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BSSmMleiad im. - Momba
p.? by tha Fairmont Printing and Publl
B? W. J. WIEGEL, General Mai
. A. RAY MAPEL, Advertising
Hie:' 11 C. V. REDIC, Circulation Ma
K?j -V ; .
IeV Publication Office, Monroe
P?PA- I Circulation Dept. |
Mjeein* wons. zau i sell in com. Z90 I
jtMnilil Advertising Representative. RC
SliBWttswlck Bldg.. Now York. 123 W. Mi
at' : DtUr (by carrier) tSo per montb, pi
ItEjftifly, one month ...% .40 , Dally, at
J l DHly, three months.' 1.001 Dally, oi
SBSiiiAR subscriptions payable In advance,
j^^tyum^aekfng (or Chang, In address i
^^ftgtered^at the Poetofflce at Fa'rmonl
; Subscribers on oar carrier routes
WgKfflst Virginian any evening should
cKWnON,'' state the (act and give na
Ki3|h1 a messenger will deliver a papi
gStfapce. There Is no charge to the s
tfrserrlce. The West Virginian plam
"I Mbpcrlbers the best newspaper del
^KtUne and this Is part of the plan.
plffhe republican
, BjAor. President?Charle3 Evans Hughe
Ljror Vice President?Charles W. Fairb
tW.iB. Senator?Howard Sutherland ol
F 'Kongress, First District? Thos. W. F1
gjwC S{. Miller, Parkersburg. Harold
Kpnronon?Ira E. Robinson of Taylor
V- 'faWetary of State?Houston G. Youni
gflhmdrlntendent of Schools?Morris I
vpiMlitor?John S. Darst of Jackson.
^ijSiaiurer?'William S. Johnson of Fs
pVvMtorney General?E. T. England of I
J*4?imtalagloner of Agriculture?Jamei
> , lUte^ Senator, Eleventh District?Che
WW?W. H. Veach, Farmlngton.
lessor?W. S. Hamilton, Fairmont
osecutlng Attorney?Rollo J. Conle;
(tntt Commissioner?W. P. Mason
take Delegates?Geo. W. Bowers, ft
.Walter.Ellason, Fairmont.
SB, 8. Hutchinson, Union district
|8urreyor?Thos. E. Minnear, Anni
"America First and America
i r'Vs / '
" HE most significant feature in
,7-^in this city yesterday by Ui
3'' ator' Borah was his warninj
W prosperous we are now the
pt real danger not only to the
l^buj to industrial conditions ft
fS&fL- We must prepare the nati
it and' financial shock.
This danger is a cold blooded (
in. As matters now stand the
iuftlcally free of financial objig
tion holds the greatest stock of i
'er was assembled in one nation
e>world. No matter how Enrop
titude during the war both sid
ijl. feel the necessity of doing f
'ufrnet this condition and to rest
fcthe economic equilibrium that c
|E&, the long run it will be desii
ragut' upon the road to prospei
i done the" nations will not be
age' obligations they have assi
POTlflint unrl thf? oonornl h
a bad effect on this side of t
nrctrar care; should be to sec that t
wmdustrial and commercial Europi
? fojrm which will produce a disastr<
9get a health cer
fi&AiBMONT schools will ope
SpHibjoniing. By that time two t
it originally was plannec
p|nne and it will be highly desirabl
JEe in readiness to get started wit
Py delay. To that end therefor
B&keto it that children arc exaraim
BK^snd are provided with the requit
i' It n>ay seem to some parents ai
Spthis is a detail which in addition
j^m%nnecessary. But it is far from
Hravnll be. worth many times what
Hn^msn educational and a health s
^Hmar.the schools of Fairmont are ,
Hnff^by the high percentage of i
^children during the inclement mi
jSnijbaing the -physical condition oi
^^jjB^beginning of the school year i
V Kj oiuiu up xnose wno are subno
gpyigueof tiie school work. And (
in good health learn fas
Hgg^get more out of the instru
. '^^lerefore every effort should
Bj^iiulcl guardians to cooperat
^B-bMlth and school authorities. S
a~oonrt house was merely an
of gatherings that ha
IMp^e. state since the opening
fri ' Complete 8tand(tlll.
Bjj&e-waa a young fellow who was
^HnMteeW ^liat he knew It all when he
kradnated from college. Ho hasn't
> HOMK.'* ' it all indicates
T Awoeiafd pkm. West Virginia, ai
*undat November will be
Una company. enthusiasm and i
lager. into the fight.
The progress of
lageT sentative Howarc
talking abont ear
8treet- that the most enc
situation so far <
I Mr-US** the Republicans
,BERT e, WarD ' that frame "of mir
id toon st. Chicago. between the two <
^ est doubt about h
tyable monthly. N
i monies ...*z.oo ~
le year 4.00 ""yHE 'Wilson ac
1 in a few mo
rtv. old M w?U a. * tangible evi(
, W?t Virginia, ? will long affect th
In order to mec
APER CALL ed by Wilson's i
_ tional Guard to 1
falling to got The vjii DP0Vide
call "WESTERN ?nU? DU1 pr? Qe:
me and residence, ^ JrftDama wftDaJ
it to your door at years, which will
ubscrlber for this the proceeds of t
tverylervice*0pot? fObiV^tk
1917. In conseqt
this bit of Wilsc
the next fifty yea
mTrtTrrTTi 000 annually, top
1 IUn.Ii 1, ?$130,000,000 of
terest?makinpr $1
nation's folly in
is of New York. office in 1912 by
:ainundo,p?dlanB- When Senator
emlng, Fairmont voice at Shadow
been renominate)
place which the
I A. Rltz, Bluefleld. memory. It will
be the place of a
in perpetuity to
of money in the \
E. of Harrison. himself four yea
\ Shawkey of Ka- nation's affairs.
lyette. NEW
Stewart of TV/f AJ0R GEN
1V1 reported, hi
rles A. Slnsel, Tay- of the Gene
of the regular a
each one in a spe
giving it a distin
maintaining it in
f, Fairmont from during time
, Mannlngton. General Wood
tannlngton. used to stimulate
likely to enlist if
ibelle, Lincoln Dlst. jnain near home,
? be the building i
3ER 19. 1916. own organizatioi
~ swells up when 1
c... . crack regiment.
hwcienl rp0 jay m;n
ZHZT! that feature of i
PTT A PIT the regiments in
fhiAOhi areag from whieli
tlic speccli made jjjncolnshires am
aited States Sen- their turn in for
; that no matter 0ther units of the
future is fraught 01)e 0f the best j
present prosper- military policy of
>r a long term of tain aj, vast expei
on for a commer- jnt0 something e
for instance,?a lo
sconomic proposi- Nevertheless it
United States is givc tjle most cai
ations anil in ad- there seems to be
eady capital that National Guard
in the history of 0f the guardsmei
ie feels about our enemies of the g\
es of the conflict 8troy it, we will
iomcthing drastic1 g0,ne such schcn
ore as far as may Wood.
ixisted before the
One glance at tb
able that Europe is all that is needi
rity. Unless this greatest need ot t
able to meet the Mackensens.
imed during the
ankruptcy would The present col
he Atlantic. But it is so severe that
he restoration of clon that somethfn
5 does not take a on the part ot thi
jus shock here. justified.
TIFICATE United States S
a next Monday at 108 a.
treeks of the term characteristic*
, mi v the characteristic <
I will have been .. . ... .
,v , to look like nice fa
e that everything ___
h the least possi- There wafl 0m
e Parents should fond ot quoting e,
jd by a physician Btatement that "eu
?d health ccrtifl- Sf" n. wL
j j- ,1 . officials responsible
id guardians that have confes8ed
to costing money cauB0 Democn
unnecessary and wlah t0 assume
, it will cost both
rtandpoint. Every
This weather m
S? e the in the gardens, bu
inths. By ascer- .. . " . ' _
I the children at onlv L J
t will be possible on,y la8t that Iong
rmal and fortify '
winter and the SHOj
)f course children some men don't
iter and in many read ot an Indians
iction than those because sne won i
be made by par- This war has ta
e with the city know about geogn
end the children ?? , , .
We still Insist t
stump. He is a gr
?Wheeling Intelli
iss meeting at the gross with all the
example of the* entrusted to it, ct
ve been held all ?
#? ,v . . those same paid sc
01 the state cam- of suffering goes u
led out to hear ?Weston Free Pr
World Has Little Influenoe.
In the course of time the world geta
tired of hearing one man or one woman
telling It what It should do about this
and that?Toledo BIad%
ags have been held
that this is a Republican yea* in
id that the" size of the victory in ?
limited merely by the amouiit of
ivork that the rank and file put
! the campaign proves that Reprel
Sutherland knew what he was
ly in the campaign when he said
iouraging feature of the political
is this state is concerned is that
want to win. When they are in
id and the issue is a clean cut one
old parties there is not the slightow
the election is going to go.
Iministration is going out of office
nths; but it will leave some very
iences of its rule behind, which
ie mind and the pocketbook of the ,
t a part of the expense necessitatsummary
summoning of the Na;he
Mexican border, the new rev9
for the issuance of $130,000,000
I bonds, which will run for fifty
bear three per cent interest, and
vhich will, suffice to pay the cost
in only until the first of January,
lencc of six months and a half of
iniau wilfulness, the country for
rs, will be doomed to pay $3,900,tcther
with the face of the bonds
principal, plus $195,000,000 of in125,000,000
as the sum total of the
permitting Wilson to slip into
reason df Republican division.
Ollie James raised his stentorian
Lawn to tell Wilson that he had
1, he said something about the
President will hold in the public
indeed be a unique place. It will
i man who penalized the country
the payment of Btaggcring sums
ain hope that he might secure for
rs more in which to bedevil the
is submitted for the consideration
ral Staff a plaiuto give regiments
.rmy individuality by recruiting
cifie locality on the English plan, Tt
ctive name and so far as possible Frt
the section where its men come '
C P?1
s of pence. put
believes that local pride can be the
recruiting; that men will be more (unj
they know they are likely to re- egt
and that another advantage will toi
up of the soldiers'pride iu their cip
is, just as the British Johnnie crj
ie mentions his membership in a
d the plan seems all right except Mu
t which contemplates quartering ^
the states, or more circumscribed pa;
they are recruited. The English imi
i Scot afid Irish regiments take an<
eign service just like any of the S0'
British establishment. Moreover, Iag
grounded of the criticisms of the wh
this country is that we now main- to
iditure of money that ought to go e
lse, aeroplanes or machine guns, pai
b uj. uaeiess army posis. the
is well for the General Staff to be!
eful study to the Wood plan, for Na
no let up in the attack upon the
which began with the movement ]
a to the Mexican border. If the No
lard succeed in their effort to debe
compelled to fall back upon tos
ac as that proposed by General eld
o hai
ie greatly altered war map ot Europe ret
3d to convince the observer that the
he Central powers just now 1b more wa
o A?n
i wave may not last very long, but unl
if any straw hats survive It a suspi- shi
g more than "strength of character" ell
e wearer Is sustaining them will be Pal
o a s
teel corporation common stock sold see
id a fraction. There was a time, and bui
t that, when these securities had all ^
o fa wet sponge, but now they begin an(
,t war babies. coi
o 1
e when Democratic newspapers were th{
[-Governor Judson Harmon's ringing Wn
lit Is personal." If there Is any poll- cai
'irglnlan's pointing out that the two pu1
5 for the enforcement of the Yost law ^
sir failure to do their duty It Is be- rei
itlc party and the Democratic organ Su
share ot the responsibility for the 108
o??? b&
ay be hard on the things that groiy '
t it will help to make the buds flour- cal
*osb hop Saturday evening if it will ^
? yei
; know when they are well off. We
l farmer suing bis wife for a divorce So
; talk to him.?Unlontown Evening ?Tj
o bei
ught most of us how little we really J10
iphy.?Wheeling News.
o S,
hat Josephus Daniels remain on the ,
eat vote getter?for the Republicans. .
gencer. :!1(
1th his ear to the ground, and a coni
people's means of Initiative action J*
in calm the troubled-waters for the p'
. a few busy days, why should not
irvants hear and help when the voice
p from tho over-burdened consumer? r,5
Dally Thought D(|
The world belongs to the energetic __
man. His will gives him new eyes. He pui
sees expedients and means where we j}8
aw none.?B. W. Emersoife tn
==t ?ANY BODY, 1 POT
J TtMT V<rr?3 JOR HIP1/
'???! POR^QO^- 1 r
editorial Comment j
>n Current Subjects
>m the Albany Journal,
n recent years circumstances and
'sonal activities have combined to
: into the minds of a large part of
i people of the United States the
American idea that the President
i ruler instead of the people's highservant.
Attention has been given
men which properly belongs to prinies.
rhe tame submission of a Demoitic
Congress to Executive dlctatorp
has contributed much to the temrary
fixation of this false idea,
ich has been written and spoken in
lch the personality of the President
9 been presented as the thing of
ramount importance. Tho highly
portant fact that it is the principles
1 policies of the party in power that
int for or against the Nation's wele
has been obscured. That it is the
ilslativo branch of the government
ich has the authority to give effect
party policies, through the enactnt
of laws in accordance with them
s been almost lost to sight. The
;ple have been deluded, because
ry have not thought enough into the
lief that the Executive head of the
tion controlled its affairs and must
ine be relied upon to direct its forles,
to shape Its destiny.
In order to vote intelligently at the
vember elections the people of the
ilted States must rid themselves of
it delusion. They must give thought
the fact that the question to be deed
is whether tho Democratic party,
ose incapacity for good government
i been again aemonsiraiea, snail no
alncd In power, or the Republican
rty, under whose control of governnt
the Nation always prospered and
s respected throughout the world,
ill be called back to administer
lerican affairs; whether sound, bengal
policies shall be put in place of
stable, blundering ones; whether we
ill continue to have a wavering, vaslating.
Incompetent government,
iderlng to this class or to that for
'or and disregarding the welfare of
the people, or who shall have again
trong, determined, able government,
iking special favor from no class,
t having the single purpose to sere
prosperity for all the people, and
ipect for the rights of this Nation
i for those of any and all individuals
istltuting it.
because this is the question, the reration
of 9 Republican majority in
! Congress is of equal Importance
th the election of the Republican
ididate for the presidency. A Reblican
Fresident could do nothing
vard carrying into effect the polls
of his party if the Congress should
naln In control of the Democrats,
ch a condition would be a striking
son to those who have come to re*d
the President as the government
the United States, but it would be,
i for the country,
rhe Congress can be made Republin,
and to accomplish that purpose
juld be the special effort of all who
3 disgusted with the kind of goviment
that we have had in recent
[n the present House of Representees
there are 230 Democrats, 196
ipuoucuus, I r-ruBressivea, uuu jl
ciallst. The Democratic plurality
er the Republicans is 34. To gain
iare plurality, the Republican memrshlp
must be increased by 18. But
ire tban tbat increase is necessary
give the Republican party the
ength that it ought to hdve in the
use. ^
rhat is can be secured is shown by
j (act that in the elections of 1914
3 Democratic plurality, which had
i>.e in with the election ot Woodrow
llson, was reduced from 163 to its
ssent figure. The Republican gain
a 69, That Democratic setback
>wed the trend of popular sentiment
slnst the Democratic admlnistran.
What was well begun then can
and ought to be consummated at
s next election.
In the United States Senate, the
mocrats hare a'majority of 16. A
in ot 9 will suffice to-give the Re:
blloans the majority. The term of a
mocratic Senator will expire In 1917
17 states. In Indiana, the death of
r who it ia./
18 4 MfjlMU-pJ
\ '
Senator Shlvely left an additional vacancy
to be filled. The states are Arizona,
Florida, Indiana, Maine, Maryland,
Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada,
Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New
York, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia
and West Virginia. Among tbese
are seven southern states, in which
the election of a Republican Senator is
to be regarded as out of the question.
There are left, then, 10 states in which
11 Democratic senators may have as
successors men who are not members
of the Democratic party, and the
chances are good that at least the nine
Republicans who are required to make
a majority will be elected. They will
certainly be if the fact is borne in
mind that thus restoration of Republican
principles and policies shall be
I Ruff stuff
Today's 8hort Story
Not long ago the United States
Army called tor all men possible fear
lng war with Mexico. The local com
panles were ordered to recruit. Thej
needed meij. The officers went tc
iviuyur Duwea ana asKea ior a D&HH61
across Jackson street No! Nothing
doing! came the report from Mayoi
Bowen. But the Wilson Club has been
allowed to erect one on Main street,
* ?
At that it's a beautiful banner and
It advertises an organization located in
a defunct bank.
And the privilege was refused tc
the Biblo Class and to the Suffragists,
We feel dbrry for the mayor at that
As Senator Borah said:
They've put a tariff on goat hall
and took it off wool.
"Most pf the audience at the Borah
meeting was made up of Democrats."?
The Times.
Which is possibly true for the res
son that those who proclaim them'
selveB Democrats here to save theh
necks are Republicans at the polls.
Where In the dickens has that
Bremen gone?
The English say It's captured, the
German say it's not but 10 to 1 the
dog gone boat has gone to the bottom
to rot.
The day of the meeting of the boot
logger destroyers union was the big
gest day for arrests thlB year. It
shows that something good may re
We've heard ot swet smelling In
dUBtrles but did you ever get a seen!
of the back doors of some restaurants 1
XT *1.-1 ?i-i ? -
iiuh mm wiucer uas hluck li s nose
under the covers we feel like remark'
ing that it wag a hum year for dogs,
every body handling the situation passing
the buck.
* * *
We weep as we see the old electrlt
fan being carried out and the dust
covered asbestos scaterlng stove drag
ged In.
We have none.
"Ex-queen found working In a hoi
From what little experience we've
had In hospitals they all lootc like
queens after a few weeks.
Hospitals reminds us of the famous
run we made to Cook's last night tc
discover that.the firemen wanted t<
see the nurses.
Candidate Ira Robinson, while addressing
a crowded court room yester
day said, "They say Hatfield is behind
me; he is not But let my old friend
Cornwell deny that there Is a corrupt
machtne behind him."
Then the entire 1,600 of us applaud
u$ * * "* '
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Fairmont98 Be,
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; serges at very moderate prio
New Suits (
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has taken headquarters here for a th
1 time. There's a vault at the First Na- w,
, tlonal that will hold quite a sum. Tl
m es
' th
I ta
FAIRMONT, Sept. 18.?[Editor of ?
| The West Virginian]?The question of ar
. Woman's Suffrage Is not a new sub- wl
' Ject. It has been fought out and set- hc
> tied on former occasions only to be ^
) revived In different forms. st
It was first adopted In 1807 by the In
( state of New Jersey, but afterward re- pi
peaieu. wi
It was revived in 1825 by Francis be
. Wright, the Communist-Socialist, when SI
' she appeared in public with Robert er
' Owen, the Socialist, as the first wo- Ai
man advocate.
The First Woman's Right conven- wi
1 tlon, beld in 1848, officially declared, te
' "for the' overthrow of the monopoly of an
the pulpit" And at another conven- to
tlon beld In Philadelphia in 1854, of- tic
flclally declared, "that the most deter- ta:
mined opposition it encounters is from Y<
' the clergy, whose teachings of the wi
Bible are Intensely Inimical to the st
equality of woman and-man." th
1 At this convention some of the dele- to
' gates wore bloomers and other freak- T!
lsh forms of dress. ?
In 1860 a convention was again held ?
' In New York. It so disgusted Horace ?8
' Greeley, editor of the New York Tri- ?
' bune, he, on May 14, 1860, wrote, >
"Having introduced Easy Divorce J
as one of the reforms which the new i
order of things seem to demand, we !
i respectfully suggest that hereafter ,
i these meetings shall be called, not In
; the name of woman, but in the name j
of 'Wives Discontented.'" i
Some people claim they cannot un- j
derstand why it is coupled with fern- ,
- lnism, Mormonlsm and socialism. Per
: haps it might be explained In this \
way: i
The National Suffrage Association, >
and the National College Equal Suf- \
frage League, both publish and circu
late the writings and . teachings of
' Charlotte Perkins Oilman, under such
titles as "Motherhood, Personal and _
i Social," "The Larger Feminism," "Wo- ?
man and Economics," and Inez Mill,
holland Bolsevaln's ultra radical
- views, extracts from the "Freewoman,"
also the writings and teachings of
Emma Goldman, Belford Bax, Karl
! Marx. William Morris, Allot Hynd
man Rhine, Cicely Hamilton, Rhetta
- Child Dorr, Max Eastman and many
other notable socialists and anarchists
many of whose writings are not
mailable under the 17. S. postal laws.
If the National Association is opposed
to these doctrines, then why
does it officially circulate them?
Opposed to Woman's Suffrage as
now controlled by these leaders we
i find such notable divines as Rev. Lyi
man D. Abbott, D. D., editor of The
Outlook; RL Rev. John 8, Foley, Bishop
of Detroit; Cardinal Gibbons; Bish- er
i op John H. Vincent, founder of the B1
i Chautauqua;. Rabi Joseph Silverman
i and a host of other equally celebrated
wlawa nsnaw mVirt OM tha wannemlenfl
MOIB/ UlOU nuv vuw icvw^umivu
beads of tbe various religious lnstl- g.,
tutlons of tbe country, whose duty it Is
to study and advise the people on such q]
t subjects. Mi
When concluding his appeal against
: It at Temple Bmanuel, in New York j.
City, in a very recent sermon, Dr. Silverman
said: . a!
"Thefe is no difference between Hi
Woman Suffrage, Socialism and the
- .' :Hi
>1* |
, Thursday,
?r 2/s<
5/ 5izitf Store
ion of dressy and sErte#
, poplins, gabardines and
J<W? i
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istinctive Suits / "I
Upward f I
giving the new lines to
?in order that your new:
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y the riht model for
i in the famous
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s $3 and $4.
home will follow. At all hasardf
s muBt oppose these movements,
ley are subversive to the best inter
its of the child, and will destroy all L
at God and man have in years built fl
>. I call upon yon to rise in your 9
Igbt, to use every means at commend . I
grapple with this, the greatest Wn- : .9
ly we have today, and sweep It from
e face of the earth." . I S W
Suffrage leaders of national repu-,
tlon who hare in the past taught, 9
id now teach, the adoption of Hbr'>9
al laws," and the doing away with '-.,9
iy kind of marriage ceremonies, and hose
acts and conduct seem to defy
ily writ, and challenge the ministry j, J?
e Susan B. Anthony, the framer'?t';'N,jfl
e Federal amendment to the Con* ' j
Itutlon of the United States, now-be-vv**?
g urged in defiance of me express ?'
ovlslons of state constitutions as ?9
ell as the Federal Constitution, BUsatj&tHM
th Cady Stanton, Dr. Annji Howard "i^3
law, Carrie Chapman Catt and Oth--V'"^jl
s, who control the National 8ntfragb'
isoctatlon. *
There are a few people left In the
arid who do not believe that this . 1
achlngs of Holy Writ are wrong,
id that those of our forefathers who V
1_ A. M J ?
ugui lur ana iramed our constltu* ?
>n&l form of government were ml*<- ' I
ken In their fundamental principle*. '
st there may he a tew existing whp
ould attempt to remove the i?t 'MW
ralnts of the Ten Commandments ,.'1
at present day society might con- '
rm to the modern Idea of "New r'Wtk
sought." W. H. CONAWAY. j->||
Are you In need of hetpT .
Do you need laborers, coal ink : tMS
nere, foundry, steel or mill
workers? \$3m
Tou can obtain your needa' * '-Slii
through advertising In
Foreign Language
For particulars "and rate*
apply to
305-6 Curry Bldg.,
' Pittsburgh, Pa. ' . ??H
Branch Office
BOO Kanawha Natl. Bank Bldg* .
Charleston, W. Va. ;
Printing and Translating 2--'3$k
In all Modern Languages
( ffihetPestllirgiitiim J
\\ The J
. fcpar ths* <Soaa / J ... A-1
The West Virginian la on aale -p
y evening at thefoUowln* place*: ?
Main entrance Wataon Building. + "
jYDB s. holt. Main Street , 't'? H
ran ft springer, corner Bridge j
H. M'CLOSKEY, corner gnft^M]
^ Q^MARTIN^ Main atreet

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