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The Kind That Brings You Back For More
Once a Customer Always a Customer
Stock Taking
Starts Today
Mutt reduce the stock to half In
, the. next 5 days.. It la customary
with this store to take Inventory
Vat the close of every year.?We
vslsh to urge you to visit this store
I"(Turing your shopping trip and no
tice the many dollars you can save
by doing your shopping now.
"Names will
; Wednesday's papers of the
be. announced in
plucky children who have written
8anta Claut.
* ???'? ?-1 ? .
3 Tremendous
Entire stock of Silk, Wool ana
Combination Dresses, Broken
lots, samples, odd lots now be
ing sacrificed at these prices
$5,00, $6.00, $7.00, $8.00
now, here at Harrison's you will
find just the coat you are look
ing for at a very low price?the
values will surprise you?odd
sizes, broken lots and samples
at these prices?$7, $8, $9, $10.
Over $1,000 worth of high grade
Furs (brand new goods), bought
especially for Xmas trade, must
be sold at once, so as to real
ize cash. $1.98, $3.50, $5.50,
A rare opportunity to secure a
Suit at actual cost, as we wish
to reduce our stock before In
ventory. Here are prices which
should make you come nere
double quick.$8.50, $11, $12, $14.
Th only store that buys for
cash In Fairmont, offers you a
choice of 700 winter Suits, at
prices which other store keep
ers pay to makers. $6, $8, $9,
$11, and $15.50.
Sale of Toys
Barry R. Cole
Cleaning, Pressing, Rdiiairing.
Ladies' Work a Specialty.
Suits Made to Measure.
?Send us youi work by.parcel
post and let-us know when you
iwilT.call for it.
121,MAIN ST, '
lolonial Theatre, Over Bar
ber Shop. Bell phone 43-J.
ppu? Fire Trudk
V 'i'
Ts Unloaded
^The city's combination cliomical en
gine- and hose' truck for the (Ire de
partment which had been at the local
l^ffSVifor .sevoral days was unloaded
r.^isteraay; ? Hundreds gt people made
jail 'inspection of the machine.
jThe truck was built especially for
gtfieTcity of Fairmont by the Ameri
can-la* France Fire Engine Company.
5n?S?of Eimlra, N. Y? and is one of
JJKjmost' complete fire fighting appar
atuses manufactured.
he manufacturers of (lie truck
"guarantee it to climb any hill In Fair
jaoiit, It has a speed of CO miles an
Shour^'ilt .carries 1,200 feet ot 2 1-2
jiircfi^hose and has on it one BO gallou
^'chemical cylinder, with 200 feet of 3-4
jjneti' chemical hose.
. Two acid receptacles are carried
Sand one polished brass receptaclc
holder. Its gasoline capacity is T.H
Sfalions.' The wheel base is 140 3-4
Inches, with wheels of artillery type.
he big car carries two 10-inch re
flector lamps. It is equipped with' a
locomotive hell and hand operated
qirenhorn. ?
Other equipment carried consists of
;wo three gallon Babcock fire'depart
ment 'extinguishers, one 20 foot long
extension ladder, one 12 foot roof lad
der with folding hooks, four fire de
Hay man Greenhouse Co.
W ?it .son Hotel lild^.7BotK Phones
V'.'. 3jS?? T X
For That
'Stuffy Feeling
Try Dike's Hepatic Salts
It will givo quick relief.
Holt Drug Co.
'Where Quality an d
Cleanliness go hand in
department standard axe. one pike
partment standard lanterns, one (Ire
pole, one steel crowbar, one tool box,
'the carrying capacity of the truck be
ing seven men.
I HUNTINGTON, W. Va? Dec. 28.?
That ten grains of morphine Injected
py his own hand Into his arm, caused
the death here Saturday evening of
Dr. Norton G. Watson, president of the
Ohio Valley bank, of Huntington, of
tho Louisa National hank, of Louisa,
Ky.; head of the Watson Contract
company, and man of extensive coal,
oil and timber interests in southern
West Virginia and eastern Kentucky,
bccame known here late tonight.
It hat! first been announced that hts
death was due to asthma, from which
<1 was said he suffered severe at
tacks. -According to reliable informa
tion, Dr. Watson announced that he
had taken ten grains of morphine.
"I'll be dead in half an hour," were
Ills words to a friend, It was statod.
.A doctor immediately -was summoned,
but Dr. Watson, who himself was
prominent in the mcdlcal world, died
several hours later.
Dr. Watson's marriage here to MIsh
Inez Wall, six years ago, was an event
in social circles. He was a graduate
of a medical college at Louisvnio, Due
lintl not practiced for years. He
leaves a wife and son. Every possible
detail in connection with his death
is being suppressed, and so far noth
iu gls known as to the cause of bis
Dr. Watson was a Mason, a Knight
Templar and a Shrlner. He served
four years as superintendent of
schools In Lawrence county, Ky., and
represented the Thirty-second Ken
tucky diftrlct in the senate.
Dr. Watson's business asociates
state positively that his financial af
fairs were in sound condition. Ho
leaves an estate, they say, valued at
more than $100,000, besides a consid
erable amount of life insurance.
Plans Murder
Of The Sheriff
GRAFTON, Dec. 28.?A plot to mur
der Sheriff Lee Bennett and liberate all
the prisoners In the county'Jail here
was frustrated by the arrest of Peter
Cozad, -when ho endeavored . to visit
Fred Poling, held in the local Jail on a
forgery charge. Two pistols wore
found on his person and witnesses
stato that the plot was to murder the
sheriff and then flee to the mountain^
Saws had been furnished Poling a week
ago by friends to cut his way through
tho prison bars, but they were discov
ered by his.Jailer,
Children Ory
for fletcher;smI1
If you -want the BEPT STOVE Olt
GRATE COAL telephone your orders
delivery guaranteed.
Phones: Office
Bell .129..
A Mill Ordsr House Baron Never
Shovis His Pstsnt Leather Shoes Un
der a Poor Man's Tsble?His Viotims
Extend From Ocean to Ocean?From
Sunrise to the Last Chance.
[Copyrighted. 1914, by Thomas J. Sullivan.]
Slid a clever quack to a painstaking
business man, "How many of the pass
ing multitude, do you suppose, appre
ciate your honesty or understand the
Impositions of quackery?"
"Not more than one In ten," was the
"Well," said the quack, "you may
bavo the one. I'll take the nine."
That Is the system upon which the
mall order houses operate, and nothing
more strikingly portrays the credulity
of munkind than their success. Quack
ery Is a thing universal and univer
sally successful. In most cases It Is
literally true that no Imposition is too
great for the credulity of man.
The Quack Doctor of Commerce.
The retail mall order house Is the
quack doctor of commerce, it prom
ises much and guarantees nothing.
Like patent medicines, the direction*
are always on the Inside, and you must
buy a nonreturnable package before
you can find out what they are.
The mall order bouse never helped
to build the little white school In your
district or turnpike the road past your
door. No mall order house over took
you by the hand when you were In
distress und told you to let the little
account run until after harvest next
year. No mail onler house ever sold
you a vehicle and spent every cent of
its proflts in the community where
you and your neighbors could get It
all back again. No mall "order houso
ever shoved its patent leather shoes
under your table and rejoiced with you
when you were glad, nor spoke en
couraging words when affliction visited
you, nor stood with uncovered head
beside the graves of your children.
Sentiment Is Unknown.
That the mall order houses are after
your money Is an undisputed fact.
Every dollar sent to them leaves your
neighborhood forever. The mail order
houso muy bear upon its face the
semblance of friendship, but no human
heart beats under Its cloak of hypoc
risy. Sentiment to It Is unknown.
The whole institution Is as cold and
bloodless as a corpse.
Thero never was a fnrm in all
Christendom whose value wns Increas
ed by the mail order houses. Tho.v aro
parasites to which life ts worthy of
notice only while they can draw the
financial blood out of the communities,
to the upbuilding of which they cou
trlbute nothing. They create no local
market for the product of the farms.
They have no property In the country
wblcli can be assessed to help bear the
burden of taxation.
Can Duplicate Every Offer.
In every town in the country the lo
cal retail merchant stands ready to
duplicate every offer seductively Bet
[ forth in the catalogues of mall order
bouses, and more. He will trump the
best trick the mall order bouse ever
played If you will put down spot cush
and accept from him a class of goods
devoid of respectable ancestry and
upon which no reputable manufactur
er's name can be found, but In which
the disease germs of prison made goods
nre secreted.
He can sell cheap goods if you will
buy them from htm with your eyes
shut He can meet the beBt price
ever made by a mall order bouse if
you will plank down your money and
accept what he gives you without
question and without recourse. But
you must not expect bluj toFbe in his
place of business every day In the
year, ready and willing to make good
any defect, ready and willing to stand
back of every article he sells with his
own reputation and the warranty of a
responsible company.
Locsl Merchant Needs No Advooste.
The local merchant needs neither ad
vocate nor defense. His methods rest
upon principles that have built up in
this country a system of internal com
merce which Is both the marvel and
the admiration of the world. His busi
ness Is legitimate because Its success
contributes to the general prosperity
of the community In which it stands
as a thriving example of honesty and
It does not require that a man shall
be endowed with unusual mental at
tainments for him to know that a pri
vate monopoly in restraint of trade, de
signed to wring extortionate proflts
from consumers, is detrimental to the
best Interests of the patrons of that
industry. Any combination organized
for the purpose of smothering competi;
tlon. whether It be of capitalists, cap
tains of Industry, laborers, farmers,
warehousemen, transportation lines or
any other branch of the business world.
Is essentially unethical, nnwlse and de
structive of business in tbe end.
The honest consumer must pat him
self enthusiastically on tbe back when
he spends his money In sach a way
that lb supplying bis own wants be Is
helping to build up tbe community .in
jvhlch he lives.
Eat Less Meat if Kidneys Feel Like
Lead or Bladder Bothers.
Most folks forget that the kidneys,
like the bowels, get sluggish and
clogged and need a flushing occasion
ally, else -we have backache and dull
misery In the kidney region, severe
headaches, rheumatic twinges, torpid
)lver, acid stomach, sleeplessness and
all sorts of bladder disorders.
You simply must keep your kidneys
active and clean, "and the moment you
feel an ache o rpain in the kidney
region, get about four ounces of Jad
Salts from any good drug store here/
take a tablespoonful in a glass of wa
ter before breakfast for a few days
and your kidneys will then act fine.
This famous salts is made from the
acid of grapes and lemon juice, com
bined with lithia, and is harmless to
Hush clogged kidneys and stimulate
them to normal activitiy. It also
neutralizes the. acids in the urine so
it no longer irritates, thus ending
bladder disorders.
Jad Salts is harmless; inexpensive;
makes a delightful effervescent lithia
water drink which everybody should
take now and then to keep their kid
neys clean, thus avoiding serious
A well known local druggist says he
sells lots of Jad Salts to folks who
believe in overcoming kidney trou
ble while it Is only trouble.
KINGWOOD, Dec. 2S.?Id a prelim
inary hearing held here before Justice
John H. Wierlch, J. M. Pyleg was held
to await the action of the Preston coun
ty grand Jury without bond on the
charge of murderng his brother, Alonzo
Pyles. Mrs. Dora Pyles, wlfo of the ac
cused, who was arrested with him Sun
day and held in the county Jail since
that time on the charge o fbeing an ac
complice, was released. The bearing
was held in the Preston county court
house, and owing to the prominence of
the parties involved, the room was fill
ed to overflowing.
Alonzo Pyles was shot through the
abdomen on the evening of December
18, 1914, and strong suspicion has been
cast upon his brother, with whom the
deceased is said to have quarreled. The
case has created more interest than
any other In the history of the'county.
Attorneys M. E. Parrack, of Tunnel
ton, and O. E. Wychoff, of Grafton, are
counsel for the defense, and Prosecut
ing Attorney A. G. Hughes represents
| the state. About a dozen witnesses
?, inly witness to
the affair was Mrs. Pyles
Entertained at Dinner.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Congh of Mary
land avenue entertained at dinner yes
terday. The guests included Mr. and
Mrs. Melville Merrlfield and children,
Mrs. Prlsclila Merrifleld and Mr. Thos
Merrl field of Las Vegas, New Mexico.
Mr. Merrifleld who arrived here last
Wednesday to spend Christmas with
Ills mother. Mrs. Priscllla Merrlfield
loft today for Las Vegas.
Child Very III.
Helen, the little daughter of Mr.
nnd Mr3. J. C. Stealey Is very III. A
trained nurse is caring for the child.
Mrs. Carrie Strauser and two daugh
ters returned to their homes at- Char
'erol, Pa., Saturday after a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. John Klsner on Mary
land avenue.
Mr. Albert Boggess went to Pitts
burg to spend the holidays with rela
Miss Alta Travis of Ridgedale, re
turned home yesterday afterva short
^ isit with her father, Mr. Liberty Tra
Mr. and Mrs. Will Moran returned
Saturday evening from a visit with
relatives at Morgantown.
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Harrington of
Stevens street spent Friday with the
former's mother at Independence.
Mr. Cecil G. Rice has returned to
Pittsburg after a few days visit with
'.lis parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Rico
cn Gufley street
Miss Kdna Hamilton of Morgantown
who has been the guest of Miss Gladys
Henderson has gone to Tunnelton for
a few days visit
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Dunnington
have returned from a visit at Grafton.
Miss Georgia Crltes has returned
to Camden on the Gauley after a
week's visit at, her home here..
Mr. Austin Stealey spent Saturday
at Qrafton.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Wilson and
eblidren of .Clarksburg; were guests
Store of Style
and Quality.
Prices the very lowest.
Our Si
Saturdays ai
400 Newest Garmen
& Pay I Original Prices On Coats, Suits,Diesses andS
Sale To-Morrow (Tuesday) Dev.
. Hundreds of high class
new 1914 garments still bear
ing the original price ticket
from which you deduct one
half and pay the balance,
thus saving from $5.00 to
$25.00 on each purchase.
Coats, Suits, Dresses, originally $10.00?]/2 off?You pay
Coats, Suits, Dresses, originally $12.50?f2 off?You pay .
pf Coats, Suits, Dresses, originally $15.00?'/2 off?You pay....
C6ats, Suits, Dresses, originally $18.00?'/j off?You -pay .^-. :
^ Coats, Suits, Dresses, originally $20.00?'/2 off?You pay .....'?;.&
m Coats, Suits, Dresses, originally $22.50?l/2 off?You pay ...
^ Coats, Suits, Dresses, originally $25.00?V2 off?You pay eg.
^ Coats, Suits, Dresses, originally $30.00?V2 off?You pay.. .. .
I Coats, Suits, Dresses, originally $35.00?V2 off?You pay .......
Coats, Suits, Dresses, originally 40.00?V2 off?You payW
Coats, Suits, Dresses, originally $45.00?/2 off?You pay
Coats, Suits, Dresses, originally $50.00?V2 off?You pay .
r Dress Skirts, originally $ 3.95? V2 off?Youpaf??jl.98
Dress Skirts, originally $5.00?l/2 off?You pay . *'2:50
Dress Skirts, originally $ 6.50? '/2 off?You pay . 3125;
Dress Skirts, originally $ 7.50?1/2 off?You pay.'. 3.75)
Dress Skirts, originally $10.00?'/2 off?Youpay ^S.OO
m . Dress Skirts, originally $12.00? y2 off?You pay . '6.00
For Each Garment?You Pay Half.
? 'M
S2 All Hats, originally $5.00 to $7.50, your choice at.. .$2.00^
w Stylish Hats, originally sold at $8.50 to $12.00. YourPicfc:
? at .?jffiflol
Every Pattern Hat, originally sold at $15.00 to $35.00^at^
There are all sizes in these Garments for Women and Misses;
shopper will be here before noon for first choice.
Alterations Free?Notwithstanding Enormous Reductions:^
additional saving of 50c to $2.00.
No Reservations, Approval
Exchanged or Returned
Circle will be entertained on Thurs
day evening at a Watch party at the
home ot Miss Eva May etk Haymoni
. Y. M. W. Club.
Mrs. Earl Amosj>l Walnut avenue
?will entertain the Y. M. W. Club on
Wednesday afternoon. At this'meet
ing the Club Christmas box -will be
opened, and a very enjoyable meeting
Is anticipated.
Hippodrome Theater.
' An all 8tar holiday program will bo
ly funny skit, and It is sure to please.
Miss Simmons 1b a-comedienne of rare
ability. and Brewer posseses a rich
tenor voice that will be heard to ad
vantage. Lee, Dal ton and Brook, "the
Melody Trio," are two clever girls
and a boy, who present a harmony
slngfag specialty that Is-18 carat fine.
Brock Brothers and Edna have a com
edy horizontal tar gymnastic act en
titled, "A Few Minute* With .the Sol
diers." This is a first claw" vaade
vill atraction and is well worttry at
being the feature 'attraction in tills
star program. This bill will be ofre
ed on Monday, Tuesday and Wednei
day, with aTgoomiTiT*rMilTmiff?M"|>

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