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One-fifth down, Balance Easy Payments
Hay, Grain Chop, at the old
I'roctor Stand on Mission Stree.
The Builder
General Contract W 7 ork, in
cluding plain, and reinforced
< oncrete. With a specialty of
ement Work.
Phone Sls.
South King Street.
The Leavenworth Liveryman
Prepared to furnish rljrs, sad
dle horses and pack trains to
the Chelan County and tran
sient trade. One of town cus
tomers phone of write.
20 ACRES land in East Wenatehee,
river front; easy terms.
Waiter AO. £
i Gambia Valley Hank Riiildiiu;
Reel Estate Transfers.
H. D. Finke to D. H. Halrantaa,
$■: 200. Pt. L 3 NW>/ 4 SWH See. 4
C. E. Little to Rasmus Larsen.
$2 5. L 5 B 29 Chelan.
Hattie E. Hooper to W. R. Pro v
"4 75. L 3 B 2 Fairview add. Wo
• rebec.
v A. Coppess to A. P. T viser. $600.
• -JO. B 40 Great N. Plat Wenat-
E G. Spencer to Tunrwa'er Bark.
• • 1-2-3-S B 3 Third add Leav. i
r a.
—7' "> "v)-— Givla, $*L r <o.
Pt WH SW>4 Sec 4-23-19.
U. S. to Camilie Mamie, BH SE\
BH 6EH See. >-26-i7.
iisle o Nettie Shot.
10 Acres under the Gunn ditch
in good state of cultivation
Mills Haberdashery
$600. E% NE% E% SEV4 Sec. 2
U. S. td John E. Shore, E% NE%
NE% SEI4 Sec 8-24-18.
Lamb-D. Lbr. Co. to J. E. Shore,
$125. L 16 B 1 Third add Leaven
: •worth.
I S. P. R'y Co. to Nettie S. Shore,
|$280, E% NE% Sec 31-27-18.
1 N P R'y Co. Nettie S. Shore, $280,
E% NE% Sec 31-27-18.
! W. R. Millard to Grace Riste, $6,
--,000, L 7-8-24-25 B 43 Replat First
j add Wenatehee.
A. L. Rogers to W. H. Morehead,
I $1,035. L 1-2-3 84L3-481L38
2 Millside Entiat.
H. O. Perry to Ole Valwick, $1,
--'2OO. Lfiß! E'tiat Fruitlands.
Entfc Im :>ro\ • neut Co. to A. E.
Case et al, $150, v 2-3-4 B 1 Ist add
i Entiat Fruitlands.
I J. A. S' aman to Walter M. Olive, |
$300, B 59 Replat Ist add. Wenat
W. M. Olive to Mis. Canal Co.. 1
I $750. S 60 ft L 2 afl L 3-4 S 60 ft L
j 5 B 59 Replat First add vV "enatchee. |
Grace Riste to P. P. Holcomb. $2.
--[SOO, L 6-7 B 20 Great X. Plal We-j
1 natchee
j Wen. De\. Co. to Jas. E. Rear"
JS7OO, [. 1-2 tj 4 Columbia Bridge add
! J. Pressman c* al to Philip Miller.
$1, vryi sw; y.wvi sec 15-22-2*
I Fieri W. Ih'ller to W. E. Stephen?
! $2,5' % 0. Ny, sec. 3-21-21.
I A t„. Haltble 10 C. H. Merritt, $1.
--, 000 L 2 B 1 Peachey add. Wenatehee
Anna B Cl ark to J. F. Beez ; ev.
I $1,750, Pt. W ■/• NEU Sec. 4-:3l n .
j Clara G- iham to J. F. Beeeley, $ I
j Pt. W% NEI4 See. 4-23-19.
j i'r. W. Wine to Andrew Wood
t>4?s. T 10 B 4 Columbia F vg 1
1 add W*natehee.
; E. W Fawley to G. NT. R'y CO..
I $1-9. right-of-way across L 8-i . ;
jJ5;P«at Krnit lands.
'11. A. Murphy t Martha W T ht
,»Mi(l, E% SM: SW* SS'i :
II »4-ft.
T ". F. McCoy to Wen. R. & I. Co,
5" 509 L 22 B 5 Nob Hill add We
j. A. Charlton to W. G. Steward,
$12,00*, SE»4 SWVi S 6 L 7 S 6-21
--21 eve. 2 acres.
i T. S. Land C. & F. Co. to J. H.
iWatkins $r>oo, Pt l 2 Pt L B i
Replat West Mission.
! iiattie Blakely to G. M. Bribes.
$16,000, SM> NE% N% SE% S c.
| 3-?S-23.
Monica Washington to Ira Freer,
$1, Pt SE% SWy 4 Sec. 3-23-19.
Clara E. Ivey to Chas. G. Carey,
$3,000 Pt. SM> SWVi Sec 3-23-19.
! Samuel E. Ivey to Chas. G. Carey,
$9,500, E% W% SWI4 SEI4 S 3
Phillip Miller to O. B. Fuller. $26.
--'OOO, B 1-23-24-25-26-27-39-40-52
Tract A. & B. Millerdale.
Philip Miller to Wenatehee R. &
L Co., $44,000, W% NWtt Sec. 15
Paul Stoffel to Daniel F. Peters,
$1,400, S 50 Ft. L 6 B 53 Replat
First add Wenatehee.
Charlotte McCracken (admin) to
T. H. Monroe. $12,000, N% NEV4 N
NW J ,i SWI4 NE% Sec. 26; all sec.
17-21-23-29 NH S 27-21-21.
Real Estate Contracts.
; A. F. Estes to David Stine, $1,
--'2OO. L 6 B 4 Nob Hill add Wenat-
I J. Dutcher to J. R. Atkison, $1100.
j L 21-22 B 6 Great N Plat Wenatehee
See the dinner ware in the win
dow at the Bazaar —% oft. tf
If you have any article to sell or
exchange an ad in the classified col
umns will bring quick results.
Read the Classified ads.
A nice line of glassware ] 4 off at
the Bazaar.***
A 6-quart Granite Milk Pan for
15c at the Bazaar. tf
1 Buy a $ worth for 75c at the Ba
zaar % off sale.***
For flrs'-class shoe work and
prices reasonable, go to Wenatehee
Quick Shoe Repair Shop. 28-30-2
All kinds of fancy china, cut glass
and silverware at the Bazaar — M
off. tf
For Kalsomining, go to Russell.***
• d States Senator?—
Levi Ankeny. S. H. Piles, j
''. •. '-Tien—
Jones. P. W. Cushman.
vV. E Humphrey.
' to.c OfDcsrs.
Albert E. Mead :
Lieut -Governor .......C. E. Coon
. >" "1 . . J. D. • Atkinpc >
C. W. Clausen
S. H Nichols
- - George Mills
• ' >s'oner . . .2. W. Ross
■ - sdent .R B. Bryan
Supreme Judges—
H. E. Hadley, R. O. Dunbar, W.
Mount, Mark A. FuPerton, F.
H. Rudkin, H. D. Crow,
M. A. Root.
County Office
Superior Judge R. S. Steiner
Joint Senator Aiinur Gunn
R presentative I. J. King
Auditor John Godfrey
Sheriff R P. VVebD
Prosecuting Attorney H. Crass
Treasurer C. 8. Buttles
Clerk J. Leigh Campbell
Assessor M. P. Spencer
School Supt E. r Bowersox
Surveyor 1 S Navarre
Coroner Dr. H. A. Saunders
W. A. Sanders. H. W Otis, Jos
City Officers.
Mayor Jno. \ Geilatly
Conncilm n—
A. A. Bousque*. F. i» Case, H.
R. Parshall, M. G Russi, L.
H. Belser, Chas Idberger,
C. E. Buttles.
Treasurer J. B. Graves
Clerk Sam R. Sumner
Police Judge J. B. Palmer
Chief of Police J. E. Ferguson
Water Commissioner. .P. Sherburne
City Engineer Roy Zahren
Health Officer A T. Kaupp
School Board—
Jno. A. Gellatly C. * Battles,
Chas. Kyle.
Ta Produce Crushed Rook for Build
ing Roads.—
Now Appointed.
j Spokane, Wash., April 27.—Con
victs from the sta' 3 per 1 iary at
Walla W 7 alla will be c~ i>7 oyed at
'quarries in -d stone
! for the construction of roals in the
various counties in hington.
j Gov. Albert E. Mead ' ; ipointed
a commission to advi: officials
of counties and m ni s to en-■
courage the establisbm ->f quar-j
ries throughout the state. The com
mission is compos d > c lian
ford of the Unite. £• -irt of j
Western Washing* Edward 1
Whitson of the 1 " eo-irtj
for the eastern d: r- .'ashing-1
jton; Samuel Hill. In Snowvl
state highway eommis e io ": Prof,
j Henry M. Landes. of ' ite uni
versity and stare r ol" "*n W.
; Arrasmith, sta'e grain \mr; K.
Bowers, county bui ■ *w on
county, and Sam"- ? C ncster. j
consulting engin r - *ej >ral'
good roads depar'men' » com-j
mission will probably r -M to j
j the legislature at i s next ' on
that the state take jver "'-its
as may be established, repayi-«- j
cost of the plant. The Tov«rnor
believes the aoremeat a ■"•"orious
one, and he desires to provide &
machinery for ~>sking It general
throughout the state.
Soap Lake News.
The stages are kept quite busy
conveying passengers to and from
Soap Lake and Ephrata.
Mr. Janes made a flying trip to
Spokane the last of the week. While
there he purchased more shade trees.
Nothing improves the looks of our
property more than shade tre^s.
Orval Sullivan has returned from
Wenatehee, and is busy putting in
a garden for Mr. Thomas.
Ernest Peterson is busy hauling
lumber for the addition to the Sani
Mr. Lowry's brother just arrived
from Austin, Minnesota.
Mrs. Stedman is having a small
bungalow erected near her restau
Mr. Warby has returned and is
busy getting his building ready to
open up for the summer.
Mr. Lynch's brother and wife have
returned from the Sound.
Mr. Janes is having another stone
cottage built near tne one he had
built last summer.
Mr. Deeds is having his block
fenced and shade trees set out.
The Soap Lake Sanitarium on the
west side has been opened "n
with Mr. Brown and Mr. Rosin as
A number o? our young people
went to the ball game at Ephrata the
other day.
Mr. Reard of Ephrata was a Soap
Lake caller Saturday.
Our liveryman, Mr. Thornbrue,
makes regular trips to Adrian to meet
passengers coming in over the Wash
ington Central.
Mr. and Mrs Thomas took dinner
with Mr. and MS. Tieldt Sunday.
Mrs. Kidder nd sister have gone
to Spokane to have the latter's eyes
For Wall Paper bargains, see Rus
Big Time' Planned by the Seattle
Chamber of Commerc %
I Seattle, April 27, 1908.—The
Chamber of Commerce, having in
charge the program of entertainment
for the officers and men of the Atlan
tic battleship fleet, which will arrive
In Seattle May 23, has virtual'y
agreed upon the official program for
the celebration.
j Admiral Thomas will bring his
fleet into Seattle harbor between two ,
ana three o'clock en the afternoon of i
May 23. The fleet will be greeted :
:by thousands of cPizens on b> ard a I
1 Meet, which will he made up of all
kinds of craft, fr>un motor !>or to i
i terchant vessels. Two big steam-
Eb>i<B, bearing the n coption commit-!
tee of the Chambe. - of Commerce, the
, Covernor of Washington, th ? Mayor
<of Seattle, and the. executives and
[leading offiicals of all the staler and '
chief cities of the northwest, wi'.l be
|in the lead.
| As soon as Admiral Thomas flat;
.ship, the Connecticut, drops anchor,
jterders will put off from the oifhsbil
I peats, and the ship will ba
bearded by the reception comnutteofc. I
J' ( .yor Miller will <\iend the ft oJ> t.
i)1>; c city to Admiral Thomas T! c
| Admiral will be presented wire a
ilnrsre key made of solid god from
I Alaska nuggets and gold dm f COC-
Ur ! 'juud by citizens of Seattle trd
KM.* titto of Washington. Whfe t 's !
j greeting is taking place, there rfli
Ibe a display of aerial fireworks and j
I huge bombs. This will be in charge
Of the Japanese colony of the city, j
which has sent to Japan for a special I
grade of pyrotechnics to be used on
this occasion.
Saturday night, the officials of the j
fleet will be entertained at a public
reception, under the auspices of the |
Chamber of Commerce, at the New
Washington Hotel. The reception
will take place in the lower floor of
the big hostelry, which will be finish
ed by that date, and beautifully deco
rated for the occasion.
For the entertainment of the visi
tors to ti*> city there wli be
band concerts at Pioneer Place and
Second Avenue and Pike Street, as
well as fireworks on the bay.
There is no set program for Sun
day morning, but during the af f er
noon the senior officers of the fleet ,
'will be taken on automobile trip to
Snoqualmie Falls. The junior offic
ers will attend Informal receptions at
the Rainier, University, Seattle Ath
letic, and other leading clubs of the
city. Many of the officers will be
taken for a cruise on the Sound in
Yachts of the Seattle Yachting cluh.
There T,ill be music and refreshment
at Woodland park and the Alask..- j
Yukon-Pacific exposition grounds, for
the enlisted men and the visitors.
Monday morning will wPness the
grand land parade to be participa f ' :
in by sailor* and marines from the)
battleships, local eomnnnies froc the j
National Guard of the Rta'e of Wa
ington. and Const Artillerymen from |
the Puget Sound For f s. It is expe "
,ed that 10.000 persons will be in line.
On Monday afternoon, the feature
; will be the 4 ep *>nd recmf'on to '•
given to the of »be fl <?
i will come to Re?' l ?e and to the vi;
I iting state and city off rial* and tb<
wives. There win be ; nicnic Mon
day afternoon a' Weodlend nark fo
the enlisted men. During the even
ing, tbere will be h?nd concerts and
a $5,000 d««n! , >~ o* fireworks all ov
the city, as we'l n h'g VBadevftle
and smoker f or B*'sted men al
Coliseum theatre
On Mordav algl t 'ille a*bi ,: I
the junior or*eer '* In n-o<-' m
the New Wj>shfn~ *be enlh*l ■ *
men of the flee* w s-> fV, « n m j
the Seattle : er MM «*tj> PI '
Department? a* a - >nd ball at Le*< h! |
Pavilion, for irWch ->«» 'ban a tae
aand invitation* • IP b» issued
Many people are taking advanta % ■ 1
of the \L off at *he Bazaar. *.- •
yo«? tf J
Readymade Flumes.
Special Fluming Lumber.
Headquarters hr Wilson's
Lime. Delivered.
We guarantee
our stock equal
to any. Come
and inspect it.
We do not sell
you No. 2 stock
for No. 1.
Free architec
tural plans with
a purchase of
$200 or more.
Office phone 145
Residence phone 585
Home of Delicious Ice Cream
Nuf sed.
Eagle Livery &
Transfer Co.
Draying, Piano
Moving, Express
Let Me
Haul Your Garbage
James Latham
City Scavenger
Baggage and light dray work
Phone 1435.
Have opened in the old Vachon
stand on Wenatehee avenu i near
Arrow Livery. Old and new cat
tomers given ru-ompt attention.
We Quhrta °> S Vis -tion.
The Blacksmiths.
M> Hoii'i 1 Sit* ! j
¥ »a ran
- . —-
' 4 , t
'* '*

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