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1 r;
?er, Brighter, Merrier and Busier than ever before?hundreds of Toys at 5c
lOc.'Hundreds at 25c and 50c. Hundreds at 75c up to $6.00.'
JREAKING * * t ? /"i j
jdekpricing Of Women s Garments
tf'fyii*- Ahead of them all?Harriso.Vs.ihe fint store in Fairmont to an
nounce a' REAL MARK-DOWN cale?right before Xmas to give Fairmont
wjf%??*schance to!secure a dress, Coat,Suit, Furs, or Skirt, for the holidays
gfobelow regular prices.?Rcmembc.T?P-TOP Quality?That's why our
gamjent business has grown so rapidly?once a Harrison customer, always
v day wo are
new friends?
tells anothor or
on values?the
fiq^IIty brings them
Entire stock or
coats at these pricoi,
irEaeh of 'these coat .3
v/aro worth double "our
$7.00, $9.00,
Plain or extreme, the
quality is; old fashion
ed?the prices are the
lowest evf r quoted ?
Perfect fitting i:?r
raenls, with a Harri
son guarantee, at
tlwn prices?
50.00, r-1.00, $13.00
$ 17.00
TIi suit;; arc sold
for double our prices
of Quality at the low
est in the city prices;
silk velvet, serge, all
wool satin and wool;
get one for Xmas and
surprise your husband
at the low coat and
fine style. Prices
range from
$-1.50 to $20.00
Cocie to
est and reliab!
??cm <3 while the
sets?brand ne
' plcte stocks.
u'.'.i won a reputation for hon
i'.hput charging high prices
i; also a .-a!e of children's
Let us show you our com
f* Boys Sunny Jim
ti "Sul ts?worth ? u p
to "34.00; over
"600 to choose!
from. Perfect
fitting, p at c h
'pockets. stitch- 1
od-on lielts,
fv"; en's .Over
coats, all-woo!
materials, per
feci fitting, rir}'
sty5" l?. tip-|
quality ?
a'l si;:.
$10. CO
XMAS Arcade
Many tables loadeddown
with Practical GIFTS.
Men's and Women's' high
grade Umbrellas, made of fine
quality English gloria, with
plain or fancy handles very
strong ribs, 98c.
Manicuring Sets, Jewelry
Soxes, Toilet Sets, Shaving
Sets, Lavalieres Cuff Links,
Scarf Pins. Me3h Bags, Vanity
Purses, Party Boxes, Hand
Bags?Lowest in the city prices
?come in and sec for yourself.
Ladies, Misses and Children's
Bracelets, gold filled, warranted
Bracelets in a variety of new
engraved design?Special, 98c
$1.50 upwards.
A great, big tabic piled High
with many useful gifts at only f.
10c. Something for a child?
Box of Handkerchiefs. Um
brellas, Raincoats, Knitted
Heeds, Sweaters?-Lowest in
the city prices!
Second Week
$|||| ' " -?/ ?
j? Of Religicvs
7 Campaign
S?{The second week of the r"
campaign Jn'progress at iho l ? by
Pierian church began auspiciot:: ly ycf
Ttgiday morning when a large i--" -
^tioni lieard Dr. Jarvis preach a nm -
.cellcnt sermon from tlfc theme. "lie
o Coming ?Home." Dr. psrvls took;
- to pra|EU tl:" la' ' ciio
?jrus ^H^B.fUEnlRhlnK the music for
Sthe som^H and stated that ho wa-t
being supported by the best choir if
h'n ovan."/li career.
!'?' f li IT.Im " for Oacll
service itwler vac ilin..;Uon of Ut<!j
- hor!' t'-r. Mrs. Myrtle Shr.w "Wnddcll. j
S. rvico: v. ill bo conducted each ev
olving f.T 'h'.i week with the exception ]
or !?: v The ?oU^v.inff subject Sj
v?*!!l I -' ' i Tor scriiioha during tin;,
?.Io*.v!ny "Why s^ynp People Are
:*\c c' : ?i ..*?
Tuc ' . - U;? and 1'XCUSCS." j
\Vo:l tie-Hay- "The Shut Door."
Tliur .--.?Jay?"Ilow to be a. Noble
Friday?"The Man Not Bis Enough
for the Job."
Sr.;::kiy--Tkcre will he a rcrviee in
Ueepin:~ v;ith the ( lirSijtnias spirit.
jrack of Funds for
Po^ver Dam Probe
Caused F.cjecticns
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Dec. 14.? i
The public service communion
today reft; ed to trr:\iv applications
?"or clam rir.c:; for hy pro-electric pur-:
p.'r've.--. in li:? rivers ?><' Went Virginia,j
Jir ;;.:ai v.Ui. on 11. ? r;.'outK? that the
omrni ?uion was divided as to author
ity and had been given no funds to,
employ engineers to advise with it j
in he construction cf the dams. j
The Norrhern Virginia Power Com
puny was granted permission to in-|
'crease the height of its dam in the
Shenandoah river by the construc
tion of a nc;v ft am.
The applications rejected were
those of the Virginia Power Company
and the Tri-State Milling ami Darn
Company for dams in the Nov/ river;
Gaulcy Power Company, Gatiley riv
er; Siate Line Power Company, Cheat
river, and the Fairmont and Clarks
burg Power Company.
The applicants were given the priv
ilege of insisting on an order of re
jection or permitting the cases to foe!
continued until next March, pending!
some action by the state legislature j
Commissioner H. N. Ogdcn was the t
only one of the corn mission favor-1
iiig the applications, but lie wanted ;
certain conditions complied with.
The Fairmont and Clarksburg Tow
er Company whose application to con ;
struct dams was refused according!
to the above dispatch, was the one j
that proposed to harness the waters j
of the Tygart Valley river and con-j
struct dams and power plants at Val :
ley Falls, and two more dams and
plants farther up this stream and
along the Cuckhannon river.
Ton get the best PITTSBURGH
GAS COAL delivered promptly when
you order from McCOY COAL COM
Phones; Offieo
Hell 129
Consol, 128
Mine: Bell 7SS-J.
11-20-e. o. w. tf
Select Here, Appropriate
pifts For Any Memberof the Family
|jhevery fact that this stor:
, is a splendid reason 1
"ty-t'\vo weeks to the year, provides the really useful
? you should come here, this week for your seicctions.
^ ?Beautifully colorful nr
srrf ""' '
^'decorations in metal lmv '.nv:\ v. ?
jajjjsj Into many unique dcslcns n this
lB^.'showing. As a gift to bo u ;c-fl in tno
ft^prae, you could find no b--': r suj^os
?Vtion. Equipped for c icctricity or r: \?.
(The Faniou s Lucky Curse)
Shewn in a great variety of beautiful mountings or plain. Shapes
art'! rises vary but .ill arc prov'ded with the Lucky Curve feature that
ir.ake; the Parker, the workl famed fountain pen.
$1.00 to $6.50
Our selections were made for just ouch purposes,
i* The novelty cf designs makes this showing very dis
?S tinctive and affords the opportunity of making a se
lection that fs cure to
please. The quality is
, ir; ? j fully guaranteed. Prices
Jlrcgfc range up to
Art Brass
Smokers' Stands, Um
brella Stands, Fern
Dishes, Dinner Gongs,
Ciarar Sets, Candle
Sticks, and many other
pieces splendidly ap
propriate for gifts.
**'$4.00 to $25.00
?.; $1.50 to $5.00
$2.00 to $10.00
25c to $3.00
50c to $4.00
75c to $15.00
jjp?BaUs?Striking Bass.?Boxing Gloves?Toy Furniture?Mechanical; Toy. of
?eft HALL Hardware Go.
Be Faithful and Hones! With
Before Sending His Mcnoy'to Distant j
Concerns Every Citizen Should Con
?ider the Duty He Owes His Home j
Town?Local Merchants Ready and
Willing to Compete.
[Copyrighted, 1914. by Thomas J. Sullivan.] i
Duty is a power that rises with us
in the morning and rocs to rest with
us at night. It Is coextensive with the
action of our intelligence. It Is the
shudow which cleaves to us, go where
?we will.
I.et us do our duty in our shop or
kitchen. In the market, the street, the
otllce, the farm, the school, the home.
Just as faithfully as if we stood In the
front ranks of some great battle and
knew that victory for mankind, de
pended upon our bravery, strength and
When we do that the very humblest J
of us will be serving In that great
army which achieves the welfare of j
the world.
A Dollar Lost.
It should be the slogan of every
rural consumer'never- to send away
for goods that lie can just as well buy .
at home, tvery time you send a dol- j
lar to a mall order house that dollar, j
as far as you and your community are I
concerned, is practically out of clrou- j
Your own home merchant is the one
?who helps to keep up your schools, '
your churches and your town. He is
the one. who deserves your trade and j
not some catalogue house in Chicago
or elsewhere.
Goods on Unsecu-ed Promises.
When you have nothing to give in
exchange, to whom do you go for ac
commodations until some uncertain
time when you can pay?
Do you not always find your home !
merchant ready and willing to let. his '
goods go on promises, not guaranteed ;
notes, but verbal promises, trusting to j
your honesty and Rood luck in meeting !
the obligation later?
How many farms have been paid for :
by your merchants advancing both the
goods necessary to keep life in the !
body and cash to meet that dreaded
Interest on the mortgage?
Under the same conditions would j
the farmer trust the merchant for
months and months with tlie produce
of his farm, or would lie ask for cash
or Its equivalent upon delivery of the
Not a Robber or Cheat.
We know that the average consumer
does not feel that his local merchant is
n robber or a cheat; but. like all hu
mankind. the catalogues and prices of !
mail order houses appeal to him, and 1
he forwards his order and cash with- |
out considering the injustice he is do- j
in}? himself, his merchant and his J
home town.
The catalogues of the mall order |
house are illumined with pictures to
catch the eye of the unwary. They j
range iu complexion from a brunette j
banana to a blond canarj* bird. They*
olTer to sell you anything from a phi
losopher's stone to a cypress shingle
sawed out of a sunbeam.
Cash Versus Credit.
It seems unbelievable, but it is nev
ertheless a fact, showing the entire
lack of any sense of justice, that luanj*
people regard their local stores as
merely institutions of accommodation.
When these people have cash to spend
it goes to the faraway mail order
liouses, but when times are dull, when
they are sick or out of work or during
the season when farmers are not turn
ing their produce luto cash, what do
they do? Do they write to the cata
logue house and ask for credit?
If they did do you think they would
get it? Not 011 your life! Those con
cerns must have cash, must have It in
advance, must have it before you can I
even see the goods you buy. The con
sumer sends his. money and then sits
down and waits until the mail order
house gets good and ready to till his
Hut when homo people want credit
or favors of any kind they hustle off
to their-liome merchant, very obliging
ly order what they want and tell him
to charge it. expecting him to wait at
least from one to six months for his
Dealing With Neighbors.
In buying from your home merchants
you deal with neighbors. Buy with
goods before you. Pay when you get
the goods if you so elect Have goods
delivered free. Ileturn goods if not
satisfactory. Build up your home
Help build up your own home town
and make of yourself a man worthy of
your day and time. Every man should
take pride In being a good Amorlcan
citizen, and we believe most men do
and that isost men are, or at least de
sire to be, !but what kind of citizen is
the man who supports an octopus?
Should he not be placed In a class
with the man that knocks his own
business? That sort of man is invari
ibly neither a good neighbor nor a
;ood citizen.
in "The Quaker Girl,"
At The Grand, Friday, Dec 18
Wesleyan Basketball
Schedule Announced
nUCKHANNON, Dec. 14.?Captain
SINGLETON and the candidates for
the 1915 Wesleyan basketball team re
ported to Coach Mi. Pleasant this aft
ernoon in the large college gymna
sium. There were twenty men out. (
for a place on the varsity, several men
making their first appearance in a
Wesleyan suit. The raon from lust
year's squad who reported were: Cup
tain Singlwoton, Jacobs, Merrells, W.
SliuniaUer, Morrison, ileavener, Roa
Begar, Daniels, Loonoy, Teetrlck and
among the new men were O. Shu
maker. Inst year forward on the Buck
Uannon High school team: Lennard
and Ross, both of the Salem High
school team of last year; Curtis, of
Moundsville High, and Dawson and
Aken, of the class league of last year.
There were many others, but those
perhaps are the moBt promising at the
first practice. It can easily be scon
that Wesleyan will again be in the
running when the state championship
is dcchled this year, as a team can
be selected from the old men out that
would he more sxperlenced than tho
one with which she entered the del l
last season, and the new material is
the most abundant and the most prom
ising Wesleyan has ever had in this
sport. The coach lined up the men
in two teams and they played for
almost an hour bo that ho could get a
line on each raan'B ability, and tho
plans are to cut the squart to a more
workable size at an early time, as
the season starts very soon after the
beginning of the winter term. Capt.
Singleton was not In the lineup and
with Morrison at center, Ileavner and
Rossegar at guards, and Jacobs ami
W. Shumaker at the forwards there
was some mighty fast basketball ex
hibited by the varsity, and the scrubs
were never dangerous. These men
have all played together practically
two years, and they ran away with
the game. The schedule follows:
January S, Wheeling V. M. C. A.
at home.
January 13. U. S. Naval Academy at
Annapolis, Md.
January 14, Catholic University at
Washington, D. C.
January 15, Georgetown University
at Washington, D. C.
January 1G, University of Virginia
at Charlottesville, Va.
January IS, Washington and Lee at
Lexington, Va.
January 19, Charleston at Charles
ton, W. Va.
January 22, Clarksburg Scholastics,
at home.
January SO, Davis and Elkins Col
lege at Elkins, W. Va.
February C, West Virginia Unlver-,
sit.y at home.
February 8, West Virginia Univer
sity at Morgantown.
January 12, Bethany College at
liom?. ,
January 15, Marietta College at
Marietta College at Marietta, O.
January 16, Muskingum Collego at
New Concord. O.
February 17. Notre Dame, at South
Bend, Ind.
February IS, Michigan Aggies at
Lansing, Mich.
February 19, Ohio Northern Univer
sity at Ada, Ohio.
February 20, Bethany College at
Bethany, W. Va.
February 23, Pittsburgh Collegians
at home.
February 2G, Marietta Collego at
home. _ ?
March 1, Davis and Elkins Collego
at home.
home. . ,
March 12, West Virginia Univer
sity at.Fairmpnt, W. Va.
March 20, State High school chain-^
pionship tournament on Wesleyan
floor at Buckhannon, W. Va.
PARKERSBURG, Dec. 14.?Justices
of the Peace and constables, from all
parts of the State, met here and form
ed the West Virginia Justices and
Constables' Association. Officers were
elected as follows:
President, R? L. Fleming, Fairmont,
'"Hsszsnzr pi %
? The Store of
Style and Quality
Prleei Tempt
ingly Low
of many lines of apparel suitable for gifts and;the!:
55 holiday social season; and the fact that theyfcar?f
^ be bought at very advantageous prices now, make's
0 their buying doubly attractive.
Street and Evening Gowns at $14.75. $16.1>0;
^ and $19.75; formerly sold at $25.00 to $40.00.
Stylish Tailored Suits at $14.75, $17.50 and
^ $19.75 ^formerly sold at $25.00 to $40.00.
Stylish New Coats at $10.00, $12.50, $15.00 and
m $18.50; formerly sold $18.50 up to $30.00.
^ Handsome Trimmed Hats, "the only kind we
^ handle," at HALF-PRICE and less.
Called to Parsons.
Miss Lute Bak'er, a nurse at the
! Miners' hospital, was called to Par
i sons, W. Va., Saturday by the sudden
doatli of her father, Dr. Baker. The
deceased was well known here, hav
| ing formerly resided in Columbia
' street. Mr. Howard Baker, a son of
Dr. Baker, who was the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. llaymond, just returned to
his home at Parsons a few days ago.
Mothers' Meeting.
A mothers' meeting of the W. C.
T. U. will be held Friday afternoon at
2 o'clock at the home of Mrs. John
S. Pople on Merchant street.
Y. M. W. Club.
Mrs. Lefevre, of Gaston avenue, will
entertain the members of the Y. M.
W. Club on Wednesday aftornoon.
Christmas Programs.
Christinas programs are being pre
pared by each grade of the three
schools in this ward. The programs
consist of recitations, music and drills
and will be rendered on Friday aft
ernoon of this week. The schools
will close Friday evening for the
Christmas vacation, and will re-open
on Monday, January 4th.
Mrs. Elliott, of Harrison county,
is visiting her daughters, Mrs. Lute
Brown and Mrs. Stella Brown, on Dia
mond street.
Mr. Harry Carpenter, of Do!a, W.
Va., spent the week end with his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Carpen
"TIZ" makes sore, burning, tired feet
fairly dancc with delight. Away go the
aehes and pains, the corns, callouses,
blisters and bunions.
"TIZ" draw*
out the acids and
poisons that puff
up your feet. No
matter how hard
vou work, how
long you dance,
how far you
walk, or how long
you remain on
vour feet, "TIZ"
brings restful
foot comfort.
"TIZ" is won
derail for tired,
aching, swollen, smarting feet. Your feet
just tingle for joy; shoes never hurt or
seem tight.
Get a 25 cent box of "TIZ" now from
any druggist or department store. End
foot torture forever?wear smaller shoes,
keep your feet fresh, sweet and happy.
' - >. {?&>
ter, of Pittsburgh avenue. .c
Mr. and Mrs. Burdess; of ,Market
street, are visiting at Chicago, Junc
tion * ?-* u ?
All persons owing the lnte Aaroa;;F.
Ratter-field will ploaao arrange for'-iet
tlcment at once. Also, all .having ac
counts against said decedent- vrlii-flle
tame with the undersigned tor pay
ment. ?, ? .
For Infants and Children
In Use For Over 30 Ymts
Always bear*
Signature of
Barry JR. Cole
\. a
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing.
Ladies' Work a Specialty.
Suits Made to Measure.
Send us your work fcyparoel
post and let us know when yo
will call for it. ?- *s
121 MAIN ST. ,
Opp. Colonial Theatre, Over Bar*;
ber Shop. Bell phone 43-J. >;
For Sale!
. -
Palm Oil Feed for hogs or cat-?
tie. $16.00 per ton, f.'oV b. ciarka
burg. Can make prompt shipment.'
Clarkiburg, W. Va
Mountain State Brann
Sweet A
Made by the Morgan Count;
Cold Storage Company, of Bei"
ley Springs, W. Va.
This most healthful, nutritive^
temperance drink.
Made from thoroughly was)
ed, selected apples. Grown In
the great Eastern Pan Handle.
If not carried,by your grocer
phone Frank Morgar^fte|tl~"
phone. f
This cider hat been tested
the Prosecuting Attorney
Morgan Countya nd:vyasjpgr;
ed by him as Being- non-alcoi
" .. rl'
Oar Industrial Power Department is composed of1
the application of gas for power, either throng tke |
or steam boiler.
We offer you asiistanoe in solving your power
out .obligating you.
Our advice is given only after we make careful f
present equipment. A report of theqp tests will be
whether you decide to do businesi with us or not. .
If others in your line of buiine* can profitably 111
you can also.
There is no tine like "BOW" to get the facts as
your case.

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