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Greatly Reduced Rates
Put your windows on a flat rate. It's cheaper. Ask «s about if.
Wenatchee Electric Company
"William Crawford left this morn
tag for Seattle to visit the fair and
I. N. Haviland of Ephrata is a busi
ness caller for a few days.
Howard Finch returned today from
two weeks' visit in eSattle with
Harry Richman went up to Cash
mere today on business.
Mrs. E. Gardner left yesterday for
Spokane to visit her daughter for two
H. E. Hardesty left today for Seat
tle to visit the fair.
T. F. Cantwell left on No. 1 for
Seattle, to visit friends.
Remember, Wenatchee Business
College opens Monday, October 4. **
C. E. Reeder and daughter, Stella,
left today for Seattle, to visit friends.
Mrs. R. N. Bradford left yesterday
for Seattle to visit friends.
Sam Covert left today for Seat
tle, to visit the fair.
George Rice, of Leavenworth, is
spending today here on business.
O. D. Finley came down from En
tiat yesterday enroute for the fair.
H. E. Seneff, of Twisp, is here on
business for a few days.
D. E. Appleton, of Watrville. spent
yesterday here on business.
A. E. Knowles left on the morn
ing train for Seattle to visit the A.-
V.-P. and on business.
Remember, Wenatchee Business
College opens Monday, October 4. **
Mr. and Mrs. John Godfrey left
today for Seattle and Vancouver to
visit relatives for two weeks.
Clyde Marsh left today for his
home in Seattle, to spend a week
with his parents.
The Butler Annex
Wenatchee Headquarters
$1.00 Per Day an<J Upwards
$3.00 Per Day and Upwards
Bus Meets All Trains
Closed All Day
Central Neat Market
N. D. Rhodes and Frank Rhodes
and wife left on this morning's train
for a week at the A.-V.-P.
Lyman Metzger, of East Wenat
chee, left this week for North Da
kota, on a business trip.
James Ajax returned this week
from Seattle, where he attended the
L. R. Bartlett and Gen O. Young
left today for Seattle on business and
to visit the fair on Wenatchee Day.
P. Y. Dickie left today for Seat
tle, to visit the fair.
Mrs. E. G. Spencer came down
from Lakeside this morning enroute
for Seattle.
Mrs. A. J. Barrett, of Lakeside,
passed through here yesterday, going
to the fair.
Mr. and Mrs. Gunther Carlberg
returned yesterday from a visit in
Seattle at the big fair.
Miss Carrie Trotter is on the sick
Ben Lowe and wife left this morn
ing for Seattle, to spend a few days.
Clois George is spending a few
days in Seattle at the fair.
Mrs. J. D. Stannard came down
from Peshastin yesterday to visit her
son for a few days.
Harvey Clarey returned this morn
ing from a week spent in Seattle
with friends.
Mrs. Howard Clarey came in from
Seattle this morning to visit friends
a few days.
Mrs. R. B. McCarthy letf yesterday
for her new home in Colorado.
Miss Edith Milner returned from
a two weeks' vacation spent in Seat
tle with friends.
Miss Herman, of Denver, Colo., has
accepted a position in the Ellis-Forde
millinery department.
Miss Anna Lindsey, of Chicago,
who has been visiting her cousin,
George Farwell, for the past week,
left for the east today.
Rev. James Clulowand daughter.
Pearl, left this morning for Spokane,
to attend the Columbia River con
ference which meets there.
Otto Anderson left today for the
coast to visit his mother for two
G. C. Humphries leaves today for
Seattle and will be with the Wenat
chee Band tomorrow in the parade
in Seattle. From there he goes to
Everett to accept a clerical position.
Remember, Wenatchee Business
College opens Monday, October 4.
S. N. Smith, of Spokane, who has
spent the past week here visiting H.
N. May of the Wenatchee Undertak
ing company, left yesterday for Se
W. C. T. U. Meeting.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at the
home of Mrs. Fred Eatherton, 227
South Chelan avenue, Friday, Sep
tember 3, at 2:30 p. m. A good at
tendance is desired as there will be
election of officers.
LOST —Pocketbook containing cards,
paper and money. Reward offered.
C. C. Ward. 9-4
WISH TO RENT a rooming house at
once. Call A. E. Knowles real es
tate office. 9-3
found please return to the World
office and receive reward. 9-4
Fruit boxes and crates for sale and
made to order at Wenatchee Planing
Mill. ***
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many things and place them in the
first or front of your procession in
Chelan county day, held in eSattle
next week and tag them accordingly
—say that Mike Horan could have
his little Shetland ponies hitched to
a small rig with the covering in the
shape of a big red apple and around
it the words "The Apple King of the
George Blair, with an old wagon
and horses with the old chain traces;
the first white male, with buckskin
pants and jumper, and the first white
girl dressed to represent the time of
her birth, and all tagged accordingly.
Yours truly,
717 Madison street, Seattle, Wash.
(Continued from Page One.)
conduct their business in a way that
rivals the largest cities in the United
States. The wealth and resources
of the banking institutions are estab
lished on a firm financial basis. The
loan value of Wenatrhee land? is |
without a parallel. The selling j
price of the land is hard
ly paralleled in the world. The
prices of the land values, in which
acreage in bearing trees is taken intoj
consideration, is far in excess of
that of any community known. Na
ture favors this valley. The wonder
ful climatic conditioss, together with
the topography of the soil, has en
abled the building of this great me
While the city today has a nucleus
for a ten thousand city in 1912, we
will surely equal this mark, and in
all probabiilties, at that time it will
have a population far In excess of
this figure. But we must not hesi
tate. We must not crow over our
victory today. Our latent energ> must
be used in a national display and
hence Wenatchee Day, the first step
to Wenatchee ten thousand strong,
January 1, 1812.
Wenatchee is going to Seattle to
perform a duty. The motive in defi
nite, its object is obvious. We are
equal to the occasion and will per
form in a manner that will more
than do credit to Wenatchee.
We will see new develop
ments, we will acquire new ideas,
many of which wil fan themselves
from the smoldering ember into the
blaze and we will come home deter
mined to do, and those things you
would do are just what must be done
to accomplish what we would —a city
of 10,000 January 1, 1912.
What man dares say that those of
you who are farming the dry land
farm do not deserve credit and con-
sideration—have courage friends,
success is at your doorstep.
Who cares to tell the man who
went into the forest and blazed a
trail, cleared the forest aside, built
a home, planted a crop, and is glean
ing out an existence, does not come
in for his share of the success—not
What mine was uncovered without
the trials and tribulations of financial
despair. Friends, we are with you
and you are one of us—we welcome
you into our fold—yes, we even im
pose on you and ask you for assist
ance because our success is yours and
yours is ours —without us, oblivion—
without you, decay.
Again let us say this is our march
to victory. This is the offering at
the temple steps, the fruit of our
vallefy to the world. This is a pro
clamation to the nations of the earth
of welcome. This is an invitation to
the nation's capital, to the railroads
and to the brains and energy of the i
land. This is a history epoch of
Wenatchee, Wenatchee Day—and I
citizens of Wenatchee will do their
best. We will show to those who have j
had their eyes on us so long that wej
are all we claim and more, and that;
our statements are modest.
Tomorrow you will be besieged I
with questions. Strangers from all'
j points of the globe will see your '
' pennants, which are an introduction !
Ito them and an Invitation for ques- j
I tion. All of you know with all cer
; tainty what Wenatchee is and what
it is to be, and it is to be only what
j you will make it.
One day has been set aside for
■ demonstration and that, Wenatchee
Day, Friday, September 3, 1909. In
| the morning you will parade the
i business streets, you will parade tht.
j grounds. You will be welcomed to
\ Seattle and to the exposition. You
will bea ddressed by men of brains
and affairs. You will impress on
these gentlemen the importance of
your community. You wilj disband
as an organized body and you will
devote the balance of your time to
the entertainment of your family and
Ito your personal education. Learn
what you can by observation for the
! good of your community. Come home
determined to make the best use of
your ideas. Let your first and last
impression be Wenatchee. ten thou
sand, January 1, 1912. Follow the
spirit of your own convictions and
make the other fellow believe it with
i you, make him help you, induce him
!to join our fold. It is worth his
: while and yours.
Here is a fine property of 70 acres which the owner
is forced to sell—no matter at how great a sacrifice.
He does not wish to part with all of it unless he has
to. For that reason he will not sell the entire ranch at
the same reduction as will be accepted on any portion.
So take your choice of the full bearing apple and pear
orchard, the full bearing peach orchard, the ten acres
of 3 year old Winesaps, Johnathans and Spitzenburg,
or the raw land. A first class water right goes with
the place. Improvements consist of $1,300 barn, $800
house, $300 packing shed, store cellars, fences, etc. The
ranch is located 11-2 miles from Malaga and 8 miles
from Wenatchee.
Call or Write for Further Information
22 Wenatchee Avenue
Scientist* to Tour Western Canada.
Winnipeg, Man., Sept. 2. —The
mebers of the British Association for
the Advancement of Science, who
have been in annual session here for
the past seven days, have arranged
to leave the city tonight for an ex
tensive tour of western Canada. The
places to be visited include Regina.
Moose Jaw, Calgary, Banff, Glacier.
Vancouver, Victoria and Edmonton.
Included in the party are many of
the foremost scientists of the United
KiKngdom, Canad and the United
A.-V.-P. or bust. Our store closes
all day tomorrow, Sept. 3. Schade &
Parshall Co. ***
L. H. Spaderock and wife came
down from Chelan yesterday and left
today •for Seattle.
Misses Martha and Olive Dunham
left this morning for Seattle, to visit
the fair a week.
The stockholders of the Farmers j
' Telephone and Telegraph company
jof Wenatchee, Washington, are here-
Iby notified that a special stockhold
! ers' meeting will be held at the Com
' mercial club rooms on the 14th day
jof September, 1909, at the hour of I
j 2 o'clock in the afternoon for the
; purpose of considering and acting.
will be on sale at our eastern terminals
at the usual low rates. Write your friends in the east about this.
Remember, the last chance to purchase the round trip tickets to
Chicago at $72.50 will be September 9 and October 4.
Call on us for particulars.
Agent for the Great Northern.
September 15th to October 15th
.upon and fixing the price at which
the corporate stock of said company
shall be sold, and for the transaction
of such other business as may prop
erly come before said meeting. All '
stockholders are earnestly urged to
Secretary. •••9-13
Perhaps You'll Need
Ne During the
Fall of '09
I do high grade dental work.
I do not do any other kind.
I cannot afford to do good
work at a poor price.
I cannot afford to do poor
work at any price.
I have had many years of
I have the best and latest
I have a completely equipped
I am located in the Columbia
Valley Bank building.
I am
Dr. Buck, Dentist
Office hours 8:30 to 5:30.
Phone 2735

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