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\ OL. HI. NO. 91
One by One the Roses Fall
Have You Picked One for Yourself?
That is to say, nearly one-half of the
Ferryman Tract
has been soli. It is being sold in acre and two
acre tracts, to people who- want attractive homes,
with bearing fruit trees, close in to town, yet
who want something larger than city lots.
I know that you can't duplicate this property
in the valley at the price. I doublt if you can
get better at any price. Ju3t go by and take a
look at it, and see if you don't agree with me.
Arthur Gunn
Real Estate and Financial Agent
Resident Manager
Wenatchee Development Co.
•Robbed by the Landlord
Seeking a Home
If so you can escape the clutches of one and minimize your
troubles of the other through my leaving the city, by buying my
inoomparable, cosy, well appointed, modern 6-room cottage, with
beautiful lawns at much less than actual value. Terms, $1,400
cash; balance IS months at S per. cent.
You'll Find Easy quotas
along the lines of comparison with all other so-called good buys,
built to sell at a profit, and absolute protection against any false
statement from the envious or policy knocker, by seeing this prop
erty of distinction yourself before buying.
When you can show and deliver the goods. I not only have the
goods for immediate delivery, but am ready to show Missourians,
and all others to their own satisfaction any time this week, that
all these statements are indisputable facts. Property to be seen is
on the corner of Palouse and D sts. Call in; look it over; no
trouble to show.
Owner, E. T. MAUK
Wenatchee Realty & Investment Co.'s
Specials for This Week
Two Improved 10-Acre Tracts
out north side of Wenatchee river about half way be
tween Wenatchee and Monitor. Choice land, fair
buildings, set to best varieties of trees. Price
$6,500 Eaci). Terms
. , Tbe New High School Building
will be erected on Grand View addition next year.
This should be the finest school structure m Chelan
county. We have about forty choice residence lots
in that addition which are going fast. We sell
them on monthly payment plan. Don't overlook
this opportunity.
Wenatchee Realty & Invest
ment Company
Self-Praise i s Allowable.
Fifteen Dollars Stolen from the Till
of Mills' Shop Yesterdajr
% Afternoon.
An Eagle and a half!
A wad hig enough to choke a cow.
The price cf one hundred shaves!
That's what a sneak thief frisked
from the till of Mills' barber shop
early yesterday afternoon.
Mills himself had gone to lunch.
F. C. Smith, his assistant, was
alone in the shop. Smith suddenly
recalled an errand —a Teally urgent
one which he had meant to accom
plish earlier in the day—and has
tened out and across the street. He
was gone four or five minutes, and
| when he returned the drawer was
j standing open and the cash missing.
A mosn extraordinary feature of
■ the incident, and one which shows
the carelessness of some otherwise
: accomplished thieves, was the fact
1 that although the visitor got the
[money tue overlooked a scuttle of
j diamonds and other precious stones
■ which stood on the shelf above the
Good Roads Meeting.
The Dally World editor is in re
ceipt of an invitation from President
Samuel Hill of the Washington
Good Roads Assocation, to attend its
sixth annual meeting, which will be
held at Bellingham on November
11th and 12th.
The sveral changes in the road '
laws of the state effected by the
last legislature will be discussed.
A meeting commemorating th?
fiftieth anniversary of the settle
ment of the State of Washingt.m will
also be held at Bellngham on the
11th of next month.
A new granitoid walk is to be
started at once in front of the Che
wawa Hotel and Groves' store. Lev
els can be furnished here as also in
front of the Daily World and Colum
bia Valley Bank buildings, which
will not conflict with the new grade
cf the avenue, as established.
Canadian Co. Reduces lime Between
Spokane and St. Paul—A Trip
cf Rare IVauty.
From Wenatchee to St. Paul in 53
hours and 30 minutes.
That's what the C. P. R. has prom
M. G. Murphy. Esq., of Winnipeg,
I Manitoba, general traveling passen
jger agent for the Canadian Pacific
Railway compny, was in the city yes
terday, arranging for a representa
tion for his company.
The C. P. R. has long been fa
mous among traveled people for the
!speed of its trains and ocean steam-;
ships, and for their uniformly high
class equipment.
Its new train between Spokane j
and St. Paul makes the run, it is
saiid, in less time than any other
through train, covering the distance
in 53% hours.
The picturesque hotels along the
Canadian Pacific railway are one of j
the most pleasant features of the:
trip. No one who has made the
scenic journey from Winnipeg to
Vancouver but remembers well the
numerous chateau-like hotels which
nestle in cosy valleys along the moun"
tainous portions of the road. The
meals and service in these hostelries
bear little resemblance to the aver
age railway hotel; they seem more
like exclusive summer resorts.
Mr. Murphy Is a gentleman of
pleasing personality, and was open
TA III OUT The Band will Play at 7100. Governor Mead will speak
UmUnl at 7:30 sharp. Lee- U/ryATPUrr Tiiriynr
lure Course, Kellogg-Haines,- 8:30 If LllH I ÜBILL I HUt IML
ly enthusiastic in his admiration of
our valley. He states that his com
pany is wa'ching with interest the
devefopment of the State of Washing
ton, and. pariieulaly the rapid prog
ress of such Bootioag as the Wenit
cbee valley.
C. A. Battles and family are now
comfortably er.scc-nced in their hand
some new home on North Wenatchee
City Pump is Working.
People are now drinking Columbia
River water, the new pump being at
last in working order and running
Engineer Scott is ousy with an
estimate on a permanent pumping
plant, for supplying the city with
river water, and will submit his fig
ures to the council within the next
30 days.
See our new line of syringes and
hot water bottles before buying else
where. Wenatchee Drug Co.
Wept at Scheble's Absence, but Had
Enough Vitality Left for
Routine Business.
The City Council was in mourning
last night for the absent Mayor, but
managed to struggle through alone,
and accomplished the following mu
nicipal business.
Electric Lights.
A proposed contract was read,
pertaining to the installation of the
20 arc lights voted at a previous
meeting. On motion it was decided
to make an effort to secure the lights
according to the provisions of the
contract as read.
To Pay for Motor.
On motion, the 011 l against the city
for the motor installed in the pump
ing plant was ordered paid.
Pipe now lying on the ground
plong Chelan avenue was ordered
collected and stored.
Gas Franchise.
The proposed franchise to the
Wenatchee Electric Co. for the mau
ufacture of gas passed a second real
ing, and was ordered to third read
Mission Street Sidewalk.
A resolution relative to placing a
sidewalk on the west side of Mission
street, between Spokane "and Lewis
s/i-ets, was adopted.
Granite Curbing*.
On motion, it was decided that all
curbings on Wenatchee avenue
should be of granite.
Jail Contract.
Bids for the construction of the
jail were read from I. J. Baily & Co.,
Wilson Brothers, E. J. Delaney, L.
O. Hall and H. J. Kimmell.
j Moved and seconded, that H. T.
jKimmell's bid for doing the stone,
j concrete and woodwork be accepted,
provided he furnish satisfactory
I bonds. Carried,
j All steel bids were rejected,
i AH combination, bids were reject
j cd.
Sidewalk Contract.
j The bid of Rogers & Long for the
(construction of sidewalks according
jto the city engineer's advertisement,
j was accepted by the council, and the
| contract will be awarded to th«m.
Municipal Salaries,
j Aa ordinance raising the salar'e-i
!of the water commissioner fro*n $100
,to SllO per month, and that of the
Hetty clerk from $S5 to $90 per month
j as adopted.
| There being no further business
jbtfore the council it adjourned. j
Fresh milk, cream aad butter
at the WVuatchee Dairy Depot
at 28Vb Wenatchee aye. N.
Make delivery morning and
evening. 25. S. T.
Chief Executive Arrives from the
Okanogan and is Greeted
at the Dock.
Governor Mead and his private
secretary, Frank Dallam, Jr., ar*'ved
or. the C. & O. S. S. "Columb a" at
2 o'clock this afternoon, completing
a tour of three weeks through the
northeastern portion of the state.
The gubernatorial party were met
at the dock by a committee of lead
ing citizens, and escorted up town.
During his visit in the cty the Gov
ernor wll be entertained at the home
of Mrs. George H. Ellis, Jr., who is
Mr. Dallam's sister.
Tonight's Program.
Tonight at 7:15 the band will play
in front of the theater; at 7:30 the
Governor will address the people of
Wenatchee in the theater, and a large
concourse of citizens is expectd to
turn out and hear the chief executive
—the man who supported Wenatchee
in her valiant fight for the bridge bill.
The Governor not only urged the pas
sage of this bill in his message, but
throughout the session of the legis
lature did all he could to foster it.
The Governor has lately traveled
over 275 miles by stage, and Js
hearse from much speaking and is
pretty well fagged out. Following
his speech tonight an informal re
ception will be held.
The Kellog-Haines singing party
appeal at the Wenatchee theater to
night, the performance starting im
mediately after the Governor's recep
Governor Mead and Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Dallam leave on the night
I train for Olympia.
Th indominate Captain Burbank—
the Miles Standish of CJashmere —is
in Wenatchee today.
Made 'I'rip to Hanford.
Bert Scheble and Emil Miller re
cently made an extended trip
through the much advertised Han
ford inigation- region, Includng on
their pilgrimage the cities of Kenne
wick, North Yakima, etc.
Various parties have gone from
here to Kennewick, Priest Rapids,
and other newly irrigated districts
to the south and southeast, but in
variably they return, declaring that
while these other places are good
jthat they don't compare with Wef
, natcbee. * *
| An up to date line of stationery at
jthe Wenatchee Drug Co.
Wenatchee Presbytery to Meet Here.
The newly organized prsbytry,
j consisting of th Presbyterian
; churches of Chelan, Douglas and
! Okanogan counties, will hold its
j first session next Tuesday evening
jat the Presbyterian church. Among
j the speakers will be Dr. J. M. Wil
jsun of Seattle, pastor of one of th.?
largest Presbyterian churches on the
| coast. Dr. Wilson will be the
j speaker on Wednesday evening,
j Ministers and laymen will be p-e.s
--en!. from all the churches.
■ • i
Claim Grain Companies Ask 'I'ob
Large a Margin.
Waterville, Wash., Oct. 20.—Far
mers in this vicinity are very much
dissatisfied because of the large mar
gin that the grain companies are buy
ing on this year, and are seriously
considering organizing a grain pool
of some 200,000 bushels or more and
holding their wheat until the margin
between this point and the coast is
more reasonable.
During the last week wheat quota
tions on the coast have ranged from
92 %c. to 94c, while the highest price
so far paid at the tram station, near

here, is 67c, making a difference of
from to 27c. This difference,
the farmers claim, is entirely too
The rate from the tram to Seattle
is 17c. a bushel, thus showing a mar
gin for the grain buyer of from to.
to 10c. The farmers claim that a
3c. margin is ample enough and that
if the grain compacTes Insist on tin
present rate they will not get the
Wife Conducts His Paper.
The World Is in receipt of news
from Escondldo, Cal., that Mrs. Jo
sephine Lindsay, wife of the Jate
Major Lindsay, will continue to con
duct the Escondldo Times, which
paper Major Lindsay owned and ed
ited up to the time of his death.
Mrs. Lindsay is well and favora
bly known in Chelan county, where
her husband resided and engaged in
journalistic work for many years.
Her many old friends here will wish
her every success in the continuation
of her decased 'husband's work.
; Fresh Palm candies received every
week at the Wenatchee Drug Co.
Boys Go Camping.
The members of Mr. L. T. Arm
strong's Sunday school class of the
Christian church went camping last
Monday at W'enatehee bridge, ac
companied by their pastor, Rev A.
J. Adams, and Mr. Armstrong. The
following b>ys composed the party.
R£n Aeher. Alvin Asher, Johnny But
tles. Claivn«.e Sharp, Leon Brown,
\\ iilard Duncan, Uriel Barnes, Ge->.
Clary and Leon Adams. They had
a most enjoyable time, everyone be
ing satisfied with his outing.
In Hiding 50 Years.
Sacramento, Cfei. Oct. 22.— Th»
engineering corps of the Western Pa
cific hfs roused from his slumbers
* modern Rip Van Winkle—an old
recluse who did not know of tha
civil war.
"Bill" Brown is his name, and he
lives in a lonely cabin in
back of Orovlle. Here he made his
home in the days before the war,
and only once or twice a yqar has
he entered the nearest mining camp
for supplies. Without asking any
.questions, as to what the rest of ££c
world, jmfetoSqf *• would go tack
ing time he was dif
fident and refused to talk. At last
.he became loquacious and began to.
ask questions. He wanted to know
the outcome of the fight between
Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Doug
las for a seat in the Unite 1 States
senate. His engineering friends
friends brought him to Sacramento
to witness the celebration over the
coming of the Northern Electric
road. Rip Van Winkle had slept
l tor 20 years, t>ut "Bill" Brown had
j been buried for half a century.
| Everything was changed and new.
;He refused to take an inteiest In
! thing.
' This is too much for mc,"' be
hhid. "Too much noise, too much
bustle, too many people."
He was astonished at the progress
the world had made, but could not
understand it. He gave a sigh of re
lief when he was placed on the cars
and again headed for the mountain
fastnesses of Butte County.
F. L. Sanders of Entiat was In
town yesterday.
M. W. A. Notice.
On account of the Governor speak
ing at tne Opera House this evenitis,
the Modern Wool men of America
will not call to order nnti! 9 p. m.,
thus sl owing all members that so
desire a chance to attend both meet
ings. There is business of impor
tance to come before the Lodge and
a full attendance is desired. Signed.
H. A. Saunder?. P. R. Baggot, Ciaudo
E. Stewart, R. L. Bartlett.

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