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msBtutibnalists Lose Hun
g?|s; of Soldiers Both at
?j|||aand Apizaco Accord
iig to a State Department
Sapient Today.
eneral Opinal, ex-Federal
sogmiander. Killecl in Inef
Sfpali Attempt to Take
Men?11 of
liffioificers Captured.
NACO,' Ariz., l>cc. 22?If General
lytorena will withdraw his Villa
jgSiJirom the Biege ot.Naco, Me*.,
neral Benjamin Hill's Carranza
SSftJWlll not pursue him, according
%|ehtatlye;aKreement between Hill
d|tiiejj!nited States army officers,
bounced her-today.
Maytorcna's force is much larger
33that of Hill.
^HHiGTON.'Dec. 22.?TheJWex
uoriititotionallst army met with
Sing?defeat at Puebla yesterday,
irdlng to official advices to the state
wKfo'tSH'lse'.afternooq from Vera
SS^^e|cfira:iof- wounded hare al
ll|BirriTeayjj?.Vera Cruz and more
expected 'Bodies of four dead offi
Ireached Vera Cruz.
ears - from late dispatches,"
?te'department official today,
i.yl&nstitutionallsts met a
lefeatJat Apizaco and Puebla.
ftyjjthat on tne morning of
mraTOfcTnlac cars of wounded
Wde^d,officers arrived at Vera
said that more wera ex
nap Killed. "
otaerrfdetalls of an ineffectual at
l^mtjnued ' bn.;Page Seven)
iavings Club
ietchrlstmas Savings Club
lomenal success ol this Club
jes'lt performs a valuable
Ice to the community.
Want Shippers to Have Car
goes Examined by British
England Refuses Immunity
But Gives Wide; Latitude
to Shippers.
LONDON, Dec. 22.-It can be stated
Dositively that no definite agreement
ias been reached whereby England
will refrain from searching bMpb
which' leave American ports with state
ments from English consults that they
are carrying no contraband. England
1& willing to accept such statements In
cases in which there Is no reason to
believe that the cargoes may have
been augmented at sea.
The foreign office Is eager to pre
vent unnecessary delays and Is will
ing that American shippers have their
cargoes examined by authorized
agents designated by British consults
provided they desire to do bo and
America approves such examinations.
But England makes nr guarantee that
under such circumstances cargoes will
be exempt from further inspection. If
deemed necessary by the admiralty.
It is authoritatively that con
sular inspections In most caBes would
expedite shipments greatly, as the
rnmh?r of suspected cargoes is com
paratlvplv small.
Earlier In the war copper and other
contraband were loaded underneath
coal or heavy freight, making inspec
tion extremely difficult and necessita
ting virtually a complete shifting or
the cargo. Where bulky articles of
contraband are transferred at sea from
one ship to another it is "possible
to conceal them beneath the entire
consequently it would h
easy matter to make a supplemental
examination In the cases of vessels
whose original cargoes contained no
Dirxrter, LotsOf
It For Newsies
The plans for the Newsboy's Dinner
to be given by The "West Virginian to
the newsies of the city at 'he Y. M.
C. A. building on New Year's Day
are going along nicely.
The Kings Daughters of the M. P.
Temple will prepare and serve the
dinner and as they have a noted repu
tation for getting up good things to
eat .every n<>j-sboy of the city will
be assured ol a splendid dinner and
'?Mavor Bowen Is a lover of the boys
and will be on hand to help welcome
the newsboy guests of Th/west Vlr
j p ?
j Xmas Cheer In
Strike Region
By Associated Press.
WHEELING, Dec. 22.?Christmas
cheer for the children of the striking
miners in Eastern Ohio was assured
today when 34,000 oranges, 17,000 bags
of peanuts and 17,0000 packages were
sent to different points in the strike
country. The packages were made up
by a score of young women volunteers,
working under the direction of Rev
Father McEachen, of Barton, 0., who
has been active in securing relief for
tho women and children. Other volun
teers will distribute the packages in
the villages to which they are sent, and
it is planned to have the entire district
covered by Thursday night.
Prisoners Granted
Christmas Pardons
By Associated Press.
McALESTEB, Okla., Dec. 22.?Thlr
ty-four of the fifty-four prisoners in
the state penitentiary granted Christ- j
mas pardons by Gov. Cruice were re
leased today.
West Virginia?Fair tonight and
Wednesday; colder in east portion.
Western Pennsylvania?Fair tonight
and Wednesday; colder tonight.
House Began at Noon Today
to Consider the Hobson
A Rousing Chorus of Ayes
Greeted the Question and
Debate Began.
Passage Requires Two-third
Vote in House and Later
in Senate.
Bt AbbocI4TH) Press.3
WASHINGTON, Dec. 22.?Under a
special rule which was adopted with
out a roll call the House began Just
after noon today on & 8 hour debate on
the Hobson resolutio.i to submit to tha
states a constitutional amendment for
national prohibition. ?- aye and nay
vote will be reached tonight. A rous
ing chorus of ayes greeted the ques
tion and the House then plunged into
one of the most interesting if not th
'Hist spectacular debate ot r.
The passage of ttn rule was conced
ed by those who opposed the Hobson
resolution, many of whom voted for
the rule to get the resolution to a
Passage of the resolution requires a
two-third vote in the House today and
two-thirds vote later in the Senate be
fore it is submitted to States.
The passage of the rule was preced
ed by a statement by Democratic Lead
er Underwood and scattering debate
on both sides. Mr. Underwood made it
clear that Democratic leadership In the
houso was in favor ot meeting the Issue
with a vote.
"This is not a temperance question,"
said lie. "It has never been. Prohibi
tion has not produced temperance in
the" land where It has been tried. I re
gard this question as an attack upon
the fundamental principles of our gov
ernment. iftt is allowed to go on with
out being met, it will'mislead nliiny of
the people. If allowed to proceed with
out being comBatted, the day may come
when it may be a serious menace to
the principles of government which you
and I believe in. When the time comes
to solve the great question there Is but
one way of facing it. That is in the
open. You cannot push it aside. If
you are right, you should have the
courage of your convltcions and stand
for the right. Therefore, I say to mem
bers who like myself are opposed to
this resolution, it is not only your right
but your duty to face this question in l
the open and give reasons why we be
lieve It should cot be written into the
fundamental law of the land."
17 Bootleggers Are
Caught in Wheeling
WHEELING, W. Va.. Dec. 22.?Be
coming disgusted with the indiffer
ence in which the city police depart
ment has been handling the bootleg
ging situation here, county and state
officials started a concentrated clean
up on it yesterday evening with the
result that about a score of persons
had heen lodged In the county Jail
at press time. The work of yester
day afternoon and last night, comes
after three weeks secret work on the
part of two secret service men that
have been working under the au
spices of the state tax commissioner's
office, and under the supervision ot
the county executives.
Dpuety' Sheriffs under Sheriff
Sweeney, with orders from the pros
ecuting attorney, worked with ardor
that does credit to the force, and the
arrests proved their work. J. W. Bee
and "Skip" Rathbone worked with the
officers all during the night. Their
chief, Fred O. Blue, was in the city
all day yesterday and held secret
conference with the county officials,
lasting the greater part of the day.
House Gives Lever
Bill Big Majority
WASHINGTON, Dec. 22.?The Lev
er warehouse bill was passed today
by the House 218 to 97. It provides
for Federal licensing of cotton and
grain warehouses. The measure now
goes to conference between the two
The bill, which had the approval
of the administration, was the subject
of brief debate, its sponsors contend
ing that it would greatly enhance
confidence In agricultural products
and Its opponents claiming that.lt was
General Liman von Sanders Paaha,
Sultan's Commander In Chief.
Official War News
St Associated Prkss.I A
MORGANTOWN, Dec. 22.? ?
Judge Geo.. Sturgiss, today is- A
sued two injunctions restrain
ing the Wells Fargo Express A
Co. and the B. & 0. Railroad $
Company from accepting ltq- A
? uor shipments from non-res- Y
idents for consignment for i
citizens of Monongalia Co.,. Y
and also restrained both com- ?j!
mon carriers from delivering 'f
such ehinnients. The decision -j"
Is based from the new Webb; $
Kenyon federal act and the *>
Yost statp -.'Mp prohibition \
act An appeal will be taken ?
to the Supreme court. ^
By Associated Press.
Paris, Dec. 22.?The French war of
fice gave out the official statement as
"Between the sea and the Lye dur
ing the day of Dec. 21st there was
nothing other than artillery engage
ments. Between the Lys and the Aia
ne, we repulsed a German attacking
column which was endeavoring to
come out from Carency, and we took
several houses at Blangy.
An attack of the enemy on Mametz
and the near by. trenches'made it
impossible for our troops to make ma
terial progress in this direction. In
the region of Lihons, three attacks
pf the cnrmv were repulsed. We made
slight gains to the east and to the
west ot Tracy Le Val, and Our artill
ery delivered an efficacious fire on the
plateau of Nouvron.
In the Sectors of the Alsne and ot
Rheims there were artillery engage
ments. In Champagne and in the Ar
gonne and in the vicinity of Souain
there have been violent bayonet en
gagements. We have not made pre
ceptible progress In this region. >'
have occupied in tlio Buburbs of Per
thes-Les Hurlus three German por
tions representing a front of intrencl'
ments, 1500 yards long. To the nordi
east of Beausejour, we have consoli
dated the positions occupied by us
Dtec. 20th and we have occupled'all the
trenches In the Immediate vicinity of
Mt. Calvalre.
In the forest of La Grurle our prog
tess continues. At St., Hubert, wo re
pulsed an attack In the forests of fin
ancs. Here certain ground had been
lost but recaptured, two-thirds of it.
Between the Argonne and Meuse
there has been slight progress. In the
suburbs ofVasquols, to the north of
the forest of Malan court, our troops
were successful in making their, wa,'
through a barbed wire entanglem "t
and in taking" possession of certain
trenches of the enemy where they
maintained themselves. On the right
bank of the Moubb In the forests of
Consenvone we' flrBt lost and then re
conquered after a lively fight the ter
ritory gained by ua Dec, '20th.' Tr vu
the heights of the Meuse to the Vosgea
there is nothing to report
By Associated Press.
BERLIN, via wireless to London,
Dec. 22.?The German official report
given out this afternoon reads as fol
"At Neluport and In tfce region
(Continued on Page 10.)
Thaw's Return
Not Probable
William A. Stone Says Rul
ing Establishes Sanity of
His Client.
Can Serve One Year in Pris
on Conspiracy Charge is
Worst Prospect.
PITTSBURGH. Pa., Dec. 22.?Still
hoping to save Harry K. Thaw from
being returned to Matteawan. Attor
ney William A. Stone presented a new
view of the decision of the United
States supreme court In reversing the
decision of Federal District Judge Aid
rich in the Thaw case.
"I understand that the decision pro
vides for Thaw's extradition to New
York state ?? a fugitive from justice.
Indicted for conspiracy." he said. 'If
that is the case his sanity already
has been recognized by the state of
New York and unless Thaw defends
himself against the conspiracy charge
en a plea of Insanity I cannot Bee how
the authorities of New York are going
to send him back to Matteawan.
"I do not believe the state of I^ew
York can legally have him declared
insane after bringing him to trial on a
criminal charge. I know also that
Thaw will not defend himself with a.
plea of Insanity. Maybe I will advise
Thaw to plead guilty to a charge of.
conspiracy. If the court accepts the'
plea Thaw's sanity In established.
"The longest term they cur
him to in New York for conspiracy is
one year. At the end of that year hp
would be dismissed from custody a
free and sane man.'
Attorney Stone declared that If any
attempt.lr made to ploce Thaw in Mat
teawan upon his return to New York
more habeas corpus proceedings would
follow. Thaw's oth?r attorney, Phil
ander C. Knot, left Pittsburgh yester
day for Valley Forgo, Pa.
Mrs. Mary Copley Thaw, mother of
Thaw, was disappointed at
the decision, the news of which she re
ceived yesterday afternoon and after
hearing of the court's opinion she de
nied herBelf to callers and refused to
comment on the case. S|)e held a
lengthy conversation with her son by
long distance telephone to Manches
ter, Nj H., and told him of Attorney
Stone's opinion. -
> J
MANCHESTER, N. H., Dec. 22.?
Harry K. Thaw soon will make anoth
er fight to establish bis sanity In the
opinion of several acquaintances. The
opportunity, confidently expccted, will
bo afforded when Thaw Is returned
to New York state to answer the In
dictment charging, conspiracy to es
cape from tho Insane asylum at Mat
Outlaw Kills 1
And Wounds 2
CHARLESTON, W. Va? Dec. 22.?
Matt Jarrell, who is alleged to have
shot and killed deputy sheriff Silas if".
Nance and wounded Frank Ratcllff
and Josephine Wlne3 last night at Esk
dale on Cab'* creek while Nance was
trying to arrest him. was this morn
ing surroundoii in the mountains nea;
Cane ForkB by Sheriff Hill and a posse
who had trailed htm all night. Ho
?as believed to be well armed and'
plentifully supplied with ammunition.
Jarrell who was serving a 6 months
sentence for pistol toting was recently
released on parole.
Unknown Foreigner
Is Struck by Train
A foreigner whose Identity has not
been ascertained at this time was
Btruck by a freight train near Far
mlngton late yesterday aftrenoon and
is now lying at the Miners' hospital in
a dangerous condition. The man ap
pears to be about forty years of age,
but no clues are obtainable as to who
he Is or in what manner the accident
occurred. The man Is suffering with
a compound fracture of the skull and it
Is not thought he can recover. He was
brought to the Miners' hospital about
eight o'clock last night
Negro Attacks Mail
Lynched by a Mob
RTJLBVILLE, Miss., Dec. 22.?News
was brought here today of the lynch
ing of CharlCB Williams, a negro; on
a plantation several miles In the coon
try. .Williams, It was charged, at
tacked the plantation manager late
yesterday and In a few hours he was
seized by a mob.
Result of German Campaign in the:>EaJ|
Still a Matter to be Decided ia
General Joffre Keceives Orders to Adviang
the German Army in
By Associated Press.
LONDON, Dee. 22.?It' la only
at the northern and southern ex
tremity of the line of battle In the
eastern arena of the war that any
marked change Is to be noticed to
day. In the weitern theatre siege
warfare of a most stubborn and
laborious kind persists. This brief
. .ly sums up the situation both in
the east and west today ao far
at has been disclosed by official
statements. The ultimate out
come of the German advance on
Warsaw Is still problematical, as
a decisive conflict has yet to be
Although the Russian center has
retired it now has been reinforced and
iE holding a line on the Bzura from its
Junction with the Vistula.
North of the Vistula. If the reports
from Petrograd may be believed the
Germans have been whipped and push
ed back over the frontier until their
line now stretches behind Soldau In
east Prussia. I
Millionaire and Son
Both Shot by Burglar,
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Dec.-22.?W.
M. Alexander, a retired attorney, said
to be .a millionaire, and for many
years a resident of Dallas, Texas, was
shot and killed early today by one of
two burglars, whom he discovered in
his home. W. M. Alexander, Jr., "En
deavoring to aid his father, was shot
in the breast. Another bullet severed
the index finger of.his left hand. Ths
Alexanders movoil from Dallas three
yoars ago to Washington, D. C., where
two daughters attended school.
Roumania Restores
Bulgarian Province
PETROGRAD, by way of London,
Dec. 22.?The Bulgarian minister an
nounced that an agreement had been
reached between Roumania and Bul
garia under which Roumania will re
store the province of Debrudja and
most of the other territory which she
acquired from Bulgaria as a result ot
the second Balkan war.
.."This agreement has been reached
without pressure from either the Ger
mans or the allies," said an official
connected with the Bulgarian minis
Board Will Hear
Bankers' Complaint
B? As?ncT?~"> Pbehh.7
WASHINGTON, Dec. 22.?Tho fed
eral board finally arranged today for
hearing bankers In protest against
designation of Federal reserve cities
and definition of reserve districts as
made by the reserve bank organiza
tion committee.
Pittsburg bankers will protest
against tbeir assignment to the Cleve
land district January 13,-while bank
ers from Wetzel and Tyler counties,
W. Va., will ask transfer from Rich
mond to the Cleveland district Jan.
To tlie south It Is contended L
slan reports tliat the movement)
the Austrlans through
mountains has been defeate&?iismlti
neously with the defeat'ofjSth^
son at Frzemysl whlct
back after an attempted
this fortress.
The British press commend
on General JofTrei's orders;,t^Sa^i
as cabeled to London from]itt"!'"!!aa'1
papers say ;that -while ;they|?uS?
to vouch for the? authenttatyjjo
document It certainly1 si
clde with the pressure'TtliS
exerting all along the:lii"
believed in London howe.
real work of driving thj^G
of Belgium will begin for
to come. Bmperor'.Wli"*
ing to the latest reporC haaWonia
Berlin to the western front.
would Indicate in the viev
observers that he' regardSJ
tion there more importan^and
than In' the east.
Wife and Erotic
Charged Witfir
tty AsmetaterV Pi-ess;'
GRAFTON, Dec;_:22.^r5
death of Alonzo Flies,
.vllle, Preston' county'
bullet wounds lnhls.bfl
and brother, jj'SwMit
arrested and are beings
with tho murder of]thermal
fendant , claims ithaijjgliSl
suicide while un _
alcohol, after his broth^^S
attempt to take the.pIatbljfaS
him. The affair Us>'on||'"
sensational Tcnotoi In
ty, owing to the promli
people conceraea/{?^g}?)L
hearing will be held?qai Sa
" : . V-<;
Germans Put
Bv ARPortATCTi Prasgilti
-The Telegraph''learnsjf
that tho Germans have
railroad from Chairlovliie
to Rheims and from^'irSon
to Montmedy, in; tbe.dep
the Mouse, 25 miles'na^
which the FrenghideBtrpy
treating early in- the^ _
patch Indicates that^dejp
operations the" Qenn?u|
engaged restorlngSliner
cation In the territory of
Join our Christmas Club.
De cember2,1914.
You enjoy the b enefita'
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