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Capture or Death Now
Thought to Be
Is ..To the Effect That
3ig Battle Is Immi
p/ (By Associated Press.)
Mach 24?No word has
Sfiejro military headquarters here to
to confirm the report that Amer
proops and the Carranza army
ounded Villa and his men and
{'battel was imminent.
' Report of Villa Defeat.
INTONIO, March 24?Reports
{?Mexican sources that Villa had
.defeated by Mexican troops
10 near N'amlqulpa were ac
day by MaJ. Gen. Funsten as
true although no confirmation
heral: Porshing had been re
' "Improvements In the working
vlrelesa'made-It appear likely
neral Pershing would break his
jrSfot silence regarding opera
"""ith !of .Casas Orandes by ren
n account of. the engagement
Itjwa's Relieved that the Amer
-lid-not allow Villa to get out
iany, other time.
-fabing .It, was believed.
? 'ed more likely to
tliat bis cap
's manyof his men
^b?(pursuing force reltev
?wfiof Tiad ibeen- riding the
lith of.. Casas Grandpa. ,
irahkoyal Say? Consul. ? ?
V. ."Marin: 24?Amerl
^<sr,-; ^t;> Chihu?htia\-w
jr.uierewas no truth in the
.Spit? ;of ? Gen.! Herrera and
_ nia garrison at Chihuahua,
gh general Punston and Gen
ujoh the border have received
b confirming the story of the re
lich they believed to be true the
*""!rom Consul Letcher, who is
o'und and had headquarters
ee where the revolt was said
^.occurred, is taken by officials
^'confirming the statement of
k .officials that no such revolt
rrid! "
5n*ul;'Letcher's dispatch reported
^General Herrera was in command
*de facto, troops there and was
J.General Carranza. His report
Srded sb removing one of the
menacing features of tho Mexl
>r General Funston sent this tel
_Jto'the war department: "Gen.
Cera in;a telegram to Gen. Gavira
denies all reports that he has
?er to the Villa forces. Gen.
a, governor, of Chihuahua, in
flatter to Gen. Gavira also strongly
",'?'"that Gen. Herrera has gone ov
Jflrelew Plants Dismantled.
fggPPNIO. Texas, March 24?
zy.fiye wireless stations in and
. J,ftms-'clty. have been dismantled
^federal officers acting on instruc
ns/ifromithe department of justice
-M-announcea here today from the
'*tment.- The plant designated as
jQur-stations" have been a source
Iriderable annoyance to the War
talent especially slncc tlio estab
"?t: of wireless apparatus with
?i troops In Mexico.
Bootlegger To
||e Tried Tonight
Jsd: witlv bootleggli.g. Ross Bar
ajfjuvonlle violator of the Yost
Ulfllje. given a hearing before
iR&Ltigh Fleming this even
Seisin bo defended by Attorney
? Shaw. Barber, who is but 16
J old* aUhOQgli he Insists he. .is
gfuses to implicate any one else
""ISM?-. .
jaMcau^lit selling whiskey in
om;; recently vacated, by Tbny
igwho left the city Immediately
he.mu'rder ot Tony Schepis sev
nths ago.
|e. WeatHer.
, Virginia?Partly cloudy to
|andvwarmcr; 'Saturday partly
-yind warmer.
'Hall, Obiervtr. i
iratiire'at' 8 a.' in. today. 31.
gay's weather, clear;, temper
wclmuinT' 49';' minimum, aft;
nttiriione.' ?
""" '?'> ? ' ?
This photo shows army life as it really is. It was taken when the troopers stopped to wash and refit. Some of jUie Wc^persVaVtf shdwn" with' their '
uniforms off, dipping water from the San Miqull. river. Others are show n filling canteens and "just loafing." This >picture was. taken-by, a. camera
reporter who accompanied Gen Pershing's expedition into Mexico, when the troopers made camp near San Miquil on their record-breaking dash
of no miles in 42 hours. As soon as he took it. he rushed back by automobil a to Columbus to put it on trie 'train; It was a record-breaking'-trip.
Actual W ork Starts !
Oil the New Hotel;
drilling machine put to
a ..fiiiil work was started on the site
of the new Fairmont botel today,
when a drilling machine began, drill
tn These holeB aro to detei-minethe
dpnth it will be necessary to go in
excavating to reach solid rock founda
tfo" upon which to build;the founda
tion: As soon is tliese holes are com
pleted the nrchitect _v.-IU_ bPmable
flnlsti.the,.dstall$i '
Now the Shippers Are m
Wrong With Their
Uncle Sam.
GRAFTON, March 24.?Earl H.
Davis and John Miller, both of this
city, were arested here this morning,
charged with violating the inter-state
law governing the shipment of whis
key and other intoxicants into the
state of West Virginia. Both men were
arrested by United-States Deputy C
p. Cook and placed under $1,600 bond
for their appearance at a_ tiearingto
be held next Tuesday before United
States Commissioner Charles R. Lil;
These men. ire chargedl.wlth-sUlp
Ding whiskey from surrounding states
tn Valley Falls, a station near here,
?nrt sending a wagon from Grafton
?o that station for. the whlekey. They |
are also charged- with spiling.
The whiskey was shipped into dry
territory iriarWd ^'queeiisware..
On the occasion ot one t>f the ship
ments county officers trom Marion
county discovered a .barrel marked
"oinwn1" fltandine on ' the -railway sta
at Valley Falls, and confiscated
the^contents? wlUch proved to be pint
bottles ot whiskey.^ .
Not Much Change In ; I
Verdun .Situation
(By Associated Press)
rFRLIN March' 24.?-Further suc
cesses have been .von by the Germans
in "^.tn'^-^Suari^ran.
nounced today, two additional trenches
having been occupied.
D.n,c March 24.?There has been
was calm. East'of the river there wore
Intermittant^ bombardments.,
Gymnasium For Church.
Members of the congregation of the
Palatine Baptist church nafr?n the re"
Ing the purchase of the lot in. the rear
of the church building and the con
sfruction of a building
,-erve as addltlonal-sp^ce for the Sun
-day school
nasium during the "?fe^t.JTt iB^lIUely
that action on the matter *111 be tak
en Siipday, morning.
Republican Confidence Grows
as the Campaign Approaches
All Currents Tend Toward
Party's Successin-Nation,
State and County.
As the campaign season comos near
er the two great political parties of;
the country are lining up their clans
men for one of the hardest.and most;
Important struggles in our political
history, in every village and hamlet,
Inlevsry: great center: of population
from tlie Atlantic to-the P/clttc, from
the Great Lakes, to the Mexican boraler
there.is'the butEVau'd' hum. of prepara
tion- for a dMlBiVoipolitiCaMiattle;- v*-~'
^Right-herein fobd^nrMnrloa'cinia;
;is-,a feellngof'iphfldencein- the -ranks.
4f-; tlie'??Roniil]liCan&'.-that\ their. home
county will belong to the G O. P. when
November's breezes -blow: the 'smoke
of battle away. And thero are two
very good reasons why Republicans
are confident of victory not only In
Marlon county, hut the Rtate; and tlie
nation as well, namely, that the forces
of the Republicans are not divided for
this campaign as they werein the last
Monongahela Valley Round
Table Opened There
This Afternoon.
Twcnty-flvc teachers, representing
the city schools; .went to Mannlngtou
this morning on the S o'clock car,
where they spent the5 morning; Inspect
ing .the public BchooU of 'Mannlngtou,
and this afternoon and'tonight anil
tomorrow^morning will attend the ses
sions of the Monongahela Valley
Round Table, which : convenes this
afternoon at 1.30 o'clock.
?" This afternoon at 12.30, special cars
were, run. over the. Monongahela Val
ley Traction company lines, convey
ing hundreds.of teachers to Manning-,
ton for the Round'Table sessions.
Approximately 85 teachers repre
senting the public schools of this
city, and some 50 students and teach
ers of the State Normal school, went
to Mannlngton on theefl" cars-and this
delegation was Joined here by delega
tions from Morgantown, Clarksburg,
Grafton and oiher towns in tho Mon
ongahela valley. ? s
Prof, and Mrs. Otis G. Wilson and
President anil Mrs. Joseph Hosier
went to Mannington this afternoon
to attend .the 'sossions. Both Mr. Wil
son and Mr. Rosier are taking part
in the sessloii!. ? ' -
Among' the'special features of . the
sessions .will be an' address;by Prof. C.
,B. Robertko'n,. of the ^University of
Pittsburgh, and Prof. J. 'Ms Callahan,
of the West Virginia university.
Don't Forget
to get th'e splendid map on the
Mexican situation ?: which. ..will be
published In' Saturday^- edition of
Tho Wo?t'Vlr(rinian.'rt :is?thptmoEt
complete mdi> that" h*s ever been
?produced'am:wherg".'; > ?,
\. w.-,v .s; ? ?*
presidential erection, and that the
Democratic administration which came
into power by the election in 1912 has
been a miserable failure.
Back in 1912 the Republican army
was split in twain by the Progressive
vprganization and divided the G. O. P.
went into the fight and fought valiant
ly but the odds were too great. Tne
tide of battle went against them, tne
Progressive party1 also- felt' the sting
of doafeat. The Democratic organiza
tion, haying the advantage of the di
vision in the 'field jigalnBt , it, * gained
the decision by: a narrow'margin./B.ut
there is no. chance for/any: 8uch;twng
welcomed back. >TnS?wr?^
ibn-.county, iatfdj-all xjv^r : thestat e ;axld
nation, stands- united:^on all'thing8. Re
publican and, ready to.figh tv a's':one great
body against, the .enemy. f ? .
The Democrats, both, nationally and
locally, have had a chance to make
the best , of their opportunities, but
they have failed. - Many chances have
been afforded to, do something big,
' .1 (Continued, on page 10)\
Bible Lectures at
Baptist Church
j Dr. I. R. Dean, or Toronto, Canada,
one of the: host present-day authortles
| on the Bible,, will give a series; of lec
tures In the First Baptist church be
ginning tonight and concluding with
Monday night. These sermona are pre
liminary to a series of evangelistic
meetings to be conducted next week
by Evangelist Dr. T. T. Martin of
Mississippi. --
Dr. Dcaii will speak on the sub
ject "Science.and the Bible," and his
lectures are said to be excellent. The
service will begin at 7:30 o'clock and
the public is cordially inylted to hear
those rcrmons. Dr. Dean will fill the
pulpit at tho First Baptist-church at
both sorvlces on Sunday.
Dr. Martin; and his evangelists and
singers.several of .which will visit
this city, havo recently concluded
meetings in Grafton which were-higli
?ly successful - ? . v
, ? ' . ! ? ?.-I*
thick or.he,^t^n:exj^ition.:;
Suffrage Worker
Talks at Nelson)
: Miss Adel]a:Potter, a suffrage work
er .employed. by, the. National organi
zation;- to. do\ field work 'in' the'state
of West "Virginia, spoke -briefly last
night-at the .Nelson theatre and made
n good Jmpr.essipn. on her aydience.
Miss Pbttoi' arrived.here.from Keyser
ana^wlir spend'the remainder of this
tfee'W-and-a--part';ot:-hext' In - work-in
thisi county.'< ')& ? .??
? X meetlng-jwUI beheld-(it :the home
of. Mrs. Allle. Haymoml this evening,
when" plans"1,willbe formulated for
for H in Mannington, Farm
Ingtbti an'd'iMotiongah;-^ j' v
. iJaiajitowe -Yopt. of,-Morgan
town," chalrmiip .of.the state campaign
cbnriiittee^wh'o ivefia in" the; city .-yes
terday-for a' cbhforience'wlth: Miss Pot
ter,- left-last .night/for, her, home.
They Invent a New And I
. Safe Way to Dispose
of the ^Stuff.^
Into the sewers of Fairmont thence
to the Monbngahela.rlver.rippled thir
ty-six gallons, -one quart, one pint and
one-half, pfnt .of ;^hl|fcey.,tlilsmorning.
. In charge" of, the whiBkey-oestroylng
squadron was , Thomas ^Balmbridge,
knowntt&rbuglyHi't ;the ;coufty. for his
* nnarriine the .'WhlB
fcWMtJZUf tvpcner.
i&harge.there weart't:a chance Jn the
world for any .oneio'f .the. sixty, gather
ed around '.,wlth:- .waterln e KTOfuths Vto
taste a drop. ? If'.a" spuse'.were possible
through Slhfialing " the spirits, many
would be^drunk now. . ,
The .manner in.which the whiskey
was deslfo$ye'd[ds'^new. 'It' was run
through' 'a.''-barrel which had several
Holes", pun ched'fnrth'e'bottom'/," Thlsto
prevfcht glassy from_ getting, into the
sewers. j ? <v
.iKnr1 t. _ui.n i incrr~ wora.'umnun
m ,cn^rK? aiurotyv^yrtBaa
key. irito'theirtveri'.tjiey. sald.apd"when
asked why, aald>that they.'were afraid
that', thare^woiild'lie; too'many .Jokes
and the fish soused- However, the
whifke'y is' gorie and there remains but
a mere- i62 'quaVts'',in tfie; Wine room
which is' enough-.for;^lie wants of those
wild hav^e lald'olalmsto ithei stuff. The
red-optic .was poured'out' at<the corner
of Jackson and;"Jelterson streets. / -
, Normal Soeletle*. ;:
.the elljeraiyKs'ocietleis ofuhp Fair
mont Normal school will-hold regular
mee'Un tfrv this evoniogi'at^thalr respec
tive; hathr.-ri??>?naMmpe\ea'is given
these meetings.'tonight, owing; tovtke
fact thatva>-large number of,-pupils
have- been ^enrolled this' week for- the
Whole Question of Outlet of
West Virginia to
Seventeen Railroads Are In
volved in Proposed In
(By ASBOciateU Press)
j WASHINGTON. Marcli 24.?Inves
' tigatlon o( bituminous cool rates from
mines In Pennsylvania, Maryland, West
Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio
to Lake Erie ports for transhipment
orer the Great Lakes was ordered to
day by the Inter-State Commerce Com
mission on Its own initiative.
The.commission fixed April 24 for its
first hearing here.
Formal complaints from the Pitts
burgh Coal Operators' association that
rates of the Pennsylvania and other
roads are unreasonable and discrimi
natory from the Pittsburgh district to
Ashtabula, 0.. will' be Investigated at
the same time.
In: announcing the investigation the
commission stated that it had taken
up 'the uestlons because of numerous
informal complaints.
The : terminal i points involved are
Conneaut ? Harbor. Ashtabula, Fair
port, .Cleveland,. Lorain, .Huron, San
dusky and Toledo. Seventeen rail
roads, are-Involved. ?
? VWesUVlrginla coal.operator8sare In
terested in this ,because the. applica
tion of the JVesttVlrginitii; coal-carry
.tn^Ayrnkflg'fbr.-an increase of_ fif
teen cents ipiraton--upon coal shipped
to points in Onioi: Indiana and Mlchl
gan>win'cbrae. ?p.. -Wt^t'-Vlrglnia op
erators oppose this on".the_groundr_that
?it^Wbnlft^destroyT'thetf' market- in the
"middle and norhwest and practically
City and Health Officials
Have Reached a Con
The city officials .and the board of
I health have .at last agreed upon a
practical method of handling the gar
bage" question. The sentiment of thc<
entire community. seems to be that
^something must be .done, and the city
officials are now working out the de
'tails of a pian that will likely'be put
into effect within a short time.
This-plan is not completed as yet,
but will be operated on the budget
cost system, that is, the city will
bear all the expense of removing and
disposing of the garbage and the cost
wlll.be Included in the annual budget.
Odorless Incinerators will be pro-1
vlded for the disposal 'of the refuse
inatter. It Is planned to-purchase at
present as small a . plant as possible
to care for t he present/amount of
garbage. Then, aB the city grows, other
disposal units can be Installed as
needed: Whether,automobiles,or other
vehicles - will be .used Is now under
consideration and other details of the
plan" of' collection are being . worked
out. ? - ?
?The site of the new incinerator will
Ukelr-bei :the present site of the- old
crematory: The new "plant will be
odorless and do away, with the eye
sore that is now- In operation.,
' A' working committee > of the .Wo
man's club has taken up the question
and'has'addad'strength to. the. sentl
mentralreadr:aroused"amqhg the peo
ple. in the - city.'- Tire -widespread de-.
mand that the clty-do something aboutj
the-'rarbage'questlon' haa comeffrom'
everyone1 who' desires 'Cleanliness in
their environment;. .i.
Workers of Natioi
tation Will itepl
Gathering Is.
of the Bntttj
State.' .
A mass meeting or.aU|tfig
of (lie Christian EndMVg|
with' the City O?lw..ofe||g:
deavor, will be hold Sunday^
7:3U o'clock in the M.
On this occasion ?pS??js
secretary of Christian End?
for the State of Illinois,?!?
nent lawyer of Chicago?
Pearl Smith, field secretgj
ior Christian- Endeavors-war
will address the meetbraHj
These two Christian,??
ers are making a tour ioO
their itinerary includinpg
clpal cities ot We?t Virp]
will cotnf here SundayJagjM
Clarksburg where thwjjjjgl
liar services Sunday;
All the young jPeSpljggSg
invited to attend these?
well as the older pooplef
I On account , of the-row
? in progres ,at|the|Ca^
I church, thiB Christian#?
Iclety will not' p^tlclpateS
16, Improved Oi?jfflfpBSBg
accepted an lnvlttUo^ffl
revival services at,the
M E. church
March 29. Thc membertJoJJ
as well as all
two orders, will, meetat-t||e
hall, corner of MeTChMgra
streets, at 7 o'clock^on^ffiflj
the 29. and go In a]body?tty
Rev; J. B. - Workman iis^aji
I tic member of tho^Knlghtsl
land both orders (Wlll-unclc
I welt represented on Weag
Img. ."'"-aR
Former LoQalli
On Mexico
Forest Damron;'iiir,etgr?
city, who about ^yea?
the United States amyiSH
I been located at FqWWWJ
I according to a letter';recet^
relatives, has beenJojflM
I Texas border and probams
led along the borderja??
I Damron is a memberlo?
I United States ca.yalry.jttwj
I here previous to ]oinlagra
I was employed In^theJjHaS
Iment store. Nothing jhajg
I from him since - theM?
I was leaving at tnatyttoM
Ider* . * ffiJSMI
[Third Ward^
I Want Street?
The Community* Improj
I gue of the Third
iBarneBtown Schoplj,How
land appointed a commlttg
? city ofllctals to hayejUJS
? off of Pennsylvaniavajsg
? It also appolntedjfegagj
I the officials of the (Strega
to fit up a waiting,lT5togj
? tion of Bellview, and?m
cnues. . -'.'ttfm
OFF' oXY?.f33B
Judge aymondandjwe
?.the only ^persons ypttgp
? cuit Court.today. .Th<$wj
H.today to ~heax
I none- ofc tlfe?attorwylig
argue" his
? sued up, to a lrteBgSa
^ r : Notice to Taxp
f; . .'^jpe^qns bwirfg'taxes atrtlfis*(>'
>il'ot;^ed^th^f^^e^ must .pay ?;a^;0i&^ r
^.:/jMy .collector' .will .call on you soon, i
C=youithat you: owe taxes but for the'"'
come irrandi
^youKmoney>?eaay when the collector <
ic"'v:!"'r ??> v..;?...,lv--?. "
C. D. COl
v'-.vi ?;**????!V V
? . ?????'??? i'..- ????.

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