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Actual Circulation Yesterday
Defeated by Colonel
i will my 10
sat is the Belief of Mexi
, cans Who Have Been
S.COLUMBUS, N. M., Mar. 21.?
l3!wo aeroplanes of the first spuad
rqn have been last in the flight en
rout? from here to the front in
J?CaptaIn B. D. Loulots, In com
traand of the squadron, today re
-ported their failure to arrive and
ftold tlieir whereabouts are not
1 Six machines arrived safely.
High -winds made array airman
Masks hazardous.
? (By Associated Press)
Tex., March 21.?Aviators
E?ShegUnited States army are reported
Jodayjto be searching the almost blind
|tn^a,leading to passes in the Sierra
Marcia mountains where Francesco
IJ?',may seek to escape after Ills
35f?t,by the Cnrranza forces yester
day^nt Namicjulpa.
Details of the fight. In which Col.
|Caiio? w!th about 800 Carranzistas took
Jacking, but It Is reported that
" .and that he
_ |jfl?^|?*fl^^naxwounded.
ptain B. D.' Foulois is In charge
JoKthiB seven aviators selected for the
StasKof, scouting for Villa, who, after
"his fight with Col. Cano is expected to
~~"?r,?hla-bandits rather cthaii-risk
ngagement with the American
6pa.-.w,h6:are said to bar his way
>;the north.
'.Army officers agree that if Villa
?breaks up his command Into small
*oaiids;and turns to the Sierra Madra
^jjntaifis as a biding,place, it will be
' nOBt lmposaible to capture him.
gllla,spent his early daya as an out
gin. these mountains. It takes 10
12,days to negotiate these tortuous
sses Into the Sonora district.
Mexicans hero ijelicve Villa will
do hlmsoif away in the mountain
stness until the American troops
W'glven up tho chase.
" l aeroplane, ono of six to arrive to
was ' partially wrecked in a 50
jjjfall. The pilot, Lieutenant T. S.
iven, was injured but not fatally,
lieutenant Bowen sustained a brok
nose and other Blight injuries. Lieu
ant; Bowen was attempting to take
li|UP- under difficulties. The wind
and shoved a tendency to
nirl. 1 Several attempts of the avla
-_-fr7t0 fly had been frustrated previous
Mby'the wind conditions. Finally he
l,went up but when 50 feet In the air
hlsjfplane took a dip and plunged al
*nost"straight to ground.
10$e' six machines arriving were of
lie first aeroplane squadron which last
'all: mado a succoBBiul fight from Fort
Sill, Oklahoma, to San Antonio in three j
Says' flying.
'^Eieutenant Bowen was one of the
ijators in this flight. His home is in
nklin, Ky.
(fijcavalry unit and additional artil
?p.has arrived at this base. A reg
nt of Infantry and another rogl
nt of cavalry Is on the way here.
1 Ij.was today reported defeated by
inza forces at Cruces Just south
neriran troops have been dispatch
'"Bthe vicinity where Villa was
?ted as lighting with conslltu
UBlst. x
riericans went in a separate
ngjcolumn. It is understood here
([constitutionalists rtoops have
"dispatched to tho same neighbor
fcto cooperate In attempting to
Governments Will Co-operate
$ASHINGTON, March 21.?Prest
ntiWilson and his cabinet today
cided; to accept the proposal for a
dorol between tho United States
"Ithe do facto government of Mex
Jjjjp co-operation In the pursuit of
neral Villa and his outlaws.
t>yilla Followers Defeated
_RREON, Mex., March 21.?Gov
ne'nt troops routed a band of Villa
llojers at Trinidad, killing eightoon
apturinc sixteen saddle horses,
pursued tho handlts as far as
Three Columns Hunt Villa
it ANTONIO, March 21.?Keen
was shown by officers at army
[Quarters here today /In every ru
^oncerning the lighting betweon
?tees of Francisco Villa and Car
troops' near Namaqulpa, towards
German Destroyers Chased
Back to Port By the British
(By Associated Press)
LONDON, March 21.?An engage
ment occured yesterday off the Bel
gian coast between four British and
three German destroyers. Two of the
German vessels were hit. Four men
on tho British boats wore wounded.
The official account of the action fol
Boy Playing at
Border Warfare
Shoots His Chum
(By Associated Press)
WHEELING. W. Va., March 21?
Thomas Deflnbaugh. aged 12, and
George Howe, aged 14. were playing
at border -warfare yesterday when
Definbaugh was capturcd by Howe
and tied to a tree.
Howe, is is alleged, then secured
a rifle of small calibre and fired
at his captive, the bullet striking
blm Just below tho heart.
He is in a hospital and pbysiclans
say lie cannot recover.
which American troops were advanc
ing last night.
The outcome of tho engagement had
not been reported by General Per
shing and General Funston expected
to get his first news from Mexico
The latest official repor showed the
three detachments of General Per
shing's force riding hard Into the
south. The prospect for at least one
of them to get Into contact with Vili
la appeared bright.
Along the line of communication and
at Casas Grandes enough troops have
been held to furnish a supporting
force to any of the three columns. It
was believed likely hero that aero
planes would be above Villa and would
be able to keep General Pershing in
formed of his new route If he man
aged to extricate himself from his en
counter with the Carranza soldiers.
Failure to secure Immediate per
mission to send supplies over the
Northwestern railroad caused head
quarters today to continue to route
supplies to Columbus for transporta
tion to Casas Grandes by automobile
Mapping Out Great
White Way Lights
The points at which tho new Main
street Great "White Way lights are to
be placed are baing selected this week.
The signer? of the light request are
anxiously waiting for the more tardy
ones to sign, after which the lights
will be placed on the Main street,
greatly improving conditions on that
Thero seems to tv. the commission
ers claim, quite a little ill feeling in
some quarters as to who should have
the lights in front of their stores. The
surveyors working today will select
the best position in their opinion and
all complaints will bo referred to the
streat commissioner later.
Farmers Turn Out
To Hear Agent Smith
County Agricultural Agent H. L.
Smith addressed a gathering of 35
farmers at the Ferrell's Run school
house Inst evening. Mr. Smith intends
to cover the Paw Paw section this
week, after which lie will be kept
busy for the rest of the season in tak
ing care of the various boys' and girls'
clubs throughout the county.
Tomorrow he will be at Robinson
Run, where he will give a spraying
and pruning demonstration, besides
holding a class in farming: On Thurs
day night a large assembly of farmers
is expected to greet him at the Sugar
Grove school house.
Sinn Fein Riots
Causing Trouble
LONDON, March 21.?Sinn Fein
[ rioters flreil, on the police last night.
Three of the police were wounded.
Tho rioting occured at Tullamore,
Kings county, Ireland. A police ?ar
geant was wounded seriously and a
county inspector and a district in
spector received slight wounds.
Tullamore is a town o fahout 5,000.
inhabitants 58 miles west of Dublin. It
has a considerable trado In agricul
tural produce. There have been inti
mations of disturbed conditions in
some parts of Ireland and in several
recent dispatches. On March 14 po
lice of Cork raided the residences of
the principal officials it the Sinn Fein
party and seized arms and documents.
The Weather.
West Virginia?Unsettled tonight
and Wednesday, warmer tonight in
west, warmer Wednesday.
F. P. Hall, Observer
Temperature at S a. m. today 34.
Yesterday's weather clear; temper
ature, maximum 42; minimum 20; pre
cipitation -28.
"Yesterday morning four British de
stroyers sighted three German de
stroyers off the Belgian coast. The
German destroyers turned and ran
(or Zeebruggo chased by our own'de
stroyers. Shots were exchanged dur
ing this short running fight and two
enemy boats were observed to have
been hit. Our casualties were four
men wounded.
To Become Candidate
W. H. Veach, who for a number of
years has been the popular and effici
ent postmasted at Fnrmlngton, ten
dered his resignation Monday of last
week, March 13, to take effect im
mediately. Since then his friends have
been urging him to become a candi
date for tho Republican nomination
for sheriff of Marion county at the
coming primary election, and it is
altogether probable that ho will take
kindly to the suggestion.
Mr. Veach who is in the prime 01
life is one of the best-known citizens
of the county. He once represented
Marion in the lower house of the state
The Republicans of the Farmington
section of Jhe county seem to feel that
they are entitled to the shrievalty
nomination and it lias been suggest
ed that if Mr. Veach cannot be induc
ed to run that some other Farming
ton man be groomed for the place.
Some of the men whose names have
been suggested in this connection are
R. C. Cooper, J. M. Hagerty, Henry
Morgan, U. W. Murray, J. A. Boclc.
No Chairman Yet
For Gr. O.P. Convention
(By Associated Press)
CHICAGO, March 21.?The sub-com
mittee on arrangements of the Repub
lican national committee adjourned
todav without taking action on the el
ection of a temporary chairman for the
national convention here next Jane.
The sub-committee will-meet again
at the call of the chair about the mid
dle of April. The sub-committee deci
ded to transfer action on tho subject
until the April meeting. When the
committee adjourned, the three candi
dates most favored appeared to be
Senator Warren G. Harding, of Ohio,
Philander C. Knok, of Pennsylvania,
and Congressman James R. Mann, of
Dr. Nicholas Muray Butler, presi
dent of Columbia unlersily, New
York, telegraphed from Spokane.
Washington, asking that his name not
be considered. Chairman Miles said
"no ballot was taken and for ihe rea
son that three members of the sub-'
committee were unable to bo present
wore decided it was best to defer ac
until the next meeting."
Stick By Belgium
to the Bitter End
(By Associated Press)
LONDON, March 21?The entente
allies have promised Belgium she will
be invited to participate in tho peace
The announcement regarding BeV
glum was made by Sir Edward Grey,
minister of foreign affairs, who inform
ed the House of Commons today that
Great Britain, France and Russia hao
made declaration to eBolglum that
when the time came she would be in
vited to participate in the peaco nego
A guarantee was given Belgium, Sir
Edward Grey said, that powers would
not cease hostility until she had been
reinstated in her political and econo
mical independence and largely in
demnified "for the wrong she bad suf
The entente allied, the former sec
retary added, would also lend thoir aid
to help her financial recovery.
B. & 0. Watching Big
Slip at Colfax
For some time the hill above the
Baltimore and Ohio tracks at Colfax
has been giving that company trouble
by Its continuous slipping toward the
road-bed. Tho past winter and the
ralnB of the past two weeks haw great,
ly Increased the flow of mud and rocks
toward the tracks. Although tho rail
road company has suffered no great
delay on this account thus far, they
have taken care to place extra watch
men on the ground and have ordered
steam shovels to be ready for an em
Announce Birth of Son
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Murphy, of
Brownsville, announce the birth of a
son. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy were for
mer residents of the East Side but
they now reside' in Brownsville, Pa.,
where Mr. Murphy is employed as a
brakemsa on 'the Monongahela rail
road. : .
Tonight the Woodmen of the
World Will Attend, in a
Diamond Street M. E. Work
ers Adopt a Striking
The meeting last night at the Con
tral Christian church revival, uas the
largest week night audience since the
revival opened. Tho auditorium and
galleries were crowded. Delegations
from adjoining towns are coming and
the problem or taking cars of the peo
ple lias already become a serious one.
Dr. Taylor was unnhle to be ?tthe
services last night, hut will speak to
night. In his absence I'rof. Leigh fiilsd
the pulpit and delighted the great
crowd with a timely and uplifting
message, from the theme: "Faith and
Work". Prof. Leigh has bad several
calls to accept a pastorate, but preterit
the work of a singing c.vanE?1'a,t
whore his laborB have proved so emi
nently successful.
At the conclusion of the sermon, Dr.
Mitchell the pastor of the church, bap
tised 13'persons. This was a most im
pressive-service. Ag Hie can?f ?
tors the water for baptism, the speak
er on the platform quotes an appro
priate scripture. This is done also
when the candidate is buried in bap
tism and when he is raised from the
liauid grave. The selected music for
the ordinance makes It a most beauti
ful ceremony. '
Tonight the Woodmen of the World
lodge will attend in ft body and lend
their encouragement to the great re
vival now in progress.
Dr Taylor will speak tonight on the
theme: "The Battle Over the Empty.
Grave.",a?a solo
"He's the One."-Prof. Adaxns will .ren
der a violin solo. The ordinance of
baptism will follow tho preaching ser
Yl Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell, son Wayne,
(Continued on page ten.) .
New Boarder Left
Taking Some Loot
A man poslnVis a carpenter and
claiming to have come bere from
Clarksburg to work at a local'bottling
works, asked yesterday for .room and
board at the home of Howard Kuhn on
.vT? qnpedway. He waB accommodat
ed but showed .poor appreciation
Sometlmo after micUiight a?8? "J
dressing, helped himself to a watch
an a ts which was handy anc* na
notlfled^nd^av^wired Ms description
Dispute Over Mexico
Leads to a Murder
????? (
(By Associated Press)
CANNONS BURG, Pa., March .1.
Angered because his Mlow workmen
^fctstaSle MUler where he surren
dered. [ (
Spring -Is Here the
Almanacs Declare
Tndav March 21. isthe first day of
shorter. On^one other ,
year, September, Septeniber 21.
nTh"sCt known as the autumnal eoul
ndTho temperature of today would ln
djcato an'ndfcation that
^t^otye'rtSlng ot -the past.
Kills Four Sleeping
Children and Selt
my Associated Press)
JSiielmnn iiere?sSot and killed his
cS to h^e been temporarily insane. ?
Golf is the favorite pastime of Sec
retary of State Lansing whsn he
seeks relaxation. Since he went into
office the secretary has been busy
with many affairs in connection with
Vote Heavy During Early
Hours?Polls Close At
Practically all of the votors regis
tered in Paw Paw district came out
today despite the rain and bad roads
to vote on the proposition of bonding
that district for $360,000 to build per-'
manent improved roads.
While the election is expected to be
closely contested. It was thought at a,
late hour thlB afternoon that the bond
issue would carry. Reports from each
of the four polling places wore favor
able for the bond lssuo.
From the time the polls-opened this
morning at 6.23 a. m. to'the closing
time at 6.32 p. m. a continuous, line of
voters were entering the polls. The
largest number of voters, however,
visited the polls about jioon.
The olectlon o(tical8 at the four poll
ing places are as follows:
Precinct No. 1?Commissioners?J.
D. Arnett, Custer Satterfleld,' Ray
Challengers ?Smith Hood.' Webb
Precinct No. .2?Commissioners?W.
D. Barbe, Louis Tennant, W. R. Clay
Challengers ?H. S. Thorn, S. T.
Precinct No. 3?Commissioners?
George Haught, Alpha Toothman, II.
A. Fultz.
Challengers?-N. F. Garrison, W. H.
Precinct No. 4?Commissioners?J.
H. Burns, J. N. Tennant, ??. S. McEI
Challengers ?II. S. Basnett, Bert
Michael. |
Man WithFoxy Name
.r' Landsln Prison
Arrested yesterday evening on a
chargie of drinking on a Baltimore and
Ohio train, a man giving his name to
Squire R.- Leigh Fleming as "Nunyer
Blzness," is in the county Jail awaiting
Nunyer Is said to be a wealthy land
owner of near Mannington; Just across
the Marlon county line. He tried to imi
tate Jess WiUard.when.he got into the
jail yard, but was subdued, He was
arrested by Connors and Satterfleld.
No Changes Soon At ;
the.Coffey House
Brooks S. Hutchinson, whoJast week
bought, the CoffeyHouse.atithesouth
em - end' or the ;South Side bridge,'
from XJ. A.'. Clayton,* took title-yeater
day afternoon, brit wlll-make tio'chan
ges .at the property for some time
At'present the new owner/doesinot
know .whsit he wlll'do .with it: The.pres1,
ent tenants will,remain."*; v> M.V V;
?tiLUu. V,-,< SStoili ? ikiKft
the Europsan war and the Mexican
situation, any one ot which, poorly
handled, might throw the UnU"?d
States into war. Golf, the secretary
says, affords a great means ot resting
the mind. "
Motion to Quash the New
Indictments Was Over
The motion to quasli the new In
dictments against James D. Linn and
Less G. Race was overruled this morn
ing by Judge Haymond ot the Circuit
Court. This motion was argued last
evening before tho court. Attorneys
Jamos A. Meredith and W S. Meredith
representing the defendants and Pros
ecuting Attorney Haggerty for the
state being assisted by Tusca Morris.
Tho motion to quash was on the
ground that the Joining of tho words
embezzclrnent, misapplied, abstrac
tion and misplaced, la the indictment
was an error. The Judge went to con
siderable length in explaining the rea
sons for his decision and cited a num
ber ot statues and precedents where
by the spirit and meaning of the law
should govern rather than to follow
the letter which In this instance would
be an absurdity.
Tho prosecuting attorney filed the
bill of particulars in tne cases against
Ltbn and Race this afternoon at 2:30
o'clock. The defense was allowed the
privilege of examining these until to
morrow morning when it Is likoly that
the defense will ask to have the case
continued. Should (heir motion to
continue be overruled the case may.
bfi tried at once:
S. \V. Shrader. who was Indicted In
connection with Howard;W. Showalter
appeared in court yesterday evening
and the motion of his attorneys to
quash the Indictment against him be
ing overruled, gave bond in the sum
ot $1,000, and the dato of his trial was
fixed for April 3.
The trial of Howard W. Showalter
will probably be hcldat the same time,
James B. Ice,.the B. & O. officer who
was Indicted for assaulting Charton
Cumpston confessed to the charge of
assault provided he would .not be pros
ccuted for felony. Oumpston appeared
in court this morning and wben ques
tioned by .the Judge appeared to have
but a faint' recollection of the affair.
He could- not remember much about
it except that. Ice had struck'liim over
the lieal while he was handcuffed. The
trial of Ice is set for Monday and It ia
(Continued, on,Pags Ten)
'ighting ControiieS
dun Without Anw
One of Their Colum
lieved to Be 'Neaj
Persian Gulf,
(Associated-,F roa bIkS
PARIS, March 2i||?gnHH
maUc ii violent attackvin'^^M
soctor wast of the MousoVJm.
Tlio war office announoe^^H
the Germans had gatnM,Jiij?|
except Hint thoy ohtalnod^Hl
Ing southwest' of Malano^g
East of the wood the riightyW
Russians Massing :.in
patch from Berlin sayo?ijgg
ccntratlou of Russian- tiropwB
ring In southern PolandiplJifcS
the Russians are preparing?
on tho line from ZcartotWcjfi
Gsrmans Take'-iVrMoffiX
BERLIN'. Mar.-fl^paB
northeast of Avecour%??K
T>y the Germans whottookfiiSl
iters, the war oglce :atuioua'to
Russian Proar?aawTfj?jg
LONDON', Mar9li 21^?M
patch from Tehora&jggaf|8jS
slan forces ontered IspaMujl
capital of Persia on'iMaronJ
pahan Is one of thej import**
of Persia with a populatlSnl
80,000. it Is 218' mUosJaouiJj
The foregoing dlspatcSjM
Russian ?"-?"""'fffyyJ[Wm
south than has Been the ropor
Russian forces afteratnHoa
Hamaden, advaticedJsouthm?
Kermanshah In thoudiresucjn
Turkish frontier. ' ThejarHaE
at Ispahen evidentlyHBjjjitimlt
from tho main RussiarHforcei
direction of tho Pcrsianfgu^M
Bulaars to MineffpTnuj
" MILAN, March'
patch to the Sokolo^jsay^?j
Bulgarians are maltiiig^fflt?
itary preparations alojigjthegj
ian frontier. A Tromh^QflfiH
with mines have'arrlygdiattB
and it is believed that'(thJI05
tend to scatter tho '"tnffiwjb
in the Danube.
Austrian* Glye&GjS||ffi
LONDON, 'Marehi.2]^^W
es in operation northwestlOT
ko on tho Dneister.Tiyefiffi^
owlna border were forc?M|
sure of the RusslansjgjgJgjSa
bridge hoad fortlflcatlonWtU
don their transports.
Under cover of night thejj
ed in reaching the^AWfiM]
post nortliwost of Zale'^raB
of Czernowitz, accordinrtMS
trlan official statemeritjySiu|
The official statemenWgMM
admiration to thojphra^&fl
Austrian troops .who?jrog|9g
count of the superioc^Qorengi
Russian attacking forces
It adds that the o"nlyJg?B
tho Austrlans to, av6rdiwijfi&
break through Russiai?Ki
Uscleczko and this tlieytoldr
plete succosb.
Rev. W. J. Ec
The Pete:
itring instruments foi
m. Also beginners;
(06 Quincy street,?
Notice to
oX?rsous owing t&xWu
. notified that they TOust pay at once.
'W-'-j ?i

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