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vmrnuutamtmauumi?i 5SIBSR SS,..V~Z?
?ossip For Local Lov
i of Horses And
SB^EgaOochar, of th? Nat
latlrni-'l has issued
jffi??a8laigfi$i ty book for
fflSSa^n^vriTe Tneitr book is
raHSSSr and concise man
pltataJ'.tho names of-11.989
iat[h?veraced at some tlin*'
ist four years and have re
S*c?1 records" The list is air
jliHtetlcally^apd lo the stand;
iffiSRrwriers' and track -man
Sjnpni? their, entry list.
11,989 trotters and pacere
the book, 788 took records
[?fra6kSand,337 gained their
MnSStopnUs and half-mile
^tSUn'der'balng from the
nngi'exclusively, Thu3, It is
the majority of horses are
Ifithefhalfmile tracks,
nwwand Eligibility book li
Sjjiituotl.in accordance with
SwatSth'e last trotting con
Whlch>Se'cretary Gocher wa3
Stb'i'issuo 'each year a book
q4;the;;bne Issued in 1914.
jtijijaveVnot started in any
Diltlier.past four years are
ledlffiStiie book, but the ell
j'these 'can be determined at
by application to Secretary
t^price*;6f the bookis set
>rMm'eh;iwho have .seen the
idla?iirchdale race for Mr.
iiv.'glad' to llear that Dudio
ailed-a', splendid bay colt by
Jgiareii^.at the Davis Looks
iarmi'hear Lexington. The
MfStiie- sensational stak.'
iwahtarc due at Castleton
?jarge ;number of horses
Gi?gait>during,each .season,
flsfBliowi ttiat'.'camparaUve
hem prove vs'ry successful
^SracinKa'T^e eligibility
Efta?B6;|liprees tgained win
ottiS'gaitfl during the last
;|jfiS'6f.il2!l2Mi- and a, trot
reat*majority of these re
|6le?to the 2.20 or "much
ieSBifeone'gait, while only
!r?,secured records of 2.10
ijwf&wklcU .were pacing.
MfflfinYG-, -2.05% .Coastess
ffi^atv&itzsirmnohs,. 2.07
afe.08% ' and Alta' Coast,
Not Enjo]
ur Meals?
BlMiWi;you: just Bit
Jgftjjand' cram your
ffi^gtfyou were per
fijSomei.*'" vautTovllle
Jso^'much per show.
Wgiuajitaiis, Just come
eSaXflderson restau-'
thoVNurum building,
Kmucli'.real pleas
?^iiifin ;eating a good
aeaH?just the things
JjSHustjtthe. -way ,.you
ififfiShere'every thing,
the table, smack
tJjBSille?*h8 .you. walk
teSgerito-put"ovor a
Try "?
-*'v".' j ' *?* '." J". *'?; ;??*'? J.-*' .4.?.'-??'.' . !v*-.'>?>.
WASHINGTON,;;M*rch v.v^syJbo;
?tho Coast and Geodett^^uiyey'.wlll
v ? i-1.t ..> ? .1.
celebrate " April 5 and ,6, the-one":hua
dredth anniversary pt the'beginnlng
of it field work. ;ft,esW?nt]^Wn,;
cabinet ministers and the,.. -country's
moat eminent, scientists will make ad
dresses. A-'practical, exhibition pt the
Survey's work 'will be a lea'ding/fear
ture. ?'" , :'.'?'". ' :
The, Survey was- established by
Thomas Jd(fers6n,in i8li, and a noted.
Swiss scientist. F. R.-Hi^saier, ,waj]!lt3
first superintendent. Has3lcr was
driven l'rom his n^tyejM&'ttibyr-the 1
Swiss revolution- and ?6r'.a;timj after
h.ij arr.val, in Hie no,*' ro^u'u..c:'- wii*'i
professor of nja'.bomatlSiii^tji^JVeJtJ
Foint. The. story of.hls'life; wa%:oi<l of
untiring, qusa't In*
rriatlc: . | m
geodetic survey, of Switzerland, bear
ing the expians. of the'sUrviy Ij'ysfiiitf;
self at first.'until bjs-worlc/WiS ?
nizeil by- thet/Selvatlc-'so^-nnj^pt. t;!i
It is anrinterostlbis cVlncidonce jth?t
the introduction of tlie i'nrai; ^g-pdlc
survey in,Vthe ancient republic of
Switzerland' should , bo4 ;duo.;td;.j:.tIie
scientist who~was;to bV theflrst to
Instoduce'thc acuracy. and. refineriiVnts'
of its methods'in the first. republic of
the Now World." V''-^''-*; '?
Hcssler reached American shores in
1806 at the head of a colony of 120
persons organiztd by .himself :-anil,
throe firlends for settlement -in'South
Carolina. Failure to receive any return
for advancestof funds for'transporta
tion. and- purchase of lands; put him. in
financial straits and the scientist was
reduced tp great hardships - Twot yeare
later lie accepted'the place as'; Instruct
or at West -Point.- i.
? Wlieh":,1n 1811 provision : wa?"jinade
'for instituting'the- CoaSt'-Tand^Q^odetlc,
Survey Haaslpr wasdesignated to
procred to London for the purchase of;
instruments:' H1b' mission'"als6 was(o
design the,- appliances.: The -war ? of
1812 -caught, his,-.In England-"and;
?throughput the conflict he was heldl*!?
an alien army. It iwas- npWuritilvfour,
years after his arrival'that he return
ed to Amferlca arid stirted" the'' nixt1
year the work of-thej Survey.v ' -
. The, first, operations of:<,the.'survey
were inSNew York bay, and -its -ap:
proaches:: Hera the main ^forcesjof the
bureau w?cfe- engaged , 'uhil^'Ih;Aprl|;:
1818, it was'.suspended abruptly 1>y a,
short-sighted: Wpasmofjconomy .that
in 1825; dijejv from'Jelfert^,th'isr:.''I,
rogret much that 'the SaiTCy^ was 'not
carried into Execution, (t would bavo
procured safety for the: navigation of
our' coast. -Jfc wpuld have ibe'et&anjhoti*
oifible monument-fQr:the state" of'scl'
fnce at: thIsrearly^perIo!d!^I'6nr;iils;j
tory". -. "Ii'v."/^',*5"
Therapid growth of Americaiv.cpni*'
merce could not he menaced ..long,
however,,liy.,dangers which-maS^avl;
gation'of-'-Jthfr coastr-an.A^allbr^aia
uncertain "to sailor and shipowner,"and:
ia reply to.ah .imperatisv demand. Con
gress, on july .19 1832.. decided: that
the coast,survey should be~resumc<),
and Hassler.w&s again riiaae^supfrti:.1
tendent of the .bureau. ". ' '
. Besides, directing- the. Survey ,':Hasfl
ler, was put in charge at this time of
the newly.'created" office: of", weights
andi'nieasures, necessity for which hail
become apparent by his examination
Thei;,'Liberty "BelV:^s:'
the' mbstpopular : Aut&i
ever;, made.: Glassy,-"^ef
fined and rion-oflfejrtsive.
The.' r.up;to-therrointilieV
signal. All sizep.in^s^i
Fairmont Vuleasizing Co.1
Cor.; Morgantown "Aye.'"!
aiid'Elkihs Sfc1 : i V,
? BeIl>Phone: 480 "Kr >"? > iffe
t w*. x
30Mibutfes in Havana'
'? A'
PflHEsl'cts of ??
?ms&&: 1,ro."8h,t ,o:
j sessions under the Oriited -States flag
J ?'ceptrGuainand. Samoa. Stations, i at
Last NigEt the NigliJJ
|: For Cyclones to Howl
Tho t Cyclones, wore rampant - last
night in the Templ^ DupKpIn league
^nnf |ig _ two 'matches; ujtli'-'theDixie
'icain' aiid ' winriing . each ,of thV;"six
^amos with a bis., ijiajprity; ;':Dpn?
actt *as 'lilcil('riian bowling 483-in? tlie
Harden 156:;- 11E' lia?Vs84
Johnson . HQ :-117 165-^-383
Aroett .......... 134.'. 137:' 181?,43?
tlftl? W.104- ?.80 96? 280
Mills. .89 140 109^-'348
-..?-Totals 337, 357 3$6?1060
tf-jaame tohjght^K. of ' C. vs. -Hafe
Becns. i
. Cyclones ? "
Harden' ^07: ,'IOK 141?\34i
Johnson ..,..... 119 1SG 108? 86S
?avis :.....".. ..134 107 162?; 398
' 483'
Ctan ? ' 95' 102 74? 272
Mills . . .. 103 .103 88-t-.;294
'??Totals . "358 336 . 306-? 989
In Austria/s-Gapital
(By Associated. Press) , ij '
:.v ZURICH;1 ?jwitzerI^jid."i.Mwc!> '23^
of.'the bread,ticket- jlyst^;'?re 'fiboiii
?tqilre used in Vienna,; For stttles-with
more : tlipn' M-jhorses- fpddertwillStfs
supplied/ from municipal "storehouses.
Owners o !fsa9iIer:;nupl>eifl(jMiif..:g?t;
^ttjjfrom the,aealers"-:upbiB.: tljo produc
??' , ?.. ????'/?; ' 'Hfr. j
Fr?nk Moran'complcio hi. heavy train.
<rt?rnfT>nT Hnnrlrltici' Wnnt.chARtftr, rafldr:
ed three fMt rounds _o(ie eacl
Bartley..Ma<Jdeb.yFrsalc. Kenda
BillSMcKinnon. -'\TOiir exp'ertv
Kendall aod
AullITe, Fbiladelptiia^JtcJr O'Brien, S
?McCoy;aiid other former champions -
wWd-;wid^repu^lbE:WTrev.moflt fo
vorabiy'ItapreaBed wJtli .the fine ctjii
dltlon:.of tSc|'pit?sb'virf[h> blonde. .;>*f
?-'Moran *hsis;the> chance of his HW'1
declarod McAulIffe, the former light
wiIght cbamploV,:aB;^ran(:' ,wa" ?#''
lng.around"Kendall and showering him,
|H'lriie-fe^pr hft.hMflrra^d
n^6a^;.h*eAwlll do;s6.fbr.he vIs cm.
'under'fire .and an'efcepUohafriag gen-'
eral?Morian wlirhaye better' than1 fir
even-cban'ce~'tb Knack out the cham
pion. I'have seen "Wlllird recently.'/}
want' to Veay that Moran shewed me
.ipdre-sp^ei ; thai} ^es?i ? more, actual
tolling-speed .wlth jilo lialnds and feet."
... yijjls Gofjeti,-McCoy.- and the oth
ers were Impressed hy.Moran's fine
physical i^ondllibn^^f^^rformancc
did not'make them cTiinge their opin
loria of the heavyweight/champion.
"Wlll&rd Is too big and ^strong for
JIora(i;'.; sald Corbeit. "He' js the betr
ter wlth both hands.1 IthlnteJess can
safely' gamble"- ijn * the-proposWon .of
sw?PPlne punches.- If Prank attempts
{p'.carry; {he flghttp'.thfl hig fellow the
b'out->tli:not go veryjsr."
"I pronounced ^VUlafd the best big
tnan l had/.ever ? seen,V"said" .O'Brien;
''Moran Is'a^betHr:man than I thought:
put still my pr^jctlpn goijs."
Moranj.has been.particularly cheer,
edby'thi pre'dictlon ot Joe Jennette.
the'.coloyed:,;heavyweight, that the
ch^mpiohshlpi. -wlll'-.change .haiidsr as
the result of a;khocWout ?Jennette was
with Can McKeMck aild Moran In
Parle.1 He';' helped . prepare ., the chal
lenger for most of his'important figlitn
MoranyiMilmplIcItj copfldenceyn the
ring'generalship, of "the negro. -.
' Joe^lias' tipped ine*o?t.<to many ot
the champion's^ weaknesses." said
^JfcrlOilS-.loca1"- -? *?'*
success of aiiy business?uhderUking'i' "'^!;/ :'w.
Methods-J?thoiit number {have been ^mplpyied
by meh;hantj3-'and ipthers Peking,-to,iinwr&t^tb'e
BU^NG -P^BLIG. in,.the goflda ;or commoaj|ties
they hayet'osellj butthe-ONE met"ho'd-thgt stajids:
pre-emjnent. aftd. always: ;wins^i?tvPERSISTENT
NEWSljkiBER advertising. It: has^been endorsed
by practically all the successful merchants in "all.
ifriThe common supposition , thafc-adveningifciss
-levied upo^\thje\cohsumer;^^aB^^^e!Mw| of
? the;matter^,'that' the -'NON-ATCVER^&ER pays
^ 10 T*-""
..... . v
^"WiS?'MctIbyem, oneof thSJSS
featherweights of all time, ?u
Sfj$?pUY,atad by Wlllard's pel
""-fdo not think there is a man
ttitSSaw^stand up'against that ;
for 10 rodnd* II/Wlllatd,.latsljjh|
out tp*i^ie limit of his^aljUlty.t
'.*.'??< ?i. xs
<o W. O;;
, '^Pursuant.'.to the:-pbjverahd -autnor
ity^estefcin the 'WquMatlnsf, Commit-'
t ?e o f the First National Bank of Fair
mont, a banking corporation, the un
dersigned, WaltdnMiHer.M.'i;. Hutch
inson and: E.M5. :Frame. constituting
said." Liquidating Cbfnmltee,' will offer
fpr sAle; to the highest bidder at pub
lic'.'-auction^at the 'front. door of the
tibu'rCHbuae of Maribn'Gduntyj; in tno
gity'of Fairmont, State of- West .Vir
ginia, on the lBt' day qf March,
19l'8;;-at two"o'clock In the afternoon
ofsaid/day . subject to the'-conditlons.
Stipulations, agreements" and restric
tions contained lit the severaldeeds of
real.. estate belonging to the said, The
WSjtNational i SanlcJ^i Fairmont,
fronting on Adams (sometimes callod
S<aln)f Street, In tlfe'dltyjbf 'Fairmont,
County .;otiMarlon and State of West
Virginia, bounded and.^described as
fqllows: . .Beginning/on', AdamsStreet
at; the -corner,, of lot/ot W.ThbmS* ; W
Fleming, thence /with ' said Adams
Street;-"and1: iriSa northeasterly direc
tion, a; distance of 78. feet to corner of
Thomas F. " Hail; thence parallel! with
Monroe Street,iln'. a southeasterly dl;
rectlon, and'with ilnei'of said Hail a
distance of 21.feet" 6.:inches; tlienc j
parallel to Adams Street and In ..a
southwesterly direction, a distance of
i;>"feet S inches; thence'parallel with
Monroe Street, and in a southeasterly
direction, a distance of BO feet 6
Inphesj" thence parallel with Adams
then'ce jarallel with" monrbe; Street,
and in a'squtheuteHy/directibn, with
thb.illne' bfLLbta.No's;S.and'.7, ? a dii^
tance of 9&Vfeet)to Hnll.Alley;.thence
With ttaellnejofHtril.Alley,-and'lna
southeasterly dlroctlon,.a7.d!st4nco; of
26-feet'tbj corner bpM;-P::GHuroh'lbt;
thenee' with said Church'lot'line; par
allel, to Monroe Street, and in a
nptth wee teVly'dlrectlon;a/dia tance-of i
82;"feet'."6 SJndlHfiJ thence with said I
Church lot line, parallel':to iAdslms
Street and In a southeasterly dlrec
tlon, 81 feet'6;lnche?rftora'.pblnt In the
U'pe .ofrThbl^ W^I^emlnii; thence
parallel -to-MonroefStreetjiand- In"'. a
northwesterly 5 direction, 82 % .feet ? -8
inches to the beginning.
2. Also allvthe'Srlght. title,. Interesti
pd'cstate >ot; said i.TheJdBiratylJstlppal
Manfe: ot-i jatimiintM
m ?? ????'?> ? ?
es;'' ,
Street, -?tfcliij$i&* iior'theasteri^jirecr
tlon ,i:foot; Svincbes; toii'^o^ffiSthence
parallel ^lthSjl^iiro'etSUee^'nS^? a
ami than otQrlw-'?llrfLnHnnVfPlfoof*'l1*.:4n/?}i_
ling. ,;t , .. - vjv/.< * J&rji*-H m
And the other'thereof bounded and
doscrlbedas^ follows,-to-^l^'jr^eglnv
nlngnt :the'-teOTl^Un*gj(arhefj'^qeK
tejTOl4*d{bfc;ihe- fourth -dWbriBeitiilne:
allel in_ '*
68 J " tileOCfl ^IWiiUOvWUIlU HUD', Ufc
parcel No.l-parallel tolMraKfexSJtrieSg-'
anH a nnrthvflntnrlv dlropjlnn f(ut
parallel wlth;\Ada"m8-Stree't/.andjin >;a'
northeasterly-/dlrectiontl'"foc?t;; and'k-6
Inches to a point, thence parallel^"wdth'
Monroe S tre e tan d .' ln::a;sott?tii^tW?'-'
direct on 22' ^t^6UnchM-t6J5j;iiiftnf.
In the nfth described 'line of -parcel
No. l; Nthenpe: parallel with Adam*
Street, antl rte?a .'WTOth*eat8rl^;-idlrac.-"
tlon, with sgjdpllpe -l;fodt 6 Inches to
the ibeglimlnKAComef^v
ToRother with the jbnlldtaKitheroqn:
ture situated in andiEffimsSfln^if^d^
promises, beloni^gv to^andi'ojwnedjb'jf'
. . BUBill JUI.'.'/lllljlll _ . _
tain, any sUwt^e^'or ib^ildlny<^thln'
Ion line botween the- property now
owned by BaldC'-ThbmaavW.'i'Kenilng,
and isald'Banfc"r?&>
$ 33$>

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