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MllfigilllHD Willie
A handsomely mounted photograph of
yourself will be a lasting tribute ? in
Icreasmg in value as time passes.
Johnston's Studio
Colonial Theatre Bldg Bell Phone 245-R
ralter Smouse
Is Awarded
Hero Medal
V Walter Smouse, ttie fourteen year i
old son of Mr. J. R. Smouse. of the
First ward was yesterday awarded
a handsome hero medal In redognl
ion of heroism displayed In this city
several weeks' ago, when he saved
SEeJlIfe of four year old Mary Nuzum
Daughter of Mr. Bailey N'uzum a prom
"lent railroad man of this city.
KAV;, chronicled in this paper, at the
Jmc^qfr the accident, the little girt
rith some playmates was at play in
jiejyard of the central school, building
HhenSh'e'r ; clothing . became ignited
^om|a'j6pn;flre. Walter Smouse was
passing at the time and seeing (he
plight of the child stripped ofT his
Jtieavy sweater and wrapped It about
the child, thus saving her life and I
showing great presence of mind and
The child was terribly burned but
lias about recovered from the effects
of the burns.
The matter,of obtaining the medal
foi the lad was taken up with the
l'.alston Purina Hero Commission, with
the result that the medal was award
oil and yesterday amid a gathering
of the school children was present
id to the lad. lie having known noth
awarded him.
Presidentof the Sc'noolboard Harry
Shaw, made the presentation speech
it; a jleaslng manner.
County Agricultural Agent H. L.
i Smith Is trying to interest at the
present time a large number of farm
ers of Marion county in the Farmer's
i Week Institute which will be held in
j Morgantown the week beginning Jan
uary 4 and closing on .the 9th. .
I This institution is under the direc
tion'and auspices of the agricultural j
??.rzr<r-ir. i'-T' FjTn
baMriaai -as mir
?S3d ?? 3325.-^. SEES' c?a G
represented at this Insti
tute, and feels that the knowledge
'gained*^ and pleasure afforded by
?meeting other, farmers and? teachers
at-Morgaritown'will amply rejfay for
the time taken and expenses of the
Arrangements are being made at
Morgantown. for the accommodation
of-the visitors during the week and
Mr. Smith says that the expense will
not exceed $8 unless one cares to
stay at the hotel. Mr. Smith is also
preparing letters which will be mail
ed to the farmers of the county In a
few dayB telling of the plans of the
meeting and personally asking them
to attend. '
All people who desire to attend the
institute should let Mr. Smith know
as soon as possible so accomodations
can be reserved.
Great German General
On Prussian Frontier.
To General M#chensen almost as
much as to Field Marshal von Hin
denberg is given credit for halting the
? tusBlan invasion of East Prussia.
Willie he lias not become so well
known as von Hindenberg the people
of Berlin look on lilm as one ot their
heroes who lias saved them from the
ra, N. Y. on Wednesday,?Dec; 16;,ac
cording to. information received last
night by the. City Commisioners in a
telegram from the company.
The truck, which was purchased
from the American-LaFrance _ Com
pany, should arriTe before Christmas
and will' make a valuable Christmas
present for the fire department .lad
M. E, Ministerial
Association to Meet
The Morgantown District Ministerial
Association will hold its annual ses
sion in this city on Monday in the Dia
mond Street M. E. church. Three ses
sions will be.held, beginning at ten
o'clock in the morning and concluding
with a service in the evening, at which j
time Dr. Ewing, pastor of the Meth
odist Episcopal church of Morgantown.
will preach. The public is invited to
attend these services.
To Eat Meat.
Catholics will be permitted to cat
meat on Christmas day, which cornea
this year on Friday. Bishops in
their respective dioceses may make
such an announcement. "I will have
no doubt but every bishop will do |
so," said Archbishop Giovanni Ban-'
zano, apostolic delegate of Washing
ton, in the rectory of the Carmelite
Fathers in New York City, to which
he went from the capital to take part I
in the silver jubilee.
The delegate said that'the Catholic
church has a ruling so that when aj
church festival falls on Friday a bish
op has a right to give a general dis
pensation in his diocese.
Swallowed Poison.
Mrs. Ray Cork, formerly Miss Grace
Bennett, of Mannington, walked into
a drug store in Clarksburg yesterday
and told the druggist that she had just
swallowed two tablets of deadly poison,
because she had ben mistreated. A
physician was summoned and pumped
out her tsomAch and she was taken to
the police station last night. She Is
said to still be in a critical condition.
Mrs. Cork, with her husband, lives in
Police Court was still a blank today
at* no arrests were made during the
last 24 hours. Today closed a full
week with a session of the court be
ing convened by Mayor Bo won.
Representative Gardner Tias net
r;uit his efforts toward the appoint
ment of a special committee of th?:
House to investigate the military and
naval position of the United States
to learn about the preparation for
war. Mr. Gardner insists that the
country is at the mercy of any first
clas European power. Wtyye it is
not considered likely in Washington
that the House will name the com
mittee, regular committees, spurred
on by the agitation he has brought
about, havealready begun an investi
gation. In many parts of the coun
try security leagues have beeu formed
to urge Congress to create a larger
nuvy and army.
The rain and warm weather today
has spoiled the sport of skating on
(he river which has been enjoyed now
for several days. Skating parties
have been numerous all this weelc, but
now the ice is thawed to such an ex
tent that It is extremely dangerous.
For Sale
Palm Oil Feed for hogt or cat
tie. $16.00 p"er.to'nI^CToli|jBfe|?nn
burg. Can make promptfanlprnenl
Y* ?
The ease with which suggestions here i
approval is due mostly to the fact that
only the sensible and useful kind.
ness is equally divided between Men, Woxne
Safety Razors
Pocket flashlights
Handy pocketkits
Guns and Rifles
Manicure Sets
Pocket Knives
Fountain Pens
Ice Skates
Smoking Sets
Cigar Sets
Cut Glass __
Carving Sets!
Electric Irons:
Art Brasswa
Chafing DisI
Art Lamps
Electric Toasts
Sewing MadumSf
Our showing of Worthy Toys is not to h
led anywhere in the city.
Auto Wagons, Hobby Horses, Velocipedes^
gons, Tool Sets, Athletic Goods, Mechanic^ "Struc
iron Sets, Rifles, Skates and hundreds of smallf?
chanical and electric trains with all applia
Be Sure to Visit the Basement;
Hall Hardware Company
WASHINGTON. Pa.. Dec. 19.?Dr.
Joslah W. Cain, 40, of Martinsburg,
W. Va., assistant professor of mathe
matics in Washington and Jefferson
College, died here last night of burns
received early yesterday when his
bathrobe%'gnited from an open grate
fire. He was a graudate of the Uni
versity of Chicago and received the
degree of doctor ot phllosophy.tlnjr
Johns Hopkins University;
Backed by a dozen years of business experience, I can teach you how to
I make a fortune and how not to lose it because I can teii you from experience
both how to make money and how many and varied are the pitfalls to for-^
tune. You shall profit from both my methods of making money and fron^
my words of warning on how it is lost.
A prescription how to cure an HI is of less impotrance than a prescrip
tion on .positively preventing the same ill
It does not require dollars, just sense and common sense at thhat. The
greatness of our country are the fvoduct of sense multiplied by opportunity.
You bring to me the sense and I'll couple with it the opportunity, and watclf
money grow.
60 acres, will cut 6.000 feet per acre, 40 per cent, chestnut, poplar, oak,
hickory, logging conditions good, $1,500, sell or trade for city property.
An old house cheap, Robinson Street 4 rooms, lot 40x120 feet.
A good house, Robinson Street, 1 block from public school building, o
rooms, lot 40x80 feet, $2,500. Will accept some lots in exchange.
Magnificent view, on Tank Hill, 4-room house overlooking the city,
lot 50x100 feet, $2,200.
A choice residence of 8 rooms for $5,000, Walnut near Sixth.
7-room house, Fifth Street, close in small -lot, $3,000 a bargain.
Will sell cheap. 5-room cottage, lot 40x50 near 10th and Fifth ward,
ctr line, $1,500.
3-room cottage, near car line, 10th'St., Fifth ward, $1,200.
A suburban home. An old house with 4 rooms and 2 acres which will
6-room hous? overlooking city. View Street, Fifth ward, $2,000.
make 14 lots. On car line, $5,000. Beyond Locust Avenue.
6-room house, lot 48x120 feet. $2,000 Jackson Avenue, Fifth ward.
A magnlficent'home, Ridgeley Avenue, 7-room, modern, lot 38x124 feet,
Central location, Fifth ward. 7-room, modern home, lot 33x124, $5,500.
42 aeries wjth small house and stable, Harrison county, Ohio. Will trade
for 5 or 6 room house in Fairmont.
A farm of about 50 acres near Rlvesville. A new 5-roomed house. The
coal is sold. One*half of oil and gas goes with farm. The farm is well watered
with a good spring near the house. There are almost 500 small fruits on this "
farm. Will sell or trade.
Must sell, has built another. Handsome home of 12 rooms, lot 04x90'
feet, $11,000.
This is your opportunity. 6-room home, Pierpoint Avenue on Jack
son Street, right in town, lot 56x84, $3,300.
You can walk to and from home, Jamison Street. 8 rooms, lot 50x110,
In the suburbs, on Spring Street near new school building, for. fruit ana
poultry, six 50-foot lots and a handsome 7-room house $6,000.
CHoice property, on Maple Avenue. 8-room modern home on paved
street, close In town, lot 38x120, $4,800.
Magnificent home, right in the city, lot 80x200 feet, a bargain for a
home seeker. 1
10-room house. Maple Avenue, large lot In walking distance, $3,500.
The Classiest little house on State St., 5rooms, lot 30x75 feet, $2,500,
on,easy terms.
4 rooms, lot 50x85 feet, $2,400, located on Haymond Street.
A bargain for a railroad man, Diamond Street, 8-room house, lot 32x100,
No one sells and rents. For $2,100, you name terms. 5 rooms, lot
48x120,wln walking distance to town, one block from new school.
Do your own repairing, large lot and 6 rooms, only $1,950, j*lght In town,
on Grant Street, no cash required*
Everybody is figuring on one of my building propositions. 8 building
lots at a price that only $350 should be charged against each house in one
of the most desirable communities and best rent district of our city.
What would be nicer for Christmas than* a present to your wife of a
deed for a lot In* EDGE WAY?the new suburban dream.
Right on the hill above Pleasant Valley, a highly improved little farm,
A fine country place for 50 acres, young orchard, but no bulldlnga-42,500
Five miles from Fairmont.
Real Estate
Houses, Lots, Farms, Rents,
Loans, Coal and Timber Lands,
Sell or Trade
Offices Opposite Court House
Now is the time to buy because every
body wants to sell?Then will be the
time to sell when everybody will want
to buy.
On paved street, within five minutes walk of the Court house, 6 rooms,
lot 30x72, $3,000; Investigate.
Walking distance of the business center, 6-room modern cottage, lot
40x58, $2,800, Chicago Street.
A handoime home, near Maple Avenue for $3,800 on easy terms, con
taining 8 rooms of excellent finish.
Your future welfare rests on your decision, 4-room cottage, close In
for $2,500, on psved street near Second ward school building.
6-rooms, lot 43x100, in the suburbs, $2,150, near B & O yards.
4-room cotttage, Robinion Street, lot 44x120, walking distance of town)
$1,500. '" - ?
Everything In one. Near Morgantown Avenue and Owen's plant. 3
rooms, modern good lot J4-acre, near paved street, $2,750.
Ideal little home. Near paved avenue street car line, school and fac
torles and Wlllets' plant. 5-room cottage, lot 40x187, all conveniences and
s desirable place to live, $2,(00.
Why pay rent, when on easy terms for $3,300 you can get a desirable
6-room house on East Park Avenue, close to town with sll the conveniences?
For every house sold, many are constructed. 8-room modern house,
Vermont Avenue, one block from car line, In walking distance to the city,
lot 40x100 feet, $3,600.
8peclal price. 5-room house, large lot, In the suburbs for $1,600, can
arrange the terms. .The handsome cottsge back of the Owen's plant'oh the
Something worth while A lot 50x150 feet, a handiome 6-room home,
located In the most desirable residence district of the city, $5,000. Right In the
heart of Morgantown Avenue.
This farm has good I mprovements, 70 acres In Harrison, Ohio. Will
trade for a modern house and lot In Fairmont of 7 rooms Prlce^$4,000.
160 acres, Harrison county, Ohio, $8,000, Will trade accepting a great
er part of this In real estate.
100 acre farm, $7,500, Harrison county, Ohio,
Near good school and Morgantown Avenue, nice level lot, 5-room cottage
$1,850. r
Home beautiful and quiet, 6 rooms, lot 54x138, two blocks from East
"Park school, three blocks from car line and Morgantown Avenue, $2,490.
Quick sale, new and unoccupied, s modern 7-room house, excellent lot
40x100, $3,350. v
6 rooms,-desirable location, beautiful and good view, $2,000, one block
from Morgantown Avenue. ?' - >.
6-room houae, lot 50x150, 3,500, Morgantown Avenue and Owens' plant.
Z2 acre, dealrable cottage with ;a^largej.nu"rnberi'of,out-bulldlngs,.on a
good avenue, near-car line, |2r4M^:LoMtsd;-at the race track.
Two deilnable building lots on Fifth 8treet nesr Locust Avenue,
$1,500 each. A rare opportunity for a good locatIonMI&

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