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i ^Autumn's flames will soon be burning
Rra in the foliage, far and near,
Hskftamn's purple hazes thicken li
Ismoke-scented atmosphere.
will call me to the woodland
Bfe.- but. alas! I dare not go;
pie gold that Autumn offers can
Hp * not tempt me there. I trow.
URsfaftn last Autumn's tinted glorlei
IJ"?. decked the landscape for m;
MSyt *. view,
Br-> :How I hastened out to greet her b;
BSjrSi;- a forest path I knewAn
I stood entranced with spleqdor
war.* "... anmathlntr n1/*l#orl m?. rrnnil wtnK
|l Ten days afterward they told me
b&/,, "Some one took me for a deer!'
L When I mended I took courage onc<
BBS 4 ' again to venture out.
W&filQid beneath a scarlet maple, some
%?,* thing pierced my runabout.
fc&v^hlle gorgeous Autumn scenery wem
gSni ' spinning In a whirl,
RSHtlieard some idiot protest he took m<
fir ?jf for a squirrel!
SM^Iy doctor's bills are lust now paid
Wfii'-j and I am well once more.
Fy -Ijlong to take those Autumn strolli
, as In the days of yore.
BjvV But?though the yellow hickory treei
pj,? will lure me by their habit,
R- ' I know somo freak' is waiting thon
E};. to take mc for a rabbit!
fciv. Corn is such a conimonpluce, ordi
I- nary sort of thing and so unlnterosl
I1.' ^ to most of our city-bred peoplt
Ifedhlt perhaps few ot them realize jusl
I how important is the role it plays it
n : the economic well-being of the Unit
fl ed States. Some of the more striking
9 : facts, as brought out in an article bj
7 - Edward Albos in the Bulletin of th<
r . Pah American Union, Washington, D
C- may surprise some of them. Foi
K? instance, the United States produce)
three-fourths of the entire corn croi
< of the world. In 1016 the country'!
T';4 production amounted to 3,054,030,001
[-. .bushels, having a farm value of ovei
n . $1,765,860,000. When It is stated, more
over, that if wo add the value of the
V record-breaking wheat crop of 1015
P.. - amounting to $930,303,000, to the val
L ue of the big cotton crap of tiio same
|. year, amounting to $603,393,000, the
sum of the two still lacks $333,165,001
I' ' of reaching the value of the huniiiie
i corn crop some idea of the import
. . ance of the last named may he had.
sc... "Kub off the Ihlu?mostly very Uiii;
"r- ?veneer of civilization aim place bin,
K* in the primulvo euviroiimeiit of hi:
I - remote ancestors, mau ,will prove u
r:7"_be about tbe sumo aulmul. ills eiu
' !$ mental nature bus undergone but lit
. Ue change. lloubtlebs, his brain liui
-V,i ..been developed and bis uieutal uiu
jf chlnery souiowliut improved, but lilt
ag., aomplicatea physical structure is but
' Brittle altered. To keep that physical
Li- structure In good repair and to keel
tbe entire human mucbine m a bigu
f state of efficiency, man has foum;
K that he needs a variety ot lood. "1 nai
L maize was unknown to European, As
K latlc, and Atrlcan peoples betore tut
r discovery 01 America is now well es
L tabllsheu. "Just where 111 the Amer
-leas'It originated is u mooted dues
t .tlon. Accordlug to Loudolie, at the
Bp time o? the discovery oi tuu new con
[t tinent maize was one ot the staplec
l? . . of Its agriculture, irom the La 1-iats
m "Valley to the United Stales. The ua
Psjs tives planted It around their tempo
rary awelllugs where they did uol
{ft form a llxed population. The burlai
8?' mounds ot the natives of North Amer
? - lea who preceded those of our day, the
gt.; 'tombs ot the Incus?the catacombs ol
9f? Peru?contain ears or grains of maize
jlyL Just as monument of ancient Kgypi
[r; contain grains ot barley, wheat, and
? millet seed. In Mexico a goddess wh1:
"bore a name derived from that ol
SR- ' maize corresponded_lo tne Ceres ol
the Greeks, and the first fruits ot the
HP" maize harvest were offered to her
At Cuzco the virgins of the sun of
? fered sacrltlces ot bread niude fronj
m the meal ot Indian corn. Nothing h
I-. better calculated to show the untniut
H ty and generality of the culllvatioi.
I of a plant than this Intimate conuec
V ^lon with tho religious riles ol the an
syf clent inhabitants
"It was not only In Peru and Mex
ICo, however, that maize was exten
sively cultivated, it was the greal
S food plant of practically all the Amer
Ki .ioan Indians who sought tho aid oi
'J cultivation in obtaining food. Culum
'bus found it to be the principal foot
;'i 'ot the natives of the Island of Santi
' . Domingo, and his was the hrst ac
m J count ol the grain made public ir
.^Europe. Linguistic evidence show;
t , that it was Introduced into the Unitet
>?. _ States from the tribes ot Mexico ami
f - from tne Carlbs of the West Indies
but the time of this introduction cat
iie conjectured. That it wat
afore' the appearance o( the liu
a la. evident not only from Its
and wide spread cultivation bj
ot the area now embraced it
alted States, but from the fuel
idicatlons of its cultivation art
in mounds and In the ancient
ruins ana cllif dwellings, while
oratlve evidence Is found In the
Ijat several varieties had al
been developed at the time ol
iscovery, four being mentionec
use among the Indians ot Vlr
Picnicking Today,
young girls' swimming classes
Y. M. C. A. are picnicking todaj
liey Farms on the Tygart'B Val
rer. The crowd accompanied bj
cal Director Bllckley, of the Y
A., boarded a launch tills mom
: the local wharf and pvoceodot
camp where they will Bpend the
nder of the day returning here
his afternoon. A large numbci
i girls accompanied by several o!
others made the trip taking alonj
tilled lunch baskets. Mrs. J. W
. and MrB. Robband. and Mrs
1 chaperoned the party.
U- iw i mik on itomagious Diseases.
BR- Dr. C. M. Ramago, city health offi
HSf :er, will talk before the Mothers' clut
Hi., meeting tomorrow afternoon at th<
''A~; home of Mrs. B. J. Toothman on th<
^^lubject of Infantile Paralysis. The
, S topic up fbr discussion at the mcotint
?Ef|? Children's Contagious Diseases.
(RliV Tito Cause.
."Going away on your vacation?"
Bj&.\"Then why the radiant expres
&;:'?Jlnst learned that the wife's relaP.:,
..lives aren't coming here for-theirs.'
Detro 1 ree Pre"*"
BfeTjir-V -. t
^Sk /yjB .
> CHICAGO, Sept. 5.?A dance hall t
. flirtation, an elopement, a month's
married life, then ghastly death Is the t
i Btory the police tell today of Mrs.
? Kathryn Keiser Pettit, 18-year-old 1
> bride or John Maurice Pettlt, who they 1
I say fled from their homo hurriedly I
Just before her body was found In a
i pool of blood. 1
) As Pottit loft the house, the authori- a
. ties say, his mother-in-law, Mrs. Car
rie Sehelbner. with whom Pettlt and [
s his wife lived, returned and discovered 1
> her daughter'^ body, the throat cut j
from ear to ear; the head almost sev- c
" |'t
i <
Porn, on Monday: to Mr. and Mrs.
, Roland 11. Wallts, a ten-pound son. lie t
. has been named Roland It. Wallls. Jr. ,
i Mr. and Mrs. Bruce K. Gr. :im have ,
; roturned from a visit of a few weeks
[ at St. Mary's, \V. Va.
i John Walter, son of Mr. George A. '
i Walter, has entered Mnrlst school on
I Pleasant 11111, Washington, D. C. Mr.
1 Walter accompanied his son there. f
George Gaskill left yesterday for 1
! Maidsvillc, W. Va., where ho saa ac- *
cepted a position as superintendent ?
of the mines located there.
Attorney and Mrs. Ross A. Watts e
! and little daughter, Sara, have return- a
' ed from a three weeks vacation which
1 was spent visiting the formers mother f
' and other relatives at Lewishurg. r
' West Virginia.
H. B. llungerford has returned from ,
[ a business visit to Cleveland, Ohio. ]
Edwin Williams, superintendent of i
i the mines at Baxter, who was burned
t there several days ago, is recovering. c
, Miss Ella Greiner has gone to Balti- t
more where she has entered Johns- i
I Hopkins hospital for a surgical opera1
tion. c
! Robert Brock, of Morgantown, is at- t
[ tending the tennis tournament in this t
' city and is the guest of Dr. and Mrs.
; H. G. Stoetzer. i
[ Henry E. Morgan, of McKeesport.
! Pa., is here to attend the reunion of '
. the Morgan family which takes place '
, at Oak Grove near Morgantown on
. Thursday. Mr. Morgan's family hatl
. been visiting at the home of Mr. James
Cooglo on the East Side.
Miss Mattie Connors, of Baltimore,
" has returned to this city and will again
The plot ot this story Is a strong
[ heroine ot the story helng an agnos
. John Lorenz and Anna Leigh carry
worthy manner.
1 Ivy Close, tho international beauty
1 good live comedy reel with plenty of
, One of the early favorites on tho s
she is seen. The one reel used here ;
! Open 1 to 11 P. M. .
( TUVr ETuFf
E / Yoti'LL GET >
* * .
v t'Ji-* y ' - *
*c'iti<wbi' '
?. i
ired from tile trunk.
Jealousy, the police believe, may
lave caused the murder.
The bride, they say, was a sprlnghty
girl, fond of company. She was
ilonrt and was considered the most
leautiful girl in Chicago's north side.
Pettlt was a widower when he met
diss Keiser at a dance. Courtship
.nil elopement followed.
Two weeks after the wedding. tl)e
>olice claim, I'ettit asked his young
iriile to pledge herself to a suicide
tact with htm. He said he was tired
if life, according to the police.
le employed as milliner at the Harriion
department store.
James Sloan left recently for Baltlnore
where he will enter MC- St. Josph
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haas and chflIren
accompanied by ltussell Itobey,
eft yesterday in their Dodge car for
darlinton, where they will spend a
acation at Allegheny Club.
Mrs. P. H. Bennett has returned
rom Stewart, Ohio, where she had
pent several weeks.
Miss Snowa Tliorne, who holds a
itenographic position with the Good
fear Rubber Tire company at Akron.
)bio, is spending a week with her
notlier. Mrs. Alice Thorne, in this city.
Miss Flossie McCullough has returnid
trora a visit of two weeks with relatives
at Burton.
Mrs. Lamar Satterfield lias returned
rotn a visit of several weeks at Auora,
Preston county.
Edward Connell, of Huntington, !b a
isitor in tills city. Mr. Connell is a
irother of Harry Connell, who was fornerly
located here.
Misses Martha and Lillian Swaine,
if Pt. Marlon. Pa., are guests of their
irother, Alfred Swain, on Walnut avelue.
Miss Icte Travis, of Morgantown. is
i visitor in the city having come here
o visit Mrs. Hugh Amos, who is a paient
at Cook hospital.
Miss Bonnie Swiger, of Shinnston.
s a visitor In the city today.
Mrs. Will Layman continues ill at I
'ook hospital where she had been a
intient for several weeks.
Children Cry
one. It touches on religion, the |
tic?a novel situation in a drama.
the principal parts in a praise- !
- of England is tlio he&dllnor in n
creon, and better liked the oftener
gives her an excellent opportunity.
Admission 5 Cents.
freckles and his fr]
I! / 01 /w
fer l\tw
I Lv/v/Al. * i3v/\^J
I ~. ?
At Hlghgate.
Miss Sue Kersley Watson la entertaining
a number ot her trienda at her
home "Hlghgate" thla week. The
young people are attending the tennta
tournament In progress thla week at
the Country Club. Mlaa Watson's
guests are Misses Laura Nell ot Parkersburg.
Miss Sara Oross ot Greensburg,
Pa., Miss Betty Brown ot Sewickley.
Pa., and Messrs. Tom Cummins
and Wright Hugos ot Wheeling,
Allen Held of Patterson, N. J., Marvin
Pardee of Huzelton, Pa. Honoring the
gUQBu air. una xuro. j. r*. wauoa win
entertain with an elaborately appointed
lawn dinner this evening at Highgate.
Missionary Meeting. i
The Woman's Missionary society ot
the M. E. church, south, will meet this
evening at 7:30 o'clock at the church.
All members are requested to be present.
Tennis Dance.
A number of social events are being
planned for the entertainment of
the visitors here for the tennis tournament.
Last night an Informal dance
was held at the Country club, Vincent's
orchestra furnishing the music for the
dancers. Previous to the dancing
about forty partook of the club dinner.
On Wednesday night a dance
will be given in honor of the visitors
and this promises to be a brilliant affair.
* * *
Held Enjoyable Affair.
The Westminister Ouild of the First
Presbyterian church held a delightful
outing yesterday afternoon at the J.
Waiter Barnes camp on the Valley
river. Several members of the party
went to Elm Beach in motor boats
while others made the trip in automobiles
and tbe party returned here on
foot. The afternoon was spent in bathing
and other sports and in the evening
a corn roast was enjoyed. Mrs.
Barnes was assisted in entertaining
by Mrs. W. S. Mayers and Mrs. J. H.
Beckniun. Those who enjoyed the
outing wero Misses Ella llunt, Beatrice
Snider, ltulh Fleming, Ethel
Fiscr. liaviuna Brown, Edna Wilfong,
Blanche Price and Edith Picket, the
latter of Ulchmond, Cal. Dr. and Mrs.
H. G. Stoctzer were also guests present.
For Guest.
Honoring her sister, Miss Edith Pickett,
of lticlimond, Cal., who is her
guest. Mrs. Prank Amos will entertain
the Chatter Box club this evening at
her home on Madison street. Miss
Pickett while In this city was a member
of this organization.
Given Surprise.
Mrs. C. E. Harden was plcasnntly
surprised last evening when u number
of her children, great grandchildren
and other friends assembled at her
home 011 Water street to spend the
evening and celebrate her G9th fc'rthday
anniversary. Mrs. Harden was
taken by surprise and greatly enjoyed
the evening. Eighteen were present.
During the evening refreshments
which were taken by the visitors were
Surprise Party.
Honoring tne blrttiday anniversaries
of Mr. and Mrs. James Satterfleld, the
former's birthday falling on September
tbo 3d and the latter falling on i
Septeriibcr the 9th, a number of rela-1
tives and friends assembled at their
home on Sunday and helped them celebrate
these anniversaries. Mr. SatI
Tonight, Tomorrow
Matinee and Night
The Great Dramatic
in the original version
The greatest play of the season
Starting Thursday
The Wonderful White
Slave Play
Why Girls Leave Homo!
a play that tells the troth.
Matinees 10c and 20c.
Evenings, 10c, 20c, and 30c.
Secure seats now.
u ;;
terfleld la 69 rearm of age and Mrs. Sat- *
terfleld was 60. The guests brought c
with them refreshments which were e
served during the evening. Those a
present were: Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Gas- ?
kins, of Monongah; Mr. Henderson '
Hayhurst and two daughters, Mrs. lva ,
Fleming and Mrs. Darl Storms, of Col- A
fax; Mrs. Effle Smith and two chil- 0
dren, of Denver. CoL; Mrs. Clarence Burtoft
and children, William Linn, ."
Mrs. Linn and child, Mr. and Mrs. Clay I
Satterfleld ?na rhiirf mi?? i?,tnn c... i
terfleld, Garrett and Mavis Satterfleld,
William C. Hughes, Mrs. Hughes and
(our children, all of this city.
Barnes Reunion.
The Barnes family reunion will take
place at Traction Park Thursday of
this week and a large number of the
connections of the family are expected
to be present. The program for
the day Is as follows:
10 a. m., assembling and reunion;
12 noon, dinner; 1:30 p. m., song; report
of secretary, W. H. Barnes; report
of treasurer;report of historian,
the Rev. L A. Barnes; song; address,
Mrs. Sylvia Saurborne, Bridgeport, W.
Va.; recitation, Anna Donham, Fairmont;
address. Rev. J. Walter Barnes,
Amity, Pa.; poem, Mrs. Olive C.
Barnes; Impromptu talks.
To Return to New York.
Mr. Jackson Clyde Klnsey, of New
York city, who had spent the summer
with his mother, Mrs. Q. W. Klnsey,
at Mannlngton, expects to return the
latter part of this week to New York i
where he wllL resume his musical |
studies. Mr. Klnsey has participated
In a number of delightful musical af-l
fairs while in this city.
Guests of Gov. an^ Mrs. A. B. Fleming.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. McCabe, of
Charleston, add Mr. McCabe's sister.:
Miss Mary McCabe, of Leesburg, W.
Va, arrived here yesterday to attend.
the tenals tournament and are guests
of Mrs. McCabe's grandparents, Gov.
and Mrs. A. B. Fleming, In this city.
* *
To Move to Bungalow.
Mr. and Mrs. John Uordon Smyth
expect to move next week from the
Fleming apartments to their attractive
new bungalow recently erected on the
Country Club road.
s s
To Reorganize Choral Society.
Plans are on foot for the reorganization
of the Fairmont Choral society
and a meeting will be held tonight at
the Y. M. C. A. building for the purpose
of planning for the reorganization.
It is the plan to organize on an
even more elaborate plan than was the
case last year. The organization, it
will bo remembered, was quite a factor
last winter In musical circles and
the entertainment given by the socieWANTED
each, of all the early histories of |
Monongalia, Marlon, Taylor and LewIs
counties. A copy each of all Biographical
or Geneloglcal histories of
pioneer families in above counties. Also
county plat books, of all or any of
the above counties. Address with description,
giving dates published, with
condition and prices. P. O. Box 31,
Rockport, Wash.
DAILY 2:30?7:30?9
The Show with the Reputation
Hyatt & Leflore |
Musical Comedy
The Oriental Auction
1OC " ALL SEAT""8 1OC !
Balcony, 10c; Main Floor, 20c.
/oUl TU
\ M*UE
3>? ^ \9EMfi
UMEU., vwiwcrs^
I * **
' ' wr
! -| | I; J
Mr. L.El,''Bennett, secretary of the tc
ecal United Commercial Travelers, tt
rill entertain the organization at a
orn roast to he held on Wednesday
veiling of this week at eight o'clock,
t his home on Bell Run. All the men cl
t the organisation are invited to at- ci
end. The members can take the 01
dgemont car and get off at Bell Run. P
. royal good time is planned for this ai
uting. ol
NEWEST JhA *ir\|
fall AvwSvV]
m1llinert jlbw3w
Fine New
Draperies to B
Today the homes ot Fairmont are
house-cleaned, being house-cleaned
And people are looking for now rui
We have a splendid showing ot
the best domestic rugs in a variety
of designs, and hundreds ot
beautiful patterns In drapery ma.
terlals to either match or harmonize
with any color scheme you have
in mind.
Our Mr. Altman, who has charge
of this department is an expert
drapery man and will be pleased to
design and have your draperies
made and hung in the very newest
Rugs 9x12 feet, run from $20 to
Drapery Ma- ?a
terial from
15c to $2.50 a
?Third Floor?
For f w
216 piece* of the famous serv
go on sale Thursday at 59c a piece
enamel Inside and out and overy ]
There are two sizes of Berlin K
two sizes of Tea Kettles, Rice B<
fee Pots and Water Palls. No mt
our window display Tuesday.
For Instant 1!
Electric Ga
Is Only
The new "Redtop Electric" 1b one
have around the house. Attach th
sockt^ and in less than one minute :
Fine for toasting bread, for cook
only occupies six Inches of space.
! The Boys'Good
Is Half Hi
Let him start school in a good
will give him selt respect", and the r
One of the new pinch-back Norfi
fancy homespuns, cheviots, casslmi
mixed browns, grays and black-and-\
rich offord gray. Sizes C to 18 year
, ?Men'4 Store, I
l/srfc To\
Sk N J / oruEO AW
do Vvou, MA?
~T |"i*Til| I I I I ! ? ||~,|
'.-.ii;.'- v j'.Viiv;?' jiii'*
r the past sererat ;nrs, are tearing
morrow for Marietta, Ohio, where
ey will reside. ' ' '
,, jggSHjHI
Class Plcnlo.
The R. T. Webb Sunday eeMw.fe^W
ass ot the Southern Methodist Bpisipat
church held a most enJayabH "?
ting yesterday at Traction .Park, ^
Icnic baskets were taken to the wart j
id a feast was spread on the (roods'"^
the park.
FOR FALlt 11
rflake a Cozy | I
divided into three classes J ml .*g la
and about-to-be house-cleenei^O
Or } jfi i * I ! ; J
Si^ J- * | ' ' j
L. i?' g*" W
hite Enamel Ware at
59c a piece
ice White Enamel Ware win , ftlS
piece has the blue enamel edgi, ''11^
liters, Preserving Kettles,"cSS-i vjjtfil
til or phone orders filled. See
' % r 11
Service, an
oMhe handiest things yon-am^ilra
you will have a red-hot stoT^H'^jjUM
dug cereal, coffee, eggs, etk. t^'^nS
1 Appearance.
looking, well-fitting suit.
espect of his companions. ' laiBW
>lk suits Is just the thingi- In 3
mes and worsted and variou^S
rhlte; also plain blue serge luKSjiEj
s! Prices from $3-B0 tn ll|UMag
'lrst Floor?
rl * ? "Tl jjgfl
/ ? J** <J ? ^wS?
?* . /?jSi~^& jv,y

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