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For The After Christmas Sale
of Christmas Goods
Christmas Cards and
'alendars go
Toilet Sets,
immes and Fancy Airfc
(Third Floor)
All Toys and Dolls, and
There's a good assorfc
Imenib go alt
GAMES-?All 25c games 15c. All 50c games 35c
All $1.00 games 75c
iNOTE?Meccanos not reduced
{Third Floor)
*fF course this wouldn't be much of a store if it didn't
have SOME Christmas things left. And its not too late
? either, to give a Christmas present to some forgotten
?*><,<?*>% friend.
IB "Tlfis sale stands nicely for all those who think it better to be
latethan never. Prices are wonderfully reduced.
^ritartalhed for Bride and Groom.
Complimentary to Mr. nnd Mrs. Or
nkrom, whoBe marriage was a
ntfoveiit' at Ponnsboro, Mr. and
Joseph Ankrom entertained
?ifltmfe with a prettily appointed
o'clock dinner at their home on
nth street. Locust avenue. Covers
areTfjIaid for the honor guests, the
-and hostess, Mr. and Mrs. Sim
Sghtv arid daughter, Miss Gladys;
arold Ankrom, a brother o? the
oom and Mr. Waldo. The marriage
^Kfand Mrs. Ankrom was celebrat
"HXtte; home of the bride's mother,
Mary B. Harris, at Pennshoro
Wednesday,? December 23, at 3:30
dock, Rev. Reed officiating.
Ehey arrived here Thursday aftcr
gggaS3| are at the home ot the
om's parents. Mr. Ankrom.holds
?esponalble position with the Con
lidat ion'Cpal Company in this city.
. Ankrom was before her marriage
?Aheta Harris at\d is a charm
Christmas Dinner.
Jr. and Mrs. John A. Clark entertaln
xt,a family dinner yesterday at their
3won*iC!astoii avenue. The guests
JuSedjMr. and Mrs. Harry B. Clark
jSSlflldfren, Mr. and Mrs. John A.
SrlcSir^ni son, John the third, and
SandiMrs.W. S. Black.
s- :
Christmas Dinner.
rStad'Mrs; J. M. Hartley entertain
"x/hrlBtmas dinner yesterday even
i their home on Qulncy street. The
^included, besides members of
IjiUyJesWlng in the city. Mr. and
3lohnGreer and children, Joe and
Terra. Alta, and Miss
anceajHartley, who arrived
^Thursday morning from North
on; J;Mass., f -where she attends
* "}?'' ?
mas Parties at 8onnencroft.
Clyde Efflngton Hutchinson
ay'lssued invitations for an af
nooh reception for Thursday after
jSof^noxt' week at Sonnencroft
Mvenljis aj. courtesy to Mrs. Lee
Hutchinson, of Manbar, W. Va? who,
with Mr. Hutchinson and daughter Hel
en, will arrive hero next week from
Cleveland. Ohio, where they are the
guest3 of relatives. Thursday night
Mrs. Hutchinson will entertain at a
dance at sonnencroft the guestB, in
cluding her allies at the reception and
a number of young people.
Guests in City.
Mr. Frank Newberger and daughter.
Miss Mina Newberger of Weston and
Pie former's grandchildren, Miss Vir
ginia and Roy Linger, of Harner, W.
Va., are the guests of Mr. Newberger's
daughters, Mrs. W. W. Conaway and
Miss Anna Newberger, on Chicago St.
Dinner Party.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Arnett entea
lained at Christmas dinner yesterday
afternoon at their home on Pike St.,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Peppers and fam
ily, of Parkersburg were among the
Mr. Lloyd Murphy and Miss Dessle
Rock, of White nock were united in
marrlago Thursday at the homo of tho
officiating minister, Dr. H. C. Stoetzer.
Christmas Tree at Cooks.
The annual Christmas tree and din
ner at Coolc Hospital was an event on
Christmas eve which was a most enjoy
able one. A color scheme In red and
green was effectively carried out in the
decorations and an elegant dinner was
One O'clock Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Kiger entertained
at one o'clock dinner yesterday, honor
ing their ninth wedding anniversary
and the fourth anniversary of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank J. Bldwell. The color
scheme in red and green was carried
out in tho table decorations and a deli
cious dinner was served. The hostess
was assisted in serving by Mrs. F. L.
Fast and Miss Georgia Neptune. Covers
were laid for twelve. IHcluding guests
from Morgantown and Clarksburg.
The marriage of Mr. A. Clifford Kin
kead, of this city, with Mlas Stella
McCann will be solemnized,;,tonight'
reside In Wheeling.
tor of the First Baptist church, will
officiate at the marriage, which will
be witnessed by immediate relatives.
Mr. Kinkead and his bride will spend
several days here at tlie home of Mr.
and Kirs. Kinkead and will probably
Mr. Kinkead holds a position with
the Wales Adding Machine Co., of
Wlikesbarro, Pa. Miss McCann has
been a teacher in the Camden-on
Gauley public schools, having arrived
here last week from, that place.
Open House.
Rev. and Mrs. J. B. Workman will
keep open, house on the day preceding
New Year's at their home on the EaBt
To Central America.
Miss Eleanor Bosworth Cowen, of
Mobile, Alabama, formerly a member
of the High School faculty of this city
will sail from New Orleans on Dec. 31,
lor Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Central
America where she has accepted a po
sition as head of the English depart
ment of a Girls' College and will also
give instructions in advanced music.
Miss Cowen will travel in company
with tho wife of the United States
Consul to Tegucigalpa and will reside
In their home while there. Tegucigal
pa is the capital of Honduras, and a
city of 50,000 population, many ot
whom are American and English peo
ple. Miss Cowon Is a niece t>f Mrs. J.
Morton Black of this city and resided
with her while a resident of Fairmont
Mayor Arrested for
Election Corruption
By Associated Press.
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Dec. 26. ?
Charged In Indictment with attempt
to corrupt the election Nov. 3 last
in Terrs Haute, G. M. Roberts, mayor
of Torro Haute and announced candi
date for Democratic nomination for
governor in 1916 was taken in custody
by U. S. Marshall Storen at Terro
Haute today.
Roberts accompanied by Judge Rod'
man of the Virgo circuit court answ
ered the summons and stopped the
marshal at his office. At first Rob
' erts, Redman and Storen would not
stop, but later the mayor admitted
that both he and Rodman had been
placed under_arrest; Early., this: at
tfon of a nice Piano or Vlctrola to pre
sent to the family Xma# eve. We
have a beautiful" line to. select from;
Such eminent' makes as. Emerson, lv-'
ers 41 Rond, KranlchvA Bach, Lester
Kurtzman, Kohler & Campbell and
many others. Don't be afraid to buy
from us, as we are able to give you
full protection. Easy payments with
out Interest.
The Old Reliable Music Store.
Muilc Store
Monroe Street. Bell Phone 981 |
Open Evening*.
Mr. Jacob Harr. who had been a
patient at Mercy Hospital in Pitts
burgh for several- weeks, arrived
home Christmas eve. He was accom
panied by Mrs. Harr, who bad spent
several weeks in Pittsburgh, and their
daughter, Miss Jocella Harr, who went
to Pitsburgh Thursday morning to ac
company them home. Mr. and Mrs.
Harr's son, Goebel Harr, is ill of ty
phoid fever at Ills home near the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Neill are the
guests of their daughter, Mrs. Everett
Hill, at Morgantown.
Mr. and Mrs. Ord Lough and Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Ice and son, Frank,
and daughter, Edith, went to Morgan
town yesterday to visit Mrs. Frank
lin Arnett for a few days.
Dr. and Mrs. Chesney Ramage and
daughter spent Christmas with rela
tives in Monongalia county. Dr. Ram
age returned here last night.
Rev. H. G. Stoetzer returned last
night from Morgantown, whore he
spent Christmas day with Mrs. John
G. Brown. Mrs. Stoetzer and son,
John, remained in Morgantown.
J. H. Rownd left Christmas eve for
his home at Summerfleld, O., to spend
the holidays.
Miss Elizabeth Lemley left yester
day morning for her homo at Burton
to spend the week end with relatives.
Will Lynch, of Pittsburgh, is here
to spend the holidays with his sis
ters, the Misses Frances and Regina
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Courtney left
for Cleveland, Ohio, Thursday night
via Pittsburgh to spend Christmas
with Mrs. Courtney's parents. They
will be absent several days.
Miss Amanda Abbott, of Grafton is
the guest of her sister, Miss Alice Ab
bott on- High street.
Miss Ota Hood, of Morgantown
spent Christmas day at her home on
Chicago street. She will remain for
the week end.
Miss Goldie Conklin, of Morgantown
spent Christmas day here with rela
Miss Gladys Flslier, Public librarian
has gone to her home at Morgantown
lo remain until Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Harper, of Par
kersbure are the guests of their daugh
ter, Mrs. J. Gordon Lake.
Miss Beulah Watson spent Christ
mas day with friends in Wheollng.
Mr. ar.d Mrs. Arthur Lynch are tho
guests o'. the former's mother at Laur
el Point, Monongalia Co.
Miss Eva Odella Fletcher, spent
Christines day with relatives in Mann
Mr. end Mrs. Walter O'Day, of
Mannington spent Christmas day here
with the latter's mother, Mrs. Virginia
Cashier Missing;
Bank Closed Down
..NEW YORIC, Dec. 26?The First
National Bank of Insllp; L. I., was clos
ed today by the federal authorities.
H. C. Haff, cashier of the institution, ?
disapeared last weok and returned on !
It was reported that the bank had
suffered a shortage of $40,000 to 550,000
When ho disappeared the depositors be
gan to withdraw deposits, and this
drain upon Its resources was believed
to be anoth erenosarwsthaevhrahmhm
to be anotehr reason for enforced sus
Mexican Factions
Leave U.S. Border
By Associated P?ess.
NACO, Ariz,, Dec. 26.?Governor
Maytorena, with his Villa forces, be
gan retiring today out of range of the j
guns of the Carranza garrison at Na
co, Mexico. Official reports to Briga
dier General Bliss, commanding the
United States forces here, show that
the Villa forces have removed their
machine guns, ? abandoned front
trenches and are preparing to retire
to the main Maytorena camp,-eleven
kilometers from Naco. This move
ment is in fulfillment of a statement
made Thursday by Maytorena to Brig
adier General Scott, chief of staff of
the army, who Is negotiating for a
cessation of Mexican warfare along
the International boundary. ,
100,000,000 Pieces
Parcel Post Mail
By Associated Press. i
WASHINGTON, D. C? Deo. 26. ?
Preliminary estimates by poBtofflce
department officials places number of
parcel post packages bandied during,
'iffetciirlstmaa rur*- ?* """ ???*--*??>
iceiiPOBt'tiafflc tor
otal volume of par
WASHINGTON, Dec. 26.?When the
full membership of the House naval
affairs committee, meets next week to
consider and determine a naval build
tag program for submission to the
House, Representative Stephens, of
California, will Insist upon an elabora
tion of the program so as to meet
what he regards as the needs of the
Pacific Coast. Ho announced today
that ho would move to increase the
number of submarines to be author
ized at this session of Congress to 16,
instead ot the "eight or more," rec
ommended by Secretary Daniels, and
that In place of tho six torpedo boat
destroyers also recommended by the
Secretary, he would insist that the
number be increased to eight.
Representative Stevens added that
while he does not intend to make any
jingoistic attitude, he will insist that
the number of battleships be increas
ed beyond the two recommended by
the navy department, and that ho be
lieved there should be four battle
ships. This is in line with the rec
ommendations of tho general board
of the navy. Mr. Stevens also will
contend for provision for a mine lay
er and a mine sweeper, testimony be
fore the committee having shown tho
navy does not now possess.
The sub-committee on the naval ap
propriation hill will meet again next
Tuesday and the committee expects
to have the measure under debate
in tho House the latter part of Jan
..The hearing asked of the House mil
itary committee by Representative
Gardner, of Massachusetts, on his ef
forts to get action to create a com
mission to investigate the prepared
ness of the United States for war has
again been changed to January 4, be
cause of the probable lack of a quo
rum of the committee beforo thai
WASHINGTON, Dec. 26.?Democrat
ic Leader Underwood predicted that
when the proposed constitutional
amendment for woman's suffrage
reached a vote in the house it would
be defeated probably by a two-thirds
"I shall vote against it, and so will
most of the Democrats in the house,"
said Mr. Underwood. "The party by
caucus action has gone on record hold
ing that woman suffrage, like prohibi
tion, is a state issue and not a national
question. It is a question for the states
themselves to act upon and not for con
"It Is generally understood that tho
suffrage resolution will be voted on
soon alter the passage of the postoffico
appropriation bill as early in January as
possible. The houso rules committee
already has voted to present the rule
for its- consideration, largely through
the Insistence of Republican members
of the committee."
Ed. P. Sinclair
Dies In Phila.
Mr. Edward P. Sinclair,' aged 29
years, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs.
Duncan Sinclair, of tills cltyv died
Christmas morning in the University
of Pennsylvania hospital, at Philadel
phia, after an illness of several
months of a complication of diseases.
Mr. Sinclair had been in declining
health for some time, though at timos
his condition improved to some ex
tent, and hopes were entertained for
his ultimate recovery.
. Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair had vislteil
him a number of times during his Ill
ness, and only recently returned from
The remains arrived here thle morn
ing on No. 3 and were taken to the
home of his parents on Fairmont ave
nue. Accompanying the remains to
this city were his brothers, Duncan
Sinclair, of Pittsburgh, and Arnold
Sinclair, of New York City; W. P.
McElvoy, of Philadelphia; Dr. and
Mrs. Robert Gerstell and Dr. Oer
stell, of ICeyser.
The deceased was an exemplary
young man and at one time was a
resident o? this city, being a partner
in the firm of Sinclair & Morfitt, coal
' brokers.
The funeral will take place at Z
o'clock Sunday afternoon from tho
family residence on Fairmont jjj avo
For the tick room. Hot Water Bottles, Fountain Syringe*, Atomliem,
Rubber Sheeting, Elastic Bandagei?and everything elM""?l'n>Rubbefi
Goods that are necessary In the tick room. The quality.w?|nll|lw
the highest?the prices are very low for goods of this class.; i
Morris-Harvey Pres.
.Visiting in City
Rev. Paul H. Willis, D. D? president
of Morris Harvey College, la In tho
city the guest of friends. He will
preach at the M. E. church, South,
Sunday morning. In tho afternoon
he -will go to Ballah chapel, and in
the evening will speak at Falrview.
Dr. Willis is recently from tho Meth
odist Training school at Nashville,
Tenn., of which ho was president,
and came hero to assumo the pres
idency of tho college at Darboursville,
to which he was elected last year. Tho
college Is enjoying a most prosper
ous and successful year under his ef
ficient direction. There lias never
been a larger attendanco or a more
promising future for this growing
Mrs. H. C. Falconer and two daugh
ters and Messrs. Fred Jenkins nnd
Charles Jenkins, the latter of Mor
gantown, were called to Indianapolis,
lad., thi3 week, by tho critical illness
o? their mother. Mrs. John Jenkins.
Mrs. Jenkins is ill with pneumonia,
and a messago received here, yester
day stal ed that her condition was Crit
ical with slight hopes of her recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins were former
residents of this city and moved to
Indiana several years ago.
The . Central Christian church will
hold its annual election of officers the
first Wednesday night in January. A
number of very important matters
will come up at this time relative to
plans of work for 1915. Some pre
liminary announcements will be made
next Sunday and a full attendance of
the membership Is requested.
Clarenen D .Mitchell, D. D? Pastor.
Sunda; School at 9:30 a. m. A
program of Christmas memory and a
treat for tho Sunday school. Don't
miss thiis session.
At 10:45 Dr. Mitchell will speak on
the themo, "The Church at tho Thres
hold of 1915."
Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m. A
One program will be given.
Evening preaching at 7:30, sermon
theme, "The Best Resolution of all for
:fll5." Special music at Christian En
deavor and both preaching services.
A most cordial -welcome is extended
the public.
W. I. Cnater, Pastor.
"The Little Church With the Big
9:30 a. m., Sunday school, H. T.
Jones, superintendent.
10:46 a. m., preaching, Rev. Paul
H. Willis, president Morris Harvey
6:30 p. m? Epworth Leaguo, Q. L.
Wilson, president.
7:30 p. m., preaching, "Do You
Struggle Alone?"
7:30 p. m. Wednesday, prayer and
praise meeting.
A cordial invitation Is extended to
you to attend this church. If you are
not attending other churches we of
fer you a sincere welcome. If you
are a transient stranger who cannot
attend the "home church," we will
do all we can to make you have the
home like feeling.
Dr.' Willis, who will preach In tho
morning, Is a most successful school
manager, and will have a message of
help and courage. You will do well
to make an effort to hear him. At
night the pastor will speak on a sub
ject of moBt intimate concern to ev
ery hoping worker.
Dr.- Willis will preacn at Ballah
chapel-at 3 p. m., and at Falrview at
7:30 p. m. Sunday. He will no doubt
have a large hearing .
Hay man vr eon house Lo
Watson. .Hotel Both Pfioni'.s
Steals Overcoa|;f|p
Ten Days on* Boa?
Adrian Myers, colored^ /whojg
rested -by B. & 0. OrTIcer 'Jni^ei
for stealing an overcoat, the/pffij
ot W. D. Fife, brakeman ogjtKeg
burgh passenger train, wasitto
hearing before Justice R. JjelgnJJ
ing Thursday afternoon. He was
tenced to pay a fine .of^Jlfcan
work ten days on the rpaaa^^
Non-rustable gas heating ; ?t
Something new. Will aell choapj
qulro 605 Walnut avenue, ^FalfB
Ice Cream^S

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