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Candy In Beautiful
Christmas Boxes
Special Assorted Chocolates, 25c box.
vJ'iFine Assorted Chocolates, one pound
chet iii a handsome box, 29c; 2 pounds
: net. In Christmas box 58c. Special?
Martinique Chocolate Covered Cherries
slllj'a' Beautiful Christmas Box, 33c. 50c
Rvalue.. One Pound Net Candy.
Baked Meat Dumplings.
SjMake a dough as for shortcake, roll
Hml cut in squares. Take one cup
tuljiif cold bolleil ham or other meat,
"nffjcupful of bread crumbs, one cup
jjh'o't mashed potatoes, two eggs, pop
tr, salt and butter to season. Beat
Jl^well together and place one large
spoonful In the center of each Bquare,
"Hng the corners allTtogethor in the
nter'and- pinch them so they will
hold. Bake in a quick oven.?Mother's
Venetian Eggs.
Bring to the boiling point two cans
of the tomato pulp .that is sold as
soup, season with salt and pepper and
add a good piece of butter. Grate
half a pound of sharp cheese and mix
with it three hoaten eggs. When
this mixture is quite smooth pour it
into the tomato very slowly, stirring
steadily. Heat it over the fire until
it thickens like custard. Servo it in
P Christmas Letters
Here's where your particular taete Is given a choice selection of
Janoy and plain Writing Papers. Christmas Letters, Christmas Cdrds
|?nd 8eals. Our Christmas package Box Paper ranges In price
from twenty Ave cents to the more elaborate at two dollars. Ghrlst
as Letters at Sc, 10c and 15c.
aSU iv
Opposite Court House
rA/?A#OA/7; W.VA
You can Combine Happily
and Sensibly the Unique and
the Gratifying in Gift Selec
tions here.
Great Sale of Women's
Suits and Dresses
'-^Hundreds of stylish garments priced at at least a third less than
usual. Garments, representing the last word in fashion. And what a
timely sale! night when New garments are wanted tor Christmas,
for the evening party, for the afternoon tea and many other affairs
when new apparel is necessary. Never to our knowledge have we
given the values we are giving now.
Every Women interested in New Apparel Investi
gate these Offerings Now.
Christmas Handkerchiefs
New arrivals. No Christmas Gift List is complete without them.
Broadest choice is here.
Chndren's Fancy Bordered Handkerchiefs, iu a box, 15c.
Women's Hand embroldereo Initial Handkerchiefs. 25c each, (i
for $1.40.
Women's Fine Linen Embroidered Handkerchiefs In a Christmas
Folder, 25c each.
Women's Glove Handkerchiefs. with lace edge, 25c each.
Women's Fine All Linen Handkerchiefs with embroidered cor
ners and 2-Inch hem, 25c each.
Womens' Pure Linen Handkerchiefs with embroidered corner de
signs and Venice Lace edge, 50 c each.
Blanket Robes
For Women _ Bath Robes
$ -A practical gift that's sure to
tilie appreciated?cosy and comfy
?ni .. . . P"" nnl.l niffhtc
Extra Good Values at $S.!)S
and $7.50.
All colors in stripes, figures
and stripes. Some with Ball
room Slippers to match.
A Man Will Appreciate One of |
^Blanket Robes for cold nights
and mornings. These come in
beautiful colorings and patterns.
?Prettily trimmed with satin
bands and heavy girdle and fas
' tellers. Our price $2.50.
"slowly for an - hour,; strain through
a hair sieve and add seasoning. Pat
in glass Jars and place in the refrig
erator and it will keep for several
days.?Country Gentleman.
Jelly Pie.
One tablespoonful butter, three ta
blespoonfuls plum Jelly, four table
spoonfuls sweet milk, three fourths
cup sugar, two eggs?yolks. This is
for one pie. Use whites of egg for
meringue for top of pie.?Holland's.
Home Helps.
Wash table linen by itself. Wash
handkerchiefs alone. .
Cranberries should be picked over
often If you wish them to keep long.
To curl an ostrich feather, sprinkle
it with salt and shake in front of a
hot flre.
To keep a kitchen table white, wash
it first with vinegar, then scrub it as
Natural or "unpolished" rice is con
sidered far more satisfactory than the
shiny white kind.
Sal ammoniac will clean a furred
kettle. Pill the kettle with cold water,
add a little sal ammoniac to it anrl
boil. All the fur will dissolve. Well
rinse the kettel afterward.
Overboiled potatoes placed in a
cloth and squeezed hard, can be mixed
with flour or barley meal, and made
into scones. They should be toasted
and eaten with butter.
An excellent silver polish cloth can
be made in the following way: Buy
an ounce of jeweler's rouge, mix with
I a little water, rub into a piece of cha
niois skin and dry.
When darning stockings, try run
ning a thread around the hole, draw
ing the hole up until the edges lio
flat. The hole will seem much smaller
' a7id will darn more satisfactorily.?
i Dallas News.
Samson was the first man to discov
er that it doesn't always do to tell the
j truth to a woman, but he wasn't the
i last one.
A woman will compliment her best
friend's taste in the selection of a bon
net by buying one just as different as
Every time a married man has to
pay a dressmaker's or milliner's bill
he wonders if Adam knew a good thing
when ho had it.
"Whenever a girl wants to find a
! real hero she lolcs for him '# ween the
| cover pages of a dime novel?that was
j written by a man.
After placing his slippers betore the
fire 011(1 laying the evening paper
where ho will be sure to find it. a wom
an will complain if her husband does
not spend the evening talking to her.
A now and apparently profitable In
dustry has recently been opened up
to tlic young men of this country
marrying the widows of dead mil
lionaires. Probably Ihis is an offset
to the inroads women are making on
the professions.
The life of the average woman ir. di
vided into two long dreams, in Rirl
hood she dreams of the happy little
cottage homo she '1 have >vhcn she
becomes a wife, ami after she ho
comes a wife she dreams of the happy
home she had as a girl.
Reward for Arrest
Of Fake Advertisers
Mr. \V. A. Hirsch, president of the
United Woolen Mills Company, lias
taken up the cudgel against fraudulent
advertisers and fraudulent advertls- j
Ins. It has lieon Ills hobby for soni'!
time, and lie has before agitated the
subject, but he is now prepared to1
take definite steps to carry out hi,-,
ideas. There is a law in Ohio, ill
which slates Mr. Ilirsch operates ex
tensively, and ho lias offered to the
Advertisers' Club of Cincinnati the
sum of ?50 for each arrest?up to n i
total of six?made of merchant tailor
advertisers for specious advertising,
lie docs not make conviction a con
dition. He will contribute so soon :is
the formal charge is uttered.
The legal phase of the action taken i
is only Incidental so far as Parkers ,
burg and West Virginia are concor- j
ned. The moral is a strong one. Itcr.i i
we have an extensivo user of adver
Using space, not only insistent that1
his own advertising shall be compati
ble with his merchandise but willing
to contribute to n propaganda to make
the high standard ho sets for himself'
applicable to all.
While there liave been a few evl-,
dences of the need in Parkersburg, the
need nevertheless obtains, for pro- j
tecting the consumer against falso 1
and fraudulent advertising matter. J
Honest values have been the rule'
here and so far as Parkersburg is con- ?
cerned no concern that employed nil- j
vertislng for purposos of deceit could;
long withstand. Tills is the general >
rule. But there may be exceptions j
and there, so long as there is no
law to the contrary, always the po
tential danger of exceptions. A law ]
that would compel tho truth in adver
tising would not only prove a protec- j
tion to those merchants who dedicate 1
their advertising to tho truth but It S
would be a lasting bon to the public.
President W. A. Herscli. of the
United Woolen Mills Company, has
offered $50 for the arrost of any. in- j
dividual or lirm in the merchant tailor
business In Cincinnati who employs |
? spurious ? advertising. There- l? n,
statute In Ohio making falso advertis
ing an offense. The Advertisers' Club
In Cincinnati is ? soliciting member
ships and contributions, and Mr.
Hersch has written a letter to the
club saying that he will contrlbuto
1 up to $800 at the rate of $60 for each
Troops Sent
To Mexican
ily Associated Press.
WASHINGTON, D.. C., Dec. 17.?
i Further demonstration was made by
It lie United States Government today
of its determination not to tolerate
continued llrlng by the Mexican fac
tions at Naco, Sonora. Into American
' territory. Prosident Wilson instruct
| cm Secretary Garrison to comply with
Mlie request of Brig. Gen Tasker H.
rttiiss at .Yeco, Ariz. fo,r reinforce
; ments to iiandle a possible emergency
i'ituation. Three regiments of Ihfan
try and three batteries of artillery
were .-ordered to Naco, bringing the
, total force'of, the American "army at
Nhco to about 5,000 men, including
11 troops of cavalry, three regiments
j of infantry and six batteries of art!!
! I cry with 24 guns.
j The understanding last night was
j that a3 soon as the additional Ameri
ran forces are placed ill position on
I the International line the United
! Stales will return any artillery or
; infantry lire from Mexican territory,
i A> it will require throe days for the
j p.kw troops to reach Naco, the Mexi
? can factions have virtually that period
Ivithin which tf) oomply with the
American demands or be shelled out
j ot' their positions.
Warnings Are Disregarded.
General Hill of the Carranza faction
j has, 1.S00 mon. and General Mayto
rcna of the Gutierrez government 3,
mercnaiiaisv that is ht iimu uib witoi'
tlalng must ;be"worthy o?;tfie advw
tlBer'B literature and that fraud and
deceit In advertising should he made
a crime. Hence his willingness to
help the Cincinnati club in geting re
sults. His letter follows:
Parkersburg, W. Va.
t Dec. 4, 1914.
Mr. Melville Snowden,
Recording Secretary,
The Advertisers' Club,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Doar Sir:?
Replying to your favor of the 28tli
ultimo, would say I will give $50 for
the arrest of any concern in the mer.
chant tailoring line in the city of Cin
cinnati, doing business as the result of
fraudulent advertising up to six cases.
In other words; I want to limit the
expenditure of $300, and want to pa>
it out for every arrest for fraudulent
advertising directly in my line of busi
ness. The reason I am doing this Is
that there certainly enough fakers
in my line in your city who need the
attention of the Advertisers' Club,
without going into other lines. How
ever, 1 am willing to contribute say
$50 towards a general fund if neces
sary, but would prefer the other.
Regarding membership? Just as
soon as you get to arestlng dishonest
advertisers, and show me that you are
doing something, I will certainly send
you a membership fee, as promised,
ours very truly,
President The United |
Woolen Mills Company.
I Af
And Her Slate
Ther's alius room for another res
taurant. Alius take th' same care o'j
your welcome as you would a pair o'j
white kid gloves.
500 troops, both factions have what
Secretary Garrison described today as
"a fair amount" of artillery. The fol
lowing statement was issued by Mr.
"Thus far the warnings to Carranza j
and Gutierrez have resulted in mstruc-;
lions to Hill and Maytorena respect- j
ively to regulate their lire so that j
bullets would not fall into American :
territory, but these instructions have;
been disregarded.
?'Bullets have continued to fall i
across the Hue during the past few
days. The United States lias already ;
outlined that it intends to take 'de
feu si ve' and not 'aggressive* action, J
and as soon as it has an adequate
force ?** position, officials believe one J
or the other of the Mexican factions |
will withdraw. j
After a conference between Briga
dier General Scott, chief of staff, and
S.eceretary Garrison, the Eleventh,
Eighteenth and Twenty-second Infan
try regiments, each to carry rations
and supplies for 10 days and.not less
than three machine guns, were order
ed from Texas City and Batteries A.
B and C from Fort Sill, Okla., to Naco,
(Copyright, by McClw? Syndicate.)
The Ideal Store In Which To Select
A Man's Gift
There are many things that you know a man
would like, but because there is a touch of intimacy
about them, you hesitate to make the selection.
Not so with the suggestions you meet in this store.
Smokers' Stands $1.00 to $2,50
High standards, square or round, that bring
the ash receiver to just the proper level. Footed
bases prevent them being easily knocked over.
Cigar Sets 75c to $2.50
Beautifully polished and lacquered brass. A
set to please your ideas and please him immensely.
Thermo Bottles $1,00 to $3.50
Keep liquids hot or cold, just as you wish. In
dispensible to the Autoist and traveler.
Pocket Knives 50oto$3.00
Thousands of them?big, little and all sizes be
tween. All manner of mountings are shown and the
quality is such that we never hesitate to guarantee
Flash Lights 75c to $2.00
A little model for the vest pocket or one for the
home use?we have them all.
Safety Razors $1.00 to $5.00
We offer a showing of Safety Razors that per
? mits of a wise selection. Also a full line of open
? blade razors.
Heavy fleeced ineL
$1.50, 52.50, $3.50;
'Malsh Comfort*" are m?de ef
fine sllkateen and the beat of fluf
fy know white cotton. They are as
light as a feather and are much
warmer than other kinds.
Price, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, $3.50 and
$4.00 and $5.00.
Other comforts at $1.00, S1.50 and
Ladles', 50c and $1.00,
Men's, $1.00.
Children's 50c.
Wool Blankets
And Children's Coats and Ladl??*
Jacket Suits at "glve-away,;'prtc?*.!V;
Why Say More! ?
The "Kennebeck" kind. $4.50
and $6.00 pair.
You would not know these from an
all pure wool blanket, and they are
equally as warm.
$2.00, $2.50, $3.00 pair.
$1.00 and $1.50 pair.
They take the place of overcoats
and are very popular. Men's "Mack
Inaws" $5.00 to $8.00.
Boys' "Mackinaws" $4.00.
We have plenty of them. The
"Kirschbaum" make.
$10.00 and $15.00.
Every conceivable kind.
Men's, $5.00 and up.
Boys', $2.00 and up.
"Kirschbaum" Ready-Made Suits and Overcoats are'
Nationally Advertised ? $15, $20.00 and $25.00. ;
Get "Him" a Kirschbaum Suit or Overcoat. fcir|i
Parents! Teach Thrift*
CAPITAL $200,000,000
"" Penaan.hip
The parent who does not train his <
to look out'for themselves financially, ]
Their success and happiness in the :
depends upon their training in financial i
fairs. tu.
There is no better way to teach the <
thrift than by means of a saving at"
This Bank stan ds ready to serve you.
4% On Savings and Time Certificates ; j
Will confer n? greater benefit
grown-up children than tlieS
good business education,;
an order on the UNION -.BDSf ~
COLLEGE for a commercial, or i
graphic course, and you have
them for a career In life thatin
can rob them of, when. -
been trained Jn UNION BUST"
? - -A'a"
? ?. m...,.?.
Of Fairmont, 512 Jacobs Bldg.,
Fairmont, W.'VaSi
Gentlemen: I am interested in the conre marked X in 1
man below, and wish to enter abont
_ Please furnish m efull information abont your jchool,
tuition, books and board, alsa how lose it requires to r ^
course. Name
P. (it ?(?:? ? . ?;?> ??>
Prao. Bookksi,
.Business Fonni
... Commercial ;,t2"
... .Business-I
[? ?>.. .Banking
.. ?
.Prin. of Shorthand,
? Pnnotuation
j.v Spelling
v Speed Brill*

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