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;.-[, _ Northern treat Virginia's Greatest Newspaper I | | '.^m
jg^i?iS?i^i^?^_SlZ^ri^l^?^MM2ELWESTVIRClNlAJgroAY^yENiNG, NOVEMBER 10, 191& p-.ce two cent. ~ m
uuuDiruL ;
<> luiiiLuun
President on Face
of Present Returns
mv vines
Result in New Hampshire
Will Be Very Close?
Other Results.
(By Associated Press;
NEW YORK, Nov. 10.?Chairman
Wlllcox refusing to concede the eleo
jtlon ot President Wllecm said today
f In formal statement, Issued after a
conference with othor Republican
managers, that tho result still depends
on the vote of a few close states and
| that the returns thus far announced
are In most states unofficial and may
be changed by the officials count.
Mr. Wilcox stated however that the
national committees would abide by
the decision of the official count unless
r special circumstances arose which
f'made other action necessary.
Thffs was the important developfoment
In the presidential election sit9
nation np to one p. m. today. Returns
continued to filter In from statos
S Which had been close but they made
no change In figures which gave Pros
| dent Wilson 269 electoral votes and
I Mr. Hughes 243.
Minnesota and New Mexico and New
Hampshire remained in doubt.
Minnesota's late return showed |
Hughes leading by 752 hut figures from |
New Hntnpshiro put Wilson ahead liv)
239 with eleven precincts missing,!
while he also leads in New Mexico.
At Democratic national hendquarters
the view is taken that the election
Is all over.
| Dnwrence Oreon. secretary to
i Charles E. Hughes said today in respouse
to a question by newspaper |
inen mat Mr. 11 ugnes would not to-.;
[ day send congratulations to President
Wilson. "Not yet," said Mr. Green,
j Mr. Huglies himself declined to
make any comment on the election
[ result. He rose about S and after read;
lng the paper went for an auto trip.,
He was apparently in cheerful spirits. ]
NEW YORK. Nov. 10. ? Woodrow
Wilson was elected President of the
United States when California swung {
definitely Into the Democratic column |
early today.
The only states where the result re-|
mains in question today were Minnc- j
sola. New Hampshire and New Mexico
with 19 electoral votes. Unless there
The 11)16 tax hooks are now comA
v ( ptetcu una ready (or collection. Tlie j
f* books for all Districts will be found
at the Sheriff's Office daily until
Nor. 30th, the close of the discount
period except Mannington district,
which will bo found at the Bank j
of Mannington. Please pay today I
. as I have more time to wait on you 1
now than later.
C. D. CONAWAY, Sheriff
; , - i
City taxes are now due
and payable at the City
Treasurer's Office, Mon- |
roe street. A discount of |
21/2% will be allowed.
Fire bo?B. Apply Plant No. 9,
Jamison Coal and Coke Company,
Falrmon*, W. Vo.
Il :
/, iHElW
Ja a decided ovprturii in districts miss ! i
ing Wilson will carry New Mexico. ! i
Hughes is leading in Minnesota. j i
The result will not he known in New j
Hampshire until the official couut is j 1
completed. ' c
West Virginia which wns claimed as I'
doubtful until late last night, has gone |
definitely for Hughes. j?
X'nless the vote of California is dl-! J
viaeu wmcn now seems a possibility, | ,
Mr. Wilson is ussured of 209 votes in :
the electoral college, three more than 1
a majority and Mr. Hughes of 212. ' {
The President could lose three votes j
from California and still have enough '
to elect. 'I his loss would he offset by
New Mexico which it seemed certain 5
ho has carried.
If Mr. Hughes carried bolh Minne- 1
sota with 12 and New Hampshire with j
four he would have only 2f>9. seven less J
than enough to elect. Mr. Wilson could '
lose New Slexico and three votes from
California ami still win. \
The result in Minnesota may be de- 1
termined by ballots of the 2.12S guards '
mon now on the Mexican border which ! '
will not be counted until the state can-! 1
vasslng hoard meets next Tuesday. I
Returns received early today in the |
state gave Hughes a lead of slightly j
over 700 votes. 'I
With Oil districts missing out of tiilS |
in New Mexico Wilson was 1,410 ]
The remote precincts not yet heard ]
from are sparsely settled and it was i
not believed the President's load could
he wiped out. The outcome in New
Hampshire was in greater doubt than :
in nny other states. Certified returns 1
from all hut 25 precincts gave Hughes F
a lead of 131 but unofficial figures 1
from districts lacking were said to
show a Wilson plurality of 117. 1
The tension of the most dramatic r
situation in tlie political history of the j r
United Slates was broken when the <
Associated Press flashed tlio news j *
that Republican State Chairman V
Howell, of California, had conceded '
the stale to Wilson. Frantic appeals t
to expedite returns had been sent to 11
slate leaders hour after hour from National
headquarters of both parties in
this city.
Telegrams wore reinforced by telephono
call across the continent. It
had been apparent since Wednesday /
that California was the pivot upon /
which the election would swing. t
It was not until stage coaches which t
had come through from communities t
cut ofT In the Sierras that the rosalt C
was known. Ordinarily the few votes t
cast in these remote districts arc con- 1
rldercd of little moment but In this (
history making presidential year they I
. A..-'
i? nt? DDrcmc
% O
vere of vital importance. Tliey could 11
not he reached by telephone or tele- I
rranh nnd thn trails ami na??o? Intnl. I
ng to them were choked with snow
n many places. There was nothing to I
io but wait for the stages and they I
icgaii coming in last night.
Sitniliar difficulties were encounter,
td in collecting returns from the wihls
if New Mexico ami from the far cor-; 1
tors of Minnesota. In past compaigns !:
Vow Mexico's three electoral votes i 1
lave hcen considered merely as inci- ;
lental in swelling the majority of, ]
he winner, hut yesterday they might ;
lave elected a president. :
Minnesota was almost as important :
is California in the determining :
vhether Hughes or Wilson had won i ;
Liicl the returns from that state cans- ; i
;d nearly as much jubilation among i ;
lepublicans as those from California ! ;
n the rival camp. : t
In three states, however, there were j t
irospects of contests over one elector , i
n each instance. The eligihilty of i' |
Democrat elector in Texas has been |
piestioneri because lie is said to bch
m office holder and the Perioral law j j
irohtnits a person holding orilce from '
ierving as an elector. One of tiro 1
Democratic electors in Massachusetts
lied Just bofor> election day and party t
nauagers attached posters to ballots 1
uhstiluting another name for his. Tho '
egalily of tills procedure has been '
mentioned by Kepublicans. t
A somewhat similar case has arisen 1
n West Virginia where one of the
topuhlican electors refused to run and
mother name substituted by the ltetulilican
state committee was not
irinted on the ballots in all the counios.
T'p lo the time Republican headquar- '
ers here were closed soon after mid- ti
O..IO ?l.n ? 1 1 .1 -?
rsi" 11.11 'l 1 I*...: . KUIIIU KII lllt!ru ]
pfuscd to concede defeat. They seem- a
s! to luise eonlUlenee upon the as- ,
umption that "soniethlns might hap- r
pea in California. Mr. Hushes was
old before lie retired for the iilpln.
hat California had gone against him
ut. he had no eonnncnt to make.
Electoral Vote 1
Wilson Huslies In >
Uom. Hep. Doubt
ilabanm 12
irizonu >
Vrkausus i> .. .. I
Jeliforula <2 .. .. (
fl . .. , .
lonncctirut 7 ..
lelaware 3 .. 1
fiorida 6 .. .. I
Soorjia 14 .. .. t
dsho ..j.,.,.... i .. ,.|
"""WMna, g W
Illinois "9 ..
Iiuiiana 15
louo .* 15
Kansas 10 .. ..
Kentucky 15
Louisiana 10 ..
Maine 11
Maryland S
Massachusetts .... IS
Michigan 13 -.1
Minnesota 12 j
Mississippi 10
Missouri IS
Montana 4
Nebraska 8
Nevada 3 .. .. ]
New Hampshire ... 4 i
New Jersey 14 .. I
New Mexico 3
New York 43
North Carolina ..13
North Dakota ... 3
Ohio 21 .. ..
Oklahoma 10 ..
Oregon 5
onnsyivania 3S .. ,
illiode Island a ..
Soutli Carolina ..9
South Dakota 5 ,.
Tennessee 12 ..
Texas 20 .. ..
Utah 4
l/'nvnirttit *
.'irglniu 12
iVashingtun 7 .. ..
IVest Virginia .... S
iVisconslu IS
IVyoming 3
TOTALS 269 243 19
NEW YORK. Nov. 10? Unfilled or- J
lers of the United States steel corpor- ,
it ion for the month ending October 31. 1
ast. wore 10.013.260 tons, breaking '
ill previous records. The figures show- '
Ml Increase of 492.676 over those of
ircceding months.
The Junior Temple Guild of the M. '
'. Temple will meet on Saturday aft- |
rnoon at 3 o'clock at the church par- I
nrs. Miss Marie Frum will lead the i
neeling. i
Editorial lent.
Hoar Sir: Wo herewith returnlie
the aliased , em you suhmlttcd '
-lititied, "Oh, for llic Wings of a !
Jove." For your Information we
ulght add that, If you keep on singing '
n that strain, you will soon bo willing ,
o compromise ou a second-hand cheese .
landwlch. i
5 m 2,1
rhirty Nine Precincts Are,
Yet to Hear ?
Prom. I;
Sutherland, For Senator; r
Went Through With h
Flying Colors.
< My Associated, Cress) 5'
CHARLESTON. Nov. 10.?Returns 11
from 1,674 precincts of 1,713 In West ?
Virginia for president give Hughes J
138.714, Wilson 136,850.
Roturr.s from 1,654 precincts give I
Robinson for governor, 135,893; Corn-1
well, 138,053.
ttctunis from 1.035 precincts for 0. _
0. Senator give Sutherland 130,762; e
L'hllton, 132,027. fi
Returns from 293 precincts out of ^
323 In the second district give Bowers' 11
21,911; Wood 20,905. Returns from I
278 out of 395 in third give Reed 22,-, I
211; Aldcrson 21.579. 'I
Returns from 156 precincts out of |
H8 in fifth district give Cooper 10719;
Wiles 16,341.
Returns from 169 precincts out of!
320 in the sixth district five Uoodhva
ICSAQ- I llllnn'.nn 1 7 Q7A
Belgians are Being J
Sent into Germany
(By Associated Press>
LONDON?- -No*.-- Wr ?Tire - Kcbo
Bolge is quoted by Reutcr's Amsterdam
correspondent as saying that, according
to the latest news the Ger- e
mans have transported 21.000 citizens r
of Antwerp to Geramny. A great pan- n
Ic prevails in Antwerp and surround- t
ing country'- says the paper, which re- 5
ports also that three men who tried to a
cross the Dutch frontier were killed
by shock front the electric wire bar- f,
rler on the border. c
? c
Three Votes There May Yet*
Land in the Republican s
Column. i;
<Il.v Associated Press)
CONCORD. X. !!.. Nov. 10?Cortl- T
fled returns from 282, precincts out of!
294 in New Hampshire give Hughes!
42.045, Wilson 42.284. Wilson leads!
230. !
These figures according to secretary
of state Bean Include the returns i
of the clerk of War 2 Keene who cer-1 1
titled that Wilson electors received j 1:
no votes there although pres figuresj /
credited them with 125. Efforts are It
being made to correct this return C
which the secretary of state believes j
to be an error. It's effect would be to [ d
Increase the Wilson plurality. Press n
returns from 11 precincts not nccount-; ]
ed for In the certified figures gave In
Hughes 1070. AVllson 1380.
As a result the vote of the State is.
still regnrded as in doubt.
" ! i
^ ti
City Hall Notes c
I r
ii ^
After the election has been given to s
Wilson, Cornwell nncl the county Democrats.
business has taken a decided
step in the city hall and pretty soon
sverythlng will he running along at
lsual. For the past three wee''? h
jas been political at the municipal J!
building and arguments either friendly .
jr unfriendly, liavo now been stopped. ?
All members of the city hall were
tor suffrage, at least they say they
were but it looks from results as
.hough there are very few in the state 61
jf West Virginia believe in votes for *
he ladies. The pictures and placards R
In the city hall announcing the good n
jf women's suffrage and the bad of a
intl-suffrage will be left where they
uanu ior aurnc tune to come.
State street, from the corporation
limits to the end o' the brick paved n
road is now ready for sightseers.
Boydston street has changed its appearance
for the good and now East
Park avenue and Morgantown avenue
ivill be made to look more classy when
Albert Lehman gets his men working e
pn these locations. * p
lovernor Elect Will Spend
Nipht Visiting: State
John J. Cornwall. Democratic Govrnor-elect.
Is scheduled to Hrrive in
'Hirmont this evening on B. & <> train
?o. 55 a fi:OS p. ni. Mr. Cornwell will I
Islt Democratic state headquarters |
pre ami consult with state chair chairtan
and others of the looql Democrat '
c leaders. He will remain in Fairaunt
over night.
No special plans for his reception or i
ntertainiiicnt have hpcn made accord
ug to the statement made at lieuiluarters
here today hut it is a street:
eport that the Neel.v club anil the Wtl-, ]
on club are planning a gloating cele- i
ration which will Include the long
romlsed red fire parade.
A new supply of liquor is said to
avo been brought into the town and
lie word has been passed tor all the
aithtul to be on hand for the big ufsir
)anube Bridge Will .i!
Soon Change Hands,
(By Associated Press) |
PETROORAD. via London. Nov. 10.
-Russian troops are now two miles ast
of Tchernavoda lighting for tho i
anious bridge across the Danube, the
Vur ofiice announced today In reort
on the campaign in Dobrudja.
um iFun IN
3ut Thirty Four Precincts
to Be Heard From in
That State.
tny Associated Press*
aoro precinct in California had been
eported by 9:30 a. m. today reducing
he missing ones to 34. The total with
he new precinct stood Hughes 462,51;
Wilson 465.711, Wilson plurality
.160. I
This was an increase of 29 votes j
or Wilson over last night, seven pro- (
Incts are lacking from Ilninboldt
nunty in northwest corner of the stato i
nil seven from Kern in the oil fields, i
lumhold went for Hughes and Kern |
or Wilson, the others are scattered. <
Election official snid it would be imlossible
to check these missing pre- i
incts against the vote of previous |
lections because of lack of knowledge
s to exactly which precinct in these! ounties
were missing. Efforts to clean j
p the Mate vote were put forth by i.
lews associations and by the organ!-11
ation of the two big parties. The <
sual means of communications wero i
upplementcd by the forest service tel- i
phones in the Sierras and automo- l
dies and horsemen were sent out on j <
oads and trails where there was no!!
elephone communication. . j |
rrevino Giving \\
Up Chihuahua)'
(T"ty Press^ ?
EL PASO. Nov. 10.?A special train j,
s just arriving in Juarez with approx-1;
mately 000 Carranza troops on hoard, i!
imerican army officers believed this ; 1
o he the beginning of evacuation of i J
ihihuahua City by Gen. Trevino. !;
Gen. Francesco Gonzales in Juarez !
eclared the troops were being sent '
orth for duty In western Chihuahua, i '
le denied Chihuahua City was to be i *
vacuated. j *
.. ; j
BUZARD BAY. Mas3.. Nov. 10.?I,
'ho Clyde liner Chippewa, of 2.6901 (
ans gross, bound from Jacksonville., |
'la., for Boston, struck a rock and I j
ank at the western ontrance of the ! <
ape Cod channel today. There were-]'
iu imaauugers uuuarn ana uapi&lll
lagulre and crew of 26 men reached
horo safely.
NEW YORK. Nov. 10.?Fire destroyd
seven buildings Including a small
otel and storage warehouse at Far
lockaway, N. Y.. early today. Foursen
horses were burned. The proi> I
rty loss was estimated at $250,000. j
Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Howard return- c
i today at noon from Maaontown. Pa., ,
'here last night they attended tho n
ith anniversarv rolcbration of fhn .
larriage of the former's parents, Mr. t
nd Mrs. J. M. Howard.
The Weather \
West Virginia?Partly overcast to- .
ight and Saturday; colder Saturday.
F. P. Hall, Observer li
Temperature at 8 a. m. today 34. f
Yesterday's weather cloudy; temp- p
rature, maximum 74; minimum 34; k
recipitatlon .61. v
n miT!
Their Control of Uppei pi
urancn 01 Congress Ke- ?
mains Unbroken.
Several Contests May Giv? :1
Democrats Working
'By Associated I'rrss) '
NEW voiik. Nov. 10.?Congrewlw?^|
il election returns which were
'ompletvd lust night assure President 30
Wilson, in tlin forthcoming admlnle , yjjSj
ration, a Democratic Senate, but, with ^
ivc districts still undecided, the beet ,S
hat the Democrats could claim af:.r.
uidnight wcs a plurality of four vote* . ^
11 the Mouse.
Upon the basis of revised return*
he Democrats uavu elected 215 men- ' ';?S
iers of the House and the RepubUruns
211. In auuilion there have been*
ilcetcd one Iiidepenucnt, one Soclallet. ".wa
ine Progressive and ono Progressive
Protectionist. Four districts In West
Virginia, two of them normally Demo vtSa
:rutie and two itepublican, and AM >3B
iistrlct in New .Mexico, are still unde>, :?
ided. If these districts do not Changs '
he Democrats will havu 217 and the ,
Itepublicans 214. a plurality of only'i . ;fj
hree. ,?s there will be four member* ' 'jsgj
if other minority parties a working
nujority for the Democrats is Improh. Jgi
lble unless some of the minority mem< |
rers should clioosc to cast their let *? '
with the administration forces.
The Senate, according
ires, win consist of 54 Democrat! and
12 Republicans, a majority ot twalra
l'lic Democratic majority in the prae
3iit Senate is sixteen. Tbe only deWn< %vaj
>pmcnt in the senatorial situation to D-SSHl
lay was tlie strongly Indicated elec-'iffil
Ion ot A. A. Jones, the Democratic cat*.
iidnte in New Mexico, who was leadng
liis Itepublican opponent, Frank A. ?$H
Hubbell, by a majority which Demojratic
leaders regarded as sate.
An unusual feature of the result Is '; -4?9
he election ol the first woman to -JJa
Jongress, Miss Jeannette Rankin, Republican,
apparently having be or Sj
elected In Montana
The House, uncording to the UteitjVSH
-cturns, will be divided, politically, as
Stale. llep. Dem. Oths . -'$fg
Mubama 10
California 5 6 "?t &
Connecticut ....... 4 1
Illinois21 6
Massachusetts 11
Minnesota s 1
<ew Hampshire .. 2 ... .'.. jjSa
s'ew Jeraoy 8 3
'Jew York 26 16 tt*||
4. Dakota a ..
)regon a
onnsylvaniu :i0 6 ' 'S*7?H
renncaaee 2 8
5. Carolina -7 ,. .???
/ermont 2 .. ' ' viji
,'irglnia 1 9
Vashingtoc 4 1 i? ?r?
Vest Virginia 1 1.. f.SftHH
.Vlsconsin ,11 .. M: :i?|i
Vyomlng I .. ' .'qfl
Progressive. ""Doubtful. _ '.g?j
tlndopendcnt. 1 Socialist.1 ViiaS
The only possible way for tht D?no\:Vj;
rats to obtain a majority lit the Hotute Sj?
fill bo by the election of DemocratalliijgB
.11 of the five doubtful districts. Thia?"?j
vould give them 220, and a majority-'!
iver all of 5. v_
Seventy Seven FigH?
LMe riace in tne mm
pARiBy Aanoclntod Press)
il combats were (ought on the French;^
ront yesterday. The War otfic6 aSfFSN
orts that in these encounter!. a FWtjjiS
er and nine other German aeroplane*^

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