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allies In Our Half Off
?v.: > ? " ? ' ?'
?S'ti- ' ?
fifths' ?
v liis sale was launched with apricc
itting vengeance that will force many
its to change ownership quickly.
'Cannot Afford to Miss These Values.
p; Real worth-your-while Coat Bargains?
l? just when warm winter Coats arc need
Pled. Selections include many of the late
.winter styles.
BP? and $18*?0 COATS Now $8.75/
1 Basement Store Is a Never
lilting Source of Satisfaction
to Economical Buyers
, wig the Many Specials Today are These;
Women's and Misses' Coats $5.75 and $6.75
"hen's and Misses' Suits $6.75and up
s' Fleeced Lined Union Suits 39c
s|Fleeced Lined Union Suits 48c
_ jffiFleeced Lined Shirts and Drawers 39c
Jmen!s $1.25 Bedroom Slippers 79c
^^6|Eull Bleached Sheets, heavy quality ? 59c
iMpfibleached Sheets, good quality 55c
ieh's Flannelette Gowns 48c
JtorifGingham 6c
!jtsng6?&'-... 8'/2c | Calico 4Vic
JDJ?fMany different varieties, at per lb . 10c
a iJtn the
BplExHE wearer piq
j?jMM?jneet a pretty girl on
fronting'the next few days
pfitoSbe blessed with three
grVs instead of the usual,
med two, do not pass on
Hmpr^lori: that a new spec
- launched upon
!3Rj|The'y:ar0 simply foiiow
BjSwtfrifad.'in beautlflers.
?BB&frnat an eye, out
gniyEtudded beauty patch,
avo the plain black beauty
bTOVfdjJfrom Colonial days,
jMrVwlth the dainty - mi83
SgmtaUy: groomed matron.
B^^M|iU)ne4 patch could
BpavMn'.lts simple black
KwTeth century impatience
mgMyoti'fonher years that
ear t^iiMamp of Improve
BPWW elaboration, lias
SapisfunBu.pectlng littlo
a jw feminine charm.
jSSahapet'To Be Good.
Brawufeijpota are various
Stapesl' :'??? are the old-timo
wyJbrtng able to get them
)ed, fluted-odged, new
SfiwOOTV., round or dia
jedA In! the center of each
^gtoflnltaslmal rblnestone
Qpjfrffiw'spVrkleB the gloam
TO?thful!sa'ye'? which glow
IffiW^ltilg applied to mi
ls being adopted by
?e girls who( are not
raS??in< their 'selection
>arel and adds a pi
me what surprising
face of the wearer.
Hrasitiick cloee to the
of the eyes although
!g|j;o|nqe them to em
of the rhineetone to
ab Is perhaps . a .con
use of beautlflers to
ffl?erPMsIngof the
affipabblt'a foot. With
to bring the face out
ig little rhlnestorio
Tho ldtclien sir.U alone savos bo
much In time and strength as to niaka.
ft great difference In the day's work,
.says Farm anil Fireside. A resource
tul woman who realized this, yet felt
that they could 111 afford the expense
cf sink and connections, has provid
ed for herseir a substitute that anaw
era every requirement. She had seen.
the men folk mix concrto for making
troughs around the barn, from which
grew tho idea.
Having; on hand two starch boxes,
she proceeded to cut one down to tho
proportions of the average sinlc, about
18 by 30 Inchcs in size and six inches
deep, having the bottom an inch
smaller than tho top. This she set
small side up, in another box just
two inches larger all around than the
frst one. A tin funnel was 3et on top
c? the smaller box at one end.
Concrete-in tho proportion of one
part cement to three of Hand was now
filled in ail around the sides between
the two boxes and spread over the
bottom of the smaller liox, fitting it
in closoly around tlie lunnel wntcH,
however, she took care not to disturb.
When the cement hardened the boxes
were removed, leaving a cement form
for sink. Havy iron brackets screw
ed to tho kitchen wall supported tho
sink. A piece of large 3ise hose was
then fitted to the funnel, running
down through a hole in the floor and
emptying outside at some distance
from the house.
Like a repetition of. last season's
modes comes the demand for velvet
end fur for trimmings. To purchase
* coat made entirely of either of
these materials Is often more expens
ive than one can afford, but used as
trimming either on the now coat or to
remodel the old one It Is within the
reach of a larger number. A cloth
coat with collar, cuffs anil band about
the bottom of fur or fur cloth goi>f
a long way toward affording the
satisfaction that Is derived from the
possession of a coat raado entirely
of fur.
Velvet gowns reach a high pinnacle
of elegance In the opinion of the ma
jority when trimmed with fur, but
others consider the cloth gown sim
ilarly trimmed equal both in style and
?' .
Live.or Dressed Turkey's, Chickens
or-Rabblts for your New Year's dlnj
fneriat Jefferson Street Jf^t' Market,
or a went ,
of the American- Institute ot Electri
cal Engineers and incidentally ex
tends invitations to attend the open
ing exercises of the organljatlon on
Thursday, January 7, at Morgantown.
In the evening from 7:00 to 8: IS
will he held a demonstration of elec
tric-mechanical apparatus in the
building used by the engineering
iludents, and following, In Com
mencement hall, at 8:30 an address
v.-ill* be delivered by Prof. Wadimlr
Karapetoff, of Cornel! university,
upon tho theme, "Some\ Recent De
velopments In the Field of Electric
The new West Virginia university
branch of the American Institute of
Electrical Engineers have named the
following officers:
Professor W. E. Dickinson in
charge; H. C. Schramm, '15, chair
man; W. A. Rlheldaftar, '10, vice
chairman; C, E. Walker, '15, secre
tary; D. C. Harm ell, '16. treasurer.
Program committee, W- E. Dickinson,
C. L. Walker, F. H. Seekman. Re
ceiving committee, D. M. Dean, T. P.
Lively, C. R. Huffman. Demonstra
tion committee, C. S. AdamB, Frank
Madigan, M. C. Nelaon. Wlllielm
Schaffer, Max Wtlcoxcn.
How Poverty Has
Grown in New York
NEW YORK CITY. Dec. 31.?Fig
ures supplied yesterday by the charit
able societies Indicate the enormous
increase in poverty.
The Association for Improving the
Conditions of the Poor last month
took under Its care SS3 new families.
The increase In the number of fam
ilies requiring help for the first time
ir. 49 per cent over 1913?a year al
most unprecedented for suffering
An Increase of 100 per cent is re
ported in applications for help where
unemployment was responsible. Sit
ty-eight per cent of those had lost
(heir petitions because of Industrial
Tho Brooklyn Bureau of Charltio-s
trprirts an Increase of 00 per cont
replicants for first relief. Tu-onty-1
pvo hundred families are noy? beins
eared for Till" is an increase of 12">
per cent over any other year.
Alleged Thief to be
Extradited to W.Va.
BOSTON, Dec. 30.?The return to!
V.'est Virginia of Joseph P. Dudd>,,
wanted at Huntington In that state.
for stealing $15,000 worth of diamonds |
was virtually permitted today by the j
refusal of tho suprome court to issue ?
ri writ of habeas corpus. Buddy con
tended that his extration was granted
without any sworn evidence that he,
was a fugitive from Justice.
While attempting to arrest Duddy
and his companion, Lawrence Robin
son, last Juno, Police Inspector Thoa.
J. Norton was shot and killed by Rob
inson, who later committed suicide
while on trial for murder.
homes of women are
Women Deserve Better Fate
American women are better off than
their European sisters in most respects.
Our American girls, however, are of
highly norvous organization and usu
ally suffer from troubles peculiar to
thoir sex.
When a girl becomes a woman, -when
a woman becomes a mother, when wo
men pass through the changos of life,
when health and strength ar<S most
needed to withstand tho pain and dis
tress often caused by severe organic
At these critical times women are
best fortified by tho use of Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription, an old remedy of
proved"worth that keeps tho entire fe
male system perfectly regulated and in
excollent condition.
Mothers, if your daughters are weak,
lack ambition, are troubled with head
nchos, lassltudo and are pale and sick
ly Dr. Pierce's Favorite Presclption is
just what they need to surely bring the
bloom of health to their cheeks and
make them strong and healthy.
For all diseases peculiar to woman,
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is a
powerful restorative. During the last
40 years it has banished from the lives
o ftens of thousands of women the pain,
worry, misery and distress caused hy
irregularities and diseases of a femi
nine characturo.
If you are a sufTerer, If your daugh
ter, mother, sister, needs help, get Dr.
Pierce's Favorite prescription In liquid
or tablet form at any medicine dealer's
todav. Then address Dr. Pierce, Inva
lid's Hotel, Buffalo, N. Y.. and you will
receive confidential advice from a staff
ot specialists that will not cost you a
ijepny. Today is the day; 136 page
book oa women's diseases sent, free.
Haytn'iu Givt'iilioiist' C<.
\V..i-.11,1 It.,1.1 ISi.1' R. 'lvPU.
?.uw,,7,?<T ?" >'
.,! "Little Lost' Sister," dramatized bjr
Edward E. Rose and ipritten by Ulss
?Virginia Brooks, Is now in the bands
it her publisher to be done Into book
form for the holiday trade.
"Little Lost Sister" is a vivid ex
pose of the methods used by the un
scrupulous band of vampires In their
nefarious business, portraying tbe
snares laid for the unwary girls to
force them into a disreputable life,
and bring dishonor into the family cir
According to a published report of
a Joint committee from three Chicago
women'B clubs, the girl of the short
skirt, wide plump, childish eyes and
competent manner, has been put under
the sociological microscope.
The result of Ihe committee's inves
tigation was to ascertain what be
comes of tbe untrained girl who leaves
school at fourteen, with tbe intention
of going to work.
In their lengthy report they agree:
That of the Ave thousand -women
Chicago's slum district claims each
yenr, a large proportion are the un
trained girls who leave school at four
That such children are a public men
KWogatlonal school is orieffot1
the most essential processes In the re
generation pr the untr^ned girl. The
other'Is in employment bureau ?which
wlll'flnd untrained girls remunerative
work when they leave school.
-pt tie (Ire thousand women and
girls who are said to (all Into vlco
each year," said the report, "a large
number are the girls who have he
come despairing and hopeless In hunt
ing for work, or have been led astray
when Idle, by the gayety and glamor
of the streets and dance balls.
'The work of caring for these girls
by securing them wofk Is to prevent
kthem from going astray.
'The compulsory law of Illinois re
quires that all children from the ages
of seven to fourteen years, shall bo
in school. It further requires that
children between the ages of fourteen
and sixteen shall be either in school
or at work. None realize the diffi
culties and dangers which the children
are obliged to go through ,in seeking
for work. These are, of course,.more,
formidable In the case of the girl than
in .that of the boy.
"ThiB is a period in the lives of them
all when they most need direction.
Eager and bewildered they become the
prey of unscrupulous employment
agencies or still worse persons."
Miss Anno E. Davis, of Chicago, a
trained Investigator, was employed by
ble, to secure wm?'S^tem*uc'mean's
of tajclng.'care of the girls who leave
school'at'an early, age. ThsjfChoSj
board has srlven Miss Davis & desk in
WASHINGTON, Dec. 31.?the War'
Department, Impressed by the davelr
opments of the European War, lias
decided to bring the military organi
zations of the various, states up to
the highest possible efficiency.
"Ping-pong" soldiers and officers
described by Major-General A'Ryan,
cf New York, are to be eliminated
a-, far as the War Department can
exert its authority.
The only, direct control held by the
Federal Government over the State
military is through appropriations.
The organizations are supposed to at
tain a certain standard before they
?leceive Federal appropriations.
For the first time since this law
i?ent into effect, in 1B02, the War De
Prohibition-' Cnrnmli^jiSHala
Deputy. ??aidp'^B^thtiWiMB
swept down upon the city x>t
end are g|^KpSaMdH?S
was planned ?lontj tKwMmg|
the on?\'-reeenOy;inaBSfflMro
secret service men pr?wBj
lng the' necaaary!' VldenjjSjjgjfe
Is the third notable one maile
ly," following the ralda here
over 25 arreata wera made ?
one at Charleston,
were made.
There is to be no delaying
the vlolatora to -trial In Be
county and a gr*nd Jury will ,c
cn Monday morning. Both )
Blue and Rathbon* anticipate
in attendance at the grand Jul;
the cases are to be presented.
Live or Dressod Turkey's, 01
cr Rabbits (or your New Yeai
ner at Jefferson Street Meat 1
United Free Pants Sale
Begins Saturday,
January 2
For a limited time We will give with every
suit or overcoat ordered a pair
of $5 pants, free.
United Woolen Clothes sell at
t 902
No Less
But in order 10 keep our tailoring force to
gether through the dull periods of the year
and to maintain the same high efficiency of
our organization so that our standards of
quality and price may be upheld, we occasion
ally put on these pants sales.
Make your selection of any of the fall and
winter materials in the house for your suit
or overcoat and extra pants. No restriction.
Overcoat and Extra Pants
Suit and Extra Pants . .
Coat and Pants and Extra

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