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BBBBjTod HH. Member
!* ' tf the Fairmont Printing and Publlah
r-^ W. J. WIEQEL, General Mana
mXStir*.- K RAY MAPEL, Advertlilng ]
Epfflrf C. V. REDIC, Circulation Mam
EBP^ '' Publication Office, Monroe I
Bf|?' < tTlephones
Bri'llMlHelm Depp I Circulation Dept. I
jgfPjWI?** Pane. MO I Balnea Cone. 280 I
BXI Foreign Advertlilng Kepreientatlve, ROI
iDaaawrlck Bldg., New York. 123 W. Mad
. Dally (by carrier) 46c per month, pa)
gK&Mhr, ona month ...$ .40j Dally, ilx
> umuj0 lonse momai. a.vu * uaiiy. one
' M fUbacrlptlonn payable In advance.
for chang* ln ad<,rew k1
BnUred at the Postofflce at Fairmont.
|j? . Subscribers on our carrier routes (t
S West .Virginian any evening should i
e UNION,'' state the (act and give nam
ggl and,'a messenger will deliver a paper
' once. There Is no charge to the sul
KB Service. The West Virginian plans
KgKSubscrlbera the best newspaper dellv
jv l ilble and this Is part of the plan.
fi-mHr President?Charles EvanB Hughes
Vice President?Charles W. Falrba
S tl. 8. Senator-Howard Sutherland ot :
Congress, First District?Thos. W. Fie
VjF, N. UOer, Parkersburg. Harold
l^ttnrenor?Ira E. Robinson of Taylor.
Kf Secretary ot State?Houston G. Young,
gfitperlntmdent of Schools?Morris P.
Auditor?John 8. Darst ot Jackson.
??2 ? -Sseasnrsr?William s. Johnson of Fay
B vvihttorney General?E. T. England ot Lc
Commissioner of Agriculture?James
instate Senator, Eleventh District?Chart
- lor County.
??^: Sheriff?W. H. Veach, Farmington.
?r Accessor?W. 8. Hamilton. Fairmont
: Prosecuting Attorney?Rollo J. Conley,
Bj& County Commissioner?\V. P. Mason,
K-. House Delegates?Geo. W. Bowers, Ms
gEfc;,# * Walter EUae'on, Fairmont.
B. 8. Hutchinson, Union district
t'* . CO. Bunrbyor?Thos. E. Mlnnoar, Annat
j "America First and America I
HI TV /I -dJNY picnics and other event!
|Ej? ixVl dren were expected to be pr
|5* called off for the time bein
'.reports that have been received bj
t ^horities. That is the sensible thi
restrictions will not fro on forerei
E^lariow every prospect that they \
' long before the season for outdoor
i&fsdi But if through any carelessness
|p ysis breaks out here there is no t
ukcontinued or how stringent the hi
fjfewill be. This is one of the cases i
Stec" Adage about- an ounce of preventi
ej'thap a pound of cure is doubly tri;
agS--y And the wise parent will do his
Wifi'Aee that the regulations of the ant!
y tied out in letter and spirit. It mi
'Annoyance right now, but just thii
Kfcj&''iehe that would follow an altac
KfttAttfO-.'*.. ... ...
I leave some bright and physically
cripple through life. It is nlmost u
there are parents who cannot sec
effort being made by the health a
there are.
j^TJST two months from today tl
yj- pending presidential .campaign
'0 in every hamlet in the laud wl
by a telegraph line. So far the bul
Bering has been done on the Repu
Veven that has bden largely of the si
^?ty, but from this out matters will i
>Crrapidity and assume more defini
- The Maine elections will take
' Reports regarding conditions in thi
flicting. Some weeks ago a promi
' newspaper printed in Boston dcclar
cations were by no means favorubl
'and it gave as a reason not that tl
Sffine Tree State were opposed to
^Candidates and the Republican cau
campaign was practically withoi
' while the Democrats were orgnniz
fgian army. Since that warning the
Miction has imporved materially, it i
IpAt aU events, once the Maine c
l.olthe way the national orgnnizati
^big parties may be expected to turi
Ki? aifAwi r\Q a
||,r ' w WMW Wig V ? UUL U1 i>V>VUiUIJCl". Xi
y recent eight hour legislation, the in
E^jiajS of the Wilson administrate a
ters will begin to fade into the ba
gHhe supremely important issue of
P"absorb more and more of the atten
didates and the people,
fei .There are indications on every
Epmblie is beginning to realize that
Eliukne of the present campaign to a
R; than it was even in years wliei
occupied the stage alone. The ot
^Vo|eupied a great amount of space
|~pers and attracted a grent deal of i
IlyGnma Our Regular Correspondent.)
|p< y^>HARLE8 E. HUGHES spoke right
??&<; but In meeting again at Lexlngton,
Ky., following his first de'';f
minclatlon ot the railway wage law at
Njufhvillo. "We hare a -new spirit
i /imiTk
"~1 " a^rMnlt^f thi
H0 *' avert it, of cour
A?ooi?ud yrttt. -Washington in t
sweat traditionally the
la* Company. , an(j t^e Ameridai
?er. rT"lKE other day
,. 1 throughout 1
street; reports aboi
nenoru. Dot %andJnZ ?f.al
b?ii m cent. n Dowell and HlD)
jeht e. ward. attention to the 1
iiton at.. Chicago. for a lot of Dem
8 sistently violatei
'able monthly. COUn'ty.
.. .... Now comes S<
mv??h':::,42:2 who has begun h
ney general and
ve old & well u ' right in the end
who eontrol the
Weet Virginia, as WOllld have tllC-p
????? J debauched the
PER CALL shocking display
. ance of theprocei
riling to got The speech Senator E
call "WESTERN "If the Den
le and residence, atlon of prlnc
' to your door at sate conditio!
Iiscrlber for this One of the D
to render to Its years ago, win
ery service pos- tlon'supplies
he was coinm
purposely so,
====== supplies were
______ place. Conse
TICKET. that prec|n?
I IX i Sharpless prei
llcan precinct
official, togetl
v_v atroylng the |
nk.TndlaM Indicted by a
democratic pr
K would not pr
mlng, Fairmont Th,a lg only
frauds that h
\ gan county I
A. Rite, Blnefleld. ?he condWI,
authorities, a
tt at the time
Nor will they
shShfi v.. proceedings wer
of K* undertake6n in th
the minds of all g
otto. against the candi
' h"* J terrorize the uns
H. Stewart of in the counties w
ies A. Slnsel, Tay- alleged investiga
polls on the day
Doubtless i
Catt declare
SEESE"" , j . . the Nationa
' ciation, of which
of Europe will <
ielle, Lincoln Plat sense of dignity i
a 101C own importance.
' if it expects to<
Several million i
efficient" with changei
There will be n
Europe, and the
DO they are to reali
^ . . ... they have been i
a at whion r.nil- ?
+h h it?6 sound strange in
the health au- ed nothi Kgi .
gi i ?j J'"5 icnl changes will
Indeed there tries jt? ?
c neP?t as pas! ities for women t
: flu T wc" pood, i
s have to be tnug
? being better ffaTK
' .. gains they have 1
J, "*;} part t0 service of the nal
liorities arc car
ay cause a little The New York
ik of the heart- well with their It
Ic i\hicll would doubt, because the
perfect child a and is not keen t
nbehcvable that sympathy.
this side of the
utlioritics. But At the same tl
\ have a good cause
does not remedy t
THS them dear in the 1
le result of the
will be known The French hal
lich is reached llnes at Verdun;
k of the election Russlans along th?
blican side and lentIe8S Progress,
kirmisliing vari- the cry at BerIln h
nove with great- w"' ^e 'or shelter
ite form.
place Monday. A woman has ai
lit state are con- 'aw librarian and
nent Republican na,vely notes thai
ed that the indi- consider the appli
le to that party, ohi? county has pi
he .people of the ?
the Republican President Wilso
se, but that the force moved c,?se
it organization remainder ot the
;cd like a Pros- er? 18 one po1"'
Republican ait- The taipayerB w111
is understood. expenses.
:ampaign is out *~***"*~"
ons of both the SHOl
i their attention Mrg DurMn ?u
Jld Mexico, the ,he told our rural
ternational poll- tho country lies In
nd similar mat- '"he told our good
the tariff wUl Parkersburg State
tion of the canHuntlngton
hand that the
At. a 'a more than Parkeri
the tariff is ail ranks far below I
i degree greater uates turned out a
1 it practically
her issups have General Obregot
ner issues nate lnal BprInga> wher(
in the newspa- acta trouble. Well
mention among go anywhere for tt
abroad in these recent days in Amerlea."
said Mr. HufirheB. "It 1b ?nlr.
It that demands legislation in advance
of investigation. It is the spirit that
demands executive action and legislative
action in advance of an examination
of the facts on which BUch action
should be based. It in the spirit which
says 'Legislate now and investigate
afterwards.' It is the spirit of force.
' - ?
is now realized that tmleM someavert
it America's .turn to suffer
a war is not far off. The way to
w, is to put the government at
he hands of the party which is
protector of American industry
a wage earner.
when the Democratic newspapers
:he state were printing in big type
nt an investigation by a federal
lleged election corruption in Mc?o
counties this newspaper called
fact that the penitentiary yawned
ocratic politicians who have peril
the election laws in Clarion
>uator E. T. England, of Logan,
is campaign for election as attorcalls
attention to the fact that
of the state where the Democrats
machinery of the federal courts
ublic believe the Republicans have
elections there have been some
s of election corruption and defi
sscs oi me courts, in ins very nrsi
Ingland said:
locrats are sincere In this declarlples,
we Invite them to investttis
In ray home county, Logan,
emocratlc election officials, two
3 was entrusted with taking electo
the voting precinct nt which
Issloner, became, anil I suppose
very much Intoxicated, and these
never delivered to the voting
quontly no election was held at
This was what is known as
cinct. one of the largest Repubs
in the county. This election
ler with others who aided In depopular
will or the people, were
grand Jury of Logan county. The
osecuting attorney of the county
osecute the case, but nollled It.
one instance of the Democratic
ave been perpetrated by the Lolemocratlc
machine. We have
of any Federal investigation of
3ns by the Democratic Federal
Ithougb the papers were full of
it happened."
hear of it. The Webster Springs
e political entirely. ' They were
e hope that they would prejudice
food citizens throughtout the state
dates of the Republican party and
ophisticatcd Republicans who live
hich came within the scope of this
tion into staying away from the
of the general election.
o CT
t is true, as Mrs. Carrie Chapman
id in her speech yesterday before
I American Woman Suffrage assoshe
is president, that the women
:omc out of the war with a new
and a clearer appreciation of their
But the sex will make a mistake
0 much from that circumstance,
lien are going to come out of the
1 vision and enlarged social status,
ew virility among the masses of
women will need to use tact if
ize the utmost from the advances
able to make while the men were
dug the battles of their countries,
e going to have ideas that will
the ears of people who have learnthe
war began. Sweeping politfollow
even in the Teutonic counthat
these men will conclude that
es and the resultant responsibilvill
further their plans. If they do,
lilt on the other hand, if the men
m me women will do well to go
right way. Militancy will serve no
hen the war%is over than it did belt
possible that it would cost all the
nade by reason of activities in the
lions. \
trolleymcn are not making out very
itcst strike. Largely, we have no
public is tired of this strike business
u lend that effort the support of its
me the men who went out seem to
i and if the corporation management
he matters compallned of It will cost
ong run.
re begun to sm'ash into the German
the English on the Somme and the
3 entire east front continue their reIf
these things keep up much longer
nstead of being for a place in the sun
from the rain of shells.
iplled for the position of Ohio county
I one of the Wheeling newspapers
. the county commissioners did not
cation a joke by any means. How
n is having the whole White House
to the place where he will spend the
Bummer and carry on his campaign.
; where he "has It on" his opponent.
nav thA mnlftr nnrl r\t Vila namo-lo
the nail squarely on the head when
. citizens lost week that the hope of
the roadB and schools. Incidentally,
people that they seemed to underms
or were beginning to understand
in inevitable forerunned of success.?
Icated its new $400,000 high school
The sister city is speeding a little
sburg on her 'new structure, but she
'arkersburg in the number of gradmnually.?Parkersburg
i has left Mexico Citr for some medlc!
he will undergo treatment for stom,
he and Carranza will never hare to
lelr nerves.?Clarksburg Exponent.
It is not American." Mr. Hughes does
not purpose to permit the American
public to forget that President 'Wilson
has betrayed the cause of arbitration,
and sacrificed fundamental principle
of Americanism to the fancied promotion
of his own political fortunes. That
by his course Mr. hughes has injected'
a new and a powerful Issue Into the
campaign Is the conviction of New
1 " . ; ;
' - .MT, . . ' ,
York observers, both partisan and nonpartisan.
"Any party which surrenders
fundamental principles to the
exigencies of the hour Is courting defeat,"
declared Senator Underwood,
debating the deficiency revenue bill.
Mr. Underwood was discussing the
clanBe Increasing the duties on dyestuffs,
but he might equally as well
have been referring to Mr. Wilson's j
betrayal of the cause of arbitration.
Indeed, had he been his words would
have been still more applicable.
Hughes the Protectionist
At Kansas City, as at other points I
along the line of his present tour, Mr. |
Hughes has made It plain to his auditors
that he regards the tariff as a
real, fundamental issue of this cam- i
palgn. He is convincod that lnimedl- i
ately peace Is declared In Europe the
United States will be confronted by a i
competition with which It cannot cope 1
unless before that tlmelthe Undorwood i
tariff law shall have been radically re- I
vised. He has declared that the Demo- i
cratlc policy of "a tariff for revenue i
only" Is rulnouB to this country even I
under normal times, and that un3er
the conditions which will prevail fol- i
lowing the war It will prove trebly so. i
He has declared his conviction that
should the war end before the Underwood
law was replaced by a Republican
law It would "plunge the country i
Into the most critical economic deprcs- i
slon In its history," and he has mado i
it perrectiy clear tnat the (icfflli Bed 1
conversion of Mr. Wilson experienced i
only on the eve of the national elcc- I
tlon. as shown in the case of the duty i
on dye-staffs and the creation of a tar- I
Iff commission, does not decetvo him I
In the leaBt regarding the attltudo of
the Democracy on this question which I
he regards as a fundamental in the
economic structure of the nation. The !
press reports on Mr. Hughes' speeches i
in tho west have been somewhat mea- <
ger. but none who have hoard him or
read the actual text of his speeches
can have the slightest doubt as to the
Importance which Mr. Hughes attachos
to tho question of a tariff adequate
to protect American industries and
American worklngmen from the competition
of foreign producers and manufacturers.
On the Pacific coast
where, despite the European war, the
effects of Japanese, Chinese and Canadian
competition made possible by the
Underwood bill have been sorely felt,
Mr. Hughes' tariff uttorances were received
with the utmost enthusiasm.
tut rnrrrtR
I X H-l i-lLSl L V/l\ | |
WHY? |
FAIRMONT, W. Va? Sept. 8.? ,
[Editor tho West Virginian.]?Why ,
Is It that the-street paving on Locust ,
avenue between Fourth and McCoy ,
streets has been allowed to fizzle out ,
after having been started so bravely a |
few weeks ago?
Locust avenue Is one of our main .
thoroughfares and Is the only means
of access to the properties between
Fourth street and Cleveland avenue, ,
yet the "force" on the paving work
has been allowed to dwindle down to
a couplo of men or so and a boy while
the paving on the upper end of Jackson
street and at other places where
there Is little or no traffic has been
pushed to completion.
There is a good deal of talk about 1
Locust avenue people being kickers '
but when tho situation is sized up 1
correctly they will be found to be just <
about the average citizens of Fair- 1
mont, as well as tax-payers, and It Is 1
up to some one to show why they have '
not just reasons and plenty ot them
for demurrir-. 1
That awful section between McCoy I
street and Cleveland avenue Is, of <
course, the subject of all our thoughts <
and prayers and that seemB to be i
about as far as we can go pending i
the cessation of the wars in Europe '
and Mexico and other things which 1
have a direct bearing upon the situ- 1
atlon. * i
The Hustler. <
The .hustler, doesn't care whether \
opportunity knocks at his door or not, 1
as he Is always out on the front porch j
waiting for 1U
4 i, ; . . --
MDO.) i
icwBep. OF TH? TJQARO . I
?-;_ gF_ H^4L 1 ~
Editorial Comment
on Current Subjects
Prom the Baltimore Sun (Dem.) .
Obviously Congress cannot afford to '
leave the matter as it stands at present.
In the circumstances, It wbb
forced to surrender in order to protect
the life of the country. With a
pistol at his head a man Is glad enough
to savo himself hy any means in his I
power. But the -Interests of society
md the dignity and Belt-respect of the ,
government demand that no such hu- ,
miliating incident as this shall be permitted
to occur again. Codgress has legislated
for the benefit of the train- ,
men. It will be derelict in Its obllga- j
lion if it does not carry out the President's
recommendations and legislate
also for the benefit of the vast major- j
Ity of the American people. The train- i
men object to the Canadian form of j
arbitration, but that fact ought not to \
Influence Congress in the slightest de- gree.
At least 80 per cent, of the i
American people want a definite assurance
that they will not again be
subjected to the compulsion of broth- t
srhood threats whenever the members i
pf the railroad unions take it Into their 1
heads to make a new demand. They
chose their time well this year when
[he menace of a strike was peculiarly I
serious to both business and political <
Interests. If no further legislation is 1
passed, how can the country know that
the same thing will not occur again
two years hence or four years hence? I
The government of the United <
States is founded on the principle or >
a square deal for everybody. There '
can be no privileged or favored classes 1
under it without weakening its fouu- J
ilations. Popular wrath against cor- ;
porations was aroused to fever heat a
few years ago because that principle
was violated in favor of capital. But
favoritism in any form is repugnant 1
to the American sense of justice, and 1
tyranny is as abhorrent when exercised
by the union as when exercised
bv the eornoratirm. Thn 'inanloti* I
dictatorial i attitude assumed by the
brotherhood leaders in connection with
this strike business has disgusted all 1
fair-minded men. They carried their '
defiance of public opinion so far as to '
announce immediately after tbe pas- '
sage of the emergency measure by the
Sonate that they would not rescind
the strike order until the ball became !
a law with the President's signature
attached. And the extraordinary spectacle
was presented Saturday evening
at the capital of this country of the
President of the United States having
to beg the big railroad chiefs, through
bis Secretary of Labor, to call off the
strike before his actual signature was
appended to the measure, and to accept
his word of honor as a gentleman
that ho would sign it without fall
aright and early Sunday morning.
The Republicans in the Senate put
an very pious sirs in the debate on Saturday
and one might have imagined
Trom their talk that they had never
been in close partnership with special
Interests. It they are as virtuous as
they pretend to be, they will unite with
the Democrats now in completing the
President's scheme of railroad legislation.
As it stands, the measure passed
by Congress is ineffective for the protection
of the interests of the American
people in similar controversies
hereafter, and it forms a precedent
that Is as dangerous to the equity of
Republican Institutions as it is mortifying
to our sense of political manlood.
We are heartily glad, we say once
nore, that the country has been saved
from the disaster ot a great railroad
itrlke; hut It will be national mlstor:une
If Congress leaves the question ot
i permanent cure unsolved and pernits
the germ ot trouble to linger untouched,
ready to breed another out>reak
at any moment. What we need
s not merely an anaesthetic, but an
, t*
i Lines to Be Remembered.
Simplicity in character, in man*
ters, In style; In all'things, the m?
jreme excellence is simplicity.?Henry
SVadsworth ^ongfeltei*| . _
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goods, but of course we don't ?
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Ruff stuff 11
BY Rin
The ruthorlties have gone gunning
ifter an alleged soft drink called High
Irrespective of everything else this
eras coming to High Jinks for two r
sons. It's name and the fact that it
is made in Cincinnati.
But the authorities want to be careful.
It is not a good thing to make
i great show of watching drinks that
are sold all over town and without
Ihe slightest show on concealment
while the principal Jackson street lniustry
remains unmolested.
What a howling success the Fairmont
fair would be It all the family
reunions hereabouts were held on the <
Fairgrounds during the fair.
"When do we get our first frost?" 1
isks a Democratic paper. That's an
saay one. Early In the morning of .
November 8.
A Mitchell Palmer, Democratic na- '
tonal committeeman from that state,
lays the Democrats are going to carry
Pennsylvania. We were trying to
.hlnk up something funny to say about ,
hat when we remembered that some
rime back a fool Republican was talk- {
ng about the Republicans carrying
rexas. . ;
In both states they vote by habit '
rather than by reason and it will take 1
i long tune to change eitner or tnem.
We have a plan to relieve the labor ,
shortage in this section.
Just send a press gang up Main !
street some nice sunny afternoon and .
larry off to hard labor in the mines
ill the loafers who are rubbering ,
it the women who pass.
Some "prominent* citizens would do 1
i few days honest toil if this hint is ,
And a few of our most active pol- 1
- i
nor feed them on worthless exterminations,
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make the bugs sick. When you
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ly, let it remain for a week ond
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there 1b to it. '
It is clean to use and dqes ,
not look untidy when sprinkled
on the floor or on the shelves ,
as it is practically of the same J
color. !
This powder attracts the 1
roaches and kills them. Of
course eggs remain and will .
oaten oat In.a lew weeks; wben H '
you see the little ones give an- H :
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iuylng here wonderfully advanrotiflfi
n fi nnTi nirnanirnflQ aQ^iyQ*^ E
ltlcians of both parties and no party
in particular, would disappear from
their accustomed places.
* * * i
Then too the streets would be much
more attractive with these old land'
marks gone. It would almost look iJ
like a ner town.
Its worth a trial anyhow and If It
is not possible to send the lncubl to- i
the mines they might just be required
to move on.
That would drive them lndoori'for' ""
the simple reason that even, a little'
bit of physical effort depresses them,'
oh, so much.
t, ' ') |
"Thomas B., the Infant son of Mr "V?
and Mrs. A. B. Lindsay, died yesterday
evening at the home of bis parents ip
the First ward after an illness with
Jaundice. The funeral took place this
afternoon at three o'clock and Inter' ; 2
ment was made in Maple Drove camBtery
by Undertaker BU Musgrave and S
Son. 0M
M '
WHEREAS, Owing to the possibUl-',
ties of an eptdemlo of Infantile par alysis
in neighboring communities ft 31
Is deemed wise by the Board of Health, ';
of the City of Fairmont to take extra?Sgl
precaution against the arrival bf|ia>?9 ;
ranttle paralysis Into the City of Falf* j*??
And, Whereas, from the instdkms ''ijjvl
nature of the disease and from the fact J
that there are no early signs or sympr. i" j
toms of its presence?It only be!naft/&]
recognised when in the virulent tora^^d
?and owing to Uie approach of coldl JH
weather which minimises the daagcr.g-Ja
>f this disease.
It 1b Therefore Ordered that the fob .'-Si 1
lowing measures be adopted, to,wit:
(1) Schools shall not be opened bo*'%7|
Fore September 24, 1916;
(2) Children under the ago of stx*"^tl
:een years shall not be admitted to any - *$
public gathering of any kind, ln(3ud-^g
(a) Theaters, Moving Picture and
ither Shows; ' " -.V-l
(b) Picnics, Reunions, and other I
!(Ita aaeomklaeraa*
"(c) Sunday "schools and church**;
(d) Gymnasiums and other like I
Plfo)S Playgrounds and other ; Iwjlill
places j '
And'all other places and thing* of - ^
similar character.
(3) Lessees or owners ot theaters 11 *
>r moving picture ehows, superintend>nts
ot Sunday schools, organisersot-w
picnics, managers ot gymnaslums^M
playgrounds, or the leader or leader*,.. *
pr the manager ot managers ot
>ther gathering or assemblage wUL<M&*ril
tield personally responsible tor TiW-VsI
.ions ot these regulations. :';;aI
(4) The foregoing regulations frjj1
pecome effective Wednesday, Beptamper
6,1916, at 6 o'clock a. m., and con- I
Inue in effect until Saturday, Bert6di*^a
per 23,1916, at midnight, or until the !
Either order ot this Board. ' '* ' VgH
(6) Before a child under the ag#t>?3j
ilzteen years ahall be admitted to
lehool (when schools are permitted^;?]
ppen) In the City of Fairmont,,
the must present to the teacher
Jflcato ot health Issued by a reputable gfl
prucuciDg pnysician 01 me City 01 |
lealth, etc.. on forme to be prepared-^
by the City Physician which forma 9
shall be filled out by the
iroylslona ortheseregtiattonsshiin52'3
lealt^rlth In accordance with law^S

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