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gar.ding Boss and Boarders were-Called From
Their House at Kilarmand
icers RusTi to the Scene But Find no Trace
?Of "the Per petrators of
ouseXo 7 at Kllarm was the scene
..triple tragedy Thursday .night,
taichello, of Enterprise, leader of
nds'6f gunmen, Leonardo Fresclno,
rder at Houso No. 7, were killed,
paries Rando, proprietor of the
here the crime was committed,
atally shot. The affair occurred
Teen the hours of eight anil nine,
ehellojcaini to the houso accom
b^thireo strangers. He went
house and told Charles Rando
...Jiere'werc-'somo men outside who
.ted to see him. Rando, together
^Leonardo Fresclno, went out to
he mei who had' come. When they
on ttfejoutslde Rachello's men com
./Rando and Fresclno to hold up
inds, for they were going to kill
r^e-flirlng started. Rando and
ao wefo unarmed. . Both fell.
scino managed to crawl'lnto House
^^ieie.&1ir?a.thiedJils laivt., Ran:
k--?~'"'jgUAo'^HofUBe No. 8. Jim
"tefSbe. had tieen shot four
isr'-own'-men, managed to
t'oJHouse No. 7 with his re
?JfilS.itad and passed out at
KSo'reioad his pistol,
jjmen'wh^, came with Racehllo
^strangers In the Kilarm settle
7wo of thorn were in the house
-. tie tragedy tooTc place. None
^persons who saw them knew
; ?
[lowing the melee they left the
?.Th'e tracks of the three men
JtHoi house were plainly dlscerna
ii'ey'.-vvaded the creek and then
spine .distance followed the rall
Coyd Jenkins saw one of the
?g?ftup"; Kuhn's run fcy way of the
'ggiad; Tho other two men went
Cuhn's run via the county road.
.... Ceisfer.of Middleton, was sum
n^^aunid when he reached the scene
j8t|rthe victims had expired. Tue
nt^offlcers wore notified. Sheriff
[way, Deputy Sheriff Buckley, Cor
Flank- Lloyd, Constable W. R.
[and: Russell Nuzum went up the
rhan on a special car. The ofTi
tound things in a chaotic state,
dead man was lying on a bed and
h'er'-was stretched out on tho floor.
jpiSslSRando's wife and hor several
| were bending over and at
S to sooth their wounded hus
I and father.
yho had collected at the house
ie definite knowledge concern
itaftalr.They neither kaew the
"fnqr. whither they had gone.
?NZazla, a bystander, who had
,|tb do with the shooting, left
Sj&sHIij trail was followed and
vas found that he had encoun
barbed wire entanglement and
Stjids inatch box and some oth
kets. -He extricated .himself
he meshes of the wire and made
^..^.'Pennsylvania; Fair to
3tmd?y/ Increasing cloudiness
~ :.West Virginia: Fair to
prohably Sunday with rising
a dash for the creek, wading the
stream, and his whereabouts at1 this
writing is only a matter ot speculation.
Domlnlco Zazia, a brother of Antonio,
is being held In the county jail as a
witness, j.
The officers can find no motive for
the crime. The only semblance of a
motive that has come to light In the
diligent search that has been made bo
far Is that Jim Rnchello and Leonardo
Fresclno had a quarrel in Enterprise
some time ago about cigars. Charles
Rando, in his declaration, stated that
he knew of no motive that the murder
ers could liave had, nor did he know
the men who shothlnj.
Prosecuting Attorney Tusca Morris
and other county officers worked on
the case yesterday, but so far there has
been nothing accomplished in getting
a cluo to the guilty parties. About fif
?tpen Italians have been placed in the
county Jail and' will be held as wit
Yesterday morning Sam Pelmo, Ills
wife and John Turk, of Enterprise,
came to this city on the first interurban
car. They got oft at Twelfth street
and walked into town. Rachello board
ed at Peimo's home. Just why Pelmo
and Turk would get off ot tho car at
Twellth street and walk the rest of the
way to the main part ot tho city is puz
zling the officers. It looks as if they
knew something about the murder.
There is little chance now that'the
culprits will be apprehended. All three
of tliem had an opportunity If they
availed themselves ot it to escape. The
two men who came down Kubn's run.
could have made It to Fairmont in
plenty of time to leave here on the
midnight train to Pittsburgh and the
man who went up tho run had time to
make hsl way to Clarksburg and escape
on any ot the trains leaving that city.
The remains ot the dead men were
brought to the Cunningham morgue,
where Dr. J. J. Durrctt held an autopsy.
Coroner's Jury Summoned.
Coroner Frank Lloyd has summoned
the following jurors: A. F. Parker,
Harry Smith, Charles E. Gettings, D. B.
Snider, Arthur Martin and H. W. Scott.
The jury viewed tho corpses and the
inquest will be held Monday morning.
Two Murders Mark
Christmas in W. Va.
CHARLESTON. Dec. 26.?A report
from Eagle today said Herman Nassau
shot and killed Sam Wells and serious
ly wounded Will Gates. The victims
are negroes.
D. T. Faulkner, a negro, was shot and
killed at Mahan during a quarrel.
W. Va. Panama Expo.
Building Open Feb. 20
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Dec. 26.?
Ab a result of court Injunctions is
sued a few days ago, the Baltimore &
Ohio railroad company today announc
ed that hereafter shipments of intox
icating liquors for delivery in Harri
son connty would be refused.
The only express company operat
ing here has taken similar action.
Christmas Club Is Now Open
Everybody Welcome
Our Large Army of
7.' * '
?eoples National Bank
Bl AssnciAHtD T*reh?.1
MANILA, Dec. 26.?Eight Fili
pinos have~ been arrested on the
charge of sedition as a result of
an abortive uprising In Manila
and Its environs on Thursday
. .night. Further arrests are prob
able. From army sources It Is
learneo that a general warning
was sent to all officers on Thurs
day afternoon stating that fully
10,000 in Manila alone were ready
for a concerted attack on Fort
Santiago, the Cuartel Espana.the
Cuarte! Infantorla and the Medi
cal depot. The military units were
Immediately prepared and a street
patrol was started at dusk. Con
stabulary agents who are mem
bers of the secret society disclos
ed the plana for an uprising, this
enabling a force of constabulary
and police to disperse gatherings
at Bagumbayan, Paco and Navos.
At Calocan, a squad of Ameri
can sailors seized chairs when a
Italy Makes
Warlike Move
On Albania
ROME. Italy, Dec. 20.?A company
of Italian sailors today occupied Av
lona, a seaport of Albania on the Ad
riatic Sea.
An official dispatch sent by wireless
from tho Italian wariship Misurata at
Durazzo pays that tlio Albanian rebels
at Tirana are threatening to move
against the government of Essart Pas
ha, who is friendly to Italy. He Is
about to proceed to Dlbra.
Meanwhile he has sent a supply of
gufts and ammunition to Cavala,
where his adherents have been mas-,
sacred by the Insurgents.
The dispatch adds that the revolu
tionary movement is spreading at an
nlarmlng rate.
Russia Cedes
Island To Japs
Bt Associated Pnias.l
WASHINGTON, Dec. 26.?The Jap
anese embassy today received offi
cial advices from Tokio that Russia
had ceded to Japan its half of the is
land of Sathalin for some heavy gunB.
The island was officially Russian un
til September, 1905. The southern
half was ceded to Japan by the terms
of the treaty of Portsmouth.
Thermometer 30
Below in North Pa,
By Associated Press.
CORRY, Pa.,- Dec. 26.?December
records for cold - in northern Penn
sylvania were-broken here today, when
thermometers registered 24 to SO de
grees below xero.
tyv ond ana
force of Filipanos approached a
dance hall in which they were
gathered and using chairs as wea
pons routed the Filipinos, injur
ing a member. The rising was
poorly organized and lacked lead
ers. it was composed for the
most part of persons implicitly
trusting the word of A. Ricarte,
a revolutionary who conducted
a considerable propaganda from
Honkongfrom which place he was
banished by American authorities,
some time ago, Ricardo, it is stated
advised that the anti-American
attempt be made on Christmas
eve when the American officers
would be expected to cejobratj^ the
holidays. Reports from^the^pro
vinces tell of minor rislngarand oc
casional violence but details are
The situation today from ail ap
pearances and according to offi
cial statements is well under con
Official War News
By Associated Press. '
PARIS, Dec. 26.?The official an
nouncement given out by tlie Frencn
war office this afternoon relates that
fogs in the north have lnterferreil
with operations in Flanders. Counter
attacks on the part of Germans have
been repulsed at" points. There was
artillery lighting near the sea and
at Perthea. Progress was also made
in Upper Alsace on Christmas day.
Cold Wave Has
U.S. In Its Grip
?? ?
Rt Associatki/ Press.]
WASHINGTON, Dec. 26.?A cold
wave held the country from the Missis
sippi to the Atlantic coast in its grip
today and broke all December temper
ature records In many places. Thirty
two degrees below was the tempera
ture at NortHfleld, Vt? while Albany,,
N. Y., reported 16 below; Hartford,
Conn., 4 below; Syracuse 12 below, and
Peoria, III., 18 below.
The extremely cold weather extend
ed south as far as the Florida Penin
sula and below zero temperatures were
registered In New England, the interior
of New York, West Virginia, Michigan,
Illinois, Northern Missouri, Iowa and
Wisconsin. Minnesota and North Dako
ta. Lower temperatures were prom
ised tonight in South Atlantic states,
but la the region of the Great Lakes,
New York, New England and the Ohio
Valley it will grow somewhat wanner.
It will be moderate in the Middle Atlan
tic states, the Upper Ohio Valley and
Lower Mississippi on Sunday.
Generally fair weather was predicted
for tonight and Sunday everywhere
east of the Mississippi, except that
snow flurries are probable In the lake
French Submarine
By Associated Press.
PARIS, Dec. 26.?The Italian press
states today, according to advices re
ceived here, that a French submarine
has been sunk while attempting, to
torpedo Austrian battleships in the
Austrian naval base oft Pola.
The crew, It is stated, were rescued
and taken prisoners. '
Miss Flossie Montgomery Is spend
trol of military authorities. Gov.
General Harrison, happens to be
away on an official visit and Sec
retary of the Interior Dennlson,
is in charge of affairs pending Mr.
Harrison's return.
The foreign chamber of Com
merce supported by the Filipinos
body has issued a public protest
against the legislature adoption
of an amendment to the internal ?
revenue law imposing additional
tax. The measure was introduced j
on the eve of the Christmas recess -
and passed without discussion,
and also, it is stated, without giv
ing merchants an opportunity to
express their opinion.
Representations from the Cham
ber of Commerce regarding the
new law, it is announced are to go
today to Secretary of War Gar
rison asking him-to secure Pres. '
Wilson's intervention in the mat
ter. '
. ?>
Kills Self By
Revolver Shot
Scott C. Human, aged 50 years, a
railroad laborer of Hoult, shot ami
killed himself Saturday morning about
11 o'clock at the stable of hlB son-in
law, Mr. Keller. His son-in-law heard
the report of the revolver and hasten
ed to the 8ceno. The bullet, a 3S-cal
Ibre, entered the right side of the
head above tho ear.
His brains were scattered afound
the building and on the ground. He
had been complaining for some days
and had threatened to kill himself.
Coroner Frank Lloyd was notified
of the tragedy and hastened to the
scene. No inquest will be held.
He leaves a wife and four, children.
The children are Mrs. Grace Keller,
John, Lloyd and Olive Casteel. ^ ?
The remains have been turned over
to Undertaker Musgrave and Sons.
Funeral arrangements have not been
One Killed, 2 Fatally
Hurt,' Train Hits Auto
CINCINNATI, Dec. 26.?Hurrying
home In order to participate In Christ
mas festivities, four persons In an au
tomobile were struck by the Cincinnati,
Hamilton and Dayton.^ "Indianapolis
Flyer" at the Coleran avenue crossing,
the machine being thrown against the
house of the station master, killing him
and Injuring all of the occupants of the
car,- two of htem fatally.
The Dead.
William Gelsman. 68 years old.
The Injured.
Daniel Gall, 89 years old, compound
fracture of the skull; will die.
Stanley Gall, 32 years old, brother;
fracture of the leg and 'Internal Inju
ries; serious.
John E. Klein, 68 years old,' broken
leg; not serious.
Charles Klein, 19 years old, son;
skull fractured; will die.
The man killed and those Injured are
local residents.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Lively, Mr.
and Mrs. George DeBolt and Congress
man M. M. Neely returned Christmas
eve from .WeBton where they attended
the funrral of the!former's:sl!ier, Mrs.
T. A. Whelan whic?$5S3B5S?KS
Mexico Heads,
Still Defiant,
Are Fighting
General Villa and General
Carranza in Fight for
Proposition Submitted by
General Scott Does Not
Suit Leaders.
VERA. CRUZ, Dec. 26.?Fighting
has occurred between the adherents
ot General. Carranza and those of Gen
eral Villa In the outskirts of Vera
Cruz. The Villa forces, In unknown
numbers, are advancing, while the
Carranza forces hare been- obliged
to fall back.
A strict censorshop has been en
NACO, Ariz., Dec. 25.?The propo
sition submitted by Brigadier Goneral
Hugh D. Scott, chief of the United
States army staff, to remove the Mex
ican warfare in Sonora out of dan
gerous proximity to the American j
border, has met with several objec
tions on the part of the contending I
Mexican leaders, Jose Maytorcna and
General Benjamin Hill. These objec
tions relate only to details and were
referred to Washington oicials today.
Blacksmith as Ruler.
EL Paso, Tex., Dec. 2G.?Julia C.
Medina, a blacksmith, has been ap
pointed governor of the state of "Jal
isco by General Francisco Villa, ac
cording to advices reaching here to
day from Guadalajara, the capital.
Miguel Dieguez, the Carranza ap
pointee, who was deposed when VII
lar forces captured Guadalajara re
cently, was a carpenter.
During his recent' visit to Guada
lajara/ General Villa sought the loan
-ot-1,800,000 pesos-from-the people-of
the state. The major part of tho sum,
it. is said, will be supplied by the
church party, which is gratified over
Villa's action in reopeninp tho church
e.^which had been closed by the Car
ranza governor.
norms me
By Associated Proas.
LONDON, Dec.. 26.?There aro now
over 10,000 Boy Scouts serving the
army at the front and making splen
did soldiers, says General Baden-Pow
ell, chief of the organization.
Tile general has Just returned from
New York, where he made a satisfac
tory arrangement with the education
al authorities in regard to the Scouts
serving as messengers and office boys
in the military headquarters there. By
thlB arrangement the boys give one
week to the army and an alternate
week to their schools.
A significant announcement !b the
opening of the Scouts' Defense Force
to boys of 15, which would give them
a year of training, it is said, in case
the age of enlistment in the army Is
lowered to IS ?eara.
Triplets, All Boys,
"Weigh 5 lbs. Each
ELKINS, Dec. 26.?Mill Creek citi
zens have been apprised of the fact
that their town is favored with a set
of triplets, all boys, the first in the
history "<ft that place, and about the
second occurrence of the kind in the
The proud parents, Mr/ and Mrs.
Cleveland E. Ashby, first had the Ca
bles numbered one, two and three,
but since have given ail of them
names, which are aB follows: George
Glen, Lee Liggett and Burton Baxter,
respectively. The babies, are all
strong'and "healthy, each weighing a
little less than five pounds.
Dynamite Explosion
Kills Rock Blaster
CLARKSBURG, Dec.- 26.?An explo
sion of dynamite on Lumber run, where
hie was blasting rock for the Hope Nat
ural Gas Company, caused injuries that
resulted i ln^the^death'o'f^G^rge'r"?
British Aire ^ ^?^hskssssl
Teuton Flyer Before Thou
sands of Spectators.
Invaders Finally Disappear
After Being Hit Several
Attempt Against Sheemess
Was a Failure Like That."
On Dover^ j - ',:
By Associated Press. ^aaRsawsj
LONDON. Dec. 2#.-CtonnM-j.*^
tors made another attempt,
bombs on British ports ^yestertwv
Like the attempt against Dover, that
of yesterday which was ,
against Sheerness. was "nsu"?*8' '
An aeroplane crossed .tgfch|n6
and, sailing high, flew over3Sh$
ness. British aircra(t ;went|^^p
suit and engaged tho .enemy, t
quarter of an hour before thousand
of spectators. The JmadeM!*'
disappeared in tlle.5f^ffiSr
hit several times. ? |
The official reportM>itBS0
fice on the aerial ralditonlgM
as follows: "A hostile^#
was sighted today.
high from east to
noss. British air
pursuit nnd engaged th%e?^8SES?
after being hit three
was driven oft seaward. .
By ABiiclated Press. ejj
LONDON, Dec. 26/-Cf
part of any of the .W~
of Eurbpe. .
While there has been no;.w
of military activity nevertheli
decisive action has
either of the great battleift^n
A spectacular element ol tMg
news was supplied by,an
between a German alr.crafty&d
English bl-planes overthe
This occurred Christmas day
witnessed by several, tho
sons. The Germans escaped.^
? Russian on Offensive...
From Petrograd comes, jwwsg
the Russians haveJ$P8S?j&?s
fenslve at several Poland iP?^
that tliey liavo captured no fewer
11,000' prisoners. ??
To offset this. howe^Berlln
ports activity alongth?v^h
An Austrian army l8,,?lgm!i
courageous effort to s$k??SSifc
,1 ot the Nida in
Camow. British obscrver?(?e|o?
opinion that tUa . moyOTM.t^M,
too late If It 1b a fact that
German-attack in ttie cenW|haa<r
ly received Its recorded,<*eci
Gen. Von TJlndenberi. ^ttpl.^?
commander In the
bulldog grip on the Vlstfla <|?:
to be making his present
towards Warsaw from ffhorag
west ot the Polish capltol.tlB,
PrS6?Slthe western jlMm
reports slight progress,
port, while Berlin balan?*|S
the claim that the Ocroy^.
en some British ?t*?|ai
French, on their side, agjr
capture of a trench near?
which they held.-lnJHgp
counter attacks. 5?ggM
Refused Depirtur
From Athens
report ot the refusal-ot^
authorities to
Irom Tripoli In Syria^o!,
and French conaulseaM
Ot British and
"American merchant-^jgES
Coy of an America^e^lw^
The Turks crowded^? Out
the merchantman^. whUe|;Ule0
were emb&rWng ^e;^Wnc
attack ceased, howevev
ships threatened j^bomb
cruiser subaequenUy egc
sel to Dedejatch, : north
Porter CharletqiSBWi
Trial Postponed
NEW YORK. Dec. 26.?The trial of
Porter Charlton^focm^mm^OTyotg
his wife at Como.ilSlWMMnilfliWhHaenfi
po&tponed by:-Charlton's attorneys,
Charlton baa now beer. ^iSiprMoiafflB
Italy for more than a year and a halt.
He was In Jail lnfeofrOkw&fOT^'two'c'
said that, upon i^JprptSatJi SoSi-3,
jBfi&pfiState |B JS^ M- recenU^ea-4
bled the^jaeq^8^6 Bwflbas sad of

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