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K$r- :
PITTSBURGH, Sept. 18.?Business
prfoh the Pittsburg Stock Exchange Isst
Jr week foot up 111.969-shares stocks
S&c Mid $23,000 bonds. Twenty-one stocks
cg?.?]oaed at net gains for the week and
ETonly 9 at net declines, while 6 were
K -unchanged as compared with the last
R> previous close. Five new high prices
& jrere registered during the week.
&C . The stocks which were most promJnent
in the movement In the previous
' week retained their leadership and
ruled strong. Columbia Gas and Elec
trie was the most active of Its group,
IWJI 1 MM AAW -1 J? ? ?
- ?o.vuo snares crmnging naans at 22%
Sk'.' to 28%, tho final sale at 26 rcpreaontm
ln? a not gain for tbo week of 3%
m points.
K;I On Saturday trading continued acffe
tire and prices were arm, two of the
a? high marks of the week being made
rev at this session. Saturday's sales in
t';, detail were as followa:
Saturday's Summary.
Bp; gales High Uw
M 210 A W 6 M 62 61%
M| 2,o#0 Col G & E.... *26% 20
El 410 Fireproof .... 7% .7%
HK_ ,,10 Flroproof pf. ..16 16
Is?-..- 100 lnd Brewing ..4 4
439 La Belle Iron.. ?61% 60%
[I--.: 73 Mfrs L & II... 58% 58% j
25 Ohio F Oil ... 15% 16% i
fc' 110 Ohio F Sup .. 46% 40%
Br: 100 Pbg Coal 33% 33% j
201 Pbg Idaho *? 1.10 1.10
Hi 10 Pbg Gl tl22% fl22% i
Wjf170 Pure Oil 20 20 i
By - 2.000 Boss M & M .. 20 20 i
Rft> 9,100 San Toy 22 22 i
H. 46 Un Switch 115 115 !
Bfe* 470 West Alrbr ... 150 149
Rj|;': 51 West Elec ... 04% 63%:
il 16,104
R-.. 'New high record. tEx-dividend.
1 New York
[: NEW YORK, Sept. 18.?With Steel. |
|| Western Union and a half dozen rail-'
F loads making new high records on the i
stock market Saturday, it was no sur-1
I prise to find that the actual loans at |
I the close of business Friday night had |
fcv Increased $4,244,000. It was a surprise. I
I however, that tho surplus showed anj
I. Increase of $19,146,880 and the demand I
?: deposits, $10,175,000. These latter flgk
" area are accounted for by tho great;
pfe." gold Importation. The average states
IK. ' ment nhnwpil nn Iuppohop ,,f ? ! nca I
if III surplus, a decrease of $507,000 In
th; loans, and an Increase In net demand
jS- deposits of $1,398,000.
EEs" Stocks opened with a rush of new,
W&- high records, were strong and active j
WASHINGTON. D. C? Sept. 18 ?
B- Champ Clark appears to bo the only
Bj^^Democrat honest in his expressions remSrj
Kardlng the Maine election." said forEfr
.per Representative Charles It. Lnndls,
of Indiana, at the Wlllard today. "Tho
Bp. Speaker, in his characteristic manner,
jl frankly said the party he ndo'rns had
jjjj|? been Ticked good and plenty." hut otliBp
.er leading Democrats profess to see
the result a Democratic victory.
"What false reasoners they are. Last
'fa*" week these same Democrats were saylit.
lng that they would carry tho Pine
'ff' - Tree state by 3.000 or more, and now
II that their prognostications have gone
1; ' wrong they are claiming that Maine
K was a Republican state anyhow, and
B'-f ! that they had never expected to carry
ggfcS' lb They see In a Republican triumph
n?. a Democratic vtctory. That's beeu
'&>?. the way with the Democrats always.
They are the best little clalmers and
jjjfV the most agile dodgers In the world,
gp' "In my Judgment the election in
fee" Maine is unmistakable In its slgnifiR:.>
cance. It means that the trend of the
it times is back to the Republican par/
. ty; It means that the voters are not
? satisfied with the administration; it
kj means that in November that the poo
K D,e will return the Republican party
to power. The President was in a fair
way to make the fight this year a surely..
enough 'hoss race.' but ho slipped up
.when he tookhold of the threatened
k' strike and forced Congress Into legisbf.
latlon that is obviously unwise. The
eight-hour law is going to be the rock
; < on which the Democratic party will be
wrecked. Why, even labor realizes
&., the mistake that has been made,
fc' "Indiana? It will go Republican
beyond a .doubt. I see that Tom Tng\
gart prophesies that the HooBler state
Sfe' - will go 50.000 Democratic. I want to
predict that Indiana will go nearer
60,000 Republican than it will 1,000
EjF Democratic. Stick a pin In this progg)
e"- Pilgrims to the National Capital
hailing from way down in West Vlrg.',
ginla report that a striking example
I of the get-together spirit which has
characterized the Republican party in
b-": that Commonwealth was shown last
W week upon the speech-making visit of
K'4. Judge Ira Robinson to Mercer, RalgSS
elgh, Fayette and Wyoming counties.
K? They also report that the Republican
r ..'gubernatorial candidate put more
gi-"^. "pep" than usual into his speeches,
gj. replying to the Democratic campaign
Spj managers, hurling defiance at them.
Bp: - and making a few counter charges on
gft the enemy.
s- The most conspicuous example of a
Is..', ffAt.tOBTAthAr mOflffnrr woo the
_-f._ --U ? O """ ?MW uuo 11CIU
at Beckley, Raleigh county, the home
ot Attorney General Lilly. It was a
S, big affair, according to one who witV.
' nessed It. The crowd was large and It
flpk; was enthusiastic. It was presided
over by Dr. Suthpin, who was one of
I General Lilly's managers In the privy
j mary contest, and probably 90 per cent
of the audience were made up ot enthuslastlc
supporters ot Mr. Lilly, who
KJ , seemed to be Just as enthusiastic sup^
porters ot Judge Robinson now. Ral|elgh
Is right for Robinson, acoordtng
B to reports brought here by men fresh
IK*, from that county.
Candidate Robinson, replying to his
j$L Democratic critics, oonnected up the
^ reugfrtlons of ex-Senator C. W. Wat
throughout the session and closed with
Steel near Its new top of 108. The
public Is coming In at a lively rate and
Wall street expects big things this
Grain and Produce.
CHICAGO Sept. 18.?Uneasiness In
regard to British trade restrictions
did a good deal to Increase the selling
pressure In wheat. Largely In
consequence the market closed unsettled
1% to 2%c net lower with '
Dec at $1.47% to 1.47%, and May at I
corn I03C -fe((P% 10
%c and oats %@Vi to %@%c. Provisions
finished Irregular, ranging
from 47 decline to a rise of IS.
Articles Open Close
$1.48% $1.4714
May 1.49% 1.48
72 72
May 75% 75%
45% 47%
May 50% 60%
Bid. Asked.
Con G E I, & P com. 100 100%. ..
Merch & Mech Nat Bk .. 29
Fairmont & ('larks 5s6 100%
Baltimore Tube 125
Baltimore Tude pfd .... 09 100
Cosilen com 15% ..
Condon Gas com 12'% 127i |
C'osdon Gas pref 4% 5
Con Conl Gs 102% 102%
Con Coal ilef 5s 91 91%'
Kill horn Fuel 5s 99%
Wnyland Oil .. 4%
Oil and Gas.
After almost a continuous run of
light wells in the eastern fields the
close of the week presented a good
producer, located In the Thirty-foot development
on Dent's run, Mnnnington
district, Marlon county. W. Va. The
well is Hickman & Huffman's No. I!!
on the Alfred Kendall farm, located j
SOU feet north of the good producer!
on the &. E. Batson farm. At four|
iwi 111 mis amiu. me .w. o nenuHit got i
the pay and began to flow at the rate
t?f 15 barrels an hour, and for the first,
15 hours after it was drilled in produced
150 barrels. The Clayton Oil
company's No. I on the W. Z. Hays
farm, an offset to the Batson fnrm producer
and located 400 feet east, when
last heard from was drilling at two
son and Candidate Cornwell closely. He
charged that Marion county was being
systematically colonized hy tho Democratic
managers, and laid before his
audience his views of "Watsonian."
which were none too complimentary.
That Judge Robinson should malic the
rigorous kind of speeches which he is
reported to have delivered down-state
last week occasioned no surprise
among the state's politicians here.
They had expected it, for it v:ns apparent
to them that the Democratic
opposition was unintentionally, perhaps,
inviting it.
A sequel to tho interesting case
which has involved Postmaster Ceneral
Burleson and Wisdom D. Brown,
editor of the R. F. D. News, was staged
yesterday in the Supreme Court of
the District when Justice McCoy was
asked to set a date for the hearing !
of a mandamus asked by Wisdom D.
Brown to prevent the execution of a
fraud order secured by Postmaster,
General Burleson and Postmaster Merrit
O. Chance, for alleged use ot the
malls to defraud. Justice McCoy lias
set October Gth for the hearing. The
case has been an Interesting one and
followed with interest by many of the
rural delivery carriers in the country.
The fraud order which Is now under
discussion was issued against Mr.
Brown following the publication in his
paper, the Ilural Free Delivery News,
of an offer to secure back pay for R.
F. D. carriers, alleged to be unlawfully
held by the postmaster general, in
disobedience of an act of Congress Increasing
the maximum pay ot carriers
from $11,00 to $1,200 per year. On Au/
A because th
/ sweetened to
/ Grown-ups 111
? only taste Ooo
/ IshingaswelLS
.r.^/ Uifr: *& . ? _" & < ? .
-ffr^Suy-J'yj?l'fe^5&\^lJ ' t^ScrasS *'*v^ji'
feet In the tul aad^not showing any
On Spring ran. New Milton district,
Doddridge county, the South Penn Oil
company** test on the L. M. Denlson
farm Is a gasser In the Gordon sand.
On Beech Lick ram Greenbrier district,
the Hope Natural Gas company
drilled Its No. 15 op the Stalnaker
heirs' farm through the Big Injun sand
and It shows for a 10-barrel pumper.
At the headwaters of Coburns fork.
Ten Mile district, Harrison county,
the South Penn Oil company has now
drilled No. 3 on the I.eeman Maxwell
farm through the fifth sand and It is
a small gasser. On the same stream
and In the same district, the Sun Gas
company drilled a test on the Thompson
farm through the same formation
and has a very light gasser. On Laurel
run. Murphy district; Ritchie county.
the South Penc Oil company drilled a
second test on the J- Craft farm
through the salt sand and It shows for
a 15-harrel pumper. On Straight fork.
Iiurnlng Springs district, Wirt county,
the same company's No. 10 on the N. i
W. Haught farm Is showing for a 10barrel
' On Bartholomew run, Mannlngton
district. Marlon county, the Carnegie
Natural Gas company's test on the G. I
T. Hamilton farm Is a gasser in the
Big Injun sand. On Long Drain run,
Church district, Wetzel county, the
same company's test on the Jonathan
Kerns farm Is a gasser In the Maxon
sand. On Sugar creek. Clay district,
the Hope Natural Gas company's seoond
tost on the James Stronider farm
has a light show of oil in the Gordon
ssnd. On Fishing creek. Grant district,
the same company's test on the
Rachel Lowe farm is a gasser in the
>lfth sand. On the same stream, in
Church district, the Manufacturers
Light nnd Heat company has a Gordon
sand gasser at a second test on the W.
F. k Jennie Petts farm.
"On Spring creek. Smlthfleld district.
Roane county, the Loe Ott Oil company
drlllcd No. I! on the Louisa Harris
farm through the Big Injun sand, and
it shows for a 10-barrel pumper. In
the same locality the Roane Development
company is starting No. 14 on
the J. T. Harris farm.
Shooting old wells is still a feature
In the Weir sand development In Elk
district. Kanawha county. The wells
respond liberally to the shot, but decline
rapidly. The first 24 hours'
gauge after shot is no indication of
what the wells will he doing nt the expiration
of a week. The Ohio Fuel Oil
company's No. 4 on the Edward Gehhart
farm was increased from 5 to 100
barrels the first 24 hours. No. 5 increased
from a to 135 barrels. The
South Penn Oil comapny's No. 17. A. C.
Skluuer. increased from 12 to 25 barrels.
The same company's No. 8 on
the X A. McCorkle farm increased
from 5 to 50 barrels. No. 14 on the
same farm failed to respond.
In spencer district. Roane county.
the Farter fill eomnnnv Is down 9 07n
foot at a tost on the W. T. McDonald
heirs' farm and fishing. On Flat fork, \
Harper district, Charles Slmtns & Co. !
gust 29th the plaintiff and defendant
compromised the fraud order and restraining
order difficulty by the plain- i
tiff agreeing to open ail mail in the i
presence of the postmaster or his representative
and returning all money
orders in connection n-itli the contingency
fees asked for in obtaining back (
pay for the carriers. I
West Virginia men who were here to
represent the interests of West Virginia
towns in an effort to land the i
$11,000,000 munition plant of the government.
have returned home, without
any definite assurance of success, :
but with the feeling that the home i
state stands just as good a chance of
landing the proposed plant as any of I
the other 125 cities who were In the I
competition. It is understood that that
number of cities have boon hoard from
and it is the plan of Secretary Daniels
to divide the country into zones wherein
the obviously eligible sites will be
visited first and inspected by members
of the staff. Owing to the length of
time this personal inspection will entall
it is not expected that a decision
will be readied for somo months. In 1
addition to this the briefs and data 1
submitted will be studied by the naval
board, together with the arguments
presented by the delegations personally,
and by correspondence before a
decision is announced.
Congressman Sutherland has taken |
up with the Pension Bureau the matter
of securing a pension for Mrs. Ilosa
Whltehair, of Bellngton. Mrs. Whitehair
is the widow of the late David L.
Whltehair, who served In a West Virginia
regiment during the war. Both
Congressman Cooper and Congressman
Bowers' officers have been kept
busy supplying the demand for blanks
and papers to comply with tho forms <
required for application for the Increase
in pension carried by the provisions
of the Ashford bill, passed in 1
the laBt days of Congress. i
Congressman Sutherland, too, is I
en taste so good-slightly
satisfy youngsters'palates;
e. them because they not
a but axe nour- ?
^PB ^^BP
&4'- - ':: f ; *:ty- .
; v
d 1,300 f t t teT th"
Spencer district, Ooff ft'iSackVe doe
In the sand at a test on the Louisa J.
Hedges tarm and J. 11. Harper ft Co.
are due on the Elizabeth Walker tarm.
On Frozen Camp-run. Curtis district,
the United Fuel Gas company's test on
the U. M. Hickman farm Is showing (or
a light pumper in the Cow Run sand.
They will give It a test before drilling
to the lower sands.
On West Fork river, Orant district,
Harrison county, the Clarksburg Light
and Heat company is drilling a test on
the George F. Rogers farm. On Katy
Lick run, Sardls district, the Philadelphia
company has completed a rig on
the W. G. Allen farm. On Brown's
creek and Rock run, Freemans Creek
district, Lewis county, the same company
is drilllngon the Shelton Mlnter
and S. M. Riley farms. On Klnchloe
creek. Union district, Harrison county.
tbe Reserve Gas company baa a
plugged bole on tbe Crocker Hall
farm and Is skidding tbe rig and will
start a new bole.
On Fishing creek, Cameron district,
Marshall county, the Carnegie Natural
Gas company Is drilling on tbe Jobn
Thtel farm and has developed a light
gas pressure In the Big Injun sand. On
the same stream In Liberty district,
the Bame company Is spudding in on
tho Powers-Walton farm.
Court News
Marriage Licenses.
Wilfred G. Johnson, 29, Canton, O.,
and Krankic Iris Golf, 23. of Fairmont.
George B. Robinson, 30, and Ucva J.
Humphrey, 18. Mannlngton.
James W. Humphrey, 49. Joetown,
Marlon county, and Myrtle L. Looman,
39. Manninglon.
Vital Statistics.
Nineteen births registered by Dr.
James C. Collins.
One birth registered by Dr. W. H.
Kunst. .
Elihu T. Martin ct ux. to II. R. Martin.
real estate on Tevcrbaugh creek.
Lincoln district; one dollar and further
E. M. Showalter. special commissioner.
to Nicola Ciballl, lot 3G, Arnett
addition, {1.360.
O. F. Lough et ux. to Olive M. Arnctt.
real estate in Eighth ward, Fairmont;
one dollar and further consideration.
Olive M. Arnctt to Ray Arnott. real
estate in lot 50. Bitlingsley addition.
Fairmont; $2,000.
Marion H. Gump et ux. to Minnie
Sutton Price, real estate on Paw Paw
creek; one dollar and further consideration.
First National Bank of Fnirvlew to
Duncan Sinclair ct al.. Judgment on
certain property; $2,564.57 nnd costs.
II. C. Cummins ct ux. to M. J. Barrackman.
real ostate in Main street,
town of Fairvicw; consideration, premises.
one dollar and further valuations.
looking after a number of cases and
all three offices have sent out hundreds
of letters In reply to requests for
Information as to the provisions of the
To the chant of a thousand Franciscan
friars, the fourth biennial meeting
of the national conference of Cathdie
charities convened Sunday at the
Catholic University. Pontifical high
mass was celebrated at the Franciscan
church and later in the day the
apostolic delegate. Most Reverend
Archbishop Bonzono. gave an informal
reception to delegates. The officers
of the conference include the most
prominent churchmen of the country
headed by Cardinal Gibbons, honorary
Mrs. Thomas A. Beattte, of Wheeling.
and the Rov. Thomas Devlin, of
Pittsburgh, both well known to West
Virginians, are members of the executive
committee. Mrs. Bernard Ward,
of Benwood, is also chairman of one
of the important committees. Seven
hundred delegates, representing the
varied activities of Catholic organizations
in all parts of tbe United States
are in attendance.
The following postmasters for fourth
class postofficos have been sent their
commissions this week: Grace M.
Flanagan at Champwood; Dwight S.
Kingsley at Mucklow; Peter R. Hendrick,
Senator Nathan B. Scott, who has
spent the latter part of his vacation
with his son, Capt. Guy Scott and family
at Deer Park, returned this week
to his home in this city.
Mrs. J. Robert Anderson and daughter.
Elolse, former residents of Parkersburg,
have gone to Springfield. 111.,
where they will be the guests for several
weeks of Dr. and Mrs. McCleod.
Mrs. Anderson and daughter will make
a visit in West Virginia on their return
bouse near Locust Ave. Bell 40-L;
Con. 339. 9-16-31 No. 1431
WANTED?Ford Roadster. Call 193-W
Con. 9-16-4t No. 1433
FOR SALE?Overland Six, new car.
Tftrtln r\f a 11 Irlnrta (natiMitisa 11.
cense, all complete. Want to sell at
once. Altle C. Alha, Mannlngton, W.
Va. . 8-26-tt No 136S
AGENTS?No experience required.
Earn 120 to $40 weekly, selling
household specialties. Dept. 6 Virginia
Sales Co., 219 Warwick Place.
Lynchburg, Va. 9-18-lt. No. 143S
| NEWS 1
Went to Triune.
Mrs. Isabella Dennett, of Maryland
avenue, and Mrs. E. F. Morgan and
son. Albert, of Charleston, have gone
to Triune to visit relatives. Mrs.
Bennett is recovering from a recent
At Cook Hospital.
Mrs. Ora Doolittle, of Morgantown
avenue. Is a surgical patient at Cook
Attended Funeral.
Mr and Mrs. R. E. Kerns and s'on,
Earl, attended the funeral of the Infant
child of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Harris
at Catawba yesterday afternoon.
Y. M. W. Club.
Mrs. Charles Michaels will entertain
the V. M. W. club Wednesday
afternoon at her home on East Park.
Here from Pittsburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rich, of Pittsburg,
spent the week end with the
latter's mother. Mrs. Viola Springer,
at Union.
Hope Sewing Circle.
The Hope Sewing Circle will be entertained
Friday evening by Miss Edna
Returned Home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Scott and
daughters, l'carl and Marie, and Mrs.
William Shafferman arrived home
Saturday from an automobile trip to
PntvoV.uen nnil t'owlmie nnl.i o ,.r In
uci^ouuig uiiu ibwuuo fuiuig vt> 111
terest en route.
Harry Wilson, ot Columbia street,
went to Pittsburg yesterday for a
short stay.
Mr. and Mrs. Criser, of Keeper,
came down Saturday evening for a
few days visit with their daughter,
Mrs. Jesse Rex, of G .ffey street.
J. C. Glasscock, ot Pike street, who
has been very ill. Is Improving.
Mrs. Curt Layman and children, of
Maryland avenue, are visiting Mr.
and Mrs. Tlipmas Vangllder at Mt.
Mrs. Z. M. Avers, of Cass, is the
guest of her sister, Mrs. Lon E.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wilcox, of Market
street, are spending a few days
at Little Falls.
certainly does heal
In our file of reports, covering a period
of twenty yean, literally thousands of
physicians tell how succ- -slul tho ResInol
treatment Is forecsemc and similar
stin troubles. The firs', -y. of Rcdncf
Ointment and Resinol Soap usually stops
the itching and burning, and they aooa
clear away all trace of the eruption. No
other treatment for the sldn now before
the public can show Such a record of
professional approval.
Sold by all druggist*
I ^ctt)estl)iraiman J
I r O O V t I
\\ Paper that Com ji
The West Virginian Is on sale every
evening at the following places:
car oianon.
Main entrance -Watson Building.
CLYDE S. HOLT, Main Street
MORAN ft SPRINGER, corner Bridge
and Water streets.
J. H. M'CLOSKEY, corner Sixth and
Locust avenue.
A. G. MARTIN, Main street
HAMILTON DRUG CO, corner Tenth
and Virginia avenue.
JAMES GALLIHER, corner Twelfth
and Virginia avenue.
MORRIS NEWS CO., Main street
WANTED?Woman to amah and Iron.
Apply at once 710 Walnut Ave.
8-lS-tf. No. 141S
WANTED?Hall malH at th. norm!.
tory. Good wages. Apply Mlai
Chappell. between 4 and 6 p. m. at the ;
Dormitory. Leave telephone calls at
the Normal school. 9-8-tf No. 1404 ,
WANTED?Girl for house work.
Wages 15.00 a week. Apply 710
Walnut Avenue. 9-16-3t No 1428 1
? i
WANTED ? Three linemen and six
helpers for city work. Apply at '
First street. Monongahela Valley '
Traction Co. 9-16-6t No. 1434
WANTED?For "The Garden of Al- ]
lah" 26 white men and women and <
25 colored men and women. Apply 1
stage entrance. Grand Theatre 2 p.
m. Tuesday, Sept 19. 9-16-2t No. 1414 !
WANTED?An energetic active man
to establish permanent business.
Whole or part time. Health and Accident
Insurance. Immediate cash re- '
turn and future. Address National
Casualty Company, Detroit, Mich.
9-15-3t No 1429
FOR RENT?8 furnished rooms for
light housekeeping. 611 Washington
street. Bell 614. 9-16-3t No. 1480
FOR RENT?Five-room Rat with bath
and six-room flat with bath. Inquire
J. W. Purdy Grocery, Tenth
street 9-1-tf No. 1281 ;
FOR RENT?Two flats In Hays BuildIng,
Monroe street. Apply A. A.
Hays, Bowling Alley. 9-7-tf No. 1399
FOR SALE?Fine grazing farm of 77
acres, on waters of Elk creek, nine .
miles from Clarksburg; has good cottage
house of four rooms and pantry
with running spring water piped in
house from spring on hill. Stable for
six horses. Farm lays mostly facing
morning sun. Is convenient to church,
school and store, mall delivery. Price
365.00 per acre, reserving oil and gas
anrl nnopoHniv rlnVito Til- if?ll?-. *
i.quvd. uift toucj Lttuu [
Co., office 717 CoS Bldg.. Clarksburg,
W. Va. 9-13-St No. 1420 |
NORTHERN VIRGINIA grain, grass ;
and stock farm:; In the garden spot of
the state. Write for list Carlness
and Ewin'g, Leesburg, Va.
9-16-26L No. 1406
acres on tr-.ln line; good Improvements,
six head of young mares. Hoistein
and Jersey cows and calves, ono
two-year-old Holsteln bull. Chester
White hogs. Bargain if sold ai unce.
W. E. Hardman, R. 2, Jane Lew, W.
Va. 9-l-26t No. 1373
FOR RENT?Large livery barn rear
of Court House. Call Bell 444.
: you seek those of honor, good Ju
| line.
Choose your banking home in
> list of Of Seers and Directors for
i J. M. BrownSeld, President,
! H. J. Hartley, Vice President,
Geo. E. Amos, Frank C.
J. M. Browrifleld, H. J. Hi
S. S. Cochrane, H. L. He
Howard R. Furbee, C. E. Hu
HUflMMf condiU
wwy&e if
j with all the modern appliances
i (or fighting fire la not able to lis
j eave your Life and Property at I
j all times. A policy of insurance I I
i will furnish you the money to I [J
j replace your furniture, buildings M
t or stock, of merchandise hi case Itfj
i of accident by fire. Would you IK
j like to know what a policy IV
i would cost? Well enlighten Ivi
you for the asking. BT
j F.E. Nichols |
SIB Main Street. g|
X ^?MCW^AOKpTlt |
changed and repaired. Alio np '
plies. Low prices, small payments.
s'attunal Cash Register Co, Union He* *
lonal Bank Building, Clarksborg, W.
MONEV?To Inan In mm ?.e. eiftt??-.JiaB
|50 to anyone bavins steady work. u
Can be paid in small monthly ? pay- |
menu. No reference or endoradMu.'fjl
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trees Box 695. Clarke burs, W. Vfc _
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Lo loan on desirable real aetata. CM ej
Paul Q. Armstrong, Attorney, <l4l AM
Trust Bids., 7tb Floor, Falnaofett W.. 1
Professional Cardil H
Bell Phone 152 J Corn. 5M^s9
Closes Saturday at 1t e'aleefc ,
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! Office Trust Bldg. FalrmeeA W. Wb I
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A. B. Scott^CompanyJ' j
YE SPECIAUfT , . ..fl
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without drugs or surgloal epereUe* ljB^H
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I Opp. Marlstta Hotel. Both PMm?u|
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Haymond, E. C. Jonea irtley,
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ilntzelman, Harry Shaw . ' V.3
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