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All a| Greatly Reduced! Prices
Owing to the unexpected shipment of For
eign ?Toys, we were overstocked this season. We
?rove no room to store these things, so are willing
AH Toys and Dolls at
And don't forget that we are Headquarters for
25c Games at 15c
50c Games at ... 35c
$1.00 Games at 75c
(Third Floor)
There are some very splendid opportunities?es
pecially on things a person can use throughout
theentire year, such as
Toilet Sets, Pkstixnre Frames
And Fauicy Axt Goods
Priced a TMird Less
All Calendars and Cards go at Half Price,
(Second Floor)
Advance Fashions of' Women's Afternoon
and Evening Dresses Are
Mfflmery Special
One of the most representative costume makers of New
E?kjwa?'a'mong;the first to receive the New Spring Models
Efromfparls. What we are now showing are reproductions of
"hMelf?moua garments.
Theic Dresses are suitable for afternoon and evening wear.
Exney^are of dark rich colors with handsome lace and chiffon
lists and cleeves.
^The original Jiiodels would probably sell at two or three
'ciuKprlcc. The woman who would appear In the height
^of3lSh|on^tor thffiolfeay-furtctlon will do well to inspect these
i^lalledl to our sals on Women's Suits, many of which re
Jfeentlpisrrlved, are made on advanced Spring Styles. Never
Helils^they'.: go at 1-3 under price. (Second Floor.)
About 50 of the^
neatest looking;
Trimmed Hats|
for Women go
at $2.50 each.
Fustions, Velvets,
Plushes and Silks in
black, blue, green
and red, trimmed
with ribbons, fancy'
feathers and flowers
?all are real stylish.
Also a sale of Chil
dren's Felt, Velvet
and Corduroy Hats,
all colors at only 50c.
(Second Floor) =
E ss t r a ? r <d i hi a v y
Drop in and see our Evening Clothes. We are
making special prices on Full Dress Suits for the next
few days.
We have all the necessary accessories for Even
ing Clothes, such as Dress Collars, White Ties, White
Gloves, White Vests, Shirts, etc.?and all in good
taste, too.
We have the goods to properly dress you.
Call in and see them.
Christmas Festivities.
. ?
jjasf celebrations, until now
Jgreatly' to home and family
* j|fcroa;den out greatly and
LySffigthlsr'. week, and society
Ulie'njoya -whirl ol dances, teas,
ions Sand luncheons, many of
ilHbe'large affairs. On Wed
night, the annual Christmas
of the Country Club will be
jwili-be, attended by many
iargj?ia '? their - friends from
fdttftof.-the city. While of an
J nature, it will be one of at
hursday afternoon Mrs. Clyde
*^iinsonJ will entertain at a
Sptlon at: Sonnencroft, her
home near the city, and In
j^ihe will he hostess at a
uesta Including many of
j people'home for the Christ
SSayTnight the Elks lodge will
ayman Greenhouse Co.
give a large and handsomely appoint
ed'dance In the Masonic Assembly
ball, to which many out of town
guests are expected. Other events, In
cluding teas and luncheons will also
be given, many ot which will honor
young people home lor the college
Notice to King's Daughters.
The Isabella Davis Circle of King's
Daughters will serve the suppor to the
Masonic Lodge on Tuesday night. It
is urged that that as many daughters
as possible report for duty at the Ma- J
sonic Temple that evening.
M. E. Missionary Society.
The Womons' Foreign Missionary
Society of the First M. E. Church will
meet in the parlor of the church Tues
day, Doc 29, at 2:30 and the following
program will be rendered:
'The Mother and tSe Christ Child."
Leader Mrs. Maud Hawkins.
1. Devotions?Mrs. Jennie Engie.
2. Mothers ot the World.
a. "Childhood in Heathen Lands,"?
Mrs. Frances Brooks.
b. "Motherhood in Heathen Lands"
o. "Christian Motherhood"?Mrs. F.
M. Wilson.
d. "Motherhood"?Mrs. Elizabeth
3. Children and the Christ Child?
Mrs. Hal Hall.
4. "Christmas In Algiers'?Mrs. M.
J. Lantz.
Hostesses?Mrs. Margaret Mont
gomery and Mrs. M. W. Ogden.
The president Mrs. Richard Hall,
urges a good attendance us the study
promises to be very helpful and in
Card3 have been received here an
nouncing the marriage of Mr. Harry
Lewis Griffin and Miss Lucilo Mere
dith Mouton which event was solemn
ized on Tuesday, Dec. 22, in Lafayette,
Mr. Griffin's parents reside at Phil
ippi and he was formerly a member of
the High School faculty in this city.
Miss Mouton is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Alexander Mouton, of Lafayette.
To Entertain Club.
Mrs. Earl Amos will entertain thu
Voung Married Women's Club on
Wednesday afternoon at her home on
Walnut avenue. The Christmas pas
ket will be opened at this meeting,
which is an annual event
Entertained Clan.
Mrs. Earle,Morga.n entertained the
'oCOfiiit'MjE: churchSa&iu^eotf
spirit. Covers
Christmas In Washington.
A. Sweeney; Fleming * ban' returned
from, Washington, D. C., where he
had spent Christmas with his parents,'
Mr. arid!. Mrs. Thomas W. Fleming,
who are residing in Washington dur
ing the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Wilshlre, of
Chicago, spent the holiday season
with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Fleming, and Master Tom Fleming
Wilshlre was .already a member of
the Fleming household. Mrs. 'Wilshlre
will remain there for some time .
Misses Frey Hostesses.
Misses Hazel and Edith Frey are
entertaining at tea this afternoon
from four to five o'clock at their
home on Fairmont avenue, complimen
tary to a'number of young ladies who
are home for the holidays, and their
B. & N. Merge
The stockholders of the Buckhan
non and Northern railroad company,
which Is constructing a railroad from
Martin, Pa., to this city, held a meet
ing here this afternoon when they au
thorized a merger to be formed with
the Monongahela railroad company,
the latter company to tako over all ot
the holdings of the former corporation.
The Monongahela railroad company
is a part of the Pennsylvania railroad
Bystem aud. lias in operation 65.7?
miles of railroad in the Keystone
The Buckhannon and Northern has
constructed aproxlmately forty miles
of road, an extension of tho Monon
gahela railroad, through one of the
richest coal fields in West Virginia.
This line Is practically completed. All
of It except four miles 1b ready for
operation. The big empire coal field
owned by the Elkins Interests and oth
er big coal tracts will be developed
by this road.
The officers of the Monongahela
railroad company are J. J. Turner,
president; J. M. Schoonmaker, vice
president; Lewis Neilson, secretary;
John G. Robinson, treasurer; G. B.
Obey, superintendent; D. K. Orr, en
Under the new regime the Pennsyl
vania and New York Centra lrallroad
companies will each own fifty per cent
of the Monongahela railroad com
pany's holdings.
J. T. Blair, W. T. Brunner, C. M.
South, G. B. Obey and Samuel D.
Brady were present at the meeting.
Terra Haute Mayor
Is Still in Jail
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Dec 28.?
/Mayor Dorm M. Roberts, of Terre
Haute, indicted for alleged violation of
election laws and brought here and
placed in jail in default of $10,000 bond,
demanded by the government, may
make an effort to procure his release
(tomorrow. Mayor Roberts' wife came
to Indianapolis yesterday to see If bond
could not be procured at onco, but she
was told that this could not he done on
Krs. Roberts procured a blank bond
from Mark Storen, United States Mar
shal, and waB expected to return to
nigM to Terre Haute, where it Is un
derstood she will attempt to procure
satisfactory securities to gain her hus
band's release. The indicted men will
be arraigned about January 16, accord
ing to United States District Attorney
Frank C. Daliey. Their trials will be
set at that time, he said.
Although only 93 of the 126 men who
are said to have been indicted have
been arrested, no more will be taken
Into custody at the present time, Mar
shal Storen said today. Some of those
wanted have left the country, he said,
others are 111, and one, Edward Holler,
Terre Haute's superintendent of police.
Is in jail serving a sentence for con
tempt of court.
President Wilson
Fifty-Eight Today
WAJiHINGTON, Dec. 28.?President
Woodrow Wilson celebrated his fifty
eighth birthday today. He received
congratulatory messages from all parts
of the United States and from foreign
countries. The President spent the
day quietly with his family, and no
special observance of the anniversary
I was planned.
Except for a conference on the ad
ministration's legislative program with
Majority Leader Underwood and the
/reception of a delegation of Sunday
School pupils from New Jersey, the
President plans to see few callers dur
ing the week. The usual cabinet meet
ing Tuesday may be canceled.
No Effort Made to
Stop Yost Violations
By Associated Press.
CHARLESTON, W. Va., Dec. 28.?
Reporting to Fred O. Blue, commis
sioner of prohibition, C. F. Rathbone,
chief field deputy today declared that
the administration of the city of
Wheeling, had made no efforts to en
force the Yost prohibition law and that
only through the efforts ot commis
sioners ; Bine's department could
tion be taken toward preventing'illo^'
sal sales of llguor tn that city. Dep
uty Ratlibone called the attention "to
theAot'^meritag^d nyer
passed ar ordinance providing penal
ties for punlshmen^^^^^M^^
PETROGRAD, Doc. 28.?The Rus
sian Gaiician. army] which- a- short
time ago, was In touch on the south
with an Austrian garrison defending
Cracow, moved back to the Biala riv
er, which is some 50 miles east of
former Russian positions. Notwith
standing the fact that Russian retro
gression completely relieved the in
vestment of the fortress of Cracow,
It Is claimed by military observers
to be a marked offensive movement
for the Russians, the retirement be
ing due to the discovery or the Aus
trian aim to cut into halves tho Rus
sian forces in this region. Tho Aus
trian reports from the Russian south
ern front say:
"We began advancing December 23
?from Pymbark, 35 miles southeast of
Cracow, with the apparent object o?
'swinging around the left of the Rus
sians along the river Biala, northward
of Tarnow, and joining forces wita
the army of Gen. Boehn-Ermolll.
which was advancing along the rail
road from Sanok and Lisko. Tho
premature appearance of Gen. Boehn
Ermolll's army, to the south of Przem
ysl, put the Russians on guard and
the Russians concentratcd along the
Biala river, moved down and attack
ed the Austrians at Tuchow, 15 miles
south of Cracow, where they were suc
cessful in preventing a junction of
the Austrian armies.
"Meanwhile tho ascension of the
Russians was directed to the Aus
trians advancing from Sanok, which
movement was checked. After their j
successes in this district the Ru-s-'
slans took the offensive along the Bi
ala river. Christmas day the Rue
slans won the battle of Tuchow, tho
Austrians Tetreatlng throughout the
following day. The Russians captur
ed 35,000 prisoners and IS machine
"Later the Russians crossed to the
western bank of Biala and success
fully stormed the heights of Sierl
liska, four miles south of Tuchow.
"The Russians took possession of u
20 mile strip of territory and thus
succeeded in separating two Aus
trian forces."
I LONDON, Doc. 28? Cupid yet may
>be responsible for bringing more men
to tho colors than the recruiting offi
cers have reason to believe_ Cupid now
is working through a tango boycott.
With many officers back from the
front on furlough, after-dinner (lances
have been resumed at the prominent
hotels. And there enters Cupid ami the
bovcott, lc'r a score of women refuse
to dance with any one not In lthaki wlio
cannot show good cause for being oth
erwise dressed.
And it is, indeed, a deprivation to
tho dancing men not to participate in
/the 'J'ack Johnson glde," which has be
come popular. Military names have
Veen given to many new dances.
Squire Flefejng fined L. L. Willis ten
dolla? and costs for stealing hay and
oats from Thomas O. Keith.
Mike Toukovich gave- bond in the
sum of $100 to keep the peace and he
vras released by Justice Musgrove.
Anna Jaudrlich was given a hearing
before Justice Musgrove on a charge
of assaulting Teresa Raocag.
Albert. William and Micky Madden
nave bond and will have a hearing be
fore Justice Fleming January 5, on a
charge of illicit selling.
Week Dec. 28th, 1914
Two Parts
Two Parts
with Murdock MacQuarrle
J. Warren Kerrigan
a s Terrenee O'Rourke In the
Gentleman Adventurer Series
In the Inn of the Wlnfled
? Gods.
Two Part?
"The District Attor
ney's Brother"
Two Parts, with Grace Cu
nard and Francis Ford.
with the entire New York
Hippodrome Production
Seven Parte.
Two Part* (
f-, with-Dorothy. Phillips.
? 8?ve.thl? for ready reference ;
"Always a
Music Store
Monroe Street. Bell Phone 981
Open Evening*.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Thomas and son,
of Mannlngton. were ia the city yes
terday the guests ot Mrs. Thomas' par
ents, Captain and Mrs. K. D. Wal
Misses Nell Dougan and Francos
Brand left Saturday night for New
Martlnsvllle, .where they are guests
at a house party at which Miss Gus
file Lowe Is hotsess.
Mrs. R. M. Abbott and nephew, Rob
ert Jackson, son of M. E. Jackson,
who had been the guests of the for
mer's sister, Mrs. Edgar Davis, since
Saturday, returned to their home in
Kingwood today.
Glenn Greer, who had spent Christ
mas here, returned to Terra Alta last
evening. Mrs. Greer and children will
remain here until next Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Albert Shinar,
of Detroit. Mich., are the guests of
the latter's sister, Mrs. Geo. Suck,
on Benoni avenue.
Dr. W. C. Ogden lias returned from
Wheeling, where he had spent Christ
mas with his brother, Mr. H. C. Og
den, and family.
Mrs. Martha Do Berry and grand
son, Paul Fisher, have gone to Colum
bus, 0., to visit the former's daugh
ter, Mrs. C. C. Berry.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Feather, of Al
bright, Preston county, are the guests
of Mr.fl and Mrs. Frank Feather.
Miss Elizabeth Lemley returned
yesterday from her home at Burton,
where she had spent Christmas.
Dr. and Mrs. Earl Hennen, of
Wheeling, spentr Sunday here the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hen
nen on Fourth street.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Berry, of Ba!-|
tlraore, are guests of the latter's sis
ters, Mrs. Alva Hall and Miss Ade
laide 1'lnnell, in this city.
Will Lynch returned last night to
Pittsburgh, after spending Christmas
here wltli liia sisters, Misses Frances
and Reglna Lynch.
Grove Cunningham returned last
night to Wheeling after spending a
few days with his mother, Mrs. Sarah
Cunningham, on Maplo avenue.
Mrs. Iierndon Fawcett and child of
Clarksburg are the guosts of the for
mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
Mrs. J. F. Shafferman and daughter,
Kiss Ruth spent yesterday with
fi lends In Grafton.
Cecil G. Rice returned to Pittsburg
this morning after spending Christ
mas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.
t). Rice.
Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Jacobs spent
Sunday with relatives In Morgantown.
Miss Beulah Harrison, of Washing
ton Court House, O., is the' guest of
Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Broomfleld of
Fourth street.
Miss Mabel Upton Is the guest of
her aunt, Mrs. J. J. King at Mt. Oli
ver, Pittsburg.
Mrs. S. O. Carnoy of Clarksburg was
in the city yesterday enroute homo
from Littleton.
The Misses Bertha and Winnie Colo,
of Grafton, who. had been the guests
of their brother, J. F. Cole, and wife,
on Chicago street, returned home last
Mrs. P. B. Swearingen has been ill
for several days at her home at 700
Pittsburgh avenue.
As reported by H. E. Dunlap, patent
lawyer of Wheeling, W. Va., the pat
ent office records show the recent Is
! sue ol the following patents to West
Virginia Inventors: Ernest L. Ar
.thur and R. H. -Worrell, Lester, metal
rail tie; Clinton Decker, Eminelle. ca
bleway, also container; Anthony ,T.
Graher, Huntington, combined brush
and comb; Perry Harper, Charleston,
unlocking member for nut locks;
Frank E. Hill, Morgantown, chuck
for holding glass articles; George
John, Wheeling, recoil loading rifle;
Shrewsbury B, Miller, Fairmont, splice
bar; Wm. J. Wambaugh, Morgantown.
lamp chimney. Also the issue of tho
following trade mark registration:
Thos. P. Llppitt, Charles Town, fer
- half m
price mm
Handkerchiefs ||?
Ribbon Novelties ;:MM
Etc., Etc.
Make your. Selections
and pay HALF the
Marked Price.
ROME. Dec. 28.?Heavy; rains? cans
? :W.s:sfeS(MS
cd a landslide today at ValRtentone,'&;
city of about 4.000 -inllabl totrfajjSffl
miles aouthoast of-Rome. ,Part of tha
city was covered., by' ' UiB-JlandSuietj
and many buildings collapsed. "'Wrlyj
persons ?? ero burled beneath t?e ruins.
MAKE THE-jjjjg
Ice Creamtaiw^K
For the'sick room. Hot Water Bottle*, Fountain 8yrlng
Rubber Sheeting, Elastic Bandages?and everything el
. Goods .that are necessary in the sick room. The qual
the highest?the prices are very low for goods of this

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