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/cv, _ CTVTT rrcn-.
, , ^SSSSSK ^trrreWKerc^Gift Giving _JL[_ _4^
The Ideal Christmas Store Y/here
' fA//?A#CWr. iv.va.
Kindly Note There are Only 6 More Days before
Christmas. It's better to take time by the forelock than by
the fetlock. Our store is ful 1 of attractive presents 'for
To the Busy Business Man
* If For Christmas You Desire to Give a Gift That is Expressive
faml That Will Be Permanent Delight
Give Furs
? Jfik-s,
BAndiOiveiThem now that wife or daughter may have their full en
BpySenttinlth^ height of the social season.
Great Sale of Women's
Suits and Dresses
Note Price Cut on Women's
Pay Only $10.75 for Suits
marked $16.50 and $18.00
Pay Only $17.75 for Suits
marked $22.50 to $32.50
Pay Only $19.75 for Suits
marked $25.00 to $37.50
Pay Only $24.75 for Suits
marked $32.50 to $40.00
Pay Only $29.50 for Suits
marked up to $50.00
Hundreds of stylish garments priced
at at least a third less than usual.
Garments, representing the last word
in fashion. And what a timely sale!
-"Right when New garments are wanted
lor Christmas, for the evening party,
for the afternoon tea and many other
affairs when new apparel is necessary.
Never to our knowledge have we given
the values we are giving now.
Every woman interested in Now Ap
parel investigate these offerings now.
What Better Way of Living Up To the Full Meaning
of Christmas Time?
Buy Your Red Cross Seals
That's the Rig ht Xmas Spirit.
Because the tastes of people differ so, it Is hard to give them
something useful which they will use. The result Is fuss and trouble
over exchanges.
Give a Merchandise Certificate
This will solve the _Glft Problem for you and enable the recipient
of the Certificate to get something desirable?something that will be
useful and pleasing.
Traveling Bags and Suit Cases
Suit Cases for Men and Women. Traveling Bags in walrus and covt
hide in black or tan.
- Slippers, Ideal Gifts
For every member of the family.
Felt Juliets
Fur-trimmed Juliets In black, blue, brown or red. Light, flexible soles.
$1.00, $1.25, $1.50.
Peerless Comfy
?house slippers of the highest grade "comfy" felt in light blue, red, iaven
dar, fawn, old rose, etc. Soles of soft, padcd sheepskin. $1.60 and $2.,
Vlcl kid, one-strap slippers; Cuban or low heel. $1.50 and $3,
Boudoir Slippers
Comfortable slippers in black, blue, pink, tan or red; lined with satin. $1.
De Lux Comfys
?highest grade felt home slippers, ribbon trimmed. Colors include light
blue, red, lavendar, fawn, old rose, taupe, etc. $1.75.
Juvenile Comfys
Children's.bed time slippers. Nursery pictures Inlaid on slippers. Also
little Juliets and Puss-ln-Boots, various colors. $1.00 and $1.25.
About your Christmas Gifts,
just come to our place and
we will furnish you the prop
er thing for your wife or
your sweetheart, or moiher,
your husband, your best
friend, or faiher, something
that will be of real value.
ay Dorothy Dlx.
ore 'is1'something that makeB you
jaliinice and purry Inside.
ove Is like the measles. You gen
Ity^gatchi It when you are young,
athe'jybrse it breaks out on you
sooner : you get over it. Love
.jnjttourt; the young much, for it
dom strikes 111 deeply, but when
lpja?man or woman gets a bail
J> generally proves fatal. '
Ku^cato alawys'tell when people
?5jre;" because they go about
tooth "powder smile on their
?Also they tell poople all about
'?'symptoms, which makes every
Ae@em.': My lather says that
ifoSiajrather meet a woman who
^)ust'Undergone an operation in
pital than a man -who is in lovo.
he'd : rather meet a raging Hon
either one of them, because lie
efer being torn alive to be
Spred-to death.
neither says that my father
iHBnot talk that way because
]heiwaa,in love himself, and my
fiergsays. "Well, if I was, I took
""JbySiicure that is called matrl
riony, and got over it," and when he
ith'a't'. my mother shald he was n
\ and she rushed out of the room
.talammed the door behind ber that
' that makes the door sound like
aid " "damn."
iSri father says that lov#, is like
nk, and that a man who is in love
fju'st like a main does who Is in
ISSsays'that lore goes to a man's
rdf;and take away all of his brains
that'ihe hasn't got any Jurgtaont
Sand goodness knows, that> lucky
for the ladies, or else there'd be. lota
more old muld's.
My father also says that love and
liquor make a man see things that
nren't there. My father says he's
Itnown men who saw pink elephant!,
sitting on the mantelpiece making
faces at them, and men who, when
they were In love, couldn't tell the
difference between a red-hended freckl
facd, cross-eyed, living skoloton sort of
a woman and Lillian Russell.
My father says that when a man's
drunk he always wants to confide in
you, and that he takes you by the
buttonhole and holds you until he
tells you the story of Ills life, and that
when he's In love he does Just the
same way, only he tells you how won
derful and beautiful, and vrliat an an
gel the qoung lady is that he is in
love with. And my father Bays that
when you see a man coming whome
you know, who Is either in liquor or
in love, the only safe thing is to run
the other way as bard as you can.
And my father says that after a
mnn has been drunk he wakes up the
next day with an awful bead and a
dark brown taste in his mouth, and
he wonders why he did it, and my
faiher says that after a man gets
married ho hns about the same sort
cl a katzenjammer.
Ladies do not get drunk, and when
they fall in love they Just cry on ev
erybody's nock when they tell that
they are engaged, and they spend
their time writing letters to the gen
tleman they are engaged to and when
tbe man leaves a cigar stub on the
ash tray they tie a blue ribbon around
It and hang it on the wall.
if^orry, Why Worry!
Also they telephone a lot, and they
have (Its if the man has to go out .of
town on business, and they make ev
erybody very tired, but all the other
ladles say "Oil, poor dear, let her
alone; she won't feel this way after
she's married."
It must be awful nice to have some
body la love with you if you are a
young lady, becaue he sends you candy
??ma takes you to the movies, and don't
never dispute what you say like a
husband does. My mother says love
is. the greatest thing In the world; hut
."d rather have an automobile.
That's all at present about love.
? ? *
Boiled Salmon.
Housewives sometimes wonder how
It is possible to ship salmon from Its
home in Columbia river half way or
poslbly all the way across the con
tinent and have It reach the table ap
parently so freBh. Refrigerator cars.
It Is well known, are used in trans
porting It, but it may not be general
ly known that in transit to the At
lantic coast it is packed and repacked
in fresh cracked Ice three times, which
accounts for its arriving at Its desti-!
nation in perfect condition. It is said ;
that the salmon is the cleanest of fish,
never staying in a polluted stream. I?
Ihc stream becomes unclean, it leaves
at once.
As this iisli is more solid and dry
then many it is better for steaks and
xoi boiling than for baking and chow
ders. For boiling salmon, sew it in a
white mosquito Siting bag and boil a
quarter of an hour to the pound in
salted water. Unwrap with care and
place on a hot platter. Prepare a cup
ful of drawn butter with lemon juice
and chopped parsley and pour over.
Garnish with thin slices of lemon and
hard-boiled eggs.
? ? *
If one has any salmon that Is lett.
over from the stea or boiled fish of
the lay before, It may be used in a
cream gravy with krlce. Put one or two
cups of milk, according to the amount
of flsh or rice one has to use nlto the j
pan, let It simmer and add enough i
flour made smooth in water to thicen !
II to the consistency of cream. Let it!
cook three or four flnctes, remove |
rrom the stove, season with poper, j
salt and butter. The yolk of an egg
beaten In makes the sauce richer ana
In an Improvement; stir in tho fish
well broken, and pour over a mouna
jf boiled rice.
Canned salmon may also be utilized
in this way, first removing all skin
joiics and oil, then flaking in small
One-Egg Cake.
One egg, one cup of sugar, one cijp
nilk, butter the size of an egg, two
easpoons of baking powder and 1%
?ups flour. Cream butter and sugar,
.lien add yolk of egg and cream thor
jiighly, then milk and the flour in
which baking powder has been sifted
vhite of egg. and flavoring. This will
sake two layers or a small loaf.
Pineapple Filling.
One can grated pineapple, add one
;up of sugar and cook down like pro
lerves. This makes a delicious filling
or cake and will make enough for
reveral cakes. It will keep indefinitely,
Cocoanut-Cream Filling.
One cup milk, one half cup cocoa
lUt, ono cup sugar, one half teaspoon
if butter one tablespoon of corn
itarch made smooth in the milk. Boll
our minutes and \(hqn nearly cold,
itir.in'the yolk of'an egg. . ? .
. > ? ? ?? -
ganto&-> warship. ? % i
? FETaOORA^jjJ>.ofyI<ondon;,peo^ jj
17.?It was officially announced today,
that the steamer Derentio, of the Ger
man Levantine lino, was found navi
gating oil Turkish coast near Kerasunt
{tiid was sunk by a Russian warship
Al^er all on board the merchant1
man had been ordered to leave. Only
two Turkish officers and 12 soldiers
obeyed the order and the others went
State of Ohio. City of Toledo. Lncas County, ??.
Frank J. Cheney makes oath thut be is senior
partner of the firm of P. J. Cheney & Co., do
ing business In til? City of Toledo. Countr and
State aforesaid. and that aald Arm will pay
the ram of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS f<*
each and every case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured bjr the use of Hall's Catarrh Core.
Sworn to before me and subscribed In ray
presence, this Gth day of December, A. D., ISSi
Seal. A. W. OLEASON,
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Care Is taken Internally and
acta directly upon tho btood and mucous sur
faces of the system. Send for testimonials,
F. X. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0,
Sold bj all Druggists, 75c.
Ta*o Hall's Fumlly FUii Xur constipation
Hayman Greenhouse Co.
???iWa!iicmJiot {;!' .^ionk?2?.
rV^Xy. :'.
down with the ship. ,
Kersauut is a seaport ot Asiatic
Turkey, 70 miles west of Trevizond,
on the Black Sea.
WARSAW via of London. Dec. 17.?
A crcat battle is in progress at Soch
nccew, 30 miles west of Warsaw. Tho
German wedge, which is proceeding
in a south easterly direction, from
llow. lias managed, after heavy fight
ing in which serious losses are re
ported to have been Inflicted, to es
tablish Itself a quarter of a mile west
of Socliaccew. The Polish campaign
now centers at that point.
No child has been smart enough t'
name all th' ex-vice presidents. What
-would become of all th' wilted lettuce
an' soft p'taters if wo all went after
our groceries instead o' telephonic
fer 'em.
And Her Slate
The Ideal Store In Which To Select
Man's Gilt \
There are many things that you know a man
would like, but because there is a touch of intimacy
about them, you hesitate to make the selection.
Not so with the suggestions you meet in this store.
Smokers' Stands $1.00 to $2.50
High standards, square or round, that bring
the ash receiver to just the proper level. Footed
bases prevent them being easily knocked over.
Cigar Sets 75c to $2.50
Beautifully polished and lacquered brass. A
set to please your ideas and please him immensely.
Thermo Bottles $1.00 to $3.50
Keep liquids hot or cold, just as you wish. In
dispensible to the Autoist and traveler.
Pocket Knives 50c to $3.00
Thousands of them?big, little and all sizes be
tween. All manner of mountings are shown and the
quality is such that we never hesitate to guarantee
Flash Lights 75c to $2.00
A little model for the vest pocket or one for the
home use?-we have them all.
Safety Razors $1,00 to $5.00
We offer a showing of Safety Razors that per
mits of a wise selection. Also a full line of open ,
blade razors.
Or Overcoat
We're making extra efforts to give i
our friends and patrons the opportunity am
of wearing, a United Suit for Christmas.
in and be measured today.
If you're going to give HIM something
Christmas, why not a United Suit or Overboa^t
It's the most practical grift you can grive him?and or
that he will greatly appreciate
Buy a United Certificate and send it toIKuSi
can come now or at any time to select his riiatr
and be measured for a Suit or Overcoat.
United Woolen Clothes are customrtaiiof!
clothes, made-to-your individual measure,*: and*
guaranteed to be better by at least 50% than ajfjfot
ers selling at our price
W. A. HERSCH, Pres.
106 Main Street
Cincinnati, O.
422-424 Vine St.
Columbus, 0,
47 N. Hlgh;',8L?Jl|
Parents! Teach Thrift:
Will confer no greater benefli
grown-up children - th'aS^ih'^S
good business ed-catlon. -Glf
an order on the UNIO^&Ul
COLLEGE for a commercial, o
graphic course, andTytraSnii
them for a career In .UfeSESSf
can rob them of.~ wJieraHSg
been trained In DNIOWmTOI
Gentlemen: I am interested in the
tunn below, and wish to enter about
r Please furnish a efull information about yonrSti
tuition, book* and board, also how long it requires to
course. -'Home .,............
*?, '
.Prm. of Shorthand. ' ?,
? " i^&Sm
uorrcsponaenoe r . , . t r
FaraRrapSng ...... oonmercui X
Typewriting ?.?irSSB"a"]qslBBi
The Largest $15 Made-to-Measure House in America. '
Parkersburg, W. Va.
302-4-6 Market St.
Clarksburg, W. Va.
314 Pike St.
Charleston. W. Va.
113 Capitol St.
Huntington, W. Va.
326 Ninth St.
Slstersvlllo, W. Va.
ThlBtlb Bldg.
Wheeling, W. Va.
1222 Market St.
Fairmont, W. Va.
106 Main St.
Bluefleld, W. Va.
231 Princeton Aye. - 412 MalnlSt!
. ??sa9>?
Marietta, 0. Middletown, 0/
192 Front St.
409 Main St.
? S. : V ?
The parent who does not train his children
to look out for themselves financially, shirks
Their success and happiness in thepinirel
depends upon their training in financial?''
There is no better way to teach tlief
thrift than by means of a saving accou
This Bank stan ds ready to serve you. ?*
4% On Savings and Time Certificate* :
CAPITAL $200.000,OW

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