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|es in Three Cit
|Bo Great Am
lount of Dam
fief Work Starts in Au
ita, Ga., Nashville
and Paris, Texas.
i|?(By Associated Press)
yOUlst'A, lia., Murcli 23.?Twenty
SsTm'tfco residence section of Au
ttln cnarrod ruins and tho bare
iroi'six business blocks bear testi
gtoday of Augusta's most seri
^'disaster or recent yours. Up
.JoKJOO houses were destroyed
t$ least 3.UU0 persons are honie
tWjrcV't ?
ho.fire which raged for more than
ijhoursj last- nigut', causing a loss
nated -from, live to seven million
^M&WBrought to a halt early;
Herithad crossed Green street.
KBjr'the residences destroyed
jJvbrlcK .construction. On the
- ? substani
\ uuiiuuib was destroyed white
^SMdenj hOuee^ next door was
, <52rtrlc lighting
i/jliuffered hedvy . losses and
eiyTca'-was 'crippled today.
'5,000 are'homeiess. Many spent
at'.waUcing streets while others
v-the 'Halls,of the large hotels,
'""ii; citizens of. Augusta early
igan' to lay relief flails. City
wasicalled to consider neces
-..lon and a. general mass meet
^citizens was called,
ej companies of the National
' "' Georgia were patroltng the
.-urlils tho night and a strict
was kept today in the riovastat
" . No reports of looting
n; received by the officers.
yivere many narrow escapes
' ife was seriously injured! Sev
^..aon have been sent to the hos
ufferlng from burns and bruises,
i' of the Are department to
a an investigation into the
gugguhe fire, but as yet no explan
gha'?;beeen offered.
only? thing that developed Is
e fire started yesterday after
?i,G:15 o'clock near an elevator
tin the Kelly dry goods store In
"V building.
uyOO blocks of Broad street prov
ip'e the miracle block of the fire,
is leaped over tills block and not
{Ulldlhg was damaged until 5:30
nornlng when lire was found in a
GTwarohouse. This blaze was ex
ited by Columbia flremen. The
as small.
mok work on the part of tho Are
jSitcpped -a threatening blaze in
jj'southern section of tho city at
' "Us morning. Several small hous
a store were destroyed.
ILife Lost In
Nashville Fire
SHVILLE, Tenn: March 23?Clt
"Sna civic'and church organiza
SflNashviUo today were caring
00 persons made homeless by the
fia(: swept East Nashville late
"day destroying noo residences,:
It? ono death and property loss
tonal guardsmen called out. by
nor Rye patrolled the burned
to prevent looting and protect the
"ono fatality was that of a ne
Hany other "persons were injur
none seriously.
J'rot started in a small dwelling
Be" corner of Sixth and Main
jTand .driven bya high, wind it
southeast through East Nash
^aBhville'is largely a residence
jd many of-the homes there
JK". Over brick and frame
fjuttce t'ae flames swept, like an
OTe.- r.The home of the Little
lot the.f x>r, an institution for
"fcwai.one of the first buildings
JjjChe occupants were rescued
.^afternoon wore on block after
p'ffSduses were burned and hun
?fnmlles were homeless. There
abatement of the gale that
nW" "r *? '^*
"In my opinion, and the' opinion, ot
most married men, with -families, 18
per month, will not go very far toward
clothing the average female an provid
ing-her with ttie necessaries and com
forts qf life.'" Thli la a statement made'
by Circuit Judge W. S. Haymond today
In giving hiB decision in- thp case ot
Lee LeMasters vs. M. Hires Howard
LeMasters.'? ? '
This case Is a plea for a decree', of'
divorce ^and the action was originally
brought before Judge Vincent of the
Intermediate Court. Mrs. LeMastera
died an; affidavit's tating that her sole
incoine from her property'.in Georgia
amounted'to'only J19 per month. 8he
asked that the court allow her attor
neys' fees and alimony and suit mon
oy, before she could prepare her de
fense. . ,
Judge Vincent awarded 3100 for lier
attorneys fees, ?40 suit money, and !"a
per month alimony, beginning January
18 when the suit was first filed. Lec
LeMasters filed a counter affidavit say
ing that he was unable to pay this sum
and the case was appealed to the Cir
cuit Court.
was driving the ilames forward and It
was not until 7 o'clock that the Are
department announced that the flames
were under conrol. Thirty-five city
Bquares have been reduced to ruins.
Every availablo wagon and automo
bile was sent to help the homeless
families move thoir" proerty to places
of safety.
Some of the buildings destroyed
were the Tulip Street Methodist
Church and tho Edgefield Baptist
~~~?l N
Paris Recovering
From Fire Effects
(By Associated Press) v
PARIS, Tex., March 23.?Work of
relieving the 8,000 persons made'home
less by the fire ot Tuesday was car
ried along swiftly today. Large sums
of money raised In Paris and nearby
cities were distributed by relief com
mittees. Hundreds of person8. slept on
lawns and In the public buildings last
night. Railroad stations; were turned
Into dormatorles / for women - uivl
children. . f#? 'M? .83?
Bcyg Who Pleaded Guilty
Promptly Released on
With tho exception of the case it
I.i1 Master." vs. LeMastSrs, no cause
was heard today in the Circuit court.
The petit Jury has been dismissed un
til Monday morning and the Linn in
dictment No. 2 in which issue is Join
ed, will then be heard.
Three more offenders were paroled
iaBt evening by Judge Haymond under
the acts of 1915 which give him au
thority ?o' parole prisoners at his dis
The first of these yesterday was the
Joint indictment of Lawrenca Norrls
mid .George' Kirk, both indicted for
house breaking. These boys are both
loss than 21 years ot age, and wlieu
they confessed to the indictment, tliey
were paroled' undor bond of JUOO to
keop the peace tor two years from
March 22. The coats ot the prosecu
tion will be paid by the boys in $10
Jennings Smith also confessed , to
the felony charge against him ot rais
ing a'check. He gave similar bond of
$-00 arid received a two-year parole.
Attorney Fraink Cox, of Morgantown,
appeared in court aiid pleaded not
guilty for his clients, Spencer Weaver,
Harry. Wilson and-Joseph Buchanan,
and obtained a continuance' of their
trial until ;tlje next term of court, the
date boing'flxeil for Juuo 12. Bond ot
t500 was given, for the appearance ot
the defendants, who were ^dieted for
the alleged stealing of iron pipe from
Q. H. Kilgore. ... |
'A capias; was iss|;d lor. Danny Fo-i
troll, who is indictou on six counts for
Working Hard On
New. Hotel Plans
The architect of the new Fairmont
hotel, Milburn. Heistor, of. Washing
ton, ' D. C., is working hard-to com
plete the specifications ot the new
structure so that tho contract for'tEe
work can be let 'as soon as possible.
Mr. Heister was in Fairmont yester
day .evening, and. conferred -Twith tho
members of 'the executive ? commltteo
of'the" hotel company end .obtained
their opinion on tho, details of his
his planB. ,The -directors ,of the com'
pany met last night arid approved
Mrv-H?ister's final plans and as soon
as the" s'poclflcations.have been com
pleted. bids, will bo asked on the Job,
But few changes will be made in the
original plans.
7.' ??
, Judge Haymond sust^'&;;ifJudge;
Vincent's opinion, and, the iMe'jrn
dismissed from' the Circuit toartg^p
less the plaintiff wishes, to appealstssr
the Supreme Court." the cnaevwlU' rei
turn to the Intermediate Court for a
hearing on Its-merits. .
In the plaintiff's affidavit he alleges
that his total property, consisting of of
fice equipment and- household goods
are not worth more than JBOO and that
| he has outstanding obligations amount
; ing to *G50. He states that his incomc
| averages tlOO to *125 per m6nth. In
Mrs. LoMaatera' affidavit she states
J that the plaintiff often told her that
I his income was around $250 per month.'
Attorney .Trevy .Nuttor represents
the plalntlir in this, cause and James
A. Moredllh represents the defend
ant. Mrs, OMa4t6rs did not appear
j in the court room. ". This is tlie second
divorce that the plaintiff has asked
for as scvoral years ago he was di
vorced from the mother of his-chll-,
ilron, hi-) n.-st wife is also again, mar
Equal Suffrage
Organizer Here
Miss AdeUa Potter, an organizer,
from the National organization of Wo
men's Suffrage Workers of New York,
who had been working' in the state
| tor some time, will arrive here today
| from.Keyser, 'where she had been en
gaged in this work and will spend the
] remainder of this, week and-probably
1 longer In the work in Fairmont.' ~ ' i
(' 'Mrs. Lenna I^owe'Yost.-fif Morgan
town, chairman of the'Suffrage com
) mittee of the West Virginia Equal Buff
rage league, came up from" Morgan
1 Jajgn'. todaj and is. lrt conference 'with
?5S%i rotter In regard to the work'td bs
(TVine here. r t. ?/ -. t ?'
.Vlt, Is probable that, "several public
meetings ;us well assoveral predicts
meetings will-Tie. held: here:duringMis?
Bbtter'-a'stay in this city;: 'flerg?Ssa?4
*- -^'Kir-aiL ,
? '? nd 6(^er' local people.Interest-1
Superintendent Charles, E. Hupp,
head of the school!) in the Fairmont
district has Just finished compiling the
results of tho medicil. examination or
the pupils in the Fairmont district
schools which was made by Dr. E. P.
Smith. In all 314 children were ex
amined. This number was distribut
ed as follows: Barrackville, 175; Jay
enne, 76; White.Rock, 19; Monumen
tal, 18; Pine Grove, 17; Moody Run,
The result of the examination is as
follows: Carioui-teeth, 177; hypertro
phy tonsils, 86; adenoids, 40; cervical
adenitis, 13; otitis media, 12; chronic
conjunctivitis 10; hypertrophy heart
and other abnorallties. 7* chrolc rhini
tis, '8; infantile palsy, 1; strabismus,
4; hypertrophy og thyroid, .6; oczema,
3; acne. 4; cases showing marked stig
mata of degen, 7,.
Since the examination was made
many children have had tho dental
defects remedied.
County Agent Smith
at Sugar Grove
Gounty Agricultural Agent H.i L>.
Smith will address a-farmer's meet
ing tonight at. Sugar "Grove, in the
Paw Paw district.. Prom, the manner
in which the meetings, during the
week have besn attended, a record
crowd is expected tonight..
The citizens, of Sugar Grove and vi
cinity have great confidence "in Mr.
Smith and tjte school house at that
point is generally filled' to capacity
when he speaks.
. His-program .for -the rest, of the
week has not.been definitely, decided
upon but. will, likely ,be. announced
In the morning. .
Conduit Laying
' To Begin'Monday
. Employees of the Bell Telephone
company willfstart nekt'Mdnday tb lay
conduits along Hull alley from Jotter,
soil' Btreet- to Monrbe street.- The com
pany will also make some extensions
toVthe condy]ta iaIdvlast Bummer that
took in 'several - streets' of. tlie.city.'
The strsfets-'.ilild'-lriEi*. summer ware
Ijjcust.avenue, Main street-Jackson
street, 'Qiilncy street, Monroe, street.
? -? ,v-a?.7_ .
tWiMJMU/MMeag! I g
..^rOTBsoiven to the
?* V..'.??? .
? |
Ovfr280 Students Who Took
Recent Test 133
- Handsome engraved certificate* ot
0,^Hnc?tui Se Presemeo ? lnu ?u'
SSffiE Marion tounty
?v fheir diligent recorue earn tnem.
i^he county buperlnceuaeut ot Bcnooia
i now working. pn tie l,st ana tne
certificates win be presented l?A
pupils ot each simooi as they gradu
a'xwo different certificate will jj-J
issued, one for perrect attenaance^an
he Other for faiuriul attenuatace. Thus
pupils that have miSMdbut a few <teya
wlfihe awarded
faithful record. The ;pertect; atten
anee record is :??????
white paper wlth-black ink. Age
ful atten<iarfc,e
cept tiiat fhey ^m^kis^SS
ink. -The ^ certificates; ?U&P8jgSB?Sg
by the; state ?*? *
county educa
the"pre?iiM^^^MgWMr<1 oww? .?
tlon and;tKeTte?aWW<>;
t The .final, tf8t:oethj*P
the. examinations -
trtctit^l") comityfs a^f?Uo^allifil'i*1
Fairiiiont" district, 9; .Orantidtstrict.
27i Lincoln .district, 29; Manningtpn,
district 19; Paw-^Piw.,.district, .2o?
Union district', lft; Wjnflqld district, .18.
Cook HospitalWorker
Dies in'Ohio Town
? Br. W.'IT.-Sands-is In receipt or a
letter today from W.'A. Bpwen_who re
cently conducted tlieCook Hospital
campaign; in' this city, stating that his
helper Mr. Daviea, who assisted in the
hospital campaign-had dletl a [ew daya
ago wlille arranging a sjroi'Eir "J?
nalen at East Liverpoor, Or Mr. Da
vies Had gone to that place.-to' make
the preliminary arrangements ^or the
campaign when, he was taken ill with
PTrm0Dav.ea8n will" be remembered by
th^ocS people who worked with him
in his campaign as a man ot 8toJll?6
qualities and ability and news of his
death will occasion much regret-.
Mr. Bowen is now In New York
city wliore he Is conducting a money
raising campaign similar to the
conducted here.
Morris Harvey
Trustees Meeting
Rev n. T. Webb, PRBtor of the
Southern Methodist Episcopal church
and Rev. W. I. Canter, editor ot the
Methodist- Herald, the'official organ
of theJI.E. church, bouth, are in Hun
tington this .week -where they are at
tending a meeting of..the Board of
Trustees of Morris-Harvey
Both Mr.Webo and Mr. Canter are
members of the board. Rev-la.
nresident ot the Conference Board of
Education, having" lield ttiat^poeitian
for ton years. He was previoUs
coming to this city about a year ago,
associate president o?-.tht>: college.The
Board of Trustees named Rev^r..U.
V W Darlington president of the col:
Verdun Siiiuation
. -Eemains^cliaiiged
?PARIS,.' March. 23.?The French of
flcial statements ;publlBljod tM? mo?"
ing? says tliat .during the .night a vio
lent bOmbardmentttooTc-'placo .to the
east of the Mouse river. .v.;.. -
To the west of .".the<>Meuse > the fire
diminished Jn Intensity . and. , the. gen
eral situation' is unchanged. . ?
The ^eatilie^r ; ?
West Virginia?Fartlys'clouay - to;
night and Frtday;^rmer FYWay.;,^'
? .? F.'P. Hall.^Obaerver., ' j ??
' Temperature .at.8^9-fia,?to.da^26.^
TestMday> weather, i.oloudy-;rtem
perature; maximum, <0; mlnimujn, ?s,<.
^pltotlOP^.j- v**
Samalsyuai *
"i Ahumada
,0jo Caiiente
) Vchlvatlto
EL I Sueco
r^o^Iindlcatea ,<;aiica8Grqniies,-the
Mexican ba?e of the IX S. expedition';;
Carnen'. . looatlon-ot ionc 'XT:. S.
detachment; -No. vS.'/Elvyalle", where
Villa-was Ireported- to" be;"No.'4, Bab
rlcore, location of another' U." S. de
tachment; 'No. 5, Numsjulpa, and No.
6. Cruses, location of Carranza sol
m surround
Pi^ncesMlylit^f t^i^xlcah bandit,
and.'the ipo^El'.VaUe^wh'ere it was
reported,; beforejcoitimunicatlon with
tliefU;< S.vtrtfo'E?;was'^cutfoff,;' a 'Clash
might, occur^. -?t
Report In- Some - Detail to
Despite Denial. '
(By Associated-Press)
' COLUMBUS;'-Nr M.:,\Mar(ih 23.?Al
though' ofiicialiy'denied>t army head
quarters here"as ^'"unfounded false
hood," reports . persisted.today: that
some of.the motor trucks carrying sup-,
piles to GeneralrPershlng's command
In Mexico were .'missing.
[ Two trucks and two. drivers and
four guards which left Ascension .for
Casas Grandee last Monday have not
been seen sines; it is reported.' It al
so Is said that's driver reported to
the advanced base "here without Ills
truck. ' V"" .' '
Further"reports'lnaicate that Gen
eral Luis.Herrera, Carranza's former
military goveroor.tif Chihuahua with
his 2,000 .men, ? is' betw'eea-the [San'
Pedro rivcr and'the foot hills of th?
Sierra Madras;- Just, north-- or the line
of the' Mexico 'Northwestern: railroad
in central ? Chihuahua; i
i Political^Equality
; ?lrcb:MSe?s Friday
A meeting ;of the Political Equality
club and. anybody .Interested in the suff
ragist cause., willbe held Friday even
j ing at:?7: ",30 .olciockfat- the. home. of i
Mrs. Allie , Haymond: on . Main, street.
Anybody interested is urgedto ^attend*,
Miss Adella gotter,,a .national organis
er, will be-presentat thl? meeting. . .'
to get - the-: splendid - map, on >ths ?
'Mexican' situation'which .wllUbe,
?, published, in Saturday's edition of
?The .W^.-.Vlrgihianr'ItJls the'mosr
complete map that has ever been5
string instramentsfor amateurorcheM
tra.' Also jbeglnne'rs., 'Prof. :Morace,
'306-Qulricy.'strefctJfFainnont, W.' Va, s
... t ? ??: nl', .
! --? . v ;
Funston; Studying
v Herrera Problem
(By Associated Press)
SAN ANTONIO.' Tox.. Jlarch 23 ?
Orders going from Fort Sara Houston
today provide for rapid action at points
alpng.the'border should a now rebel
lion In Mexico make It necessary. Gen
eral Funston was'not altogether con
vinced of the truth of the report that
General Luis Herrera, tho reposed
military leader at Chihuahua had en
tered the Held with Villa against the
United States, but the repetition of
the report and absence of acceptable
evidence to the contrary ? caused the
General and staff to regard It as prob
ably true.
? The censorship imposed at EI Pasoi
by General Bell was done without or
ders from headquarters here, but- it
is known that General Bell has au
thority to go far in the exorcise of
his own Judgment in meeting an extra
ordinary situation. Staff officers of
General Funston - studied a more ex
tended' area o! northern Mexico today.
The"probablo moves of Herrora and
Ills 2,000 men were carefully consider
ed and'at every point along,tho bor
der note was taken of the position
of American troops and-tho time it
would-take to move them to meet any
situation. - ?
No Word of the
Migsing Aviator
1 (By. Associated Press.)
COLUMBUS, March 23?No word of
Pieut. Edgar C. Gorrell, miSBlng avia
tor of the American aeroplane corps
was contained in today's dispatches
received atlmllltary-bases JiereT He
is 84?hours over, due at Cases Qrandes.
* He ^carried throe days rations and a
small canteen of water and army men
realize that he-may be facing death
from- thirst' or starvation.
If Hurrera Has Ji
He Will Prove!
? Extremely Important
? That We Be aSI
H -.-mma
EL PASO. Te?.. :Mmrg
? Ignacio Enriquex, clvll^obv
? of the state of Chihuahua, a
telegram today to Consul C
at El Paso, declaring that Gfo
? Luis Herrera, comnijnafne
garrison at Chlhuahua CItyS
loyal to the First XHlfr$Wp
? tioned him not to credit
? I of hit deflection to YlllaTeSj
(By AssociatedPreasjY
EL PASO, March 23.?France
la has established a baBoi^o^tfi
? ward of Namiquipa to redrgan
? command and recruit
B At this now base it ;waa?Siaii
? his army it was repoijeAjnSSSB
? would lay claim to operatfi^M
? force of Gen. Luis" Heirer&v^
? derstooil to have renounceolffiQ
? to government.
? The American army^bas^^^
? bus hau lmd no news of^yilli^y
? two days.
? General Hurrera uritll^m<ra
? command of the Carraiijsa for
? Chihuahua city is saYdjfoaDell
? northwest to affecfl^iu&gfe
? Villa and this in connection %l
? report that the CarranMlSmj
I Torreon had revolted has^oct?
? zrave conciern among ? tha
?army officers at EbPaaojM
? Villa men augra"ente'd^p^^?
mand of Gen. Herrera^gajd^^fiS
? 2.000 men might be in a posit:
? harass Gon. Pershing's army.^tt
? tiously Interrupt ttie^Iin^MwS
? nicat!nn between the advance bj
? tjid-American forces atfiaMUKMn
?.;An ..early agreement wiffljtlil
ranza governhieritv/or permissli
I use the >rexicanirailt(Mitt|j^H^8|
? ly desired by army officers.'
? base would thenSbo transferred
I Col u mbu s . an d ,E1; Pascwg^itfc^
1 can northwestern could
I mens and supplies to CasafflGflg?
I The railroad cduld/eaiily be 3
tained against interruption rail
? present line south^'of Columbus
la desert m i gh tb er ead 11 y;cut||p]
I Villa recruit a formidable bptogifl
I Villa Is' said to .tiave^ra^S
I among the1 populace -Jin. th#itfou
I districts urging7 them
against the Americans a$cl' is e
Iping men with/''a1ml$^Sna^^^mffi
I which he had storedi1^?^?
I There iB no confirmaUn'nl<^m n
I that Col. Cano of'CantiHa^^^DS
Joined forces with;VlllgS^M
All was quiet in Juarez early t
and street car service which was
tended last night for fearSltro
in that Mexican city was resm
The railroad brtdges}|arl^^?P'u:
guard however.'
the Hefreri
(By Associated^;
mation of the report thatl
garison of- 2,000 uhdeMi
at Chihuahua had revolted
Villa was still lacking t
war department, althougl
to that,effect was passe'
by the tinited States! ariS
Columbus. .:r#3MJ|
The war department*}
Gen. Funston's messagi
stated merely that "it ;
that the revolt had Voce?
that .thero wag no^congg
Train No. 72 oh&tiie
Ohio, due^here %t
morning, was delayed in
40 minutes onaccbunt^Di
ing loose on: ohefofltnS
car left the ralla,^tiijnoi
sengers suffered - injuria
cessary to cut the} cafegft
place all the passeni
coaches. ? ;;?fi
v Notice to Taxpayers
Mfper^ns.owing^axes at this office
? Vi:. -rvuv r*a ?n n - ' '
^?^Myicou^pr^^illcallronvypu soon ??
V-yoii*jbhat?ydu''bwei taxes 'but/for the

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