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; "5<Fn?m Our Begalar Correspondent) [
t.'TN tti light of President Wilson's |
E.jJ frequent and enthusiastic oologies u
['re* of General Carranxa, his recent
WWylaratlon at New London that he
(K?#as more familiar with the tundamen- .
gStol principles of Mexican freedom and I*
:the Ideals of Carranxa than most
f&abnerlcans. his assurances to the MexKVCan
commissioners that he was In en- i!
n'pHre sympathy with Carranxa and that ?
Ej -"right thinking men all over the coun- ?
$ ''try must sympathise with such high 5,
K& .-.aspirations," the latest known decree '
r 61 Carranxa Is of especial Interest. "
R&- 1 The railroad men of certain Mexican ^
gv lines have organized and threatened *?
tfc,* to strike, wherefore, Carranza lssuea,
PjY On August 1, a decree declaring that
I' " "the conduct of the labor syndicate ?
.(union) In the present Instance con- ,
[' ' stitutes without doubt an attack on "
ft? the public peace" and that, therefore, "
|FV ' "I have decreed the following: Be- f
Iw: elJ.. ?ka n..kllA II
Iiuo uiomi uoi d ui iuc yuuiii'
punishable by deatb, as pre- n
id by the law ot Jan. 25, 1862,
lath penalty will also be Imposed ?
s following: Those who may in- JJ
luapension of work In ractoriea ?
terprises destined to public ser- "
r who may promulgate the aus
m of work; (hose who preside H
meetings in which It Is proposed, *
ised or approved; those who "
defend or sustain same; those n
nay approve or subscribe same, 11
who asBlst at those meetings H
0 not withdraw from same upon K
eg their object; and tbose wbo E
endeavor to make it (a strike) 8
Ive upon it being declared." The
e goes on at length, bringing o
9 its scope all who may hare ti
elation whatever to a strike or Bed
strike in any enterprise in b
1 the government is directly in- o
;ed. The penalty under the de- a
if Jan. 25. 1862. is deatb, by sen- a
of a drum-head court-martial, 1
ut trial by court or jury, that w
e having been proclaimed by b
o Juarez during the Mexican rev- a
n aganlst Maxamlllan. In a spe- ft
uessage which President Wilson
to Congress it was shown that
rnza had set aside the constltuind
all state laws. There are no .
s in operation in Mexico, because
e same decree authorizing such ,,
i, Carranza suspended their au- J
y subject to his further decree,
tow. since Carranza has literally ?
ed the policy of death to strik- !'
id members of labor unions, Pres- "
Wilson proclaims his sympathy w
. with and suport of Carranza and in- e
'H slats that "right thinking men, the ''
world over, must sympathize with "
j,- such high aspirations." b
Ei The Mexican Conference:
R:- - That the Mexican conference at
l?- - New London is devoted chiefly to
|V!'. 'marking time Is becoming dally more c
r. evident. Saturday, Sept. 16, being c
Ps ". the Mexican Independence Day, the a
f entire conference took a holiday. It b
rt-. is evident, however, that President
K Wilson purposes to have proclaimed ~
I-, on the eve of the election some form h
LLv* flf "oornomonl" urhtnk nan lin iitllivn/l
wt HQ> (.uujuuk miiwu vau uo umuivu l
J t to support the contention tnat he has .
fl ^Mettled the Mexican situation by peaceul
methods, by the way the way,
which have cost the lives of more
k- Americans than did the entire Span- 5
K- ' lsh War, and which doubtless will en- v Bplr
tail fully as large a pension list. The
HCr American commissioners state that,
jsw... since the withdrawal of American
troops from Mexico has been laid
s aside, the time of the commissioners '
|i/ has been devoted to learning the soI
- clal and economic conditions in MexiNft'co,
a subject on which there were
|J&" numerous American army officers and
He diplomats who easily could have injfc.
formed them, although they would
I have dra\n a less rosy picture than
VSS. the Carranza commissioners and who.
Is. therefore, were not appointed on the
Niagara Next:
The extent to which San Domingo
*?'. and Hayti have felt the mailed fist of
i this administration, and the Iosb of
' life to the people of those countries
as well as to American soldiers and
F.-~ marines, have been referred to In this
column. Now It Is Nicaragua which
ta. " la to experience "the other side" of
5jS President Wilson's foreign policy.
Pr . Mexico alone enjoys the privilege of
, having her "rights" respected and her
revolutionists made pets or, even
though they do murder Americans
fc;and decree "death to strikers and lagg
bor unions." The cruisers Chattan|R
ooga and San Diego have been dls'?;
patched to Fonseca Bay and 1,000
?' American marines are being held In
J readiness to land in Nicaragua provl*
ded there Is any outburst of popular
v Indignation against President Diaz
& '. when the national election is held, on
& .' October 1. Many of the people are
Bfc opposed to Diaz, who is expetced to "
jp. take such steps as may be necessary a
to effect bis own reelection, and the *j$'
Wilson administration does not in- v
iouu 10 permit mis opposition 10 18KG u
the form of a revolution if American "j1
marines and American guns can pre- ?
i vent it. Contrasted with Mr. Wilson's
t I vehement insistence that no one has D
A right "to Interfere with the right of J1
f the Mexican people to work out their b
own salvation," the Klcaraguan pol- P
icy presents as sharp an inconsistency 8
as have San Domingo and Hayti.
Our Navy: ti
Ungracious as it may seem to re- w
fleet on our own navy, the widely ad- ?j
1 vertised compliments to naval target *
practice with 15-inch guns by certain <r
unnamed naval officers smack so n
?- largely of anti-election boasting that u
they deserve some analysts. It ap- e
1, pears that some hits were made with _
guns of this calibre by two ships, at
20,000 yards, it should be remember- .
ed, however, that the number of hits c
Is not disclosed, that the targets were u
stationary, ana that the firing was 0
done in perfectly calm water in Ches- u
speake Bay. In the recent Dogger- c
Bang battle, the English fleet opened
fire at 18,000 yards and began hitting g{
at 17,000 yards with both themselves .
and the enemy running at approxl- ,f
mately 29 knots an hour?better speed ,i
than many of our ships can make? ?
while In the battle of Jutland, firing .
was begun at 20,000 yards. Our navy "
has had too little practice with 15- rj
Inch guns to have attained great pro- j:
flclency In theli' use, and the vaguo gl
. leclaratlons regarding the results ...
r_v r witn them are strikingly characters ?')'
:1c of the Wilson-Daniels adminlstra- H
Pe?'-' :ion.
______. m
KLj'. "We need a change," declared Rep. fc
ilondell, apropos of the issues of this
??r :ampalgn. "Never has the country
? teeaed a change of administration
r nore than it needs It now. The Dem>cratlc
party and the .Democratic ad
^ LJ-' 1-'
nna Park, ot near Blacksvllle, Moingalla
county, W. Va.. and Roy Sears
t Cleveland, Okla., were married in
le parlors of the Maderla hotel at
iorgantown. W. Va., on Wednesday,
eptember 6th, at 3 p. m. Rev. Gerrd
of the Christian church, officiating,
he bride is the accomplished and at active
daughter of Mrs. Adda Brookver
and a sister of Oscar Park, who
i now located at thd border; grand
(lighter of W. A. Park. She haa 1
pent her entire life In Monongalia )
punty where ehe la well and favor- {
bly known. She haa been a atndent <
t the Fairmont State Normal also in 1
le Went Virginia unlveraity at Morantown,
and has been a very successil
teacher In the public achoola of her
atlve county for several years. i
Mr. Sears Is a contractor for oil and c
is In the mid-continental oil fields, be- <
lg a member of the firm of Sears 1
ros.. Cleveland. Okla. Only a few of 1
le Immediate grtends were present '
t the marriage Including Mrs. Adda I
rookover, mother of the bride; Mr. 1
nd Mrs. L. A. Park, uncle and aunt; i
Ira. Stella Steele.an aunt; Misa Em- t
la Park, cousin of the bride; Dls- i
let Superintendent of Public Schools (
f. W. Russet; County Commissioner 1
I. W. Sine and wife; Mr. and Mrs. i
I. S. Snyder. Miss Gosney, of Morantown.
After the ceremony a lunch was servd
and the couplp was accompanied |
> the train by their many friends, t
eaving on train 5:08 p. m. for Pitts- i
urgh thence to Garland. Pa., the home ;
f the groom's slater: Niagara Falls
nd a short stay In Dominion of Can-:
da Enroute home they will visit at
Ir. Sears' home in Covey. Pa. They;
'III return to the bride's home for a
rlef visit before leaving for Clevelnd,
Okla., where they will make their
iture homo.
? ?
Left for Virginia.
Jos. M. Hartley, Jr., son of Mr. and
Irs.'E. F. Hartley, left last night for
ilexandrla, Va., where he will enter
be Episcopal High school. Last night
Ir. and Mrs. Hartley entertained a
umber ot young men at dinner in
onor of their son, the guests numberig
eight. Kcarslcy Hartley left last
'eek for Lexington, Va.. where he had
ntdred the Virginia Military lnstijte
and Miss Mary Frances Hartley
;aves early In October for Northampon.
Mobs., where she will re-enter
mitb college.
Fall Reception.
The fall reception of the Fairmont
itato Normal Bchool will be held on
aturday night at the Normal school
udltorium and elaborate plans have
een made for making this the most
usplcious social event of the year,
'he faculty will receive tne student
ody on this occasion. Committees
ave been appointed which are hard
ta work to make the affair a social
/it ?
BOSTON, Septt 19.?"I want my
usband back in spite of the heartche
he has caused me." says Mrs.
harles H. Gretter, wife of the man
ho two weeks ago oloped with Milred
Merrill, his 22-year-old stenog- ,
ipher and the sweetheart of his sol-' ;
er son.
"I am convinced the affair between
ly son, Leslie, and Miss Merrill was
ist a BChemo designed by my hus?
j i *t- - s^j.1 ai? - .
anu uuu me k>ii 10 aispei my SUB* .
iclons," Mrs. Gretter is said to have j
Gretter is alleged to have entertain- ]
d Miss Merrill at hotel dinner par- ,
es and paid her marked attention ,
hen she visited the Gretter summer ]
imp in the Maine woodB. Gretter is (
?; Miss Merill, 22.
laintain the prestige and honor of
le country abroad. They have failed
ven more conspicuously, it that were
osslblo, to make any provision for
le industrial conditions that are ceriln
to conf-ont the Nation at the
lose of the European war. The failre
to maintain the honor and dignity
t the nation in the present, the fallre
to make proper preparation 'for
banged conditions in the future, are
le most striking outward and visible
Igns of an amazing lack of definite,
instructive will and purpose, which
i illuminated by the entire record of
le party. Theirs has been a contlnous
performance of weak and shift
ig opportunism, with ears to the
round and eyes on the weather-vane
ley have pursued a course ot hured
and half-baked legislation, ot
lifting and twisting admnilstratlori.
Dtil the country is sure ft nothing
tcept that the Democratic party and
le Democratic administration' canDt
be depended upon to keep the
hip ot State upon an even keel of
aace with honor, or guide it safely
i permanent prosperity."
1,1 11 *' m \
Children Cry
To Arrange for Dane*.
To make arrangements for the Red
:roas benefit dance to be held at the
Fairmont Country club on Saturday
light of thla week the following comnittee
baa been named: Mrs. Roger
{lngsland, Mrs. W. D. Stockley, Mrs.
!<rank R. Lyon, Mrs. Arthur Q. Marin,
Mrs. Morgan Chambers and the
Hisses Lucy Watson, Martha Hutchneon,
Sue Kearsley Watson, Pauline
lamlson, Mary Louise Nichols, Ethel
Helntselman and Mary Ellen Henry.
Vincent's orchestra will furnish the
nuatc for the dancing which will befin
at 8:30 o'clock. An admission fee
>f one dollar will be chanted for each
person attending the dance.
Eloped to Oakland.
Announcement has been made of the
narrlage of Miss Joy Ladle Kennedy,
laughter of Mrs. Sue Kennedy, of McCurdysvllle,
and Mr. Ralph Andrew
Michael which event was solemnized:
In Oakland, Md., on Saturday of last
week, Rev. J. C. Ely, of the Presbyte-1
rlan church of that dty, officiating.!
Mr. Michael who is employed In this!
:tty with the Boyers and Michael an-i
.omnDiie company, is a son 01 Liana
Michael, of Monongalia- county. The
;ouple motored to Oakland. They will
Lake up their residence on Plerpont
t venue.
To School In Pittsburgh.
Miss Lena Hunsaker left yesterday
lor Pittsburgh where sho will attend
the Margaret Morrison school of the
Carnegie Tech institute the coming
Mrs. R. A. Lough, of Morgantown, is !
the guest of her parents, Mr. and j
Mrs.' Ell Musgrave, on Monroe street, i
Mrs. Charles Steele went to Morgantown
today for a visit with relatives.
Mrs. V. I. Caldora left for Martinsburg
Sunday where she Is lnterpetlng
Tor Federal court
Miss Hattie Donaldson who had
been the guest of her sister. Mrs. J. C.
Broomfield for a month went to Morgantown
yesterday to visit relatives.
Miss Emma Snider has returned
Trom Clarksburg where she had been
the guest of her aunt, Mrs. P. H.
Mrs. Setta Travis and Mrs. John
Robery, of Wana, Monongalia county,
were visitors in the city yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilkeson and
family have returned from the Log
where they had spent a week.
Mrs. A. R. Watson and children of
Fairmont avenue have returned from
Halleck <vhere they had been the
guests of the former's mother, Mrs.
Mary Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Strossmelster
and children, the Misses Ruth and
Mildred, have moved from this city
to East Liverpool. O. Mr. Strossmelster
has been employed with the Palace
and Fisher Jewelry Arms In this
A. L. Strosnlder, of Waynesburg,
Pa., is the guest of his daughter, Mrs.
F. W. Garrett.
Northvlew, W. Va..?"I used 'Fnrorito
Prescription to build up on and
to cnrry me through when in a delicate
way. It was just what I needed nnd
I was well satisfied. It put me In
jood shape and overcame the unpleasmt
features. I have given It to my
laughter. She Is weakly and has
trouble peculiar to women. It has
been very good in tills case. It helped
fin** ctnf otsnnnna altnw 11
uwi iw b'-"' "Ktvunci attci ic?ci? at,
jvercsme the weakness oud built her
up wonderfully. I am glad to recommend
this remedy."?Mis. Fiances
rALKraoTox. Hamll Avenue.
Lynchburg, Vn.?"I tm fftmillnr
with Dr. Tierce's remedies as we have
used 'Favorite Prescription.' My wife
lias found it a most valuable medlciuc
for women. She had been benefited
ind was well satisfied with It, so we
cheerfully recommend It."?Mb. E. E.
liACKWocvn, 1004 Oabell Street
The mighty restorative power of
Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescript lor.
ipeedily causes all womanly troubles
;o disappear?compels the organs to
iroperly perform their natural funo
lons, corrects displacements, overcomes
Irregularities, removes pain and
misery at certain times and brings
rack health and strength to nervous,
rrltable and exhausted women.
What Doctor Pierce's Favorite Prescription
has done for thousands it
will do for you. Get it this very day
"rom any medicine dealer, in either
iquld or tablet form or send 60 cents
:o Dr. Pierce, Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo,
S. Y., for trial box of tablets.
Qucitiona of Scxt?Are fully and
iroperly answered 'in The People's
Common Sense Medical Adviser, by
R. V. Pierce, M. D. It contains the
tnowledge a young man or woman, wife
>r daughter should have. 1006 pagee
vith color platea, and bound in cloth.
By mall, prepaid?on receipt of 3 Hlm?fl
>r stamps. >
Now is the
Time to Think
of your winter clothing needs,
and have them cleaned aud
freshened by our superior methods.
Footer's Service Is always
safest and best for Ladles' and
gentlemen's garments.
Felt or other hats, slippers,
shoes,' sweaters, light wraps.
Jnat now we are preparing to
render better and more efficient
service than ever before.
Dye Works
I Cumberland, Maryland.
R. QILfcKSON, Agent,
Fairmont and Vlolnlty. H
f '-l ! '...
... .... .
? '1
Has be
On this occasion we
Apparel, and wi
The display will:
Millinerjr &
Corsets G
Shoes C
Hosiery IV
With Thursday the Store
of loveliness whit
Orchestra Music
Fourth Floor
sr- *
^ *''- *" t '*' ii/.V' **' !.:..V'v'^"> ,'
V iv
have the pleasure
announce that
w? SeotemI
v,P ~~ u>
*en set aside in this st<
- the day for our
l Open
: will display our selectic
ill present it in a beautil
; to such an important
uits Silk
lowns Trii
oats Glo
Hisses' Apparel Mei
takes on the mantle of Fall,
:h merits your presence. Th
as a formal invitation
' >
ber 21st 11
are as
V ; DO^I
>n of Style Supreme?;IpM
ill store setting
ti's Clothing ;':.J^|
and presents a pictu^e^^H
is is to be taken
Drapery DepartmetS^
Third Floor
; -

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