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K:.. ' HJCW YORK, Bept. 8.?Orer extended
boll account* In eome of the prom'
stent ipecialtl** enfiered more or leal
I depreciation In today** broad and ac'
ttre market, while coppera, petrol'
eema, tobacco* and numeron* minor
lane* poriued a contrary coorte.
PTTTBBOBOH. Sept 8.?Although
Bp; the local market waa luit a* actlre a*
| it DU IMS tne day before, the moveIf
' menta were of a much narrower range.
If, , and change* in the quotation* in no
caae amounted to more than fraci
i Vfiwia
V Among the Industrial specialties all
J&-. those Issues sold off to a more or leas
extent. United States Steel dropped
it fractionally to 100%; Electric lost of
fe-' .'half at 61. Westlnghouse Airbrake,
? : which was quite active, after reacting
f to 146, recovered all of 1U loss and
P j closed unchanged.
p Bales. High. Low.
1 10 A W G1 pf 104 104
fj '166 A W Q Mach ... 61% 61%
25 A W G M pf 124 124
0. 60 Caney R Gas ... 39% 39%
111 #20 Col Q A Eler... 22% 22%
r. 179 Consol Ice pf .. 26 26
30 Fireproof 7% 7%
jfc" 16 H-W Ref pf *105 105
ffi 676 Ind Brew 4 3%
| 30 Lone Star G.... 88% 88%
K 640 Mfrs L A H *66% 66
, 60 Ohio Fuel Oil .. 14% 14%
30 Ohio F Sup 46 45
ff! 190 Fbg Brew 6% 6%
f 40 Phg Oil A G ... 7% 7%
1, 16 Phg PI Glass ... 120 120
Et 316 Pure Oil 20% 20
W .. 1,000 San Toy 15 .15
60 Un Switch 119% 119%
ft 60 U SGlass 36 86
60 U S Steel 100%' 100%
490 West Airbrake.. 149% 149
' 196 West Electric... 61% 61
$3,000 In Brew 6s 59 69
3,000 Pbg Brew 6s... 73 73
1,000 Sewer P 6s .... 92 92
[i $6,000
( 'New high record.
I Grain and Produoe.
m CHICAGO, Bept. 8. ? Reports that
/ 'AMA1> ?<?... L-J i-l J ?III- It- w-fl
ft - IUIV.CD unU JU1UOU Willi I lie JtJril*
, ish and French troops to tight the Bul f,
garians led to a decline In the -wheat
market, but prices later made a rally,
helped by word of Bulgarian successes
against Rumania. The cIobo was nervous,
%@l%c net lgwer, with December
at 11.63% and May at 11.55. Corn
finished He off to a like advance, oats
EV down %@%c to %@%c and provlISlons
varying from 15c decline to a
rise of 10c.
Articles. ^ . ., Open.. Close.
11.62% 11.53%
? May 1.53% 1.55
75% .75%
May 78% .78%
49% .49%
. May JS2% .62%
Con O E L A P com... 111% 112
Fidelity & Deposit. 50. 131
Fidelity Trust, 100 ... 306 308
Fairmont. Clarke's 5s. 100% ioo%
I Baltimore Tube 127 128
Baltimore Tube ptd .. 98%
Cosden com 16% 16%
Cosden Oas com 12% 12%
Cosden Gas prei 6 5%
Con Coal 6b 103
Con Coal Com 99
Con Coal Ref 6s 91% 91%
Elkhorn Corp 97% 97%
Elkhom Coal Pref .... 30 32
Davidson Chem 36% 37%
8apulpa Ref 8% 8%
Weylend OU 7
Oil- and Gas.
The flrat rusher brought In. In the
Ilastern oil. fields. in several weeks
was struck yesterday In West Vlr[ '
pints. On the waters of Long Bot
torn, is Cabin Creek district, Kanawha
County, the Columbus Producing
r Company completed and shot Its No'
tS well on the Williams Coal Comf.
pany tract and in the ensuing 24
?. , sours the well produced 276 barrels
igv : In the Berea sand. There are more
than 25 wells drilling In this vicinity,
fc;: Peroral of them are due to get the
iL next' week.
j? lit Murphy district, RlteMe county,
K the flotuh Penn OU Company completed
(ts second test well on the J. R.
Craft farm and has a 6 barrel a day
I Bumper in the salt sand. v
>Om Straight Pork, in Duval district,
XJnooln county, the Eagler OU ft Oes
Co'completed Its Initial teat well on
the Charles Harless farm and has a
| barrel a day pumper.
On Willy Fork Branch of Richmond
1 Bell 233-J. 312 Madist
j|?? 1 t All Meats Strictly Fresl
X" | Chuck Roast?...18c
||; | Stand Rib Roast... 20c
^ j All cuts of steak.. ... 25c
?1 8 Veal to stew 15c
P* 1 Beef to boil 12!/2c
m 1 25 pounds sugar
Dellwed with meat i
'.V ? ......
Run, In Grant district, Wetzel county,
the Richmond Oil Company has completed
Its third well on the John Mills
tarn through the Gordon sand and
that formation Is barren. They are
drilling to the Fourth sand.
In Washington district. Pleasants
county, Bole and Company have completed
their No 4 well on the R. Reynolds
farm and have a 3 barrel a day
pumper In the Cow Run sand.
The Philadelphia Gas Company has
completed its test on the George Norman
farm. In Troy district, Gilmer
county, and has a gas well producing
3,600,000' cubic feet a day In the Gantz
mm nuirr rarf
(Continued from page six)
unusually large amount of miscellaneous
legislation. Including reorganization
of the Patent Office; provision
for trial of space system In place of <
weight system for payment for rail- 1
road mall service and leaving to the I
Interstate Commerce Commission determination
of the method and rate
of pay; creation of a National Park
bureau in the Department of the In- '<
tefior; establishing warehouse regu- I
lations for cotton and grains and pro- 1
Tiding a new grain grading law; ex- .
tension for a year of the government
war risk insurance bureau; uniform
law making bills of lading negotiable. Proposed
legislation which failed
of enactment and has gone over un- ,
til next winter Includes the Immlgra- '
tion bill; the corrupt practices act
to limit campaign expenditures for
election of the President vice president
and members of Congress; voca- J
tional education bill passed by the "
Senate; conservation legislation in- '
eluding the Public lands water power '
bill, the Shields navigable streams
water power bill which failed in con- '
ference, the oil leasing bill includ- j
lng relief for California oil men; a
flood control bill which passed the .
House; and a bill to establish cltl- ;
zensblp for natives of Porto Rico. '
Four treaties were ratified by the
Senate. The most Important was the :
long pending Nicaraguan convention
providing for the acquisition of a ca- J
nal route and naval station rights In '
the Bay of Fonseca for 13,000,000. '
yid that ratified in the closing hours '
providing for the purchase of the
Danish West Indies for 125.000,000. <
Another was the treaty with the Re- '
public of Haytl providing for an Am- ;
erlcan financial protectorate. The J
much-disputed pending treaty with Co- ;
lumbia after several years of considsideration
was favorably reported
from the Foreign Relations Commit- ,
tee with an amendment reducing from
125,000,000 to 115,000,000 the proposed
amount to be paid for the partition .
of Panama. The treatv. Imwnvnr wn.
never taken up in the Senate because
of unrelecting opposition to it on the '
part of many Senators and it remains ,
on the calendar. The committee at
the time of adjournment still had un- ,
dor consideration the proposed treaty ,
with Denmark for purchase of the .
Danish West Indies for $25,000,000.
A treaty with Great Britain providing
for protection of migratory birds
on both sides of the Canadian border
was ratified. Death claimed four members
of Congress during the session,
Senators Shively, of Indiana, and Bur- ,
leigh, of Maine, and Representatives
Brown and Moss, both of West Vir- "
ginia. Representative Wltherspoon, of
Mississippi, died Just before the session
"See How That Corn
Comes Clear, Off I"
"GETS-IT" Loosens Yonr Corns
Bight 0? Its the Modem Com
Wonder-Bever Foils.
"It's hard to believe anything oouia
act like that in getting a corn off.
Why. I Just lifted that corn right
off with my finger nail. aETS^LT*
is certainly wonderful!" Yes. "GETS.
IT" la the most wonderful corn-cure
"Ifi ^^W^derful, III* Way "GETS .IT
) Mike* All Corns Go Quick." <
oyer known because you don't hay#
to fool and putter around with your
corns, harness them up with ban*
daces or try to dirt thorn out.
"GETS-IT" Is a liquid. You put on
a few drops In a lew seconds. It
dries It's painless. Put your stocking
on right over It. Put on your
regular shoes. You won't limp or
have a corn "twist" In your face. The
corn, callus or wart will loosen from
your toe?off It comes. Glory hallelujah!
"GETS-IT" is the biggest. sellIng
oorn remedy In the world, when
you trv It. you know why.
"GETS-IT" Is sold and recommended
by druggists everywhere, aso
a bottle, or sent on receipt of price
by n T-awrence & Co.. Chicago. 111.
Crane'B Drug Store, Mountain City
Drug Co., V rtln Bros., J. H. McCloskey
ft Co., and Holt Drug Co.
n Market 1
>n Street. Con. 769-L. !
i and U. S. Government
icted S
Pork Sausage?.... 16c j
Spare Ribs, 2 lb > 25c !
Neck, 4 lbs . . . .25c \
Beef Liver, 2 lb 25c |
$1.95 1
ordw?Saturday only g
md Oysters g
If Greece enters the war on the side
>f the allies, credit will be given Sli
SUIott, British ambassador to Oreece
'or rare diplomatic ability.
Harry Mltcbell, colored, aged about
15 years, died yesterday at the Poor
arm and was Interred there that evenng.
County of Marlon,
Town of Fairview, To-wit:
At a special session of the council
>f the town of Fairview, Marlon couu
y, held in the council chambers there.
>f. In the town building on the 17th
lay of August. 1916, there were pres
rat H. D. Eddy, Mayor; B. F. Batson
lecorder, and J. H. Burns, J. N. Weav
sr. Elihu Yost, J. Y. Hamilton, mem
sera of the council of said town.
In accordance with section 6, chap
:er 9, of the Acts of the extraordinary
session of the legislature of 1908, the
:ouncil proceeded to make up an estl
nate of the amounts necessary to be
evled for the current fiscal year, tc
raver all municipal debts and llabllt
:ies payable during the said year, in
;ludlng probable expenditures for mu
ilclpal purposes, and proper allow
races for delinquent taxes, expense ol
rallectlons and contingencies; but de
luctlng therefrom the money In the
:ity treasury applicable to the service
>f the year and municipal claims and
loth determine and estimate, the sev
sral amounts to be levied as follows:
Maximum levy 35 cents on the hun
lred dollars valuation.
The amount due the said municipal
ty, and the amount tnat will become
lue and collectible from every source
3|cept from the levy of taxes to be
nade for the current fiscal year.
Balance In hands of the city
treasury $ 34.91
Hotel licenses 27.00
robacco and cigarette licenses 60.00
Ither licenses 133.00
Total estimated receipts ...$264.91
Debt sand demands owed by said
nunlclpality which will become due
inu payable during the current fiscal
rear, Including Interest on bonded In
and individuals i
I ket for high-gra
To them, and to yo
we offer bonds which
public utilities, indust
1 and railroads in all pa
We also offer Canadi
department stands r<
the most complete
II these issues, kI
Moore, Leor
. Membtrj fl/ Nix
Jtlphia and Pitlsb
II Friok Bids., Pittsburgh '
136 fine lots in the only a
fVlA TToinmAnf A Pl?*lrnU?
unb j.' uuinuuu u/ viaiAOUU
opportunity to secure a
best town between Fairm
Sale starts at one o'clock
plan over. Terms annoui
member the date.
Col. D. L. Perry, Col
; debtedness of ?y kind and dunetor.
Interest on bonded Indebtedness
$ 440.00
Election-expense* 55.50
Salaries 1,245.00
Health department 40.00
Streets and alleys 700.00
Commissions 150.00
Electric current 1,000.00
Making out tax books 40.00
Total estimated disbursements
Amount to be provided for
by levy $3,415.59
It appearing to the council that the
total valuation ot all taxable property
in this municipality according to the
last assessment thereof. Is $798,303.00;
Walno* mbI natotn tn Iho troliia nf IIKO .
iC?* OBW??V ?? -MAO ? BiUC Ul ftlUUl'
38S.00; personal property to the value
ot 9483.3S1.00; and railroad and otber
property assessed by the board ot public
works to the value ot 361.692.40. as
certified to the council by the officer
whose duty It is to make such report,
and it appearing from the foregoing
estimates that it is necessary to raise
by levy, alter deducting all credits,
$3,415.59 for municipal purposes;
[ therefore it is determined that a levy
on each One Hundred Dollars value.
' tlon of 35 cents (35c) for municipal
purposes produce the estimated
amount as aforesaid for the. ensuing
. fiscal year. And 10 cents special levy
! on the hundred dollars for a sinking
fund to be applied on the $8,800.00
bonded indebtedness.
; County of Murlon,
T"wn of Falrview, To-wit:
I, B. F. Batson. Recorder, in and for
the municipality of Fairview, county
of Marion, and state of West Virginia,
do hereby certify that the foregoing is
a true copy from the records of an order
made by the council of said mu1
nlcipallty on the 17th day of August,
Given under my hand this 23d day
of August, 1916.
Recorder ot the Municipality of Fairview,
W. Va.
Pursuant to a decree of the Intermediate
Court of Marion county. West
Virginia, entered on the 24th day of
August, 1916, in that certain chancery
cause therein pending, wherein George
M. Freeh, and others, are plaintiffs,
and Chas. E. Bonwell and others, are
defendants, the undersigned Special
Commissioners will, on the lGth day
of September, 1916, at 1 o'clock p. m.,
at the front door of the Bartlett Hotel,
in the city of Mannington, in said Ma!
rion county, at public auction, offer
and expose to sale fivo (5) certain oil
and gas leasehold estates, situate in
Mannington district, in said county,
' created and arising under the following
described oil and gas losses;
. One mado by J. R. Baker and Ellen
Baker, his wife, dated November 4th,
1914, ana of record In the Clerk's of'
flee of the County Court of said Marlon
county. In Deed Book No. 200.
page 206, covering 11% acres, upon
which there la a producing oil well;
| another made by Jas. Kendall and G.
i W. Ktnsey, executor of the last will
i and testament of Anna Jane Kendall,
. deceased, d|tted-November 2, 1914, and
of refcord In said Clerk's office, In Deed
Book No. 200, page 207, covering 40
1 acres, upon which there is a producing
i oil well; another made by Chas. H.
1 Freeland and wife, dated November 2,
. 1914, and of record In said Clerk's of:
E banks, trust companies
ire constantly in the marde
investment securities,
u if you are interested,'
i are direct obligations on
rial plants, municipalities
irts of the United States,
an bonds. Our statistical
ady to furnish you with
information concerning
iard & Lynch
York, Chicago, Philturgh
Stock Exchanges
111 Broadway, New York ^
1 Bima
r saleT
.Sent 23
ddition to Worthington, on
rg street car line-. A great
home site in the busiest,
ont and Clarksburg;n
away free
. Come early and look the
iced by the auctioneer. RePTEMBER
23, '16
umbus, 0., Auctioneer.
covering 40'acres: inotfan^nSdt by
Mid Chaa. H. Preeland and wife, dated
November 1,1914, aad of record in
Mid Clerk's otflce, In Deed Book No.
200, page 211, covering IT acres; and
another made by T. J. Meta and others,
dated December 1,1914, and ot record '
in said Clerk's otflce In Deed Book No. '
200, page 424. covering IS acres; all .
ot Mid leasehold estates being fully :
described In the bill In said cause, ana '
the exhibits therewith. Together with :
all the working Interest In and to said
leasehold estates, and said oU wells.
And also the following described personal
property used In connection
with the operation of Mid wells: One '
25 H. P. boiler; one 25 H. P. Alec en- <
gine; one 20 H. P. Ball cm engine;
one 100 barrel tank; three 260 barrel
tanks; one 12 Inch stitch belt; one .
lot of;2H Inch Manilla Bull rope; one .
lot 1H inch iron pipe; one lot of 2
Inch iron pipe; one lot of 8 inch cm- '
lng; one lot of 10 Inch easing; one
lot tools; two oil roll rigs; end all
other machinery and appltaneea be- <
longing to the leasehold estates, here
lnbefore mentioned.
The said leasehold estate last above '
described, known as the Mets lease,
covering said 36 acre tract, will be sold
separately, the residue ot said property,
Including said oil well supplies
and machinery, will be offered together
and as a whole and will be so sold,
unless a better price can be obtained ,
therefor In separate parcels.
Bald sale will be made upon the following
terms: One-third (1-3) and as
much more ot the purchase money as
the purchaser may elect to pay cash In
hand on day of sale, the residue thereof
to be paid in two equal payments,
payable in six and twelve months from .
day of sale, with Interest on such de- 1
ferred payments until paid, and for
which the purchaser will be required
to execute In favor of said Special
Commissioner his notes with good personal
security to be approved by said :
Special Commissioners, and to be further
secured by a lien upon the prop- <
erty so sold, either by vendor's lien ;
or deed of trust as said Commissioners
may determine on day of sale.
For further Information, Inquire ot :
W. M. Hess or L. 8. Schwenck, attorneys.
at Mannlngton, W. Va., or Jas. .
A. Meredith, attorney, at Fairmont, ;
W. Va.
Special Commissioners.
I, W. S. Black, Clerk of said Court,
do hereby certify that the above named
Special Commissioners, have executed
before me a bond with security approved
by me as sufficient. In the
sum of 330,000, conditioned for the
faithful performance of their dutleB as :
such Special Commissioners, and oth- '
erwlse conditioned according to law.
Given under my hand this 24th day
of August, 1916.
Clerk of the Intermediate Court, Marlon
County, West Virginia.
WANTED?To rent 6 or 6 room house.
Must be centrally located. I have no
children. Address Box 1398- carei
-tirae.fr Vlwwlwi? A w '
ubov B'COt WU. 46V5 j
The Doors o:
[ are open to tbe person who save
j Do you not think it a good plan
i away so you will be ready tor your
An account with The Peoples 1
j security and profitable invostmei
| * the Corner Neaj
pt gl ^ The
*\T f ierreneiE*ip
| with all the modem applianoaa ?fl
i (or lighting lire U not able to (I
' tare roar Lift and Property at III
i all times. A policy of Imuranoe III
will lurnlsh you the money to IU
! replace your lurnlture, buildings Mm
or stock ol mircbandtse In case In
of accident by Are. Would- you K
! like to know what a policy In
, would oostT Well enllgbten II
; you for the atUnc; Bffi
F. E. Nichols |
015 Main Street.
LOST?Lady*! small gold pin marked
L. T. O. Reward. Addreaa Box 242
Fairmont, Bell phone Wlnlleld. Miss
Miller. 9-7-at No. 1402
WANTED?At once, 1 painters and
paper hangers. 12.00 per day. Nine
hoars. Apply W. 0. Davis, Manning,
ton. 9-6-3t No. 1393
WANTED?Stone masons at Ida May
Mine. Wages 40e per hoar. Pays
twice a month. Paol Mericano, 201
Bllllngsley street 9-7-3t No. 1403
WANTED?100 laborers on paving
work. Good shanties. Good wages
&pply at Hundred. W. Va.. contractor's
office. 0-2-61 No. 13S5
FOR RENT?One store building onefourth
mile from Ida May Mine,
Helens Run. B. F. King. Farmlngton,
Rt 1. 9-6-31. No. 1393
FOR RENT ? Three unfurnished
rooms. Call Consol. phone 773-x, oi
apply 209 Walnut Ave. 9-6-3t No. 1394
FOR RENT?Large livery barn rear
of Court House. - Call Bell 444.
FOR RENT?8 tors room on Madison
' street, opposite Watson hotel. F. M.
Murphy 9-22 tf No 1264
FOR RENT?Thirteen room stone residence,
all conveniences, corner
Qulncy street and Ogden Ave. Apply
Dr. W. C. Ogden, McCrory Bldg.
6-4-4L No. 138S
FOR RENT?Two flats In Hays Building,
Monroe street. Apply A. A.
Hays. Bowling Alley. 9-7-tt No. 1899
FOR SALE?Farm of 111 acres, 2 mllei
from town. Has good buildings and
good timbers. Possession given thli
fall. Price reasonable and on easy
terms. Mrs. Virginia Bonar, clarlng
ton , Oblo, Rt. 3. 9-7-3t No. 1400
FOR SALE?Farm 24 Vi acres near
Fairmont Six-room house, out buildings,
good water, all kinds of fruit
Box 1374 West Virginian.
8-28-12t No 1374
acres on tr-.in line; good Improvements,
six head of young marea Hoistein
and Jersey cows and calves, one
two-year-old Holsteln bull, Chester
White hogs. Bargain it Bold at once.
W. E. Hardman, R. 2, Jane Lew, W.
Va. 9-l-26t No. 1379
FOR SALE?Meat market Good rea
son for selling. Call and look it
over. Only market in town. - Falrview
Meat Market Falrview, W. Va.
9-2-6t No. 1383
f Prosperity
s his money.
to put gome of your earnings
> opportunity when it comes? |
NI?tlnnil Han1r Hvm w w
? ? o-' ? #V%. vuuVlUVd
it for your funds.
r the Post Office.
The National
ank of Fairmont yfk
irant you to walk Into this S
ust as freely as you would U
a to any storjL H
"cold storate" traditions
aye surrounded financial
tlons have no place In The 19
al Bank of Fairmont H
Toull And bare a*
mosphers that says: ffiSf
IG H T E R~1
mct.p w^mxisii tmmam
^rTinn""mil iniiiiai ilia tSSmM
tory. Good m?M. Apply ~iUH
Chappeii. between 4 and < p. avitwg
Dormitory. ?mto tel*phoa* oUti4K?
the Normal ichoot >4tf'WfrjflSB
maid. Good wagea." ^/ply "aatplfi
Hotel. Fairrlew. M4i^p^W||9
WANTED?Woman to clean ' h?tljj?a|
once a week. Apply 612 Beaon^
WANTED?OlrU tc workat
work, good rreges. Apply
Stogie Co, 11S Merchant 8tmont.
M-tt No. lMt-rifl .
|50 to anyone hiring llwSt WW?[
Can be paid in imall monthly yiiHM
menta. No reference or endorseeSfflH
required. Strictly confidential. Awm
dress Box 695. Clarksburg, W. Tk.
of Bellaire, O, has mangy;]
Paul Q. ^jrmatrong, Attorney,
CASH^QISTER8^^bomgbt.^soM^l '
National Cash Register Co, ttatSSw- j
tlonal Bank Bnlldlng, Claritabup^TK^ g
FOR SALE?Overland .SIX.
cense, all ^complete. Want to gall | j;
FOR RENT?Five-room flat With battJsfl |
and six-room flat with bath. W3 .
quire J. W. Purdy Grooarft'TjjMM 1
i V-.V ;
flowtri and fruit
I wntMnoriw ?a rnmf***lntv n?hU ?w> M J
check 7or $250 every four j
moot hi iwci^tfe^^olkr
If my mind hadn't been at mm aboat toy >1
' family. Knew, too, that if IdUppMi ML H
they'd be taken can of with tikeMjM '-M
they'd ft. In Indemnity and Igaejajfc'.'vj
from my JKtHA DI3ABOJTT tOltOf. \
^ AaIt i'^jrren^erten l^getheme, ereey jj
while I'm in bedand then
til I'm able to taekla the jtfcagala.^
Often take* an erperienec like tUtto' l
make a man waat to
It'a a wonder a hnaky faDew HketoriSfni
had the forethoo*ht Bat yen aeny eto '3)
tell when ilrkneee or iidfnl wis (tah ?
you-and I wanted to do the iteht Marwfl
fine and the kids. Besides, iteeeti ItipH
Write, call or 'pboae today. ' fc?|g
'hftw YYT A -T %MM1 to'" -
2Ub W AJLUMUi A.V.&. ^
CIomb Saturday at 1t I'dlliWa
orriea Truit Wdg. Fairmont, W. Va. U
ana hour. With ' . jjfl
r- *?'^ ,' tW
OinOWTHlrt il
All dlMMM imnnfuny^l
without drvgo or wrgMMtmH
QLAIIII of all tdnda ddMN
fitted and guarautood aa0ni^^H
Op p. Marlotta HoteL
. y.

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