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|HSmita are found In every walk of life,
Bajdhare of lat? Fairmont baa enjoyed
kfieatlful aupply of tbeae inspired (t)
Bukeri. In this colnmn we make no
B&mpt at criticism and do not even
Hue to say what we think of any budRfibf,
author's effusion. In fact if we
Bnally did say what we sometimes
ijijmk, when the weather Is unfavoraHjSle
and conductive to a pessimistic
rlfw, we might hurt some well meanBtJ#
person's intentions. AH the poems
Bng? have printed to date have been voll
J., -salary contributions and we wish all
iHftMfe kind friends who send in the copy
Kfcthk best of luck; and will If suitable,
MEpbmlt their efforts for public apIBKWtoval,
which is the true test of all
Sjuch matter.
K&fohe very latest rhymo. poem, ode.
MMUSd, vers llbre, epic or call It what
Eyfpp will, Is from a chorus girl. Wo
f','. know of no reason why chorus girls
[Kfjihould not be poets as well as anyone
S?-Use so we print the following front the
wipen of Miss Rose Childs, who Is a
Kg.-- member of the chorus of Hyatt and
KftLenore's musical comedy company
Xffiuiow showing at the Colonial theater.
jHgShe contribution Is self explanatory:
Bi Tp.Mlss Allele Brae
Kgfjl make my will today.
EKff'.I should dio before I wake, t
3tt?To her my worldly goods please take.
BPMy purse contains nlnetv-flve cents, 1
Rt t now bequeath my wealth immense. 1
y To this fair chorus maid 1 love
HPtTake purse and all. I have a glove <
R" Once white, now grey.
.Give her, I pray J
K My Gloves, my coat, my Paris hat.
Rjafthave no dog, I have no cat? 1
t- .But I've a clock and two black bags,
fo'A' tooth brush, comb, and good wash- '
ffcme few more articles you'll and, ]
MHffhey all go to this maiden kind.
KSMy worldly goods, you'll please remember,
jjE^Onthta the Sixth day of September,
reJWlth sign and seal and all the rest,
B.Jl give to her I love the best.
There you are. What do you say?
K1.Tragic? Pathetic? Funny? Dramat- 1
3f>ic? Appealing? Ludicrous? Sad? Su- t
t. bllme? Generous? Platonic? Sarcastic?
l"''Ironlc? Byronlc? Fcollsh? Convincing? ,
. or a hundred more adjectives or ad- ]
verbs might be sincerely used to describe
this effort. .
Sfc'.' " You see It all depends on one's taste !
ty. and point of view. Again there are
I- some persons In this world who will
fc? ;tell you, "No, I never read poetry. You 1
?.. see I don't care for It." This class of 1
Kf" persona of course are not asked to
R^retd this. 1
While the dirt roads In Marlon coun- I
v r ty^ are probably In better condition '
|v?i iiinu Luuy nave Deen (or
>' many seasons past, there are also more 1
fe -complaints this year than usual accord- E
, ' lng to the county commissioners who
m are compelled to listen to all the kicks 1
that are made. c
They say this fact Is due to the great >
V number of automobiles that are now
unowned and used throughout the remote j
-^ sections of the county. The farmers 1
fi and men who drive light automobiles
H|;-'nbtlce each and every hole; rut and 1
|? bad place and do not hesitate to tell
pi'the commissioners and the county en- J
gineer all about It. '
EV In former years when the use of aufe-Vtomoblles
was confined to paved 1
^ streets the greater part of the year '
Eg and the farmers and rural inhabitants 1
were still using horseB and wagons, a '
* few shtall holes and ruts In the road '
were net thought of sufficient import- '
1 ance to make a kick about 1
One other condition that troubles
ggthe road supervisors and the county *
v. -engineer Is the fact that honest and
Sufficient men who will work the roads J
I are extremely hard to find. A plan '
that works out splendidly In theory '
b:tbut very poor In practice Is to engage
Ei fanners and men living along certain (
sections of road to work It after each '
(S rain and thus keep It In good shape.
SSfj-;;. The men can be hired readily enough
gfc hy -the supervisors, but unless some
|gfj,.qne Is around to watch (hem they will '
"turn In several hours' work and do but '
very little. These shon sighted per- '
Bgf sons, even while working their own
gSJroad, and being paid for It, seem to
ESIthtnk it Is a fine thing to cheat the |
BSoounty court. In reality they are robflR?blng
^Three hundred million Red Cross ,
t uuuBii seals are being printed in j
olnnati tor the annual holiday cam- (
gn to be conducted under the Joint ?
iplces of the American Red Cross j
1 The National Association (or the (
idy and Prevention of Tuberculosis. E
Che campaign for the sale of Red (
9ss Seals this year will be larger (
in ever before. Although in 1915 j
>3 vue sale reached the record total of (
y 80,000,000 seals, bringing in $800,000,
2" it is expected that this year at least
55100,000,000 seals or $1,000,000 worth
be sold. The sale will be organ- (
fir 'lied from Alaska to the Canal Zone
K&and from Hawaii to Porto Rico. Every
BB&tate and territory in the United States
HSfarlU have seals on sale. New organlj??;r:
aatlons will be working in a number
SgSot .the western states. Including MonjfgVtana.
Utah and Wyoming. Dlstrlbut".
tlon of the seals 1b now under way.
The Red Cross Christmas Seal for
tfVl916 was designed by T. M. Cleland.
StS.6f Jfew York city. It shows a Santa
P-i- Clans in red on a green background in
If. the center panel with a pack on his
idi,.back hearing a red cross. The letterBKUlng
"A Merry Christmas" and "A Hap fSpt
New Year" is carried vertically up
Baand down the sides of the seal, while
aSahe date and the words "American Red
jK^tfoss" are across the bottom of the
.seal. The poster effect given by this
RrTn" is very striking and makeB an nnBtcfifaallv
handsome design.
Motored to Morgantown.
aifef, Mr ?nrf ? T *
. ? ?i. r^uu and Mrs.
KjJfJ: H. Beckman motored to Morgantown
yesterday where they spent the day
rc&iks the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
ffi^Mattingly, former residents of FairgWANTED
H&&ieach, of all the early histories of
RSgj&nongaUa, Marion, Taylor and Lewmfccounties.
A copy each of all Biographical
or Oenelogical histories of
Banoneer families in abore counties. Also
oounty plat books, of all or any of
jgffifcabore counties. Address with description,
giving dates publishedL with j
? t> 1' Vs1'r riix
By>fc ?
CHICAGO, Sept. 7.?Ill stick to mj
lusband no matter bow many women
ry to malign or sue him," says Mrs
Dharles Ross Dines, whose husband
vas notified the day of his wedding
hat suit for $30,000 for breach ol
jromlso has been filed by Miss Edns
3rove of Omaha.
A U. S. marshal, serving notice ol
ho suit, was an uninvited guest al
he wedding, but none o fthe plan:
lor tho affair were changed.
Dines is a professor at Northwest
;rn university. Miss Grove and Mrs
Dines were students at the college
Dines says his engagement to Miss
Drove was broken three years ago
Mrs. Charles F. Boehler, of Morgan
:own, spent a few days in this clt]
his week with friends.
Mrs. W. C. Ridgely and children ar<
risking relatives at Mannington anc
tymer this week.
Mrs. Charles V Hare has returned
o her home in Morgantown after t
risit in this city.
Miss Toyle Hupp is the guest ol
Miss Eliza Pary in Wheeling this
Mlss Harriet Chattle, of Fort Byron
f. Y., is the guest of Miss Virginia
Dasklll In this city. Miss Chattle wil
>e Instructor in Domestic art at th<
Fairmont Normal school this year.
George Wise, of McKeesport, is visit
ng his uncle, J. U. Wise, of Plerpom
Mr. J. S. Sole, who had been th<
ruest of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Ashcrafl
>n East Park avenue, returned todaj
o his home in Wheeling.
Karl Martin, of the local fire depart
nent, went to Wheeling today to at
end the Fair.
Miss Nina Scranage went to Wheel
ng today for a brief visit.
Miss Frances Ward leaveB this even
ng for a visit In Wheeling and Steu
>enville, Ohio.
Senator Addison W. Parker, of Dei
llolnes, Iowa, Is a guest at the home
>f Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lange on Mary
and avenue. His wife who had beet
he guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs
V. Paul Lange. for several weeks, wll
iccompany him home. They will leavi
or Des Moines on Friday.
Frank Amos Is In Wheeling attend
ng the Fair. t
Austin Stealey has purchased a Hud
ion Six automobile and accompanied
jy Ed Connell of Huntington, motored
:oday to Wheeling to attend the Fair
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Criss went t<
iVheellng yeeterday where they are at
ending the Fair.
To Hold Meeting.
The first meeting of the Beau No
llub since the vacation season will b;
leld Friday evening at the resldenci
>f Mrs. W. E. Buckey.
The simple mixture of buckthori
Dark, glycerine, etc., known as Adler
-ka, astonishes Fairmont people. Be
:ause Adler-1-ka acts on BOTH lowei
ind upper bowel, ONE SPOONFUL re
leves almost ANY CASE of constlpa
don, sour stomach or gas. It removei
iuch surprising foul matter that a fev
loses often relieve or prevent appen
Ileitis. A short treatment helps chron
c stomach trouble. The INSTANT
tasy action of Adler-i-ka is astonishing
Martin's Drug Store.
Musette Beryl Stewart
Teacher of Piano-Forte
609 Fairmont Ave.
Bell Phone 958
ggsp/ tm' OnvV Of
; ^ ( were TW* Sb
1 " ' ' * '" i''5 ^
Soolety to Meat
The Women's Missionary society
ot the First Presbyterian church will
meet Friday afternoon ot this week
at the home ot Mrs. Robert Denham at
409 Jefferson street The following
program will be observed: Devotional
?Story ot Deborah-Wisdom and Courage?Mrs.
J. $. Bdckman; Effect ot
War on Africa Missions, Mrs. W._T.
Black; trio, "At Evestlde It Shall "Be
Light" Mrs. Waddell, Miss Bock, Mrs.
Shurtleff; missionary queationalre,
Mm W S Mavors* Mlailnnnrv hono.
diction; social hour.
Entertained For Visitor
Miss Maud Hair, of Denver, Colorado,
was the honor guest at a corn
roast last evening by Mr. and Mrs.
A. F. Sandy at theh- home at Pine
Grove. The guests Included Mr. and
Mrs. W. E. Buckey, Mr. and Mrs. Carl
Springer, Mr. asd Mrs. Ward Downs,
Sheriff and Mrs. C. D. Conaway, Miss
Hair, Misses Nele Dougan, Madge
Barns, Elizabeth Davis, Ruth Barnes,
Mllla Ice, Florence Wllfong, Messrs.
Dana Bailey, Walter DeVault, Lawrence
Sandy, Ray Toothman, Mr. Kelley.
Delightful Outing
' Fairmont Council No. 497, United
i Commercial Travellfs, were deliglit.
fully entertained last evening, at the
I home of the secretary of the orgaril:
zatlon, Mr. L. E. Bennett, with a corn
' roast which was held at the home of
l the host at Bell Run. A arge number
of the memberB of the organization en!
joyed a feast of roasted corn, weinles,
: sandwiches, gingerbread and elder,
i The affair was greatly enjoyed and
Mr. Bennet's kindness In entertaining
- the organization was highly appreclat
i Morgan Re-Union
The annual re-union of the Morgan
family takes place today at Oak Grove
near Morgantown. A number of local
connections of the family are in
attendance at the gathering.
! Judge Robinson's Family Here.
Judge and Mrs. Ira E. Robinson and
daughter Miss Ada May were visiting
in the city yesterday. The Judge
' went on train No. 65 to Wheeling
where he will attend the State Fair.
Mrs. Robinson and daughter will re|
main in the city till the later part of
I the week when they will go to Phllippi
where the daughter will enter
I BroadduB College for another year
l The Judge is enjoying the best health
for Borne years and is entirely satiap
fled with State political outlook.
? *
Held Reunion.
Celebrating the 78 anniversary ot
' the birth of Dr. S. E. B. Kramer a re|
union of the Kramer family was held
1 on last Sunday at the home of Dr.
* Kramer.
The immediate members of the fam
* ily were all present consisting of
1 live sons one daughter, four daughter
in laws one son in law, nlnet&n
> grandchildren and two great grazd'
children as follows:
' Mr. and Mrs. C. D. M. Kramer and
family, Neva, Samuel and Fred, of
' Clarksburg; Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Kram
er and family, Sidney, Marlon, Joseph
and Charles, of Fairmont; Mr.
- and Mrs. Worthy H. Post and family,
Caroline, Elizabeth, Herman. Mary,
- Paul, Elsworth and Ada, of Baxter;
- Mr. and Mrs. George E. Kramer and
family, Asia and Freda-Gay, of Smitbi
town; Mr. and Mrs. Will A. Kramer
> and family, Allen, Martha, and Char
lotte, of Smithtown; Mrs. George
l Watson and two daughters (great
. grand children) Cathaleen and Alice,
I of Morgantown; and Baltzer Kramer,
3 the "lone bachelor," of Mount Clare.
A handsome leather couch was pre
- Bemed to Mr. Kramer as a token of
love and appreciation. The day was
- spent in recreations of all kinds and
1 the feature of the day was the exI
celient dinner Berved by Mrs. Kram.
er. A number of relatives and friends
} called during the day to extend con'
gratulatlons among the numbor being:
M. L. Hutchinson and daughters,
Irene and Martha; C. E. Hutch1
- Fairmont Readers Can No Longer
Doubt the Evidence.
This Fairmont woman testified long
i ago.
I Told of quick relief?of undoubted
i benefit.
The facts are now confirmed.
Such testimony is complete?the evlr
dence conclusive. It
forms convincing proof of merit.
Mrs. Clara D. Sturm, 417 Quincy St.,
3 Fairmont, says: "My back ached and
j I had dizzy and nervous spells. My
, kidneys were weak and at times I was
. rheumatic. I got Doan's Kidney Pills
, at Crane's Drug Store and they gave
. me relief, making me feel much stronger."
Sturm said: "I am glad to confirm all
, I have said before recommending
Doan's Kidney Fills. They are worthy
of the highest praise."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't simply
ask for a kidney remedy?get
Doan's Kidney Pills?the same that
Mrs. Sturm has twice ubllcly recommended.
Foster-Mllburn Co., Props., I
I Buffalo, N. Y.
*ht\ unrvvf wv
? \ m I r-AMV. AT??m<
S6 \ lI'Mfifr) "ft UlM ATMJ
rtes- / it 1 \ ?OH*! 1 Wov
uurr / ' 1 I -VUE ?E? MI
I /\ I I4 \/ r |\J I S
on and. sons, Claude and James, ot
Fairmont; Mrs. Kate MerrlHeld, ana
the Misses Alma and Belle Merrifleld.
of Monnt Harmony? Hon. Edmohd
Watson, Miss Rose Watson, Mr. and
Mrs. Heath Michaels, Mr. and Mrs.
Leroy Beals. and Mrs. Clate Stansberry
and others, of Smith town.
Michael Reunion.
The annual reunion ot the Michael
family will be held Sunday. September
10, at Ballah Springs. This place Is
easy ot access to the Falrvlew Interurban
line. Congressman M. M. Neely
and Hon. W. B. Ice are scheduled to
deliver addresses on this occasion.
Circle to Meet
^ The Hope Sewing circle will meet
on Friday evening at the home of
Mrs. Charles Dickens os Maryland avenue.
Entertained For Gueat
Hqji orlng Miss Bessie Jones, of
Atlantic City, N. J., who is the guest
ot Miss Florence Hutchinson, Miss Angela
Hart entertained Informally at
cards yesterday afternoon at her
house fx Fairmont avesue. Five hundred
was the game of the afternoon.
For Mitt Huniaker
Complimentary to Miss Elizabeth
Hunsaker, of this city who leaveB next
week tor Baltimore, where she has accepted
a position in the Oneill store.
Miss Minnie CumpBton entertained informally
last events* at her home on
East Park avenue. Miss Hunsaker
had been associated with the Hartley
department ttore for a number of years
and her raa:i> friends will rogret her
departure from this city. Games featured
the evening and refreshments
were served. The guests Included the
ualesladtes of the second floor of the
Hartley store. '
Entertained at Porch Party
Honorlsg. her guest Miss Bessie
Jones, of Atlantic City, N. J., Mss Florence
Hutchinson eutertalned at a prettily
appointed porch party at the home
, of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Hutchinson,
on Fairmont avenue, on Tuesday
evenisg. A lawn party had been
planned but owing to th erain the
porches and house were used for the
entertainment of the guests. Miss
Jones leaves this evening for her home
accompanied by Miss Hutchinson who
will be he]. jjuest for a tew weeks before
the rc-openlng of Notre Damo college
is Philadelphia, when both young
adies wll enter that school.
Nuzum Reunion.
The following officers were elected
at the fourth annual reunion of the
Nuzum family and historical society
held yesterday at Loop Park: Presi[dent,
I. N. Nuzum, Elwood, Ind.; vice
president, Jesse H. Nuzum, Shlnnston;
| secretary-treasurer, Charles E. Nuzum,
Fairmont. Two hundred and fifty of
the Nuzum family and its connections
were present for the day and a most
enjoyable program was carried out.
Among those who spoke briefly during
the day were Prof. John Nuzum, of
Grafton; J. N. Nuzum and Sam R. Nuzum,
of this city. It was decided to
hold the fifth reunion of the organization
at Loop Park on the first
Wednesday in September, 1917. Among
out of town guests present were T. C.
Nuzum and son, Charles, of Cairo; Mr.
and Mrs. John Nuzum. of Grafton, and
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Nuzum, of Elwood,
Ind. T. C. Nuzum had the distinction
of being the oldest member of the famI
ily nresent vesterdnv ho h?ln? 1
ed the age of 78.
To Resume Work.
Miss Beryl Stewart, after a several
weeks' vacation, has returned to her
Children Cry
Ladies, Oi
Fall Sui
I desire an opportunity
est styles for the coming
i ' *
The most correct Fashii
the choicest assortment c
lection and during this n
pleasing Concessions to yoi
is cordially invited. > We p
S. NE\
Ladies' Tailored Ridi
Empire Building,
mitodajr. Septet
ber 11.
Visiting In East.
Hllies Mary and Louise Zell, ot
Birmingham, Ala, who had been the
guests ot their sister. Mrs. 8. D. Brady
In this city, are spending several
weeks in Atlantic City, Philadelphia
and New York before returning to
their home. They will also visit Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Zell in Washington
before leaving for their southern home.
Barnes Reunion.
The Barnes family reunion is belhg
held today at Traction Park and large
numbers of the Barnes family connection
went to the park where they are
spending a delightful day. The program
which is being observed is as follows:
10 a. m., assembling and reunion;
12 noon, dinner; 1:30 p. m., song;
report ot secretary, W. H. Barnes;
report of treasurer; report of historian,
the Rev. L A. Barnes; song; address,
Mrs. Sylvia Saurborne, Bridgeport, W.
Val; recitation .Anna Donham, Fairmont;
address, Rev. J. Walter Barnes.
Amity, iPa.; poem, Mrs. Olive C.
Barnes; Impromptu talks.
Entertained for Miss Daddysman.
A crowd of young people were delightfully
entertained at Buffalo creek
yesterday afternoon and evening tn
honor of Miss Loretta Urdlne Daddysman,
of Charleston, who is the guest
of Miss Grace Hamilton at her home
on Oliver avenue. The afternoon was
delightfully spent In swimming and In
the evening a corn coast was held and
corn, welnies, marshmallows and sandwiches
were served In abundance.
Those entertained were Misses Marie
Hough, Helen McCray, Ruth Fleming,
Jeanette Fletcher, Loretta Urdlne Daddysman,
Grace Hamilton, Helen Hamilton,
Mary Hamilton and Messrs. Leo
Hood, Carl Baker. George Robertson.
Herbert Hamilton, Beverly Garrett.
Jim Knight and Charles Hamilton.
Miss Daddysman, the honor guest, will
return tomorrow to her home In
Richmond, Va.?"I have taken Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery with
^Nrv the best effect, and
f was perfectly
satisfied with ^the
ItiZ ^cold with
cough was ex?gm
JammJceedingly harsh
and so violent as
wto P*6 me ,n Irri
? <W/ V tatmg sore throat
with hoarseness and a compressed feeling
in my lungs. The cough reduced
my strength and I had to stop work.
At the same time I was suffering from
indigestion and had to live on stale
bread and milk. My liver also was in
a very inactive condition, as well as
my bowels. These discouraging symptoms
readily yielded to the influence
of the 'Discovery' to my great pleasure
and comfort."?Mr. John H. EaneS,
434 S. Laurel St., Richmond, Va.
Doctor Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery,
purely vegetable and free from
alcohol or narcotics, is not a secret
remedy for all its ingredients are
printed on wrapper.
Depend upon this grand remedy to
give you the kind of blood that makes
the skin clear, the mind alert, the
vision keener and puts ambition and
energy into tbe entire body. You will
imi a; ?-? / -
-? ??*ia?|<^utuicu. rui iice aavice or
free booklet on blood, write Dr. V. M.
Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
If you will tend three dimes (or stamps), to
pay for wrapping and mailing and enclose this
notice. Doctor Pierce, of the Invalids' Hotel.
Buffalo, N. Y., will send you a revised copy of
his Common Sense Medical Adviser, in cloth
binding, 1008 pages, with color plates. Just
what you need in case of sickness or accident.
Treats of Physiology. Anatomy, sex problems.
Marriage relations, Hygiene, Exercise, Disease
and its preventionrder
ts Early
j to demonstrate the latseason.
ins are at your command,
>f fabrics awaits your seiionth
we can make some
nr purse. Your earlv visit
ay half fare.
ng Habits and Furs.
Bell Phone 741-R
RG, W. VA.
? ^ - X
NEW FALL vjjri
The New "}
Waists Are 1
These are the JNe^
Ready Nov
$1.00 1b the regular price ot th
and At. they are above anything i
Surely, when every woman learns
doubt It our prosent supply would
styles will come every other week
"Sunfast" Curl
To find colors that the sun can
makers ot drapery goods for son;
some makers who have solved 11
Their goods are shown here t
The name "Sunfast" as applli
These makers give us an unresen
absolutely Impervious to the rays
they may be exposed to It.
They are In a variety of pinks
acy and decorative charm.
Prices; 50c to
P. S.?The new cretonnes tor F
We Are Res
Suit Upon
A suit that will retain its gooc
every Hartley boy's suit have a la
brlc and extra carefulness of ham
The new Fall stocks are readyot
worsteds, cheviots and blue ser
Prices $3.5(
?Men's Store,
! ^ ^
This story is all to the good,
heroine, a young widow, finds she
ment of $125 A sentimental crook
borrows the money from a friend, ]
ey back, repays the friend, and of c
Tom Mix supported by Virginia
Clnim&ted Nooz Pictorial by 1
Open 1 to 11 P. M.
Try a Want Ad in
I f fi iftuw!
-^1 u jf ainttauom'
* x i a t* fily
?irthmore" J
58? waists but in quality and stria nj
ve have ever offered at tills prtoa. ;'": a|
the merits o( this new waist, wac' ?
last a dajfc New supplies of laUT>vl < ; '
?Second Floor-r: ggH I '*'V
: J
r M I . v a_a_c
tout iuao aas ueen a pro Diem ^ltH: j^ll
te years past. ^Tbere are at lMt^jTO
oday In a good variety. /'fc$|
m3 to them Is more than a same."red
guarantee that the colors are. II
ot the ain, no matter how mnchl *,;
, blues and browns ot much daUo- S
'all are also ready.?Third Flooi<=s<.'>iS{^n
- :/:|Mn
II i
idy to Put a
I looks because the good looks QtjSB
sting foundation of fineness In fv ..Its
?Norfolk styles in a fine selection'^'!
ges. In sizes 6 to 18 years.' j|j|S '
2wFallCorset|:; fl
e ready today
no, Gossard, Madam .;|||
yra, American Lady
setry has reached such perfee^SM
today, that any figure?not de3d
of course?can obtain shapely^
and good poise. It Is due to hasfe/an; E9
:arelessness that the majorlty of.?
3s do not look better than Utn&g ,
0 things are necessary to haTSgf-Ji H
ct-llttlng corset?first the prophr^ HQ
1; second, proper adjustmeht,'Ot^ H
1 have here a wide range of mod-S^ |?
I varying proportions for all types^ I
rice run, $1, $1.25, $l^g
well written, well produced' Tljtfn
cannot pay a loan ah ark hla jodf- JS
who has taken refuge In her^dSerafl
lays the loan sharks steals the matf;!
ourse marries the widow.
Forde In a good western oodujdy^Il
Vallace A Carsol complete a'SBwl
Admission 5 Cents. | M
,^ ^ ' I

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