels Forsyth, Mr. Foster and Mr.
Brooks; Merritt, John Mason, ilarry
Smith aud P. J. Davidson: Mason
Creek, F. A. Refolds. Undo Dick
says that the s;nools at Chiwaukum
are in a prosperous condition ana
everything is get.ing on fine.
Brussels. Feb. 3.—The general Jew
ish oonferenoe, called to.oonsider the
state of the Jews iv Russia, formally
opened it» session here today, under
the presidency of David Wollfsohn,
chairman of the international Zionit
committee. In his opening address,
President Wollfsohn urged the estab
lishment of an international committee,
either m J-erlin or Lodnon, to watoh
over the interests of the Rnssian Jews.
A motion tc that effect went over
until a later session.
M. Mandelstam, of Eieff, presented
a report on the conditions in Russia,
from which it was gathered that the
Jews had no hope of a improvement in
their status resulting from a revolut
ion or government reforms. The ouiy
solution of the problem, accordieg to
tbe report, wonld be tbe foundation
of a Jewish fatherland.
|M. Koban, of Kisheneff, said ne
thought the eveutnal emigration of
all the Jews from Russia was enevit
able. He proposed Egypt or Asia
Minor as suitable for a Jewish settle
ment, and advised that all emigiation
of Jews to the United States Great
Britain be stopped in oonseqnenoe of
laws against aliens which force
in those countries.
DelegatesJJfrom Germany, Anstria
Hungary, Great Britain, Russia,
France, Italy, Denmark aad Argentena
are present, but the Amerion delegates
have not arrived.
Springfield,JFeb. 3. —Gov. Deneen
today wrote to meniDers of all state
boards and commissions in tiie state,
saying that the president of a railroad
iv Illinois had complained that board
members all asked annual passes. The
governor suggested that if members
had received transportationthey return
it to the railroads.
Morton Denies
New York, Feb. 6. —Paul Morton,
president of the Equitable, denied
emphatically today that he was to be
come head ol the new Interborongh-
Metropolitan j copany, the concern
which recently took ovet the Belmont
and Ryan traction Hues. Mr. Morton
stated that the story was absolutely
without foundation.
A director of the Interborough-Met
ropolitan also issued a denial that the
officaials of that company were con
templating asking Mr. Morton to he»d
the company. He said that August
Belmont was to be the head of the big
Local Briefs
J. £. Eikelbumer bonght a fine
horse from ,T. ,T. Burner this morning.
He alod purchased from Mr. Burnet
lot 31. blook Great Northern plat
of Wenatchee, for $25d.
Captain Bnrbank, of Cashmere, is iv
Wenatohee on business today. Mr.
Bnrbank is not very well staictied with
the trni i service that the railroad com
pany is eiving Cashmere and says that
it is causing the Cashmere people
much inconvenience.
Leroy ft right yesterday bought for
H. J. Shim aud company, of Sookane.
the crop of apples held in storage by
Matt Hi?key of Cashmere.
F. W. Ludwig, of Seattle arrived
in Wenatchee last night and is looking
over fruit laud in the valley with a
view to buying a home here. Mr
Ludwig is a contractor and builder.
Tbe steamer Enterprise made a trip
from Wenatchee tc Orondo this morn
ing. Sne will make two trips daily
aud will be kept on the run uitil water
in the Okanogan river rises sufficient
ly to permit naviagtion. The Enter
prise will carry freight aud passengers.
The choir of the Christian eh rch
will meet at the home of J. S. Mooney
for rehearsal this evening.
Henry Crass returned last evening
from Quincy, where he has been try
ing contest cases.
The tickets for the Ladies M instrel
show to be given Monday evening are
being sold rapidly and those wishing
to get good seats will "have tohurry."
There was a small blaze in J. M.
Duffy's saloon on Wenatchee avenne
abont 7:30 o'clock last evening. The
fire was quickly extinguished and the
only damage done was the breaking of
a plate glass window.
The Albin Meat company's delivery
wagon this morning had a very excit
ing time The horse attached to it
took a notion to have a little run and
started down Orondo avenue at a Dan
Patch gait. He arrived at the market
in a very mixed condition and the
harness had to be out off in order to
liberate the horse and keep him from
oiioking to death.
Tj. H. Spader an orohardist from
Ohelan was in Wenatohee today.
The Rebekah lodge of Cashmere
will give a banquet on Tuesday even
ing, Feb. 6.
M. Ayers, of Waterville was a
city visitor Friday.
Representatives of the Frye-Bruhn
Packing Company of Seattle Get
Ten Cay Option on ihe Harlin Mar
ket Property in This City.
Representatives of the Frye Brobn
Packing company of Seattle, were in
the city yesterday and begun negotiat
ing with Chas Harliu for the uurehase
of his meat busiuess in this city. Mr.
Harliu toaav stated t'-at he had given
the company a ten days optiou on his
plant but would not state what price
he had set upon it. The option will
espiia on Feb. 12. It includs a price
on the plant with the real estate hold
ings iv connection and on tbe business
The Harliu Meat company has been
iv business iv this city since 1897 and
has dealt extensively both in dressed
meats and in live stock. The company
supplies a number of smaller markets
in tbil fart it the state with dressed
meats and has shipped during a large
part of the time, on an average of
two carloads of stock per week todeal
ers and packers on the sound. The
company is at present operating two
markets in Wenatohee. The members
of the firm are Chas. Harlin, Otto
Harlin and Glen Wells.
It is popularly reported that the
iTrye-Burhn conjpany is the western
beef trust con
trolled by the great peeking houses of
rViidshipman Pardoned
Washintgon. Feb. 3.—Tlie president
today pardoned Midshipman John Paul
Miller 0/ Kentucky, recently convict
ed of hazing at Annapolis naval aca
demy. Miller's superior record was
the reason.
Ten Minutes More For Dinner
J Hon. Joseph Choate tells of a meet
ing at a London club of a Bishop and
Lord Ro&ehery. During the eoorte ot J
their conversation the reverend gentle
man obseived to his lordship:
"I've an irritation to dine this
evening. What a nuisance it is—:» long
dinner, I mean. There are two things I
absolutely dread—a long dinner and
a long sermon. I contend rhat, how
ever good tbey may he, neither the
dinner nor the sermon should take
more than twenty minutes at most."
Rosebery smiled. "It seems to
me," he said, "that the matter might
be nicely arranged by knocking ten
miantes off tbe sermon and putting it
on the dinner—Harper's Weekly.
Poor Opinion of Millionaires
Chicago, Feb. 3.—"1 would like
to acquire millions," said David K.
Forgan, first vice president of the First
National bank, "but if the process is
going to make me like some of the
old devils who are millionaires I don't
want the money."
Mr. Forgan was speaking to the
Young Mens Presbyterian nnion at the
McEinley memorial banqnet at the
oity clnb last night. His subject was
"Character in Business." Mr. For
gan's acquaintance with millions is
large, but he disappointed his audi
ence in that be failed to name any of
the "curmudgeons." as he termed the
men who, having millions are still
money mad.
' Save youi money," said Mr. For
gan. "That is my first rnle for old and
yonng. I have seen a few young men
go wrong, but 1 never Knew any to do
so who had savings bank accounts."'
A marriage license was :oday grant
ed to Warren Daly Leslie and Harriet
E. Higgine, both of Chelan.
Stop And Think
What will be the effect on the prices of lots in Peachey
Addition, which now sell for $2"> to $o0 each (on easy terms)
when the bridge is built immediately adjoining? After
prices go up, there will be plenty of people who can see
their value. The wise man can see it now. Use your
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