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VOL. n. NO. 368.
A Very Rich Man Says:
'The American people are prodigal, and our extravagance will
have to be paid for by some one. People are taking advantage of
prosperity, such as has never been excelled in this country, to be
wasteful and extravagant. We are not saving up for the rainy day,
for the time of need."
How is it with you?
Are you saving and creating a fund which will work for you when
you can no longer work for yourself?
Your common sense tells you that it is better to
Save Your Money Now
even at a sacrifice, if necessary, than to want or he dependent upon
others in your old age.
But saving is only half your duty. You must invest your savings
An ideal form of investment is a Certificate of Deposit in the Col
umbia Valley Bank of Wenatehee. These certificates are issued
for deposits of one dollar and upwards. They bear 4 per cent in
terest payable semi-annually or annually, are negotiable, good as
collateral security and can be renewed at interest periods. We
solicit your banking business be It large or small.
Columbia Valley Bank
F. H. Brand, M. D.
Treats AH Diseases of the
Glasses Properly Fit tea
Upstairs Columbia Valley Bank Building. Hours: 9-12; 2-5.
Sundays by appointment.
Now on the Market
$125 to $350 Per Acre
A, F. ESTES, Owner
Cashmere, - Washington
have that screen door made. Call on
Geo. E. McCann
for quick and satisfactory work. Columbia st; next door to laundry.
Empire Says Steiner Will Not Re
move on Account of Fight Being
Madt Against 11 mi.
The Big Bend Empire this we?k
"Okanogan and Ferry counties will
have to look around in their own
counties for timber for a superior
judge. Judge Steiner, after consider
ing the matter carefully, and at the
earnest solicitation of his many
friends, has decided that he will
make the race in Douglas county
for superior judge. As the bar of
Okanogan county has inaugurated a
Wvn&ttfa Sails Ifewli
We have them.
fight against Judge Steiner. we be
lieve he is at liberty to withdraw, as
ft was understood that he would not
er'er the race there if there was any !
fi;. ht on."
Wenatehee vs. Cashmere tomorrow
Register for the coming elec
Mr. Wolf of Leavenworth is a We
natehee visitor today.
Miss Mabel Simmons, daughter of
Constable Simmons, has returned to
Wenatehee from Seattle where she
has completed her course of studies
at the Acme Business College. Al
though Miss Simmons was late in
entering the college, by perseverance
and diligent attention to her studies
she was able to leave at the head of
ber class.
Wenatehee Roys on Rig Hunt Are
i Put to Filght by Monstrous
Cinnamon Rear.
I To be perched up in the branches
of a fir tree, looking into the eyes of
a fierce animal which he had unsuc
cessfully attempted to bag—that
was the predicament in which Dave
Stine found himself the other day
while out at the head of Mission
Creek on a hunt with H. S. Simmons
and Carl Perry.
Sighting the bear at a distance of
two hundred yards, Stine took dead
ly aim and fired. Another shot soon
followed from his rifle, but for some
reason took no effect. The gun failed
to work a third time, and the
thought of a catch-as-catch-can
wrestling match, no holds barred,
with a wounded bear was not an en
joyable one, so Stine literally "took
to the tall timber." He tried to
reach his horse first but did not suc
ceed. Seeing Simmons some distance
away, he yelled "Look out, dad."
On the approach of reinforcements,
Mr. Bear became alarmed and made
his way into the thick underbrush
and escaped.
Capt. A. S. Burbank, I. E. DeLong
and H. J. Olive, of board of council
j men of Cashmere, were in Wenat
ehee Thursday, consulting special
1 counsel with reference to the public
! utilities now under consideration in
that town.
| Last summer, the Cashmere town
\ council passed an ordinance provid
j ing for the construction of water
and electric lighting systems, accord
ing to certain specifications. The
town later held a special election en
i dorsing the proposition and providing
! for the issuance of bonds. No active
J operations under the ordinance, how
ever, were begun.
Late la c t evening Chief of Police
! Ferguson wore a worried look an 1
when asked as to the cause, stated
that he was trying to figure out just
. where he could put the prisoners
1 should any more arrests be mad.
Accommodations at the bastile had
. all been spoken for, and the chief
• was sure in a dilemma.
Letter Prom Fruit Inspector.
The time is close at hand for the
first spraying for the codlin moth,
but each grower must determine the
exact time for himself. The first
spray should be applied at the time
that the greater part of the petals
have fallen, and just before the calyx
closes. This time will vary, both
with the locality and the variety of
apples, and therefore no exact time
can be set for all.
The frrst and second spraying are
the most important, and should be
very thoroughly applied.
Messrs. Hardman and Manning
have"' just received 1 word from* Prof.
Melander in regard to making ar
rangements for carrying on pis spray
ing demonstrations here again this
year. Mr. Melander will probably be
here in a few days, and I would sug
gest that every person who Is Inter
ested in fruit growing go and learn
what he can of the professor's meth
ods, which proved so successful last
Have you registered? If you have
not, remember the time is short.***
Wenatehee vs. Cashmere tomorrow
Consider Public Utilities Proposition
Offered by Clark, Scheble and
The town now has under consid
eration what it believes to be a more
feasible and economical method of
providing the same public utilities,
and there has been a question as to
whether or not it could proceed with
the new proposition under the old
ordinance and election. The council
men have come to the conclusion that
if they adopt the new proposition
they will have to pass a new ordi
nance and hold another election. The
proposition which the Cashmere coun
cil is now considering so favorably is
the offer of the corporation represent
ed by Messrs. Clark, Scheble and
Brent Lindsay, formerly of this
UCfty and now in the schools at Cash
mere, is in Wenatehee today with
the Cashmere team of athletics.
All Accommodations at Chief Fergu
son's Health Resort Taken.
When asked as to the reason for
the large number of arrests made
the past few days the chief stated
that it was probably due to the fact
that as warm .weather approaches
the "boes" come north, and as most
of the parties arrested were strang
ers here they were probably mem
bers of that free and easy fraternity,
who had dropped off at Wenatehee
for a little sociability.
And they will get it if observed
by the chief.
Officers of tlu Law CI Wtttg in mi
Men Who Stole Horses from
Local Livery Men.
Two young men who endeavored to
dispose of horses which they had
rented from the Arrow and Eagle
in Wenatehee, last Wednesday
evening, at Waterville and Chela/,
are being hard-pressed by the au
thorities, and it is expected that the
thieves will be taken some time to
day. I
The young men were very slick in
obtaining the horses. They applied
to the local livery man Tuesday, rent
n.S horses, which they returned at
the proper time, thereby gaining the
confidence of the stable keeper.
Wednesday they again appeared at
the stables, and were desirous of
obtaining horses to take a trip about
six miles up the river.
After leaving Wenatehee the men
headed for Waterville, where they
attempted to dispose of the horses.
Fairing here they then returned to
ward Chelan, where another attempt
to dispose of the horses was unsuc
cessful. The horse thieves next
started for Coulee City and Wilson
Creek. <
In the Ephrata vicinity the men
became so hard pressed by forces
from Wilson t Creek and Ephrata
that they were compelled to leave
the horses and take to the brush on
foot. They threw their hats into a
small lake near Stratford in an at
tempt to fool the officers that they
preferred drowning to capture. At
last reports the officers of the law
were closing in on the fugitives, and
it is expected that they will be cap
tured today.
Don't forget to register.***
Monday Evening Social.
The ladies of the Presbyterian'
church are planning a delightful so-1
cialcial for Monday evening at the
Manse to which the public are cor-i
dially invited. The following musi
cal program will be rendered:
Duet —Mrs. Stephenson and Mr.
Reading—Miss Mildred Wyman.
Piano Solo—Miss Maud Kent.
I Solo—Mr. Dallach.
Duet—Mrs. Shipman and Miss
Solo—Mrs. J. W. Berber.
At the close of the program ice
cream and cake will be served, for
which a small charge will be ma'
The committee preparing the even
ing'es entertainment consists of Mrs.
H. E. Fenton, Mrs. Johnston Wilson,
Mrs. Albert Wilson.
Wenatehee vs. Cashmere tomorrow
Catholic Ladies' Dance and Flag
Drill a Big Success.
The Catholic Ladies of Wenatehee
scored another success in their flag
drill and dance Friday evening at
the Wenatehee Theatre.
The flag drill came first on the
program, and was very prettily exe
cuted by thirteen young ladies and
through the manoeuvres showed
long and thorough training. Those
taking part in the drill were the
Misses Stella Reeder, Hallie Morri
son, Alma Courtway, Maggie Terrill,
Lillie Courtway, Bessie Graham, D.
Courtway, Ada Bartlett, Edna Don
alds, Nellie Courtway, Mamie Walsh
and Stella Gordon. Miss Dudley
was Goddess of Liberty and Mr.
Cohen was Uncle Sam.
«After the drill dancing was in or
der, and the party broke up at 1:30,
in the wee sma' hours." "Everybody
had a good time and the ladies are
to be congratulated on their efforts.
The committee in charge was com
posed of Mrs. Crollard. Mrs. Silver
man, Mr.s Welch and Mrs. Duffy.
Wenatehee vs. Cashmere tomorrow
At the Primaries Today.
Things started off rather quietly
at the primaries for electing dele
gates to the county convention. In
Wenatehee precinct, J. W. Fergus
had the honor of casting the fi.ut
ballot, and in Columbia precinct W.
A. Sanders was the first man to step
to the polls.
Wenateh >c vs. Cashmere tomorrow
Seven years of experience goes in every fram I make. Wenatehee Bazaar—Afternoons.
Chas. Kyle - Chas. Kyle
By Billy Oatstraw.
'Tis said that a couple of young
ladies that think themselves very
wise will land in the city boarding
house, and will be playing checkers
with their nose if they don't change
their behavior on the streets.
'Tis said that there was a fight
late the other evening, and there
were but two licks —the fellow hit
the floor and the "cop" hit the trail.
'Tis said that we have a chain
gang, and "Old 99 Days" is doing a
big stunt on the rock pile. Don't
get in Kangaroo court, boys. The
judge will change your mind.
'Tis Said that the Indians at Lake
Chelan call an automobile owned
there, "S-S-S-Skunk Wagon!"
Tis said that Mr. Casebeer of
Quincy is no relation to Mr. Bierwa
gon of the Okanogan.
Which reminds a local newspaper
man that he once had classmates in
college by the name of "Booze" and
"Beers"—and both were teetotalers.
And speaking of names reminds
us that a local printing establish
ment once had connected with it
men by the name of Stohl, Steele and
Lynch—and not has ever been in
jail—except as visitors.
Wenatehee vs. Cashmere tomorrow
Local Representatives Leave Next
Week for the College City.
Next week the representatives from
the local high school go to Pullman
to take part in the Eastern Wash
ington High school meet, where both
the athletic and declamatory con
tests will be pulled off.
Miss Vida Van Cleave will repre
sent the high school declamatory
contest, and about 16 boys will go
along to represent the school in the
different athletic events.
Wenatehee expects to take first
place in the declamatory contest, as
their representative is taking special
training in Everett under a good in
structor, and has a great advantage
in having natural ability in that line.
Last year they took third place in
the athletic contests, and they look
for a place this year among the top
Wenatehee ys. Cashmere tomorrow
liamh Ihrrtn Lumber Co. Now Turn
ing Out 150,000 Feet Per Day.
During the winter, while the big
mill was idle, Geo. A. Daly, mill
wright of the Lamb-Davis Lumber
Co.'s mill had a force of men at
work remodeling and making im
provements in the sawing depart
ment so that the output of lumber
at present is fully 150,000 feet for
every day's run.
Up to the first of this week only
one of the double cut band saws had
been in operation, but on Monday
both saws were started. There is a
fairly good supply of logs on hand
to which are added every day those
brought down by rail.
If the supply of logs holds out,
and there is good reason for believ
ing they will, the mill will run con
tinuously until next fall.
The Catholic Ladies wish to ex
press their thanks to all those who
assisted in the Flag Drill dance at
the Wenatehee theatre last night.
Wenatehee vs. Cashmere tomorrow
* Funer »l of Infant.
The funeral of the infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Duncan will be
held from the residence at 9:30 Sun
day morning. Rev. A. J. Adams of
the Christian church, will preach
the funeral sermon. The arrange
-1 ments are in charge of Undertaker
Funeral of James Duff.
The funeral of James Duff will be
held Sunday afternoon at 2 30
o clock from the famil/ residence.
The Masonic Order are looking aCer
the arrangements. The Eastern
Star and Rebekah lodge? wRI be
present in a body. Undertaker Hall
v. ill be in charge.
The funeral sermon will be
! >;•(ached by Rev. J. W. Berger. j
Hatchery at Stehekin' to be Stocked
With Salmon Fry Trout.
It is reported that five million of
the finny tribe are soon to be placed
in the trout hatchery at Stehekin.
W. B. Hobart is to take charge of
the hatchery, and will have two er
three assistants to aid him la its op
This hatchery is the only Institu
tion of its kind at present hi Chelan
county. However, it is possible that
a hatchery may be located in the
vicinity of Cashmere within the
next two years when the question
of the preservation of the small fry
is settled.
Cashmere to Cross Bats With the
Wenatehee Team on the Local
Field Tomorrow.
A good base ball game is slated
for tomorrow afternoon, when the
Cashmere team will meet Wenatehee
on the local field. The game is
called for 2:30 p. m. It is said that
Cashmere has put on some extra
good players, and a Cashmere man
said today that the team there ex
pected to put "the flxlns" on the
team at this place. Following is the
local line-up:
Cramblett, Cohen—Pitchers.
Green—First Base.
Dunning —Second Base.
Whisnand—Third Base.
God frev—Short Stop.
Whalen—Right Field.
Black—Center Field.
Reeves—Left Field.
Wenatehee vs. Cashmere tomorrow
Cashmere, May I.—At the resi
dence of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Farrow, of Breuder Can
yon, April 30, at 4 p. m., occurred
the marriage of Guy Long and Miss
Ida Farrow. Rev. H. T. Robinson,
of the M. E. church, officiated. Misa
Ida was one of our most estimable
young ladies, and Guy is a young
man of excellent habits and ability.
All our people join in wishing them
a long and happy life.
Wenatehee vs. Cashmere tomorrow
County Sheriff.
I hereby announce my candi
dacy for the office of sheriff sub
ject to the primary election on
the Democratic ticket.
Candidate for County Engineer.
To the Voters of Chelan County:
I hereby announce that in the
coming primaries I will be a
candidate on the republican ticket
for office of county engineer.
For County Engineer.
I hereby announce my Intention
of becoming a candidate for the
office of county engineer, subject
to the Republican primary.
Yours truly,
For Auditor.
To the Voters of Chelan County:
I will be a candidate on the
republican ticket for auditor sub
ject to the September primaries.
Yours truly,
Announcement of Candidacy.
I hereby announce my candi
dacy for office of Sheriff, subject
to the primary election on Repub
lican ticket.
For Comity Engineer.
I hereby announce my intention
of becoming a candidate for the
office <>l' County Engineer, subject
to (lie choice of the Republican
primary. Yours respectfully,

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