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11 jj^ 1 j HF
Bjjpfmd..;.. harden of Allah
itHIppodrom* Lewis-Oliver Player*
PJColonlal...?. General Nuisance
Kjwlinr' . ,..A Deserter's Courage
SriMheess. The Castle of Despair
nwUli?? *? Shoes
WB|i?r. .,?Secret of the Submarine
Bn^i&Xiora tc Vernon Mnslcal Cotaedy
1-TOompany opened a week's engage|''ti?nt
at the Colonial yesterday and at
BBglli performances the house was well
lyjBMd. It's a good show, and Mr.
jPlyllord'S aggregation of classy entertalnKm.:
merited to the fullest extent the
KsgjlMfty applause bestowed upon their
mSeMfbrts.' The character of "General
. &>-Nuisance" Is unique In makeup, voice
^wfl^Mtton and Jack Lord gets out of
makes a captivating "Princess
KSfoXirttHps'' and sings splendidly. Frank
ytg^Xotett Is a clean-cut "Billy Baker,"
^nm^Qheeie Vernon Is a vivacious chum
REuMtithe nrlncesB. There am ten neoole
Iny. and the organization
iced. The chorus -works
prettily costumed. The
11 be repeated tonight. ,
m, a drummer and manlp- i
core of other sound-mak-]
nts, who used to direct
leral at the Hippodrome
i vaudeville house, passed
i yesterday and stopped
rains to shake hands and
rds to many of his friends
Is playing his little part
own theatre and meeting
success he did here. He
g to his post after visitother
at Farkersburg.
Oliver players' return to
line of plays was welo
big houses at the Hip:erday.
For the first half
they are producing a play
In stage setting, full of
situations and fairly
spell-binding dialogue,
velve people In the* cast,
e popular leading lady,
i, who had been out of the
ictlons on account of illscenery
for this piece is
are also the furnishings.
a wears several strlklngtumes,
among which ip an
lblnation of filmy silk marlch
shade of yellow, libled
with lace and beadSeland
also wears a very
a In the second act. Pauand
Miss Morgan each
nave a full share In making the play
f' delightful. Edwin Kerr, as the man
SE^hoTs without sentiment, but finanH||>
| dally powerful, so much so that he
jL- seriously Impedes the course of Jusl&jjcSs'.iu
his control of government offiIv
jdsis. but finally succumbs to the will
~' of a shrinking, pleading young woman,
a part that is full of tongue twist\r.
' ers, and he delivers it in a rapid-fire,
B&f/'bdt'perfectly understandable manner;
like of which Is Only equalled by
H&vtne inimitable BlUy Sunday when his
Is, oratory has reached the bursting point.
Milton makes a typical English
S&aristocrat and maintains the accent
mannerisms of one to the manor
yXbonl. Jack Lewis is at his best and
fflgas. much may be said of all the other
H members of the company. The parts
g^are .evenly' distributed and wellKm!
Miss Abbott, of the Hipp box office,
^ gg~%Bays' her duties have been considers:
;.Wy lessened by the return of Miss
|&Orandln. It used to take about half of
Jjfgjher time to answer telephone inquiries
gijttrom friends who were anxious to
l&lmow about the popular leading lady's
gfectjndltlon, and when she would appear
Jack Lewis announced a number of
gSnew,plays for future production to the
EJptHipp audience last night and instead
gg^otbin usual cheery "good night," said
"Jesse James was the only man ever
^killed by a Ford." And then he
bL~ uc 8' ?
'The Hippodrome orchestra with its
lelightful symphonies, its charming
Kkpsodies, and lrreslstablo melodies,
tQ^taultlessly rendered, Is a welldended
^pHpMMng of game losers, how about
^^ gptki Athletes, Milwaukee and Clncln^
1 Welder Jones has hooked a pitcher
iywffied'Troat. who is said to possess
ISpecial Baseball
fe'll With the pennant races In the
^^H^I^Naflonal and American Baseball
HRKlMUguea the most sizzling In all the.
SI ?M5Mir history of baseball?six
Mfe tesmsln a mad dash down the
K:-:< stretch lor the precious flag?evE
??rr fan In the country Is on bis
Bit In order to keep the tans ted up
HE 'ohthplr demanded diet and to
| gtre you also the best and liveliest
Eg sews and features of this red-hot
H MP ''sport topic. The Went Virginian
M-fllportpage for the next week or so
3 will be derated to special baseball
I ire. will be daily articles and
?s pertaining to the managnow,
tbe managers And playhomay
get Into this world social
articles are being securr
our sport department and
(Htion^there wlll^be special
^r^T\o^gtye^yon the beBt
mt'races^that are so hot the
urn In each league may not
elded until the very last day
kdtrstof these baseball punchIn
H^?-^ibeeU. today, a special
Many Football Aspirants
Were Present At Meet- .
ing Today
A great many of the high school
athletes were present at the meeting
held in the high school auditorium
this afternoon at three o'clock. Moore
and the boyB got together' and planned
their season's work. Moore is very
well pleased with the prospects for a
winning team and expects to have the
men out on the field this evening for
their first practice. Although the
school has not opened the boys are determiner!
tn Rtaxterii as nnrlv no
possible and be In the best of condition
for the first game.
The boys are immensely pleased
over the new physical director who is
possessed of a magnetic personality
and the ability to encourage them in
the hardest of training schedules.
Coach Moore 1b the heavest coach tbe
high school has over had and this applies
to his standing among the students
as well as his weight.
Tho Enterprise ball team won a very
closely played game from the strong
Annabclle team Sunday afternoon at
Annabelle by the score of 9 to 8. Beverage
and McCarthy pounded out a
home run apiece. The big feature of
the game was the using of two sets of
batterlos by the Enterprise team. An
attendance of about three hundred
saw the game.
Bunners Ridge Team'
Won Two Games
The Millersvlllo team Journeyed to
Bunner's Ridge Sunday and were defeated
by the fast team of that place
by the score of 4 to 0. This was the
third game played by the two teams
with Bunner's ltidge losing only one.
The feature of the game was the batting
of the Bunner's Ridge team. Millersville
played a good game in the
field but were unable to score off Moran's
The Bunners team also defeated the
Blueville team by the score of 11 to 5.
Wheeling Club Sells
King To Pittsburgh
MONONGAH, Sept. 19. ?Lee King
left Monongah yesterday evening for
Fairmont where he caught train No.
55 for Wheeling. Here he will be Joined
In his Journey to Pittsburgh by.
"Pop" Shriver, who has been manager
of the Wheeling baseball club for
the past severul years. The two will
go to the Pittsburgh ' management
where King will be sold. Although
the exact figures are not known, it is
rumored that Pittsburgh Is paying
J1.200 for the Wheeling star.
During the past season King has
made an exceptionally good record
with the Wheeling team. Several better
teams were after him but it was
officially stated yesterday that he is
now a member of the Pittsburgh club.
From Pittsburgh ho will go to Boston
where he is expected to be given his
first chance in the big circle. Local
friends are wishing him the best success
in his new position.
neat-rroor on*.
Silk which Is to bo used In making
ihades for gas and electric lamps. Is
nade heatproof by being treated with
t chemical preparation, the base of
irhlch Is mica.
(Continued from Page Two.)
Itself will be flooded with cheap products
from Europe which without a
protective tariff- will literally ruin our
industries, declared the Senator.
He stated that oven now Germany,
France and JJngland wero more efficiently
organized than at the beginning
of the war. All of their energies
are now engaged In carrying on
the war but as soon as this war Is
over this energy will be directed toward
commerclaT supremacy and the
United States, which is a rich and fertile
field, will be the battle ground
of these nations In their fight for
commercial supremacy. The Amerl-I
can manufacturers and American Industries
will be the losers in the end,
I1. y:' v v y~S.i iifirtw....
> ''^luSSS^sSS^^^^fAs^lk
DarAr /fuo/ ^4ra
Sheik Come to.
"Great is Allah?Lillah?There Is
no Goil but God. and Mohammed is
His Prophet."
These arc the souadR one will hear
if he will haunt the place wherein are
housed the many Arabs who arc part
ami parcel of "The Garden of Allan."
the attraction at the Grand tonight.
At the B. & O. depot this afternoon
swarthy men, each with a turban on
his head, with dark eyes peering cnutiously
about, with ever :hc due idea
that "Allah" should be obejcd, woro
everywhere present.
You might have thought that a lilt
of Egypt or the Tripolitan Desert had
been dropped into the depot, and that
Tunis and Constantinople had sent
representatives to a world council;
but 110, they were only the participants
of this great spectacular production
unloading. This hegira from the train
to the waiting place. And on-lookcrs
did not stop to give the English-speaking
actors more than a passing glance,
in view of the fact the Arabian people
were coming. To be more suro
there was Miss Sa-an Truax, pretty
and Bmiling; and then came William
Jeffrey, looking artistic with sdt, felt
hat aslant; Thad Gray, iall and dignified;
Sleem Abbott, forgetting that
he is "Sand-Diviner;" and then the
swarthy group of "Sons of the Desert."
Many a moon has shown i n the hot
sands since they left the town of
Biskara; many ^ dance has boen hi'id
in the Ouled Nailes; many a kid has
was another manner of presenting this
.argument. A strong consistent protective
tariff will be needed, said the
Senator, to prevent this invasion and
subjection of our markets.
He clearly and forcibly illustrated
the fact that the present prosperity
was due wholly io the fact that all
of Europe was engaged in war and
that it was not in any manner due
to any benign influence of the Democratic
administration, as they would
have one believe. The United States,
according to Senator Borah, is at
present alone and triendliness among
nations as a result of the dishonorable
squabble and traffic la our integrity
which has been carried on iu this
war. As to the claim that the present
administration is in any way responsible
for the present prosperity of tne
country he snowed that until the beginning
ot the war in 1914 the railroads
and industries of the nation
were on the verge of disaster, many
were closed and all were depressed until
tho war orders came.
Here the Senator mentioned the
pledge of the Republican party in luis
campaign to place a protective tariff
on uil industries, if they were again
returned to power. He then took up
the much boasted Federal Reserve
Hanking act and after showing that it
had not gone into effect until almost
four months after the war had begun
and that they had refused to place it
In operation during the early paulc
and the closing of tho stock exchange
at tho beginning of the war; and that
it was not a preventative for panics
ns the Democrats would havo the people
Sonator Borah stated that in his
opinion this Federal Reserve Banking
act was one of the most vicious pieces
ot legislation that had been enacted
in the last decade by Congress.
Taking up the administration policy
in Mexico he characterized the Wilsou
policy as an "International Correspondence
Course." Amerlcun lives
and American property in Mexico
should have been protected, stated
the Senator; and he cited a number
of Instances where German and English
citizens had been protected in
Mexico because of the firm stand taken
by their respective governments,
while at the same time Americna lives
had been lost and property rights disregarded
because of the wavering and
inconsistent policy of the administration.
The United States had an effect
woged war on Mexico, declared the
Senator, and he cited the Vera Cruz
incident and the fact that this nation
had interfered simply to oust the Huerta
government. He quoted Secretary
Lane tn the statement that "Huerta
must go" to prove this point.
Senator Borah stated that the Republican
party pledged themselves to
the protection ot Amrelcan lives
at home and abroad.
Many times during the address he
was interrupted for several minutes
by the applause that greeted his
graphic illustrations.
Concluding his talk with a spirited
exhortation to the people to support
the Republican ticket and the Republican
principles be mentioned the
names of Hughes, Robinson, Sutherland
and T. W. Fleming as sterling
examples of the quality of the men
who were candidates this year. The
Senator emphasized the fact that the
election of a Republican president
would be a little benefit unless a Hepublcan
Congress was also elected to
support him and carry out his measures.*
After the meeting had closed with
the addresB of Senator Borah, which
consumed less than an hour, hundreds
of the prominent persons present
came forward and congratulated him
on his able and learned exposition of
the subject and many of the more fair
and unbiased Democrats who were
present came forward and admitted '
that they were Impressed
bs and Their
Fairmont Today
been killed anil eaten by the families
at home since they .'ante across tbe
1 seas to work for ' Toe Garden of Allah,"
and incidentally to praise Allah
I for the wealth accruing.
: Bare-legged they were, their coarse
outer garments hand-woven, and-worn
! in spite of their Illmy appearance, and
always the furtive expression that
! seems to be saying "Allah."
Then finally the throng had left, thd
English-speaking actors going to their
hotels, the Arabs lined up on their
way to the rooms especially engaged
fortthem. There tbey will flock by
themselves; saying their prayers with
afces toward the East, for no matter
how much theso "sons of the sand"
lie or steul or chaat, they pray religiously
three times each day.
In their temporary quarters they
will do their own cooking, the mcalB
| consisting of kid and rice; and In lieu
i of kid, lumb will take its place, this
meat being for the innocent, as they
are. The menu may be varied from
kid and rice to lamb and rice or even
mutton and rice, but sameness does
not pull on tnese economical creatures.
Their sheik, while lie is not born
to the rank, Is at the head of prayer
calling and spiritual guidance generally.
but the fact that he is not of the
bom-and-brought-up "sheikness"milltatcs
against his absolute control,
dressing as he does in semi-European
dress offends the humbler Followers
of the Prophet
The girls of the Junior' League of
the M. E. Church, South, had a marshmallow
toast in honor of Miss Loucele
Rex of Hundred Saturday night.
Messrs. Dave Sturglss of Morgantown
and Fred Crocaer of Mannington
motored here Sunday and were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Machesnoy.
. Miss Mary Orndoff, of Mannlngton,
I was a week end guest of her cousin,
Mrs. Karl Hamilton:
Mr. and Mrs. F. Rex, of Hundred,
wero the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A.
I H. Perkins Sunday.
Misses Elizabeth Rex, Zelma Toothman,
Grace Brown and Mrs. Margaret
Snodgruss motored to Fairmont Saturday
Kiss Genevieve Cordray, of Fairmont.
is visiting the Misses Greaser.
Chas. Randall, Dr. W. J. Boydston,
Chas. Reed, R. C. Jones and tamilies
motored through here Sunday. |
Miss Elizabeth Rex, of Hundred, I
will attend High school here this winter
and stay at Mrs. Walter Tooth- ;
I man's.
Mr. and Mrs. Porter Morgan left ,
Saturday for Michigan City, Ind.,
where they have located.
Miss Maggie Bowers, of Bridgeport,
who lias been visiting the Misses I
Underwood returned home Sunday. I
Miss Cora Haskins, of Wheeling, is
visiting the Misses Underwood.
Mrs. OUlo Toothman, Mrs. Martha
Varner, Mrs. Margaret Snodgrass and
j lrvin Toothman motored to Fairmont.
I Monday.
Mrs. Cora Enty, of Mannington, is
i visiting her father, Ivory Carpenter.
Messrs. C. O. Wilt, H. C. Cummins,
11. D. Eddy and G. L. Miller motored
to Fairmont Monday.
Mrs. John Williams is visiting
I friends at Weston.
I Mrs. Goldio Fluharty and Mrs. RhoI
da Moranvllle, of Mannington, are visiting
their father, Mr. P. A. Gump.
Miss Myra Blakor has gone to
Wayneburg to attend Bchool this year.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Sutton were
week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Karl
Yost at Fairmont.
Mrs. J. B. Machesney Is visiting her
daughter, Mrs. Helen Sturglss, at Morgantown.
Rev. A. H. Perkins and family will
leave this week for Richwood, where
he has located for this year.
Bumstead's Worm Syrup
A ufi and rar* Xomody for Worm* '
tood tbo tilt for 50 roars. IT ansB i
I FAILS. To oblldrsn It ! u ufil of I;
! msroy. niAUXT TO TATO. TO |
! noinss. TO PXTCZO tototo. On !
bottto baa kill ad 139 worms. All dray- 11
dlsts and daalars, or by mall 9So a bot.
Zst. C. A. VOOUOilia, X.S*Pblla., Fa. |
Marguerite Clayton and Bryant
good three-reel Essanay feature. Thi
ala In love and finance. The wealthl
secures his imprisonment by lllega
Intg making a confession, and the 1
Ivy Close, Henry Murdock and
A Vim comedy that gives the c
ample opportunity to create laughs
Open 1 to 11 P. M.
? a
"Hack" Spencer la the only catcher
In the big leagues who doesn't use
ihlnguards. No wonder he came back
10 fast!
Bartenders In New York threaten
to Join the striking street car men.
However all is not lost so long as
the cabaret dancers remain neutral.
"Germany" Schaefer has been
:anned by the Yankees. Bill Donoran
opined he wonld sacrifice the Joke
:olumn to bolster up his basehlt collmn
a bit.
Comlskey's White Sox are coming
:lean all of a sudden. Somebody must
lave turned a hose on them.
Some day the manager of a fighter
who loses a decision will admit that
his man was fairly beaten, and sporting
editors will drop dead of heart
The tip has gone out that Carl Morris
and Frank Moran will meet In New
York this fall. Fall Is the correct
gen where Mike Glhhnna tn think.
Ing about battling Jack Dillon. One
can't be plncbed for Just thinking.
Medical sharks have discovered that
Johnny EverB' nervousness is due to
his Jaw. National league umpires
made the same discovery years ago.
Dispatches from Atlantic City Indicate
that Fred Plum Is a demon tripshot.
It's been said that Plum is a
Peach on the range.
Every now and then Chick Evans
takes a day off and modestly refrains
from copping a golf championship.
Charles Weeghman has promised to
take the Cubs around the world If
they win the pennant. Har! Har!
Experts have often said that one
star can make a ball team. Then
again there's the peculiar case of Trls
Speaker. He leads the league in batting
but pause to contemplate the position
of the Indians.
1 fl~, ALL MATINEES 1 A_
DAILY 2:30?7:30?9
Bal'y 10c Main Floor 20c
Comedy Company
Opening Today With a
Fun Provoking Musical
General Nuisance
3 Complete O
Changes of Bill O
fi ' v
A new play every Monday and
Matinees 10c and 20c.
Evenings, 10c, 20c, and 30c.
r I TAiiAnnAiii I
i lumumum
> Washburn are central figures In a
s story Is of two men who are rlvler
broker ruins his enemy and
.1 means. The young girl traps him
mprisoned suitor is pardoned.
Arthur Albertson in a roaring com\
apable comedians of this company
Admission 5 Cents.
Re-Union At Opekiska Was
Well Attended
The first reunion of the Hildebrand
family was held on Sunday last at
Recreation Park, Opekiska. The date
chosen for the organisation of this
family, was the one hundredth anniversary
of the birth of L. L. Hildebrand,
founder of the Hlldebrand family
in the Monongahela Valley. The
organization was perfected and the
reunion next year will be held at the
same place the date of which will be
announced later.
An excellent program featured the,
Be agreeable and live u
to the custom establishe
many years ago, that n
man is expected to appea
abroad after Septembe
15, wearing a Straw Ha
We have so far recogni:
i ed the fashion decree as t
make large provisions t
New Fall Hat
?that is, soft hats and dei
i bies, in most approve
American fashions.
?First Floor?
Men's Fa
Their F
Tlnrlr pnlrvne rvinotl'
? v*x m VV1VA vy ll*VOU?(
heathers, greens and ox:
i effects, without much ad
Coats are slightly lo
High waistlines, hij
military "set-up" effect.
Some new sharp pd
lapels, long, rolling, gract
! the neck.
Pockets finished wit!
some askew. An innovs
pocket to the coat for the
Another innovationyoung
these new Fall fashi
Men's Clothing Store, on
100 People Camel
PRICES--5Qc, 75c,!
many Incidents of the history of this >/
family. Reece R. Henry, of Morgan- a]
town, sang effectively "Sonlewhere a - -lfl
Voice Is Calling," and, a duet "Just a in
Dream of Yon," was effectively 800?! ;"-' yl
by Jesse H. Henry and Reece Henry. \ yl
The principal address of the afternoon - \ fl
was delivered by former Gtyrernor (
Wm. E. Glasscock, of Morgantown. I
I. N. Lucas, of Morgantown, also gave 1
an Interesting talk.
The following officers were named ;
to serve the organisation for the en
suing year: President, John M. Hilde- r
brand. Cfflngton. W. Va.; vice president,
Lon Keener. Fairmont. W. Vs.;
recording secretary. Jesse H. Henry,
Morgantown. TV. Va.; corresponding
secretary. Mrs. Mary Jamison. Morgautown,
W. Va.; treasurer. Orman D.
Schafer. Morgantown. W. Va.; his- ,
torlan. Nora F. Hlldebrand, Ufflngton,
TV. Va.; assistant historian. Mrs. Mar- I
tha Snider. Morgantown. TV. Va., R, i
P. D. No. 1; committee on arrange- J
ments. Thos. Hlldebrand, Opeklska; 1
I. N. Lucas, Morgantown; Harry Stev- j
ens. Morgantown.
^ == J
tIme for
& neckties u
1 Clothes I
'ashions - J
y ? rich browns, olives,
fords. Lots of silk lined J|
ditional cost. '
nger, i
;h armholes, giving the ' JJj
Ints to the peaks of the ?? u|
jful, with collars hugging ||
1 flap?some straight and
ition is a cut-in or slash J[
: dapper young man.
-the belted vest for smart
ons are ready now in the
the First Floor.
ght j

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