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^BgHmoke Victims Have Recov- j
^ Antonio Rudosky, miner employed 1
gj^ltonangah Mine No. 6 was brought 1
wBiai'ot the mine at 10 o'clock Saturday J
mnt dtad. He had been suffocated ,
) While in the mine working In section ,
BnfiKftlil I 1 I ?na?k mkn
HMJTTp* B ? n * " xuo
BjSpi'motor, which had been taken to t
scene ot the mine fire was not (
Ktuedon Rudosky as the officials and i
Wpri on the ground figured It would <
Bffittbeless Inasmuch as the body was (
i3ttttt and cold when brought out. RuK
dosky Is about 43 years of age and
leaves a widow and two children. The (
of the children suffered a nerv- ;
JbtPOi OOllapse when notified of the death ;
(p^jier husband and has been In a dell- t
j^TOS operators of the mine last night l
mtnllfnd fn gdt a four Inch water pipe
Bgfatp ifche mine and have pumped water :
Kfefatoftt-steadily since midnight. The
Rggrapr .'reaches within SOO feet of the ;
BwfcWMertag coal. The room In which |
ftgKBi'fire started has been brattlced off i
ffrom the rest of tbe mine which is
^ Opw considered absolutely safe.
' The remainder of the mine is in <
I fclean shape, being well aired and some :
KyWflsajnen returned to work there this
' The few men who were
mftOBmswhat smoked in the first few
mWtl .Ot. the fire and who were takEH%nfto
Miners' hospital have been re
iV Th* body of the dead miner was
Bmugh^to the Cunningham morgue
Bjawtdre R is being prepared for burial.
P^ill ^Organize Antituberculosis
League 1
H For he purpose of widening tbe
MWOne of the Anti-Tuberculosis organ- *
^katlon in this city to Include beside
'care of tubercular cases and the
feprtrventlon of the spread of the disease,.
child welfare and otber kindred
pinufjecta of the league is announced
BttoM>e.held on Thursday evening ot
HffiftTweek at 7:30 at the Y. M. C. A.|
r npE
The league desires to change the 1
aiune ot the organization to that of
igSpubllc -Health Nursing Service at this ,
9 " meeting and other plans will be forBEE
mutated hy which the local organlza- *
I .will probably become affiliated :
i the National Red Cross organl- j
oh- The general public is invited :
ittend the meeting on Thursday '
irollment Good r
In County Schools \
ha public schools of Union, Paw g
r, Mannlngton and Grant district
Bad. today. Owing to the good .
thsr which prevailed throughout I
day the attendance at the various
kds Was good and the enrollment
<(.' Ail efficient corps of teachers
p an .hand to welcome back to
Ml the pupils of the various diets.
County Superintendent Horn- c
3,' Toothman has been busy for 6
ks getting everything In shape for e
opening of the various schools. e
he schools of Union Independent t
Lincoln districts will open on
t .Monday, September 2a, while e
ie^ot^Wlnfleld will not open until 1
Iward Sparks Kills
Self At Richwood 1
Mr wm''r 'By Associated Press)
i CLARKSBURG, Sept. 18? Edward
jSfllperks, well known Democrat, and
jl? former deputy sheriff of Nicholas c
Bj Bounty, committed suicide this morn- '
tte lng at bis home at Rlchwood accord- J
Hfttaig to a report received here.
iMiiEN i
(Continued from page 1.) '
^ Ttlght here Mayor Bowen got up and j
j mala' his confession of inability to ,
Etoope with the situation. At the con- ,
Inclusion of the Mayor's remarks Rev. t
jfcMr/ Broomfleld again took the floor.
HjHi^sald that when a case of infantile
K^MWlysls was discovered In the city,
gXjnards were placed on the premises
Hfiynmaln night and day, and that it
Smother cases had developed other premHMms
would have been guarded. He
Bpmggested that It would be a good thing
STto'.'adopt similar tactics with regard
fcvtofthe outbreak of bootlegging, but
[Ethe real purpose of his rising was to
fijwthat the tact that bootlegging ex- *
Rlsta-had been proved beyond doubt
| and he presented a resolution naming
I.* the committee on resolutions and anIBrWber
meeting for next Sunday afterBvtUWn.
It Is the intention, he said, to
HQdUd',*series of meetings so that the
S city inay ho effectually aroused and
EfWWs' devised for the suppression of
{the Illegal and demoralizing traffic.
I:. After this resolution had been adoptBg^Dr.
C. H. Meredith made the moHSwMbr
the communication to Fred
Broptqe Which was also adopted. The
'was now ready to adjourn
Bni&had been sitting quietly at one
RKpivDt the auditorium, arose and was
BmRCpd-to the platform. He said that
RUMdM^r whUkey is being sold In Fair^B?^uA
throughout the county and
Bgtfttffills.opnsclenee Is clear because he
HHmmldoing the best he can to punBfitfgrthose
who sell It. His failure to
Kram&re bootleggers In jail he blamKpa-on
the laws and the fact that so
Hnmch boose Is brought Into the county
Hipitelhe'Yost law. He suggested that
IgBa&lgjit'law be amended so that a
penitentiary offense be attached to the
BBjst-'oQttVlctlon. Then he made his
pEalhrmeeCh Inviting citizens to help
evidence against the bootleggers
and the meetlnc ad'ourned.
1 ' ' ,
Town Talk ]
8hoe Man Leave*?E. C. Holly, maniger
of the shoe department of the E.
3. Jones store, has accepted a postIon
with the Bedell company of Pitts>urgh,
and left today to assume his
lew duties. Mr. Holly was well and
avorably known to the trade here and
ias many friends who are glad to hear
>f his advancement.
Democratic Treasurer Here?Colonel
Vyley \V. Beail, of Wellsburg. treasirer
of the Democratic state campaign
lommlttee. visited the state headquarers
offices here yesterday. Mr. Beall
vlll return here the latter part of the
veek and take up his office In the
first National Bank building under
he supervision of Chairman Shaver.
Chairman Shaver today went to
Charleston where he will attend the
ipenlng of the campaign in Kanawha
:ounty. ,
Sunday Conference Held?Officials i
if the Consolidation Coal company met i
uolcuci; ill lua ?* ULOUli UUUUIUg SLUU I
ield a conference discussing condl- .
Ions throughout the coal trade. A
lumber of out of the city officials were |
lere including President Jere H.
Wheelwright, from Baltimore; F. S.
.andBtreet, Arthur Ilale and F. M.
Wiltshire, of New York, and B. M.
dancourt of Chicago. The party had
teen the guests of C. W. Watson for
he week-end.
Organize Art Club?A Fine Arts
dub with a motive to promote higher l
irt among the students of the Normal
ichool has been organized at that initiation
which bids fair to be a powtr
for good In the city, as well as the
ichool Itself. The object is to take
:are of pupils with talent for amateur
productions and to promote a closer
-elationship between the old artists
ind the would be artists of today. The <
dub was organized with a large mem- ]
pershlp and so far has been limited o
pupils of the Normal. However l
lie scope will be broadened and out- i
ilders may be given a chance to en- t
oil. i
High School Football Squad?The i
Ugh school football candidates will
neet tomorrow afternoon at three <
>'clock at the High school building 1
vhere Coach Moore will organize the <
irelimlnary squad and discuss the i
leginning of the seasons practice <
vork. Coach Moore stated today that i
le desired as many of the candidates i
iresent as possible as he is planning
o begin football practice early this |
veek. i
Mining Congress; Delegates?John i
d. Wolf, of this city, is among tne i
nen whom Governor Hatfield select- i
id as the West Virginia Delegates to t
he American Mining Congress to be i
ield at Chicago for four days begin- ;
ilng November 13. This is to be the
lineteenth annual session of the Con
w. c. T. U. Meeting?The regulai
nesting ol the W. C. T. U. wil be held
omorrow afternoon at 2:30 o'clock
it the Public Library parlors. At this
neeting reports of officers and sulerinlendenta
of departments will be j
Miner Is Killed By \
B, & 0. Locomotive 1
Charles Armstrong, miner employed 1
it RTTarm, was run over and killed at t
i o'clock this morning by a Baltimore
ind Ohio railroad engine while the \
inglne crew were placing empties at c
he mines. s
He leaves a wife and two sons, both c
imployed at the mine. The body was j
irought to the Cunningham morgue t
vhero it Is being prepared for burial. ?
'uneral arrangements have not been t
Mrs. Betthiva Rudy '
Dies On Glady Creek
Mrs. Betthina Rudy, aged 60, wife i
if John Rudy, and a highly respected j
toman of Union district, died Satur- ;
lay morning at her home on Glady <
Ireek after an illness with heart trou- i
ile. The funeral took place on Sunday i
ifternoon and interment was made
tear the home place by Undertaker
^red Jenkins. Mrs. Rudy is survived
iy the following sisters and brothers: <
Irs. P. M. Linn, Glady creek; Mrs. W. 1
I. Wheeler, Mrs. Mary Lake, and Rob- i
irt Henderson, of Kansas; Mrs. Re- I
lecca Radcliff. of Fairmont; F. H. i
tudy, of Glady creek; John H. Hen- <
lerson, of Glady creek. Mrs. Rudy i
ras a daughter of Samuel W. and l
komuaa uavis Henderson.
NEW YORK, Sept. 18.?Seth Low, i
ormer mayor ot New York and one- i
lme president ot Columbia TJnlver- l
ilty, died late yesterday at his coun- '
ry home, Broad Brook Barm, Bedford I
lills, N. Y., at the age ot 66. He had |
ieen 111 several months of a complica- s
Ion of diseases. 1
( SLIM-m-M )
" Woo- woo.' y
^ ~ 111
If the allies continue pushing the
next Important city to be retaken wi:
French city Is shown here, the houses
if "The Maiden of Peronne," the city
s are the only people on the street
ret dash into France. ?
Mexican Bandit Leader Has
Reached Santa Clara
Canyon District
(By Associated Press)
EL PASO, Sept. 18.?Two column!
it Government cavalry under General
Matiaf Ramos at Jose Marrero todaj
were pursuing Villa and his mail
band, which Saturday made the Hid
algo day attack on CI Ihuahua city, in
to the rugged Santa Clara canyoi
ilatrlct to the northeast according tc
reports to General- Francisco Gom
ales commandant in Juarez.
The bandits are well mounted and
apparently were leading the de facte
forces over the jagged rocks Into the
canyon. Persons familiar with the
country say should Villa reach one
it his lairs In the district the Gov
arnment troops may have the rreat
ast difficulty in finding him.
Today's reports state that Villas
forces numbers approximately 150C
and is opposed by the garrison ol
about 7000. The Villa sacuallties al
so were said to be considerably lar
jer than at first Indicated. From the
lumber^ of dead and wounded picked
ip by pursuing forces it was estima
led the losses were probably aboul
No General Strike
Yet In New York
v ay Associated trress>
NEW YORK, Sept. 18.?Threatened
itrlke by long shoremen, tldewatei
joatstnen and other unions, either in
lympathy with the striking railroad
nen or after an appeal from the lead
irs of the street car men, were delay
id today pending a conference of la
>or leaders with Mayor Mitchell. The
dayor said he called the conference
it the request of the union men and
le did not know what they wanted tc
alk with him about.
Repeated attacks from roof tops
vere made on passing elevated trains
luring the early hours today. Stones
ind bottles crashed through car win
lows and several passengers were In
ured in the Bronx, a policeman was
lurt while dispersing a crowd of strike
lympathizers who were throwing
i ricks.
Child Plague Is
Dying Out In N. Y,
NEW YORK, Sept 18.?A new low
ecord in the epidemic of infantile
mralysis was established during the
14 hours ending at 10 a. m. today, ac
:ording to the report of the Health
lepartment. There were but six deaths
ind 15 new cases.
Mrs. Annie Strickler. aged C6 years
lied last night at midnight at hei
lome at Tucker station. She was the
vlfe of James Strickler and was well
enown in the vicinity where she re
tided. Funeral services will be held
in Tuesday and interment will be
made in the Shaver cemetery at Mo
tongah by Undertaker Cunningham.
Four Killed At Grade Crossing
ERIE, Pa., Sept. 18.?Four persons
vere killed at North Springfield, It
nlles west of here today when the au
omoblle in which thye were rldlni
vas struck by a New York Centra
rain. The dead are Mrs. Percy Sea
;er, Mrs. K. Shipman, Miss Sbipmar
ind the colored chetfqpr all of Pitts
f W-W-AOVJk ( ~^=S
o^a - /*^A *
M-l ~p^
Mfjn ?
Germans back on the west front, 'the
1 be Peronne. The market place of
shattered by shell and the monument
s heroine, at the left. German soldier
. The Germans took Peronne on their 11
Choir Program
Pleased AtY.M.C.A.
1 Under the d'-jetton of Mrs. Charles
\V. Waddell, the choir of the First
Presbyterian church, one of the leading
musical organizations of the city,
presented a program of sacred music
I last evening at the Y. M. C. A. Hail,
the program taking the place of the
regular Sunday night service. Among
the special features of the program
were selections from Hadyn's "Creation,"
Including a solo by Mrs. Waddell
and the choruB, "The Heavens
are Telling" by the choir, which was
i composed of Mesdames Wsfldell. EdI
gar Davis, H. S. Falconer, Miss Carol
' Powell, sopranos; Mrs. Forest Fanki
hauser. MJss Sadie Lloyd, altos, La
Mar Satterfleld, tenor, Messrs. Luther
Randall, Hugh Smith, Cecil McDonald
t L. K. Bevlngton, bassos. Over tea>
tures were a duet by Mrs. Fankhauser
s and Mr. Satterfleld and two quartettes
by Mesdames Waddell, Fankhauser,
I Satterfleld and Randall.
The entire program was rendered
) in a splendid manner and was heard
) by a large and attentive audience.
) Miss Amy Rice was piano accompan
1st Rev. H. Q. Stoetzer, the pastor,
- was absent from the city conducting
services at Sarlisle, Pa., a former
' pastorate.
; Drove His Family
[ Into Death's Jaws
. ("By Associated Press)
GALLAPOLTS, O., Sept 18.?Although
warned of the approach of a
Hocking Valley train at Dumbas, John
Ireland, drove his farm wagon containing
his wife and daughters upon
' the tracks in an effort to get across
ahead of hte flyer. Mrs. Ireland and
the girls were killed. Ireland escapI
ed Injury.
List of letters remaining on hand
' unclaimed in the Fairmont postoffice,
1 September 16:
[ A .derson, Grant Laughlin, Lawj
jh, Clara rence
1 i aderson, James Lawler, A. M.
K. 7 owning, Charles
Bailey, Sophia Morgan, Lulia &
Butler, Ross Eva
Boustlc, B. V. (3) Morris, J. A.
Jutler, Mrs. Frank Marshall, H. W.
' Tl.anri tt
iuoi i j tuaii, ncury
1 Brannon, T. H. Monroe, A Chas|
Baker, Mrs. A. B. teln
: Clingan. Mr. Chas. McCricker, Mrs. J.
Cooper, Delbert D.
( order, Paul McGlnnls, Ella
Connor, Grace Mayfleld, Roy E.
Carter, Harry I'arks. Hon. Thos.
Chenoweth, Rev. Phillips, E. F.
) H. Pragear, Mrs. HesDarnley,
James ter
, Dryer, Oscar Philips, W. J.
, Freeland, Mrs. J. Pallotta e (ratello,
i H. Mr. Jcs
. Fluharty. Myrtle Parrlsh, Mrs.
, Fry. A. J. Peorle E.
i Garbltz. Mrs. Clyde Quarker PharmaHidrick,
Earl cal Co.
Hefner, Mrs. Arena Rlssler, MIbs SylHarrison,
Miss via M.
, Beuena Roberts, Mr. Gay
Helter, H. H. Swartz. Morrlc L.
i Hawkins. Mrs. Ed. Stoesr, C. E.
1 Haibal, /rank Stewart, Albert M.
. Hereford. Mollle F. Stlvens, T. E.
I Helntz, L. A. Starns, Mrs. Etta
i Housman, Fay M. Stevens, William
. Jones, Mrs. Bur- Taylor. Oscar
nice Vinton, Ed.
Kelntzleman, Dr. Williams, Mrs. A.
Kiemans, Mrs. Hel- D.
i len Wagner, Mrs. J.
! Kern, Louis W.
- Kuntz, Frederick Wolf. J. L.
[ Lake, Grover Willis, Daisy
1 Lusk, J. Zirkle, Mrs. Ezra
Persons calling for the above leti
ters will please statae that same have
- been advertised, and give date of advertisement.
^ j
v Dow? /x: x.
-^rr-^s?J ( su-M-H-\
"""^V -^r. I I'M \
^ *' ** "
; v, ' .__ ."
... y;
'' , *"
The Universal Products company ,
which is one ot Fairmont's most efficient
produce houses and la located In
the old Normal school building at the
corner of Main and Qulncy streets,
will soon start the manufacturing of
several drug .store supplies such as
castor oil and all kinds ot flavoring.
This Is the home of the UPROCO
products and being not quite one year
old has a very extensive business.
Goods manufactured by this factory
are being shipped Into fourteen states.
The house at present Is putting out
12 different veterinary remedies. This i
plant does most of Its own printing i
and puts out from five to twenty thou-'
sand pieces of advertising per week.
At present about twenty-five people
are employed by the company.
Ths nrnlnl imolllnt nt >11 lha In.
dustrles In Fairmont Is to be enlarged
and expanded since H. W. Leaman.
tbe florist, has taken Wallace Titherlngton.
of Philadelphia, Into a partnership
in his business on Pike street
and they have constructed three new
glass houses for the growing of carnations.
These new honse are IS by
60 feet In size and will add 4,000 feet
of new glaas covered growing space.
About 2,000 more carnation plants can
be grown In this space and each plant
will average twenty-five carnations
during tbe season. Mr. Titherlngton
is the brother of Thomas Titherlngton,
of this city. The new partners are
planning to open a cut flower store
near the center of the city as soon as
a suitable location can be found.
The Monongah Service company,
which was announced as a water supply
company, Is evidently going Into
tbe electric light and gas business as
well as they have formally filed notice
with the recorder of the town of Monongah
for a franchise to construct
gaB lines and erect lighting poles.
Whether this company will manufacture
power and gas or merely act as
agents for the Monongahela Valley
Traction company has not been stated.
Work on the steel frame of the new
Fairmont hotel building was begun
this week, tbe large crane for the
handling of the heavy steel members
being erected last week. The old mine
under tbe hotel site which was feared
might cauBe trouble In building the
foundation Is being filled with stone
and cement. This mine will be filled
solid with this material and any future
possibility of trouble from this source
will thus be avoided. Laborers are
much In demand on this job and twenty-flve
more than are now employed
are wanted.
Jake Kern, who is the conductor of
the freight crew that handles the shipping
on the Belt line branch of the B.
& O., says that the manner In which
the foreigner who operates the yard
crane at the Fairmont Mining Machine
company's plant causes him to duck
most every time he has to pass this
City Hall Notes
On account of the excessive amount
of business at the city clerk's office
which has accumulated in the absence
of vacationists, an extra stenographer
had to be employed this morning. She
was given the work of preparing copies
of the proposed bond issue election
ordinance for the council meeting
Miss Minnie Poling, stenographer in
the city clerk's office returned to her
desk this morning after an absence of
two weeks on vacation. She spent
the greater part of her time in Bar.bour
county in the mountains.
To date there have been issued 455
auto licenses for the current fiscal
year. This is considered good. The
number of dog licenses to date however
is very discouraging to the city
fatherB who > laim that but 152 dogs
have been tagged while they figure
there are two thousand in the city.
To make the wnole situation Beem
sickening one of the members of the
Humane Society which is supposed to
be seeing that dogs are tagged was
seen on the streets today without a
tag on the dog which he was leading.
Saturday and Sunday brought to
tho city jail the largest number since
the jail has been opened. Sixteen
drunk and dope orazed were In the
cells. One doped woman sang hyms
and prayers all night much to the
disgust of the rest of the prisoners
who got busy and borrowed the
amount of forfeit and slept in the
open all. night rather than stay in
jail to listen to the cocaine chorus.
The Question.
Little Willie (who Is of a painfully
Inquiring turn of mind)?"Mamma,
tell me; do mosquitoes bite us because
they like us, or because they don't
like us?"
^7 M?Y FlSM IN T\ I
Pace-Setting "Or
On All New Fi
Regardless of the prevaili
a visit to this store?Fa
will prove to you that the
at all times. Our immense
for distribution at mone\
Boys' Suits
at 2.98
Splendid School Suit* of LADI
Wool Mixture*, worth In all
$4.00. at am
Ladies' Skirts
ctl l.UO UJJ1
New Fill Model* In Pleld* DOUE
and 8olld Colore, (3.00 In Or
value*. $1.25
' -
MrB. G. F. Carrell has returned here
from an extended visit with relatives
In Wheeling and Pittsburg.
Mrs. W. A. Small and guest, Miss
Marley, of Pittsburg, have returned
from a visit with friends In Weston
and Clarksburg.
Mrs. Louisa Hess, of Arnettsvllle,
Is the guest of her son, T. W. Has*
and family In this city.
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Grant, of
Grafton, and son, James J. Grant, of,
Los Angeles, Cal.. are the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Lehman on Fifth street.
Charles Nelll, who had been the
guest of his mother, Mrs. J. R. Nelll,
and family for several weeks, left today
for his home In Tulsa, Okla.
Mrs. W. T. Menear levts tomorrow
for Winchester. Va.. where she will be
the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Thomas
Gather, for several weeks.
Among Fairmont boys who have entered
the W. V. U. at Morgantown are
Robert Henry, Jack Abbott, Hugh
Meredith. James Burns, Victor Shaw
and Earl Fox.
Miss Marian Leary returned Saturday
from Oakland, Md., where she had
spent several days with relatives.
Mrs. E. W. Howard returned Saturday
from a visit with relatives In Morgantown
and Pt. Marlon, Pa. The
Misses Dorothy Howard and Mary
Louise Conn, who had been guests
of relatives at Pt. Marlon, returned |
home this morning.
Miss Edwlna Wilkinson and Miss
ueiiHYHjvc nufYuy, ui rarKursnurg,
have arrived here and will be employed
at Democratic headquarters during
the campaign.
Mrs. Edgar Ebro, of Philadelphia,
formerly of this city, is the guest of
Mrs. Clyde S. Holt on Fairmont avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Rose are moving
today from Main street to Benonl
Mrs. Harry Hunsaker, of Coleman
avenue. Is the guest of Mrs. Jennie
Poole and other relatives at Edgemont.
Miss Margaret Burns who has been
employed with the A. W. Smith Company,
Florists, in Pittsburgh, for the
last several months, is here on a two
' weeks' visit to relatives. The Smith
store is located In the Keenan building
and is one of the largest in America.
The Misses Vera Francis and Florence
Conaway, the latter of Mannington,
have returned from Atlantic City
Every Boy or Girl
The Idea
on Tuesday betwe
will be given a
Tablet, Pencil,
i?by blosser
\ vhwyN-^
iwrsg ) are yum u=
wny 3sf(
derailing" Prices ]
ill Merchandise 4
ng retail prices elsewhere,
irmont's Bargain Storelowest
prices prevail here
i new Fall stocks are ready
saving prices.
Ul-Wool Serge In all 111 Hfl
>, worth $13.50, for WeWW
l leathere and etylea, sold# All
1 worth S3.00, for AwVW
tton or Blueher atyle, alzea | Hal
7, $2.50 valuea, for laWSF
y, Tan or White, full elzt,l|||C |
vaiue, pair Tor .www i
; BROS. CO. 1
| and other eastern points where the, 1
I had spent two weeks.
Miss Dessie May returned last nlghl
from Pittsburgh where she had spenttwo
weeks with relatives.
Mrs. Martha Eddy Taylor, of Bula,
I Monongalia county, spent the day is _
I the city shopping. Mrs. Taylor and -TP
daughter, Miss Virginia, will take up '
their residence in Morgan town nezl
! week.
! Mrs. Ira Smith returned yesterday
from Morgantown where she had been
the guest of her parents, Dr. and Mrs.
J. A. Cox. for several weeks. ]
Mr. and Mrs. John Brown have sons ,
to Akron, 0., to visit relatives. 1
A. L Strosnider, of Waynesburg, ar 9
rived here last evening tor a visit ol 0
a week with his daughter, Mrs. 7. W,
Oarrett and other relatives. I
Fatally Injured ,
While At Work 3
Barnard DeVore, aged 17. an em " 9
ployee of the Fairmont Mining Ma 9
chinery company, was fatally injured i.
in the yard at that place yesterday M
morning, his death occurring several &
hours later at the Fairmont Hospital
where he was taken immediately aft i
er the accident. The young man who , i
was employed in the yards, was on jti
duty when he was caught by a yard rfl
crane and severely crushed about Che ,r H
c hest. He was rushed to the hospital' 1
where his Injuries were found to b? , ?1
I fatal and his death occurring shortly
after two o'clock. DeVore is survived ?
by Ills mother who resides at QastOD vN
avenue and Seventh street. i
The body was taken from the Can- jfl
nlnghara undertaking establishment g
this ftftRrnnnn ?a tlio ?% -j-1-?
? w ?uw ^IWIUO VU UMVUII "
avenue. Tomorrow afternoon the body 11
will be taken to the home of hts grand- n
parents at Rymer and services will bt S
held on Wednesday at the resldenct 1
ther8' /
FOR RENT?Six-room house on Cole- j
man Ave. $20.00 per month. Apply.
817 Coleman Ave. 9-18-3t No. 1487 :'rj?1
WANTED?Young man with small '.-I
capital for theatrical enterprise. ; v-Vil
State age, etc., first letter. Address -?-tl
Box 1436 West Virginian.
| 9-18-3t No. 1436 ;_*||I
coming to 3
J Bakery :f|
en 2 and 3 o*Clock
Pen and Ruler
)Time t pile /
-A^ woooj^y^ ^ I

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