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||j&- '" ^?
:'" J; O. Cutis, of Pittsburgh, has two
Swltgrof the chmUense cup. since be won
K the singles of the thirteenth annual
tecpen tennis tournament here yester<
day by defeating J. E. McLean, of
XgjPHfShurgh. Oummlns and Hugus de "?*
PnatNna In Hin twnti'o II
Ilblea and Purlnton and Miss Clark,
,4forgantown, won the mixed douM'.by
defeating Pardee and Miss
inton, of Charleston. All of the
isls-were played on the courts at
ghgate, the home of Mr. and Mrs.
rhe results for the finals In the
ee events are as follows: Singles:
G.'-Castle, Pittsburgh, defeated Mean*-Pittsburgh,
6-3, 6-4. Doubles:
Mlnals?Purlnton and Mack, Moratown,
defeated Haymond and Colm.
Fairmont, 6-1, 6-4. Semi-finals,
lyus and Chmmins, Wheeling, deited
Purlnton and Mack, Morganm,.4}-6.
12-10. Heed, of Hazleton.
, and Pardee, of Patterson, N. J.,
[eated Bowie and Bowie, of Wheelfinals
and men's doubles: Hugua
1 Cummins defeated Reed and ParCl-%,
2-6, 6-3, 6-4, 6-0.
Finals In mixed doubles: Purlnton
L'lflss Clark, Morgantown, defeated
ffaeand Miss Stanton, Charleston.
onongah Plays
"Clarksburg Sunday
Eundefeated Monongah baseball
HI meet the Clarksburg team
afternoon at Traction Park,
mongab team bas a record of
a straight victories and no derhe
Clarksburg boys have nearood
a record. The two teams
rller in the season and after a
at game the Monongah boys
a very small margin. The
rill be called at 3:00 o'clock
good crowd Is expected to atD.
K's Column
his cell I beard him yell,
c oat for poison ivy!
re's your tip! I'll take a dip;
lelin' klnda divey!"
inyway, I'm here to say
ion wasn't rotten!
okee man, at all the tan
Crackles I have fotten!
I suppose my sunburned nose
make folks think I'm tipsy;
is will roar, 'In this here store
annot keep a gipsy!'
t fired?well, I'm so tired
elcome relaxation;
r old head feels lust like lead;
re some dissipation!
t pay check Is now a wreck;
nt for salves and lotions.
?sTi A uuuier oen, a paaaea ceil,
And sundry other notions.
Mffik?" ~They say rm broke. I hope I choke
|?t-?-Before another summer!
MfT.Te had enough vacation stuff;
KKwtf It's, put me on the hummerl"
Hadnt Harmed Them.
Bra-"" VlBttor?"My good man, you keep
ret-V: your pigs much too near the house."
. 'Cottager?"That's Just what the docHEj
. - tor amid. mum. But I don't see how
i>. , It's agoln' to hurt 'em."
t:'/. . "Johnson needn't be so mad beawf,
<?OHBe the teacher criticized his boy's
' composition. The boy will improve."
BSjBtffi) V "You don't appear to understand.
V Johnson wrote the composition himIF
Ife'v Miss Lawrence possesses a rare so|?
prano of wondrous sweetness and
power. Her selections were all beau;
tifully and artistically rendered. She
? >1 folly sustained her reputation as a
coloratura soprano, when she sang in
^.Italian the lovely aerea by Mozart.
I. We predlot for her a successful operBpi/atlc
career. ? The Martinsville (W.
ya.) Bulletin.
H?'-:;'* Teacher?"Tommy, next time you
MSk " :are late bring an excuse from your
ffiRJ.I " flkthflP "
|^^'| ^'Tpmmy?"Who? Pa? Why. he ain't
? jmy good^at^excuses; ma finds him out
KfeBitl*.-A*. For Coiif-tlnrv*
Johnny Gronewold has purchased a
' haw driver now. She has been trained
[Sllto -'Pay ho attention when you smack
ISpi.wur\ lips.?The FUley (Neb.) Spotfci'.
* i What Did 8he Meant
Kip;; :Bhl?i-'Te Princeton In New York?"
g?k.v?. Student (truthfully reflective)? 1
|^,.^^a' great part of the time."
IIIJT' .Waahlng and Automobillng.
vspeaker before the convention of
!*+ the> National Educational association
EC; In New York asserted that If the men
?? : had "to do the washing for a week
M?tohre;WOnM be more washing machines
than antomobllas bought This would
.llMfbia^quite as true If the woman who
HgoSftS# washing had anything to say on
I the tcbject?Washington Herald. ' i
Baseball in Nutshell
Yesterday'* Result*.
Pittsburgh 5, Chicago 4; New York
4, Brooklyn 1; Philadelphia 4, Boston
2; Philadelphia 2, Boston 0.
W. L. Pet.
Philadelphia 75 49 .605
Brooklyn 74 51 .592
Boston 71 51 .582
New York 60 62 .492
Pittsburgh 61 67 .477
Chicago 69 72 .450
St LouIb 66 76 .427
Cincinnati 61 80 .389
Today'* Schedule.
Chicago at Pittsburgh.
Cincinnati at St. Lonls.
Brooklyn at Boston (2).
Philadelphia at New York (2).
Yesterday's Results.
Washington 6. New York 1; New
York 3. Washington 2; Boston 2. Philadelphia
0; Chicago 5, Cleveland 3;
St Louis 6, Detroit 5.
W. L. Pet.
Boston ...76 56 .?80
Detroit 75 58 .564
Chicago 74 58 .561
St Louis 70 63 .626
New York 69 63 .523
Cleveland 68 65 .541
Washington 55 64 .50S
Philadelphia 29 101 .223
Today's Schedule.
St. Louis at Detroit.
Cleveland at Chicago.
Boston at Washington.
New York at Philadelphia.
Mr. Braddock Hall, of Ufflngton,
came up last Sunday intending to attend
the reunion but was taken very
sick at the home of his son, Mr. Will
Hall, at the lock, and returned home
this week without getting to attend
the reunion which was a great disappointment
to him and friends here.
Born one day last week to Mr. and
Mrs. Benjamin Wilson, a boy.
Mrs. Pauline Hoult and children are
visiting lier father on Prlckett's creek.
The fam'ly of Paul Satterfield and
Miss Pearl Lockhart, of Weston, were
guests of C. B. Satterfield this week.
Mr. James Hartley, of Chrlsraan.
III., who has been visiting about here
for a few days past, together with Mr.
D. E. Snider, were on a business trip
to Phillppl this week.
Golf Hess has been on the sick list
Mr. Geo. Tucker moved his family to
Brownsville, Pa., last week and Mr.
Lewis Burnworth of Norwood, moved
Into the house vacated by Mr. Tucker.
Mr. Charles Hall, lock master, together
with his wife and daughter, are
away on a vacation trip to various
points In this state and Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Claude Tlchnel and children
attended the Jacobs-Bennett reunion
at Summers church last Sunday.
Mrs. Ollre Casteel and children, of
Fairmont, are visiting relatives here.
Miss Gladys Watktns Is giving her
Sunday school class a picnic and outing
Rich Languages.
Tn estent, the Spanish vocabulary Is
far lnlVHor to the English, though In
richness of lone or expression the Spanish
is ahead of the English language.
It Is eUilmed that the pare Castllian
Is the most musical of languages, the
Italian not enepted.
I Fall Su
Men, your Fall suits ne<
than formerly. You can
made suit, the work of th
suits as near perfect ni styl
man can make them at the
Only Fiftei
Come in and look at the
are soon due. The wise i
gets better selections, bett
Tere's a tip?
Derbies and
JAS. W. (
Next to Nels
Both Army and Navy Were
Practici'ally Re-Organized
COST OF W,000,000
Summary of Other Activities
of the Body During
Session >
? "i U ???
IBy Associated Press)
WASHINGTON, Sept. 8.?The first
session of the Sixty Fourth Congress
which adjourned today was concerned
chiefly with national defenses.
When the gavel fell Congress had!
directed reorganization and reequip-,
ment of tho Army and Navy for defense
of the country at the unprecedented
cost of 8655,000.000 with authorizations
that will Increase the total
in tliree yeare to nearly 8800,000,000.
With all other expenditures, appropriationsw
ere brought to the grand
total of 81,637,583,682, the greatest aggregate
In the country's history and
exceeding that for the last fiscal year
by more than half a billion dollars.
Expenditures necessitated by preparedness
and the calling into action
of military forces to meet the Mexican
emergency demanded revenue legislation
in the closing days of the session.
Congresn responded by doubling the
normal tax on incomes, creating an inheritance
tax, munitions tax and miscellaneous
excise taxes to raise 8205,000,000
and by directing sale of 8130,000,000
Panama Canal bonds.
rnmrppflo PfltnhlfahnH a tariff onm.
mission; n government shipping board
to rehabilitate the American merchant
marine; a workman's Compensation
Commission to administer a new uniform
compensation law; a Farm Loan
Banking system; a child labor law; j
enlarged the system of self-govera/i
ment In the Phllllppines and enacted'
many other important laws which had f
been contemplated by the administration.
The session was dlstrfbnted through;
out by frequently recurring threats of
foreign complications from the European
war and Imminence at one time
of a diplomatic break with Germany;
Interference with American malls and
commerce, invasion of American soil
and killing of Americans by Mexican
bandits, and danger of actual war
with Mexico.
Later In the session trouble arose
In the senate over the nomination of
Louis D. Brandeis of Boston to succeed
the lata Justice Lamar as a member
of the Supreme Court. Weeks ot
investigation and deliberation by the
Judiciary committee ended in confirits
? for Men
;d not cost you any more
get right here a tailore
best tailors in the land,
e, quality and fit as mortal
same old prices
en Dollars
materials. Fall overcoats
nan orders his early and
er service and more wear.
tip a Stetson.
Soft Shapes
jon Theatre
rfuseo-ro &6 1 f5?|
matlon ot Mr. Branded* V a large ma
In the week before adlotimmem
congress was occupied (n legislation
which prevented a threatened natloi
wide railroad strike. President Wll
son. after futile negotiations with off!
clals of the railroads and railroad
brotherhoods, submitted thi contro
versy to congress, recomm?vd!cg leg
Islatlon to avert the strike owi to pre
vent such emergency from arising It
the future.
After a week of consideration, dur
Ing which the president visited the
capital dally, conferring iwth admin
Istration leaders a bill was passed tc
establish an eight hour day as a ba
sis for pay of railroad workers, the
present rate of pay for ten hours wort
not to be reduced, and the men tc
receive pro rata pay for work In ex
cess of eleht hours, nendlnsr an In
vestigatlon by a special commission
into the effects of the eight hour daj
on railroad revenues.
Most Important legislative enact
ments of the session, exclusive of lawi
for national defense include the fol
Government Ship Law?Apprcpriat
Ing $5",000.000 to operate shipB in for
eign and coastwise trade when unablt
to lease them to individuals or prlvatt
Child Labor Law?Denying inter
state commerce to products of minei
and quarries employing children un
der 16 years of age and factories, mill!
canneries and other establishments
employing children under 14 years o:
Rural CredlTs Law?Establishing t
Farm Loan Hoard in control cf a sys
tern of Farm Loan Mortgage Banks.
Workmen's Compensation LawProviding
uniform sick and accident
benefits for employes of the Federa
government, and benefits to depend
ents in cane of death.
Emergency Revenue Law?Provid
ing for doubling the normal incomi
tax on the lowest class; making at
additional surtax ranging front one pei
cent on that portion of incomes ex
The United V
106 Ma
/^sTwiLL V X
V ( 6VIZ US A PIM6 fOR \
X'i _/.tl 41 *. I, M*' rritf VlJ 3
. \ I -\0 JMUVIC5 I
.^^VsioNgy, -tvr stMP /
y ooMVAcfuKe t^Af JJqia>
SS"? _?-?
. v
NG 0
ceeding $20,000 to IS per cent on the
amount ot incomes in excess ot $2,000,000;
levying a graduated tax ot one to
ten per cent on inheritances ranging
from $50,000 to $5,000,000; a ten per
cent net profit tax on manufacturers of
munitions, five per cent net profit tax
on manufacturers of materials entering
into munitions; a license tax on
actually invested capital stock of corporations
capitalized at more than
$99,000; wine, beer and liquor excise
taxes and miscellaneous stamp taxes.
Good Roads Law?Providing for cooperative
Federal aid to the States
for construction of highways, and apnw>n>le?U?
fiuyiiauug fiu|vw|vvu iu uo bj>ciil m
flvo years.
Postal Savings Law?Amendment
increasing the amount which individuals
may deposit from $500 to $1,000
with Interest and an additional $1,000
.without interest'
r Federal Reserve?Amendments, Including
amendment to the Clayton antl
. trust law permitting officers and di,
rectors of member banks to become
. officers and directors of not more than
two other non competing banks;
. amendments permitting national banks
. to establish foreign brancbes, liberal>
izing regulations for discounting coms
merclal paper and permitting member
banks in towns of 5.000 or less popul
latlon to act as agents for Insurance
; companies.
Railroad Legislation?Creating a
3 joint sub-committee of Senate and
i House Interstate Commerce commltf
tees to investigate necessity *for further
legislation for railroads and the
i Interstate Commerce Commission ques
, tlon of government ownership of public
utilities and comparative worth of
. government ownership against govern-|
t ment regulation.
1 Tariff; Creation of a non-partisan
Tariff Commission of fllvo members
to investigate and advise Congress
- on tariff revision; repeal of the free
! sugar provision of existing tariff taw;
l amendments increasing duties on dyer
stuffs to encourage manufacturing!
- dyestuffs in tbe United States; enact-'
This three button
soft roll sack with
slanting pockets has
a touch of dash and
spirit that will please
the young man as
well as the older
man who feels '
We employ none
but expert designers
and design garments
in accordance
with your desires
to meet your individual
foolen Mills Co.
SCH. President
in Street
/veri-Arj* i'<AuS^8flNorf)|
?*$>.*' MMReO MLl
1 op f> -rftee Art' / tMR006rtiH i
ReMey>6eR_WHetJ iHe KIPS
<?M iRis orpsr^ ?
-. .- :. ' - '
. geaa?
ment of on anti-damping provision
to prevent dumping of foreign made
goods at less than foreign market
prices; authorization for the President
to retaliate against foreign nations
prohibiting Importation of goods
from the United States by laying an
embargo against Imports from offending
Cotton Futures Act: Providing a
prohibitive tax on cotton sold for future
delivery In fictitious or wash
Philippines: Law to provide for a
more autonomous government of the
islands enlarging self government, reorganizing
election laws, establishing
an elective Senate and promising independence
whenever. In the Judgment
of the United States the Philippine
people demonstrative capability
for It.
DallsaaJ Pl.La LI.... Tt.S.V
namuou Ciyilb nuur v?7^DBiau*
llshing eight hours as the standard
for reckoning the comoensation of
railroad employes operating trains in
Interstate commerce after January 1
1917, and providing for a commission
of three to Investigate the effect of
the eight hour standard, present wages
not to be reduced during the investigation,
nor for thirty days thereafter
and work in excess of eight
hours to be paid for at a proate
has removed his business
son street to 100 Main st
where he will handle a full
ties, musical instruments,
and Columbia Graphophoi
Your Patronage W
ibty fit
mmm nj
1 every line
of the body?
carefully glossing
over any
irregularities of
figure, fitting
perfectlv at
? w
every point;
that is what
you may expect
of our made
to measure
But tKat is Hut 01
of superiority. C
terns, reliability in
hand tailoring, m
more?these are tlv
Have your fi
made the Cox
Tailor's way.
Chas. Holt's I
Main Street
1* **l'
J!, ? /CwotfOgf
*< aij j/iiip A ~~ ^sj HOW AlA^
1 /flsoOf A \ wii.es rr
^eRr J ux >McH \ eers 01
AgOUf Ifte M6CHA
- '
Appropriations of all purposes wars:
Agriculture $ 24,948.852 j
Army 267,596*30
Diplomatic ad Consular. 6,855,093 j
District of Columbia 12,841*07
Fortifications 25.748.060
Indian Affairs 10,967,644
Legislative and Executive
Military Academy 1,225,043
Navy 813,300,095
Pensions 158,065,000
PoBtofflce 322.937,679
River and Harbor 40,598,135
Sundry Civil 128.299*85
Permanent Appropriations
Shipping Bill 60*00.000
Deficiencies 72,500,000
Rural Credits 6,100.000
Good Roads 6,000,000 , {
Floods 2,000,000 ^
Grand total 81.637,583,482
In addition to the total there vrere
authorizations for expenditures in future
years including naval, good roads,
tariff commission and other expenditures
to bring the total to approximately
two billion dollars but these
amounts do not properly apply to the
appropriations for the fiscal year.
In addition Congress enacted an*
(Continued on Page 7.)
?????i?i )
establishment from Madi;reet,
Carr Building, city,
line of Jewelry and novel,
music instruction books *
ties and recordsrill
Be Appreciated ?j, j
g 7
r f .
' n HH
nw nn
Hw Hi
Kfl^Kg Mln
ne of their points
Originality in patfabrics,
exemplary .
oney's worth and
e other attractions.
all clothes

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