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BSaiineflg Men Anxious That p
Ooressive Campaign Be
following Tomorrow's Con- ^
. In Earnes* ?
(Special Dlapatch to Went Vlralnlan) ['
Illtlcs In West Virginia presented J;
hlng more Interesting during the ^
t week' than the sudden tender of a
Jiocratlc state executlvo committee, D
6f Charleston. The letter of reslg- 1
Ion' was posted at Charleston folIng
Captain Lewis' arrival home
m the east where he hold a conferiittsrlth
other party leaders and rq?d
to vacate the contention that the
ipadgn In Wept Virginia, to assure d
cess of the party, was to lay claim h
thfe vote* of the party and a few p
iteoary ones from the Republicans
a parade of the virtues and accom- s
foments of the National admlnls- n
ljner leaders differed with Captain a
vis, contending that party salvation n
'not with making a campaign on
ilileht Wiloon's back but ttfrougb I
ir own efforts with only casual men- -1
i Of what the National admlnlstral
hoi done or has hot done.
Wfe'-can win by flaying Hatfield,
,'felaylng up on Cornwell," was the
M of the conference, but Captain e
rite wished to make the battle more c
the. line that the present National It
tintsIrotlon his been a success,
he election of Clem L. Shaver, of ?
Stent, as successor to CapL Lewis C
Igioned no more surprise than did ?
^resignation of the former chair- J
L' htr. Shaver is known to stand ^
Sly by the program of action set *
l^biy-Candidate Cornwell with the JJ
foval of Senator Clarence W. Wat- J
'i.-In fact Mr. Suaver has been with G
. airmont coal interests so long c
political way that he is consider- J1
iae of the wisest of the wise in "
dongslde with Statae Senator Gray
W'-and other leaders when they .
e.able to do things to thie Republi- ?
jjrhlch the Republicans did not jj
rhlle Mr. Shaver is the chairman in J
WUt/leonM that HeAVon I \Taol ?
Il?ni^iO'.;oH?u LUII.V uiiu? ou i, 11 uu?, u? >
mtlngton, will be at the head ot the j ?
bapaign operations In the southern 11
rt ot the state, and will be able to
r^a great deal ot his time to the t.
not the campaign from now until 0
there Is happiness in the Republi- ?
l ranks Just now. The reason for e,
S that' from nearly every county in
lijstaiae a volunteer has sent a con- jbutlon
to the state headquarters. b
me of them were checkB for ten
lars. Others were for $25. One was t
$100, the gender indicating that he a
fcw.on the money on the primary ri
I'decided at the time that he would
(tribute 'it to the fund from which -<
1 be paid the expenses of running J
i campaign.
little these voluntary contributions
^(ft. total a great amount, nor do
j. represent anything like what the
jMalgn will cost, it is taken that
Ms that the rank and tile are lu- ri
ested in the outcome and are will- *
^;to'';g)ve what they can afford to Je
to see things run in old-time Re- ?
We don't want to see any strike ot
^railroad men," remarked one ot ?
'state committee workers the other j,
r, but we do appreciate the' fact ?
;t talk of strike has aroused more ,
publicans to a realization of the f
tiOnal dangers than anything has J.
IB since the Vera Cruz incident. I '
e it that when the committee asks {,
contributions now that the respons- c
Will be even more numerous than t,
One of my functions during the last ''
ik has been to call on business men a
my acquaintance and ascertain, if v
slble, how they view the situation. e
eve found every Republican engag. a
in business not only ready but ti
KMUxlOUa to do his part In making the
lBaTtiiffi"<r* one of action. They are not d
I doing, their part in talk either, but are 1
BEHesirous ot helping to swell the cam- \
paignfund and run the campaign on a
I'; Republican state headquarters in
Clarksburg were not (ully establishR
ed until a few days ago. Some comHjlJnent
hfcd been started about the deKjlaar.
No sooner had they been, opened ~
BSpsa a blg corps of workers was enLfejgaged
and thousands of communlca- 11
l/Hoiis were posted within 48 hours aft- ?
I',', 'er.'announcement was made that every- 0
pithing was ready for real business. *
a conference a few dayB ago
With/Judge Ire E. Robinson, Republl- ^
nyir"*tdte as well as congressional can- fj
I dldates, Chairman J. H. Guinea, of the
BjjajtaSs'committee, .called a meeting of
ESiir&V.at state headquarters. The 5
Btjogamlttee will meet with the candl- a
SjgiBitesand an actual map of what is to q
Mb? done during the next two months n
HKdminlstratlon of the affairs of the
be^made. While all the pre- y
ft^^to the various counties and n
|l|&aawsy In their campaign that noth- c
WSjng , further needs be done, according c
Hup, one of the principal workers who
igtaVi'liS 111' luilfli with all the headquar- v
K Wli that to carry out the plans made tl
a few weeks ago which were agrees- n
Bme to Candidate Cornwell and Sena- a
K3pf 'WIE. Chilton, who would succeed tl
MMprtl to -the United Stataes Senate h
1 too many West Virginians do not opose
the ambition with their ballots.
Senator Chilton declared last week
tat he has no reason to (eel dissatlsled
over the situation. He says he
elleves the Democratic state ticket
rill be elected by between 5,000 and
9,000. Senator Chilton gill go onto
lie stump Just as soon as he can get
way from Washington.
Invitations have been Issued to the
larrlage of Walter Beryl Crowl, of
lis city and Miss Madge Long, of
arsons, which will be celebrated at
3e Presbyterian church at Parsons
n Wednesday evening, September 20,
t 6:30 o'clock. Mr. Crowl Is a son of
Ir. and MrB. W. A. Crowl, of this
Ity, and he will bring his bride to this
Ity to reside. Miss Long Is the daugh;r
of Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Jackson
ong, of Parsons, and is a charming
oung lady. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Crowl
nd daughter, Miss Mallssa. and Nicklas
will go to Parsons for the cerelony.
/ice Presidential
Candidate to Speak
George R. Kirkpatrlck, Socialist canidate
for vice president, will address
is party workers and other interested
ersons tonight at the court house.
Mr. Kirkpatrlck is a widely known
peaker and is also an author of emlence.
His address tonight is schedled
for 7:30 in the circuit court room
nd will likely be largely attended by
ten of all parties.
[nights of Columbus
Elect Officers
Officers for the coming year wer
lected at a meeting of Fairmont Coun11
No. 942, Knights of Columbus, held
ist night at the hall as follows: s
Grand Knight, P. J. McQraw; Depu- a
y Grand Master, R. M. Flaherty; e
hancellor, F. J. Hesslon; Warden, A. <1
I. Staud; Financial secretary, D. J. I
ackson; Recorder, J. M. Crelghton; 1
'reasurer, J. T. Brennen; Advocate, (
V. M. Kennedy; Inner guard. M. Datil- I
>; Outside guard, Lewis Dlschinger;
'rustees, John M. Crelghton, Charles
I. Armbruster. Delegates to state a
onvention, P. J. McGraw, J. T. Bren- y
en; alternates, W. E. Hartman, W. t
1. Kennedy. ?
Mrs. Herman B. Pocock and daughir,
Dorris Jean, of Cleveland, Ohio, e
ave returned from a visit at Mor- t
an town, and are again guests of Mrs. j
ocock's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Crowl, t
n Locust avenue. Mrs. Pocock and ^
hlld are spending the summer here t
'hlle Dr. Pocock is located as an in- f
;rne in a Cleveland hospital.
Miss Virginia Montgomery has relrned
from a visit to New York and (
ther eastern citleB where she pur- f
hased goods for the Hartley depart- t
ior? Iff Sf i -i-i? 1
us***, diuio. anon lYiuiiiKumury viaiir ^
i In Meyeradale, Pa., en route home, j
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Lamberd, of t
ilamond street, leave today for Buck- i
annon to attend the Fair. From there t
ley will go to Holley Grove, W. Va., e
j visit Mrs. Lamberd's parents, Mr. t
nd Mrs. Frank Carpenter. They will ?
eturn in two weeks.
r. W. Daugherty [
Had Many Friends!
The body of John \V- Daugherty,
rho died from the Injuries which he
ecevled in an automobile accident, e
rhich occurred near Worthlngtoc c
lunday afternoon, has been removed 1
D the home of his father, on Virginia J
venue. J
The deceased was the son of Mr.
nd Mrs. M. T. Daugherty and was (
wenty years of age. He is survived
y Ills father and mother, one brothr,
Claude, and five sisters, Nellie '
JUe. Merle, Pearl and Georgia, all of (
Ills city. Mr. Daugherty was em- .
loyed by the Consolidated Coal Comany
and worked at the Rlverdale
lines. A great many friends have
ailed at the Daugherty home to exend
their sympathies to the stricken
The father, who was spending Sunay
at Round Bottom with friends,
ras not Informed of the accident until
arly Monday morning, when he was
bout to board the early train for
The funeral will take place Wedneaay
morning at the ML Zlon church,
'he tnterropnt will be made In the
It. Zlon cemetery.
City Hall Notes
Albert Kern, city clerk, received a
elegram from Mayor Anthony Bown
from BoBton yesterday. The mayr
asked concerning the manner In
rhlch things were being run In his
bsence. Mr. Kern answered that evrythlng
was going lovely and for the
layor to stay out on hlB vacation un11
he had somewhat recuperated his
A water pipe bursting at Monroe
nd Hamilton streetB this afternoon
rew Water Commissioner Ira Smith
nd a force of his men to the scene,
'he matter was remedied in a few
Commissioners Smith and Lehman
rho rode the new.fire truck around
lie race track at the Fair Ground yesirday
stated today that the ctly haa
lade a good bargain In the buy and
bat should they be able to get more
bey would buy tbem for racing mahlnas,
stripping the weight off and
ailing them Fliers of some sort.
It seems that the old city jail which
ras a terrific joint had it's terrors for
be average drinking man of Fairlont,
for the new jail has had sever1
times as many occuphnts within
be past two weeks as the old one had
i month!.
t I \
^ ' *' ' ''' *
This is the type of soldier Gr
discarded them for the regular arm
at home when they went Into the t
| Town
Sunday School Class?Father Jo
eph has opened a Sunday school clast
t St. Joseph Catholic church with at
inrollment of sixty children. The chit
iren will be prepared for their firsl
loly Communion and confirmation
They will be taught by Misses Marie
:altlara, Mary Romlno and Tresa
Third Annual Re-unlon?The third
nnual re-unlon of the Reese familj
rill be held at the Oak Grove Bap
1st church grounds In Taylor county
Saturday. Everybody Is Invited tc
ttend with filled baskets.
Mayor's Court?Grover Scott, charg
d with drunkeness, was found guilt)
his morning by Acting Mayor Alberl
Cern and fined $5. He arranged pay
oent L. H. Randall was fined $1 foi
[riving an auto on the wrong side o!
he street. L. L. Hoggess, drunk, was
ined {5. He arranged payment.
Auto Victim Will Recover?Audrey
Jueen, who Is in Cook hospital with i
ractured skull received in an automo
tile accident Sunday, Is resting excep
tonally well today. The attending
ihysician, Dr. Lee B. Boyers. stated
his morning that the boy'B right eye
pas partially paralyzed and although
its condition was very much improv
id. it Is very probable that an opera
Ion will have to be performed to eU
ate the fractured part of the skull.
Trustees Meet?The regular meet
ng of the trustees of the First Pres
lyterian church is In progress this
ifternoon at the city uuliding the
nceting having been called for tout
Father Joieph Opens School?Fatlr
x Joseph has opcucd a Sunday school
:lass in St. Joseph's Catholic churcl
v?th an enrollment of 60. The cbii
Iren will be prepared for the first
loly communion and confirmation
rhe teachers for the school are Miss
is Mary Romlno and Teresa Forti.
Democrats Will Meet?C. L. Shaver
he newly appointed democratic state
'.hairman has called a meeting of hie
H T^M H Jr dm rf/31
eece will send to war. Greek soldiers us
y uniform worn In trenches, just as tbo
Talk |
committee for Huntington next Fri11
day afternoon. The permanent ueadi
quarters of this committee will likely
be determined at this meeting and
: either Fairmont or Clarksburg Is ex.
pected to be named as the most sulti
able place.
Transfer Federal Prisoner?Jane
Gasklns, who has been In the Marlon
| county jell as a federal prisoner doing
a term of six months for bootlegging
was granted permission by Judge
: Dayton to be taken to her home town
Parkersburg and serve In the Wood
county Jail. She was transferred
[ Colonel Conaway Speaks?Colonel
! W. H. Conaway returned today from
Cpalton in Randolph county where he
1 was the chief speaker at a labor day
i meeting held at that place yesterday.
Labor Leader Here?Harry P. Coch1
ran, of Wheeling, was in Fairmont
' yesterday the guest of Paddy King
- and Charles Ray of the Owens Bottle
> company. Cochran was en route to
! Rlchwood whore he was scheduled to
1 deliver a labor day address.
Odd Fellows Initiation?Marlon
' Lodge No. 11 entertained Grand Master
of West Virginia W. F. Holllster
today and this evening an initiation
will be held in the hall and refreshments
will be served.
| Ladies Aid Society?The Ladles Aid
, of the Grace Lutheran church will
i meet inursoay evening at tne Home
of Mrs. E. T. Cassell, 115 Eighth |
, street. The two special services rendered
Sunday at Urace church were
well received and the musical proI
gram especially pleased.
Off to the Pacific Coast?Burger
- Malmqulst, champion ski jumper of
this country and a well known employe
of the Owens Bottle piuui in
. this city left this afternoon for San
i Francisco on business for the firm,
i He will be gone about four months.
msmm Wpg
V A jU
ed to wear knee-length skirts, but Ml
Scotch Highlanders left .their kilties ||
Disingenuous to Boast That It's ^
Through Any Act of Wilson D&;
We Are Out of the Eu
ropean Contest. i p?
j bur
' ret
During the Present Administration tha
We Have 8elzed a Mexican Pert and lor
8ent Our Entire Army and Mltltla ma
to Plght Mexicans While Armed
Mexican Forces Have Invaded Am-. in ,
erlcan Soil and Fought Battles tin
Against Our People. j ?u
______ < fin
Sometimes yon hear men, sensible' ^
men, too. say. "I'm going to vote for i0(j
Wilson this year because he kept us. .
out of war." ma
Ask < such men a short question. | tht
Ask them, "Out of what war?" j c.,
Did Mr. Wilson keep us out of the' prt
European War? No. He has himself! cot
In a formal address to congress apok-i ed
en of the European war as "a war ?r
with which we have nothing to do, ai
war whose causes do not touch us."''
How could Mr. Wilson keep us out cjj{
of a war with which we have nothing me
to do and whose causes do not tonch fer
us? lar
Did he keep the rest of the western da;
hemisphere out of the European war? '
No Independent nation on this side wo:
of the world Is Involved In It; the vei
only people In It are the colonies of daEuropean
powers and they had no
voice In their fate, for they were au- Mr
tomatlcally at war when their mother e(j
governments went to war. Who kept Bta
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, out of sei
the European war? Did Mr. Wilson? th<
uia air. ivuson seep us out or war ?<
with Mexico? No. In his term more ?ni
Americans have been killed by Mexl- p?
cans and more American property has ? '
been destroyed by Mexicans than by( inl
Spaniards during the whole Spanish' ph
war. In his term we hare seized a tal
Mexican port and have sent our entire
regular army and mllttla to fight Mexl- T_
cans. In his term Mexican armed II
forces have Invaded American soil and
fonght br.itles against onr people within
our boundaries.
President Taft went through two
Mexican revolutions during his term, . ^
the revolution against Dlax and the to
revolution against Madero. American we
lives were safe In Mexico during that cec
time. No Mexican cities were seized lnt
by Americans and no armed Mexicans Ca
Invaded the United States while Mr. &rt
Taft was In the White House. Yet Mr. sw
Taft never thought of asking the ***
American people to vote for him because
he kept us out of war with
Mexico. He pnt an embargo on arms
so that American weapons would not
be sent across the boundary, and he
refused to Interfere In Mexican affairs.
When he left office Mexicans liked
Americans and Americans were safe
In Mexico. Since he left office Mexicans
hate Americans and Americans
dare not remain In Mexico. Did Mr.
Wilson keep us out of war with Mexico?
Not If words mean'anythlng.
Mr. Wilson did not keep us out of
the European -war and he did not keep
us out of war with Mexlcoi
Out of what war, then??Detroit
Free Press.
The funeral of Mrs. Mary L. Martin
Brown, wife of Jesse Brown,
whose death occurred on Sunday
night at midnight at her home near
Farmlngton, took place this after- /
noon at 2 6'clock. The party left the
family residence at two o'clock and
drove to the M. E. church at James
Fork where Impressive services were
held. Interment was made in the
cemetery - nearby by Undertaker R.
Voir Children's
Norfolk Models at $1.98, $2Special!
Boys' 2 Pants Suit
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w" t Ta m ~
originators and leaders of
teresting Reports Made at (
Seventh Day Adventist
VESTON, W. Va'., Sept. 5.?Remarke
progress has been made in both al
ingelical and financial lineB in the
ist Virginia Conference of Seventh
y Adventists during the past year, c
lording to reports rendered at tho tl
ivention now in progress here by a
isident J. W. Hirllnger, of Parkers- n
g, and Miss Jennie Durdlck, the sec- v
ary-treasurer. President Hirllnger i
d that men and women in various t<
ge cities of the state have become
lverted to tbe Adventist doctrines g
-ing the past year, while Miss Burk
declared that there was an in- ii
ase of 48 per cent, in the tithes over
it given in 1914. Tithes are given 6
the support of the ministry, which
kes it unnecessary for the denomi- 6
ion to hold any bazaars, oyster sup's,
strawberry festivals or the like S
order to get sufficient funds to conue
their church endeavors. Miss b
rdlck said that the tithes for the
it seven months this year show an 1
rease of 40 per cent, over the
ount received during the same per- 6
last year.
l largo number of the leading clergy- h
n from the world's headquarters of
i denomination in Washington. D.
are in attendance together with
ictically every worker in the local g
lference. Progress has been reportalong
various lines by every work- d
that has thus far given his report
angellst O. W. Stevens, of Morgan- ?
?n, gave an exceedingly interesting
ion of the manner in which the n
ireh in that place has increased in
mbersblp,and also.in tithes and of- g
ings. A large company has' recentge
crowds are attending the Sunr
night meetings he is holding there, g
rho coming of Arthur G. Daniels,
rld's leader of the Seventh Day Ad- 6
itist denomination for the closing
rs of the convention?which contini
until next Sundayntght?is await- z
with more than ordinary interest.
. Daniels is one of the most travel- ^
preachers in America. During his
y at the encampment, he will give a a
-les of illustrated lectures, among
sm one on "The Meaning of the
>rld War in the Light of Prophecy,"
i another on the Triumphs of the '
spel in Heathen Lands. Mr. DanIs
will also relate some of his ex- 8
-lences in his recent tonr of China,
11a, Japan, Korea, Manchuria, the
ilippinea. Malaysia and other Orlencountries.
on Ore Rates Are
Declared Excessive i
(By Associated PresiO
WASHINGTON. Sept. 5.?Rates on
n ore from lower Lake Erie points
Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and a
stern Pennsylvania were pronoun- S
I generally unreasonable today by r
er-state commerce commission, e
rriers were directed to make sep- II
ite charges for dock, storage and e
itching services. k
On Your Vs
When yon take your vacation tl
about the happenings at home by
your vacation address. Your frien
but as a rule, they are too busy, a
vorlte paper follow you.
The cost is only ten cents a wee
coupon and mail It to the W?.Jt VI
tore you start on your vacatalon th
Enclosed find
Virginian to address given beli
Street .
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18, $2.98, $3.98, up to $7.60 |
s, $5.00 value at?$3.85 |j
kk! School Shoes I
from 98c up to $3.00 | I
rs or Girls"It Will Wear"
25c, 39c and 50c I
to 14, from 48c up I
Country Club Tournament V
Provides Interesting I
Matches; Doubles Today j
The thirteenth annual tennis tourn- I
sent started yesterday on the country
lub courts and some very Interesting
ontests were witnessed. Last night - I
lie visiting players yere entertained at I
dance at the country club. The m
ten's doubles and the mixed doubiea fe
rere scheduled td start this afternoon. -
'he results for the singles played yee?
srday were: F
John H. Rock defeated Harold Star* t
is. 6-0, 6-1. !
C. M. Pardee defeated A. S. Plem
ig 6-2, 6-3. 'I
Pardee defeated John H. Rock 8-0, ;
James Gass defeated J. S. Dana 7-9, .
F. A. Armbruster defeated W. D. - ffiSM
Itockley, 6-2, 6-1. '
J. E. McClaln defeated J. Bennett
y default. i '< 'jB
McClaln defeated Armbruster 6-4,. '. *9H
6, 6-3. '
R. L. Klngsland defeated Covert 841,
T. Cummins defeated Edgar Need- m
am, 6-1, 6-2.
E. Mack defeated Jacobs by default. . T
R.- F. McAdams defeated C. K. Fish- ... I
Mack defeated McAdams, 5-7,. 6-4, , 1
Gallager defeated F. C. Haymond by '
efault. .
Homer Castle defeated R. A. John- .. jw
on, 6-4, 6-7, 6-2.
A. J. Colborn defeated Ray Chap- jfl
lan 6-2, 6-3. ';l|
A. J. Redd defeated H. Satterfleld
Redd defeated Folmer 6-4, 6-2. I iw-fe M
J. Stuart Race defeated Post, 8-8, M
R. E. Bowie defeated C. H. Rlggs, ra
Bowie defeated Race 6-4, 6-4; .'.$?S
C. L. Bradford defeated John 8toetF'w$l
er 6-1, 60.
B. Smith defeated J. O. Watson, 2-6, -iM
Wright Hugus defeated C. E. Cow- "
n, 6-1, 6-0.
Announcements Received.
The following announcements l?BVai-_':.ssl^B
ieen received In this city:
Mr.'Jessie Lee Rex
enounces the marriage ot his .'I
Katharine1 Will*
Mt. Fred 8. T. Daniels . ; 399
on Saturday, September second
nineteen hundred sixteen yjSSM
At high noon '
Wheeling,. West Virginia .?&3|
'leasant Valley
Returned From Trip ; ''ffivjaBs
Miss Ella Ward has returned fnak?K$||]
, month's visit to Denver, Colorado'-'^*
iprlngs and Florence, Colorado. TSnif/. '
oute home Miss Ward visited af'Stab"^- M
nvllle. Ohio. Mrs. E. R. Parker and . I
Ittle daughter who had been In Btnh?:>'^'?wM
nvllle, have gone to Little Rock,'Asansae,
where they will reside.
ication Have i
Dit^tnmn 1
v You I
its summer you can keep lnSorqidd^i^g
having the West Virginian aenMm^^^H
ds may promise to write you ottWKiXpB
nd the safe way Is to have your.ijg^,.';jg
.v'.' ' t *'$<
k. Call at our office or fill out twssgiaB,
rgnnan circulation Department; JNKSggl
Is summer. '
cents. Msfl the West- (KKiSS
JW fOr e e ee ??e e* e ee eVe e ^ QClCBs jfj
, |
. , .. ' .v..
' State I
| e e. l BUHVt e ee ?t*ee?e?M^H|

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