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Jast as Thousands of Other Women
Have Been Helped to Better Health
i ,eiita"rKemeM 0tili0tT3<ilted States vis
ible supply total noted as more thaa
an, offset in whe?t*'today for an 'ad
lince dtiir mBfnlyic bullish' cables.
The market closed.'steady but %c to
X&Hc under Saturday night Other
cereals, too. howed net declines?corn
H,@yc to %c and oats e shade to
Vi @-%c. Provisions gained 5 to 10
Wheat- Dec. $1.18; May 11.21%.
Corn?Dec. .4.7%c; May 69V?c.
Gats?Dec. 47%c; May 61 %c
Pork?.Jan. J1S.10; May <18.80.
Ln,rd?Jan. $9.80; May 510.20.
Ribs?Jan. $9.87; May $10.20.
Cash quotations were as follows:
Itye, ..o. 2. Sl.OStt
Barley. G0@72c.
Timothy seed. S4.5O0C.OO.
Clover seed, $10.00014.00.
Pork, ?l(i.50.
Lard, 59.SO.
Ribs, $8.25 ? 10.00.
by Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription bo can yon be! If lifo
seems a burden to you because you are nervous, excitable-or
irritable, if' you have backache, headaches, unnatural pains
at times, it is because the functions of the feminine organs
are not being performed as nature intended. Present discom
fort may be followed by a break-down of the constitution; but
(In Tablet or Liquid Form)
can bo confidently recommended as a powerful,
Invigorating tonic. It gives strength to tlio
whole system and especially to the organs dia
.tinctly feminine. Those whose work compels
them to be too muc'?ln their feet?those over
active in enjoying themselves?all kinds of wom
en?have found the Favorite Prescription a real
blessing because of its power to bring restful
sleep and to banish mental worry and low spirits,
A Nervous Wreck Saved
Afisa Elizabeth Lovdahl. Berkeley. Cel. wye
Thousands of dollars would not repay me for what
Dr. Pierco'a medicines have done for me. 1 was a
nervous wreck when I began their use, and they en
tirely cared me In a ?hort time, at little coat. Now I
can Invest my money in real estate instead of doctor
hills, and I enjoy excellent health. Am never with
out your medicines. Ono thing I appreciate about
them is that $hey do not contain any alcohol.
* Several years njro I vraa completely broken down
in h?altn from over-work and beta? on my feet con
stantly. I spent several hundred dollars on doctors
and medicine but with little result. The doctors told
me It was womanly troublo
enssed from being on ray - 1
foet too much. Iwasnchlnj k TV
and had pains all over ray f r ^
body and was so nervous that / JEgJ^ \
I could a cream if any one / JgjjGgiMKffl 1
talked to me or even looked at / //?flB9KK9lwL
me. but I had the good fortune to / ISlNMHF^ral
irtcet a mime who had been cured /
by uxlnp Dr. Pierce'* medicines. I JtJaPFeBmSESftk
Sue hadpractically the same ail- I CUT-- V UUMMjR
mcnt that 1 was ?af>rin* from I aHSttl
nnd the advised mo to get tha 1 ?X3Kj ljj?t?P
'Favorite Prwcrlptlon*and'Gold* 1,. Tpl , jgJr ,i/i
en Mcdlcaj" Discovery ? also ttva \\ \ SLCk fjKL jj
'PIrnaant Pclleta,' which 1 tocfc iCj ffK U
for six months. I hare never had w|5c""
an ocouiontooonaultaphvaldan \\\v
slnce-om in excellent health but TB5?5^, *?'_/
olwaja Ixmjp somo of your mod- vg,
idnoaon band.*
NEW VORK. Dec. 15,?Butter mar
ket firm; creamery extras 33?>33H<>;
rreamery 34c; creamery firsts 29?>3?c
seconds 2G@2SV?c; process extras
?.5%@>2<ic; ladles current makes first
23@23%c; seconds 22?22V6c;packiiij!
stock current make No. 2. 21?21V?c
Cheese market steady; state, whole
milk, held white and colored specials
l(ic; do average fancy 15',&<fJ!159i; do,
white nnd colored fresh 15<4c; do. av
erage fancy 14%@15c; sltims 13?)13vi
Eggs market firm; fresh gathered
extra fino 45c; extra firsts 43?4-?<j;
firsts 40?42c; seconds :i4?i39c; state,
Pennsylvania and nearby lienherv
whites, fine to fancy 56@5Sc; do. gath
ered whites 40@55c; do. hennery
browns 45? do. gathered browns
and mixed colors 3S@45e.
Flour market firmly held.
Wheeling, W. Va., Dec. 15, 1914.
Extra, 1,000 to 1,200 pounds, 57.50?
Dr. pierce'* Cavorlta Proocrlption was Iwtro
? ever forty years ?a? of tor careful ?Cvtty
rf troublon and needs of wamon. (nail
'?WS yoaro of uao U has gfvan unjvcrorl
' 'ft Action. It can bo obtained now In llctu.'d
k. r'n (??* heretofore) or fn tablets from all doat->
I *? l*i rrotflcliJUB -or sand SO one-cant atcmp?
t >t Crl.'d H?x of tiUela to Dr. Plercv, Invailda'
lifted, Buffalo, ftcw York
Every mother?every woman?should avail herself of tho
opportunity to eocuro free n copy of Dr. Pierce's jcruat book.
The Pctipie'n Common Sense Medical Advisor. This wlli
clye yon information and advico of vital importance
toyou-certain tosavoyou a jfTerintrand pain. Send A
"31 one-cent utnmpa to pay just the co?t of mail
Inrr wraopinn tho 10(? panre, cloth Ixiund jB7
took u. Dr. Picrcc, Invallda' Uotci, Bulla!o, N. Y. /fx
;Miss Madeline Dailey, Comedienne in the Big Musical C omedy Success, "The Quaker Girl," Grand Opera House,
>:?-.oFriday, Dec. 18. .
'/ > ?'
r; The writer of oil dope for tlio State
^journal has .always said that where
fTti'ere Is-a.little oil there is a good deal.
One of /the recent proofs of this is the
Is weUiqii the John Keith farm near 1-lar
risvlU'e. All sorts of dry holes, little
^producers and gassers were drilled in
r?a circle all around it before the into
.'gusher came in.
Xy On Leatherbark.
|ltentlcal;witlr the Harrlsville region,
i*.is Leatherbark, over in Murphy dis
?ict, near Smithville. Numerous wells
have been drilled on the lands of Mrs.
5;- M. Miller, P. W. Morris. Will Flesh
|ri .Col. Hinman and others, with al
ways gas or a showing of oil, but the
big pool has not been struck. It may
Ealte twenty years to locate it, but it
fill yet be found.
The Keith Well.
^Statements about the size of the
[eith well vary largely. Harrlsville
^gjpera: give its {traduction at seven
iumired barrels a day. Tho Pitts
rgll oil writer Is more conservative,
ayfng that "In Clay district, Ritchie
ouuty, the Imperial Oil, Gbg and I'ro
jicts Company's test, on the .John Keith
arm is holding up close to 200 barrels
Big Producer.
^ibis producer just In, is tho Ohio
fuel Oli Company's No. G ou tile Ed
Iave color in your cheeks
, Be Better Looking:?Take
Olive Tablets
Jfclf your slcln is yellow?complexion
J>alli(l?tongue coated?appetite poor?
.you have a bud tasto in your mouth?a
fluay; 'no-good foeling?you should take
t>livo Tablets.
jOr.: Edwards' Ollvo Tablets?a sub
tltuto for calomol?wore prepared by
_W$Edwards aftor 17 years of study
frith his patients.
?Dr. '.Edwards' Oiivo Tablets are a
nrely vcgctablo compound mixed with
JwjrpVoH.r , You will know thera by their
joUrc color.
^rlt-yo.u want a clcar. pink skin, bright
yos, no pliriples, a feeling of buoyancy
(ke ohildhood days, you must get at !
bocaustf. *
^JDr. fEdwards' Olive Tablets act on the
y,er and boxvcls like calomel?yet have no
ingerbus after effects.
iTEey start the bile and overcome const!* I
Won. That's why millions of boxes ore !
iold'ahntjaUy at 20c and 25c per box. All
Take one or two nightly and noto tho
Sfrslnpr results
[BboOiiVe Tablet Company, Columbus, O
Special Values
?Out of the ordinary beau
tlful and useful gift,.
Framing order, given
srompt attention.
"'fe*' V. -?
'-Hit & Haas
j>oift?|po,tofflo, i--' '.
ward Gcbliart farm, in the Weir sand
development in Elk district, Kanawha
county. The Weir sand territory is
tlie only section In \V\>st Virginia that
has any considerable amount ot unde
veloped territory that at this time gives
assurance of furnishing large wells.
Number of Tests.
On Laurel Creek. Spencer district,
Roane county, the Fisher Oil Company
Is starting a second test on the W. W.
Short farm. On Gandee Run, in Curtis
district, Godfrey 1/. Cabot is drilling a
test on the U P. and Emma Stoivers
farm. On Reedy Creek, the Knnpp Oil
i and Gas Company has started to drill
j its test on tiie L. 0. Steinbeck farm.
On Yellow Creole, Center district, Cnl
j houn county. Bowser & Jackson have
the rig completed tor a second lest on
the S. Webb farm.
Another For Goff.
On Ten Mile Creek, Sardis district,
Harrison county, Senator Nathan GofT
has completed No. 52 on Ills own prop
erty, and will have better than a 5-ljar
rel pumper in the Gordon sand. In the
same district the South Penn.Oil Com
pany's No. 5 on the Jesse A. Sprout
farm is producing 95 barrels a day.
In Tyler.
On Walnut Fork, McElroy district,
j Tyler county, the manufacturers' Light
| & Iieat Company Is' due in the Gordon
at a second test on the Elisha Lemas
? tors farm. On Woodbnrn Run, in the
! same district, the same company has
j started to drill a tost on the L. D. Tcn
| nant farm.
Doddridge County.
On Dig Flint Creek. Grant district,
Doddridge county, the Hope Natural
Gas Company lias drilled its toot on
? tlie G. A. IIcnn!.*; larm through Uie Big
? Injun sand, and liasn duster. On Long
Hun, Central district, the Pennsboro
i Light ?? Heat Company has drilled a
' test on the Margaret. 11 Wrick farm I
| through Uif Mnxen sand, and lias a fair
gasser In that formation. In the same
district (ho Hope Natural Gas Company
lins completed tents on tlie J. L. Hlley
and S. s. Riley farms, and has a 5bar
rel pumper in the Big Injun sand on
the tlrst nnmed. and a gasser In the
same foramtion at the last named.'Doth
are located on Arnold Creek.
Experimental Work.
Wetzel county has experimental
work starting. On Turkey Run, Green
district, tlie Domun Consolidated Oil
test on the Cora E Cochran farm. On
company hac the rig completed foi n
Fishing (,'reelt the Silver Hill OH Com
pany is ilue in tile Big Injun sand at a
test on the C.'A. Hcadley farm. On
Long Drain Run, Church district, the
Manufacturers Light & Heat Company
has drilled a test ou the J. D. Teagar
den farm through the Fifth sand, and
lias a gaser. On the same stream the
panic company is drilling a test on the
S. .Hlggcnbotliam farm.
Gasser in Lincoln. ?
! On Six Mile Creek, Laurel ITill ills
i triet, Lincoln county, the Interval Oil
| & Gas Company has drilled No. 22 on
i the Lincoln Land Association tract
through the Big Injtin sand, and has a
fair gasscr. On Nutter's Fork, Grant
district, ltitchie county, the Bando Oil
Company has the rig completed for a
test on the George Emerick farm.
Is Gooa Chance.
The lower counties, Lincoln. Wayne
and Clay, have not been so fully tested
as to prccludo any chance of discover
ing new producing territory. The
search for new territory in these coun
ties has been greatly reduced since
the market declined, but- with a sub
stantial lid van cc, experimental work
will be resuming. From any point of
view at this time, the West Virginia
fields look the most promising for high
grade crude. To meet the demand It
will be imperative that new producing
territory be discovered.
We have had plenty of rain and
snow for Ihe past week.
Mr. Homer Miller butchered one day
last week.
Mrs. Mary E. Phillips and son Jay
were in Fairmont last Friday on busi
Mrs. E, A. Williams was calling on
Walter Williams last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Phillips anil
daughter were calling on Mrs. Jennie
Jacobs last Monday evening.
Mr. Moses Jacobs was at Mrs. Leo
Ann Reovos' Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hutson anil
two sons, Cyrus and Forest, were call
ing on Mrs. Mary E. Phillips last Tues
Mr. Luther Jacobs was calling on rel
atives in this community last week.
Good, 000 to 1,000 pounds, $7.0D?
Good, MO to 900 pounds $G.S0fff $7.00
Good, 700 to 800 pounds ?G.OO?>$G.iO.
Common $5.00?)$C,00.
Kulls fs.00iffisn.50.
Cows ?3.00@$5.5C. .
Extra ?7.50(S1$7.50.
Good $7.40@$7.5G.
Common $6.00?i)$7.00t
Extra $4.00@$4.50.
Good $3.50(0)54.00.
Common $2.00<5>?3.00.
Labs, extra good $7.25@$7.50; do.
[air to good $6.50@$7.00.
Calves, extra good $10.00@$10.0i);
do. fair to good $9.50@$10.00.
?? ?
?? ?
Charles Billingslee, o? Fairmont,
was in town last Saturday.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
Union gave a pie social last Satur
day evening in the basement of the
First Methodist Episcopal church.
The municipal election will be held
on January 7, 1915.
Mr. Harry Rlne, one of our local
men, flllod the pulpit in the Baptist
church on Sunday. *
Rev. C. E. Hanirick will, begin his
second aeries of revival services on
the 28tli Inst.
The High school basketball team
was out of town last week and play
ed a series of games and was defeat,
J. H. Burns is having one of lib
dwellings on Main street remodeled
and they will be occupied by O. C.
Wilt, one of our local bankers.
Edward McNeely and family havo
moved to Charlestown, where Mr. Mc
Neely will work in tlie oil field.
The Fnlrvlew school will close .next
week fdr the holidays.
E. C. Eddy is working this week
for the Hope Gas Co. on a location
on Newton Michael's land on Little
Indian creek.
Harold Eddy and Nelson Collina,
who havo been working on a well
in Cleveland, Ohio, will return the lat
ter part of this week.
D. C. Goodnight, who is teaching
in Battelle district, Monongalia coun
Attended Funeral.
Mr. Edward T. Bishop has returned
from Piedmont, where he attended the
funeral of his nephew. Harry Severs.
Links Class Entertained.
The Links Class entertained in a
delightful manner last evening at the
Diamond street M. E. church. The
affair was in honor of the brides of
the class, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Harry
Pitzer and Mrs. Carl Springer. A
very enjoyable evening was spent by
the young ladies and refreshments
were served.
Returned from Chicago.
Mr. and Mrs. Burdess, of Market
street, have returned from a vi^It at
Chicago Junction and Chicago. 111.
Home for Christmas Vacation.
Miss Lulu Bishop will arrive home
this evening from Birmingham, Pa., j
where she i3 a student at the Birming
! ham school.
Will Entertain Club.
Mrs. Carl Springer, of Guffey street,
will entertain* the members of the
Geisha Girls' Club on Friday evening.
A delightful meeting is anticipated.
Mrs. Jenkins Very Sick.
Mrs. Edward Jenkins has been quite
ill for several days at her homo on
Diamond street.
Mr. T. S. Summers, of Catawba, is
visiting his daughter, Mrs. Garletts,
on Stale street.
Miss Hattle Richards is quite ill .it
lier home on Market street.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Summers and
two children, of Front street, have re- |
turned from a visit at liumberport. j
They were accompanied home by Mr.
Plummer Knight, who will spend a
few days hern.
Mrs. Luella Howell, of Annabelle,
spent Tuesday in this city.
Notice Is hereby given that my wife,
r,aura Ridenour. has left my bod and
board without just cause or provoca*
tion, and I will not be responsible
for any debts contracted^^^er.
JXO. W. RIBBm&ft,
12-15-St Monoif&hV Wi'Mf..
-V ?
? V
??All? persons owing the Into Aaron F.
Satterfiold will please arrange for set
tlement at once. Also, all having ac
counts against said decedent will file
same with* tlio undersigned for pay
"Which do you use
in stormy weather
The messy "gums" ar'd mackintosh which fore
bode a cold, or the modern messenger which insures' ?
comfort. '? -v* Sj
, v-. v,:?5
Every woman knows she needs a Bell
Telephone in her home; her neighbors and friends ??
all have them. Decide now to have one. Advise *
the Business Office and it will be quickly installed.
Local Manager |jf ffl
The Central District Telephone Co.
Fairmont, W. Va.
Thursday Evening, December 17th
7:30 O'Clock, at Court House
-By- ' <*|
Rev. Wm. A. Prosaer.
of Pittsburg, Pa.
Subject?"Reptltlons of HI*
tory." A philoiophfcal preien
tation of the cause ofS^fw
Rev Wm. A. Projstr.
Anderson's Bon To
Christmas Gifts
Furs for Ladies and Child]
DOLLS ? The prettiest you ever looked
at. 10c to $6.00.
Special Prices on Silk Petticoats.
La Grecque Underwear?same as hand
Linens, Table Cloths, Napkins, Scarfs
and squares, 25c up to $10.00.
Umbrellas?Ladies' and
Gloves?Ladies'and Chil
Sweaters* $1.00 to $5.00.
Hand Bags, 25c to $7.50.
Underwear?Silk, Wool and Got
Neck Wear?All the latest styled
Silk Hose ?Black, White and"
50c to $2.00.
All Hats One-half |
Children's Colored Coats?ait^
? ''
in all prices, 5c to $1.25. Put up
boxes. ? ready to maiK '
AH colors in Ribbons. ~
Leave it to Father to know how to dl
, Twell i'u. do to ?
&EFORE. I VVOM't do TO /-"j
.ANOTHER, one. OP- THClF^/ [
pyNCTI0 N S J " ">*?= 1
/y&s ?snt?tT-t-h^
/'oiicjysriNC ? west >
"V ends IT. .-. ? -,
\?y U
/rsvRb! pu> Tov^N
f kEAt> the. r^upoHTi \
ypROM the. TRAJN/NCj ^
/C'AMP. that NHW re
cruit of OURS HAJ T7
C'OBB AWD MAN! wa&j6r,
SAN. He. mit the. BALL
so ?A*D onca THAT HC
wewr around the BAie.-,
T^f'ca. r>ic .
lBALL CAHft f Ipra^
^-"YEs ea JvqtvTo ?
cfoMfi OFTmN . TO WAVE
some c?/ws. ? ?oi^>o^
^ INFORMED 1*?* >
xflv |j fiE. ^LAO I
& >4 /v0
/^-?VfELL oU> CHAP.]
VtfL'U. HAVE- "TH&- (
peNNANT IN ^ ,
pa WE
Hv&i , wrr? thase. A
new PlTCUeRS tp
5&B. WHERE we
d'Ari Lose the
FIELD 16 L|K6.A?
Vwart the SI}**,/*
/6AME\ j
/ OLD , 1 V
frost, U,
f bvt i wave
an IDEA /
.juiT waitTp

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