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Wmift Practical Store
$1.00, $L50, $2.00
50c, $1.00, $1.50
pnit Cloths
$10.00 and up
? \ $6.00 and $8.00
| v 15c to $1.00 pair
ffiouse Shoes
75c to $2.00
50c to $5.00
Combination Sets
|f|.Tie, Hose, Hdkf.
w 50c and $1.00
Early Xmas Shoppers have been well pleased
Practical Gifts that are on display in our store.
What to Give a Woman
Hand Bags
50c to $4.00
2 for 5c; up to 50c each
Silk Scarfs
25c, 50c, $1.00
Fancy Aprons
25c and 50c
Cushion Covers
Stand Covers
Dresser Scarfs
25c, 50c, $1.00
Shirt Waists
$1.00, $1.50, $2.00
Linen Towels
50c and $1.00 pair
Breakfast Caps
25c and 50c
$1 and up to $3.50
Deeds Filed.
X;1 -Fleming and wife to Loella
'it,'a parcel of land in the Gra
addition to the city
DOnt- Consideration $100.
- y. Yost and Tiusband to Mat
tha parcel of land in Graham's
^addition to the city of Fair
It,Consideration $100.
O. J. Fleming and wife to John C.
Kawkinberry, a parcel of land in the
Graham's Heights addition lo the city
of Fairmont. Consideration 5100.
T. A. Brown and wife to Clarence
Metz, a parcel of land on Warrior fork
of Buffalo crock, in Mannhigton dis
trict. Consideration $1,100.
Thomas S. Neptune and wife to J.
\V. Stlffler, a parcel of land in the
Jlonongaheia Industrial Company's ad
dition to the city of Fairmont. Con
sideration $750.
License Issued.
C. Ij. Brock, 24. and Annie Smith,
33, both of Rlvesville.
That the Baltimore and Ohio Rail
road Company is now ready and will
in tho near future begin the building
of its long delayed Palatine branch
is the welcome news recently receiv
ed by the Fairmont Chamber ot Com
merce. In order to facilitate the pre
liminary arrangements necessary bo
fore the construction work is Btarted,
the directors of the local Chamber
of Commerce held a meeting this aft
ernoon at the quarters in the Wat
son building to discuss what action
should be taken in regard to the river
encroachment, near the Monongahela
ijver bridge, which is called for in
the survey and blue prints of the pro
posed extension.
The new railroad line will run right
along the river bank underneath the
river bridge. In order to accomplish
this it is necessary to make a solid
embankment fill, the bottom ot the
slopes of which will encroach on the
present "pool full" water line in two
places and before the railroad com
pany can even start this work, per
mission must be obtained from the
United States Engineer at Pittsburgh
who has control of the Monongahela
The consent of the local Chamber
of Commerce or rather Its recommend
ation is required by the government
engineer before any action will be
taken in the Pittsburgh ofTice. It was
in order to obtain this favorable rec
ommendation that the railroad com
pany, through Paul Didier, its prin
cipal assistant engineer, wrote a let
ter to the secretary of the local cham
ber asking that the matter be taken
Rubber Boots
with fancy red
ftopjAnd packed In
jpiletf? Christmas
Box, $2.00 values
United Shoe Stores Co,
219 Madison Street
and when they
d. No stock in
:o great.
Men's $2. Opera Slippers
Stan'.and Black with m in
kid lining and hand | ila
'turned'soles . A? XVJ
Indian Moccasins
for Men and Boys, engraved or
beaded front, made of fine buck
Boys $1.25 value ... ,98c
Men's $2.50 value, $1.95
Little Gents Tan Vlcl Slippers
In Everett Style. A nn
pleasing gift. $1.25 MXf*
value ??UVs
;; Men's $1.50 Romeo
Sand?: Everett Style Slippers In
sTa'n or Black with n n
flexible t)Nti*
[?ole's"-.. o?v?
|||Meii's Everett Shape
jjresaed Imitation Alligator slip,
jrpefs,'! Chocolate, Tan a A
Boys Everett
Style SUpper, Just like Dad weari
In the popular tan M n>
color $2.00 1 t\
kpef*>'V Chocolate, Tan
and Black, Patent backs
'Bcjyalue ...
Boys Hi Tops
Nothing would please the boy
more than a pair of HI Cuti.
Come In Black M ah
and Tab $3.00 I MS
values x,v?
Boys Arties, Regular
Mens Shoes
A swell line of men's" new fall
shoes In Patent, Tan and Dull
leathers, Button or a a*
Blucher styles. Real / l|tl
$4.00 values "C?
|l|pK Rubbers
fMen'sj Rubbers
Women's Rubbers ...
tChlldren'sRubbers ...
Men's Rubber Boots
The kind sold else- (% f
where for $4.00 P. f]
our price ???^1
Boys and Girls Dress
Sgjjnsible gift and alio pleasing
rqnejeomes In Patent and dull
leather, Button or j an
Lace styles $2.50 1 11X
Ladies Shoes
Why not a pair of the latest .Gal
tor.Boots for Christmas. Pat
ent leather with a in
Black or Fawn tops / AX
$4.00 values
Infants Shoes.
8ee oud display of . Infants
shoes, all kinds and in.
colors, 75c (IJIf*
Store open
evenings till
9 o'clock.
It is mighty gratifying to us to be able to report a greatly increased business
?iirspite of all the talk about "Hard Times."
We find that when we have especially good goods to offeer at low prices there
3 no difficulty in making sales.
Free to All BoyS and Girls
A box of delicious candy with every purchase made from Decemeber 19th to
SLIPPERS, The Comiori Gift for Men, Women and Children
; . There's hardly a person that couldn't use a pair of Slippers
i come in the way of a present they are so much more appreciated.
: Fairmont greater, no price range more'complete, no saving quite so
Women's $2.00 Juliettes
JEur-ahd Ribbon Trimmed, felt
i'up'per, turn leather soles, all cob
ors. Also Daniel m
Green "Comfy" 1 /J)
g8llppsrs-...' ?
300 Pairs Women's Felt
; Holiday Slippers
nln;10 distinct colors, fur and rib
Ebon' trimmed, flexible leather
soles, also Boudoir slip- nn
pers all colors, real }|XC
SS1.25 values
Childrens Felt Slippers
Fur Trimmed and
Women's Felt House *a .
Slippers something new
75c values
Indian Moccasins
for Women, Misses and Children,
engraved or beaded front, buck
skin or deer skin, dark or light
colors, the "Hiawatha" brand
Misses' and children's
$1.25 value 98c
Womens 2.50 valuee 1.95
Childrens Picture Slip
just the thing to please the kid
dles. Felt uppers with ba
leather soles $1.00 /MP
value ? ?V?
Childrens Felt House
in Red and Blue with
felt soles, 75c
Pimples, sores and bo^T^llJ^i
suit from toxins, poisons and Impuri
ties which are generated in the bowels
and Hen absorbed Into the blood
through the very ductB which should
absdrb only nourishment to sustain
the body.
It Is the function of the kidneys to
filter Impurities from the blood and
cast them out in the form of urine, hut
in many instances the bowels create
more toxins and Impurities than the
kidneys can eliminate, then the blood
uses the skin pores as the next best
means of getting rid of these impuri
ties which often break out all over the
skin in the form of pimples.
The surest way to clear the skin of
these erutlons, says a noted authority,
is to get from any pharmacy about
four ounces of Jad Salts and talce a
tablespoonful in a glass of hot water
each morning before breakfast for one
week. This will prevent the formation j
of toxins In the bowels. It also stlmu-j
lates the kidneys to normal activity,;
thsu coaxing them to filter the blood I
of impurities and clearing the skin of !
ad Salts is inexpensive, harmless and
Is made from the acid of grapes and ?
lemon Juice, combined with lithia. Here :
you have a pleasant, effervescent drlnlt
which usually makes pimples disap
pear; cleanses the blood and is excel-!
lent for the kidneys as well.
up immediately through the regulnr
channels so that the assent of the
government could be obtained for the I
project. It was for this purpose that
the special meeting of the directors
was called.
While the extension of the Palatine
branch has been in contemplation for
many years and the actual work has
been rumored to start several times
still the agents of the railroad com
pany have never been as active in the
past as in the last few months. Sur
veying corps were busy on the pro
posed route during the fall months,
or as long as good weather lasted an.l
it was during the last term of Cir
cuit Court that some of the condem
nation suits for right of way were
tried. While no definite time has
been settled on for the starting of the
work the railroad company has let
It be known that there will he as lit
tle delay as possible and It is like
ly that the first dirt will be moved
in tho spring of the coming year.
Balkan Region
A Confusion
Of Religions
Some of the leading characteristics
of the Balkan region, that part of the j
world which a confusion of races, lan-1
guages, customs, nations, religions,
and traditions has caused to be the
centuries-long theatre of seething,
Incessant religious and racial strug
gles are described In a statement giv-1
eu to the press today by the National I
Geographic Society, It says:
"Many peoples of many kinds meet!
on the fringe between the East and
the West, the Baykan peninsula, and
each of these peoples clings tenacious
ly to Its language. Its traditions, Its
religion, and to the manners anil
ways of its kind. Several families
of the Slavonic people, each with Its
own tongue and patriotism, are thero.
The Turks, the Greeks, and a sprink
ling of Germans, together with many
fragramentary types of peoples, from
West and East, survivals of nations
and tribes of yesterday's history, add
to the kaloidascoplc bewilderment.
The Balkan lands are a Babel through
which no ordinary 'master of tongues'
may hope to go without the aid of an
occasional interpreter and much use
nC sign language.
"In the hearts of most of these
peoples, no matter how small their
land or how lltttle the world may
know of them, there Is kept alive a
fiery consciousness of their nation
ality. The Montenegrin Is as devot
ed a native of his small bowl of a
country among the mountains as Is
the citizen of our own United States,
t.ho difference being, where any, tliat
the Montenegrin r emlnds hlmsolfr
much more often of hia nationality
and Its advantages than does the av
erage Aemrican. With the sharp
racial, tribual and lingual dlvis'ons
pf the Balkan peoples, religious divis
ions exert a far more powerful dis
tinctive Influence there, than is th?
case with us. Greek Orthodox, Ro
man Catholic, various Protestant con'
fesslons, and the Mohammedan faith
hRve Berved to segregate these peo
ple from one another.
"All the energy, destruction and
clamor which the friction between hs
many contrary types of people and
ideals has occasioned, has retarded
the development of the Balkans pe
ninsula so that It Is some generations
behind the achlvements of the West;
nnd the traveler in the byways of
thiB country has had to put up with
those some inconveniences which he
would encounter In developed Asia.
The roads In the Balkans are bad, In
most cases mere cattle and footpaths.
T he villages are squalid, Ill-kept, with
out improvements, without comforts,
without conveniences. The meanB of
transportation 'are uncertain; the
mules are undependable, the railway
trains are capricious, boats move ac
cording, to the tempers of'thelr cap
tainsand the moods of,their engineers
horse and cart a risky adventure,
while the treacherous roads mako
Furthermore the law and order of
muphJot^the^B^nilandSiils at best
a matter ofijconsidokrable
reduced everything so' as to give ?ll the folks
Xmn gifts without worry to the pocketbook. Just like Santa, big hearted and liberal, note I
At Reduced Prices
This group of garments Is all this leasons?they are as meaty a lot from a value standpoint
been or are likely to be offered at such tremendous reductions. Women's suits now.
$14.00 Suits
Reduced to
$20.00 Suits
Reduced to
$25.00 Sniff
Reduced to
And Powerful
Sale of Women's
We are cutting the prices left and right, immense values, extraordinary quality, tip top workmanship;:
Brand new styles all to go for a little nothing, come no matter what stands in the way, perfect fit assured
by men tailors ^
A Crowd Poller!
This wonderful lot of women's Seal Plush Coats,
artistic In style, splendid material
sold in every store in Fairmont for
not less than $25.00. Our price |
for Friday and Saturday .
Arabian or llrualLambt
Coats, genuine silky curled, a great big massive
coat , lined wjth guaranteed satin,
perfect fitting a coat like this l
should last at least 5 years. $25.00
Coats That Will Sell Like Hot
The values are stronger than ever. Take your choice of any of these at ... .
$5.09, ?7.09, $8.09, $9.00, $10.09, $11.99
Why Wonder!
the mocca of childhood! What a wonderful place is this capital city of Christmas land. It is a cfwjoTlWOtMlSI'J
and delight?of hustle and bustle, of gay hearts and merry faces; Here Is countless, almost endless^arrayfijf
everything Imaginable to strengthen the tiny tote faith In Santa Claus; Santa Claus himself wlll'-.b'e'hereitg
shake hands with the youngsters! Give him your letters, maybe you'll win one of thosc25 prizes.
Million Dollar Doll
The biggest quality doll in America?-Its imported
full 30ckct jointed; natural hand-made wigs, eyelash.
es, slippers and stockings, 2 ft high, sleeping
eyes, all 3hades of hair and eyes Fri- ?%?%
day and Saturday
Not more than one to a customer ** wV
The folding kind, all steel frames and axeljlwitjj
ber tired wheels and hood, a big carriage^ 8
just like baby's. Actually worth
Over 200 brand new 1915 advance pullman. sleeping!
doll carriages, biggest 4 mm . #>,'???/v
tv0aw?ety.in 1.95 to ||PJ
Big Stock of Doll Carriages 50c, 59c, SOdllj
Jolly Old Santa Claus is Here Tofday!
Come in and shake hands with this bully, good fellow, tell him what ycu want for Xmas, he wilHbelwM^^W
greet you, so don't fail to come?HARRISONS '. ->
Star Brand Shoes 8?s#
Men, look 2nd listen! Star Brand is known the world over?the brightest star that
shines in the shoe world?guaranteed strictly solid leather throughout, waterproof,
ask anyone who wear's Star Brand to try a different make and this is what they'll/**
because they fit the foot, miners tell us that they last over one year?going some for sevicef We
give 5100.00 to charity to any one who can prove that, Star Brand stron-n |*/V . /% Im
ger than the low shoe Isn't solid leather throughout, high or low top 5 V tO 'O 5
$1.75 Coffee Percolator,
home spun pure alumi
num, glass lid 4 <m g\
?useful gift 1 IU
now ??*V
Men's $1.39 one buckle
Arctics heavy groved
so I e8 and -
heels, fleeced MVp
lined?now .. I/UV
Young men's wool
sweaters, value $4.00
sizes 34 and 36 only
Ladles felt sllppei
$1*50 grade,: ;fu'r? trlr
med cushion soles fife
heels, flexible:2npWil
A Great Xmas
Actually worth up to $4.00
We bought 1,000 suits and overcoats3b3
about 2 weeks ago. We have about 300 of
grade garments left, many mothers have bi
2 and 3 suits at a time?no wonder'.twelS
are selling them at wholesale prices,
words cannot describe their- beautySfraH!
Boys All-Wool Suits
Closing out a big lot of assortedJpE
terials, Including corduroy, alzes?4j?
.Values 75c to $1.00 to go
at -.. .
B *? ? ??????????????????????????? ? ? ? mt
With 2 Pairs of Pants worth up to $8.00
Blue Serge, ail wool, 2 pairs of pants, suits, without
a doubt the biggest offer ever made?all m)
sizes, perfect fitting suits to ?\. MX
go at
Men's Corduroy Pants
Worth up to $2.50 and ?3.00.
A Big Xmas Treat, Its the biggest value 'In town,
powerfully strong reinforced seams, -g nn
with or without Cuffs, Friday and I
Saturday ..:........... .V.A,yw
A great big table plied with over 300 pair
that were to be sold' at/ $1.50,-andS$1';75:
imaginable material and color?heavyftyreri
pants, durable quality, Friday am
Saturday ......... . WJlfflgB
Regular Values
to $9.00 - -
I Broken sizes, buttafg

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