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VOL. 111. NO. 191.
That Ed Russell, like other retired j
Matinee Idols, continues to receive,
each year a free consignment of the j
season's rag time from the music j
Wenatchee's actor of earlier days j
denies the report that he is related
to Lillian Russell.
That Wenatchee is about to be en- f
shrined in the amber verse of a local,
song writer, and will be honored j
with a place in the ballads of the
The young lady composer is just i
of any
Bank in
Columbia Valley
As Permanent as The Pyramid.
Buy a Home Site in
Easy Terms"*sso Down and $10 a Month
Wenatchee Realty and Invest
ment Company
TO-NIGHT —Michel's Horseshoe Theatre, Hart & Mack, fore
most Irish Black Face and Hebrew Comedians First Appear
ance in Wenatchee. Greatest show for same Price 15 and 25c
HJcmxtdjce Sails World
about to publish the song in ques
tion. The real estate men are adver
tising on the covers. They are quhe
willing that the public should sing
Wenatchee's praises.
That turning sheet music with one
hand and counting a patient's pulst
with the other —writing prescrip
tions to a rag-time accompaniment,
as it were, is a bewildering experi
ence. If you don't believe it, ask
! Doc McCoy.
Beware, Doc, of Housemaid's
That Billy Simmons, known to
fame as "The Authorities," is hav
ing an animal tamer's own time of
it with the prisoner jailed last week
A savings Account in
this old, strong bank
is a good investment,
available on short
notice in time of need
and perfectly safe.
1 for "sassing" the court.
The recalcitrant rogue, among
I other eccentric escapades, flooded the
I boudoir of Hotel de Webb with wa-
Iter, to the consternation of the other '
; jail birds.
This is the same man who, a few ;
j weeks ago, endeavored to strike up :
\ a fast flirtation with Big Mary, the
j Indian Lady, by tempting her with
! strong drink.
| The license book in Auditor God-'
: frey's office does not indica.e that the
| Leap Year Girls are seizing either
[opportunity or men;
| Is it to be inferred that the home
• grown biped, "raised from a colt," j
'in this valley does not find favor? !
| History shows that women, from j
Cleopalra down (or up), have pre
ferred to tamper with a rara avis
from the land of the outer barbar
The lid being on the whole town
skated on the ice yesterday.
' That the New York State Delega
tion to the Republican National Con
vention has side-tracked Thomas C.
Piatt and Chauncey Depew—
Shattered idols both.
"An Inspiration," says a Chicago
paper, "is the sudden recollection of
a man who will stand for a touch."
i The Filipinos murdered Anna
Hahn, an American girl, teaching
school on the Island of Luzon.
A Xew York man who had his
back broken has been supplied with
three rubber vertebrae; he will prob
ably enter politics where an elastic
backbone comes in handy.
! The Tacoma police have found a
crazy man who insists on sleeping in j
the henhouse with the chickens.
He is probably a victim- of Stup
rous Pugetsoundus—or he may have,
been merely hiding from the Leap I
Year blockade runners.
That anyone wishing a copy of the
new "Washington Booster Book" can
get it by sending 11 cents to the
Secretary of State at Olympia.
That the adopted anthem of the
local lodge of Elks, entitled "We'll
Go Dry When the Sea Goes Dry,"
was rendered with eminent succc-st
on the Everett Expedition.
That the "Best People on Earth"
regret old Nebuchadnezzar could not
'have lived to join on their recent nil
grimmage: lie would have been right
in his glory.
I That a Waterville dispatch says
the steam laundry there has received
a new "Mangle Machine."
"Manglin" things is about all the
fun a laundry .nan g: *s onjt of this
world, and we can't see why he
a labor-saving device to spoil his
good time.
I That th 3 traveling evangelist who
heat the devil out of Wenatchee has
carried his campaign to Waterville.
The Wasiiington Star's "Picture,
Gallery" says:
"Representative Cushman of Wash..
Excels at the game of "Kibosh,"
He is better than most
Ar serving a roast.
And that is no josh, by Gosh!"
That a Tacoma advertising head
line read, "We've Got Your Under- j
That during the present cold spell;
such practical jokes are liable to re- 1
suit disastrously.
That it would be a rank injustice
to accuse the Malaga politicians of
Gerrymandering in asking the crea
tion of a new voting precinct.
That under the new session laws
it is forbidden to catch trout In Che- j
lan waters between April 1 and June
110. j
! Disciples of Isaac Walton will do,
'well to paste this information on the
I lids of their bait cans.
That Aunty Race-Suicide says We
natchee will be a city of many thou
sands in a few years.
That every little bit helps.
That a Sound publication repro
duced portions of a recent article in
' the Daily World, entitled "Our Soci
ety Acrobats."
j New York is not the only matropo
j lis the doings of whose Four Hun- f
dred furnishes gossip for the rabble.
That \z looks as if Hughes, Cor
telyou et al mean to give Big Bill a
i run for his money.
That a fakir named "Credo" mes
merized the Yakima Easy Ones> and
departed with a scuttle of their lucre:
he told 'em he could magnetize a dol
lar with a mystic charm that would
make other dollars rusn up and stick
,to it. He did —and when ducked with
the pot.
The winner in the missing
word contest is
Get busy and send in the an
swers; there are only a few days
more to get the dollars.
The first correct answer gets
the dollar. Next prize will be
awarded Wednesday evening.
Too Many Voters Concealed in Brush.
Smaller Precinct Will Coax j
• Em Out.
Malaga residents have laid a peti-
I tion before the County Commission
ers, asking that Malaga and environs
; be separated from the Columbia pre
l einct and placed in a voting precinct
!by itself.
1 "As it is," said F. E. Kingsbury,:
; who, with W, G. Perry is engineering
s | the undertaking, "perhaps 75 or 100
' j voters who reside in various locali-
I ties remote from the voting places
1 i never get around on election day.
!Our plan is to lop a section of terri
"' tory off Cilumbia, Wenatchee and
■ | Clockum precincts, and form one of '
■ our own about ten miles square. This
j will enable all voters living in the
! proposed district to get out and vote
' and get home again without the loss
I of the time required under the pres
lent arrangement."
I I The county commissioners, advised
>J by Attorney Crass, will take up the
| proposed new precinct division at
1 j their next' meeting.
Wenatchee's Head Tax Ordinance
Win Now He Enforced.—
Pay Up.
You can either pay your poll tax
of two dollars now or become the
defendant in a civil suit in which
Wenatchee will be the plaintiff.
So the Supreme Court has said.
Wenatchee's recent Poll Tax Ordi-!.
nance is constitutional, but the Su-i
preme Court says that action to en-j,
force collection of such taxes shall be
by civil suit only—that the constittt- ;
tio.i of the United States inhibits im
prisonment for failure to pay taxes. .
Chief of Police Ferguson will soon j
begin the collection of the poll tax,
and such people as refuse will ire pro
ceeded against by the .city.
Way Up in Waterville.
The lease of the Globe hotel has
been sold to Mrs. J. F. Eustus, who
has been manager-of the Farmers';
Restaurant for some time.
( Special meetings are being held at
the Methodist church by Rev. Mr. ,
Glasscock of Cincinnati, Ohio. He is '
assisted by the local pastor. Rev. F.
B. Utter, and Professor and Mrs. Ginn
Orville Connors, the young man :
who has caused so much trouble and
excitement to Douglas-county, added '
! one more item to his career recently,
jlt will be remembered that he was .
j arrsted for horse stealing and the
'. night befire his trial came off dug '
[ through an inner wall into another 1
[compartment and escaped. He was
' arrested at Newport, but got out '
there. He was finally arrested by
Deputy Abe Brown at Cheney, and '
j brought back. The other night, it is ;
said, he split up a table into kindling
i wood, put it on the bed and then 1
set fire to it. Luckily it was seen
jin time to be put out without do-j'
ing any material damage.
World's Wireless Reports from Yari
i ous Out-of-Town Sojourners.
f !
I (By Maccaroni Wireless to Daily
I Soap Lake, Feb. 3, 2:30 p. m.—
World championship pool contest be- j
l tween O. B. Fuller and Frank Reeves i
running full blast; tremendous ex- 1
citement among populace and spe
cial police nrcessary to keep order J
Beting heavy. Under Soap Lake
it'ir>s conteb ant.? are obliged to sub
s;itute hard iioiled eggs for pool
: balls; Fußer got a bad egg and fell
j behind.
Later —Reeves lost his chalk and
Fuller wins.
i Seattle, Feb. 3. 3 a. x.—Mike
Whalen, on: of the survivors of the
Wenatchee-} 1 : .erett Elks disaster, was
discovered In he barber shop of the
Hotel Butler this morning disguised
as a barb'r. He started a row by
trying to singe the hair of a man
who wore a wig.
Omak, Feb. 3.—Arthur Dexter,
i Wenatchee's romantic actor, with his
world-famous aggregation of "Moon
Wenafchee Theatre To-Night, February 3. 9-Big Vaudeville Acts-9.
With Moving Pictures. Prices this Night Only: Children 20c. Adults 40c
! shiners," appeared in his own produc
tion, "Mucho Malo," in the loft of
jthe City Livery last night. The flo-!
< , ral tributes were various and sudden, j
Los Angeles, Feb. 3.—Frank Sche-j
ble, laic mayor of Wenatchee (where 1
is Wenatchee?) is talking politics I
(in his sleep) at a local hotel.
Goosetown, Perm., Feb. 2. —A tall,;
distinguished looking foreigner, who
speaks a language not intelligible to i
the good people of this community,
was picked up by the police on the vil
lage green yesterday afternoon. In
the man's pockets was found a visit
ing card, reading, "Dave Stein, Capi
talist. Wenatchee, Washington."
Rand-McNally's atlas shows Wenat
chee to be the name of a tribe of
Indians in Central Washington. The
chief of this tribe will be communi
cated with.
San Bernardino, Feb. 3.—A dis
patch from Bath Beach says that Ira
D. Edwards of Wenatchee, Wash., is
basking in the shade of the swelter
ing palms, munching ripe pineapples
and flirting with a sixteen-year-old
Spanish mesiiza. Go to it, Ira!
San Francisco, Feb. 3. —Padre Co
lin, who was "double-crossed" in
Wenatchee last April is at large in
this city.
Frigid Peak, Alaska, Feb. 3.—Re
port reached here from Iceberg can
yon yesterday that C. S. Crider of
Wenatchee, Wash., had discovered a
nugget as big as a bath tub. Sev
eral of the city's tin-horn deadbeats
are already writing Mr. Crider a,nd
asking for "touches.'
Everett, Feb. 3.— W. S. Gehr and
Cliff Griggs will return to Wenatchee
as soon as the latter's feet get well.
He is slowly improving.
Why Not?
Several of the ranchers are talk
ing of sending down to Wenatchee
to obtain steel rails to use in clear
ing their remaining acres of the
sage brush that abounds thereon in
profusion, the land to be cultivated
and set out to apples. When the
rails have thus served their purpose
they propose them as a starter for
the building of a railroad up the We
natchee Valley.—Methow News.
Slippery Jailbird Again Eludes Vigi
lance of Waterville Guard and
Escapes.—ls Caught.
Constable Simmons, returning to
day from Waterville, says that young
Connors, the 2 0-year-old horse thief,
who has been confined in the Doug
las County jail, picked the padlock '
on the jail door and escaped yester-!
day. The fugitive juvenile horse
thief was trailed by Sheriff Logan to \
an old slaughter house near Water- j
ville, where he was discovered con-:
cealed among some old lumber up
in the attic. The escaped prisoner
had wrapped his feet in old gunny
sacks, and was fully prepared for a
long march over the frozen snows
of the uplands. Being unarmed, he
surrendered without resistance at
the approach of the sheriff. His plan
was to remain in hiding until after
nightfall, and then clear out.
This is the third time Connors has
escaped from jail, and been recap
tured. |
Phillips Sells His Ranch.*
S. W. Phillips, the veteran Yukon
i operator, sold his W r enatchee ranch
today to D. W. Jones of Seattle. Mr.
j Jones, who paid $11,000 for his new i
l property, will take possession March I
' Ist.
J The zero weather has made skat- I
i ing a most popular pastime for the
I past few days. An interesting game j
of hockey v»i\s played by some of the j
' experts on ice skates near the docks (
i yesterday.
.Cashmere Mention.
The new school house is being
plastered. The steam heating plant
has been started, and now warms
both the new and old school build-;
Dorn's new building is being used \
every night this week by the Beeson
Bros, for their novelty show and the
sale of Quaker remedies.
Little Vivian Wiseman died Thurs- ;
, day of typhoid fever. Funeral serv
i ices were held at the Presbyterian i
church at 2 p. m. Saturday. Six of I
her little girls friends, members of
the same Sunday school class, acted
as pallbearers. Interment was made
in Cashmere Cemetery. She was j
about 12 years old.
City and County in Dispute as to
Which Shall Support City
Paapers. r «,
The old quarrel between the city
of Wenatchee and the County 01 Che
lan as to which of these political
bodies shall support the poor within
the limits of Wenatchee is again be
coming acute.
Three successive attorneys gene
ral of Washington have given an
opinion that, since the city pays a
general tax into the country treas
ury, paupers living in the city should
be cared for at the county's expense.
: Prosecuting Attorney Crass has ad
vised the county commissioners
against this, and it looks as if a
test case started by the county board
will be carried to the courts for ad
Mrs. Philip Leonard, who has
been spending a week iv Seattle, re
turned home yesterday.
Mrs. Peter Wheeler, who has been
spending two weeks in town, return
ed to her home on Wheeler Hill yes
J. M. Jordan of Savoy, 111., who
is looking over the west, with a view
to purchasing, has been the guest
of P. S. Darlington for the past
week. Mr. Jordan has been all
over California, in the Hood River,
Ore., country and in other fruit sec
tions, but is greatly impressed with
this valley. He left for Seattle to
day, where he will visit relatives.
Thomas Hallett of Mobile, Ala.,
is a recent arrival in Wenatchee. He
comes from the sunny south to study
fruit culture in this famous valley.
Mrs. John Gellatly of Fairbury,
Xeb., who has been spending the
past three months with the famiiv
of Judge Snell of Tacoma, arrived
yesterday to spend a week at the
heme of Mrs. S. E. dishing on Penn
sylvania avenue.
This morning the younths and
maidens of school age wended their
wa> to their respective seats of
1< aiming either jubilantly or deject
edly; there was no "go between"
mood. Either there was happiness
over another grade won or sadness
because failure to pass was the in
evitable. Every parent should show
interest enough in his offspring to
ascertain the reason his children
were not promoted; the right sort of
encouragement and help now may
be the making of a bright and am
bitious future for those in tender
(Editor's Phone 1131.)
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Browne enter
tained the members ofthe Saturday
Night. Whist Club in their suite of
rooms in the Columbia Valley Bank
building. The members of this en
joyable club are: Messrs. and Mes
dames J. Seaman, Wildberger, Wal
ter M. Olive, Guy "Browne.
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Trimble enter
tained a few friends at dinner Sat
urday evening at, their~ new home
on Orondo avenue. After dinner
the guests amused themselves at
I bridge whist.
| Mrs. M. O. Tibbits left yesterday
! afternoon for a short visit in Seat
Miss Mildred Wyman, who has
been visiting in Sound cities for the
past month, will return today.
( Mr. C. E. Owen left on Saturday
j night for a few days in Seattle.
I Mr. and Mrs. Percy Scheble re—
; turned yesterday from Seattle,
| where they have been for the past
1 Mrs. Philip Leonard, who has been
visiting in Seattle for the past week,
returned home yesterday.
Jos. A. Graham of Aberdeen,
Grand Master of I. O. O. F., was in
the city last evening on his way to
Okanogan, where he goes to insti
tute a new lodge of I. O. O. F.
Are You Stung?
Taxes are due, —
A blighting fragment of informa
tion which Treasurer Buttles is
handing through the mail in dismal
yellow postal cards.
Pay up before March IS and get
a rebate.
After June 1 pay interest.
How would you like to live in the
interior Chinese provinces and pay
10 per cent taxes on an inflated val
uation of your property.
America for low taxes and good
government, after all.

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