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mericans Who Were
Board the Boat
lerican lives and
zhteen of Ship's Party
tve Been Accounted
t For.
fr V (By Associated Press)
VASHINGTON, D. C.. March 25?
lestructlon of the British steamer En
jillshman with the possible loss of
an explosion on
channel liner Sussex, carrying
j^mertcan passengers coming cIobo 011
" ged attack on the Patrla and
ng of the Tubantla has serv
jCunsettle the submarine sltua
again and raise possibilities of
J complications with the Central
gre.. Secretary Lansing made It
r?P?rts received today
|qt".prellmlnary nature and that
vere expected.
fFour Americana Drowned.
, i'sHINOTON, March 25-Consul
| ar Reports to the State department
Ktodty^say the Dominion line steamer
'jishman, sunk near the British
jftwas torpedoed and that four
^jftfaihorse ship,
erlcana are Peter Mc
lid.-a bone foreman, of E8 Cherry
Boston;George McDonald, trim
ISe'i'unlcnown. ; , ,
^dispatches to the Stato depart
nt! were from American Consul
?iSrong at,'Bristol, and said the En
Ishman was torpedoed at an Tin
"Jim piacs and time and that 33
rlvors bad been brought into an
(filed' British port.
American citizens known to
board the iship were not among
Survivors. The Consul also report
"Kilt; 60. more persona who were
Jl; the ship were believed by the
ihvauthoritics to have been saved,
"ugh no definite information on
point was available.
60'more -were saved, 18 remained j
minted for, according to the di?-1
cresting Address by Dr.
J R. Dean at First
Baptist Church.
jience and the Bible" was the Bub
jtjf.of <? an interesting and most In
active address at the First Bap
Tjfch'urch laBt night, delivered by
R. Dean, of Toronto, Canada,
ng a series of evangelistic ser
?at that church, which will oc
, space of three weeks or more.
Ban's subject, "Science and the
might well have been "Science
"Bible," for he delved among
ebouse of Information, the base
.{lcally all the ancient and mod
jien tiflc discoveries.
iling with DarwlnlBm, or the
.^evolution, Dr. Dean showed
?once of croatlon from other
he -divine conrce, basing his
by,scientific methods rather than
lief in God. is methods, many of
deluded practical demonstra
ted the attention of a large
nee and will undoubtedly draw
'larger audience tonight, when
Hows up his last night's dls
s with proofs by mathematics,
ublic is Invited to hear Dr. Dean
Jsecond lecturo tonight. He win
upy .tbe pulpit at both services
Baptist, church Sunday.
Bet discourses by Dr. Dean are
inary "to the opening of the
jllatlc campaign on Tuesday by
OTJ,Martin, of Mississippi. They
Epart of the ovangellstic plan
Jliout by (Dr. Martin. Dr. Martin
gend^two weeks here and he will
fed'by a second singing evan
Eand a helper who are called
f|5aners."Dr. Martin comes horo
.^highest possible recommenda
He 'recently conducted evange
jecyiceB in Grafton and In El
frblch were productive of much
Unofficial Reports Say the
Vessel Was Torpe
i ?
Boat's Bulkheads Kept It
Afloat Long
LONDON, March 25.?Tlie cross
channel steamer Sussex which was
badly damaged late yesterday, was
towed into Holougno today. It is now
regarded that there was loss of life
among the passengers, some 25 of
whom were Americans. Unofficial re
ports say the ship was torpedoed.
Among the Injured reported was
Miss Baldwin, a prominent young
American of Paris, who, among other
injuries, suffered a broken leg.
Paris reports that the ship, was tor
pedoed. According to the admiralty,
100 passengers have been landed at
jJovor and 250 others with tne mem
bers of the crew have been taken to
Bolougne. Edward Huxley, president
of the United' States Rubber Export
company, and Francis Drake, the com
pany's European manager, who were
on the Sussex, declared there wn3
heavy loss of life, including a number
of Americans. The chief engineer ot
the Sussex was killed by the explosion
and the purser was wounded seriously.
An American, whose name Is not
known to survivors who have reached
London, was talking with the Baldwin
family class to the captain's bridge,
when the explosion occurred. He has
not been Been'?irfce that time;-nd Is
supposed to have been lost. The ox
-ptortpn, 0CCUCT^?at.'8;y:^:;TriMrn Art
Sussex was an hour and a haTf* out of
Folkestone. The wireless apparatus
was destroyed and no help arrived
until nearly midnight. Had it- not
been for the watertight compartments
the Sussex would have sunk and the
loss of life would have been heavier,
Heavy Cold Recently Caught
Developed Into Fatal
Mrs. Sarah Ann Floyd, wife of the
late John Wesley Floyd, and mother
of Mrs. J. F. Conaway, died early this
morning at the a partments of her
daughter, Mrs, Conaway, at the Wat
son hotel. She contracted a heavy cold
recently while on a visit to relatives
in Dayton, O.. which later developed
into grip and caused her death.
Mrs. Floyd was formerly Miss Sarah
Ann Robinson, a daughter of the late
John and Mary Robinson, pioneer res
idents of Barracltvllle. She was born
In Barraokville on April 6, 1842, and
was therefore in her 74th year. She
was united In marriage with Mr.
Floyd on July 7, 1859, and of tlio
children born to the union, two sur
vive, Mrs. J. F. Conaway arid Mrs. J.
B. McConaughey, the latter of Rich
mond, Ind. A son, J. R. Floyd, died. In
1902 and a daughter. Miss May Floyd,
died in 1895. Mr. Floyd died in 1910.
A number of grandchildren also sur
vive namely, Mrs. Will McClain, o(
Romney, Mrs. Walter Campbell, ot
Fairmont, Mrs. William Schlelntz of
Richmond, Ind, Mrs. Brooks Anderson
of Jenkins. Ky., the Misses Eva and
Ola Conaway, ot this city; William
Floyd, ot Appalachia, Va.; Fred Floyd,
of Orrvllle. Ohio; Floyd McConaugh
ey, of Dayton, O.; Walter Floyd, ot
Jenkins, Ky. Four great grandchildren
also survive, namely Harry, James
and Mary Anderson, and Clarence Mc
Clain. A sister, Mrs. Paulina Palmer
of Monongah, and a bother, J. Z. Rob
inson, ot Barrackviile, also survive.
Mrs, Floyd was .a woman of splen
did Christian character. She united
with the Christian church in childhood
and had lived a devoted Christian life.
She was a devoted wife, mother and
grandmother and her death is deeply
regretted by a wide circle of relatives
and friends.
Funeral iMrvlces will' be held on
Monday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock at
the Christian church in Barrackville,
and interment will be made In the Ice
cemetery there by Undertaker Cun
ningham, Rev. Clarence Mitchell, xof
this city, will coduct the services.
A number of relatives are en route
hero to attend the funeral services.
In case some living at a distance do
not arrive at the expected time, the
hour of the funeral will be postponed.
l l^ai^ft. ' i ? ? -V CT
? " ? ?
City Policemen Were Active
During Early Morning
A round-up o? some of the colored
gentry of the city was staged Inst
night by officers Seaman, Fleming,
Boggess and Kerns. At 2.20 o'clock
this morning. Billy May's place was
pulled and Douglas Howard, Mary
Sounders. Kid Siveltou. Nannie Lee
and Billy May were arrested. May
put. up a $20 forfeit and failed to ap
pear. Slielton pleaded illness and was
allowed to remain at his room for tho
night and told to come up for trial
at 9 o'clock this morning. At 9 o'clocic
he could, not be found. Douglas How
ard claimed that lie wa$ in. Mary
Douglas' room' having his sore throat
.treated. Both, were- linednilU. Nannie
room giving him his medicine. Sha
was fined $10 also. They all arranged
At 3 o'clock this morning the same
set of bluecoats entered a house on
New street run by Elizabeth Brown.
They took therefrom Chnrles Will
iams. Julia Parker, Irene Walker,
Walter Smith and Elizabeth Brown,
At . the trial this morning the five of
them pleaded not guilty to loitering,
as they all had rooms at the Brown
home and pay rent for tliem. In the
absence of the policemen as witnesses
the case was continued until 7 o'clock
this evening. In the meantime the
whole party went to Jail, fearing that
it might rain before the day is over.
Plans Made Last Night To
Make the Town Blos
Fairmont and vicinity will take on
a decidedly yellow hue with the open
ing of Summer, according to plans
formulated by local suffragists, at an
enthusiastic meeting held last night
at the home of Mrs. Allie Haymond, an
ex-state president. At this meeting
It was decided to fall In lino with a
state movement and to secure yellow
flower seed, to be planted all over tlie
city and county as emblematic of the
suffrage campaign, for votes which is
being waged throughout the mountain
state. . . ,
Large quantities of flower seed of
the yellow huo will be procured and
those desiring the seed will be able
to secure it In any quantity desired
from Mrs. C. E. Manley or Mrs. Allie
An interesting feature of thfi meet
ing last night, was the 'presence of
Miss Adella Potter of New York city,
a national organizer, _ who outlined
briefly plans for the campaign to-be
waged during the time intervening
from now until November, 11(16, and
talked in an optimistic way of the
progress the causes bad already made
throughout parts of the state and she
bellves West Virginia wll come to the
front and be the first state In the eaBt
to take the initiative and grant to wo
men the right of suffrage *
A large number of natlo'nalorganl
zers and field workers will come into
the state from National headquarters
with the opening of good weather and
a vigorous campaign will be conducted.
Meetings were planned for last
night , to be heldat various points In
the county during the next taw days.
Following the meeting last night
the ladles who were out'In large num
bers. enjeyed refreshments served bv
the hostess.
. . -.v. 'V-~l
? ? -????? ?'?CI
Rev. A. D. Kunkle of Ham
ilton, Ontario, Favored
For Place.
For the purpose of calling a minis
ter, the congregation of Grace Luth
eran church- will hold a meeting to
morrow, following the usual Sunday
morning service and it "is probable
at that .time that a .pastor,-will .be
selected . ib fill tho
afnciTtlio- realgnsLtloiy on accourif'of
111 health, of Dr. L.' IC. Probst several
months ago. /
While several ministers wlll.be con
sidered It is thought probable that
Rev. A. D. Kunkle, of Hamilton, Can
ada, will receive the call. Rev. Mr.
Kunkle preached at tljla church during
the month of February and made a
splendid impression on his hearers.
Tho Lutheran church In this city
Is still a mission church and receives
aid from the Home Mission soclety'of
the denomination located at York, Pa.
The mission board Is favorable to the
.selection of Rey. Kunkle as pastor of
the church and If it la the desire of the
congregation that he come hdre Jie
will receive the call at once; -.
A short sermon will be -preached.to
morrow morning by Ri>v."John Rob
inson who lias filled the pulpit for
several weeks and following this brief
service the congregational. meeting
.will be held. " " "
The Lutheran church is among the
youngest churches In. the city, but
during the years since ."lts-'Organla
tion has seen substantial and steady
growtli'along the lines ef membership
and funds. Tho congregationwor
ships In one of the tastiest.arid moat
i commodious cliurchOB In the city. and.
the members of the church are active
and progressive, and all the depart
ments of the church are: in a flourlsu
ing condition.
Rev. L. K. Probst, who was located,
here as pasto'r of the church for a
number of years and through whOBb;
efforts the' church mad? substantial
progress, was forced to re&igiuthe
chargo on.accownt of ill 'health.^ Rey;
and Mrs. Probst have been .wtthMhyr
daughters, Misses Carrie jMae?;^na!j
Emily-' are In ? Goucher cblleg&slhce;
Rev. Probst resignation... BfcV.-FWMC
has about recovered hls heailth an?'V|IIl>
accept a charge ;'lhitlie.?^ieSr>'luturS(
r-.t" *::r
tRev. Webb Horn#
Rev. R. T.^Webb, pastor ,_.of.tile
Southern Methodlat Eprscopal'.churc!i
has returned'from ^Huntington;, wl^ere
he attended -a meeting of tho Board
of Trustees of; Morfja Harvey 'college.
Rev. Webb-is avmemb^r.of^tiie.bijani,,
as is aleo, Rev..W.,I, Canter.,'edltoWot
the Methodist Heraldjalifo of this city.
Boy Bootlegger Is
v-r-r-x*r'j.75jr* .*r '1
- Sentencefrtq Jail
?y.-. ? t v'--~
Ross.Barber, the youthful'self-con-'
fessed bootlegger,, was founcj guilty
of illicit 'selling; yesterday; by' Sflulre
R. Leigh'.FIeming arid given '60 .days
and 'fln^d^lOO.-. [ . - ,
The state "produced twowitneasea
?who InfonrieS the Justice,,.that-the,toy
had coSfeised' to'-them ?.that'lie sold
.vvhlsfiey.^Ibe defending lawyer,
ry ShaV -!alldrwed;the case ;to-rest on
the i state's - testimony:" arid aftpr-itho,
squlro'a sentence gave notice jof an
State Road Engineer Wil
liams Was the Principal
Speaker Today.
Nearly 200 enthusiastic voters ot
Lincoln "district met tills afternoon in
the sclioolhouse at Farmington and
heard the address "of Statfe Road En
gineer A. D. Williams. Mr. Williams
discussed fully the merits of e very
method of financing good roads, and
showed plainly that the. bonding
method is the most practical and
cheapest in the end. ;The merits of var
ious kinds of construction- were talk
ed of and llie audience seemed to con
sider Mr. ? Williams'- ideas entirely
coiihd and practical. .. , ?
The reports of-thei committees that
ware-apojilnted to-consider- the :?.eeds
bbhu oP'tSRKtMBSjWmed to
be^thfiTitofoln '^lstrlctt^l be the
"^^fSg&Lthis dis
trict tofmake the,-vbond i!?ue $350,000
wa? chaniedia'tfthC^orthtagton meet
ing to $65D,OOOr^TKe" v.StSriTare practi
cally unanimous In-thelr-demand that
all "the"'roads' .fiT'the""district be im.
proved and the .wider, roads, of course,
on "the"':main- thoroughfares -where
Uafflc 1b heaviest. ?
The Farmington end o? the dis
trict; if ipoSSibteft even la' more en
thusiastic'in support-"of- the move
meht- than the,' Worthington end.
The bond election will como in Ap
ril for Lincoln district': and. it is the
intention, of t'tie- committee that are
promoting the- good, roads movement
to live several more meetings in the
.district..befori -ihfc.'-'electlon. so that I
every fcltlren', wll fuly'understand the
details: of the -proposed^Improvements
and.the methods of- paying for them.
; The' afilure.of the:first election in
Eaw Paw district was"undoubtedly due
to the lack tit a"thorough understand
log of the. details r of the- plans by, the
Lorin - A.'" the ? one .year -old > infant
son o'f" Mr.'and" MrsV'Gus Davis " (color
ed) died' l?4t--nfght at about midnight
at,.the home of-Up parents on he cor
rier.of Moriroe and'Hamilton* streets,
after an illness with, pneumonia. The
temooil'at. two o'clock from the res
idence and interment will be made in
th' eFairmont cemetery by.Undertak
er,'Ell Musgray'e.* ; , j*/ . -
v.v.' i; <
P. .V'
1 viieut, E rAfGon-elii'
Lieut.. Gorrell?, of- the. V. ? -S. airj
squadron: Is 'reported lost' somewhere'.
infMexlco. tHe iwas.oneiof. the: avi
ators .whieh! accompanied the espedl
tIon to chase Villa and hla aeroplane;
became detached I from the other - fly;
ing over the deserts of Mexico; V *
Y - , '.V'
Funston Sends1 Troops
to 3 Border Towns
By Associated Press.
SAN ANTONIO. March 25.?In an
swer to protests from residents nt Pre
sidio. Marfa and Del Rio. Texas, for
more protection, Major General Fun
ston today announced that a batallion
of the Twenty-fourth, infantry now
on the way here from Fort I). A. Rus
sell will be stationed In that district.
To Commemorate tbe
Death of Good Man
The one hundredth anniversary of
the death of Bishop Francis ABhbury,
the First Bishop of the Methodist
Episcopal denomination, will be ap
propriately celebrated tomorrow
morning and evening at the First
Methodist Episcopal church on Fair
mont avenue. The Sabbath school
hour will be taken up with an appro
priate program concerning the life
anil works of the Bishop, and ill the
evening the pastor, Rev. C. E. Good
win, will preach a sermon concerning
the life of Bishop ABhbury. At the
morning service a large class of can
didates for membership will be taken
into the church.
Freight Rate Differentials
...of.^Secondary;Impor- - s,
? :
A special meeting of the Fairmont
and Clarksburg district coal opera
tors was held hero yesterday for the
purpose of'discussing market condi
tions as influenced by the congestion
of freight at Atlantic' coast ports. This
state of affairs has become so serious
to the business interests of the country
in general, and to.the coal* operators
of this region in particular, that It has
been made the subject of investiga
tion by the Interstate Commerce Com
Congestion of freight at Atlantic
coaat ports Has compelled the rail
roads to place embargoes against load
ing any class of freight for these
points, thus restricting the market for
coal to B. & 0. points only. Many
views as to the "why and wherefore,"
were advanced but the main fact which
stands so.buntly before everyone and
to such a large degree is thnt there
does exist a condition which hampers
not only through trade but also the
line trade. In view of all. this it Is
hardly possible that there can be any
even condition to the coal business
for some time to come, so far as.the
matter of delivery is. concerned. With
irregularity of transportation there
comes irregularity In operation of the
mines, with additional cost due there
It was the consensus of opinion
among those present that these condi
tions will not be overcome until the
opening of the lake navigation season
which will be delayed until well along
Into April due to the extremely, cold
weather prevailing at the head of the
lakes during March. It had been plan
ned to start navigation on Lake Michi
gan this week, but Investigation of
conditions disclosed that'the breaking
of channels and opening of harbors
by Ice-crushers is not yet practicable.
The matter of freight rate differ
entials. which is scheduled for a hear
ing before the Interstate Commorce
Commission on April 24th, will be han
dled by the committee" appointed for ,
that purpose. This committee has ar
ranged for the Fairmont region to be
represented at this' hearing, in con
junction with committees from other
coal producing regions in the state.'
along with- the Public Service Com
mission of West Virginia.
Reported Today Tig
ing West in S&n<
uel Counts
No Reports of Battle!
Yet Come Frore
(By As80claledPres?j|5
EL PASO. March iS&Vtol
Villa was reported early today
fleeing west In tho San Miguel
try, linvlnR successful!# eluded jt
circling ring that wasi~i>ejtf&g
around him by AmoriMnSiSMii
ranza troops. ? ?''fffiflVS
News ot the outlaw's retreat
ward was brought hero' from I
ut could r.ot be confirmed^'ayj
Bliss, or In Mexican J;ofHcfiiS
Several thousand Amerf3K|g5
are known to be searchihcSthe
try south of Casas Gran'desslH
direction to locate the bandit, bu
not come into contact .wjtfilfita
Wlro communications out of E
into Mexico la atillJtnterr^pUfl]
is believed'that rovin^bi^SK
la's men are responslblejigcSgj
ting, having been detSCSnSSKHl
main Villa command rortthlMW
Tho dispatches recslved-'atjl
City and Douglas apparantljrgc
ed reports to 131 rasp thatTtroB
the re facto governnient'hayelfq
to contact- with Villa* iift'Ju?
Clara canyon. OeneralV;I^r|Mi
made no mention o( this baU:
army officials herewe-lnplinsjl
belief that it was prabablyJnQl
than nn outpost engagtmgnglj
Major Sample, in command
United States army ImitfStfgS
bus, bar bean astaiplSMJttWl
the'report brought"Into Donjji
Villa bandits had- croisedjtn^l
.eight miles west ofzfCoaafiffia
murdered three Amerlcanijfitj
men and one man. ;
Verdun In Flam
Says Ber?
Verdun is . in flames^
today's official, statement
man army headquartersjg
PARIS, March 25=gp|
cial statement says that th
was ? quiet In the V/rdir
hood both east and westOT
Artillery duels were/lng
the Woevro district j.'JhS
Hon, J. Frank Mar?|S
the state Board of RegeSg
city today en routejhoriil
nington. where lie.-ntt'en]
slons of the Monongal
Round Table assocltttoS
ton. He spent some-Bawl
with President Joseph^
Normal school, relatif^w
ters In general ahi'JtMj
building in particular.
Westom Pennsylvah
tonight and- Sunday.'^
and somewhat colder Si
West V IrgTiia?Cloudj
Sunday. Probably. thufic
Warmer In the east;:,ton
Sunday. , _J|
. F. P. Hall, OBm
Temperature, at:S8|i?
Yesterday's weather cJi
:ure. maximum,71;'mm
jlpltatlonnone. ^8
7 P. M. TJ||
.. i. SWf
Notice to J;axpa^|rs
All persons owing taxes at this office^ "
notified that they must pay-at'once.
? My collector ' will1 call' on you .'sooni
4-1,^4. .21 1-.-/^' ', i.l_ ft
T O -w. .^.WMWW ww?MV - ..-Mt' Mi*U k
your money ready when the collector c
-???:? 7 , C.D.eONAW^

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