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; iv i/v-v r< V7
>./' 5-,,.
?Large cotton rags toi
; presses. 3c per lb.
it!;Weat Virginian Office,
i;-': i-2B-tr.
pWf^-Fumiahed room Tor on?
pjgentlcnien. Third floor, 9 Hays
tag&jtr.'' - - ?
|Si?NT ? One nicely furnished
Kleffront room for rent, 525 Og
iVfoyehue. Bell phone 585-J. 17-tf
jOa^'RENT?A nice modem seven
ag&ODSB.at Keiley Place, coruor
Inut and Third street; also a Cine
SmS&at! in Keiley building on Wa
WptMiSffig ward. Inquire of F.
Celley Luinber Co* 11-lG-tf
a^RENT ? One modern six-room
BuSSlclose in. Apply 226 Spring
SNT?rwo office rooms, third
Jacobs building. Apply to
le-iM. Jacobs, 301 Fairmont
g^Tffrirp?TCtghi. room house, Be
l^lfavenuo. 7 room house, Edge
^^^^T.etrlcte*s. Brokerage & Ins.
!e-robm.(t>rlck) house, "Wheel
Seven. rroom. (brick) house,
seven room (frame) house,
ulre for further particulars,
ail& HutcKlhson, Bell phone, of
223; Hes., 176. Consolidated,
?USSR 8-24-lmo.
tEN,T?".. -
iomi-Hbuse corner 2oth St., and
mont. Ave. Call Consolidated?
ie 178. 12-ll-3t.
317 Hamilton St.
SrSrENT?Two rooms for rent lor
j?Hglit "house keeping or two turn
aaejjfrooms for rent. Apply to J13
laymond St., Mrs_TUCKEIl. 12-1G-:!!
jOK|RpNT^One room, with or with
SoSftjlight housekeeping. Apply Mrs.
?5S|3CaLldara, Bi4 Ogden Ave.
?suns'. i2-i3-tf
&EE?-Cost $300.00?$100 will buy
ffi?ol&?sbon. Ifo. 1 Oprgraph Ma
Igjb^UO: rolls Film, 5 sets colored
fide|&.Calcium light outfit, good as
"only, been used short time.
KeeWc'attachmeut and screen and
itiier articles to go with it. For
Brtjier information call or write J.
SSjiw^'Merri fluid Bote), Fairmont,
V. V*a. 12-7-lmo.
3ALE ? BlanK Oil and Gas
les, South-Penn form, also As
monts of Lease and House
lea. Apply "West Virginian OI
$SALE?Blank coal options at
L??,West Virginian office. 3-26-ft
rj^fflold :cuff .button .engraved
ilffifaliial ."B"' Finder please re
fflftCMj^eat- "Virginian office and
:elve reward. 12-lG 0t.
r-^A^Gold watch and pin between
Wardi-ah'd Bellvlew, with engrav
upfront from Mamma to lluth.
Bgjjjpleaie return to this office or
702-R as the lost article is a re
brance,.a reward will be given to
Inaerjif returned. 12-I8l3t
ispftren Cry
Game Warden
Submits Third
Annual Report
The third biennial report of J. A.
Viquesney, State Forest, Gome and
Flab Warden, liaa been printed and
Is being distributed among tlio sports
men, officers and other interested par
ttes of the state. The volume of
over one hundred and fifty pages is
nicely illuminated with picturesque
plates of scenery in West Virginia
and other interesting subjects.
The statistical part of the report
gives in detail all prosecutions, lines
collected, forest fires, non-resident
hunter's licenses sold, fish '', TlT^t
West Virginia waters by the United
States government, and complete re
ceipts and disbursements ot the or
flee The following brief summary
these Items may be of interestoiir
readers: Total number ot cases Uled
for violations of forest, game and fish
laws during the eighteen months co
ered l>y the report, 463; convictions,
392: acquitted, 5G; pending, 15, ap
pealed. 9; jailed, 10; sent to I '?Penl;
tcntiarv. 2; fines assessed, ?0,2.5.00,
fines collected, 55,847.97. Tola num
ber of forest fires, 219; acres humeri
over. 72,033; damage to tirobci and
other property (estimated), S
041.25; amount expended In extin
raishing fires, $4,553.48. Non-resident
licenses sold, 45; proceeds of Ihe same
$075. Pish planted in 1313, *44,00 ,
1914, 89,830; total for two years, S.34,
4'jinny subjects relating to the de
partment ot forestry, game a?1 fisli
are discussed, some of which are a.
follows: Need of forest, game and
fish laws, deputy sytem, education vs.
force; bulletins distributed; l ues and
convictions; renident hun'"?
conso; importation of game and birds,
insectivorous birds; bird clubs and
organizations; incease of game, bird
Pursuant to a decree of the Circuit
>rurt of Tavlor County, west Air
pinia/made and entered on the 5th
of March, 1914. in the chancery cause
ct Crawford Thorn against John B.
Watson, et at, wo will?!V, atCUie front
' door ^ot Hie 'conr? House ot Taylor
'-'oUnt^fUmfd!y offor for ^ U?e
fenveyatce?- t? J whicl, w.. b,
'John Hanway's li?xecutor )>
,??artag date ou the 22nd ?May. 1880
and recorded in said Cou?t> lnDond
hearing date on the _ * ly Dee(1
?f62w?No r2G0page l43 1o wl.ich rer
erence are made for a -re complete
SST has 'heretofore $ Sold
fll:;Te%rr Monday, the 11th
West Virginia, at 10 o clock a.,
orenco is hereby made for a more corn
nlote description ot said land; which
is underlaid with a valuable vein of
coal- first the coal is to be offered for
tale, then the surface, and tlien as a
whole coal and surface, and sold
which ever way brings the largest
PrTorms of Sale: One-third cash in
hand on day of sale, one-third in one
Sear, andone-third in two years tak
ing from the purchnRor lnterMt berir
ine notes with approved sccirits.re
tabling title to said properties until
the deferred pnymenta are fuHy pa ^
Given under our hands tills
any of December, m4sAMpLi,g
Special Commissioners.
Bond and security has been given
Manufacturer ot pure ioe.
Office and plant l?t. vara.
Both Phones 308.
Prima Donna of "The Quaker Girl," at The Grand Opera House Tonight.
I ' -
and game sanctuaries; protection to
Tur hearing animals; bounties on ani
?liais and birds; good roads and their
relation to forests, game and llsh; pol
lution ot streams; raising fish on the
farm; need of (lsii hatteheries in West
irginia; Boy Scouts; forestry and for
est (lre3.
Suggests Amendments.
Some amendments which should be
made at tlie next session of the leg
islature are suggested in this re
port ns follows: The enactment of
a resident hunter's license for tile
purpose of raising revenue for the
protection of forests from fire, and
for i lie purpose of better protecting
and propagating game and fish, aui
for the purposo of better protecting
the land owners and farmers by pro
viding means of identification by
which the destruction of properly and
other acts of vandalism by hunters
may be traced and the perpetrators
punished. A state fish hatchery
should be provided so that the streams
of our state may be stocked with
fish. Our laws relating to forest IIro3
should be amended so as to conform
to the rules and regulations of the
Untied States government, in order to
recelva co-operation from the govern
ment in this work, and to afford bet
ter protection to our forests. .Author
ity should be granted to the fores',
game and fish warden to close certain
depicted streams Cor fishing, so that
flsli planted may be. given time to
multiply. 'The open season oil both
trout and bass should be shortened. A.
limit on tlie number of trout taken
per day should be fixed at 25, and
the minimum length to be taken rais
ed from five to six inches. Section.
?14 ot the Acts ot 100[3 should bo
amended so as to make the meaning
clear as to the catching of flsli of the
sucker variety in any way at any time,
which is very conflicting and which
Is not plain even to the legal profes
sion. It is suggested that it be inadj
unlawful to catch llsh in any ot the
streams of the state except with hook
and line. Open and closed seasons
on all migratory birds should bo made
to conform with the federal law.
There should bo a hag limit on gray
squirrels of not more than twenty-five
per day. All unnaturalized foreigners
should bo prohibited from carrying
firearms of any kind. There should
bo a closed season on all fur-bearing
animals except for about GO days;
when the fur is merchantable. Au
thority should bo given to the for
ost, gamo and flsli warden to lease
land for game and bird refugees or
sanctuaries, where all shooting may
bo prohibited and gamo and birds
raised for stocking purposes.
Copies of this report are being
mailed to all constables, justices and
deputy wardens. Any other persons
desiring a. copy may secure same free
of charge by writing tlie forestry,
gamo and fish department, Belington,
W. Va. |
&?die? I A?k y?nr Dm train foe A\
$yi\ USSa ?bl-cbe*.tcra l>lawjf?ad Jlra?id/A\
**>"? ln Ked tn<> Oold tnctalllc\V/
TX ?OflSSS sealed with Btuo Ribbon. \J
m T?ke no etVpr. Jtnjr ?*f*on? ?
IV M yC?rjknown as Beat,Safest,Always Reliable
Gray Hair Becomes
Dark, Thick, Glossy
Almost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, bring? back the natural color and
lustre to, the hair when faded/ streaked
or gray; also ends dandruff, itching
scalp and Btops falling hair. Years
ago the only wa yto get this mixture
was to make it at home, which i3 mus
sy and troublesome.
Nowadays we simply ask at any drug
store for "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur
Compound." You will get a large bot
tle for iiliout BO cents. Everybody
uses this old, famous recipe, because
no one can possibly tell that you dark
ened your hair, as it does it so natur
ally and evenly. You dampen a sponge
or soft brush with it and draw this
through your hair, 'taking one small
strand at u time; by morning the gray
hair disappears, and after another ap
plication or two, your hair becomes
beautifully dark, thick and glossy and
you look years younger.
XV. R. Crane Drug Co.
For Infants and Children
! In Use For Over 30 Years
: ssSToT
! Barry R. Cole
Cleaning, Pressing, Eepairinj;.
Ladies' Work a Specialty.
Suits Made to Measure.
Send us your work by parcel
post and let us know when you
will call for it.
121 MAIN ST.
Opp. Colonial Theatre, Over Bar
ber Shop. Bell phone 43-J.
All diseases successfully treated
without drops or surgical operation.
Glasses of all kinds correctly fitted
and guaranteed satiafeotory.
Opposite Marietta Hotel. Both Phones
Good Rio Coffee, 15c lb.: 7
Good Tub Butter
Fresh Country Errs .......
Fresh: County Print
We both'lose money if you do not trade here.
CHICAGO? DAISY, 309 Madison St
and he ain't trarollng for
iviuk oe Co. any more, neither. And
L^tty?you remember Letty, who used
to'be .In-service here. Well?eay, I'd
best' start right at the beginning.
'Xetty was the housemaid at this
hotel when Anthony was King & Co.'s
best salesman. Her mother had
brought her up very strict, and when
she died Letty was only eighteen and
knew about as much of the world as a
child does. The house was worth about
two thousand, for property had been
going up for a long time; but Letty
couldn't live on nothing while It was
on the market, so she came to the
'tavern' as second housemaid. In those
days service ot that kind wasn't con
sidered anyways lowering in .Wake
"Anthony was staying over night. It
was a small town on his route, and ho
hadn't made many sales that year, and
hejwas naturally a bit depressed. But
when he saw Letty sweeping down the
hall he brlghtoned up a hit Anthony
always liked a pretty face. Bo he
comes up to her.
" "Hello, kid, you euro are a peaoh,'
he says, and kisses her. Tbat done,
he goes Into his room, thinking no
more about it.
"Letty was flabbergasted. She had
always been taught that to kiss a girl
meant you wanted to marry her, and
here was a perfect stranger who had
kissed her tiio minute he set eyes on
her. Tho little fool put down her
broom and began to cry with happi
ness. Anthony was about^forty and
rather fat and flashily dressed, but he
was all gold in Lotty'B eyes.
"Nest morning Anthony, having re
newed hlB grouch, went out of hla
room carrying his suit case. He met
Letty, who had been waiting on the
stairs. 'Morning, miss/ said Anthony,
and passed on, leaving Letty still more
"I guess she cried all tbat day, but
when night came she had made up her
mind. Of course a fine gentleman like
Anthony wouldn't want to marry a girl
in service. Her little head was full of
romances. She had read about men
His Grouch Began to Clear Away.
oeing true to death, and all that, and
tho made up her mind to make herself
worthy of Anthony.
"She took hor savings and went to
night school with them. By the end
of the year Letty was a fair stenog
rapher and bookkeeper, and, as the
young woman who kept books for the
'tavern' was leaving to got married,
Letty stepped into her shoes. The
salary waa a dollar less than her
wages had been when she held the
broom, but she was mighty glad. .
"At the end of the year Anthony
comeB on his route again, and when
Letty looked up from her books and
saw him standing, waiting to register,
her heart beat so that she couldn't
"Anthony looked at her, and his
grouch began to clear away. He al
ways liked pretty girls.
" 'You sure are a peach, klddo,' he
said, and chucked her under the chlh.
'How about tho movies tonight?'
"With that he was gone, loavlng
poor Letty in a heaven of ecstasy. Her
god had noticed her again; be was
going to take her out. That flashy
chap was a kin*- In Letty's eyes.
"I guess Ant ,ny wanted to take
her out all right, though he hadn't the
slightest notion tbat he had ever met
her before. Out he fell In with some
of the boys, and they got him Into a
poker game, and when he got out, at
midnight, he was $72 In the hol% And
by that time he had forgotten all about
Letty, who had been waiting all
primped up since eight o'clock.
"Letty cried herself to sleep, and
next, morning Anthony was gone be
fore she was down in the office.
"She gave up hope then, but she
stayed oc at the 'tavern,' keeping the
books. She wouldn't have anytblng
to do with the young fellows of Wake
field, but she was always nlce.to trav
eling men: Al^out the time when An
thony was' due again Bhe began to ask.
timid questions abont him. ? But no-,
body, told her much; you see, they
guessed something had happened be-'
tween them. But at last Letty got the
truth from a young salesman who was
making the rounds.
>uumouoS^tTe'lI have hard work get
ting oa-T^tf^t'aiaIn.
'?"Next dayfLetty accepted two thou
sand dollars "for her house, which bad
gone up to a good deal more than that
in value, resigned her position, and:
started loir" New York. She went to
King & Co.
" 1 want to see Mr. King on Impor
tant business,' she said.
"The clerk took her in and Mr
King stared at her, and she stared
back at him. There was something
tragical about Lett? In little things.
People didn't like the way she looked
into their minds.
"Mr. King was growing uncomfort
able when Letty burst out: 'If I pay
you will you let him out, Mr. King?'
'"I beg your pardon. Whom are
you talking about?' asked the bead of
tbe firm.
" 'Mr. Anthony, sir/ said Letty, de
positing her two thousand dollars upon
tbe table, and Mr. King stared harder
than ever.
Who are you?' he nsked, eyeing
first her and then the money. 'You
ain't his wife, bocause he wasn't mar
ried last time 1 beard.'
'I'm going to be,' said Letty qui
"Well, King was glad enough to drop
the proceedings, and he took Letty
round to the Jail to see him. Anthony
didn't feel too good to see King, but
when he learned that he was to be
free be saw the point.
You can thank this young wom
an Instead of me,' says Mr. King. 'And
lot me tell you I wouldn't have taken
bor money If It hadn't been for the
faot that she wss engage* to you. In my
opinion she Is a good deal too good
for you." With which he turned on
his heel, leaving Letty and Anthony
looking at each other. To the best
of bis knowledge Anthony had never
seen her before in all his life. He
thought It was a game put up by some
of his friends.
"'Whose money was it, my deart*
he asked.
" 'Mine,' answered Letty proudly. 1
know you don't care for me any more,
but when I heard you were in trouble
it seemed?seemed only right (or me
to'?gulp?'give you my money.'
"'But you told Mr. King you were
going to be married to me,' said
thony In bewilderment.
"'I wouldn't marry you for all the
wealth of Wakefield,' Letty flashed
out, and meant It, too. Somehow that
word Wakefield-recalled to Anthony
the broken engagement, and then he
understood and. remembered her. His
band shot out and grasped her under
the chin.
'"Kid/ he eald, 'you certainly are
a peach.'
"Yes, sir, they have been married
nearly throe years now, and he travels
for Constable. Letty is as proud as a
queen of Anthony. I guess there is
the right woman for the right man ev
erywhere, but. Lord, what luck An- k
thony had finding her!" U
(Copyright. 1814, by W. Q. Chapman.) 1
Excellent Reasons Why Mississippi'!
Old Capitol Should Be Preserved
' by People of State.
A bill for renovating Mississippi's
old statehouee calls for the legislature
of the state to consider a question
more or less continuously discussed by
Mleslsslpplans over since the comple
tion of the present capltol in 1003. For
a comparatively modest sum the old
capltol may be restored and put to ex
cellent and appropriate use. So that
today the sentimental plea for the
building's preson'atlon is strongly re
inforced by utilitarian arguments,
Mississippi's old etatehouse should
be as dear to Mlselssipplans who take
pride In their state's history as the
Cablldo 1b to Loulslanlans. Built la 1839
tbe old capltol at Jackson Is identified
with the most stirring events in tbe
moat stirring period of Mississippi's
In 1849 It housed the convention that
formally asserted the principle of
secession as a state right. In its ball
tbe convention of 1861 was assembled
and the ordinance of secession passed.
During the Btormy years Just following
the war it witnessed the dispossession
of two governors by federal troops,
and staged the notorious "black and
tan" convention. It was the. scene of
.the Impeachment trial of Governor
Ames. In 1890 It sheltered the consti
tutional convention which framed and
enacted the franchise plan that solved
tbe south's most portentious-problem-'
Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, Pren
tiss, Lamar, Waltball, George and
other makers of history have ad
dressed Mississippi audiences In tbe
historic struoture. It witnessed the
election of Jefferson Davis as major
general of Mississippi troops at the
beginning of the struggle between tbe
states. From its rostrum the Confed
erate president in 1884 delivered bis
farewell address to the people of Mis
Housewife's Problem.
At the opening of the Woman's In
dustrial exposition in New. York, City
Chamberlain Henry;Bruere-said;that
getting'food to theftunily is'the great
problem. The market will not do It,
he says. In order to find out whit Is
the right way, he says they sent
around tlie world; . Ttiey -found ,the
German -housewives still go to market,'
bnt New York women cannot"?-?,' "'I
am WAlOTli
i mlghyShKajroESi
We hear this
mark frequently. V
Is meantiibyJjsSfi
Simply g jnot5$|o
your grit. ? It^takj
mountain of ^g"St
that succeed hav<
It does not?!?i
much grit to stsii
. savings account,
It takes some to%l
at it.
THE ; Vi&j
An Insurance Policy ii a "con
ditional" promise to pa^|||w
make the oonditioni right and our
oompaniea always pay; On
price* are no higher tha^^^?w;
elsewhere. Why not get the best!
? ?' "
In the world oannoM
loss in case of fire. II
guard against loss is
polioy with
Jute insurance against)]
Onr rate* for insura
ings and honseholagjoi
that it is wrong
Wovmin Temple 1
The Ioe That; Standi]
Bell Telephone, 642.
Consolidated Telcphoi
Office Ti
Booms 41 and
? Co.'jBulldln?
DB. D,
Practice Limit
and Offlee^Mi

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