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to GETBUSY!ndSeto"lent^g^i(^a^^^^^a^
:lciK?tiple items continue great;at the,'.various counters,r.*nd/tHer? ar^gfle^oWi^ltfrtty.^Uu
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kJTC** - . ' '.-????.? - -? ?- ??-??' ? 1 ?
The Coats Are Selling Fait.
No Wonder?look at the prices hereunder. We purchased an extraordinary lot at leas than we
could buy after January, because the maker, was pinched for cash?he wanted to keep his workmen
; busy? so gave us his profits as an Xmas gift and we are going to make yrfu the same conditions?Come
early. -
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Sweaters ? every
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our values. Prices
from 98c up
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late models in ev
ery imaginable ucl
or or style.
$1 50 up to $5.00.
Doll Carriages Mechanical 3,000 Homeless Dolls
w Won't some kind klddo offer ?
Leatherette and steel frame, fold- T R A I N Q ni" .wa[.m, h0?' w\ have? la.r9
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, lastlno Xmas aift SDecial today * The flreatest bargain ever. 7oc DAY, 15-Inch jointed-body dolls,
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p ' A tremendous stock of imported Hundreds lipon hundreds of dolls,
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T"VV MJs tW ^fvivV track inventions.. Prices, 59c, 75c. dressed and dressed.. Prices from
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A Terrific Sale of Womens and Chldren's Furs
,<?: .
Wool Blankets
t, We have plenty of them.
"Klrschbaum'! make.
$10.00 and $15.00.
Overcoafe I 111
Every conceivable kind. ///If ll)
Men't, $5.00 and up. 5HII
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"ffirechbaunr1 Ready-Made Suits and Overcoats are
- ^Nationally Advertised ? $15, $20.00 and $25.00.
Get "Him" & Kirschbaurr S u i t or Overcoat for
By Dr. Jar vis
W ^VKfeasoiw and Excuses" was the sub
''IMZt'lram which Dr. Jarvis preached
splendid sermon at the Presbyterian
*?8Kurcii last evening. Dr. Jarvis ask
Jett* tiie* congregation to name a num
E?pJS?4fjffc reasons given by unbelievers
:' tS^ not accepting the gospel.
' AiJibhfc the questions gleaned from
^ the.co-ngreBation were the following:
if'Too many hypocrites in the
? chnrch."
gg^Spfft feel like it."
"Haven't got time."
S 1 jr ~ ' - ' ' i
"I have lots of time yet."
"Don't believe in the Deity of
Dr. Jarvis then stated that none of
these, with the possible exception of
the last named, could be classed as
reasons, but wore simply excuses or
subterfuges given by unbelievers to
put oft the matter of accepting Christ
as a personal Saviour.
After dwelling on the fact that
there could be no real reasons for
failure to accept Christ, etc., Dr. Jarv
is spoke concerning the divorce evil
and said that If the nation embraced
nation-wide prohibition the. divorce
statistics, as to this great evil, would
bo cut down and America would not
become notorious as a nation having
the greatest number of divorces.
The services under the direction of
Dr. Jarvis grows in interest with each
sorvice and despite the cold weather
the congregations are large. Several
people professed faith in Christ last.
torc?Rrst Ward
Warmth is Assentlal to Good Health
? Store Open Evenings Till Xmas
fMalth Comforts" are made of
;flrie allkateen and the best of fluf
fy know white cotton. They are as
flight as a feather and are much
warmer than other kinds.
'?> Price, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $3 50 and
-.$4.00 and $5.00.
: Other comforts at $1.00, $1.50 and
The "Kennebeck" kind,
and $5.00 pair.
You would not know these from an
all pure wool blanket, and they are
equally a* warm.
$2.00, $2.50, $3.00 pair.
Colli) ii Blankets
$1.00 and $1.50 pair.
si-. They take the place of overcoats
" and are very popular. Men's "Mack
inaw*" $5.00 to $8.00.
Boy?' "Mackinaw*" $4.00.
Mens Hnk Coats
Heavy fleeced and Fur lined.
$1.50, $2.50, $3.50 and $5.00.
Outing Shirts
Ladles', 50c ^nd $1.00.
Men's, $1.00.
Children's 50c.
Ladies, Misses
And Children's Coats and Ladles'
Jacket Suits at "give-away prices."
Why Say More?
night and good results are being felt,
throughout the church membership.
Tonight Dr. Jarvls will preach on
the subject, "The Shut Door." This
will bo a splendid sermon and It is
hoped that tho public will turn out
in large numbers to hear Dr. Jarvis
preach. ,
Splendid music is furnished nightly
by the choir.
? ?
There is quite a good bit of sickness
at this writing.
Miss Madge West, of Hoult, is stay
ing at Clair Lowther's.
Sir. Carl Rocjeheaver, of Preston
county, is spending the week here
with his sister, Mrs. Clark Swisher.
S. W. Harden and Clair Lowther
were Fairmont visitors Thursday.
Mrs. J. A. Brown, of White Hock,
[ spent Saturday and Sunday here with
her mother. Mrs. Margaret Haun.
Misses Delia and June RadcllfTa
1 were shopping in Fairmont Saturday.
Mrs. Clifford Radcllffe, who lias
been visiting at J. 0. Radcllffe's, re
turned to her home in Fairmont Fri
There was a iarge crowd hero Fri
day night to attend the literary.
Messrs. Tom Haun, Clarence Itaun,
Fred llalone, Worth Maun and Henry
Swisher spent Saturday in Fairmont.
Born Thursday, December 10, to
Mr. and Mrs. C. AV. Lowther, a girl.
Mrs. Jennie West, qf Beechwood,
was here Saturday.
Our postmaster, Lanta Mnhaffy, was
a business visitor In Fairmont Tues
day afternoon. Mrs. Lawrence Poling
had charge of the office during his
Bom Friday. December 11, to Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Summers, a daughter.
Mrs. S. W. Harden was n Fairmont
visitor Saturday.
Mrs. Guy Swisher and Mr. Paul Bar
j ker, of Fairmont, spent Sunday here
with Mrs. J. N. Swisher.
Mr. Tom Clelland passed through
here one day last 'week enrouto to
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer, of Wheeling,
spent a few days last week here with
the lalter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Clelland.
James Mahaffy was a business vis
itor in Fairmont Tuesday.
Mr. Thomas Devault is moving his
family from here to Hoult, where he
will he employed.
MIsb Sylvia Ross was shopping In
Fairmont Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellas Summers wers
Fairmont visitors one day last weok.
A few of the young people from here
attended the dance at Montana Mluea
Saturday night. i?
Mrs. Zalla Poling was shopping at
Fairmont Saturday.
Mr. Henry Huffman, of Bunner's
Ridge, spent Sunday here with his
sister, Mrs. E. M. Summers.
J. E. Summers was in Fairmont Sat
Earl Lowman, of Mnotana Minos,
was calling on frionds here Sunday.
Mr, and Mrs. Louis Fee spent Sat
urday evening in Fairmont.
Mrs. J. W. Brown was visiting Mrs.
Elizabeth Summers Friday night.
Willie Klsner, of Murray, was call
ing on friends here Friday evening.
Hayman Greenhouse Co.
W.;i,.m 1W.1 lil.lv Betli Pnon.-N
1 Fire which broke but yesterday alt
I ernoon at 8 o'clock^ co^lde>*ble
damage to the residence of Thomai
Gilkeeon, the transfer man.llvlngat
224 High street. One end o: th
hoarding was bumed.
I The lire started from an open grato
on the first floor, where a coalMre
1 was burning. None of the 'am"?
| were at home when It oecnrred. a
I this allowed it to obtain a food star
i before the alarm was sent into tUe
Central Are station.
The fire, department responded with
Its usual promptness and_CWef Wat
kins in the auto reached the seen ,
first but it had obtained such a head
way' that the chemicals which his ma
i vl-agonB"had^hard"time in making,
M.e ?n on account ot the snow and
slippery condition on thestoeets, but
had it under control.
China and dishes in the china closet
and much canned fruit was destroyed
us well as the clothing in tie ward
: robe. The building 1b owned by W
j Weigal and A. G. Martin. The loss
on-it is covered by insurance.
It was necessary tor the firemen
i to break down the door before they
| could enter to fight the flames.
? : *
Mrs G. L. Howell, of Annabelle,
was Shopping In town ?" J"e8^yTev.
Mr. nad Mrs. James Iladllff, of lev
1 erlmugh, were visiting here last Sun
i day.
W F. Caldwell, of Westchester, was
! a business visitor here Tuesday,
i Tuesday morning was thei c?lde?t
of the year here so far, aome ther
mometora registering as low as
Fred Haney, of Fairmont, was call
lnc on the trade here on Tuesday, but
he seems to have run out of a supply
o? good jokes. Stock up, Fred.
There will be a box supper at the
school house tonight (Wednesday
Proceeds for the benefit of the 11
I Morgan's new brick bouse on
Mnln street Is nearlng completion, it
win bfone of the prettiest dwellings
on that thoroughfare.
There has been considerable com
plaint of chicken stealing
noT'carefuf they may expect a load
of buckshot some ot thesenight
The municipal election wfll t|
Thursday, January 7, 191o. So tar
there have been no nominations for
'the various offices to be filled
The Ladles* Aid Society o j
Christian church ^rejund^h ng ^
a wUl be used for meeting Purp?=?
and to accommodate the growing Bi
Safsy No $20,000 slushJtand_ would
be'ahile to carry It for Democracy.
Master Harold Fortney, who has
been 111 for some time with pneumonia
ts under the care of Dr. George
B?MrbRoyWet>er got his foot hurt one
day ia^t week while working on the
unUl SiSliday with her parents, Mr.
atrMHermaneCoUms was calling on
hl?sis"s. Thomas Lanham, last
SMra George Weber was visiting his
o runaway near Granon a
'^sTATamfslU new grate for
hfrliN via wireless to SayvlUn.
, X Dec 15.?An official report given
out "at headquarters late , last nigh
""?'The French have made weak at
tacks against our position between
Meuse and Vosges but ?^were
easily rcnulaed. There^ ,n
nor tan t events on tn . our
battaHlonV are said to have
^he^TuSh offlc^l^ultetta says
that the crulser, Sultan Selim, .bom
barded BatuI"h?nclty ?? The Russian
Z\ batteries^returned the firewith
iy that a. Mohammedan uprlslne
50,000 armed
?tr?r to fieht -
H?re'? ' Grandmother's Recipe to
Darken and Beautiry
Faded Hair.
That beautiful, even shade of dark.;
glossy hair can only he had by.breiy
lug a mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur
Your hall is your charm, it makes
or mars the face. When It fades,
turns gray, streaked and looks dry,
wispy and scraggly, just aa applica
tion or two of Sage and Sulphur en
hances its appearance a hundred fold.
Don't bother to prepare the tonic;
you can get from any drag store u
69 cent bottle of 'Wyeth's Sage and
Sulphur Compound," ready to use.
This can always be depended upon to
bring back the natural color, thick
nes and ustre of your hair and re
move dandruff, stop scalp Itching and
falling hair.
Everybody uses 'Wyeth's" Sage and
Sulphur because it darkens bo natural
ly and evenly that nobody can tGll it
bus been applied. You simply dampen
a sponge or soft brush with it aud
draw this through the hair, taking one
small strand at a time; by mornlug
the gray hair has disappeared, and
after another application 11 becomes
beautifully (lark and appears glo3sy,
lustrous and abundant.
W. R. CRANE Drug
U. ot P. Will
Play Varsity
A number of matters ot vital im
portance to the football schedule for
West Virginia Wesleyan for 1915 have
occurred during the last few days. The
most important of these perhaps are
the offers of games with the Univer
sity of Pittsburgh, Washington and
Jefferson. Washington and Lee, Penn
sylvania State College, Marietta, Car
lisle, A. & M. of North Carolina, and
a tentative proposition from the Uni.
versity of Pennsylvania for s game at
Philadelphia. In addition to these ot
fers ot games have come from Gallau
det, Davis-Elkins, Geneva, Westmin
ster and half a scorc of others of the
1914 schedule.
The University of Pittsburgh has of
fered to play Wesleyan at Clarks
burg, a proposition that Is seldom it
ever made by the big Pittsburgh in
stitution. Carlisle has also offered
Wesleyan another game In West Vir
ginia. The Washington and Jeffer
son game is closed, to be played on
November 13 at either Clarksburg or
Wheeling, and it is thought that the
matter of the place for the game Will'
be settled within the next two weeks.
? ?
Those who are sick now are: Mr.
Calvin Morris, Mrs. Belle Kennedy,
Mr. Claude Michael, Miss Stella Mor
ris, and Mrs. Lucy Varner.
Mr. Johnio Varner was calling on
Mr. Sarle Kennedy Saturday.
Mrs. Belle Michael and son, Clyde,
were calling on Mr. and Mrs. Eddy,
Miss, Wealthy Ganol was calling on
Miss Joy Kennedy, Saturday.
Mr. Engene Kennedy was visiting
hit) mother, Mrs. Sue Kennedy, Sat
urday and Sunday.
Mr. Hoblart Ganol was visiting nls
uncle. Mr. Tom Freeland, near Rives
vllle, Saturday and Sunday.
Miss Nolia Kennedy is visiting ner
sisters at Rlvesvllle and Fairmont
Miss. Hattie Kennant of Fairmont,
was visiting her cousin, Gao, Satur
day and Sunday.
Mr. John Collum, -was visiting' his
aunt, Mrs. ElBle Varner, Wednesday.
Mrs. Ganoe was. calling on Mrs.
Kennedy Saturday evoning.
Mr. Fred Varner, returned home
from Ohio Tuesday, and hail a line
Mr. and Mrs. Hood Michael wore
shopping at Fairmont Thursday.
Those who were at Mr. Wm Earner's
Sunday, were Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sntd
or, Mr. and Mrs. Michael and soft,
Mr. Rex Michael was seen in our
little city Friday.
Mr. Chaiso Michael was calling on
.Mr. Fred Varner Friday.
Miss Joy Kennedy was calling on
Wealthy Ganoe Sunday.
Miss Goldia Eddy -was vlslllng her
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mn. E. E.
Eddy, Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Alice Varner was calling on
Mrs. Sue Kennedy. Saturday.
Miss Ida Slaughter, Mrs. Belle Ken
nedy's nurse returned to Fairmont
Mr. Esta Eddy was calling on Hob
lart Ganoe Saturday.
Miss. Alice Kennedy was vlsitng
her aunt, Mrs. Shuman, Wednesday
Rev. W. T. W. Stecth will preach
here Sunday night, Dec., 20th. Every
body come.
Mrs. Grace Michael was visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Newton
Eddy, Tuesday.
Mrs. Ben Snider was calling on her
parents Saturday.
Miss Oldham and Sylvia Brooko7er,
were visitors at Mr. Qeorgo Brook
over's Sunday?
J. W. Sams and sons have opened
up a-first class feed store.
The Pleasant Valley school is pro
gressing nicely under able manage
ment of Mr. Corrothers, as teachor.
Mr. Corrothers is an able Infractor,
and a well- qualified school teacher.
We wish him success to the end.
Literary has been organised at tha
Pleasant Valley School. The society
meets'Tevery Friday' evening. ' Wo
hope .that all will become Interested
aftd 'attend. ?
Mr. I. ;C. Snmtaera'; our local iflei
charifchaayiow 0I1 a supply ot winter
fie and Quality
rice* Tempt
ingly Low ^
1 * -Z,
Sending Neckwear Means Sore Ple?
53 Not for many season's has fashion shovfivsuc
gS favoritism to Neckwear nor produced such|profti
g sion of smart and pretty novelties, ripe for plckinj
S as delightfully welcome Christmas Gifts. " v
n Almost every shape is shown at $2oc to $2.0(
? No woman can have too many Neckwetfr' Se^
5 Our Neckwear display is a nice opportunity if yoi
S are to choose from the'se pcetty Christmas Gifts
Each style put up in pretty Xmas box.
SN At 25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, $1.50 up to $5.00. $gg|
Dainty Boudoir Caps for Milady, madeof daiifi
g ty lace and silk crepe, trimmed with ribbon and%g?
2 buds.
^ Priced at 25c, 50c, 75c up to $2.25.
literary Friday.night at Pleasant V.\i
i loy.
I Mr. Wm. Stansberry is erecting!
| a new house on the farm which he I
(recently purchased of Clate Summers.
A Christmas exercise will be hold |
at Pisgah, Sunday night, Dec. 27. A
fine programme has been arranged
r.ud a good time is expected.
Mrs. Elizabeth Sams spent several
days last week visiting relatives in1
Mr. W. S. Corrothers is erecting a
new stabio on his premises.
Mrs. Steele and daughter, of nea..*
Little Falls, were the guest o( Mr. and
Mis. Jas. Arnett Friday.
llaigh Ar Co., have moved thoir saw
mill to near Little Falls and are*
-awing a set of timber for Mr. Co
Into Summers.
Mr. J. C. Corrothers has resumed
[his winter's job of buying up the nut
tu and eggs throughout the commu
nity which he takes to city markets.
A Telescopic View.
You will get a broad, telescopic view
cf the happenings all over the earth J.f
you get and read next Sunday's New
York World. The latest war newj
from the various battlefields, received
by cable and special staff correspond
ents, will be presented in complete
furrti. The Sunday's World big Illus
trated Magazine will contain a score
All diseases successfully treated
without drugs or surgical operation.
Glasses of all kinds correctly fitted
and guaranteed satisfactory.
Opposite Marietta Hotel. Both Phones
Mountain Stat
Sweet I
Made by the
Cold Storage Company,
ley 8prlngs, W. Va. ?
The moat healthful, 1
temperance drfnk.
Made from thorough")
ed, selected applet/, G
the great Eaatern Pan >
If not carried rby 'youi
phone Frank Morgan,
phone. - -frSjS
Thla cider has been ti
the Proaecutlng Attor
Morgan County and waa
ed by him aa being non
ic. ?
twin as,
red In
Cleaning, .Pressing, .Eeptotog,
ladies' Work a Specialty;;. ;
Suits Made to Measnw.y,
Send us your, ,worK: Bywar<iel
p0-?f J" us,Jffiow0yHBl you
will. eaU-for. ilwo^vSaSg&l!
lSl MAIN . a
Opp. Colonial Theatre, vOvMOTWfl
ber Shop. Bell phone. 48-?.'
Palm Oil Feed for hogs or oat'
tie. $16.00 per ton, f. o. b. .Clarks
burg. Can make p'rompt'ahlprrisnt.
Clarksburg, W. Va.
of most interesting artloles^'FUiN'."
f lie big weekly Joko Book, TVHEaiiiuto
old and young* alike, In_;tbx vi*'~i~
Section will bo featured rtfieSi
ot Dirks, originator of the
mer Kids. Order from yon
ci in advance.
Of the 188,854 voters regis
Los Angeles, Cal., 3,1R0 - are.
Women are being drilled rorjitity as
members of London's big policj^'force.
t Things conld be worse. ^^^gallrOt
; the hoys are combing .^ett^h^^aclc
so they will resemble sea lfons^ ?, '
For Infants and Children
In Us? For Over:
Always bears
Signature of 's-naffi
Oar Industrial Power Department ii composed o
the application of gat for power, either through ;ti_
or iteam boiler.
We offer yon assistance in solving yonr power pi
oot obligating yon.
Oar advice is given only after we make careful t
present equipment. A report of they tests will be
whether yon decide to do business with ns or Sm?
If others in yonr line of basin es can profitably i
yon can also.
There is no tune like "NOW" to get the facts ;uf
yonr <

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