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Bell Phone 749.
They Are Always
Our Holly and Mistletoe for
yourXmas decorations make
the home look bright and cheer
And when used in connection with Lyco
idom?for wreathing?Red Ruscus and Poin
settias?make the old folks smile, the young
folks gay and the children's eyes glisten.
Add to this some of our Potted Plants, such
as Azeleas, Regenia's and Ferns, and you will
: have an ideally decorated Home?all during the
Holiday Season.
?i f We Will be Open Every Night
Next Weeks
v And will take great pleasure in
serving our old and new custo
mers ? all during the Holiday
Leave Orders Early.
Golonial Theatre Building. If
Make Your Home Look Cosy for Xmas.
P*' Leave Orders Early
Fleming Green House Co.
? Colonial Theatre Bldg.
124 Main St.
Make Christmas Merry
Prepare for it by joining our
Make small weekly payments and you will
be surprised at the size of the check you will
receive just before the next Christmas.
Come in and let us explain.
4% On Savings and Time Certificates
CAPITAL $200,000,000
Hughes river near HarrisvUIe,
new producers'are not infrequent. ~
Gillespie Pumper*.
On Gillespie Run,. Grant district,
Ritchie county, the Sycamore Oil Com
pany has shot Its second test on the
Reltz-Martln farm and has a seven
barrel pamper In the salt sand. On
the same stream and In the same dis
trict, about 4,000 feet south of the
South Penn Oil Company's test on tlie
B. W. Turner farm, the Hope Natural
Gas Company has completed and shot
lis test on the J. E. Putman farm and
has a flve-barrel pumper In the Berea
Ten Barrel One.
In Murphy district. Ritchie county,
the Carnegie Natural Gas Company
has put Its test on the Ro Grim farm
to pumping and it Is producing 10 bar
rels a day. While putting in the tub
ing the well made several open flows.
Oil and Gas.
In Smfthfleld district, Resne coun
ty, tlie Wayland Oil and Gas Company J
has drilled No. on the G. W. T. Kol-'
ley farm through the Big Injun sand
and has a show of oil and a fair gas
pressure. The well is spraying oil at
the rate of one barrel a day.
Near West Union.
On Middle Island Creek, three mllc3 !
below West Union. Doddridge county, I
the Carter Oil Company has drilled !u ;
test on tho 0. Coleman farm through ,
the Big Injun sand and has a show for
a pumper.
Story Of Gasser.
Owing to soma erroneous reports'
having been sent out relative to the j
size of the South Pcnr Oil Company's I
gas well on the T. A. Newhouse farm,
| located on Poca River, Poca district.1
J Kanawha county, the actual facts rei-I
alive to Its size may be of interest, j
The well is located about 11 miles
northwest of the old Blue Creek Hold
In the same county and the gas was :
developed at 90 feet In the Big Li-uc J
formation and a test shows that til* j
well has a capacity of about 10,000.000 i
cubic feet a day. The well Is a good I
deal larger than the average size fu
the lower counties. At tho present
time Lincoln county Is producing more
gas than any of tho lower counties.
In Monongalia.
On Miracle Run. Battelle district.
Monongalia county, the South Perin
Oil Company lias now drilled its test
on the J. C. and A. Fox farm through
'the Big Injun sand and has a five
barrel pumper. On Miracle run, Bat
telle district, Monongalia county, the
Hope Natural Gas Company has drilled
Ita test on the Peter Gump farm
through the fifth sand and to a depth
of 3,340 feet, and lias a fair gasser
In the lower sand.
Down In Wayne.
In the extreme southwest in Butler
district. Wayne county, the South
Penn Oil Company has drilled a wild
cat on tho Anthony Lycan farm
through the Berea grit and to a total
depth of 1.671 feet and has a shov*
for a pumper, possibly four barrels
after It has been shot. The locat'on
is remote from production and fur
ther development work may lead up
to something better than the first
I week.
Weir Sand Producer.
, In the old Blue Creek field, in Elk
? district, Kanawha county, the" Gard
ner Oil Company drilled No. 3 onfthe
Tred Gardner farm to the Weir sa'id
and has a 5-barrel nnmnw in that for
mation. In the Weir sand develop
went on the same stream and In the
same district, the Ohio Fuel Oil Com
pany has drilled Its test on the Sln
nett Mullen farm into the Weir sand
and the well produced 68 barrels the
first 24 hours after it was drilled Into
the Weir sand pay.
The Keith Well.
The Imperial Oil. Gas & Products
Companys well on the John Keiui
form In Clay district; Ritchie counly.
It showing good staying Qualities. Tlie
well was drilled In two weeks ago.
and is holding up steadily at 150 bar
rels a day. In the same district, Rine
bart, Gore & Co. are due in the sand at
a test on the H. Myers farm. The
Smith Oil & Gas Company has the
rig completed for a sccond test on the
William Lock heirs' farm.
Big For Pumpre.
In the Weir sand development on
Blue Creek Elk district. Kanawha
county, the Ohio Fuel Oil Company
has drilled Its No. 4 on tho Edward
| Gebbart farm through the Weir sand.
I and will have a 16-barreI pumper. No.
i 6 on the same sand is drilling and Vo.
j 8 > tart in g The same company is due
[ In the sand at a test on the Eliza An
derson heirs' farm. The Ohio Fuel
Oil Company is doing nearly all the
work under way In the Blue Creek dis
! trlct.
Work In Braxton.
Despite the bad showing made by
the new development In Birch district.
Braxton county, West Virginia, there
I is considerable work under way and
Ladies' Gold Watch $5,50 to $50.00
Bracelets $2.50 to $25.00
Watch Bracelets $7.50 to $25.00
Cuff Links 75c to $75.00
Ladies' Gold Rings $2.00 to $10.00
Diamond Rings for Ladies and Gentlemen
$3.75 to $500
Locket and Chain $2.50 to $15.00
White Ivory Sets $4.50 to $15.00
German Silver Toilet Sets, $2,95 to $15.00
Diamond Lavallier $5.00 to?$50iQQ
Fobs $1.50 to $10.00
Baby Solid Gold Rings
- - f&irsjg
Vanity Oases $1.50 to $15,0(
Manicure Sets.
Ivory Clocks ..$1,00up
Ladies' and Gents' SuitCase
Umbrellas $1.50 to $10.00
We Guarantee Every Article Sold. Engraving FREE.
starting. Tlie last three completions
in that district are failures, and make
the prospects for extending the pro
ducing limits less premising. With
the completion of McCloy & Frame's
test on the Mary A. Movers' farm, the
chances for an extension to the north
east are greatly reduced. Tho n?xt
two wells due to get the sand arc the
J. W. Schartizer farm and Howard &
Co.'s test on tho J. W. Twyman farm.
Both are drilling at 800 feet. Enslov
& Knisely have started to drill a tsst j
on the W. C. & M. H. Pollyson farm.
Turner & Co. have the rig completed
for a test on the J. W. Frame far.o,
and the Ohio Fuel Oil Company has
two rigs up on the J. & B. E. Rider
WHEELING, W. Va? Dec. 22. ?
Potatoes, 2% husliel bag, [email protected]|1,50;
Sweets, basket, [email protected]$1.50; Apples,
now, barrel $1.75^5^.50; Home,
bushel 20c: Hubbard squash, barrel
?1.25; Cranberries, box [email protected],75;
Home lettuce, pound [email protected];; Onions,
yellow, bushel 80c; Onions, bag 51.70;
Celery, dozen, large [email protected]; TurntDs,
barrel [email protected]$1.76; Parsnips, barrel
52.50; Cabbage, per barrel $1.00.
Butter, Cheese, Eggs and Poultry.
Fancy prints 37c; Ohio and Penn
sylvania 33c; Dairy 30c; Select oggs
41c; Cold storage 27c; Fresh to mark
Dressed?Springs 17c; Hens, pound
15>i-<rurkeys 23c; Ducks 25c; Broil
ers, fresh 22c; Geese 16c.
Alive?Hens, pound 12c; Turkeys
15c; Roosters, pound 10c; Dunks,
pound 14(0) 16c; Pigeons, pair 20 025c;
Goeso, pound [email protected]
CHICAGO, December 22.?
Wheat?Dec. $1.24%; May $1.27%.
Corn?Dec. 64%c; May 7096c.
Oats?Dec. 48%c; May 62%c.
Pork?Jan. $18.47; May $1S.97.
Cash quotations were:
! R.ve?No. 2, [email protected]$1.10%.
: Barley?62">72c.
Timothy?$4.75 @$6.50. t
i Clover?$12:[email protected]$14.50. /
[email protected]$10.25.
PITTSBURGH, Pa., Dec. 22.?Dull;
supply 85 cars; choice [email protected]$8.75;
prime [email protected]$8.40. Sheep, lower; sup
ply 25 doubledecks; prime weathers
55.50?$5.75; culls and commons 52.00
@$3.00; lambs [email protected]$8.40. Vral
calves, $8.50?$9.00. Hogs, slow; re
ceipts 90 doubledecks; prime heavies
$7.00; mediums and heavy yorkers
$7.10; light yorkers [email protected]$7.25; pigs
[email protected]$7.25; roughs $0.00? $6.40.
WHEELING, W. Va? Dec. 22.?
Cood, 1000 to 1.100 [email protected]$7.B0
Good, 900 to 1,000 $B.7o?)$7.25
Good, 800 to 900 $6.00<3>$G.30
Common $4.50rg>$(s.'i0
Beef Bulls $6.00<S>$6.50
Bologna Bulls [email protected]$6.00
Bee'f cows $5.00 @$6.00
Bologna cows [email protected]>$4.00
Good to choice; 175 In [email protected]$8.00
Good, 150 to 175 [email protected]$7.7r>
Fair to good. 100 to 150. ,[email protected]$7.60
Stags and sows .... [email protected]$7.00
Extra $4.00?$4.50
Good [email protected]$4.00
Common [email protected]>$3.00
Lambs [email protected]$7.50
Veal Calves and Fresh Cows.
Veal calves, choice [email protected]
Veal calves, good [email protected]$10.00
Light, hoary and common
calves [email protected]$9.00
WASHINGTON, D. C., Dec. 22. ?
After a searching Investigation of the
activities of the German fleet in tt>e
Southern Pacific recently, the Govern
ment of Chile has mode formal protest
to Germany against alleged violatiois
of neutrality by the German navy in
Chilean waters. At the same time,
the Chilean Government has protest
ed to Great Britain, charging that tho
British cruiser Glasgow recently took
mail from vessels in Chilean waters.
EAST sr. LOUIS, Mo., Dec. 22.?
: Stephen Lepage, State Senator-elo't,
I rescued the three members of Ills fam
ily by making himself a human Are
escape, when his store and the living
apartment over It were destroyed liy
fire early today. Viola, 12, and a maid,
Amp'<a Schwartz. Opening a window
14 feet above the grcund, on a stair
way. he braced himself and hanglnc
head downward; lowered his wife, his
daughter and the maid, in turn. Then
he dropped sjfely. A1I escaped In their
night clothes?
DETROIT, Mich., Dec. 22.?Business
and professional men?all of whom
once were newsboys?sold papers on
the city streets today. Nearly $2,200
was collected and the fund -will be de
voted 'to Christmas charity. Moro
than 70 well-known citizens energetic
ally plied their trade, "fought" for
choice corners and for choice custom
ers. Papers brought sums rangin?
from a widow's mite to checks tor $50
and $100.
Will confer no greater benefit,.ofcuie
grown-up children than the 'VHftTofffB
good business g;Kicat 1 on.'^tQLTe&thCIPt
an order on the UNION ?.BUSINESS
COLLEGE for a commercial, orjst eBc|
graphic course, and you have fitted
them for a caroer In life that;nottiinjE
can rob them of,, when .the^hajje
been trained in UNION BUSINESS
frao. Bookkeeping)- Ji
Business Foniu
, Conntwial'.Iiwr^^Ma
Business PraotioS^^^
Business Penmanshh
.Business Corresuondence
Ba?Id Calcnlaticnu SgjH
Xmas Trees, Holly Wreaths, Mistletoe, Primroselanffl
Ferns; also Ferns for Dishes. Please send orBer&SeaSS
ly. AH orders left at Robb's' Meat Market^wiUfKs
promptly attended to. ?
FLORIST ,_ ... Bell Phone 166-I^v.
/ *
By Associated Press.
CHARLESTON, Dec. 22,-Aticv? oil
field was opened up six miles from, the
mouth of Cabin Creek today, whenthe
Columbus Oil'Company brought In a
fifteen barrel well. Already there is
much activity In that section.
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. ww m? *n?(r^?
? r, w^vvtwtrt .i <?
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rTAttO. ? MB. UM<J
?ltm. |(i-roW^AW-j
. fKWkyimi^:
/ jvn aSI
fe TW ,TJ?^Y
Ka?hjtH /'
A Specialty i
Is the Dyeing of SLII
with Qowns orCmtoi
HOSE give bestirwl
We have special fa
to for Cleaning
America'* I

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