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nfv v ~~i ^\f 1 f
yt\. v. m #
Wm Why P f 25.00
Hp/or Your New Fall
Hg&?, ."
pWhen you can buy the
^same identical Suit here
K Suit* Ilk* pletur* of whipcord*,
H'# other model* eipeclally priced
Sv /at $19.50, reflecting all the new
I^MEgtfiMhlon touohe* that well-drea**d
BH ' \ women will wear thia Fall.
i?. You'll be enthusiastic over
igthese smart Suits?their
rwles and fabrics that we
gppnced especially at $19.50.
?Third Floor?
Hpilifoys' Suit Store
f\ Second to None
^ 9^'VVtV
pHore and better suits here
for school or dress wear
Pthanin any two stores in
Kpfcwn (we've been a-shopiKa!?
SiPllea three and four feet high on
asv.tgble after table?every good partpattern,
style and color.
Ihl '''ka^ tU<t> wlth extr" Knlekerrjtv'
For years we've-been the "BeH
. Boys' Clothiers'* and we sustain
f : that reputation more than ever thla
.. season with such good qualities at
j $2.50 to $10
rim 11 nnurrnrnnr
I; HULU bUNrtntNbt
Urarsday, Friday and Sat,
nrday School Work Will
Be Discussed
ill set together meeting ia8tlnc
trough Thursday, Friday and Satur
lay will be held this week by the
eachera, principals and superintend
dt of the city schools. This Is an in
(ovation and was made possible' b;
he postponement of the opening ol
he city schools by the Board of Healtb
nring-to the infantile paralysis epl
Superintendent Otis G. Wilson ar
hosed for the conferences which are
fcpected to be profitable to both teach
IT.;aod pupil. Thursday morning the
meters trill meet with their prlncl
lels at their respective buildings. On
he afternoon of that day the teachere
rill be addressed by President Joseph
loster, of the Normal school. Dr. C
IC. Ramage, city health physician, Mist
Kola' VcKlnney, truant officer, and
lllss Caroline E. Brenk, supervisor ol
i^SHday morning there will be twc
It mgn scnooi mum
b ot grades 1 to <
e direction ot Mlsi
n, primary supervl
own primary grades
nee will be for tbi
grades and tbe gen
'bat to Expect fron
1" will be dlscuseei
Frank S. White, W
is Isa M. Neal am
eak on the subject
Grammar Schoo
ay afternoon Dr. J
nlverslty, will spea!
'Understanding am
illd," and an addresi
I by J. A. Jackson
t the Clarksbnrt
conferences will b
l school building
is 1 to 4 will mee
flss Boydston agali
e aubjeet "How i
w When She Teach
ilscuseed. Tbe oth
will meet for a shor
r Walter Barnes, o
will discuss phasei
! English. At 10:81
leral teachers' meet
' * I N TOTE '
Stock Production.
Hippodrome Lewla-OUrer Playen
Colonlel General Nuisance
Nelson ...His Brother's Keeper
Princeee Peg O' the Ring
Dixie The Deserter
Ideel Power o( Mind
Gmnd The End of the Trail
a a iwa "Vaeil arsall" fnw (>ia <!?*.*
I is over and they are again free
beings as far as attending the
monies and theatres Is concerned.
Grown-ups, and especially those not
having children of their own, cannot
fully realise what a great Joy had been
blotted out of their little hearts when
the ban went forth.
One little girl said to me, "I can't
go to a picnic, they won't let me In
the movies, and I must stay out of Sunday
school, the play ground Is closed,
schools are not yet open, so what can
I do? Haven't we 'kiddles' any privileges
at all?"
. I couldn't say yes, for fear of being
asked: "What?"
But there is sunshine again.
The "kiddies" have been unshackeled.
The Lord & Vernon Musical Comedy
Company starts a week's engagement
at the Colonial today, after a successful
run at the Palace in Clarksburg.
This organization has all the earmarks
of the real thing In their line. The
first show Is "General Nuisance." and
Is under the personal direction of Mr.
Jack Lord. Besides himself there are
In the cast Billy Evans, Frank LaMonte.
Tom Willard. Gladys Fern Willard,
Gussie Vernon. Clarn Evans.
Viola Welsh and Marion Gilbert, the
last two being new members.
Miss Gilbert and Miss Welsh were
in the chorus of the De Wolfe Fun- .
makers, which company closed a sue- e
cessful week at the Colonial Saturday
Dustln Farnum.sald to be the high- I
est paid movie star in the country, Is I
featured at the Grand this afternoon
and night In a great out door Paramount
production, entitled "The End
of the Trail."
One of the youngest performers In
the Triangle string, Charles Ray, plays
the leading part 1n "The Deserter," a 1
stirring picture whlrti is booked for
the Dixie today.
They're off! All In a hunch!
Today starts the winter "series of
jjiajo ni iuu myyuuruuie. mjob uraadln
will be back In the cast, and her
part In the play tonight Is particular- *ly
to her liking.
Mr. Lewis has made his selections j1
for the next few weeks from the best *
plays recently released for stock pro- r
ductlon, and claims that many of them i
have never before been produced out- i
side the larger cities, and there only *:
at prices ranging to $1.50. He Is high- "
ly pleased that he has been able to secure
such good material for produc- ?
tlon at popular prices and feels sure c
that Hippodrome patrons will be de- i
lighted. e
"Peg o" the Ring," which is now an p
eagerly-awaited picture at the Prin- t
cess, is on today. It is one of the s
most thrilling episodes to date, and ti
the circus side of it Is fascinating to d
children, while the excellent dramatic v
work of Francis Ford and Grace Cun- C
ard appeals additionally to grown-ups. ti
As proof of the popularity in Fair- ?
- mont social circles of members of the t
Lewis-Oliver players, the management f|
of the Hippodrome stated that numer- t
ous telephone calls Inquiring as to a
Miss Grandin's health have been com- j,
, Ing into the house daily since she has e
been absent-from the cast Those who ?
' Inquired late In the past week were 0
, told that she is to make her reappear- r
ance with the next change of bill, p
which was greeted with expressions
of a flattering nature. All of which is a
highly gratifying to the entice com- ?
pany and to Miss Grandin in partlcu- g
lar. f
The Colonial orchestra is a delight
to patrons of that house, and frequent r
, highly complimentary remarks are ||
' heard exchanged by the crowd leaving
' the theatre.
1 Now all together, (very loud): "I'll I
| say they are!"
[ With the "Grip of Evil" and the
"Who's Guilty?" series as regular c
weekly features at the Ideal the man- r
agement is giving its patrons a big c
money's worth. ?
, t ii
Special Baseball \
Announcement! J
With the pennant races in the \
National and American Baseball p
t leagues the most sizzling in all the- (
40-year history of baseball?six r
! teams a mad dash down the
stretch for the precious flag?ev1
ery fan in the country is on his
i toes!
In order to keep the fans fed up* tJ
on their demanded diet and to 8
| give you also the best and liveliest f
. news and features of this Ted-hot 11
. sport topic. The West Virginian P
sport page for the next week or so 8
will be devoted to special baseball ?
There will be daily articles and
[ pictures pertaining to the managers
and players in the spotlight s
right now, the managers and play- A
' I ore xxrVlo mow eraf 4i?*a Milo
rles. e
1 Special articles are being secur- tl
' ed by our sport department and
S in addition there will be special
stories by Brown Holmes.
) Every possible effort Is being a
made by us to give you the best n
t to be had in baseball at a time r
l when the fan world is turned r
i topsy turvy by the major league f,
pennant races that are so hot the
winners in each league may not
t be decided until the very last day
C of the season! li
i The first of these baseball punch)
es is in t' i bheets today, a special g
article by Harold Johnson. &
^ AliAlIN ^
[ I "A *'
* ** '
lot. ~m. r. Cody (Buffalo Bill) with
former Indian Fighter Has
Had a Most Picturesque
Col. Wm. P. Cody, former Chief of
icouts, Indian fighter, dead-shot, travler,
raconteur and picturesque show- 1
nan, known to at least two generaions
as "Buffalo Bill," Is again "in
he saddle" this season, and his visit
o Fairmont with the newly combined
tulfalo Bill-101 Rranch shows, Friday,
lept 29, will revive many memories
if the career of this noted national
The history of the Borderland would
ot be complete if the name of Col.
tody was eliminate!. While still a
oung man his "nerve" and cool-headd
judgment was so generally recog- <
ized that time after time he was em- k
loyed to rid the "tough" towns of
iansas and Nebraska of their undelrable
citizens, and when he underook
the job he never failed. The borer
outlaws learned to have a very
tholesome respect for "Marshal
tody." He made an early study of
he Indians and their methods of
anting and making ywar, and whenver
there was danger of an Indian
utbreak his services were in demand.
ls a scout the Indians recognized the
act that he was equal or superior to
hemselves. and they were always
Traid of him. As a Buffalo hunter,
a the days when the bison stampedd
in great herds across the Western
lains, and especially in the valleys
f the upper Missouri, he acquired a
eputation that has remained with
dm throughout the years.
Col. Cody originated the Wild West
how as it is known in the United
Itates, and through his exhibition be
?ve the people of the East their
Irst glimpse of the real life of the
Teat prairies.
Much Excitement
Monongah was the scene of much e*ltment
on Saturday when numerous
umors were spread In a short time
oncernlng the Are In Mine No. 6. and
o doubt many werp reminded of the
srrible disaster at the same place
a 1907. The rapid spread ot reports
ras the result ot many out ot town
isitors coming to Monongah to inestlgate
affairs. Among the promlent
men who were here on Saturday
re re Messrs. al Tarlton, C. H. Waton,
George T. Watson, Brooks Flemag,
Harry Clarks. John RIggtns, A. T.
Vatson. C. R. RIggs, Homer Bell,
'rank Amos, R. Leigh Fleming, Cal
ionaway, Dr. Peters, Dr. Harness and
>r. Brownfleld.
At Cook Hospital
Miss Willa Kann is in Cook hospiil
at Fairmont recovering from an opration
tor appendicitis. Miss Kann
as been ill for about two weeks, beag
taken to the hoe^hl during the
ast week. She is rapidly Improving
nd it is thought that she will be
ut before many days.
Acme Postponed
On account of illness it was neces- I
rw *n nnatnnriA thn mnnfincr of *h? I
icme society, which was to take place .
his evening in Thoburn. Announce- 1
lents will he given later regarding
he time ot the next meeting.
Large Crowds
Large crowds attended both sermons
t the Baptist' church on yesterday
lorntng conducted by Rev. Pat Murey
ot Flemlngton. Mr. and Mrs. Mury
spent the day visiting their old
riends about Monongah.
Charles Knox, of Fairmont, was vtsltig
friends here on yesterday.
Miss Snow Amos, ot Reedsville,
pent the week-end with Miss Inez
ieredtth, of Brookdale.
J* Si Morrison and Mn. W. W,
Wr =
the "101 Ranch." here on Sept. 29.
lolbert were calling in Fairmont on
Raymond Selvatl and Birch Davis
rere social callers in Fairmont on
Sunday evening.
Arthur Fisher was a caller in town
?n yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Steele, of Mortantown.
were calling on friends here
luring the week-end.
Emmett Moran, of Clarksburg, was
rlsiting friends In town on Sunday.
Mike nlrkW wiq a cr..-1-l
Fairmont on Sunday afternoon
Harry and Richard Lynn, of Sarrlstta,
attended the Clarksburg-Monon?ah
basoball .game at Traction park
Albert Jones was calling on friends
n Bothsville during the week.
Spectacular Drama Contains
Powerful But Charming
No play in recent years has taken
10 daringly audacious a theme as "The
Jarden of Allah," which will be prelented
at the Grand Opera House tomorrow
evening. The theme Is of
such infinite beauty and Oriental
iplendor that it will remain in the
learts and memory of all who see it
tor many days to come.
"The Garden of Allah" was drama:ized
by Robert Htckens ? who also
irrote the book of the same title?and
.vaa assisted by Mary Anderson de
The underlying charm of this novel
ind spectacular drama is the very
taturalness of it all?to portray a man
ind a woman, who. hnvlnw found oiiaK
nflnlte delight In their marriage, can
ay aBlde their worldly happiness that
he man may return to his monastery.
William Jeffrey as "Boris," the
-oung Trapplst monk, who finds love
>ut not peace and contentment of soul
>utslde the monastery, gives to the
itmosphere of the role so delicate a
:harm. that one will find the heartitrings
tightening as he gazes upon
he wistful, kindly face, and follow him
:hrough his trying moments; and Sarah
Traux as "Domini," the woman
vho also finds love In the Great Satara
Desert, but who, in her great love
lor truth and right gives back this
love, brings to her exacting role a
:harmlng personality and a low vliratlng
speaking voice?a sweetness
ind reverence that wlnstbe heart.
Others in the cast Include Howard
Jould, Thaddeus Gray, James Mason,
Mbert Andruss, Leo de Valery, Pearl
3ray and the Abbott family of five, together
with one hundred others relulred
for the presentation of this
ipectaculsr drama, and it will be exiCtly
as presented for one year at the
Century theatre. New York City.
Absolutely, Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
A two-reel western drama well
and thunder kind ot story. A goo
action In' the hands ot a good cast.
Another two-part feature with
A good comedy number full of
thla cast and they are making gooc
Open 1 to 11 P.M.
II ^Sts OF ll
The Sabratlon plant ot the ^merl- I
can Steel and Tin plate company ie J
being charged from a natural gas to
a cool basis. According to the Mor- |
gantown New Dominion two miles I
will be changed at a time so that thei |
I nlanf will Ka Irnnt In nitAiHitlnn with >
as little Interruption as possible. It j
Is estimated that the work can be ac-ii
compllsbed in ten weeks, and that all; j
the mills ot the plant will be equip-,j
ped (or the use ot coal before the cold;
weather makes a heavy demand on I
the gas supply.
The Business Men's Association ot j
Parkersburg to be held some time,i
next month, as now proposed. The; ]
plans are for the members to send out; i
statements at the same time to any !
who may be behind in their payment,, j
with the notice that those who do not; j
pay up their bills, will be rated in a i
credit book, copies to be mailed to all ]
members of the association. The dt- i
rectors and secretary, of the assocla- !
tlon are now working' out a plan for j
the week, nad getting up the forms of i
statements to be used. The plan is !
to be modeled after that in UBe in I
many other cities. - j
According to the Hlnton Independ- 1
ent-Herald Honorable Z. T. Vinson
and certain associates, prominent business
men ot Huntington and vicinity,
have negotiated a purchase of the ,
Pence Spring property, consisting of about
30 acres of land, and Including
the famous Pence Spring In Summers
county. The price paid is understood
to be arouna 360,000, with certain
stock holdings to be held by the Pence
heirs in the new corporation to be organized.
The purchasers contemplate
enlarging the bottling works and tbe
erection of commodious hotel In tbe
very near future. J. H. Long, editor
of the Huntington Advertiser, and
M. T. Davis capitalist of the Pence
Springs, are connected with the new
Plans are being outlined for the organization
ot a "Women's Union Label
League" In Wheeling and a meeting
will be held at the Ohio Valley
Trades and Labor Assembly ball on
the evening of September 20 for the
purpose of perfecting the organization.
The league is for the purpose of
Inducing the wives, mothers and sisters
of union men and women to cooperate
In the buying ot union made
goods and products.
The first report of the Eastern Panhandle
Cow Testing Association has
been made by J. W. Bason, the official
tester, and the first honors have
been won by a Shepherdstown dairyman,
Charles S. Blllmyer. One oi
his cows, Alice M.. a Jersey, producod
during the thirty days ended August
31st, 1,410 pounds of milk, with S3.6
pounds tof butterfat, the per cent oi
(at being 3.8. Nineteen cows In Jet
ferson and Berkeley were tested, ana
the Ave best producers of butterfat
are owned In Jefferson county. .
According to the Moundsvlllc Echo
an English hull dog belonging to Fred
Zlnk Is suflcrlng from a cataract on
Its left eye. The dog, whicb Is pure
bred. Is very valuable, and the owner
I fears the animal may lose his sight (
entirely. The best medical attention ,
is being given blm.
Garrison Kendrlck, says the Morgantown
Post-Chronicle is the proud 1
owner of a young raccoon which la ,
quite tame and will search your pockets
for something to eat. He reminds
one of the little poem by James Whitcomb
Riley about the little coon that
Pa bought of Noah Bizler for 50
Dick Harrison, half brother of Jeff
Harrison, who last week confessed to
the Central Station $100,000 mall robbery,
is said by the Wheeling newspapers
to be in constant fear that his
old pals may return and take his life
! -
A new play every Monday and
Matinees 10c and 20c.
Evenings, 10c, 20c, and 30c. ..
1 ay
i i viti unnuvv
suited to those who lore the blood
3 pldt is supplemented by plenty of
tense scenes, and narrow escapee.
tun. Some new faces are seen in
Admission 5 Cents.
The Popular 8peclelty Store for
| POPULAR ' Aflr^
| pr,ces
| Introducing
time nei
<5 A at,on t0
S X ) --iT have am
A Rf med Hal
? >^te-**^ A which a
^ c/CT i men ot
^ Trimmed Hata
1 $3.50 to $20
In vengeance tor his act several 1
months ago In unfolding details ot J
the Central Station hold-up. It is said
that he has cautioned his special
guards to frustrate any attempt that
may be made to kill htm, and that he
especially tears that Grady Webb, the
missing one ct the bandits, is hiding J
in Wheeling and may attempt to tako 1
his life. J
The record of the American Amhu- 1
lance Field Service is told In a volume
just oft the press, entitled :
"Friends of France," of which Mr.
Henry Sydnor Harrison wrote the !
leading chapter. In the list of ambulance
drivers contained In this work .
but two West Virginians' names ap- 1
pear, those ot Mr. Harrison and Mr. 1
John Vlckers Ray, both of Charles- 1
ton. The former Is credited to Colum- 1
bla University and the latter to the '
University ot Virginia. The hook, 1
says the Charleston Mall, is handsome 1
in appearance and most interesting In ]
subject matter.
. i
The Marllnton Journal la responsl- J
ble for the following: "Last Tburs- day
Otis Gibson landed a black bass
at the Gay eddy, a mile above>Apwn,
that tipped the beam at 4 pounSk ana ,
10 ounces. This Is the record so far,
this season in this section. Tuesday!
at the Kcnnison,curve, just below
Seebert. Mrs. S. L. Hogsett caught ;
a bass that measured 20 inches In I
length and weighed 4 pounds and 9
ounces. She and Mrs. J. W. Hill were!
fishing with C. J. Richardson and his'
son, Charles. A number were caught
and all were of good size. The seven;
largest weighed 15 pounds."
Man'* Inconsistency.
"Yen." said the woman who somelines
lets out an andlble thought, "It's
i fuct." "What's a fact?" we queried.
That the man who growls about his
rite's cooking at home will cheerfully
ist any old thing when he's camping,"
ixplalued noisy female thinker.
The J. L Torrey
Shoe Repairing Shop
At his old stand, has been |
moved to j
405 Jackson and
Jefferson Sts. I
Opposite Presbyterian* Church, i
Look us up or call 829-J Bell {
Phone .and we will call for and
deliver work at the usual price. I
^ Camel*
Seats Now At Mar
- "**
Women's end Mletes' Apparel ^
"l"'TO 1 \
fit every h |
; New Fall \
NER Y| ,
s considering the style'require- !gj
! our Cuatomers we at the tune fSj
rer lose sight ot the (act that UJ ,
?Y Is also a necessary consider- fiS |
the buying public, therefore we I
sembled the most completo and ?
llsplay of trimmed and untrlm- jfits
^nd Trlmnlngs at those prices |
ccommodate themselves to WO- nj
average purse.
Untrimmed Hats ^
$1 to $9.901
Mrs. Postelwaite
Buried In Tyler Co.
Mrs. Elvlna Postelwaite, of Jackson-'
)urg. W. Va.. died Sunday morning at
be home of her son, C. E. Postalsraite.
on Grafton street, where shs < .
isd spent the last several weeks. Mrs. '
'ostolwaite had been In failing health v
or several months and came here to
:onsult with physicians. She failed .
-apidly. however, and It was known
hat she would survive but a short"
The deceased was aged 47 years and
eiipvltrarl Kir Kan KneKanr) 117 T Tlsa
0 nu> Ttteu vj am uuouwuui tv ?f rwf
elwalte, and six children, three (one.
ind three daughters. Two children
ire deceased. The remains were takm
to Clarksburg this morning ea
oute to Jacksonburg where funeral
lerrlces will be held and Interment
rill be made In the family cemetery
n Tyler county. Mr. Postelwalte and
nembers of his family accompanied
he body.
1 i ??
= ' '
DAILY 2:30?7:30?8 i
Bal'y 10c Main Floor 20c
Comedy Company |
Opening Today With a J?|
Fun Provoking Mu- ^
sical Farce
General Nuisance J
3 Complete O
Changes of Bill ?> M

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